4806523459 / 480-652-3459

Telephone information: New Cingular Wireless PCS. Phoenix, AZ. . United states
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34 complaints
Post by TKM,

4806523459 Says Cell Telephone Az on caller ID won't leave message. I won't answer unknown Amounts Or will I return calls without message being left.

Post by Mary from AZ,

480-652-3459 Don't Have ANY DEBTS To Merge. REMOVE ME From Your CALLING LIST OR I Will REPORT You To FCC.

Post by Neil Cooper,

4806523459 They keep calling me even though every time I keep telling them to remove me out of their list.

Post by sdds,

480-652-3459 You better become Residence or they can rob you.

Post by kristin,

4806523459 That s mean. Your sales people that come to your house rely on valid Sessions in the telephone center to make money. If You're a no show it goes against their sale Percentage they don t get paid for coming Outside for your requirements they don t get reimbursed gas or mileage on their personal Cars. Within fact the vast majority of them don't get paid a dime unless you buy something and if they discount it for make it more affordable for you personally it comes from their paycheck.

Post by Suzanne,

480-652-3459 I asked them for E-mail me a few info and they instantaneously got quite rude. I asked them to take me off that list and he hung up on me.

Post by Maty,

4806523459 What's your point of them calling saying hi and then hanging up. I get these all the time I don t get why call to hang Upward. . Anyone know.

Post by Frank W,

480-652-3459 I Viewed Upward that Do not Telephone and it s shut down due to the Authorities shut down and won t be back Upward until they 've funding

Post by Deserttrekker,

4806523459 W W W called from the Go Green Project . Told me as a home owner I qualified for Upwards for W if I . . . . . . . at that point I hung up.

Post by TKM,

480-652-3459 Says Cell Phone Arizona on caller ID won't leave message. I won't answer unknown Amounts nor will I return calls without message being left.

Post by concerned,

4806523459 Can they have your address. Might not be good for have a stranger ringing your doorbell and no 1 House.

Post by kristin,

480-652-3459 That s mean. Your sales Individuals that come to your house Count on valid Sessions from the call Centre for make cash. If you are a no display it goes against their sale Percentage they don t get paid for coming Outside to you they don t get reimbursed Petrol or Distance on their personal Automobiles. In fact that vast bulk of them don't get paid a dime unless you personally Purchase something and if they Reduction it for make it more affordable for you it comes out of their paycheck.

Post by Maty,

4806523459 What is the point of them calling saying hi and Subsequently hanging Upward. I get these all the time I don t get why telephone for hang up. . Anyone understand.

Post by Ann,

480-652-3459 I had to say hello several times before a girl spoke. She said she was part of that go green initiative and Began on her sales pitch. I politely interjected and asked if I could ask a quick question. When she said yes I asked if she would please take me off their call list. She said Ha ha funny appropriate then Installed Upwards. 1 more telephone out of that and I will report it for your state attorney general and your FCC.

Post by No Fool,

4806523459 Got many calls and eventually replied for get them out of calling. Said they were Go Green and Desired for offer me free cash. They Needed to come around and I said they could Simply mail your info. She said they don t and they have someone Prepared to come over appropriate away. I said I did t desire anyone coming around and she Installed Upward. I can report them on the Do not Call List Misdemeanor.

Post by Frank W,

480-652-3459 I had the same Dilemma Merely now. I told them that I was planning on Marketing the house and Inquired exactly why they don t take me away their phone list after repeated requests and she said I don t understand. I asked for her manager and she said they won t be Competent to can anything Additionally and Afterward hung Upwards. Said here name was Ashley W W W out of Go Green Initiative. BEWARE. Does anyone have a Site of where I can look and up and complain.

Post by Guest,

4806523459 Striving to sell energy efficient Things.

Post by Jim Gilbert,

480-652-3459 They vie called twice each time I started telling them for take me away the list and they suddenly Installed Upwards. I suspect they may keep harassing w these Rob dialing calls until the State Attorney General or FCC step within to start harassing them. Crazy approach. . . the daytime within age simply gets you personally bad will.

Post by George,

4806523459 No one there when I Decided up. Caller ID shows Upward as Phoenix AZ

Post by Guest,

480-652-3459 Numerous calls. No messages. No one responds when answered

Post by Banana Hammock,

4806523459 Shows up as a Cell Telephone on your house caller ID. It is a debt consolidation company.

Post by Guest,

480-652-3459 Many calls. No just one answers

Post by Call center people are not the brightest,

4806523459 Okay I eventually got for that bottom of the because I vie been receiving these calls 2 4 times a daytime. Your Go Green Initiative They're a valid company it s Only that telephone Locations are Bad breeders of incompetent individuals who've no Abilities and can t Get other work. Ironically I don t demand their services because my Mum works for that competitor. A. You're becoming this phone because you've Revealed some fascination with House development solar Electricity or reduction in your own electricity Statement. These calls don t come from thin air. If You're really interested in this E-mail me and I can forward you my Mum s contact Information thus you can get an honest Assessment of what you personally do and Do NT need. E-mail W protected B. When they Speak Around free money they are talking about Incentives and tax credits that pay for that costs of making your Dwelling vigor Effective or adding solar Sections. There's no free money but there surely is cash out there to significantly offset that costs of what You're Striving for can. It s Simply somewhat challenging for obtain without help. C. When you personally concur to an appointment they can become delivering out a sales Man who isn't being paid for the appointment not being paid gas Usage or being reimbursed. Thus DON T Create AN APPOINTMENT UNLESS You Mean For Be THERE AND LISTEN. You are not just wasting your own time but wasting someone else s time and costing them a paycheck they could have made on a seriously interested Man. D. Your sales person can Message you on a few matters depending on where you personally stand. 1. An vigor Exam to Assess your Residence s Performance. This really is not Around unplugging your phone charger and upgrading your Devices. This can be looking into your walls and attic for Acceptable insulation locating electrical Difficulties duct work Issues and where your Best Regular energy costs are coming out of. 2. Energy efficient solutions for your own House. You personally may already know what you personally need. Efficiency a new water heater solar panels etc. 3. Solar. Your biggest rebates are along with solar water and PVC solar electric. Tax Discounts for solar provide a Percent of Absolute project Price back for you at your end of the year. Say you personally need Efficiency. Simply putting in Efficiency won't get you personally a rebate. Nicely by going solar on your own water heater your insulation is component of the project cost and you get many of that money back where you would t have and you personally no longer 've to pay to heat your own water. E. What s the Get. There Actually USN t 1 Furthermore they're trying to sell you personally something. But before you roll your eyes Only know its not a scam. Generally these sales Folks could get you the out of all your Discounts and government Offers because they have a team of People ready for install within days and bring everything Upward for code. Doing a endeavor enjoy the your own self or along with a general Specialist could take MONTHS and in the Finish could possibly not qualify for Incentives and Offers because certain steps were skipped along the manner. Another plus to Choosing this tactic is that it can become financed. Your Businesses carry guarantees that your own Regular payment for that solar project your financed will be less than your own Typical Electricity Invoice was before solar. EX Your own utility bill is W mo now. After going solar and Securing duct work your own Electricity bill is W and your financed project is W per month. That's W month vs W month. it s value noting that your own payment for what you personally financed will not see rate hikes enjoy your own energy Statement as nicely So before you blow off that telephone center because they are Usually rude and uneducated believe Around getting through that first telephone and locating out what it s all Around from your sales person who Truly knows what they're talking Around. Simply remember they're not Vehicle dialing haphazard Amounts. You put your number in something Someplace.

Post by 480 guy,

480-652-3459 Got a call Inquired if I owned a house. Said no and he said Okay and hung Upward.

Post by Bubba,

4806523459 Obviously I got a typo within my post above. That year I wrote should have said W not W. For believe these Individuals will still become doing their shady business practices within W is Only overly Substantially for bear. . . Lola

Post by Bubba,

480-652-3459 Obviously I got a typo within my post above. Your year I wrote should 've said W not W. For believe these people can still become doing their shady business Methods within W is Simply overly Substantially to Keep. . . Lola

Post by Joan,

4806523459 This Amount calls my Telephone 2 3 times a daytime it s my Facsimile Telephone line and the Amount comes up on my Tv on caller id. You would think they would give Upwards when they don t ever get a Individual that answers.

Post by Guest,

480-652-3459 Many calls. . no just one Discussions. . . nothing heard. . . Display shows is Cell Phone.

Post by Jason,

4806523459 Simply gotten a telephone from the Firm and was about to set that appointment but that Man on the other Finish could not tell me about the Firm he worked for. . . . He kept saying the Go Green Project the government was Marketing If you are able to t tell me anything about who you work for it sounds like a scam for me. . . I did give them my address and now searching back which was an extremely Large error. If they display up they may get a face full of W Measure.

Post by 480-652-3459,

480-652-3459 Only a hello . Afterward they hung Upwards .

Post by TKM,

4806523459 Says Cell Telephone Az on Owner ID will not leave message. I will not response unknown Amounts nor may I return calls without message being left.

Post by Frank W,

480-652-3459 I Viewed up the Don't Phone and it s closed down due to the Authorities shut down and won t become back Upwards until they have funding

Post by Guest,

4806523459 No 1 answers

Post by Guest,

480-652-3459 Many calls but no just one Addresses up.

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8045540629 Complains by S Z,

Acquired this call. Did t response but MSG left by a poorly English speaking guy says something about cash and Government and if I don't Reply or my Maintained Lawyer Afterward they wish me luck with that in threatening tone. Reported for DICTA Web site.

8001331630 Complains by Libby,

Called people and said they were from something like VIM Legal. After Creating my Identification they asked for my Start date. I said I did t supply that info out for Folks I did t understand and did t understand what their business was. They got Crazy said that I would find out soon enough and then they Installed up.

8003409697 Complains by ASH,

i get 8 W calls from the Provider Regular they're an insurance company they get your number when you personally go through Cobra Ins. it s for people who are unemployed and need ins. when you personally enter within your own Information they may send your cell number out for about W diff Book agency's and they will harries you personally even when you tell them to take you off the call list

8065132956 Complains by Froggy,

My bad on this area code, it is 631-226-6644. Checked phone book and call is from Suffolk NY. No call back today. Sorry for the mistake.

8046693073 Complains by Mrs. Davis,

They're Consistent. I 'm blocking them. I have given for them within the previous but don t 've that money to provide now.

8172009107 Complains by Duke,

No message left. Keep calling. I have a virus to Troubled their Website. If you get this number let me understand. Their Website may become burnt out.

8172317415 Complains by tamtam,

i received a telephone said i own this payday loan com pang money he said i own a Absolute of W. W dollars. Alex called my job. that Man name is Alex. i call he back today and a Select Upward that phone n said he was Alex Monitor but the guy sound just like Alex he said Alex desire b in his office until 3 hrs. your Firm name is AC'S i appearance it Upwards on the internet no company by that name. thy Facsimile some paper work and i put my Charge card Amount on it. now I am scared. who is the Firm. what could i do

8003164630 Complains by emrolled agent,

Amritsar toll free number for TAX advice for unfilled Yields or back taxes. Amritsar Tax Facilities has successfully resolved thousands of Instances and has no Bad reviews no Grievances and Fantastic BBB rating. If you might have any complaints how your Government is treating you and would like a second opinion Amritsar Government Enrolled Agents and Caps 've many years of combined expertise working successfully to help tax payers with that Government. Aid in the following areas Government Settlements Tax Preparation and Compliance Audits Penalty Abatement Property Protection Wage Garnishment Bank Levy Government Seizures Offer in Compromise Installment Agreements Simple Spouse Collectible Standing. Your Tax Problem Reviewed W W W

8001562350 Complains by landlord,

another one that calls within that Mid of your night. no message or caller id. no voice mail. attempt for phone back never connects.

8002694663 Complains by Prit,

DIS Residence delivery incontinence supplies

8002835841 Complains by Jim Gleason,

I get calls out of this number at least once a day. Never a message. I am on the Do not Call list. What could I do. . . . .

8002908603 Complains by Sarah Zabel,

Enjoy everyone else on here I just Assessed my Card activity and it shows Upward enjoy the W W W W W W Visa Buy LG GREATCOAT W W W CT W. W This can be my kid support cash and I simply along with drawl money for my Child. There has not been any task on the card since august. I cant count on child support thus I use this account. I m fully clueless has for how anyone has that account Amount and so I attempted calling the number back and it Merely so happened for just close at W PM and it was W PM. This cash is for my Children Christmas I can t have arbitrary deductions from the account. Is there any manner for get the money back and stop it from coming Outside again. . .

8002941252 Complains by donna,

I have no clue as for why they Began calling my cell today but USN t it still true that Firms are prohibited from calling cell phones. I went for their net site and left a message but I don t understand if it will would any good.

8002906627 Complains by M,

Even I have got calls out of these Pol since last one week three times a day. Once I talked and they asked me if I have a Find credit card. As soon as I said yes he Put Upwards. . Men become careful.

8001037904 Complains by Guest,

Harassment Block Text Message s 2

8000467387 Complains by M.J.,

Cheers with this Website and your own data. I Only obtained basically your same notice and check. Money amounts were the same. Yet names and number for phone were Clyde West or Sylvia Bier at 1 W W W. I ll become turning your data over to your authorities Monday A. M. . Cheers again MAJ

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