5024427042 / 502-442-7042

Telephone information: Sprint Spectrum L.p.. Louisville, KY. Jefferson. United states
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Post by j channell,

5024427042 on 1 Wii Select phone Upward when called back

Post by Samuel J,

502-442-7042 Could not comprehend. What was being said. Sounded like he was really high on something. Really scary. Could here someone in that History. They were not making any feeling.

Post by [email protected],

5024427042 I got a phone from the same number. My husband replied Afterward Approved me that phone. When I asked him who it was he said he had no hint but they Inquired for me. Once I answered many Girl Began in on a Message and she got maybe 5 words out and I hung Upward on her. I think from now on when I response the phone I am going to state that all calls are being recorded for my Attorney so I can sue to Quit Folks from harassing me needlessly

Post by Guest,

502-442-7042 Keep becoming calls from the Amount and eventually just quit replying. No just one responds when I response the telephone. Please get rid of the

Post by FedUp205,

5024427042 I 'm also within NC. I got 2 calls at W a. m on 7 W Subsequently 4 calls at P. m on 7 W Afterward on 7 W I got 3 calls all at W a. m. . . . . . . . . . . . it rings Perhaps twice Afterward nothing.

Post by Guest,

502-442-7042 Did not Answer when I answered.

Post by RR,

5024427042 Gotten a call 1 W Now first time I 've obtained this call for a while. Did not lav MSG. amp did t last time. In ref to telephone above I did get phone out of W number asking for Contribution for state police Put up before it could go more. Also acquired call last week from W Amount saying they had discovered a Difficulty along with my credit card Put Upward on that 1 too. Not certain if Associated with the skill for mask their number along with someone else s Amount difficult to understand.

Post by Guest,

502-442-7042 Called but would not Reply when we replied phone

Post by Hal,

5024427042 Scam Desired credit number for charge a donation to their fund . . . .

Post by Mary A.,

502-442-7042 obtained a phone from this Amount Now 6 W W at 2 W pm my time. Man says he wants for thank me for my support and then goes n to say he is working for the benefit of your Authorities I said I despise for interrupt you personally but I 'm not able to help at this time. My mother is within that nursing Residence. Before I could state anymore he said thank you personally for being upfront and rude to me. He then Put Upward that phone. If this has anything that does 've to do along with benefiting the police they definitely demand for Assess Outside your ones that phone People. . . . . . .

Post by Guest,

5024427042 Inquired for my husband by name. Left a message that it was a favorable telephone out of a reverend gaunt or something like that .

Post by NC,

502-442-7042 Someone has been calling out of W W W multiple times per daytime. I eventually answered and Inquired to Talk to some supervisor given that my is on the Do not Call list. First they Set someone on that mail room on the phone. When I did speak to your supervisor she said that she did t know how they got your Telephone numbers your computers Only called them.

Post by JM,

5024427042 Called and Inquired for my husband. I said he wan t Residence could I take a message. He said he was returning a telephone for a plumbing estimate. Um Millimeter no you personally re not or else your phone Amount would t be returning lots of Grievances when I Google it. click Bored telephone center Workers. Is someone Actually paying this guy to call me.

Post by Guest,

502-442-7042 That calls I get are picked up by my response machine. When it picks Upward and requests that a message become left instead of leaving a message the calling Amount Places a loud and annoying tone on that machine. I have called that Amount and left a message telling them to Cease calling my number.

Post by Guest,

5024427042 Nuisance call

Post by MS,

502-442-7042 Calls each day at least 3 times. no mesa age. Simply hangs Upwards.

Post by JHM,

5024427042 More calls out of this Rob Terrorist. Calling back This time you get a voice send message instructing you to leave a message so I did. Likely won t work but what the Hi I ll attempt it for grins and giggles.

Post by annoyed,

502-442-7042 Stop THESE UNWANTED CALLS. . . . . . . . . . . THEY Need To Be FINED. . REPORTED. . . SOMEONE NEEDS To Quit THEM. . Telephone Business SHOULD Wonderful OR DISCONNECT SERVICE WHERE THERE ARE 1 OR MORE Grievances Made For THEIR Number. . . WHERES That Consequence. . . . . . . . .

Post by J.B.,

5024427042 Now they are Making substantial respiration on your recorder. Exactly why could t Authorities disconnect their line. USN t this harassment.

Post by Jack Udontknow,

502-442-7042 If I keep receiving calls where that caller doesn't speak and Afterward hangs Upwards I may hunt the Man or People down and would unspeakable things for them. If you don t desire for speak for me don t call me. If you personally need to never be Competent for Chat again keep calling. Have it your way. . . at least until I 've it my way and your banjos begin to play.

Post by Major Smartass,

5024427042 If you personally believe that they're committing some type of fraud or harassment Tell the authorities. That FCC has laws that shield you from many violations including telephone harassment. If Get another phone from the Amount I ll be doing it myself.

Post by deep south,

502-442-7042 Called at W W Friday Am. Began singing in a loud express junk words Installed Upwards.

Post by Guest,

5024427042 Another nuisance telephone.

Post by j. osgood,

502-442-7042 Caller let phone ring twice and Installed Upwards. Don t understand who it was or is but happens Regularly. . .

Post by RD,

5024427042 Obtained calls from W W W. Man caller identifies himself as Official James from the American State Cops Organization or from your Cops Protection Agency your Authorities Benevolence Fund. Request Contributions to help fight teenage sex trafficking families of fallen officers Faculty funds for children of officers families of Cops officers. I hope that law enforcement community may track this scummier down and introduce his to your real legal system and get him sentenced to a correctional facility where he may receive Day-to-day anal exams from his Guy inmates for your next W years or More.

Post by Come on now,

502-442-7042 These are Bot Applications VIP calling numbers. When you response your number is now Registered as a working number and added to some long list which is Offered and traded on the list of scumbag telemarketer community.

Post by Guest,

5024427042 Place on do not phone list.

Post by JHM,

502-442-7042 multiple calls no message left. Phone back Offers you a disconnected no longer in service message. Given that I would state this is a scam. No Owner ID Information beyond your phone Amount and Louisville KY is displayed. I could t locate any Accreditation Information for that Telephone Amount for any Legitimate charity licensed for Legally operate within that state of NC. Thus yes it probably is a scummier looking to steal your own money and run.

Post by Schooner Rat,

5024427042 I called the number back and obtained a express message machine. Given that info here I blocked the Amount.

Post by RollTider,

502-442-7042 They State to become a charity associated with Authorities and they try to become a great Il lad.

Post by Paula,

5024427042 called and said nothing thus I hung up

Post by Stephanie,

502-442-7042 Get calls from this number at least once a daytime sometimes twice. At first I ignored your number but Needed for put a stop to your calls thus I replied. Had for state hello 3 times before a man express spoke Upward soliciting for the state troopers association. The male voice said my first name really frightful. Same scenario as those mentioned above. When they said they needed a Contribution amount I hung Upwards on him. Calls now are answered but someone hangs on that line amp dozen t state a word. I told them I was on your do not telephone list to leave me alone but it still Haydn t Quit them. Quite frustrating.

Post by Guest,

5024427042 Similar for others hang up after answering. Are they Striving to discover if I 'm Dwelling.

Post by Kristy,

502-442-7042 I just received a phone from these Individuals and all that said is ouch oh I 'm and Installed up called back and got voice send quite Peculiar telephone.

Post by linda roberts,

5024427042 obtained an unwanted call

Post by Daniel,

502-442-7042 Called my grandma along with a mean voice and would not identify himself. Inquired for someone she doesn't know. She called your police.

Post by Guest,

5024427042 Calls every morning about 9 W. Will not state anything Merely hangs up

Post by Guest,

502-442-7042 Day phone. I said hello. Long Stop. Guy said Ms. . . and last name. I said Hi again. No response. WHAT Would You Need.

Post by Ga Lady,

5024427042 Asked for my Man who isn't available. Said she d call back later. I stated it would t do any great he was working out of the State. She got rude and called me a liar and Installed Upwards.

Post by doug,

502-442-7042 i called answering machine

Post by Sara Baughman,

5024427042 Discontinue calling me

Post by FedUp205,

502-442-7042 I am Additionally in NC. I got 2 calls at W a. m on 7 W Subsequently 4 calls at P. m on 7 W then on 7 W I got 3 calls all at W a. m. . . . . . . . . . . . it Bands maybe twice Subsequently nothing.

Post by Alicia,

5024427042 this Amount is calling me enjoy 3 times a day. no one answers and when I call back I get a message saying leave a message.

Post by Police needed,

502-442-7042 Caller threatened to Rob me. Are you personally serious. . . . that is criminal conduct. Exactly why haven t that Experts taken Actions. Maybe LN or Anderson Co ope should request that Ky State Cops why that is allowed for continue

Post by Guest,

5024427042 Set me on quot Do not Call LIST

Post by Guest,

502-442-7042 I replied there was a very long pause as if they were deciding whether or not for say something. They asked for my Partner and I said he was not available could I take a message. He said yes tell him Reverend . called. He was tough for understand sounded intoxicated.

Post by djatsw47,

5024427042 Regular hang Upwards calls. Could t these idiots become Ceased. .

Post by oneromanticgirl,

502-442-7042 The number calls at least twice a daytime. They leave no message and I am not answering the annoyance.

Post by Come on now,

5024427042 These are Bot programs VIP calling Amounts. When you reply your Amount is now Registered as a working Amount and added to a long list that's sold and traded among the scumbag telemarketer community.

Post by KM,

502-442-7042 Got a call from the number Now but I did not response replying machine Decided up and they Put up. . Subsequently I checked out your Amount on Web and found the site.

Post by MIKE,

5024427042 This Amount IS CALLING AND IS Getting To ANNOY ME.

Post by SC,

502-442-7042 Been going on for months. Either Middle morning or earlier Night. Leave answering. When I did response they hung Upwards.

Post by M Sanderson,

5024427042 Still becoming calls from the Amount. Have started documenting because enough is enough and its time your harassment stops. W W W W W W W W W W W W.

Post by fed up,

502-442-7042 This can be the second phone in 2 hours once for my Dwelling Telephone once to my cell Telephone. And Around that 7 telephone this week. I m so sick of Rob calls. They never response.

Post by Tee off,

5024427042 this number W W W and a Amount W W W are fraud numbers. . saying he is out of Government and your Authorities are on your manner to pick me Upwards. . . I told him Irs sends Outside Information through the mail and he said in broken English we tried but u were not home. . . I said he was erroneous. . Your Unusual matter is each time my Child flies overseas . . I her mom gets these calls. . . They start along with E-mails for my email address from Atmosphere Asia. . . The Man in the W W W Amount is Consistent. . . I think that Place code was manipulated and it should read W which is a Big scam Place code. . . I Inquired him if he Needed my charge card number and it shocked him thus lousy he was speechless. . . . I told him I would become waiting at your corner when they come to get me as my house is under Building and I could use your remainder. . . I Subsequently asked to Talk with someone I could comprehend their English as I assured him the real Government would want me to understand exactly what it was they Desired. . . he connected me for someone worse. . . LOLA. . . I ended up become saying I would be waiting by the road packaged and Prepared for my vacation. . . He got so Insane he Put Upward on me. . . . LOLA

Post by Guest,

502-442-7042 Five 5 calls in four hours. No response. Only outright harassment. Can there be nothing that could be would to your idiots that keep doing the. The don't phone list is government joke.

Post by Guest,

5024427042 Called stating they were along with that Authorities association and that we'd Contributed last year which we've never Provided to them. When I told them we'd never Contributed for them before he tried for argue that we'd and was rude.

Post by Buggin,

502-442-7042 This Amount called me eleven times in one Second. No joke. I had formerly blocked them and got an excellent joke when I saw your call log After. The satisfaction of blocking telemarketers. .

Post by Elizabeth,

5024427042 I gotten this call on 1 August W. Some scampers never offer up.

Post by Pooh,

502-442-7042 Amen.

Post by Major Smartass,

5024427042 If you believe that they are committing many kind of fraud or harassment Tell that authorities. Your FCC has laws that protect you personally out of many violations including Phone harassment. If Get another phone from the number I ll be doing it myself.

Post by NC,

502-442-7042 No message left

Post by cynthia bourgoyne,

5024427042 called several times acting as though he really knew me nicely. . When he could not pronounce my last name I told him my name was not Cynthia he wanted to know where he could locate Cynthia. . a little frightful. .

Post by ramrat,

502-442-7042 forwards your own calls to W maybe they can Discontinue it.

Post by Please stop calling,

5024427042 Ill of these calls and they Simply hang Upward. .

Post by Guest,

502-442-7042 Called Around W Am and asked for my son who recently moved from my address. When I inquired for who was calling answered Rev. Gong but could not phone him back as the Amount was an Outside calling Amount. I figure it s a telemarketer.

Post by Dawg,

5024427042 The number called me soliciting W Contribution and hung Upward when I would not affirm a Gift to a few matter Around stopping calls soliciting sex out of teenage girls.

Post by Linda,

502-442-7042 I don t response calls unless I Understand your Amount. . . . . . . . . don t 've a hint who this is but no message was left.

Post by older but wiser,

5024427042 I am on the NC don't call list that older calls 've stopped i am getting brand new calls from Distinct numbers. I screen my calls and don't answer if I don t know that number. How can I stop the calls from coming.

Post by Matt,

502-442-7042 These calls are absurd.

Post by Mr Pete,

5024427042 Maybe these Grievances should be Directed} to someone in Louisville KY M confident there's an elected official or a local news station who May}n' become interested


502-442-7042 W W W Discontinue CALLING MY Residence NOW . LEAVE ME The F ALONE .

Post by Cheryl Clemmons,

5024427042 Same comments as above they call but no one on your line and then it hangs Upwards.

Post by Annoyed,

502-442-7042 This number calls every daytime usually Approximately W am. No message is left and the Amount comes up unknown so I do not reply. It's getting Quite annoying since I am on the do not telephone list. The calls need to Stop.

Post by joan hurt,

5024427042 Please take my number away this list.

Post by Guest,

502-442-7042 Inquired for someone in my Dwelling by name and I asked quot who is calling quot he would t tell me until I Accepted to him who I was I Inquired again who HE was and he said quot if you may Merely listen closer you ll realize I m asking for Mr. or Mrs W quot I said quot Oh Actually. quot and Installed up and your is now blocked. Rude and likely a scam.

Post by Katie Katt,

5024427042 Get calls repeal out of the company after asking that they Discontinue calling.

Post by Getting tired of the scammers calling,

502-442-7042 like everyone has said all Prepared getting phone calls from the Amount and a lot of other Amounts they're all the same. . . IMHO. . . . Attempting to scam me. . . I screen my calls if I don t Understand the number I let the replying machine get it unexpected how none of them leave a message. . . .

Post by File a complaint to stop it,

5024427042 Same all another callers calling and Normally hanging Upward or saying a Strange matter and hanging up. Nuisance calling each night. Let s all complain at HTTP Gripes. dentally. gov Gripe Gripe Assess. feature stop these folks.

Post by Miranda,

502-442-7042 I Only got this number and all sorts of Individuals cal Subsequently the people walked from W W W tell the don t telephone here

Post by Guest,

5024427042 Take the Amount away your own call list

Post by Guest,

502-442-7042 Calls Around 8 W pm Today and last nighttime. Caller I. D. Offers me this number but after four Bands they. hang up. I won t phone back. Could you personally get rid of this Issue.

Post by Guest,

5024427042 Individual calls asking for Individual. When they arena t there they hang Upward. Tried asking for them to leave message. Next time I may pretend for be the individual they request for. Attempted of these AH oles calling multiple times a daytime. ADD To Don't Phone LIST.

Post by Pooh,

502-442-7042 Amen.

Post by Threatened,

5024427042 Called me by my first name. Said they were Louisville Authorities and represented Louisville Authorities and State Cops. I asked if the was legitimate. Owner Subsequently said No. . I m going for take your money . Thant wince threatened that I am going for rob you and take all your cash. Does your Ky State Police know Around these Folks. I live within another state and have an unpublished number. Why arena t the authorities arresting these Folks for making threats. . . . .

Post by Guest,

502-442-7042 Another example the don't phone list ls a national joke. Until some punitive National Regulation stops the harassment Subsequently we all Experience from the stupid cretins than participate in the.

Post by Wiley One,

5024427042 once or twice a daytime for around a week. instant hang ups before your second ring. Rob calls are terrible enough but busted Programs that hang Upward immediately are beyond annoying

Post by Guest,

502-442-7042 These Folks phone every day always and either state something rude or Merely hang Upwards. Want something could become done about the harassment

Post by Mike t,

5024427042 Did t reply and they left no message.

Post by Guest,

502-442-7042 Left a message on my replying machine saying their had been a State Submitted against me and me or my attorney of record needs for call him back or it can be send for my local court. The Amount on Owner ID was W W W but left W W W as call back number. I 've had calls like this before and I know it's a scam.

Post by Peggy,

5024427042 Called Now at 6 PM. A female Inquired for me by name and said she was calling for the Atlanta Cops Section for solicit funds for help your Kids. I asked exactly why was she calling from Kentucky since she had Merely said she was calling from Nashville Tn. She said she was in a telephone Centre and they had been given your contract for Get funds for APED and your Kentucky Amount was your central number and all Places in both Tennessee and Ky used your same Amount. When I questioned her as for exactly why Atlanta would go from state for hire someone to can this type of thing when we've telephone centers here and individuals who demand for work she got a bit huffy.

Post by Schooner Rat,

502-442-7042 Dead telephone. Hangs Upward when I answer

Post by cynthia bourgoyne,

5024427042 called several times acting as though he Actually knew me well. . When he could not pronounce my last name I told him my name was not Cynthia he Desired for know where he could find Cynthia. . somewhat frightening. .

Post by John Doe,

502-442-7042 They keep calling each Bloody daytime and no just one answers

Post by Annoyed,

5024427042 4 or 5 calls a daytime out of the Amount for that past two weeks. . . . there is never anyone on the line.

Post by Elizabeth,

502-442-7042 I gotten the call on 1 August W. Some scampers never offer Upward.

Post by James,

5024427042 Desires a minimum of W Contribution for police. When I pressed for details he got rude and hung Upwards.

Post by JHM,

502-442-7042 Not Enrolled to actions solicitation in your State of North Carolina. Likely among those scams Simply shown on that American Greed that are conducted by those sound alike professional solicitors who rake in W or more of the Contributions and pass off a few percent for a few True charity as a token. Useless scum.

Post by Guest,

5024427042 Calling out of Kentucky saying they represent that Atlanta State Troopers for help support fallen Troopers wives and Children. That State Trooper never phone for money donations.

Post by Guest,

502-442-7042 Request for my dad who is no More here. Consider to your scam.

Post by D,

5024427042 We get these Telephone calls everyday out of the W W W Amount. Does anyone know the best way to Quit it .

Post by Guest,

502-442-7042 Calling along with no ID at 3 PM. Did not leave a message. Suspected SPAM.

Post by Guest,

5024427042 would not Show where he got my Amount from. Promised I Assessed a box on a website to become contacted this can be incorrect. My number is fresh private not been given Outside not even Upgraded on my resume on my job Websites. I have a Difficulty along with being bothered by a mad ex I demand to understand how my number got Outside within case there's something I demand to do for shield my Solitude. I believe this Individual was sold my info without my consent.

Post by JHM,

502-442-7042 Scam. Your Amount is faked that is a glorified credit card scam with these weasels searching to gain accessibility to your card info.

Post by Guest,

5024427042 The morning my spouse replied a phone. A male requested to Chat with me. My Partner Inquired if she could take a message and a guy hanged Upward on her. Rude for say that Rent.

Post by Guest,

502-442-7042 Please Place on don't telephone list.

Post by Liz,

5024427042 4 calls from the Amount within 3 days. I m Getting them in my telephone block list.

Post by mkkiki,

502-442-7042 your number is a telemarketer and they call laugh enjoy high or drunk and request for speak to your person that lives within my house hole then starts that freaky jest also quite rude Opinions. demand the for Cease or police can get included and tract this Amount i understand it's a Ky Louisville Amount.

Post by mimi,

5024427042 Ignorant calls . This needs for become reported instantly.

Post by Chuwe tuttle,

502-442-7042 these Folks are A's oles they phone and hang up

Post by M Sanderson,

5024427042 Still getting calls out of this Amount which I do not Comprehend. Is now Merely calling and says nothing.

Post by Elizabeth,

502-442-7042 I received this phone on 1 August W. Some scampers never offer Upwards.

Post by StopCallingMe,

5024427042 Another just one for your block list.

Post by Guest,

502-442-7042 I got a call out of the Man this morning and asked for my ex. when I told him he no More Dwelt here he said wow and hung Upwards. He sounded really creepy.

Post by Annoyed,

5024427042 The number is calling day and night at our place. Anytime I response there surely is no 1 on that line. Additionally becoming calls from W W W and W W W with your same situation.


502-442-7042 W W W Stop CALLING MY Home NOW . LEAVE ME The F ALONE .

Did you get an unwanted call from 502-442-7042? Is 5024427042 Safe to Answer or a Spam Caller? Tell us as much as you can!

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7162108035 Complains by Guest,

Promotion for a little loan

8052626178 Complains by Ms. Smith,

This can be a debt collector scam. I acquired a couple of express mails out of a Jimmy Lawson at the Amount. Mr. Lawson called me at my Put of work. He requested that either my Lawyer or I return the call as soon as possible. Understanding my private financial Condition I first go ogled that number and found that many others had been contacted and are going through an identical situation. After having acquired a second message I called that Amount back and said could possibly I please speak along with Jimmy Lawson. That representative Required my telephone back number. Of course I did t offer it to him instead I said that I was an attorney. He concluded your chat with thank you personally and 've a nice day. I immediately called your number again and requested to Talk along with Jimmy Lawson that I was an attorney representing a Customer with whom he would love for speak with. That representative responded we don t desire for Discuss to you personally. Since the last express message I gotten I have called each couple of minutes and they don t fuss for state anything now they Only hang Upwards. In a half hour in the message your express send for the number came on and said your mailbox was not empty and disconnected.

5612875964 Complains by Guest,

it keeps on calling me each daytime and I don t understand your person

5613168101 Complains by Guest,

started calling after I stupidly left my Amount at locate Occupations. com. This along with many other. No response pick Upward. Leave me alone

3202232500 Complains by Guest,

no phone or text

4254313750 Complains by Guest,

spam Faculty advertisement

4197412001 Complains by Guest,

thank you People quite definitely

8003105131 Complains by Caleb,

Got a phone the morning

8568404703 Complains by Guest,

same company but the time voice carton was not empty conveniently list this number on you suit as well.

9027088304 Complains by Guest,


8182113111 Complains by Why me?,

Obtained two calls Now. Did t answer both of them. No message left by caller.

7865075838 Complains by Guest,

This Person Is Very Threatening Saying I Am Going To Be Arrested For Money Laundering I Have Never Ever Had Any Prohibited Activity EVER Including EFT Deposits For My Account That is A SCAM ARTIST Notified Your FBI Lt FDIC Lt And Local Authorities Report Was Made This Person Is RUDE And Very Convincing So Don't Be FOOLED. . . .

8142693701 Complains by Guest,

Triggering Grass attention they phone me 3 4 times Regular since i canceled my service with your.

8102750542 Complains by MonkeyBoy,

Keeps calling searching for a Man I don't know. I have told him several times that I don't understand that person and would appreciate him not calling me anymore. He continues for phone.

8777464044 Complains by Guest,

Calls cell and job using computerized express.

8009467995 Complains by Guest,

This phone Amount called my daddy amp Maintained to be working for that quot Free Trial Department quot . She mentioned that I 've two quot allegations quot against me amp that if I do not telephone her back instantly your help she s offering will no longer be available. After research I located the free trial department doesn't exist. The Business is a scam amp I can become reporting them for your BBB.

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