5084751395 / 508-475-1395

Telephone information: Verizon New England Inc.. Worcester, MA. Worcester. United states
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Post by aaron,

5084751395 the number keeps calling a few times a daytime and leaves no message. I phone it back and many reply machine says to remove yourself from this call list press 1 Then it says the could take a few days to happen. About three weeks Past I had the same matter except a different number. Submitted a Gripe here and it st oped. But now the fresh number . . .

Post by Guest,

508-475-1395 Just hung up.

Post by Rachael,

5084751395 I did that and am now getting more calls.

Post by Guest,

508-475-1395 They called and when i replied they Installed Upward. Might have been a computer but most likely they were just trying for look for live numbers probably for sell for other spammers for cash. Along with Owner ID blocked I called back and listened to your record saying for click 1 if you personally need for not become called again Nevertheless I'm skeptical since they Offered no valid name so So if you personally do that you are likely for get even MORE calls from them and others. Beware of the number and report it for any authorities you can as it's definitely NOT great.

Post by Cat,

5084751395 I Merely got a brand new Amount and have obtained calls from the number every day since I activated my phone. Three calls a day. Two hours or thus apart.

Post by Mike,

508-475-1395 Do you get these calls to Cease. Can your own Social Job and file a Gripe with the FCC. It Actually does work. go to HTTP Web. FCC. gov Grievances and Complete Outside your type. That feds will Great the owner of that number and if enough Individuals complain the spammers will fast go broke.

Post by Guest,

5084751395 Put Upwards after I state hello

Post by Guest,

508-475-1395 There is no one on that line. Merely silence for few seconds Subsequently hangs Upward. When call back Offers you your Alternative to press 1 and become removed out of calling list. Says takes Upwards to W hours but 2 weeks After still Nut Within calling. . . .

Post by vsteel,

5084751395 I would think that when you personally telephone back or you reply then they know it is a valid Amount and Afterward it gets sold for other telemarketers. I don t believe they are trying for sell anything they are Merely trying for find live Amounts.

Post by Guest,

508-475-1395 Spam number

Post by Cerin Martire,

5084751395 CLEM

Post by doldol,

508-475-1395 Do I get this number for Discontinue calling me.

Post by Linda Wells,

5084751395 Please Discontinue these calls.

Post by DK,

508-475-1395 Stayed on your Telephone along with Stop for 5 seconds. Talked along with a fella named Ben. I told him to give me a number for telephone him back because he called me at work but Only kept wanting me for tell him my first name. Kept telling me he Comprehended and all he wanted was my first name. Allegedly from a Business called Automotive Hardship Coalition of Southern California. They get you personally for Talk by having an Representative Around becoming you personally into a used Automobile with low attention rates. I did t need to provide my first name so he Installed up.

Post by Guest,

5084751395 Com cast

Post by Guest,

508-475-1395 Attempting to sale cars

Post by Rachael,

5084751395 I did that and 'm now becoming more calls.

Post by Guest,

508-475-1395 Spam

Post by Guest,

5084751395 Sales calls. . pals Quit calling me. .

Post by Bob,

508-475-1395 I gotten Around 4 calls from the number on my cell phone. Never a message. Consistently hang Upwards. Now I spoke that the caller who Desired for Place me into a new car . I interrupted that caller and said was not interested and to take me away his call list. We ll see.

Post by leon,

5084751395 Five calls in 7 days and Rising. Several messages above state that they got Installed up on. I thought automated sales calling was illegal without a live person to follow through on your call. What can we would to Quit these calls.

Post by JJ,

508-475-1395 This Amount has called me more than W times within your past 3 days and its a Auto group purportedly. . . its awful and it needs for Discontinue. . . They offer a Credit card if i go Evaluation drive a car its an automated voice. . . i waited it out Attempting for get to your Person for cry at them. . . but no Fortune. . .

Post by Cat,

5084751395 I just got a new number and 've received calls out of the Amount every daytime since I activated my Telephone. Three calls a day. Two hours or so apart.

Post by Guest,

508-475-1395 Don t call

Post by Guest,

5084751395 This W W W Amount was calling my cell Telephone these past two times 9 W W Telephone time 9 W am 9 W W Telephone time 1 W pm 9 W W Phone time 1 W pm 9 W W Telephone time 8 W 'm 9 W W Telephone time 1 W pm I called this number back on a acreage line Telephone and got a Registered woman's express saying quot Thank you personally for calling back. If you want to no longer receive calls Around the specific promotions and be placed on the don't call list please press 1 quot There should be a law Around these kind of companies. . . I called my cell Telephone Service and blocked this number.

Post by Guest,

508-475-1395 I vie now added the Amount for the quot Hushed Ring quot . Funny I did t get any spam Telephone calls while Irene was in the Fresh England Place. . I recognize why they won t leave any info about your company I d NEVER EVER by anything from them and would Decrease my Pals from doing company with them. P. S. The national Do not Call List dozen t appear to work.

Post by Guest,

5084751395 Spam

Post by ELG,

508-475-1395 I have obtained a telephone out of the Amount each afternoon at your same time for a month. Just your phone Amount appears on the caller ID. When I Select Upward your Owner hangs Upward.

Post by Steve,

5084751395 Called twice within two days. No Result hangs Upwards within 4 Seconds of answering telephone.

Post by Jessalynn,

508-475-1395 I have received like 5 or 6 calls a daytime along with no reply as nicely. GA.

Post by Jim,

5084751395 I get calls out of the Amount 3 times a day and no one is there if I reply. Your times are earlier morning and mid afternoon and later in the Night.

Post by Guest,

508-475-1395 Nothing

Post by Deanna,

5084751395 Getting this call multiple times and when you answer they hang Upward. . Afterward you phone that Amount back and get a Quickly active Sign. Getting Actually tired of these calls. . .

Post by kimberli,

508-475-1395 No hint who they're. . . they call 3 times a day occasionally. Quite annoying

Post by Elarius,

5084751395 I m starting for get more and more calls like these. If I don t recognize the number I don t answer it. Additionally when I look for Outside it s a Trash phone I Simply add your number for my Telephone Underneath that name Trash and have it place to no ring . That way I can Simply Remove them.

Post by Anit D'Nibas,

508-475-1395 No message just a missed called about 4 days Past I did t hassle for response b cause it s an UNKNOWN Amount but interest Added me here.

Post by Guest,

5084751395 Watt that he ll they still telephone i asked for become away there calling list W does it take for create them recognize i don t desire there product or phone calls

Post by Guest,

508-475-1395 Put Upwards after I say hello

Post by Camilla,

5084751395 I replied it there was nothing for about 4 seconds and they Put up or the telephone ended somehow . Earlier that day your same thing happened but I Installed up after Reading Stop for a few seconds.

Post by Guest,

508-475-1395 Installed Upwards after I say hello

Post by leon,

5084751395 Got 3 calls Now. . . so Much. Did not response. ID shows Massachusetts .

Post by Tim,

508-475-1395 Thanks Kirk. i been getting that same calls and told Verizon too block the Telephone Amount. i urge everybody would your same Tim

Post by Guest,

5084751395 No answer

Post by Rachael,

508-475-1395 I too get annoying calls from this Amount. I also went to the FCC and reported that Difficulty.

Post by Block This Crap,

5084751395 On Verizon s net Website you can block Upwards for 5 Amounts at a time. try that and take 5 minutes to fill out the FCC Grievance type. Please. It works.

Post by Mike,

508-475-1395 How do you get these calls to Cease. Do your own civic duty and file a Gripe with the FCC. It Actually does work. go for HTTP Web. FCC. gov Criticisms and fill out that kind. That feds will fine that owner of that Amount and if enough people complain your spammers can quickly go broke.

Post by Guest,

5084751395 Com cast

Post by Dominique,

508-475-1395 Got 3 calls today. . . thus Much. Did not answer. ID shows Ma .

Post by Jason,

5084751395 What you need for would is piss them off enjoy reply your phone and Simply let it sit until they hang up or play music or something of your like it s what I vie been doing and it seems for piss them off Very well

Post by julius,

508-475-1395 got a telephone unknown Amount. i did t answer they did t leave a message.

Post by Snagem_s,

5084751395 I get multiple Telephone calls out of this Amount on a daily basis. I ignore it. They hang Upwards. I reply and there is silence for about 3 seconds and then that telephone is disconnected.

Post by Michele,

508-475-1395 They called me three times the morning and no just one was ever on the phone

Post by Aisling,

5084751395 Comes Upward on Owner ID as West borough Mum Stop for a few Instants and Afterward you personally state Hi and a record begins. Nothing substantive. . .

Post by Guest,

508-475-1395 Local auto group

Post by Guest,

5084751395 Advisers

Post by Guest,

508-475-1395 Advertising

Post by Guest,

5084751395 That is a recorded message about Charge cards and Evaluation driving cars. SPAM.


508-475-1395 THIRD TIME The WEEK I Obtained A Call From W W W. . . . NO Just one THERE. WHAT A PAIN.

Post by Guest,

5084751395 It s a record not an actual person.

Post by Guest,

508-475-1395 Security company

Post by Meta4,

5084751395 Received calls from these People. Was within Assembly amp called them back. Record said Face 1 to stop receiving calls. Dialed 1 amp still got called. I wish them 3 times everything they deserve.

Post by Guest,

508-475-1395 calls constantly they should be report wed for fraud

Post by cae1962,

5084751395 This number keeps calling my cell dozen t leave a message I think blocking it on that Verizon Site sounds like an excellent idea

Post by Dan R.,

508-475-1395 I response the phone and they hang up. It takes four or five seconds before that but it's hushed. Anyone understand what it's Around. I 've acquired at least four calls out of this number.

Post by Guest,

5084751395 I have been getting several calls a daytime out of the Amount. That Owner ID says Massachusetts. I eventually answered it and when he Released himself as from a few Vehicle group I told him for remove me out of his calling list and told him we 're on that don't phone list. He did not reply me or say anything else. We ll see if he calls back. SOHO annoying.

Post by Guest,

508-475-1395 spam

Post by Tim,

5084751395 Thanks Kirk. i been getting that same calls and told Verizon overly block this phone Amount. i advocate everybody do your same Tim

Post by Guest,

508-475-1395 Did you personally get a telephone or text from W W W. Yes X within 1 day. when called back company name could not become located. Saved with No Ring under Don't Reply placing. Do not Link along with the Fake firm

Post by J Hansmann,

5084751395 Exactly why are they calling me.

Post by DJ,

508-475-1395 I overly 've been called continually from the Amount and also from W W W along with this same results you all have been getting. I 've been on that do not telephone list since March W which i hoped would help. I finally called my cell Telephone company for block these calls. Hope the works. Additionally if you Google dentally. gov there's a file a Gripe section. I 'm hoping that may work Please if you could Additionally enroll a Grievance that would help them understand there surely is more that among people who want these calls to Discontinue. Thanks

Post by BJ,

5084751395 Repeated calls with no voice send.

Post by Lynn,

508-475-1395 How do I get this Amount for Quit calling me. They telephone 5 times a day.

Post by Bashfulrabbit,

5084751395 I m on Do not Phone list but telemarketers keep calling. If I don t Comprehend the Region code I not only don t answer I Move the Amount as Stupid Telemarketer along with a hushed ring tone. Works until they Go on for another phone Amount.

Post by Sue,

508-475-1395 Someone said they called Verizon and had it blocked. My calls are coming through my Race Cell phone. I Merely called Sprint and they said they may 've it blocked for me in W minutes. I overly pressed 1 and I Simply keep getting calls for many weeks each single daytime. Race told me they will block and W digit Amount but if it s an W number the Owner might try another way to contact your public. The Special Business should become Close down.

Post by Guest,

5084751395 Spam

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7079553042 Complains by Guest,

Keeps calling

4064263271 Complains by Guest,

Winning something

7739325049 Complains by Guest,

They kept calling and hanging up. I called back Afterward they Inquired me to verify private inf oration I told them I would t over your phone for send me any Files. I am not aware of owing anything thus would t present out my private data. Afterward I Inquired for them to remove my work Amount and Offered her another number. She Inquired quot you personally believe that is a scam call when we are calling a work Amount quot really would they not believe people get those calls on any line. She was rude. . . . . .

4125679048 Complains by Guest,

ND call in less than W minutes. Telemarketer offering for reduce credit card attention.

9092733580 Complains by Guest,


2166225916 Complains by fritter,

says hes Bob out of something travels. . . . . . . i always fake its not me when he asks for my name

8002968044 Complains by Ron Rotter,

unwanted Telephone calls all the time.

9203821689 Complains by Guest,

rude and disrespectful. CNS each time

8002075833 Complains by Guest,

A representative from Grand Canyon University asking me if i would like to take an online course to obtain a masters degree in the field of my choice (blah blah blah)... So annnoying, not sure how they got my information especially since i already have a master's degree!!!!!! Have tried several times to be taken off their list with no luck!!!!

8002657805 Complains by jo,

i had no idea who was calling no messages and if i dint no that number i dint reply. i called that number back and located out who it was. they call at PM and 'm. like I'm going to answer anyway something should become done Around that harassment

8002406643 Complains by Greg Hewitt,

It gets previous getting these calls especially earlier within the mornings. I have told them for please Discontinue within a Fine manner but they don't understand what Quit means it there a way to make them Discontinue calling . .

8002510533 Complains by Johnny Walker,

Receiving the call Virtually each day. No MSG's left if you personally don t answer. If you personally response I am certain you can make Outside it's coming from one of the telephone Locations within India.

8002238118 Complains by Guest,

Block the number

8002568825 Complains by Guest,

Weekly Sometimes daily calls along with no one on another Finish when I Choose Upwards. Fills Upward my answering machine.

8002374444 Complains by Customer,

This was a customer service representative from Cabala s. Not an unsolicited Owner they called me Around my Present order. All great.

8002174017 Complains by dri22,

i get two calls a day on my cell. its got for stop

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