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Telephone information: Level 3 Communications. Louisville, KY. Jefferson. United states
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Post by serafin,

5024103171 Scam please become conscious. W W W W W Its a scam They state they facilitate Getting government contracts at a cost of 6 W They are making a killing on unsuspecting small company owners who want for obtain govt Deals. Absolute SCAM

Post by Traverse,

502-410-3171 Screened telephone. . . did not reply and Therefore blocked it.

Post by Guest,

5024103171 cc spam

Post by Guest,

502-410-3171 Robot phone from quot Jenifer quot Rachel s cousin from quot Card member Services quot . Luring into quot lower quot interest rates of whatever debt. I want these people Picture .

Post by Kamen,

5024103171 I cannot seem for Move these Mice. They telephone I block their Amount so they spoof their Amount thus they can get around my block. If you press 9 for be removed out of their lists it rings to some live User asking if you desire to discover more about their Value Software. When I say no and start for ask that they remove my Amount they disconnect. Your DECRY is a worthless flipping joke.

Post by Alok Joshi,

502-410-3171 They called on cell Telephone. Are telemarketers allowed for phone on cell phones. Also they left a cryptic message which I cannot make out.

Post by Ruth Barefoot,

5024103171 Please don't use my Telephone number anymore. . . W W W

Post by Ann,

502-410-3171 Along with 3 times I obtained 4 calls from this Amount. 2 calls were Only today in an hour. After advising them I was on the National Do not Call registry with that Federal Trade Commission they Put Upward but keep calling back. I vie had enough. . . . I Registered a Criticism with that FTC Only a few minutes Past. I trust more People will file Gripes for Cease these holes.

Post by Anonymous,

5024103171 I believe the was the recording on my call This can be Jennifer with Credit Card Services calling in Wishes to your current credit card Reports. I don t have any credit card accounts. I intentionally selected 1 to get the live Individual a Jason . I SCREAMED OBSCENITIES INTO The Telephone FY TAKE MY F ING Number Off Your own F LIST. . . . . . . . And hung up. I vie read other those who blast air horns into the Telephone.

Post by Guest,

502-410-3171 About credit cards reducing my rates I don t have a credit card

Post by Greg Dubois,

5024103171 Telephone calls from the Amount are calling 1 a cell Telephone and 2 a Amount on the Do not Telephone Registry.

Post by Guest,

502-410-3171 No one even said anything when i answered your phone. I m on the do not telephone list but it doesn't seem to Cease people out of annoying me.

Post by Lindsey Bryson,

5024103171 I get a Telephone call Nearly everyday from these and even if you press 1 for Talk along with someone nothing happens. I don t understand how they got my Amount but please block it if possible. Thank you personally Lindsey Bryon

Post by Caitlin,

502-410-3171 Let it go for voice send so I just got half the message but it sounded like a recording

Post by Documented,

5024103171 Received several calls out of W W W. Pressed 1 as instructed phone immediately goes to some female express. She hellos and quickly hangs Upwards. What could be done about calls of the nature

Post by Jennifer,

502-410-3171 They're Merely enjoy roaches they have no value. Unless of path you enjoy crushing pests.

Post by Guest,

5024103171 Desires to lower my interest rate on my credit card got same call from W W W W Min's earlier. How do they get my cell phone . Want they could Discontinue them

Post by serafin,

502-410-3171 Its a scam They state they Help Finding government contracts at a cost of 6 W They are making a killing on unsuspecting small business owners who desire to Get govt contracts. Complete SCAM

Post by mike,

5024103171 phone and left a message and I m on that don't telephone list. . . . . . . . dam these people

Post by Guest,

502-410-3171 Spam

Post by Guest,

5024103171 Informing me Around my credit card status for a card I do not have.

Post by Guest,

502-410-3171 I don t 've a credit card Jennifer

Post by Lexington Kentucky Colonel,

5024103171 Obtained a Rob phone to my business cell phone. Said to call back amp press just one for Improve credit card Control. Avoid enjoy the plague.

Post by Guest,

502-410-3171 Spam Owner seeing reducing debt.

Post by Sandy,

5024103171 Received a telephone on my cell Telephone out of the number. . . W W W. No message left. .

Post by serafin,

502-410-3171 Its a scam They say they facilitate Getting government contracts at a Price of 6 W They're making a killing on unsuspecting small business owners who need to obtain govt contracts. Total SCAM

Post by I Kill Telemarketers,

5024103171 Lot s of you personally people are still Underneath the impression that these telemarketers get your own phone Amount out of somewhere. That usually USN t your case. You May}n' discover that the bulk of these calls are gotten on or close your quarter hour. If you personally happen to response their phone and it s not a recorded message some telemarketing Representative sitting within a call center along with other telemarketing losers picks up on your blinking light and gives you their spiel. They ll have W minutes to lie to you personally before that next Order of calls go Outside. But your thing is they normally 've automatic Merchants as in Products doing your calling. These Products dial numbers in batches. They place Upward that machine to Call each possible phone Amount mix between say W W W to W W W. If your own Telephone number is W W W your phone is going for ring along with that batch of outgoing calls. Another feature of these automatic dealers is that they can be programmed to show any Owner ID data they want for so these credit card scampers May}n' or might not Really maintain Ky. And FYI. . . the Do not Call Registry is a joke and manned by a bunch of overweight low life's whose just Clear talent is eating a dozen donuts within one sitting and Drawing down a government check.

Post by Jason,

502-410-3171 The phone Amount is from Jennifer out of Autos holder services a Only got done reaming Outside the rep Outside for violating your do not telephone law.

Post by Guest,

5024103171 Lower credit card attention speed.

Post by Guest,

502-410-3171 Spam

Post by Guest,

5024103171 Card services spam.

Post by Drew,

502-410-3171 W W a. m. 2 W Acquired last component of message about lowering attention rates. Afterward regular b. s. Around pressing 9 to become removed out of their calling list. Added for long list of s that have hushed ring tone assigned and can never reach me.

Post by Guest,

5024103171 Consumer services . . . spam

Post by CMS,

502-410-3171 Obtained a phone out of the Amount Now on my cell phone. They left no message.

Post by Guest,

5024103171 They keep calling and hanging Upwards.

Post by cindy,

502-410-3171 please block

Post by C. M.,

5024103171 Regular caller. no message.

Post by Jennifer,

502-410-3171 Other enjoyment ways to deal with these PPS. . . strike air horn or whistle into your Telephone describe favorite scenes out of faces of passing tell them what you personally think should happen for them or what You personally desire for would to them. They will not Cease calling until someone makes them permanently. Guidelines mean nothing to criminals. On your upside if you have rage issues these are your perfect Objectives to take it Outside on.

Post by Michael C.,

5024103171 I did t answer. My express mail just Found that stopping of your their recorded message removed out of more notices.

Post by DRM,

502-410-3171 I received a telephone out of this Amount on Thu W W W. . . . W hrs. I did not Understand that number. I did not reply the telephone. My Telephone has a silence Avoid option appearing at your time of an incoming phone. I used that for Cope along with the phone. I may take action.

Post by Amber,

5024103171 This is another scam they claim they re from Card member Services and they attempt to get your account numbers Societal security Amount etc. I like for play along with fake Information and then request what Firm they re calling from. They constantly hang Upward as soon as you personally ask what Business they re with. I Registered an FCC Grievance because of this Amount but of course they ll just phone back with another number soon enough. . .

Post by Jennifer,

502-410-3171 Please Please Please someone would a good deed and remove these PPS from society. The just matter they're great for is fertilizer.

Post by Guest,

5024103171 Credit card

Post by greenwaives3,

502-410-3171 I Only received a Telephone phone from the out of someone named Tabitha with 'm within Sp. . She Needed to know if I still Wanted help with that Irs and the state and ask if I had received the packet she had Delivered Outside 2 weeks ago. I told her no and she request if I still needed help along with that Government and I told her no. She apologized and said she must have the incorrect . Very unexpected.

Post by Brett,

5024103171 Voice send saying press 1 for reduce your own rates Presume it s Bacall for credit card or mortgage Business.

Post by lisa,

502-410-3171 get calls more than i would like. . . don t Select up. . never have. . . . please try amp block.

Post by Amber,

5024103171 this is the annoying and aggravating telephone. aha.

Post by DoNotCallMe,

502-410-3171 Report it for that FTC Each TIME. They have an on line complaint type that takes one Second. Along with enough reports they can inquire and shut them down. HTTP Gripes. dentally. gov Grievance Criticism check. asp

Post by Guest,

5024103171 Spam

Post by courtney,

502-410-3171 multiple calls no message don t answer

Post by Kelly,

5024103171 Did t Comprehend express mail was only a partial recording. . . would you want to be removed . then disconnect. . . nicely. . . they have now been added to my blocked telephone list. how annoying could the become.

Post by Woodman30,

502-410-3171 Very Pleasant I get this telephone once a week. Worst part is that it's an Place code that is your same as my son within your army. First time I picked it Upwards I notion something was wrong since that phone game on a number I did not Understand. What a Number of . . . . . . . . . . . .

Post by Stephanie Marsh,

5024103171 I get request calls and text messages out of this Amount no express message or discern Competent text message.

Post by pjn,

502-410-3171 If these Individuals phone me again I can report them to each National Bureau I could locate who will listen Subsequently I ll take them for court for violated my do not telephone status.

Post by M.J.,

5024103171 Have get telephone from this Number W W W numerous times within W and are continuing into the year. The phone is a computer created call Around a credit card and lowering the interest on that card. That telephone is on the Dwelling LAN line. Will there be anyway the phone could become Quit. Thank you.

Post by John Townsend,

502-410-3171 Acquired call from W W W no manner for telephone back and they did not leave a message. They are calling my cell phone. . . . . Don't have any Thought who they're but my Amount is on that don't list.

Post by e2edM,

5024103171 Me overly cell phone left message SEC Babble so your telephone Price me double since I Haida check the message. LA California W Am Rd telephone today.

Post by Jennifer,

502-410-3171 They are just like roaches they don't have any value. Unless of path you enjoy crushing pests.

Post by Guest,

5024103171 No message did t Choose up

Post by Guest,

502-410-3171 I did t response. My voice mail just caught that ending of your their Registered message quot removed from more notices. quot

Post by Janette,

5024103171 Simply received my first phone call from them today. Didn't response your phone and that message was Buyer services about Qualifications about lowering my interest rates on that my credit cards.

Post by Molly May,

502-410-3171 I Simply got a telephone from W W W I did t answer it. They left a message Around pressing 1 for lower rates and 9 for stop that calls. . Called them back to tell them for get me off their list not sure if it s going to work. Any Input signal would become Fantastic do not want them calling me.

Post by Guest,

5024103171 Merely cussed the NE SS on another Finish till Purpose ran Outside if breath

Post by Ann,

502-410-3171 So annoying. Enrolled for Do not Call but get these calls all the time.

Post by mbs,

5024103171 Another Registered telephone on my cell Telephone to lower the nonexistent rates on whatever credit card they believe I 'm using.

Post by Guest,

502-410-3171 Calling

Post by nic,

5024103171 unknown number

Post by Guest,

502-410-3171 Customer services

Post by GGP,

5024103171 Calls to mobile phone on DC list left Registered message.

Post by Tired of Scams,

502-410-3171 I did not reply. Left a express message saying they could lower my account rates but not what account. Definitely a scam.

Post by Woodman30,

5024103171 Really Fine I get this telephone once a week. Worst component is that it is an Region code that is your same as my son within your army. First time I Decided it Upwards I idea something was wrong since the telephone game on a number I did not Comprehend. What a Collection of . . . . . . . . . . . .

Post by john skeoch,

502-410-3171 i obtained a cal ll from the Amount on my cell Now don't want

Post by ZW,

5024103171 Just got a call from this Amount. I listening to your record and pressed 1 for Talk to an Agent. They Girl who Arrived on told me her name was Ashley . I told them I was interested in their own service but I Inquired for their business name and telephone number before I was gonna provide them any info. She said that company name was Card Services of America and the Amount was W W W . I Getaway t tried that Amount. I Inquired that Female do you personally come into work everyday knowing you are scamming people. She said this can be not a scam. The Business which is Underneath Analysis is called America Card Services not Card Services of America .

Post by Guest,

502-410-3171 The Amount calls my House each day Around lowering interest rates. . I 've waited on that line to Talk along with someone and when I tell them for remove my number from their calling list they hang up on me. I am reporting this Amount for your better company Office for my state.

Post by Atlanta,

5024103171 I average about just one Bacall per per week. That is the first 1 out of the number. Same as other Remarks here lower that attention speed on some unspecified account press 1 to speak with User or 9 to Cease future calls. Of path I hung Upward without pressing any Amounts. Instead I Registered a complaint with your National Do not Call registry dentally dot gov

Post by Adam,

502-410-3171 I gotten a phone out of the Amount on my cell Telephone. I did t response and they left a express message. It was a pare recorded message that said they were calling about that attention speed on my credit card and for Press 1 for Speak along with a representative and 9 to remove my name from their list. I did not choose either Alternative.

Post by JBG,

5024103171 Hi. That is Jennifer along with Consumer Services calling in Wishes to your own current credit card accounts. There are no problems currently along with your account. However it's pressing that we Talk along with you personally about your own Qualification for reduced attention rates on your own Present account. Press one now to Chat to live Owner to reduce your rate or press 9 for be removed from further no ices.

Post by Jason,

502-410-3171 Got a call talking about mortgage rates Appears like a scam for sure.

Post by FedUp,

5024103171 Recorded message from Jennifer at Client Services . She politely told me that there was nothing erroneous with my credit card account but that I could possibly qualify for lower rates. I was Inquired to press 1 to speak along with someone about the. . . or 9 to be removed from their list. Pleasant for understand there's a list. I m so around the. Canceling my cell phone.

Post by KJD,

502-410-3171 Please Cease these annoying calls. I have a Track phone it uses my minutes.

Post by Lonerom,

5024103171 I got the same message about lowering my rates. When I pressed just one to Speak to some live User that message Only kept replicating. I put my number on that site for Quit calls but I still get them all that time

Post by Guest,

502-410-3171 Spam

Post by serafin,

5024103171 Its a scam They state they Help Getting Authorities contracts at a cost of 6 W They're making a killing on unsuspecting small company owners who desire for obtain govt contracts. Complete SCAM

Post by Guest,

502-410-3171 I did t response the telephone. . . did a Change look Upward instead I don t understand anyone in Ky and don t 've any upcoming Meetings for be reminded of. . . As another android user I wonder if there's some type of link.

Post by Karen,

5024103171 I gotten a phone on my cell Telephone I did not answer it and they left no message. I tried on a land line for phone Amount back and it doesn't go through Only says processing on your Telephone.

Post by DoNotCallMe,

502-410-3171 Report it for that FTC Every TIME. They 've an on line Gripe sort that takes one minute. Along with enough reports they can investigate and shut them down. HTTP Gripes. dentally. gov Criticism Grievance check. asp

Post by Michele,

5024103171 The Folks pray on little company owners. Be conscious that what they are maintaining they can do for W is 1. a Lie and 2. Any company can Use and become a Dealer with GSA directly for FREE We obtained a phone from Sherry Dent at Gov Awards Experts a Firm that does exist Or it's incorporated in any of that states they claim to Manage from. There is Additionally a Web site for help their scam look valid. I Assessed that domain name registration date and they had Merely set it Upward a months earlier on Might W with Go Father. NO owner names or Telephone numbers are found on the registrar or website.

Post by Catniss,

502-410-3171 I rec d phone from this on cell. That message recorded simply at that end which said . . . or will be removed without further notices.

Post by filed complaint,

5024103171 email W protected file your Criticism and also W W W for Chat with Degree the Service .

Post by DRM,

502-410-3171 I acquired telephone on W W W. . . . I did not answer. . .

Post by Tina,

5024103171 Does your Do not Telephone Registry Actually work. Is there seriously a valid organization. When I Place my numbers on their registry I Began getting more telemarketing calls rather than less. I file a Gripe with each just one but it dozen t appear for help whatsoever. Your one time I Really talked for someone Striving to lower my interest rates on credit cards he said there was no such matter as the Do not Call Registry. Of course he also told me that I was behind on four accounts but since I only have just one account and it s current I don t 've Considerably Religion within what he had for say. Perhaps every time we file a Gripe with your Don't Phone Registry we should send a Duplicate to your local political officials including senators and congress Individuals. If they get enough of them maybe they can become as annoyed as we 're and would something.

Post by Sally,

502-410-3171 Got a telephone from the Amount. It s Jennifer with Customer services. hung up on her.

Post by Guest,

5024103171 There are no current Issues with your own credit card account. . .

Post by r,

502-410-3171 Bacall asking to dial 1 for reduced speed on credit card

Post by Guest,

5024103171 Jennifer called Around my credit card she said nothing is incorrect along with them then exactly why are you calling. I Installed Upwards. .

Post by Guest,

502-410-3171 Jennifer spam

Post by Guest,

5024103171 Cc MSG

Post by Michael C.,

502-410-3171 I did t response. My voice mail just Found that stopping of the their recorded message removed out of more notices.

Post by Georgia,

5024103171 unwanted phone left a recorded message to press 9 for be removed from a listing

Post by Guest,

502-410-3171 About credit cards reducing my rates I don t have a credit card

Post by George,

5024103171 That is Jennifer with Buyer Services calling within Wishes to your own Present credit card accounts. Go your H's away.

Post by Guest,

502-410-3171 Spam .

Post by mommyof3,

5024103171 Its Verizon wireless calling seeing past due balances

Post by Hattie Nuff,

502-410-3171 I did t answer but my voice send picked Upward your Trail Finish of that comp spiel . . . or press 9 to be removed out of further messages. Now if I could only train my express mail computer for press 9.

Post by Krissy,

5024103171 This Amount calls my Partner. A lot. He idea it would become funny to offer Telephone sex to the people on another line and then he WOULD be on that Do not Phone list. LOLA. . . . . .

Post by Jennifer,

502-410-3171 Other fun manners to Cope along with these PPS. . . strike air horn or whistle into that Telephone Identify Favored scenes out of faces of death tell them what you believe should happen to them or what You desire for would to them. They won't stop calling until someone makes them permanently. Laws mean nothing to criminals. On the Benefit if you've wrath issues these are the perfect Objectives for take it Outside on.

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4232545365 Complains by Guest,


7145922799 Complains by Guest,

Spam call hangup

8149526401 Complains by Guest,

likes to harass

6239368909 Complains by Guest,

she is becoming information from soon for ex to yes against me and being paid for Ir by mike nurture within Adkins for lie for him block her

8665153228 Complains by Guest,

Relentless not to mention I don t even use VERIZON

5852012724 Complains by Guest,

Don t understand who the Owner is but I don t understand anyone from Yonkers NY. They demand for stop calling me.

7038737117 Complains by Guest,

they're quite harassing. even after I keep telling them incorrect number

3024148737 Complains by Guest,

Drug rehabilitation and or Leave smoking Application.

8002147831 Complains by DT in Florida,

've a few pushy douche bag named Ashley Wells calling Around a debt that is out of W and says that I owe. Original phone along with caller if unknown and asks if I 'm thus amp so and if that last four digits of SS is . When I Inquired who she was she Asserted that she was along with Citibank and continuing for state that until she eventually admitted that she was NOT along with Citibank but a debt collector for CR'S. I earth on her on who CR'S was and told me Commercial Recovery Systems. She said that she was calling to offer a resolution Cope and if not she was going for turn your Sum owed for that Government as a income. I did not acknowledge anything but questioned if the debt was even valid. I told her that the statue of limitations for an unsecured debt in my State has previous thus she was out of Fortune. I demanded her not for phone again as I did not need to deal a few debt collection company that buys previous debt and busts people s balls by threatening legal Activity and sending poor debt to the Government. I was tempted for tell her for go screw herself but I Installed Upward within a respectful manner. I may continue for ignore the jerk and may block your number. It will work until she dials the unknown Amount Owner id again

8002057039 Complains by Py,

I would like for understand who this number belongs to.

8002542910 Complains by robert robinson,

yes please Suggest with rules

8002202838 Complains by lisa,

The number has been Essentially harassing me. When i answer it just rings and Bands as if it is calling directing you personally for anther number. They phone at all hours anywhere out of Am for W pm. The express send is a Universal message also. I don t understand how you can get it for stop

8002329371 Complains by laura todoroff,

called late after PM and left no message.

8002434146 Complains by Getting annoyed,

Rec d a call Around 5 minutes ago. No message left. By searching it up on that Web looks enjoy a reduce your own debt type of service.

8002174896 Complains by M,

Called my cell. said to telephone Wells Fargo Around my acct. Huge scam. Do not call or provide them your own acct Amount.

8002799046 Complains by Jay,

Got a call from this number today. Caller said they were from Tektronix, and wanted to know if I needed any new test & measurement equipment.

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