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Post by Randy,

5026313268 Telephone from W W said the Department of Schooling could possibly forgive my student loans if I answer a few questions first. Said to press 9 to become removed. I did t can any of that above.

Post by Amber,

502-631-3268 Got a phone from them left no MSG. Called it back and it rang humorous and eventually went to your record that said it was Verizon wireless national payment Centre. . I don t use Verizon.

Post by Marcia Scott,

5026313268 Keep receiving calls from the when I telephone back it state it's Verizon payment Centre. I don't 've Verizon can not get them for Leave calling me

Post by Jeb,

502-631-3268 Gotten telephone W W W Louisville KY W W W W W no message left. This is a scam. Report to FCC FBI

Post by Guest,

5026313268 Called several times. Never left a message on that answering machine.

Post by Suzanne Grable,

502-631-3268 I got this call out of W W W wanting me to take a survey and first I punched 1 meaning I would take the survey. However that survey started asking if I had Wellbeing care and I hung Upwards at that time. I called the number back and it answered as Verizon. So I think your Amount has been hijacked.

Post by Beth,

5026313268 Same here this Website is really useful. I idea it May}n' have been my cousin Striving for reach me. May block the number.

Post by Guest,

502-631-3268 calls and calls. never leaves a message.

Post by XPEAC,

5026313268 Answered no response. I would Gamble W its a scummier.

Post by Guest,

502-631-3268 Um hello. . Who are you personally Please identify yourself. . NO Owner ID Amount MAKES ME WONDER Why Y ALL ARE CALLING In The FIRST Set.

Post by Frank,

5026313268 Same story here. . . . . they are such COWARDS

Post by Hlee,

502-631-3268 Replied hung Upwards. I called back vim for Verizon National Payment Centre . That is a phishing call of a few nature. I reported it for your no phone line but not confident who else for report it for. NOT A Legitimate call.

Post by Guest,

5026313268 I did not answer this call because this was an unknown number however they telephone me repeatedly daytime and night.

Post by Lisa,

502-631-3268 Called left no message

Post by jg667,

5026313268 Cruise for Bahamas. . . . Fake phone.

Post by Guest,

502-631-3268 Called left no message. I do not understand anyone in Ky.

Post by Lou,

5026313268 Acquired call from the number. No message left.

Post by rick,

502-631-3268 Got that same phone was a survey to Triumph free trip for that Bahamas. Of path I is a scam. Idiots don t comprehend that when they spoof a Amount the Sufferer May}n' comprehend it is a scam when they try to phone them back and get Verizon payment Centre. I 'm sure they need your money or your Identification and you personally get no cruise

Post by Guest,

5026313268 Thus Way called twice in three hours. I never replied the calls

Post by Michael,

502-631-3268 Decided up that phone and gotten a computer created message congratulations . Instantaneously Installed up.

Post by Ryan,

5026313268 Called I picked up not alive air they hung up

Post by Will,

502-631-3268 Obtained another telephone out of this Amount back on 1 W W W W 'm I vie received several but refused to reply . Same treatment no response when I replied. I did a Change phone and also got a express send saying it was Verizon. Thus now i figured it was time for a bit payback. I contacted Verizon s Security Facility and reported your Amount as a phishing scam using their company s information. I Getaway t gotten a call since.

Post by Kathy Bowen,

5026313268 Called twice hung up

Post by Doug Hensley,

502-631-3268 Got a call out of them left no MSG. Called it back and it went to some recording that said it was Verizon wireless national payment Centre. . I don t use Verizon.

Post by Awesome Pete,

5026313268 Person you should t 've Installed Upward before you got your W on that pleasant cruise you won.

Post by ko,

502-631-3268 rec d telephone from W W W left no message

Post by Guest,

5026313268 Caller left no message. Looks like a scam Amount. I 'm going for report for that KY attorney general because my number is on your Do not Phone list.

Post by she called me, too,

502-631-3268 I gave her all my bit coin

Post by Guest,

5026313268 No message left.

Post by Sandy,

502-631-3268 Got a phone from the number on my cell. No message was left.

Post by Guest,

5026313268 2 free cruise Admission to the Bahamas if I fill out a survey

Post by Judith,

502-631-3268 Called my cell. I would t response and they left no message. That is that reason we scrapped your land line. The calls were coming every single day. Multiple times. And I haven t missed that property line at all. At least I could block these fools on my cell.

Post by jrm,

5026313268 You re just messing with a machine. it's all automated unless you reply the phone.

Post by Guest,

502-631-3268 Called left no message. Blocked the Amount.

Post by Alfalfa,

5026313268 The DC list just applies to valid telemarketers. Rogue telemarketers do not follow it or any other law .

Post by Shannon,

502-631-3268 I got your message Around a cruise in that Bahamas in exchange for answering 9 questions for a survey. I hung up and blocked your Amount. It was semi local otherwise I would t 've answered.

Post by Guest,

5026313268 Quit CALLING ME You personally called me three times Today.

Post by rick cissna,

502-631-3268 my answering machine Decided Upward and they did not leave a message.

Post by Ugh,

5026313268 Called this morning at W W EST. Did not answer no voice send was left. Called the Amount back using a blocked number and it said it was the Verizon National Payment Center not a Verizon user here.

Post by Guest,

502-631-3268 SPAM

Post by Jules,

5026313268 Just got a phone on my cell out of this Amount did not reply even though it s within an Region code where I have family Buddies. Thanks to the Website and everyone s reporting I 've blocked it. Thank you personally all.

Post by downeast549,

502-631-3268 you've won a Cruise for two we Merely need many data about you personally . I Installed up this Arrived in on my cell phone

Post by Tired of Getting These Calls,

5026313268 Caller ID said Kentucky. Can message left.

Post by Guest,

502-631-3268 Don t understand that number

Post by Guest,

5026313268 Multiple calls. Never leaves a message.

Post by Guest,

502-631-3268 KY marketing company

Post by Drake Rogut,

5026313268 I got phone from this Amount and I 'm a Child and I don t understand the guy. Stranger Danger

Post by Tyler,

502-631-3268 Called left no message

Post by Hyacynth,

5026313268 Gotten a phone from W W W. I Decided up and caller Put up.

Post by Guest,

502-631-3268 Called and left no message.

Post by DT,

5026313268 . . no message. . .

Post by Guest,

502-631-3268 Got a call and said i demand for pay my Verizon Invoice even though that's not my cellular telephone Telephone Firm.

Post by Bright eyes,

5026313268 Same here except Taney called twice. I didn't reply either. No message.

Post by M. T.,

502-631-3268 Hohenlohe

Post by Glenn,

5026313268 I too 've had my own name and Amount spoofed. I talked to Verizon Around the and they re very concerned Around this as well as Showing that unless Congress does something . whatever that could be. Around that rules etc. it may grow to catastrophic proportions. Until then Verizon is Fundamentally helpless.

Post by Glenn,

502-631-3268 I too 've had my own name and Amount spoofed. I talked for Verizon Around the and they re quite concerned about the as nicely as indicating that unless Congress does something . whatever that will be. Around the rules etc. it can Increase to catastrophic proportions. Until Afterward Verizon is Fundamentally helpless.

Post by Randy,

5026313268 Telephone from W W said the Department of Schooling could possibly forgive my Pupil loans if I answer a few questions first. Said to press 9 to be removed. I did t would any of your above.

Post by Guest,

502-631-3268 Pops Upwards as Frankfort Ky. I live about W miles south of there but it s a scam. Phone the Kentucky Lawyer General s office and report it. I have blocked three similar Amounts already.

Post by Beth,

5026313268 Same here the site is quite useful. I thought it May}n' 've been my cousin Attempting for reach me. Can block this Amount.

Post by Ann,

502-631-3268 The Amount has called twice but I refuse to call back. I don t 've a hint who this really is.

Post by Pat,

5026313268 Got a phone on my cell Telephone from the Amount I answered and they did t state anything and after I said Hello twice they hung Upwards.

Post by Awesome Pete,

502-631-3268 Person you personally should t have hung Upward before you personally got your W on that sweet cruise you won.

Post by Laura,

5026313268 I also got a telephone from W W W saying I had won a cruise for two for the Bahamas. All I had for can was take a brief survey. It said that I could Start that survey or press 9 for be removed out of all of their calling lists. I pressed 9. We ll see if that calls stop now.

Post by Guest,

502-631-3268 Don t understand anyone within Kentucky and have dealings along with a 1 there.

Post by Guest,

5026313268 Called and left no message.

Post by danny ray,

502-631-3268 recording

Post by Christine Kasey,

5026313268 offered a free something before I Put Upward. They called a cell Telephone. I get among these calls at least once a month. How do we Quit them. I am on a Enrolled do not telephone list and that still keep becoming through

Post by sheila kashuba,

502-631-3268 says phone is out of Ky. . . . . . always calls and then hangs up. . . . . ridiculous. . . . . . . every daytime three or four times a day

Post by Becky,

5026313268 Rob telephone telling me I won a cruise to your Bahamas. Put up immediately and Place the number on my Avoid list.

Post by Keri Paschall,

502-631-3268 no message

Post by Guest,

5026313268 SPAM

Post by kathleen,

502-631-3268 My Partner got the telephone they Put Upwards did t leave a message simply rang 2 times he said they need for leave Individuals alone . .

Post by Guest,

5026313268 Calls leaves no message. CID says wireless caller. We do not reply these calls.

Post by M Flynn,

502-631-3268 Left no message but I did not return phone.

Post by senior,

5026313268 Here is your reply for these miscreants an Scratch they cannot reach and . amp _ on them

Post by Alfalfa,

502-631-3268 Your DC list just applies for valid telemarketers. Rogue telemarketers don't follow it or any other law .

Post by Andy,

5026313268 Got a telephone the morning on my cell phone I did not response it. No express send left. I am thankful for the Block Owner feature.

Post by Fill,

502-631-3268 Called me with a free cruise . I call back and it sounds like Charlie Brown s teacher. conquer BA BA. conquer whoa bah

Post by repoman91,

5026313268 Dumb Rob telephone Around Verizon services. Don t have Verizon and 've never done company with them. Morons. Reported to the FTC.

Post by she called me, too,

502-631-3268 I gave her all my bit coin

Post by Thom,

5026313268 Rec d telephone Now Saturday at W W pm out of W W W. . . caller name read W . I did not answer. They did not leave message.

Post by IPhone480,

502-631-3268 Calls no MSG. QUESTION could t that FCC FBI Take Upwards your Magic box and see W W W on The NETWORK being spoofed and back track to Close these schmucks down. NASA SHOULD SHARE A few OF THEIR Technology GOODIES w that FCC FBI to protect those members of our society that will become exposed uneducated in phishing and so many real threats our leaps within technology consistently appear for spawn. There are those that would Clear out you personally gram Mum s saving without a thought. These cretins should 've THEIR Ability For Menace AND Act OUTSIDE OF Our Communities NORMS. can t Actually Implement this for all that wall roads Choosing billions wiping Outside trillions of Worth threatening Universe Depression and lobbying congress successfully to begin dismantle Can DD Blunt so they can get back to playing along with American s insured savings Opportunities mixing it all Jointly now a big Bit insured by you personally and really go for those new products they invent enjoy Derivatives could be added for their immoral plays within your casino of the street . Automatic 5 year sentences. For telemarketing fraud by National Law. For hackers and ID thieves automatic W amp W year National sentences. Oh and Wall Road. Let them keep up the dangerous casino cash plays Do not Phone Your Representatives they might get Notion these Sultan s on Wall Road should have to play by the rules and Quit commingling of taxpayer Supported trillions. Nicely that went on and on. If it makes sense and can Run a cell Telephone telephone your Great upstanding representatives in Washing DC. LET THEM Understand we d like use NASA To End phone phishing Perhaps web overly we pay for those Playthings. Oh and don t forget for tell them how joyful You're to eventually be seeing the weakening and dismantling of Do DD Candid rules so that all those Great bankers on Wall Road could finally get back to HAVING ALL OF People ON That HOOK FOR PAYING Your PIPER NEXT TIME Just one THEIR Certain Things GOES Abdomen Up. FEEL Good Understanding You are KEEPING THESE MILT MILLION Money EARNERS In W Containers of Wine. Actually You're going demand all that which you might have saved. You've Hot feign in your own spirit as you personally use your soup bone 3 or 4 times. Bless

Post by Andrea,

5026313268 W W called me and I did t response. Called back and your automated system said it was Verizon Service Facility. It Inquired for my Telephone number and among the Choices asked for credit card number. Would they Merely telephone everyone for see someone along with a prepaid Verizon eventually picks Upward. .

Post by Karen,

502-631-3268 Decided up. . . Automated message said Congratulations. You personally vie been Picked for win a cruise for that Bahamas. . . I Put Upwards. Number on phone ID was W W W.

Post by connecticut,

5026313268 Called my cell phone at W W a. m. January W W. Did not response.

Post by Crash,

502-631-3268 Just a notice modern callers can telephone through various programs and current whatever Telephone number they would love for Search. The W could possibly not become your real Amount they're calling from. But Likewise I did get that call and no message.

Post by Guest,

5026313268 I did not answer it I never do if it is a Amount I don t Comprehend.

Post by Guest,

502-631-3268 Rob spam hang Upward after I answer

Post by bobijo,

5026313268 Simply obtained telephone no message left. . .

Post by solo,

502-631-3268 Only got a telephone from this Amount I did t reply cause I did t recognize it. No message left.

Post by AncientGeek,

5026313268 They did not hang Upward on you. You demand to understand a boiler room. A computer dials phone numbers. When someone Solutions it connects an Accessible operator to that phone. When they place your dial er overly fast there surely is no User available when you response that phone. If you personally hang on long enough they may get Approximately to you personally if you desire to Speak for one of these crooks . Additionally these criminals do not pay any attention to the Don't Call list. Why would they.

Post by Perry,

502-631-3268 Answered no response. Hung Upwards.

Post by Guest,

5026313268 Won t say n e matter when u answer

Post by Guest,

502-631-3268 Pay Verizon Statement. . . not my carrier

Post by jrm,

5026313268 You personally re Simply messing with a machine. it is all automated unless you answer your call.

Post by L. Asbury,

502-631-3268 called Registered message that i won a cruise. . . Installed Upwards called Amount back gave me a Verizon Statement pay service

Post by Turk Sandwich,

5026313268 Same Narrative here as everyone else. No message left. I get weary of this crap.

Post by Guest,

502-631-3268 Free tickets to the Bahamas.

Post by Guest,

5026313268 Keeps calling Never Speaks Amount blocked

Post by Guest,

502-631-3268 free cruise scam

Post by Guest,

5026313268 Called left no message. Called again and did t talk when answered. Spam

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3477980658 Complains by Guest,

gotten a text Seeking to buy many equipment I have for sale. said they would send me a cashiers Assess for your Sum and his movers would come by and Select it Upwards.

7602305902 Complains by wildflower,

I get calls everyday same time and they never leave a message

8669739731 Complains by Guest,

Day-to-day phone occasionally several times.

3125339817 Complains by Lawrence,

Called at 8 'm for a Individual I don t know. Somehow I don t think my objection is going to stop this.

3148843179 Complains by Guest,

I keep becoming calls stating I 'm going to become Supported on the property of my workplace that there is a fit Submitted against me. This is unacceptable and really upsetting. I 'm going to file a report with your Cops and your FCC. Please Rotate this for create them Discontinue. I can t afford for lose my Occupation over this.

8649818352 Complains by Guest,

not happy

5183095122 Complains by Guest,

Attempting for sell Telephone and Information services

8003590156 Complains by Chris,

Don t use this Business. . . . totally a scam. I paid them for send Outside over 1 2 million for their Prefer within list and we have nothing for display for it. No calls or anything for your targeted Plan. Everything Around them is fake. . . don t waste your own money. . . . don t would business along with them at all or you will Merely loose cash. They do not have any Following or any manner to Show they did anything for you for your cash you paid them. They send fake Visits to your own Website. All around that web is reported a scam about them and they even have a lot of suspect reports Around their Website. I wish I did better research first. Lost my money. All he says is for spend more to get a result. . . tried for get me to pay by check that is a scam. Overly good to become Authentic. . . Their is no manner that we should have 0 results if they sent out 1 2 million e mails for all these good Select in targeted market Folks they state they 've. . . . Absolute scam. . . . I 'm out Practically W dollars due to trusting him. I have been in business for a very long time. . . . this can be a scam. Run. . . Run. . . Run. . . don t would it.

8002603472 Complains by LT,

Call The Number WONT TELL You WHAT THEY Want UNLESS You personally Offer A LOT OF Info I Wanted For Understand WHO They are AND WHAT THEY DO

8002366283 Complains by Guest,

Get text out of this number Around electric cogs and some work from Residence site frequently

8001711397 Complains by HK,

phishing telephone matrons. com

8002151283 Complains by Jay,

This really is a debt collector called Byron Fiscal LC

8002010050 Complains by Jamaica,

Your Man that called me out of this offered me a Petrol voucher for W. It sounded like a scam.

8002346545 Complains by mike,

First call left express send of fake calls enjoy a human voice set up by computer to seem like its having a real conversation. Second phone was that same but it was about subscribing for a magazine.

8001261921 Complains by santa claus,

KISS MY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . JERKS

8002075644 Complains by Ken Kroner,

Prestige Travel scam that you won a vacation, so long as you pay and pay and pay etc.  Come to our briefing to get your gift.  Scammers scammers scammers!!

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