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2016-04-20 03:55:28
Scam. . .
2016-04-18 05:12:46
2016-04-17 10:01:51
Needed me to Line money
2016-04-17 05:10:17
Leave a Opinion about that caller here
2016-04-17 05:00:13
Acquired a call and your Owner ID said Bank Of America. That Owner read my name and address for me and asked me to Check if that was your Man she was speaking for. She wanted to send something to me. She Afterward gave a sales blurb that was thus fast I could not comprehend what it was referencing. She Afterward asked me for Check my Start date and your 1 she gave me was totally wrong. I said I was uncomfortable giving that Information around your Telephone but she Subsequently asked me to Check just your year. I said no thank you and asked if the was a scam. She Installed up.
2016-04-17 02:58:20
Same as N noted. Calls repeatedly at short Times no message and calls numerous times a daytime.
2016-04-16 22:47:20
Capital solicitor
2016-04-16 20:40:59
Gotten a missed call from this at W. Owner did not leave a message so I called back and got a express mail asking for personal Information such as SAN and Residence address.
2016-04-16 17:33:33
2016-04-16 15:06:21
Did not answer
2016-04-16 13:26:18
I received Around six calls all Jointly Ten most important just one was the survey Around your soft drinks. Gm
2016-04-16 10:37:45
I was charged on my credit card for something I did not Approve. It happened appropriate before I was duet for get my direct deposit and they did several trades which cause me Drop fees. When investigated it turned out that it Arrived from Start advantage. That is there phone Amount.
2016-04-16 05:28:21
rude and play games
2016-04-16 05:18:53
Architectural Reclamation S River St Franklin OH HTTP Internet. arch rec. com Our forte is finding sensitive responsible and creative solutions to that many Issues that arise within adapting old Properties for modern uses while preserving the unique nature and craftsmanship Old Dwelling Remodel Historical Restoration General Specialist Structural Fix New Reclamation
2016-04-15 23:16:48
2016-04-15 22:19:03
That is Verizon Wireless. If someone does not 've them it is unlikely they should get a phone. I am certain if you personally Really talked for someone they would tell you personally they are not covered by he do not telephone list because they have a prior company relationship with you I know from sales that when you over phone someone they can likely not become your customer for long. I have given them a new name quot SPAMMER quot . I also sent them a text message asking they do not telephone. The has worked along with others and simply one I sent for other telemarketer spammers got returned because it was a acreage line the other haven't been calling.
2016-04-15 20:30:04
Facsimile Machine.
2016-04-15 20:22:47
never response this
2016-04-15 18:49:40
3 calls within W minutes 3 times per day is Standard. They hang Upward as soon as you response. Never leave a message.
2016-04-15 18:40:28
told you personally I can block your number

Phone list in area 500

Phone numberRecent commentAuthorTotalTime
5001632378Amount included in Spam E-mail. Guest42016-04-12 15:17:53
5001632376annoyingGuest42016-04-12 13:11:37
5009353566SpamGuest212015-11-04 22:16:51
5000833096Scam. . . Guest32016-04-20 03:55:28
5000116265Called but left no message. Perhaps Republican or Change Bash of Brand new Hampshire Owner ID RP NHPaul in NH42016-04-13 05:56:10
5000833095who is dis they keep phone in and hang upkhw32016-04-13 21:16:43
5000833165Long Seashore Acceptance. Jack-O-Lynn32016-04-07 16:16:57
5000217817a Fake sweepstakes company Striving for get you personally to Purchase servicesGuest82015-12-09 16:20:52
5000214783Claims to be calling Around a Problem with my windows computer. Obviously a phishing scam. Distinct quot contacts quot there have called me each daytime for 5 days. They refuse to acknowledge my requests for Cease the solicitation as nicely as my numerous claims that they're a scummier. Guest42015-11-05 21:16:51
5006181733Missed telephone. Returning phone not going Thur is not a valid Amount. Guest12015-11-06 04:01:07
5002076334Tiring when dirt bags telephone never leave a MSG cloaking their Authentic intentions. Annoyed52016-02-16 03:11:47
5005077595Calls and will hang Upward when I reply. When calling back it won t let uGuest12015-11-06 10:23:07
5006652645I already took attention of it Eric. Thank you personally. Nanlisa42016-04-11 02:14:52
5006166313block calls and messagesGuest52015-12-20 11:48:50
5002076332Dint answer Merely hang upGuest42015-12-14 09:11:56
5000950743Company About furthering education. Guest22015-11-07 09:49:07
5000333914 -----62015-12-16 19:12:14
5000116262text tooGuest42016-04-13 05:26:11
5002012875Spam!Guest52016-04-07 01:08:02
5001500213Received a call from 18009982400 saying they were from medical alert angelsRichard Martin42016-04-08 05:07:04
5001632366this number has been calling me trying to extort money for my lost dogGuest72016-04-12 14:26:29
5006652641BreathersGuest32016-04-12 02:24:55
5000143164who are these people they keep calling me on my listings don't know why they are not buyersWendy62016-03-25 03:46:53
5009938189Asked for me by wrong nameGuest62015-12-09 18:07:29
5000833105Not sure. Didn't leave a messageGuest62016-04-10 18:11:51
5006652647i received a text from this number. the number is unfamiliar to me.renee52016-04-07 10:40:39
5000833153AggGuest42016-04-11 02:43:00
5001500214HarassmentGuest52016-04-15 23:16:48
5000168189I mean Indian "free phone" CELL phones - sorry - typo there.Guest32015-11-10 01:25:51
5000116264also call from 952-358-7198Ghost32016-04-10 09:34:53
5002076341Called at 11:30 PM. Woke me up. Annoying.Guest52016-04-09 18:27:45
5000833094Portfolio Debt Recovery - this company is the over-exageration of desparate.Guest32016-02-16 00:36:58
5001500207Multiple calls all day longM42016-02-15 17:34:05
5000841042Ummmm this is a riddle, right?   Okay, I give up. Who is it?geoff72015-12-10 09:03:02
5001632371They playin on the phoneGuest52016-02-15 19:21:03
5000116260Received 2 calls. One on July 6, 2012 and one on July 7, 2012.Guest42016-04-07 23:06:14
5000143162webcam girl scamGuest72016-04-10 22:06:15
5002012872For hotelGuest72016-04-08 23:09:16
5002012873Dan, The Carpet CleanerGuest32016-04-14 15:18:15
5000833159Person witperson with this number pretended to be someone there notjon32016-02-15 23:01:17
5001500209Did not answergh32016-04-16 15:06:21
5000125780post pending moderator approvalClarissa Bellon82015-12-14 22:33:52
5000833112fake #Guest42016-04-10 15:22:09
500150020417.9. at 10 p.m.andreja62016-02-15 17:11:18
5000833163unknown Kenne Starksed72016-04-12 06:53:10
5002012879NO BUSINESS CALLING ME DO NOT KNOW ANYONE THEREGuest62016-04-06 03:51:29
5000143161stop callingGuest72016-04-13 03:52:10
5006652640Stop judging. You probable got plenty a dirt in ur closet toojon62016-04-06 14:32:25
5001632364Offer travel plansGuest52016-02-15 18:25:35
5000833110Same as JJ noted. Calls repeatedly at short intervals, no message and calls numerous times a day.Guest32016-04-17 02:58:20

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