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Telephone information: Broadwing Communications. Bridgewater, MA. Plymouth. United states
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Post by Mani,

5084431894 This company was harassing me all morning and has called my job in the past few days. They State that I took out a pay daytime loan which i unattended to pay back and i owe a total of W due for late fees and that it is Demanded that I make a W payment right away or else they will continue for contact my job. After accusing them of being frauds they became angry and continuing for raise their express and insist on payment. They also could not supply me a date for which I allegedly accepted a loan or any other info and told me that I could not contact that company who brought me your W. They have that address for my job my San my birth date and who knows what else. That s what worried me. FRAUD.

Post by Guest,

508-443-1894 Harassing me like mad. they had called me W times in 5 7 minutes. . .

Post by Fed Up,

5084431894 I m a receptionist at work and when a employee gets a bill collecting call I Typically say This can be their Set of company and you may demand to reach them at home. Nicely for your last three days the number has been calling. . . . really pushy rude and I don t have time for these sort of calls. So i finally Finish Upwards hanging Upwards and they call back. And keep calling. Their not after me but I wonder if your employee really owes them cash I m seriously Began for uncertainty it. These calls need for stop. I even request today if I could speak for their Supervisor. . . no results. Help.

Post by 5084431894,

508-443-1894 The Put has been calling me non Discontinue on my Telephone and at work. . . all my bosses at work. When I tell them its a scam. Your Man yells at me and tells me that a Cops Official may become coming to Select me up at work.

Post by JMC,

5084431894 I Too Have BEEN Becoming HARASSING Telephone CALLS Out of The Firm. I Only HAD Your Cops Section COME Outside HERE For FILE A REPORT For THEM AND I Additionally WENT To That PROSECUTING Solicitors OFFICE. I Additionally For The Advice Out of KEVIN M AND FLOODED THEIR LINES. THEY Started CUSSING ME Out AS Well. Thus Far IT S Silent ON That Residence FRONT. LETS Hope THAT IT STAYS The Way. MY QUESTION IS HOW The HECK DID THEY GET MY Information. THAT S The Scary Component.

Post by kenneth spence,

508-443-1894 they won't Discontinue calling even after I threaten along with their recorded message for me on my express mail.

Post by connie,

5084431894 I gotten several calls out of this number and they were searching for my dad. My dad is hearing Reduced and he Afterward Began telling me to shut Upward dumb . I told him that I was recording the call and he Simply keep telling me to shut up dumb . What would I need for do for stop these calls to my dad. So orated.

Post by Pink40,

508-443-1894 This telephone is being generated from a fraud ant Firm. . . maintaining for become that legal Section of the state of Ma. . . they more go on to state you re being sued by a Firm called Cash America for defaulting on a Payday loan. . . they Begin with a small amount W they state that you were given the through electronic deposit and failed for repay it now they're coming after you. They may send your sheriffs to your own job and You'll become arrested and Chosen for Prison. . . unless they can speak for your Lawyer and you personally pay by 3 PM Please DON T autumn with this scam. . . First of all Ma can t sue you for something that allegedly took place in California state law prohibits that unless they could Demonstrate you crossed state lines and perpetrated the crime at which point it becomes a federal fraud case. . . Additionally you can NOT be sued with out first being correctly served Composed notification of that match. Simply stay in your toes and they will eventually Cease trying to get from you. . . and by all means Stay AWAY From PAYDAY LOANS they're NOTHING but legalized loan sharks. . . .

Post by [email protected] /* */,

5084431894 This Firm Was HARASSING ME AT WORK Along with NUMEROUS CALLS PLUS CALLING MY CELL Telephone AND Coming IT Upwards Daily. . . How do I GO Around Becoming The To Stop. Every TIME THEY Telephone THEY USE A Distinct Number AND NAME FOR ME For Phone THEM BACK. . . This can be Completely Silly. A few HOW Some Manner This HAS GOT To Be Ceased. PLEASE ANYONE Can You OFFER ANY Guidance.

Post by Lisa,

508-443-1894 Someone calling himself Tony or Donny Watkins maintaining for become calling out of BIFF that s Sweet has been calling our office over your past week leaving messages for a area employee. Each phone harassing whatever Officer Solutions your Telephone and progressively becoming ruder w each call. This morning he called again and I was that Blessed 1 for take your call the time. . . where he attempted to cry over me and repeated around and around for me for Close Upward at which point I Merely ended that phone. Several phone backs After becoming a new person each time and being excessively rude for all of them we finally had to Cease replying our company lines. For about W minutes he called on multiple lines all once tying Upward our business lines from Real company calls . I may be Calling that Authorities Briefly for see what options we've. That absolute best advice I could provide is Only immediately hang Upward on your gentleman as he can simply keep you personally on your phone for as long as he can saying extremely rude and threatening matters. Good luck all.

Post by Annoyed,

5084431894 I don t reply these calls but they never leave a message. I ll report them for the following not phone government list tho

Post by KB : ),

508-443-1894 Trust you personally get these people they have called my work repeatedly and even started yelling obscene names at our receptionists. They also threatened to come to where we are and hurt them. Fine operation. Best of Fortune I trust you find them soon.

Post by krissy,

5084431894 they called me 6 times at my work Put and then twice on my cell and Afterward after i called that Officers on them they called AGAIN and asked me what i was going for would about the situation. i told them to leave me alone that i have never had a pay daytime loan. Subsequently i Installed Upwards. I am sick of getting calls out of them. I have ENE receiving them for that past 3 weeks. they keep calling my work and they won't Discontinue no issue how many times i tell them too.

Post by connie,

508-443-1894 I received several calls from this number and they were searching for my dad. My dad is hearing impaired and he Afterward Began telling me to shut Upwards Stupid . I told him that I was recording the telephone and he just keep telling me to Close up dumb . What do I demand to do to Cease these calls for my father. Thus orated.

Post by kate,

5084431894 A Man named Kevin Barnett keeps calling repeatedly asking for an employee. Once your general Supervisor talked for him he Leave calling. I vie tried calling back that number but they Simply Place me on hold or direct for an answering machine. That is a scam.

Post by garygriscott,

508-443-1894 A man named Robert Jacobs from W W W was calling my work for three weeks now. He has also been calling my cell many times a day. He States that I borrowed money out of many online payday and says I need for pay W or if it goes to court it can become around W. He says I need for create two Funds or the police may come to my work. I eventually called my ex wife who is a paralegal and and good connections she then told me these people are a scam.

Post by kevin m,

5084431894 The happened for me today. I told Mr. Jacobs I wanted his a written statement mailed for me explaining the alleged debt and Inquired if he Desired my sending address. He starts yelling and says We already have your own address and we re going for send your police for your Residence for arrest you for non payment of debt. Which is when I knew for specific this wan t a valid bureaucratic snafu by a few bank but Fairly was a con Occupation and a comically poorly executed 1. HERE S WHAT You Would Place that phone number W W W into your phone and telephone it repeatedly. Each time a Individual answers hang Upwards then instantly telephone back. This really is presumably a little operation and that repeated telephone is probably blocking Upward the works for them. I did the about W times and in your Finish they started cussing and yelling about it that was music for my ears and Subsequently they Began blocking my calls. Be that hunter not your hunted.

Post by KB : ),

508-443-1894 Trust you get these people they 've called my work repeatedly and even began yelling obscene names at your receptionists. They Additionally threatened to come for where we 're and Damage them. Nice Business. Absolute best of luck I expect you personally find them shortly.

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2122020215 Complains by Guest,

Scammed stole W

5186276022 Complains by Guest,

Caller did t say anything. Afterward Put Upwards.

8162173432 Complains by Pat puma,

Block them

9032759935 Complains by Guest,

HTTP Internet. Charge fundamental. com savanna Waldo

5419488426 Complains by Guest,

bank card

8134485144 Complains by Tampa FL,

Nicely around that path of that last several times I 've been receiving a really remarkable Amount of calls out of W W W. Thus eventually I got fed up and I was ready for entirely run someone through that wringer of interrogation and when I replied they instantaneously identified themselves as being in the West pursuit Pharmacy Zoe Scripts Zoe Scripts is your compounding department at West pursuit Pharmacy. Now given who it turned Outside that it was I am particularly annoyed that they did not leave any voice mail. Although I wonder if they are not leaving messages out of your anxiety of HIP Missouri}. There's a few Pretty great reason for people who work within your Well-being attention Business to be terrified of running afoul of HIP Pennsylvania as some violations which are all within all Quite on your harmless side of matters can Take jail time. That said they really could calm themselves within provisions of how Often they telephone until they manage to Talk for the Individual whose prescription they're calling about. I was Reasonably irate by the time I d finally replied although I was disguising that fact and was Prepared for use all of that irate energy for supply them that once over and Road measure and them WHAM. Totally disarmed. . . bah. It was Around a new prescription from the compounding Section so that as such it was a high precedence that they get in touch along with me. Thus even though they seem for become extremely Extreme inside their calling conduct it is a great Notion for response calls out of the number W W W. Just one other thing here. . . For that Phone Kind Fall down menu that only Accessible selections Accessible apart from Unknown are for all intents and Applications just negative Choices. There really should become at least 1 option if not several for become Capable for identify it as having been a valid reason for 've been contacted by someone out of that number. After all sometimes people should become calling you personally. And in this case it was about medicine that one of my doctor s had Recommended that could simply become filled by among a very little smattering of compounding pharmacies. Within the case for this Unique medicine it has for be a pare agreed upon formulation between your pharmacy and your doctor and they 've their own relationship and 've to use simply that one pharmacy for their patients. This can be due to absurd Regulation that falls into that Region of security Movie. You personally understand where they Run to pass a law any law that Priam face appears for would something productive and for help address a Trouble whether Actual or notional on that component of that legislators and However it somehow falls dreadfully short at absolute best but more Usually all it does is cause an inconvenience for regular Individuals to create them feel as if though something is being done to address these terrible social dilemmas even though aside out of inconveniencing Standard folk it does absolutely nothing whatsoever to actually address your Actual underlying Difficulty. After all that's difficult but making Individuals s lives more hard to give the delusion something is being done is Substantially easier. Due to this factor you will likely have for can business with the pharmacy going forward so it's Likely very best for add them to your Associates if they are calling on your own cellphone or at least try and remember enough of your Amount that you ll recognize it when they call you so that you understand that it's not only safe to response but that it's probably very much within your own absolute best interest.

8185687339 Complains by Guest,

Frequently calling but not Making message.

7869756845 Complains by Guest,

i Offered god i would t Speak to u again

8002689800 Complains by jay,

Caller says please call this can be not a solicitation.

8002340257 Complains by Erin,

I had that exact same telephone as KATIE. I also called the Amount on your back of my card for create sure that phone was legitimate and it was. They went through my Purchase history with me to create confident I had made all your purchases myself Afterward issued me a new card.

8001042317 Complains by EJ,

SPAM call asserting to become AT amp T saying you personally won W. Tells you for go to a web site Mbini's. com and claim your own prize. Annoying they vie been calling me several times over the past few weeks.

8002600508 Complains by D,

it s probably because you personally owe them cash.

8002550960 Complains by Andy,

Caller ID said Toll Free Owner phoned at 4 W this day using the 1 W Amount. None of my Family or Buddies are named Toll Free Owner thus we did not response. It appears that the Toll Free Caller is unfamiliar with Talk He She It could not response for my Replying Machine.

8002407530 Complains by rose,

gotten phone no mews sages out of this Amount W W W

8002252525 Complains by global guy,

Keep receiving W W W calls on my mobile. No messages left.

8002804477 Complains by Leeni,

That Owner states they have a very Significant message to present them a phone. I don t know who s calling or where they re calling from.

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