5084751331 / 508-475-1331

Telephone information: Verizon New England Inc.. Worcester, MA. Worcester. United states
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Post by CroneCarol,

5084751331 Today s recording included Drive 9 if you personally don t want Added calls. I m not believing it. ME

Post by Gorbag,

508-475-1331 Fantastic Notion we should all sic that FCC on them. I wan t aware of that page been using that do not call Grievance registry but the more that merrier.

Post by Fed Up,

5084751331 Never present these spammers scampers spoofs any of your own credit card numbers or other personal info. Always report each and every among these calls for Www. dentally. gov.

Post by mistergman,

508-475-1331 Similar for calls out of Card Member Services a long running card scam. This 1 to lower card attention rates. Normally these calls come in with nonsense numbers that don't hint back to any real number. By looking at another posts on Distinct reporting sites it appears that this Amount is used for other purposes. Called back and that recording offered for become removed form call list for more promotions by pressing 1. Did that but I don consider it. 1 post here Implies dialing W first. No chance this would work even if they honored that do not phone as it would suppress that caller ID so they would not know which Amount to delete or mark as a objective more likely .

Post by Elizabeth,

5084751331 This number keeps calling says service message on Owner id. I m on your don't phone list. I tried calling the number back message just said if don't want to get further calls for press 1 but did not state what that telephone was about. They did not leave a message.

Post by jean,

508-475-1331 They telephone always quite annoying. please stop

Post by The New Guy,

5084751331 I get this credit card phone at least once a week either on my reply machine or if i m Dwelling in Man.

Post by John,

508-475-1331 Pathetic. I cancelled my card and will get another. Why would a Firm irritate its own customers. Bye Bye Blackbird.

Post by Brandy,

5084751331 Truly as an old timer from New England I Understand that Change as being within And around. . . But I digress that more often that FCC gets a Gripe your more likely they are to Truly can something about it. Egad Perhaps they ll Truly get away their duffs and report questionable activity enjoy this to the FBI and or SEC. . .

Post by Tired of these calls,

508-475-1331 My caller ID says Card Services called. The message was busted up could have been my line or theirs but it talked about a last something discover. which Nearly sounded like a warning Around a bill none of ours would be overdue enjoy that Yet . Change directory traces it for Likely Place Ma West borough Worcester City Place Worcester County . We 're on that Do not Call list and if it s the same scam as those other Registered calls Hi this can be Rachel with Cardholder Services. . . have asked to be Chosen off your telephone list several times but continue to get calls.

Post by NEP,

5084751331 Only received a phone and it's to lower interest rates. I told them that I 'm on your don't call list and she stated that she can remove number. We shall see. . Figured I would report number here Document everything. . . . .

Post by Guest,

508-475-1331 Been selected for get a lower int rest rate on credit cards

Post by irritated caller,

5084751331 Cheers. I underscored your filing with one of my own

Post by Elizabeth,

508-475-1331 The number keeps calling says service message on caller id. I m on the don't telephone list. I attempted calling your Amount back message Only said if don't wish to get more calls for press 1 but did not state what the telephone was Around. They did not leave a message.

Post by Gorbag,

5084751331 Amazing Thought we should all sic that FCC on them. I wan t conscious of that page been using your do not telephone complaint registry but that more that merrier.

Post by shelly,

508-475-1331 Caller ID shows this number W W W calling me appropriate after I don't reply W W W. That W number does not leave a message. Your W number left a voice send message. . that is your last chance. . . and is related for that economic stimulus . Jerks. PS. . . I am on your don't telephone list. . . but these calls continue.

Post by Dale,

5084751331 Service message along with a robot Owner saying they can lower my credit card attention but they do not even know if I have a card. Idiots demand for become prosecuted and jailed. That don't telephone list is as Large a joke as those are who are Presume to apply it.

Post by Alicia,

508-475-1331 I got a phone out of this Amount too. The name on your Owner ID was SERVICE MESSAGE. I listened for your Rob phone s message. I pressed 2 for not receive further Notices but instead I was forwarded to a live Owner. She Inquired me if I was interested in getting a lower speed on my credit card. I told er her no I idea I Sent 2 to not become notified again. She paused and said she was sorry. I asked which card was offering the low rate. She said it s to your Charge MasterCard. Since I have a 2 or 3 cards I Inquired which Firm was that with. She Simply hung up on me in place of answering that question. Thus the must become a scam. Cheers for Paul T for posting that FCC link. I logged a Gripe against them on that page. I expect they get a Tremendous Great for these scam calls.

Post by TIcked off totally,

5084751331 I took an boating atmosphere Transmission horn and blew it in that People ear after I pressed 1 for Chat to your live Man. I expect his ears are still ringing. So Substantially FOR That Do not Telephone LISTS THEY DON T WORK ANYWAY. I Sometimes WONDER IF THAT Really Places You ON A list THAT THEY PURPOSELY Phone. . . . . .

Post by YCD,

508-475-1331 Again I gotten a call out of them . I 'm FED Upward along with it and want this Individuals penalized.

Post by Linda Braverman,

5084751331 unwanted telephone from W W W when I ask for become removed or mention don't telephone list they hang Upwards on me

Post by Lois,

508-475-1331 GREER they just dint stop

Post by Guest,

5084751331 Did t reply but called the number and it says if u don t need to receive calls Around their promotions please press 1. I did hit just one but they continuing to phone.

Post by Guest,

508-475-1331 Spammer hung Upwards on me when I asked for Chat with manager

Post by A-Noid,

5084751331 I Only obtained a phone out of the Amount and I 'm on your Don't Call list. I did not response the Telephone and the message they left was cut off something enjoy . . . 9 for become removed out of further services. I have heard similar messages where they ask you personally for press a Amount if you personally don't need them for telephone you but I do not trust them. I will not press any numbers if I m foolish enough for reply your Telephone because it could supply them permission for would something I would normally not permit. Based on other Opinions from other phone numbers the calls don't Cease anyway. . .

Post by Guest,

508-475-1331 Credit card

Post by A Person,

5084751331 It's Only a scam. They said I 'm having trouble along with my credit cards rate or something enjoy that. Hmm I don t have a credit card. That last time I had a credit card was W and it was to some department store and I used it once and Subsequently paid it away and shut the account.

Post by cj,

508-475-1331 this is a brand new phone . I don't understand where they got it from.

Post by jo,

5084751331 phone out of Worcester Mum. . . it's a acreage line . . Face W for private telephone . . plus 1 plus W W W for them to remove your number. . . . BUT do not offer any personal data s. s. number or banks . . . .

Post by Guest,

508-475-1331 Spam

Post by irritated caller,

5084751331 Cheers. I underscored your Processing with one of my own

Post by jack1002,

508-475-1331 called at 7 W Am purportedly Attempting to sell me reduced inter place rates. I am on Do not Phone list but they keep calling.

Post by Guest,

5084751331 Desired for lower credit card interest rate

Post by Guest,

508-475-1331 Desired to lower credit card attention rate

Post by Andrea Reeves,

5084751331 I want my Amount put in your do not phone EVER list.

Post by Not that stupid.,

508-475-1331 These clowns phone Frequently. They spoof the Caller ID and will not supply you a call back number. I would adore for run them Approximately for as long as I could but they are catching on and hanging up quicker. Why could t your FCC do anything about them. They're making fools of that so called powerful tax payer supported Documentation.

Post by Guest,

5084751331 I have been getting these calls for many months. Additionally get them on my cell. I usually hang Upward after Striving many times to ask them to Discontinue calling. I have no credit cards anyway. Also on your don't call list but they still telephone. The last time Recently they said to Discuss to Congressman or if I Needed to Cease calls for Dole a number but I did t catch the number anyway finally they Put Upward. 'm going for call Telephone co and block the number. I expect that they may use another number and I may check them and then block them.

Post by Stephanie,

508-475-1331 I need these idiots for stop calling and harassing me amp other people. NOW.

Post by Jack,

5084751331 Phishing scam searching for credit card numbers

Post by BCSTL,

508-475-1331 Enjoy everyone above I have acquired multiple calls each week from these Folks. They vie only left a message twice both saying something Around card services. It says Service Telephone on Owner ID. I vie never Truly picked Upwards and talked to them but the frequency at which they telephone is getting to become Rather annoying. . Sadly what keeps them going are the little Amount hopefully of people that actually supply them their credit card Amounts. These people demand to be shut down. . I ll definitely become Processing a complaint using your link Supplied by a preceding poster.

Post by Guest,

5084751331 Offer for lower attention rate on credit card debt.

Post by Nottohappy,

508-475-1331 I m on a don't phone list and someone keeps calling out of the Amount I vie talked to some sale person when I asked him to Quit calling he Put Upwards on me a few hours After same matter. Service message comes up on my Owner ID I called back an got a record to press 1 if you personally I Desired to become removed from there Advertising list expect the work

Post by Suzan,

5084751331 These Folks have been called me for around a year. Twice I have spoken to them and asked them to take me off their caller list and they Only and hang up. Just one Individual laughed at me and Afterward Installed Upward. They phone Typically three four times a week. What can we do for stop the Violent intrusion. Thanks

Post by Old Vermonter,

508-475-1331 Go to the National Do not Phone registry and file a complaint. That may stop them. Or would what I would. Line them along. Get on with their Representative and say you personally really have lots of credit card debt. And when he Requires for that card Amounts state they are in your own wallet and it s within the other room. Place the Telephone down and Simply Go away. Sooner or After he ll get your message and hang Upwards. But you personally wasted his time so he could t scam Everyone else while he s waiting for you personally for get back for him. I am starting for appreciate the calls because I cut up all my credit cards over a year Past. And anything that wastes their time. . . . .

Post by Guest,

5084751331 Credit Card Merchant

Post by L Travis,

508-475-1331 no message hang up or says it's related to your economic stimulus

Post by Guest,

5084751331 received another telephone. . . i 'm on that NATIONAL Don't Telephone LIST but these Mindless MORON WHO Could T HOLD DOWN A Actual Job keep calling i record all calls now i look for out just where their Place is I 'm filing in Th U. S. Great court the week. . . . you can get Upwards to W. W per call

Post by Guest,

508-475-1331 U. S. Great Court hears cases pertaining for Constitutional problems just. . . . you confident you personally re not referring to your U. S. District Court.

Post by L-W,

5084751331 Only a Registered announcement stating this phone phone Might Affect my credit Score or some such.

Post by Mae Hargrove,

508-475-1331 Please Cease calling me. I do not know who you are and don t need to. Please Quit HARASSING ME. I don't know who the Owner is. All I understand it needs to Discontinue.

Post by Mae Hargrove,

5084751331 Please stop calling me. I do not know who You're and don t want to. Please Discontinue HARASSING ME. I do not know who that Owner is. Th All I know it needs for Cease.

Post by Kent Boling,

508-475-1331 W W W calls us Consistently and will not stop calling. We've attempted repeatedly to get them for Quit. And we are on your National Do not Phone List.

Post by mama,

5084751331 same old same old. . . . lower your attention rates blah blah Put Upwards on them. . . 3 calls from Distinct Places. . . must be same Ignorant Number of scampers. . .

Post by Dave Acaley,

508-475-1331 Need for 've your Amount removed from their system.

Post by Anon-a-mouse,

5084751331 Starts with automated express warning of last opportunity for info on lowering credit card attention. Pressing 1 transfers you personally to unknown User along with foreign accent. They Put Upwards on me when I did not Work} the way they expected. W reported your Amount but could not call it back. This can be a classic phishing attack System don't present out any information to them.

Post by dan,

508-475-1331 service message on Owner ID

Post by I bang heather,

5084751331 There is no Trouble along with your own account. It's pressing Nonetheless that you contact. . . . . and thus goes the latest scam Frequency out of Ran David Barn ea and his Companion David Post that have been Managing out of that Boa Ra Load and Orlando Places of Florida for years. Cheers to your loose Florida laws on telemarketing Folks like this could 've their computer telephone you personally and Afterward leave a false Phone Amount on your caller id thus you can t tell who is calling you. If you personally need for know more Merely can a investigation on Louise with Account Services and see for yourself.

Post by Kathy Scarbro,

508-475-1331 Please Quit calling . . . . . . . They're harassing us to death .

Post by sonny,

5084751331 service message on caller ID Installed up when said credit card service. . . . Caller W W W

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7079553042 Complains by Guest,

Keeps calling

4064263271 Complains by Guest,

Winning something

7739325049 Complains by Guest,

They kept calling and hanging up. I called back Afterward they Inquired me to verify private inf oration I told them I would t over your phone for send me any Files. I am not aware of owing anything thus would t present out my private data. Afterward I Inquired for them to remove my work Amount and Offered her another number. She Inquired quot you personally believe that is a scam call when we are calling a work Amount quot really would they not believe people get those calls on any line. She was rude. . . . . .

4125679048 Complains by Guest,

ND call in less than W minutes. Telemarketer offering for reduce credit card attention.

9092733580 Complains by Guest,


2166225916 Complains by fritter,

says hes Bob out of something travels. . . . . . . i always fake its not me when he asks for my name

8002968044 Complains by Ron Rotter,

unwanted Telephone calls all the time.

9203821689 Complains by Guest,

rude and disrespectful. CNS each time

8001793904 Complains by sparky,

did t state anything

8002663939 Complains by Elitist Jerk's brother,

You've exceeding your Limitations of political correctness.

8002576163 Complains by bugged by 800 text,

I received several Telephone call along with same number and text Now when I called back gotten recording that lines were busy

8002011085 Complains by Guest,

I can not keep doing the. god bless

8002225377 Complains by ty,

W W 2 W pm no message left on answering machine

8001062994 Complains by Goforatt.com,

Their Domain name name registration Domain name Name GROAT. COM Registry Domain name ID DOMINIC WHO IS Server who is. go Father. com Registrar URL HTTP Web. go Dad. com Update Date W W W W W Design Date W W W W W Registrar Subscription Expiration Date W W W W W Registrar Go Dad. com Registrar IA NA ID Registrar Maltreatment Contact E-mail Registrar Abuse Contact Phone 1. W W Domain Status Standing Standing Status Registrant ID Registrant Name Shannon Charles Registrant Organization Graphic Inc. Registrant Street W Oregon St Registrant City State Province New Jersey Registrant Postal Code W Registrant State United States Registrant Phone 1. Registrant Phone Ext Registrant Fax Registrant Fax Ext Registrant E-mail Registry Admin ID Administrator Name Shannon Charles Management Organization Graphic Inc. Admin Road W Oregon St Admin City State State New Jersey Management Postal Code W Administrator Nation United States Admin Phone 1. Admin Phone Ext Administrator Facsimile Admin Fax Ext Management Email Registry Technology ID Technology Name Shannon Charles Tech Organization Picture Inc. Technology Street W Oregon St Tech City Exhaled State Province New Jersey Tech Postal Code W Tech Nation United States Tech Telephone 1. Tech Phone Ext Tech Facsimile Technology Facsimile Ext Tech Email Name Server N'S. Domain name CONTROL. COM Name Server N'S. Domain name CONTROL. CONDENSES unsigned URL of that ICAHN WHO IS Information Issue Reporting System HTTP DPs. intern. internet

8002379517 Complains by Jen,

Received telephone out of this number W 2 W and replied. Owner previously mentioned her name was Daisy Martinez that I had been referred for her as someone in investigation of employment. I asked who she was along with and she replied United Employment Placement . I asked who had referred me and she hesitated stated that her computer was slow and eventually that she did not 've that information on her screen and that her manager who has Approval for supply Outside that info had left for that day and that she would 've him call me back. I told her not for annoyance that I have an excellent Occupation and to not call me anymore. Gotten another phone from your same number and same woman though she called herself Joanne at my place of employment on that Primary switchboard line I Run that Telephone part time along along with my accounting Obligations . She asked for me by name and what my extension is not Understanding that she was speaking with me. Without revealing my identity I asked her for verify her name and who she was calling on Part of. She hung up instantly. This can be definitely many type of scam. I don t understand how they 've my cell phone number and work phone number but they won t be playing me for a idiot. So glad I found the site.

8002153427 Complains by Ghosty,

Did not phone . . . this number Comprised in a SPAM email hawking some kind of make money at Dwelling Structure.

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