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Post by eric,

4805355930 'm they called didn't leave message

Post by Guest,

480-535-5930 Nothing for say

Post by Annoyed,

4805355930 I replied a call from this number and it was a political voice recording.

Post by skipstone,

480-535-5930 unknown ID called at W W Feb. Road let it go for V send no message left.

Post by joe j,

4805355930 Unwanted political call

Post by emily,

480-535-5930 I did reply your phone and they just Installed up

Post by Thetazva,

4805355930 Afterward Quit wasting my airtime and stop calling

Post by Another annoying call,

480-535-5930 Gotten a telephone from the number. No Result when I said hello thus I Installed Upwards right away.

Post by Guest,

4805355930 Dunno. Did t response.

Post by SENAY yunanistan,

480-535-5930 I m looking for a relationship Bust CID forward searching presuming if there SA CID ARA SIN Cable W

Post by Marys Friend,

4805355930 Call out of the number on my cell phone February 3. I do not reply calls on either my House or my cell Telephone unless I recognize your name or number.

Post by Pat,

480-535-5930 The survey is how they skirt your Don't Call law.

Post by K.J.,

4805355930 Hey I M BACK. THAT Recognizable Telephone Phone W W W. IT Came From PHOENIX Arizona. Short for Arizona THEY CAL LIN People Around Many BOAT CRUISE THANK an all. THAT Z Around IT. I M Out.

Post by mlm,

480-535-5930 Called and no message left. Love idea for giving this number out to Chronic unwanted Connections.

Post by Lana,

4805355930 I have gotten calls out of a similar Amount as well. That is Clearly many type of scam either done by that same Individual s or done along with many type of Telephone number spoofing. This is quite annoying. I attempted hanging up on them before they even Begin their message but they would Really phone back 1 more time for End off what they re saying. That is no uncertainty another case of Rob phone scampers. Beware of those don t listen for them. Merely hang up and if they call again hang Upward again until they Close your hell up. If they telephone you on your own cellphone block your number. Also being on that Don't phone registry doesn't Ensure that these scampers particular telemarketers won t telephone you personally. That s why you have for note down who s calling you personally. That way if these calls still goes on after repeated attempts to Quit them you can definitely file a complain to that Do not call registry. I Haydn t Place myself on one of those but I have ways for Cope along with them and that s Only Only hanging up. Since I m really not weary of hanging Upward on Stupid asses like those.

Post by A,

480-535-5930 W pm no message

Post by JB,

4805355930 Merely more nonsense calls.

Post by Annoyed,

480-535-5930 Gotten a call out of this number on 2 3 W at W 'm. Your message said it was a survey and I could win a Enormous Wonderful prize have my Id Taken if I participated.

Post by m.a.,

4805355930 This Amount called my work cell while I was within a Assembly and did not leave a message. Really few Individuals have this Amount only a few Individuals at work have it thus don t understand how I got on their telephone list.

Post by Doug Hillmer,

480-535-5930 Called my cell Telephone did not leave a message.

Post by Connie Fine,

4805355930 Simply called a couple of minutes ago. No message left.

Post by Guest,

480-535-5930 A company name. . .

Post by Shel,

4805355930 Got a telephone from W W W for my cell Amount which is on your Don't Telephone list. . . . what s up with that. They call and hang up. Do we get these spammers for Discontinue calling.

Post by Jordan,

480-535-5930 Simply got a phone from this number. . . no message left.

Post by RMB,

4805355930 Becoming repeated calls from this number. I response. . . they hang up. Weirdos. . . . Change investigation says it s an Broken number.

Post by Reese,

480-535-5930 Ill of these calls but i adore the insane thoughts i see. . . i m gonna supply these lower my credit rates calls among my previous credit card numbers that was changed for security reasons and present out spam Telephone Amounts. too lousy i ll never see that results but i ll enjoy the Hot fuzzy Experience of reprisal.

Post by Olivia,

4805355930 keep calling never Making messages. . I keep Assessment for Stop. . . I figure they do not speak English

Post by Gordon Quinn,

480-535-5930 They telephone on my cell. Don t leave a message

Post by Guest,

4805355930 they Put up

Post by gm,

480-535-5930 got phone no message

Post by Joe,

4805355930 No message left at 6 W AM

Post by Justin,

480-535-5930 Waste phone no message presumably a pernicious peddler

Post by K.J.,

4805355930 I VIE GOTTEN This Call W W W. AT 4 W P. M. The DATE FEBRUARY 3 LUCKILY I DID NOT Choose Up Your Telephone. Merely LET Container YA LL Know Around Your WASP .

Post by Guest,

480-535-5930 Dunno. Did t response.

Post by Red,

4805355930 Think of your individuals who own your number you got Upward . A Man named Statement did that to people Offered your number in place of his own and we got Anton calls for him for years.

Post by SL23,

480-535-5930 They Simply called my cell. . . whoever they May}n' be

Post by Steve,

4805355930 Answered call as I understand a few Individuals in the W Place code. Recording Inquired me to can a brief survey and they d provide me a free cruise for my time. I hung up.

Post by Guest,

480-535-5930 Keeps calling

Post by Fed UP,

4805355930 It s hiding behind that cloak to be a political survey to get Approximately Do not Call legislation. It s really selling cruise Holidays or time shares or similar garbage. Congress should tighten Upward that Guidelines for eliminate the loophole.

Post by Lynne,

480-535-5930 If it s a political organization they can call.

Post by Bill,

4805355930 Rang cell replied but no 1 spoke there was a pause as if a pare recorded MSG. was Around to play thus I Put Upward. Probably a telemarketer 've recently begun receiving more of them despite being on your don't phone registry. Am presuming a few People executions would Finish these telemarketing call Very fast.

Post by Linda,

480-535-5930 Simply got a telephone out of this number. Did t response it.

Post by Guest,

4805355930 Keeps calling

Post by Martha,

480-535-5930 Block this caller

Post by Guest,

4805355930 Junk

Post by pj,

480-535-5930 they called at W W 'm and did t speak or leave a message.

Post by Rich Fozzard,

4805355930 Sadly there are telemarketers who can download Do not Phone Lists and call them. Those are Approved phone numbers whose owners anticipate only Buddies and family to call so they answer.

Post by Doreen,

480-535-5930 Merely called me too. What's that point of the Do not Call registry. It s Only a Entire joke. FYI I add all these calls to a single contact in my address publication called Ignore . I place that ring tone as Stop thus when they call my phone dozen t create a peep I have an iPhone . Whenever I get another call like this it goes right into your Discount contact list great for those debt collector calls overly . Unfortunate your simply other Alternative is for pay Additional for a blocking service AT amp T has 1 designed for your Children but you are able to use for anyone . I m Around Prepared for pay Additional for it because I vie had enough of these calls. My Blow off list actually has a couple dozen Amounts on it.

Post by keith,

4805355930 Merely called. . . 've been receiving similar calls from a wireless Residence security Business that wants to Place a free security system in if we Place their sign in your yard.

Post by Bob,

480-535-5930 Only a telephone from this Amount on my cell. No message left.

Post by Pat,

4805355930 That survey is how they Top your Don't Call law.

Post by Steve,

480-535-5930 They called me and offered a FREE Vacation for that Bahamas if I d reply a few questions for them. They were political questions such as What s that Amount 1 problem facing America and Can you approve of President Obama s Occupation. When they started within for your FREE Bahamas trip I Installed Upward. Nothing that easy is FREE. They did state I would become responsible for taxes and gratuities.

Post by Fed Up,

4805355930 These guys are scampers. Do not autumn for that free cruise it USN t free and all fees are non refundable. These crooks are violating the don't phone list along with what's really a telemarketing and sometimes fraudulent activity but they're hiding behind a survey thinking they could get away with it. Don t let them. Report each and every phone to Web. dentally. gov.

Post by Guest,

480-535-5930 spam

Post by fdgrg,

4805355930 Got a telephone from the Amount a record saying it was John from many political research company and when I answered a brief survey I would get a trip for 2 for your Bahamas. Yes right. I m on your Don't Call list thus there is certainly NO motive for them for become calling me.

Post by Plano,

480-535-5930 Excellent Idea. . . I Closed Upward for a Free Dallas Stars Baseball Tickets promotion at among their games. Next thing I know 3 months later I 'm receiving harassing USPS send and Telephone calls from a TRAVEL Agency offering K a Mercedes or a free cruise. I m going for provide out that phone number. . . .

Post by Bob,

4805355930 Simply a phone from this Amount on my cell. No message left.

Post by McAuley,

480-535-5930 Outstanding Thought. .

Post by Douglas Wright,

4805355930 Numeral calls without leaving message.

Post by portland, or,

480-535-5930 gotten a telephone from this Amount at 9 W pacific time Now i did t answer and they did not leave a message.

Post by kg,

4805355930 Replied phone. . . Record states reply a W second political survey and get a two day cruise scam

Post by Guest,

480-535-5930 Political opinions of America survey

Post by OceanKeyes,

4805355930 Called 7 W PM. Left no message. Stop using my minutes. NEVER got calls enjoy these until I placed my cell on your Gov t Don't Call List.

Post by Central Coast,

480-535-5930 That best matter about caller ID is which you can enter your own contact names to some phone number. Normally all junk calls come from from your own area. We don t look for be Competent for Cease solicitor calls because of that haphazard numbers called from a computer so Only Blow off all calls that arena t recognized. Odds are just your own Connections can leave a message and these Bloody solicitors never do. Frustrating just enjoy politics but we've no selection Afterward for live along with it. Happy Friday to all.

Post by John,

4805355930 they Put up when I answered

Post by SpamCallsSuck,

480-535-5930 Only called. Nobody on another Finish.

Post by Guest,

4805355930 Did t leave a message

Post by San,

480-535-5930 call the Amount and you can remove yourself from your list worked for me

Post by Guest,

4805355930 Win things

Post by Eriz D,

480-535-5930 Persistent harassment

Post by T,

4805355930 Bacall something Around a political survey. I did t remain on your line long enough to hear your whole message.

Post by Bubba,

480-535-5930 Madame what are you personally talking about. Hated beverage . . . next table. We 're talking Around a scummier calling along with no ID and no message. If they 've Taken the Amount out of that next table Subsequently maybe the victim should do something Around it and we are NOT talking snapping fingers for that Mum Trey d.

Post by Guest,

4805355930 Political Views of America Survey Phoenix Az W W W W

Post by Herd Manager,

480-535-5930 I just gotten a call from the Amount. I answered. But The caller said nothing. He she is very rude. I curse your Owner for calling and saying nothing.

Post by Communications Guy,

4805355930 They are Striving for sell home security. Even after I YELLED at them twice that I 'm a Cable VP and I have it through my Business they kept reading their Software. . . . . Merely hang Upward on them

Post by DRF,

480-535-5930 The number called my Run cellphone I replied no just one was there Lamps were on no 1 was at Residence .

Post by lisa,

4805355930 Amazing idea. We should all give these numbers out when pressured to cough Upwards the private Telephone numbers.

Post by sue,

480-535-5930 got a telephone from this Amount today. no message. go ogled it for locate the forum.

Post by Tina,

4805355930 obtained call 8 W pm no message

Post by Annoyed,

480-535-5930 I obtained a phone from W W W W hours Past. That way I Cope along with scumbags like that is not to response a phone if I do not know who that Owner is. This is your second time they have called even though I 've reported them to the don't telephone registry. I figure my next measure is for contact an attorney to sue them. . . . . . . gee at W. W per telephone you personally would believe that would get powerful costly for them.

Post by B,

4805355930 They called I replied they instantly hung Upwards. . . wasting my time. I 'm on that Don't Call registry

Post by SC,

480-535-5930 Usual Scam. Political survey that asks obscure political questions and then asks for more data to help them not ID you personally inside their survey. Rise up my friends and make this a priority for your politicians. Simply you can Cease the my speaking Upwards against unsolicited phi sing calls from scampers would Gamble great money this is Private in action. SC

Post by hung chun,

4805355930 unwanted call

Post by Joel,

480-535-5930 I never awns er your phone if I don t recognize your or caller. If they don t leave a message its of no value to me.

Post by Sean,

4805355930 Your idea would become great if they kept the Amounts for more than a few times. Instead post something for sale on Grisliest or a few other online sales board. Something for Actually cheap thus it Provides a lot of calls but use their Amount. Create a lot of annoying calls for them.

Post by DRF,

480-535-5930 I Additionally keep a special entry in my own address publication labeled Hack that I place to have a silent ring. Whenever any of these demon Merchants fishers survey takers etc. etc. telephone their phone number is added as an Added Telephone number for Crack .

Post by annie,

4805355930 got the call today but no message

Post by Judy,

480-535-5930 acquired phone don t response calls out of Folks I don t know. No message left.

Post by CJ,

4805355930 Unwanted telephone on cell phone. I never response Amounts that I don't recognize nor 've ID Displaying who they're. They are not doing themselves a service by calling me.

Post by Herd Manager,

480-535-5930 I Merely gotten a telephone out of the number. I replied. But That Owner said nothing. He she is very rude. I curse your Owner for calling and saying nothing.

Post by emily,

4805355930 I did answer that Telephone and they just Put up

Post by nic,

480-535-5930 So Ill OF Bizarre CALLS. no answer. no message left. stupid

Post by Peggy,

4805355930 Exactly why do I keep becoming these calls. I don t present out my cell number but they keep on Attempting. I never response but they re still annoying.

Post by am,

480-535-5930 The number calls me all that time no 1 is ever there and they dint leave messages. . . . I am confident it s some scam. . .

Post by archer,

4805355930 2 PM called and left no message.

Post by Hyde,

480-535-5930 Phoenix Arizona revealed Upwards on your Owner ID and they kindly did NOT leave a message but if it's this political cruise survey scam the would become that Th or Th Telephone number they 've used for contact me. Many of the other numbers they vie called out of are W W W name unknown W W name unknown W W Laos angel es CA Simply for name a few. I keep notes. . . on paper. . . along with dates and times Only in case there s a Course action of a few Forms. ha. ha. ha. Some state it s ES research others state it s a debt collector and still others Merely an Outside appropriate scam. I state thank you notes and Owner ID. Now go away. . . .

Post by John,

4805355930 NO MSG Merely a telephone did not answer. . Will not ANSWER

Post by meson,

480-535-5930 called at PM fundamental time. no message.

Post by Malefic,

4805355930 I obtained a call out of this number but did t answer no message was left. When I returned that telephone a recorded message answered saying the time for the survey had expired that was type of Bizarre to me because I returned the call less than an hour after they called me. There was an Choice for Select out of future calls by pressing 2 and entering my phone Amount which I did t would. I Only Set phone blocking on the Amount.

Post by Donna,

480-535-5930 Called at W W a. m. Left no message.

Post by Plano,

4805355930 Fantastic Idea. . . I Closed up for a Free Dallas Stars Baseball Tickets Marketing at among their games. Next matter I know 3 months After I 'm receiving harassing USPS send and phone calls from a TRAVEL Bureau offering K a Mercedes or a free cruise. I m going to give Outside that phone number. . . .

Post by Guest,

480-535-5930 Marketing cruises

Post by Guest,

4805355930 Political survey

Post by Mike,

480-535-5930 FYI if it s a political polling Firm they are exempt in the don't call list. I just got the telephone and they use the as a manner to get through. Telling you personally they're Choosing a poll and Afterward switch to attempt and sell you something else.

Post by Rich Fozzard,

4805355930 Sadly there are telemarketers who can download Don't Telephone Lists and telephone them. Those are Tested phone Amounts whose owners expect only Pals and family to phone thus they reply.

Post by Mark,

480-535-5930 Only Found a missed phone at 7 'm. . . really. . . No message left. This really is my cellphone. That is exactly why I tell Individuals I understand to leave a message I offer Upwards replying and why I keep that phone at nighttime downstairs.

Post by Guest,

4805355930 Nadia

Post by Guest,

480-535-5930 A questionnaire prize is a free cruise for two to the Bahamas .

Post by darlene,

4805355930 no message call for cell phone

Post by 73VWbug,

480-535-5930 While reading the places with this telephone Amount it happened to me when one is Inquired for Supply a phone number but does not wish for we could consistently leave the Amount for the rejection hot line . I heard Around the service a few years back and while I could t imagine using it for it s original meant intention unless that Individual was Actually really obnoxious and would t take no a response it's humorous and would become a good Alternative for situations where just one Only could t Carry on without giving Outside a valid Telephone Amount I vie tried the Amount for weather time and many sites won t accept those . The numbers for your rejection hot line in Northern Virginia DC Region are W W W and W W W Nevertheless many Folks 've set them up in various cities across the People thus you can appearance more up online to find your ones Applicable for your local area. . . Good Fortune.

Post by ds,

4805355930 called my cell phone at W PM 2 3 W left no message don t know who it's NO NAME appears on that screen. This really is a charge to me which I don t value. Would like to know how they got my Amount.

Post by Chamchuyo,

480-535-5930 They called me at Dwelling. I answered that survey then held an a Congressman by that name of Sabrina told me Around your two day cruise with CARIBBEAN CRUISE LINES and Offered me a Fake Internet. getaway. com to check all details. Asked me for my email and sending address and said each Individual had for pay Interface Fees for W. W and additional Friends at W oh your cruise bygone from Jacksonville FL and this long ranting Narrative Around how much cruise lines win by having prepaid Clear cabins that get last Second cancellations given away to Individuals for free Marketing and referral and future biz blah blah blah she really Offers that Validity of that believe until CA CA CA asked me for pay with CC and I asked for present me a Amount to telephone back for make your booking and she said she could t hang Upwards along with me because it was Only one call per Family. Anyways I Virtually dropped for it until I snapped from it but they would request you for call back at an W Amount and request for that Representative s name and I Put Upward. They re becoming more and more elaborate along with your stories. I m not that gullible and I must acknowledge they Practically got me.

Post by string them up please,

4805355930 same as Discontinue calling. . . . . .

Post by Stop calling,

480-535-5930 No message Did not answer. My Telephone Amount is on that Don't Phone Registry. Still getting calls.

Post by Guest,

4805355930 Research Survey crap

Post by BakinBits,

480-535-5930 File complain along with FCC about unwanted Trash calls at this address HTTP Internet. FCC. gov complaints

Post by judy baumann,

4805355930 Call and did t leave a message.

Post by Brian,

480-535-5930 Received telephone several minutes ago. After answering your political survey questions I stayed on your line for that free cruise info. . . Only from fascination not because I notion I d actually get a free cruise. Melissa Staff ID CU defined that yes that cruise itself is free and all meals are Comprised. Plus they were running a unique Marketing which allegedly got that port tax W per person in place of W. I let her read through her overall script and she eventually said . . . thus which card would you personally enjoy for use for Protected your prepaid port tax. I said No cheers and Installed Upward.

Post by LBL,

4805355930 Did not leave a message. Only calls and hangs Upwards.

Post by Guest,

480-535-5930 Automated message asking to participate in a political survey. SPAM.

Post by Guest,

4805355930 Survey spam

Post by Jen,

480-535-5930 No message Did not reply. My phone number is on your Don't Phone Registry. Still becoming calls on a Routine basis.

Post by Faye Cosma,

4805355930 Unwanted call from this Amount.

Post by Guest,

480-535-5930 Telephone Nuisance er

Post by Bubba,

4805355930 Madame what exactly are you talking about. Hated Cocktail . . . next table. We have been talking Around a scummier calling with no ID and no message. If they have Taken the Amount from the next table Afterward Perhaps that Casualty should can something about it and we have been NOT talking snapping fingers for the Mother Trey d.

Post by Linda,

480-535-5930 Do not understand anyone at the number.

Post by Ticked chick,

4805355930 These Pol called my cell overly and did t leave a message. I think it s an Amazing Notion for present these Amounts out as yours if you don t wish for provide your own own.

Post by Anonymous user,

480-535-5930 If they are actually a political task group they're partially exempt from your gov t Don't Telephone list. . . your weird matter might it be s prohibited for them for leave a message but not prohibited for call you if you personally pick Upward your phone.

Post by Guest,

4805355930 Telemarketer cruises

Post by Rain,

480-535-5930 I believe that political calls are somehow exempt from the Don't Phone registry.

Post by NR,

4805355930 W W W called me a few seconds ago and I answered your phone. They instantaneously Put Upward on me. Not certain who this was or what they were calling Around but within light of the fact that I did t Understand the number and what the other posts are saying I thought I d share my experience.

Post by clare,

480-535-5930 I intriguing to see the Marketing on your page is pottery barn kids. I ordered from them at Christmas. I did not present my cell phone within that purchase. that telephone started less than a month after hmm mm

Post by Savvy Cat,

4805355930 W. W. W Must have got it from the scam rs in Appleton Ill. Lola Do not call list is a joke. The Simply 've for state they're a political survey and whatever they ask for say or do is legal. Keep powerful and use Owner id and Brand all your own Buddies Amounts and just don't Select Upwards or Reply for unsolicited calls or texts. . If you are reading the I am certain you personally already 've the Match down. GIL all. You may need it as nobody polices these guys. SC

Post by Trudi,

480-535-5930 I just got a phone from this Amount on my cell Telephone. I refuse to reply my phone along with numbers that I don t recognize

Post by Susan,

4805355930 Got a missed call out of this Amount on my company cell Telephone left no voice send. I called your Amount and got a Registered message about a survey that was being taken that I had missed the time allowed to take it. That message Additionally said for press 2 if I did not need for be called again or Merely hang Upwards. I just used that block Telephone Amount option on my Telephone so they can t phone again. All my Telephones are on that do not telephone list but there are lots of offenders Clearly.

Post by Sugarbear,

480-535-5930 Political Ideas of America Survey Phoenix Arizona W W W

Post by Pat,

4805355930 Simply got it did not answer

Post by PISSED,

480-535-5930 they just called me cell phone I am within Illinois i aniseed said hello and they Put up

Post by Blue,

4805355930 I called your Amount back and got a Registered message that said they were Performing a survey . It is my opinion that this Amount calls to gain access to your own private business within an attempt to Split you off. Do not Answer.

Post by Stop,

480-535-5930 I 'm thus Ill of these Individuals becoming through what s your use of having a No Phone Registry if these telemarketers could still get through ugh.

Post by Sue,

4805355930 no Result and Afterward they hung up

Post by Simon,

480-535-5930 Ah that beauty of Google Express and being Competent to block the number.

Post by Tucson,

4805355930 Did t answer as I did t know that number. No message was left.

Post by Guest,

480-535-5930 Telemann crap

Post by JJ,

4805355930 Wow did not realize how many of these calls I vie obtained on cell phone. I don't reply when I don't know who it's. Discontinue CALLING.

Post by armik77,

480-535-5930 same recording. it said press 2 to go for survey and 9 for get away of that list. I Sent 9 and Installed Upward. Nobody can send 2 Folks for Bahamas for free. .

Post by sj,

4805355930 I have to declare I m baffled by People Thinking why these callers ignore that Don't Telephone list. That s like asking why burglars ignore your laws against Robbery. Your callers Blow off the DC because they're CROOKS People. Crooks Usually Stadium t awfully concerned they re breaking the law.

Post by sj,

480-535-5930 I have for acknowledge I m baffled by folks Thinking exactly why these callers Blow off the Don't Phone list. That s like asking why burglars Blow off your laws against burglary. That callers ignore your DC because they're CROOKS folks. Crooks Usually Stadium t really concerned they re breaking your law.

Post by Guest,

4805355930 Spam

Post by Ticked,

480-535-5930 Simply Price me 2 since it activated my phone. A few political Actions group survey recording. . . .

Post by Guest,

4805355930 Selling stuff

Post by James,

480-535-5930 Installed Upwards on me after I replied.

Post by Rain,

4805355930 I believe that political calls are somehow exempt in the Do not Call registry.

Post by nancy,

480-535-5930 Discontinue calling me. I ll not vote for whomever you personally signify.

Post by bruce,

4805355930 Called me at W Am CST left no message but when called back your follow automated message comes on you personally were called for participate in a survey but that time has Ended if you would not enjoy to participate in any more survey please press two if not just please just hang Upward. . . blah blah blah Anyway after pressing 2 the message repeats itself in fact your one other Actions available is pressing 0 but that Merely hangs you personally up

Post by Guest,

480-535-5930 Political

Post by Guest,

4805355930 Political survey

Post by armik77,

480-535-5930 same record. it said press 2 for go to survey and 9 to get away of the list. I Sent 9 and Put up. Nobody may send 2 Folks for Bahamas for free. .

Post by Krista,

4805355930 Don t understand exactly why I keep getting calls from this Amount. Please Cease. . .

Post by Guest,

480-535-5930 Hung up

Post by William Brill,

4805355930 Called I did not response and they left no message

Post by Guest,

480-535-5930 Dunno. Did t reply.

Post by Rain,

4805355930 I believe that political calls are somehow exempt in the Do not Call registry.

Post by BobL,

480-535-5930 Called my cell. Did t recognize that Amount so I ignored it. After checking here I can add it for my spam contact.

Post by ana,

4805355930 Experienced that same matter. Thus drained of these calls.

Post by Larry,

480-535-5930 Called and did not leave a message.

Post by Crystal,

4805355930 My cell and property line numbers are both on your Do not Phone Registry. Why can I still keep getting the crap. That Do not Telephone Registry is a JOKE.

Post by Justanotherone,

480-535-5930 obtained a call from the Amount. Did not Comprehend it thus I did t response. Since they did t leave a message I Calculated it was Simply another B. S. call. Appears enjoy I was appropriate. Added it to my B. S. list on the cell Telephone along with a no ring ring tone.

Post by Bob,

4805355930 Simply a call out of the Amount on my cell. No message left.

Post by Bob,

480-535-5930 Simply a call from this Amount on my cell. No message left.

Post by Jock,

4805355930 same here this has happened before.

Post by MikeW,

480-535-5930 Merely called my brand new work cell phone. Nobody on that line.

Post by rlh,

4805355930 I called this number back out of a Distinct number and discovered that it s a prerecorded survey wanting for understand my opinion on how nicely your democratic Bash is Managing your national debt. . . I gave it your lowest Status of 1 . . . because it would t accept 0 .

Post by Guest,

480-535-5930 Spam

Post by DoNotCall,

4805355930 I 've gotten multiple calls and never have answered them. They left no messages. I did telephone the number and got a record saying they were a political survey organization and said if I do not need any more calls for Press 2 and of course when you personally Press 2 the message Only repeats within a continuous loop.

Post by hlopez0,

480-535-5930 Simply obtained a telephone out of the number and left no message. all i can do i just block the caller on my cell Telephone.

Post by Bubba,

4805355930 Madame do you know you talking Around. Hated Drink . . . next table. We are talking about a scummier calling with no ID and no message. If they have stolen that number from the next table then maybe that victim should would something Around it and we have been NOT talking snapping fingers for that Ma Trey d.

Post by coot,

480-535-5930 no message

Post by j Rive,

4805355930 They telephone and hang Upwards. This is blunt harassment. Many companies Break the law. Solitude See Seclusion Work} W 5 U. S. C. A People Law No. W W WARNING any Man and or institution using the website or any of its Linked Sites Phone or personal info along with Outside a court Guarantee do not 've my permission to Use any of my profile or personal data Or any of your content Included herein including but not limited for my Photographs. Telephone Amount personal info You're hereby notified that you are strictly prohibited from disclosing copying distributing disseminating or taking any other action with Value for this profile and the contents herein. That foregoing prohibitions Additionally Implement for your employee s Representative s Pupil s or any Workers Underneath your direction or control. That contents of the profile are private and lawfully privileged and confidential info Misdemeanor of my personal privacy is punishable by law. We request for any reasonable lawyer file a Course Activity law Package asking W million within punitive damage.

Post by m,

480-535-5930 I was becoming so many of those calls on my home phone I called and had my Telephone Place on the don't phone list low and behold your calls improved. I decided I had had enough I yelled screamed and ongoing for request for be Place on the Don't Call LIST but the calls grown. I was becoming close to W W calls a daytime. Thus I decided I really did t need for talk for them any more and I was sick and weary of asking them to not telephone. So from desperation I Place my fax machine on my House Telephone. The really has worked. That calls have gotten down to some Moderate 3 4 calls a day and I continue for let my fax machine get my unwanted calls. Now if I could Only get my cell phone hooked Upward I would have it made. Lola Where there is a may there surely is a manner.

Post by PISSED,

4805355930 i like how after that telephone we all Google your number Lao

Post by ana,

480-535-5930 Experienced your same matter. Thus drained of these calls.

Post by shelliep,

4805355930 I replied they hung Upwards. I called back and got a message that said if I did t desire for participate within any more Reviews for press 2. Thus I did and it Installed up on me. I reported your number for the national Do not Phone list as I 've been registered with them for over 2 years.

Post by Stop calling!,

480-535-5930 Simply called and did not leave a message.

Did you get an unwanted call from 480-535-5930? Is 4805355930 Safe to Answer or a Spam Caller? Tell us as much as you can!

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Recent comment

8002458572 Complains by Guest,

calls every so Regularly and keeps saying I Given to vets. I Getaway t Contributed and I consider this really is a scam

8003260950 Complains by Primo,

It is Allstate again

8044826667 Complains by annoyed,

this really is a professional Legal gang stealing Societal security numbers and credit card numbers. They use many Level props for sound like a Actual call Centre they claim to be a Capital Just one retrieval department or legal services. They will try to use your own account to run a charge the minute you personally present that info. Your Listings on the thread suggesting otherwise are fraudulent and are probably posted by your perpetrators. Pitiful parasites. If you Offered them your account info phone capitol 1 instantly for Cease your Prices and file a Authorities report and report for your ICC. gov.

8044151866 Complains by Melissa,

I was at work and had a missed phone from that Amount and Simply go ogled it and found these places.

8002772175 Complains by Guest,

block calls and messages

8002766472 Complains by not interested in jewelry,

HTTP Web. BBB. org Ma Business Reviews pa . . . W complaints

8042349096 Complains by Guest,

people ted no Purdue communicates con Eli usury W TEASEL

8003220091 Complains by james watson,

i received a telephone out of number W its a nationally search Agency providing long-lasting Positioning services within all Companies. . its quite great Bureau for work along with. thanks a lot 4 the phone.

8003456623 Complains by dowd333,

The number has called me five times a daytime each day for the previous week.

8062446588 Complains by Sue,

I am Additionally getting calls from this number and when I reply after 2 Bands they hang Upward and then when I call the number back it won't connect. . . . SCAM. . . On my cell Telephone.

8063407566 Complains by Debra,

Thanks for Publishing that.

8046207178 Complains by M,

My service blocks recalls after 1 ring. Phone rang once. Enough Information.

8180200454 Complains by x2b8u,

I received a call from on my cell phone from 773-427-5670. I did not answer the call.  Afterward, I dialed the number back and a "no longer in service" recording was heard.  When I googled the number, I read all the postings about this particular number.  Like some of the postings, I too have received messages in the past regarding an auto  warrenty about to expire.

8003316211 Complains by Mary,

Discontinue calling me. When I answer no just one says anything and when I phone back no just one Solutions and no recording.

8002819912 Complains by ea,

Amritsar toll free Amount for TAX advice for unfilled Yields or back taxes. Amritsar Tax Locations has successfully Fixed thousands of cases and has no negative comments and Fantastic BBB Status. If you might have any complaints how your Government is treating you and would love a second opinion Amritsar Irs Enrolled Agents and Caps have around W years of combined experience working successfully for help tax payers with that Irs.

8172040553 Complains by erg,

Well what happened. Did u get the tickets.

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