5024427321 / 502-442-7321

Telephone information: Sprint Spectrum L.p.. Louisville, KY. Jefferson. United states
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Post by Guest,

5024427321 The Amount calls Often then hangs up. Probably some bot. Spam. I blocked it.

Post by M Halterman,

502-442-7321 We have been on the Don't Phone LIST and we receive calls from the Amount every week. There is Merely Stop when you personally reply your Telephone. It s creepy and should become against the law. USN t this harassment.

Post by Kathy,

5024427321 I obtained two calls from this Amount Now. Your first time I answered there was no response on the other end so I Put up. That second time a man identified himself as a fundraiser for the Disabled American Vets. After he talked for a minute or two non Cease I interrupted him as politely as I could to let him understand that I am not within your position to Contribute and he hung up on me Middle sentence. There should be a law that requires them to identify themselves as solicitors on caller ID.

Post by Terisa,

502-442-7321 Called and Only kept coughing and coughing into my replying machine. No answer when I called back. This is not your first time from the number.

Post by Guest,

5024427321 scam number please inquire immediately. thank you

Post by Guest,

502-442-7321 Calls and calls leaves no message.

Post by Guest,

5024427321 Calls different times of daytime. Hangs Upward when we or replying mac hing reply. Then a few minutes later a quot unknown caller quot shows Upwards on Owner ID. Has for become a scam of many kind.

Post by Ted,

502-442-7321 I think it's a malfunctioning Press phone computer and not a stalker. . . . . but really there surely is no difference. Just one is Simply legal and the other isn't.

Post by tcw,

5024427321 keeping getting this call but I don t Select Upwards.

Post by Ted,

502-442-7321 Calls every daytime. Stop on the other end of the line.

Post by Kathy Morgan,

5024427321 I receive calls in the is phone number continuously almost daily. There is never a message and it is really annoying. Will there be Activity I could take within purchase for Cease this Owner from Calling me. My Telephone is W W W. Cheers.

Post by Guest,

502-442-7321 when I pick up to reply there s simply a Face tone. .

Post by cmr1313,

5024427321 Go on eBay and buy a Northern Talcum Meridian M Phone about W. It acts as an auto attendant if you wish and it may verbally declare the calling number or calling Bash name. I 'm handicapped overly and never 've to get Upward to reply my phone unless I desire to speak to the calling Celebration. Phone has W different mailboxes and you are able to divert your messages for whichever mailbox you personally desire. Nicely value the money.

Post by Guest,

502-442-7321 We've been receiving as many as 4 calls a daytime from the number. How do we get off their calling list I don't desire to receive these calls. . .

Post by Guest,

5024427321 This really is one of several numbers from what appears for become professional fundraisers who signify various Assumed charitable organizations. They phone your house Generally and Normally don t even play a message or speak when we Select Upwards Rob calling

Post by Guest,

502-442-7321 Only keeps calling on a daily basis for my home within Charlotte's Virginia. No message hangs up if I would answer. Please help look for these irritants

Post by Lee,

5024427321 Acquired a phone out of this Amount on Feb. 4 W. I did not reply it and they left no message. No calls since.

Post by Guest,

502-442-7321 In the beginning I asked them to stop calling. The Individual said NO. And now your calls are 2 3 X a day it rings three times and stops before the answering machine clicks on. 8 W 'm afternoon 8 W pm

Post by cmr1313,

5024427321 Go on eBay and buy a Northern Talcum Meridian M Phone Around W. It Functions as an Vehicle attendant if you wish and it can verbally pronounce that calling Amount or calling party name. I am disabled overly and never 've for get up to answer my phone unless I need for speak for that calling Bash. Phone has W different mailboxes and you can divert your own messages to Whatever mailbox you want. Well worth that money.

Post by Cathy,

502-442-7321 W W W told me he was with breast cancer research foundation . Told him to send me Information thanked him and Installed Upwards. Acquired another call from your same number Soon after and did not response. Owner kept calling me Skip Cathy as if using manners but was Fairly pushy and obviously not really mannerly.

Post by Diane,

5024427321 He called. Trashy music in your background. Slow to answer Afterward a menacing What s up.

Post by Larry,

502-442-7321 Calls almost each daytime. I don t response. . .

Post by Guest,

5024427321 Continues for telephone even after I vie Inquired them for stop. That next time they phone when I m House I m telling them I m reporting them to Attorney General.

Post by Guest,

502-442-7321 Calls and hangs Upward.

Post by Mary de Tray,

5024427321 Stop calling. . .

Post by PK,

502-442-7321 They're representing a children s incapacity Software. I Inquired what of my Gift goes for the Impairments program and what their telephone Centre gets. He said that at least W goes for the Handicaps program. I offed him a deal that W go for the program and just W to his Firm. He said he could not do that. I told him I could not Contribute. I believe all of people need to start asking how Considerably these telemarketing companies are skimming away that top of the Gifts and bar gin with them. They despise that type of response because they know you totally recognize their scam

Post by Lavanda Jones,

5024427321 Consider becoming a phone blocking Product or phone. . You can Google them and many are Approximately W. W or so. If its a cell Telephone a few already have call blocking if not there are free Programs on your web that may work for a few. You can Google the. If you might have a intelligent Telephone there's a free Program called call control. IPhone Search to have Applications Additionally. Another one is called Mr. Number. Report your own callers here not Only to your DC alone HTTP Web. . gov amp Section HTTP support. FCC. gov cruciforms form. Amenhotep's Criticisms. dentally. gov Grievance Criticism Assess. asp. Screen For text messages forwarding any text message spam you get for the brief code W which spells spam on most phones to alert your own network operator for the maltreatment. Artwork won t accept W But they will accept BLOCK and return a message the web site is blocked. forwards your texts for W or BLOCK depending on your Telephone Provider. By State DC lists HTTP Www. . com tentacled. shuttlecock Forgotten Calls Complaint kind HTTP Web. FCC. gov CB Client Details D R. pitfall E-mail W protected For file Criticisms on Foreign Firm s consumer. gov Report Your own Criticism mail E-mail W protected

Post by Guest,

502-442-7321 Called before 9 'm and Put Upwards.

Post by Gues,

5024427321 this number calls me several times a week. Never says anything Only holds that line.

Post by Ted,

502-442-7321 Blocking this number

Post by Cathy,

5024427321 W W W told me he was along with breast cancer research foundation . Told him for mail me info thanked him and hung up. Acquired another telephone in the same Amount shortly after and did not response. Caller kept calling me Miss Cathy as if using manners but was Fairly pushy and Clearly not really mannerly.

Post by Guest,


Post by Jeff Campbell,

5024427321 Asking for money for handicapped Kids. Was really rude. I did t trust it.

Post by Guest,

502-442-7321 calls and calls and calls any day . Call is out of Louisville Ky.

Post by Lavanda Jones,

5024427321 Consider getting a phone blocking System or Telephone. . You can Google them and many are Approximately W. W or so. If its a cell phone a few already have phone blocking if not there are free Programs on that net that may work for many. You are able to Google this. If you might have a bright phone there is a free app called phone control. IPhone Search for 've Programs Additionally. Another 1 is called Mr. Number. Report your own callers here not Merely to that DC alone HTTP Www. . gov amp Cell HTTP support. FCC. gov cruciforms kind. Amenhotep's Grievances. dentally. gov complaint Gripe Assess. asp. Section For text messages forwarding any text message spam you get for the brief code W which spells spam on most Telephones for alert your own network Driver to your maltreatment. Artwork won t Take W But they may accept BLOCK and return a message the web Website is blocked. forwards the texts for W or BLOCK depending on your own Telephone Service. By State DC lists HTTP Www. . com tentacled. shuttlecock Abandoned Calls Complaint type HTTP Www. FCC. gov CB consumer facts D R. pitfall E-mail W protected For file Grievances on Foreign Business s Customer. gov Report Your Criticism mail email W protected

Post by NutMeg,

502-442-7321 They phone me every day. Each month the organization they are raising cash for changes. This month disabled Kids last month breast cancer before that it has been Experts and Cops officers. They constantly tell me they value my preceding Contribution and expect they can count on me again this year. I tell them that I 've never Contributed for them and that I would love to become Chosen off their list. They then HANG Up on ME. Can there be a way for report them for the BBB or something. . I try and become Pleasant and they are nothing but rude.

Post by Guest,

5024427321 Obscure charity I never heard of. I have acquired over a dozen calls within that last 2 weeks from Place code W. . . Louisville KY. Make it Discontinue. .

Post by bluebirrd,

502-442-7321 I got another Telephone telephone from this Amount and enjoy always before there was nothing but silence on another end. I want we could report this number to some form of police Office.

Post by Anonymous,

5024427321 Calls are very frustrating. never state anything.

Post by Trowgotn,

502-442-7321 A woman called me out of the Amount. Really I 've had numerous calls from the Amount. Asserting I 've Directed} cash in the past. Today they asked for my continuing support of disabled children. I cut her away and told her I do not send money for anyone who calls and Requires for donations and hung up on her. They can call again they constantly can. They 've been collecting for fallen officer breast cancer fallen firefighters handicapped children. I had many numbers blocked but 've reached your limit I can block. You can not Discontinue them. But one matter you can can pick Upward your phone and don t Chat they release your phone presuming a answering machine Decided Upwards. They 've your own voice on a device and it tells them it or isn't you. 1 out of another scam let that Steal when he called me by name and I said it wan t me. They 've now Began for request for my Man when they telephone.

Post by Guest,

5024427321 Locate Outside the Place of telephone Facility then they may become stopped

Post by Jz,

502-442-7321 Called numerous times Distinct days times

Post by L. Zeigler,

5024427321 I need the phone number blocked out of calling me.

Post by Louise Rice,

502-442-7321 I have received approximately W Telephone calls out of the Amount since 7 November W. They always hang Upwards as soon as I reply. I have called the Amount back and get a record that says leave a message. I 've given them my number and told them for Cease that I am on your Don't Phone REGISTRY and that I 'm going to report them. Only gotten two more calls. I am also becoming calls from W W W. Same problem

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7162108035 Complains by Guest,

Promotion for a little loan

8052626178 Complains by Ms. Smith,

This can be a debt collector scam. I acquired a couple of express mails out of a Jimmy Lawson at the Amount. Mr. Lawson called me at my Put of work. He requested that either my Lawyer or I return the call as soon as possible. Understanding my private financial Condition I first go ogled that number and found that many others had been contacted and are going through an identical situation. After having acquired a second message I called that Amount back and said could possibly I please speak along with Jimmy Lawson. That representative Required my telephone back number. Of course I did t offer it to him instead I said that I was an attorney. He concluded your chat with thank you personally and 've a nice day. I immediately called your number again and requested to Talk along with Jimmy Lawson that I was an attorney representing a Customer with whom he would love for speak with. That representative responded we don t desire for Discuss to you personally. Since the last express message I gotten I have called each couple of minutes and they don t fuss for state anything now they Only hang Upwards. In a half hour in the message your express send for the number came on and said your mailbox was not empty and disconnected.

5612875964 Complains by Guest,

it keeps on calling me each daytime and I don t understand your person

5613168101 Complains by Guest,

started calling after I stupidly left my Amount at locate Occupations. com. This along with many other. No response pick Upward. Leave me alone

3202232500 Complains by Guest,

no phone or text

4254313750 Complains by Guest,

spam Faculty advertisement

4197412001 Complains by Guest,

thank you People quite definitely

8003105131 Complains by Caleb,

Got a phone the morning

7274519616 Complains by Guest,

No MSG . . . Annoying Appears enjoy a scam These people should b fined for People nuisance

8558974680 Complains by Guest,

Bogus virus scam. Malawi.

8559007878 Complains by Guest,

I had two express mail messages from this . As shortly as I called your they asked for my credit card I Put up. This is a scam.

8003575223 Complains by Striker,

This number goes to Willinger Willinger & Bucci, a law firm in Bridgeport, CT.  This is a top-notch law firm that is the Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc. service provider in Connecticut.  They represent over 10,000 Pre-Paid Legal members in the state: individuals, families, and companies.  Pre-Paid Legal is in Ada, OK, and is a NYSE company.

8177939485 Complains by Guest,


9027088311 Complains by Guest,

trip to that Bahamas

8586882290 Complains by Guest,

Wrong number called mistakenly

8586300201 Complains by Guest,

Sales calls out of India

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