4808973497 / 480-897-3497

Telephone information: Qwest Corporation. Tempe, AZ. Maricopa. United states
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Post by Another scam- another day,

4808973497 Received both cards EWS - same as everyone else. Verbage is the same content as described above. Ask for Miss Burke- she must be a very busy person following mailing lists around the country

Post by Dirt Diver,

480-897-3497 Merely got a postcard in the mail from Green Water Systems indicating they have been not able for contact me and have a Lot for me W. They request me to call and request for Miss Burke. Thanks to the train of thought I know now it s a sales phone. Thanks for the Information. I m within Riverside CA.

Post by Hilary,

4808973497 Hi just moved to Cleveland as well and gotten that exact same post card. Happy I go ogled it before I called.

Post by Brittany,

480-897-3497 Scam is still going. I Simply received a post card that read exactly as Karen s And I live within Iowa. These Folks are silly.

Post by Mimi,

4808973497 Simply got your same Yellowish post card as nicely. . . I have never gotten thus Considerably insane fake send since buying our first Dwelling 2 weeks Past.

Post by MISS BURKE?,

480-897-3497 WHAT Kind OF Dumb LAME Strategy ARE THESE People USING. IT IRRITATES ME To Receive Junk Mail. . . . Notably the. It is discus ting and UN sensible. Its negligence. . . . Skip BURKE GO For HELL.

Post by johno,

4808973497 Yep We got that card Now for please telephone 1 W W W Thanks every on your post . We agree they don t deserve any company. Thanks again

Post by Marty A,

480-897-3497 received a post card out of E W S within Chandler Az along with that above Telephone and message We've been not able for contact you personally by phone. Please contact us within three 3 times. We've a Lot for you personally. It provided a Telephone a post card your Phone and ask for Miss Burke. Happy I Assessed it Outside first

Post by Not gonna call,

4808973497 I gotten your same matter. I am going for give their Amount out for other spammers and see how they like it. We all should go and sign Upwards on the Net and present them this number W W W and maybe they will get hundreds of spammed calls. Place spammer against spammer. request for Skip Burke

Post by Nashville, TN,

480-897-3497 New homeowner here in Prohibit Additionally along with the yellow postcard asking me to telephone Miss Burke to get my welcome gift. Cheers for all your posts People. Google FT.

Post by Dave in Coopersburg, PA,

4808973497 Simply got my yellow postcard. . . glad I Assessed here. It reads We have recently been Attempting for contact you viewing your own welcome gift. Since we were unable for reach you by Telephone we may be able to hold it for simply a limited time. Please phone Miss Burke at W W W Monday Friday 5 PM or Saturday Am PM.

Post by Kevan,

480-897-3497 I live down town Nashville Tennessee. We also received the SCAM post card. Someone has already said they 've changed their number for 1 W W W. This was your number I also obtained. I 'm glad I Assessed here. I called and got a message along with times and days for phone. I was Additionally asked for leave a return Telephone Amount and the FBI code. I did not leave a message for panic of a scam.

Post by kitty,

4808973497 we've been not able for contact you by phone. please contact us in 3 days we've a Lot for you. hours of Business a Lot and this Strange Mrs. Burke this is thus not your manner the American vision Needs people for become approached. I have obtained the stupid post card 7 times within 3 days.

Post by kitty,

480-897-3497 we have been unable for contact you personally by phone. please contact us within 3 times we've a Lot for you personally. hours of operation a Lot and this mysterious Mrs. Burke this really is thus not your way your American vision expects people to be approached. I have acquired the Mindless post card 7 times in 3 days.

Post by C Blaze,

4808973497 I received the same matter out of Ms. Vivian now. Happy I did a Google search for Arizona ES. It appears to become official type information. I even had a gentleman come to my front door. He did t knock he Only stuck a sticky on my door. Wow.

Post by Josh,

480-897-3497 Just Go to Cleveland as well and acquired your same Yellowish card. Cheers for Publishing.

Post by Doggy,

4808973497 I agree this is a deceptive and dishonest tactic. Thanks for Beginning the train of thought. I understand not to get my Significant Lot they are holding

Post by Ray,

480-897-3497 They 've upgraded to your Cost free Amount. Your just one they gave me is W W W. I tried for telephone but got no response. Got wise and Assessed this site.

Post by Sipii,

4808973497 ES W East Warner Road 1 Chandler Az W with the same message that urges you personally for call Miss Burke who has your Lot . I never called and I am glad I located this page. THC for Beginning this thread.

Post by peoria, az,

480-897-3497 Appears like they 've went their company at least that postcard address is Anthem and that phone number is W W W but the Text is still that same. . . cheers for the Information and pass on that fresh number

Post by Paul In Nashville,

4808973497 Forgot for Set fresh Amount 1 W W W

Post by queen creek resident,

480-897-3497 I Additionally gotten your same post card. I comprehend that the Business is trying for get customers but this really is Foolish and A WASTE OF TIME. They are Merely tricking Individuals making it appear enjoy it very important when its not. They should become ashamed.

Post by Brian in Franklin, TN,

4808973497 Simply went the business to your fresh Place within Franklin and guess what I got. . . . . . . . Yep we Merely got the yellow postcard as nicely out of Miss Burke. It reads We've Lately been trying to contact you regarding your welcome present. Since we were not able to reach you by phone we can be Capable for hold it for a Small Time. Please telephone Miss Burke at W W W Mon Fri 5 9 PM or Sat 9 Am 3 PM. It's also stamped with Huge red letters Final Detect Thanks to all of you personally who have posted Around the and made everyone conscious of this scam.

Post by Tess in Nolensville TN,

480-897-3497 Got the same Specific message as Brian stated above. Happy I go ogled this. Cheers.

Post by Eli,

4808973497 Yup they re still at it we got one Recently. I m guessing they re becoming names amp property addresses of new homeowners from your County Camera s Web site. Happy I Viewed it Upwards Google FT. thanks everyone for continuing these posts maybe if enough people whine they May}n' Cease Yep right. . .

Post by Don C.,

480-897-3497 Same as above. We have a Lot for you personally . I threw it within your Waste but Needed to Assess the number for see who the company really is so I know not to ever deal along with them. I do not enjoy for be tricked and this company will never get any business out of me.

Post by new home,

4808973497 I Merely got my mail Now tool your post card and request a Buddy about it then Assessed that Google. I m so happy we Haw Google Engineering for Filter out crap send.

Post by Mel Dawson,

480-897-3497 Pals stop calling we don t need your own service.

Post by Grimm,

4808973497 I acquired that same Yellowish card amp I m within Forest Falls Ia. It was mailed from Waterloo though. I notion it May}n' be a scam think I was correct. Amount is still W W W.

Post by Josh,

480-897-3497 Only move to Cleveland as well and obtained your same yellow card. Cheers for posting.

Post by Temecula, CA,

4808973497 It's still going. Gotten a postcard in the send today 1 W W Ask for Skip Burke Adore this Web site Cheers guys.

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8067310391 Complains by Shawn,

Cold phone insurance both life and car

9162829313 Complains by Guest,

Said he was calling from the Central Income Service

6232407415 Complains by Guest,

Replied for my grisliest add. He had already replied to another among my adds along with some story that he could n t Speak on that phone due to your Reading Dilemma. Needed for send a Shipping for pick up your items. I knew it was a scam. Within the other text message he called himself Wren was W W W. The one he was Wilson and the number is W W W. Certainly an extremely bored individual. . . .

6029198466 Complains by david brown,

Received a call from a guy when I applied for a loan from a company by the name of  Cash Advanced and they told me they can lend me $3000.00 but in order for them to lend me the money I will need to put $280.00 on a greendot moneypak card and they will need to make you I can put the money on the card so they can verify the funds. Never revieved the money and then they took the money off my MoneyPak card and told me I owed the IRS and I didn't. The number I received a call from was 201-464-5370 and told me the name of the company is Cash Advanced  ..Please help me.

7025511223 Complains by Guest,

Needed me to place bets on a casino Risk.

5803800518 Complains by FU2,


7038280419 Complains by Guest,

I think this is fraudulent representation. The Government would not leave a Telephone message and Typically sends Composed Announcements.

7037860298 Complains by Guest,

Got an early call at 920 asking for my husband . I said he was not there and if this was for sale or charity to not call back. I then proceeded to look up the number which I was on your span list

8002830909 Complains by Fed Up,

I won t become calling their Cost free number in any respect. That repeated calls I 've been receiving searching for this particular Individual who is unknown for me could not have been originated by Clovis amp Roche but by another party. Correct at this point I m quite confused. I 'm also quite angry that whomever is calling me Striving for collect a debt owed by the unknown person won t Take your fact that I am not that person. I simply wish the rep from Clovis amp Roche who Put up on me Haydn t done so and maybe we d all become happy and get it straightened Outside that the individual within question is not at my number Or do I know that Individual. My apologies for any confusion. Moderators on the board are encouraged for Remove this post and my earlier posting in fairness for the Firm named. Thank you personally.

8000001245 Complains by D,

Scam dint call back or provide any info.

8002301596 Complains by Roz,

Holiday Property Could own an yearly family Holiday for W per Individual.

8002934306 Complains by Mary,

tr ac phone recorded messages for service bonus minute offers other info concerning cell Telephone account

8002728260 Complains by Guest,

this man confess to be an apostle but don't have a 501(c)3 and host church meetings out of his sister in law's home on Saturdays.

8002311547 Complains by 818,

Thanks for the Information.

8002877618 Complains by Shirley,

not certain who the number belongs for. Official Reward Notice Call W Now for Transfer an Claim Info. Keep R and R text Work} active. text Quit 2 end

8002108511 Complains by Krista Brown,

called for all my data on my card.

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