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Telephone information: Bellsouth Telecomm Inc DBA South Central. New Orleans, LA. Jefferson. United states
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Post by Patricia S.,

5048370116 My Pal here Dodo has posted about being harassed by calls out of this Amount that is from Receivable Recovery Services LC. I want to point Outside this quite daytime I have been also deluged with phone calls from the RES. There is much more to the Storyline. Suffice it to say that these Problems against both of us are no coincidences.

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Post by Guest,

5048370116 They keep calling for that incorrect person

Post by Guest,

504-837-0116 An Arab owns the scum company. He gets his percentage paid by that quot effort quot he pretends for Set out. No just one can there be for reply your phone back because he is too Affordable for pay anyone. He uses family for make your calls for free and collects your profits. That filthy members of his family are fresh away that boat and can t read English past that numbers to harass people.

Post by Ronin,

5048370116 Receivable Retrieval Service Experts Funeral Baltimore LA W W W W If they are calling for someone else contact them directly for 've your own name and phone Amount removed instantaneously. If they continue to call report them to that BBB as nicely as for South Fundamental Bell for harassing phone calls. Additionally if they continue for phone even after doing all of the above contact the FTC directly to file a Official Grievance against them as they are violating your Fair Credit Reporting Act HTTP RN. FTC. gov pals DOD slick . Begin up. GORGED PU'S

Post by FedUp,

504-837-0116 Gotten a call out of this number but did not response. Arrived on here to see who made the call. A collecting Bureau. I have the very best credit in that universe. Never late on any payments from the previous ever. Everything I have is paid away. TH.

Post by Guest,

5048370116 bill collector

Post by Bennie,

504-837-0116 I Simply got among those Telephone calls and it got me LIVID. I vie been getting them for a long long time but since I got another 1 a few minutes Past I Began thinking maybe my Id has been stolen so I called it back since at one time there were two persons within the town with my name. Your guy who answered wanted my Telephone number and said if I would offer it for him he would find Outside who had called me another times. I was scared to do that. Thus Afterward he told me If you ll give me your own Amount I ll forward your own telephone. If not have a nice daytime. That s when I slammed that phone. Thus I won t be answering any more of these kinds of calls. They don t sound valid for me.

Post by Guest,

5048370116 Won t quit calling

Post by Ronnie M.,

504-837-0116 My name is Ronnie. It's been Added to my Focus that my rights have been breached by a debt Group Firm by the name of Receivable Recovery Services LC. The account Amount that I was Given by Receivable Retrieval Services LC is W. I 've an old medical debt from W that I 've been Attempting to pay away. I m in your procedure of enlisting in the Atmosphere Power and all debts demand to become paid off before processing can become finalized. That Atmosphere Power runs credit and does an Comprehensive History Assess. I have been working with Robin Majors that case Supervisor of Receivable Recovery Services LC W W W. Thus Much I had never allowed or Offered permission for anyone other than myself to gain accessibility to the medical bill debt. My Partner Trinity Monetizes Monroe was going around the expenses on 3 W W at 3 PM and called the bank who gave her the number for Receivable Recovery Service gave them my social security number and was Capable to Talk directly to Robin without my knowledge. Additionally Sgt. Xxxix that recruiting Official for that Air Power called Receivable Recovery Services spoke to Anna that Agent whom transferred him to my case Supervisor Robin. Sgt Xxxix Inquired Robin Around my debt your amount left owed your last payment made. Robin M. told him that I owed W and that she is waiting for a payment on my account for march and that I was late paying Receivable Retrieval Services payment arrangement towards my debt. This information is Distinct from what I told Sgt Xxxix because every time I made a payment towards this debt I let him understand so that we can keep my Atmosphere Strength Program moving in a positive direction. Sgt Sch mitt called me on Wednesday 3 W W at W PM wondering what is your Present standing on the debt account. I told him the amount was W. W and Allowing to the data he obtained from Robin at Receivable Retrieval SE it still is W. W. I Affirmed along with Sgt Sch mitt that I made a payment on 3 W W within that Sum of W. W which brought my equilibrium to W. W. My wife Trinity called Receivable Recovery Services correct away with purpose for Talk along with Robin at 1 PM and she was not within the office. So she spoke to Ms. Dunn Around your Condition that Sgt Sch mitt called within reference for my account without my permission. Ms. Dunn discussed that it's against their rules for Supply any data about your content of Reports without first Finding permission from your account holder which would be myself. She is assured that Robin never gave info Around my account for Sgt Xxxix. Nonetheless Sgt Xxxix is prepared to provide a Composed statement affirming your date time and content of chat between himself and Robin in regards to my debt account through Receivable Retrieval Services. I did not approve at first of anyone my wife or Sgt Xxxix Opening my Reports Yet I recognize from my wife s outlook in that she wanted for know where cash was being Delivered to. Furthermore in Wishes to Sgt Sch mitt s view for the reason that he needs for have contact along with Receivable Recovery Services directly for Get exact info for keep my Program active. Robin either doesn't Value that rules of Fair Debt collections rights and Guidelines as well as my private rights. I am conscious that my rights 've been violated. As of June W W the entire debt is paid within full but I Plan to Follow legal Activity against Receivable Retrieval Services LC. I have reported them to FTC and BBB.

Post by Bennie,

5048370116 I just got among those Telephone calls and it made me LIVID. I vie been becoming them for a long long time but since I got another 1 a few minutes Past I started thinking maybe my Identification has been Taken so I called it back since at just one time there were two People in the town with my name. The guy who replied wanted my phone number and said if I would present it for him he would look for out who had called me another times. I was frightened to can that. Thus Subsequently he told me If you personally ll provide me your own number I ll forward your telephone. If not 've a Fine day. That s when I slammed the phone. Thus I won t become replying any more of these types of calls. They don t sound valid to me.

Post by pissedoffcustomer,

504-837-0116 Receivable Recovery Services is vicious. Do not pay them go back for your Lender no question what they state for your requirements don t listen for them. Receivables Retrieval Services isn't within company for Gather their job is to Damage Individuals by messing up their credit reports. If they tell you personally they can Remove information it s a lie You'll get stuck. They're rude Raw and they lie. Their business for is Damage Buyers which they seem to enjoy it. Receivable Retrieval Services tells you personally that they do what they would because they could. REFUSE For Cope Along with THEM AND REPORT THEM To FTC put your own Criticisms on that internet for others to see. Terrible people.

Post by DaSalo,

5048370116 They are harassing me Around an unverified balance mistakenly left on my account at a Practice. Of course I won t Cope along with them. They pleaded with me not for phone the clinic. Hohokam

Post by godiva,

504-837-0116 I get calls out of the Amount at least twice per day. I never reply. It is constantly for a Monique . Within the beginning I would explain that thee never was a Monique dwelling within the house. Please stop calling. The does no great. I 'm training it around for an attorney.

Post by Barbara,

5048370116 Left message for telephone re my recently deceased father. Sick

Post by Guest,

504-837-0116 res.

Post by T.N.,

5048370116 RES folks are rude and extremely vicious. They vie been harassing my Mommy nighttime and daytime and she s not a naturalized citizen. Since there surely is a language barrier RES has Chosen it upon themselves to say that my Mum is threatening them and in turn they have threaten us with lawsuits and court Days which if they say to you IS Illegal . I vie reported them to SEC FTC and your Organization of Debt Lovers. If they telephone and you personally decide for Select Upward record your own message and tell them that you are record your talk. And if further Trouble continues please file a Gripe to as many higher Advantages as you can.

Post by Guest,

504-837-0116 Keeps calling. Won t leave a message.

Post by Guest,

5048370116 Statement collector

Post by Guest,

504-837-0116 Keep harassing me b UT they 've that wrong number

Post by Guest,

5048370116 idiots

Post by Guest,

504-837-0116 Nigerians or organized crime calling looking for live Amounts. Either manner they are not Person beings anymore. Can t wait for your Large collapse that can occur when Donald is elected. I Strategy on Investing that remainder of my times Tracking down all of these Creatures.

Post by Guest,

5048370116 Invoice collector

Post by Guest,

504-837-0116 Hospital BS I Getaway t been to your hospital EVER.

Post by Guest,

5048370116 Keeps harassing me won t Quit calling. Even called me on Brand new Years Eve.

Post by Guest,

504-837-0116 quite rude and threatening Invoice Lovers. may say and attempt anything to get your own private data and may Strain your own bank account manner more than you owe.

Post by Guest,

5048370116 I Ian t got it.

Post by Bill,

504-837-0116 Yes I got a phone out of RES in NO La. But I'm NOT enjoy Most I got there address thus now we could get it correct are all hell going to Barack I'm not going to Set up along with this type of talk out of no just one I am no there Baby time to go post. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Post by Guest,

5048370116 Debt Collector River Parishes Hospital

Post by Guest,

504-837-0116 Constantly bothering me

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Block number

8054564277 Complains by Upset,

Becoming drained of these scampers calling. The last guy said he was from the State Attorneys Office and that I was involved in a suit. I told him to send info to my Attorney and he called me an over and over again. Seriously if they're going for state they're from your state Lawyers Office and you can T comprehend them Subsequently shouts inanities at you and hangs Upwards. . . Think what America. . You Only heard from a scummier. . .

8605088506 Complains by Guest,

your calls r now blocked as well as all emails from all of your email Reports. Professionally Yours

4108440079 Complains by Guest,

When I told the Individual I was on that Do not Phone List he cursed at me.

4402891962 Complains by Guest,

Attempting to sell a credit card

8645690178 Complains by Guest,

Bad people

8042142756 Complains by Nate,

Called Seeking payment on a payday loan out of a Business that no More exists. He was very Pleasant amp courteous I Inquired if they vie done any research on me and apparently they haven t because I control Group agencies in my state. This can be that Th collection Bureau passive debt Consumer that's attempted for contact me Around this just one we vie already been Capable for open legal cases against your others for violations of both state law and your FD CPA. Stated Site was . com Nonetheless that comes Upwards malicious on our blockers but . com works. I requested proof of debt at which he Guaranteed would become mailed out tomorrow. These Men at least had my correct address. We ll see what comes within that send if it is Just account number date of debt and Sum that's not sufficient proof. Supplied a call back number W. W. W.

7084140859 Complains by Guest,

Scam artist

3234883922 Complains by thedreaming,

Got your call just now no 1 there. Amount added for my incredibly substantial block list

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8069397163 Complains by Guest,

No exist

7807823916 Complains by Guest,

Spam phone from quot Pledge Giveaways quot

8127783685 Complains by Guest,

Asking me if i need Quickly cash. I dint understand who called.

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7048420751 Complains by Jessica,

They called me last Monday on the Th. I m just reporting these Individuals because I believe this can be a scam.

4165651896 Complains by Guest,

No name of business Simply a few credit card scam Around a 6 credit card they are fishing along with. Get Perhaps one call a month in the recorded message machine.

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