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Post by Hate Solicitors,

4804696054 I got a call out of the number they left a message of Stop. i never reply your Telephone if I don t understand that caller. Placed them on block.

Post by ....,

480-469-6054 . . . . .

Post by RM,

4804696054 It s clear that my phone Amount was sold to whoever this soliciting company is. Likely by a utility Business as I m getting that calls here in Canada for an Illinois solicitor. Somehow they i 've a property within Illinois and they got my Canada Telephone Amount from someone.

Post by MD,

480-469-6054 I m guessing this really is the Go Green Strategy who else offers me W for energy savings. Oh right no one. . They did t even state their company name before I laughed and they Put up. As consistently a professional company .

Post by Guest,

4804696054 Homeowner energy Motivation program

Post by CT,

480-469-6054 The Owner claimed for be along with The Vigor Incentive Application . She called me on my work cellular telephone Telephone asking You're the Dwelling owner right. . I Needed for be clear on the name of the Business before asking her not for telephone again and she tried to tell me it's not a company BS. . She hung Upwards on me before I could even request for be placed on her Don't Phone LIST. Whoever You're your calls now go correct for my express mail along with all the other rude solicitors who call me at work on my work cell Telephone.

Post by Guest,

4804696054 Reported hangup scummier W W W No Name on Owner ID that called from an AT amp T Wireless mobile Telephone in Phoenix Arizona on Tues. 9 W W at 5 PM on my unlisted Telephone to DENTALLY. GOV Caller did t leave a message amp I never response unanticipated harassing calls since then I vie had for phone my phone provider 3 times for report my Telephone amp Caller ID not working Cables crossed at box in Apt. Community amp reset Caller ID finally fixed Trouble amp harassing callers Discontinued call Telephone fix Tech for check outside hookup at carton since I will disconnect my phone if this USN t repaired now.

Post by jim,

480-469-6054 Follow Upward Their so called energy expert showed up. . . called me. I told him he got that wrong address and Offered him another phantom address to go for. . . Hardhat. I did request them to remove my Telephone number out of their call list but they keep on calling Adhara. . .

Post by Why Not Get A Real Job!,

4804696054 I got a telephone on October 4 W at W 'm out of this number I 've them in my cell phone as Don't Reply or Dna If I want something I ll go Outside and find it. I don t demand them Striving to sell me thing that don t work. . . Lets all start putting AND for these Amount and maybe they ll go away. . . NOT.

Post by jim,

480-469-6054 Follow Upwards Their thus called energy Pro revealed up. . . called me. I told him which he got the wrong address and gave him another phantom address for go to. . . Hardhat. I did request them for remove my Telephone Amount from their call list but they keep on calling Adhara. . .

Post by JG,

4804696054 Same here. I am also running out of space to block numbers as nicely. Every time they call I report them to your FCC. They're Questionable and won't stop calling me.

Post by ....,

480-469-6054 . . . . .

Post by Unlisted,

4804696054 Reported hangup scummier W W W No Name on Caller ID that called from an AT amp T Wireless cellular telephone Telephone in Phoenix Az on Tues. 9 W W at 5 PM on my unlisted phone to DENTALLY. GOV Caller did t leave a message amp I never response unexpected harassing calls since Afterward I vie had to phone my Telephone Company 3 times to report my Telephone amp Caller ID not working Cables crossed at carton within Suitable. Community amp reset Caller ID finally reconditioned problem amp harassing callers Ceased phone phone repair Tech for check outside hookup at carton since I will disconnect my phone if the USN t fixed now.

Post by amanda,

480-469-6054 These Individuals are Operating me nuts. Calling multiple times a week and asking for Entire a survey regarding my property for see if I qualify for energy tax credits and or dinner for two. The caller is Quite RUDE and has repeatedly Put up on me when I Inquired how she got my number. She Really said for me today ugh exactly why can you personally Individuals consistently think I understand that. They telephone out of MANY difference local Az Amounts and when I try and phone back it says this user has not place Upward VIM Though. I have Registered a Gripe along with the FCC but I uncertainty they may can anything. If anyone has information about the Business PLEASE POST IT so we can sue them.

Post by Guest,

4804696054 excessively rude would not response questions that I asked for why she was Calling me kept talking over me eventually she Put Upward when I asked who she was calling on behalf of

Post by AMANDA,

480-469-6054 I Merely Power saw The POST ON ANOTHER Website Out of ANOTHER USER. I CANNOT Confirm ITS Quality BUT SOUNDS LEGIT To ME. LET S GET THESE JERKS For Stop CALLING. I too 've been receiving Nearly Regular calls from the Go Green Initiative or that Energy Motivation Software and I created a Method reply all their questions every single time to see they will give me a follow Upwards phone or other contact info. It eventually happened. After several time becoming for that supervisor Degree only for be told I did t make that cut satisfy your qualifications . This last time I said Yes APES customer Yes homeowner Yes Absolute Electrical No foreclosure or loan Change or selling house and then I told your TRUTH Around my Electrical Invoice. I told them I pay 9. W per month for electricity and receive back Practically W within Loans for surplus solar co Technology. That caller still Place me through to your Manager for qualify. The supervisor said Is your own highest Regular electric Invoice W. and I said no . She Subsequently Inquired What s the highest Electrical Invoice you vie had since you personally went into the home in W. Well that would include before I got the solar panels so I replied That Best was W. Thus Afterward she place Upward an appointment and asked if I Dwelt alone. Well I don t but the truth is I won t request my Partner to Stay in for some idiotic sales Display. Thus I said Simply me. The next day on Thursday January W I met with a representative of the calling company. And I asked for his card. I also Inquired if he was directly included with your Advertising company. He said yes they work for us . So i m sharing that data. Discover Energy Alternatives Dollar Michelson Energy Conservation Specialist W W office W W cell phone N Essential Ave Collection Phoenix Arizona W W W Facsimile email W protected I don t Actually feel sorry for Buck and I expect a few lawyer shortly has him in court for make him divulge that Place and contact info for that boiler room I hear whenever they telephone me. I Additionally trust they took my name away that list since I got all that manner through the Diploma procedure since they Clearly have no use for that Do not Telephone list which I 'm on. Dan Glendale AZT's Internet. caller Facility. com W W W. HTML

Post by JG,

4804696054 Same here. I am also running from space for block numbers as nicely. Every time they call I report them for that FCC. They're ruthless and won't stop calling me.

Post by Tony,

480-469-6054 Please Discontinue calling me. . . . . . . . . I get a couple of calls from these Ill people each month. I have repeatedly told them not for phone any more amp for remove me out of their phone list. It is always a different person that calls me overly. Please leave me alone. Thank you personally.

Post by Kelly,

4804696054 I am thus Ill of the energy Motivation Software offers calling me. I 've requested to become removed in the phone list at least a dozen times. They never offer a Firm name or a Telephone number or website for appearance toward. The Only desire my Information for see I qualify for W. I Only desire for look for a manner to Quit them out of bugging me. . . This time it came from W W W

Post by BH,

480-469-6054 A woman called and after I said Hi she said hi this is Cara. How are you. I asked who was calling she said huh Cara. . . . NM I ll telephone back. Them instantaneously Installed Upwards. Hum what your hell I keep becoming these calls and I m not really happy Around it. Occasionally they even call super late at nighttime.

Post by AM,

4804696054 Gotten a telephone Around an energy Motivation program. When asked if they had a website where I could look for more info your caller attempted for Change back to finding a time when I d be home to meet along with someone. When I said I had interrupted availability she Simply Put Upwards. If that is a company it s a pretty shoddy 1 and possibly someone locating when I m not House for malicious Applications. I made certain not for present any certain info.

Post by Guest,

480-469-6054 've acquired around 9 calls from the Amount within 4 months something about solar vigor. Callers are rude amp I request repeatedly to 've my Amount removed they tell me I Will not get future calls and yet they continue .

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8043678031 Complains by Guest,

i got 1 call

8003140780 Complains by My Name,

've you personally Registered a Criticism for that FCC or BBB. I believe this could help.

8003345698 Complains by Dan,

Business in that Philippines doing a survey in the Region. . I tried for get the Business name but could t understand that Girl I heard SEED .

8043258540 Complains by Disgusted,

Four calls the day. No messages on answering machine. DC list is useless.

8002421469 Complains by Guest,


8043191977 Complains by Marion,

Hi. . . I think it could become fantastic fir me. . . What s your Application name.

8003316512 Complains by jj,

did not leave MSG

8044147208 Complains by Frustrated,

I just recently Began getting calls from this Amount. It sounds enjoy a foreign man who is Quite rude maintaining he is an officer of criminal Study. He is duplicating a Societal number threatening me along with legal Activity mentioned a case number and keeps telling me for hold for his Senior Specialist but I should don't have any criminal anything. These Pol can nothing for convince me they're legit. I am weary of harassing and rude calls. Anyone 've any info. How do I report the for where it can Cease. Or how to locate Outside what its Actually Around. . UGH.

8044120795 Complains by Jake,

It s a Set company. They called while I was at work and I Installed Upward believing I ll telephone them after work. I called back and there was no ring tone or anything.

8063244618 Complains by manchas1,


8003555265 Complains by Lindsay,

I got an e send from Chase asking me to call this number. I instead called that Amount on your back of my card that was also listed on the Contact People section for Pursuit. Also on the Pursuit Website is Enter your own Debit Card and the same Green used at the ATM for Quickly Safe accessibility to your own account info when you telephone Customer Service. If you've a hold on your own account it will not become able for become accessed. I talked to some Chase representative who informed me that I had a hold on my account due to some recent large buy I had made out of state. My experience was this number is valid.

8322013008 Complains by Guest,

phone 3 for 6 times a day

8045152940 Complains by Kendall,

WT. i 've been getting calls from them for MONTHS. They constantly request for Michael. I dint even have a credit card whatsoever. this is really starting to piss me away. i cant take this Dumb CRAP anymore. and yes it is a credit card company. and its thus annoying.

8102226455 Complains by Kim,

I received a called from Angela Reagan saying I had a payday loan back in W. She had all my data saying the loan was W. W and either I Desired to settle on their client may come after me within court for fraud because that money was deposited within my account and may get more cash than W. W Money in court. I Began for offer them my banking data and I idea Around it. My bankruptcy Lawyer phone them and your receptionist said she is occupied and will telephone her back After.

8003360623 Complains by Guest,

Prank telephone dealing along with credit telephone fraud

8172004728 Complains by MS,

This really is becoming Very old.

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