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2016-06-20 16:27:47
harassing caller
2016-06-17 06:12:53
W W Illinois Usa This Amount called questioning me asserting for be a few medical research dozen t help for request for be taken off your call list. . . .
2016-06-17 02:34:31
Derek N troll
2016-06-16 20:43:02
2016-06-16 10:00:55
Same matter here
2016-06-16 03:42:52
Are you personally for Actual.
2016-06-16 03:17:54
2016-06-15 11:36:07
2016-06-15 08:06:41
Best not for interact along with the holder of the Amount.
2016-05-20 14:20:45
I 've gotten Email addresses and a phone telephone out of this number. The Guy states he is out of Intel and for me for present that corporate bank account. I dint think thus Companion.
2016-05-16 17:51:30
don t text me or cal ll
2016-05-16 04:19:24
Phone rang at 9 W pm on W W W. Did not answer. No voice send message left. Violated do not call list.
2016-05-14 11:15:25
World ventures milt Amount marketing
2016-05-13 22:22:50
Unwanted unknown Owner.
2016-05-13 20:30:19
I'm glad you post your story for conform what I thought all along that these Folks are scampers.
2016-05-13 07:00:06
don't leave any express mail
2016-05-12 18:45:14
2016-05-10 23:50:15
Hello The man Kris Slovens called me another daytime and had the wrong Amount. I told him multiple times he had your erroneous number but he insisted I was somebody else. I hung up and he called me back. He berated me on your phone told me to have sexual relations along with hand tools and finally when my Partner got on your phone is when he decided that yelling at a Girl was not going for fly Afterward hung up. He was Attempting for sell me SE services which I know nothing about
2016-05-10 06:22:10
university of phoenix
2016-05-09 03:48:52
A girl who is looking for invite me in a date but request me to find who she is and she may reply yes if i ask her out

Phone list in area 506

Phone numberRecent commentAuthorTotalTime
5062242264FlakeGuest72016-01-12 12:29:58
5062200160No one thereGuest32016-02-16 07:14:58
5062274565Rob calls and hangs up without giving the Pick Outside optionGuest1302015-11-04 15:41:24
5062207440Not spam. Rochester General mason line. Guest52016-04-11 20:21:03
5064796730annoyingGuest72015-12-16 09:54:09
5066077737great byeGuest12015-11-04 20:23:20
5066393948your blockedGuest22015-11-04 17:55:24
5068000476 Hey Jimmy I quill leave your door open Monday we 're both at work he she says. . Joey92015-12-09 07:33:24
5068042193determined girlGuest62016-04-29 22:29:19
5066861303messing with meGuest42015-12-19 02:37:10
5062213739same as above selling boat scummiercasey72016-04-15 02:18:30
5063849541Called that Amount back and no just one answered. Could not leave a message. George F.42016-04-15 08:18:24
5062060616Keep harassing and threatsGuest42015-12-09 06:09:59
5062234351I would love for know on whose name is phone on and your name of that company if soDevendra32016-04-09 01:17:49
5062610574not accepting texts callsGuest12015-11-05 06:39:24
5062295344weird Man Perhaps lawGuest62016-04-07 23:40:59
5063000964Goes right to VIM this is Presume to your APE Aboriginal Change Program that is Imagine for bring Pupils for Canada and attend school here. Web site is very vague. Cannot contact anyone Take this Girl and that VIM sounds like it s outside due to a lot of back round Sound. The woman takes up to two times for get back for your requirements. Guest52015-11-05 07:14:20
5062593672always calling. I have request them for stop. Guest42015-12-20 22:29:38
5065464685Grammy called but I did t get for that phone within time cause i was Choosing a pee peeGuest12015-11-05 11:24:24
5066639775They keep calling me and I m not certain who it'sGuest22015-11-05 13:05:24
5062206242MISSED Telephone I Attempted To Telephone The Amount BACK NOBODY Solutions Your Telephone. Isabel72016-02-16 07:08:25
5062261598It's a debt collector without any substantiated claims. . . paperwork. Guest52016-04-14 19:13:12
5063872802Are you for real. sumlin52016-06-16 03:42:52
5062211223I just don t desire for be annoyance. Guest62016-02-15 20:32:57
5063708664Did t answer and did t leave a message. First telephone was tonight. Guest452015-11-05 16:17:24
5066084051SpamGuest72015-12-20 12:58:26
5066328040did t answerGuest52016-03-19 19:13:45
5062593460Unwanted phone yuck. pickle52015-12-09 17:52:55
5062910134Owner said his name is Bob Martin and said I owe your People Treasury. First call Arrived earlier within that week from California and now the one is coming within from Florida W W W. This better get Cease quickly because I 've had it with this threatening phone calls. Guest62015-12-09 22:17:36
5062223436crazyGuest72016-02-16 01:39:51
5062211608That number is sending Outside Pornography texts Thought that was prohibited. Guest72016-02-29 00:55:06
5068028698Don t understand who the caller is. First time I answered I did state anything in case it was a voice activated CC and there was a bit of Sound on your line again possible CC And the ND time the phone Arrived within I did t hassle to response the Telephone. Guest92015-11-05 20:36:20
5067242134W W WGuest22015-11-05 21:05:24
5062277370Tex ted demand cash now. Guest42016-04-08 15:08:37
5066451905yes. No message. Guest22015-11-05 22:10:20
5063832581Leave a comment about that caller hereGuest32016-04-16 17:20:03
5068523174I obtained a call from a man this morning at my House he had a very thick Asian Indian accent. his Storyline was he was not a telemarketer and that he Supplied support for Microsoft. He said that Microsoft had asked him to telephone because during our Searching we were importing malicious Applications. I Inquired him repeatedly who he was with and he continuing for state which he was technical support for Microsoft. He was asking who that Main user of the computer within the Home was and repeatedly asked who that quot owner quot of that machine was. When I finally told him the simply Individual using that Net within that House was my niece and that I d 've her telephone him back if he would Supply his data he Put up on me. When I attempted to telephone that number back it was a repeating tone enjoy a occupied Transmission but more Consistent. Guest282015-11-05 22:48:24
5068027538If I See This Cell Number On My Call Show . Again . . I 'm W REPORTING The Number . To Canada s Authorities . amp For Canada s National Police . And To That United States Federal Government . amp To The FBI . And I m Going For Say . That . quot This Long Space Spam Amount . Has Potential Contacts To ISIS Terrorist Organizations . And The Long Space Spam Amount . May n't Be Recruiting U. S. Citizens To Become Fresh ISIS Terrorist Members . quot Guest42015-11-05 23:02:20
5068042188where is your CRT to monitor the crap. . . . . . . . . . . . Guest32015-11-06 01:21:24
5069774454tinderGuest52015-12-19 01:17:58
5066453200No name given and an prompt hangup is the a scam. Guest92015-11-06 02:13:20
5067601065He is a man friend. That Actually and emotionally abuses me. Guest12015-11-06 02:58:24
5062207441don t answerGuest62016-04-07 22:09:13
5062045295spam. . Guest82015-12-16 15:05:01
5062240978Obtained a telephone on my cell. April62016-02-16 01:37:36
5062200543Called today at W Am. Left an automated express mail saying my name was within a Gripe Registered and Offered an W W W W for telephone for more Information along with a Gripe . If there surely is a complaint against me Function me in that Right style which in my own State is handing it to me in Man. I ll assume it's a scam like the notes above state. Wheezy72015-12-19 02:46:01
5066524345calls 2 3 times a day never leaves messageGuest62016-05-07 08:53:03
5067395702stalkerGuest42015-12-21 17:24:51
5062687941Got a call. Did t answer. No message leftGuest242015-11-06 07:21:24
5063882050Had obtained calls from the Amount a few times in the last month or so but no message was left. I replied Now and it's a fundraiser for the Royal Canadian Legion. I have donated in that previous and they were calling me from your list of preceding donors. No hassle Merely asking for a donation. Guest82015-11-06 09:34:20

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