5085531913 / 508-553-1913

Telephone information: Verizon New England Inc.. Franklin, MA. Norfolk. United states
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Post by Sami,

5085531913 This woman called me, incredibly hostile telling me I owed money. I told her I do not work and pay bills as I get paid what I can and she started screaming asking well then how do I live and telling me I was rude and she was putting me as non-compliant so they could sue me. Sue away I guess?

Post by Annoyed,

508-553-1913 I just got a missed call from this number and looked it up, and found that there were several complaints. When the number called again, I picked it up and said, "Don't call this number again." And the guy asked me why and if there was a law that said he couldn't. Super annoying. Didn't say who he was.

Post by Kathy,

5085531913 I got a telephone out of this Amount asking for me or my Partner said her name was Bridget Wells and was calling Around a personal subject we'd along with her office. No Notion who this is and we have no personal Issues along with any office. Won't be calling back Established on the above places.

Post by Cheryl,

508-553-1913 Extreme man identifying himself as Al Post instructing me for phone. No data.

Post by Jane,

5085531913 The Girl called and left a message for me or my Man and said she Wanted info for a file viewing the Child. I was suspicious but I called that Amount. A Girl asked me for my reference number. I told her I did t have just one. She had me hanging for some time thus I notion that Perhaps it was many kind of scam and Put Upwards on here. Happy I located your own Website. There surely is definitely shady here.

Post by Confused Home Owner,

508-553-1913 Yes We got a phone out of Liz Meagan or something like that. She was very rude to my Mommy on the Telephone. Your Trouble is that we Merely purchased a fresh Dwelling and got this Telephone number thus we've no Notion what the Condition is. She wont tell us who she s working for and demanded that we tell her our name and then Asserted that WE were wasting HER time. . . . Yes correct.

Post by Running from phone,

5085531913 Liz Meagan left a message on my phone searching for my cousin who does not live here. She did not state where she was calling from. Sounded Very shady for me. My cousin has no Notion what this can be about. Become careful. Sounds like a scam.

Post by bill,

508-553-1913 The was a Amount left on my Mum s replying machine. . really Extreme Owner about a legal issue with my ex wife. . would not identify himself but insisted I had a legal prob. . which I don't.

Post by make it stop!,

5085531913 I feel thus Considerably better now that i 've located the vision. I overly get calls daily out of Liz Keenan. She demands Information and won't tell me why she is calling. I tell her I would become joyful for discuss a question with her if she lets me understand just exactly why she is calling. No Go. Any real Business would offer you personally their Information.

Post by TG,

508-553-1913 Had a Telephone call out of Liz Meagan very or nary and Hostile acting like a snot nosed brat. Also legal Issues we have nothing of the type thus i dint understand where she gets away being such a pain in the End may become a scam become careful.

Post by Ms Smith,

5085531913 Got a call this morning fro. This number saying I owed a medical bill. When I asked for the name of the hospital he gave me my city and state. I told him that any bills would be covered under insurance and I needed to contact the hospital to find out was going on. He mentioned some disease that was treated for that was false. He then preceded to tell me I was being rude and the hospital will not speak to me. Hung up screaming they will garnish my pay. I called the local hospital he mentioned later in the call and was advised this was more than likely a scam since I don't owe any money.

Post by BarbaraV,

508-553-1913 Man called and said there is a case in his office and needed to speak with me right away. However he called a family member and it got back to me.....then put it in writing. Very rude man.

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8328911815 Complains by Guest,

Calls and hangs Upward with no express send.

3108176899 Complains by Guest,

Telephone no 1 on other end

4253548797 Complains by Guest,


8316824244 Complains by Angel,

When Inquired who was calling they Put Upwards. They keep calling but won't identify themselves.

8329600021 Complains by shell,

called and said that i committed 3 counts of fraud for something that i dont even have...stated that us national bank is going to come after me....

3038092751 Complains by Guest,

David Fisher General Contractor Hilton, NY, 14468 (585) 392-2651 David Fisher General Contractor is family owned and operated and we have more than 30 years of experience. Do not hesitate to call us now. General Contractor, Carpenter, Siding Contractor, Deck Builder, Handyman http://dfgeneralcontractor.com

4195260128 Complains by Guest,


6467375312 Complains by Guest,

grimy. twit DNA

8002330144 Complains by Police charities do this,

That unfortunate truth is that telemarketers 've found new ways to continue to harass you personally. Since charities are exempt from your Do not phone list the Tm's 've contracted with many charities many legit a few not to can their phone fund raising for them. Sounds good when the Tm's 've guaranteed for supply a particular Sum to that charity BUT after that Sum is achieved your TM gets most of the money beyond that sometimes W to W Percentage. If you need to give for your charity do so directly. If these Tm's are bothering you Afterward you should hint up for their Central Do not phone list. If they keep calling after that you can sue them for large amounts of money. Could be Port Generations out of Atlanta GA. If thus BEWARE. . .

8002694179 Complains by Ann,

I agree that this is a Absolute scam. The Market a free W Walmart present card Afterward try to hook you in for W. W worth Publications. I even had not reply my phone to their number but used a different on and Only been released out of hospital and not Actually conscious of what was going on. Then the Individual I called said that she would get it canceled so I will see what happens. That are trying to get away with two Distinct charges.

8002593275 Complains by Tiny,

SCAM Obtained 2 calls from W W W Recently and today from W W W. Stating I was Granted W for being Outstanding customer and go for AT amp MEGATONS for State.

8002313760 Complains by Tee Kay,

L Key w SE. I got fooled Lately. Watch Outside Men.

8002563648 Complains by Ryan,

I vie been becoming 2 3 calls a day for over a week out of this number. No company name is left simply your call back Amount and hours of operation. Whenever I telephone the Amount i get a message saying all circuits are occupied and for attempt my telephone again later. I vie tried 2 3 times a day for that last three times along with that same message each time.

8002147846 Complains by Guest,

plays on pH

8002151960 Complains by False Phone charges,

They claim to be that WEST Firm National Tel Service Firm and on and on If you personally telephone them they can give you untrue info and may refuse for provide their Accurate company name. They work along with Exchange Clearing and may bill your local Telephone Firm for false services. Appearance at your bill for the 8. W unexplained charge on your Statement.

8002596991 Complains by lamet,

Yes they do understand that you aren't responsible THEY DON T Attention They're BREAKING Laws They hope they could harass you personally into paying these bills. Or which you Do not Know WHAT They are DOING IS Illegality Internet. Buddhas. com collector pages liposuction. hemophilia's amp Cohen Contacts Ltd. W Rancor's Rd. Southampton NJ W Telephone W W Facsimile W W Debt Negotiation amp Death Lovers. Matthew M. Phillips Chairman CEO Email email W protected Adam S. Cohen Co Chairman CEO Email email W protected Net Address Www. Phillips Cohen. com Departure Letters Incredibly Mindless or a Massive Ruse. These Folks aren't not alive Mr. Departure Collector. Bud Says Client Opinions Below Adam S. Cohen Attorney Debt amp Departure Collector Adam S. Cohen Esq. Functions as Co Chairman CEO of Phillips amp Cohen Contacts Ltd. a collection agency servicing that industry s Top creditors and debt buyers in the Us Canada and Uk. In addition to providing traditional recovery services Phillips amp Cohen Associates offers Exceptional and Advanced programs and is recognized as your marketplace Head within Complete deceased debt retrieval. Educated at Your George Washington University and Villa nova University School of Law Mr. Cohen has overseen Businesses at Phillips amp Cohen Associates out of 1 office at inception for six domestic and two international sites comprising About W employees. Adam S. Cohen Phillips amp Cohen Associates Ltd. Photograph courtesy Google That story Around debt collectors collecting from the solemn is Accurate Simply ask Adam S. Cohen attorney partner and debt collector of Phillips amp Cohen. This Brand new Jersey Bureau has sent letters for money within as small as one week after that departure of a Buyer. Their agency Directed} out thousands of letters to individuals who were not dead within what was After said for become a massive blunder on their part. See Departure Letters above . Phillips amp Cohen is also included in filing Mediation claims from their P office. Don t expect to get any Files that validity to their States many consumers we've talked with say they don t exist. Expect for lose that AB States as Phillips amp Cohen 've jumped on that FREE cash Practice that National Negotiation Forum Minneapolis MN is driving across America where debt collectors have a W. W ensure of a W profit on their claims. Since validation of debts is a challenging if not hopeless Job for bottom feeders such as Phillips amp Cohen they 've also been Understood to collect for other vulture debt Lovers who've little or documents that back up their claims. Could death debt Lovers like Phillips amp Cohen screw you personally to passing Afterward screw you. Looks for me as though Adam S. Cohen has already replied that question. extortion. Finding money or property by threat to some victim s property or loved People intimidation or false State of a appropriate such as pretending to become an Government agent . It is a Prison in all states except that a direct threat to Injury your Sufferer is Generally treated as that crime of robbery. Blackmail is a form of extortion in which that Risk is for expose embarrassing damaging information for family friends or that People. See also blackmail robbery Thieving This non law Company Set Bureau appears for be a cesspool of misfits and lawbreakers that victim on People with their lawlessness. NEVER offer them any information in your bank credit Reports or post dated checks. You may Sorrow IT. . Warning I recommend you personally NEVER divulge your bank account or credit card information to a debt collector as you risk them emptying your own account or maxing out your credit card. If You're feeling they're reporting in your credit Business files within error or need assist within dealing along with them E-mail your details w your own location. Assist and Recommendation to a Buyer legal Consultant could become Accessible. File Criticisms with Federal Commerce Commission HTTP Www. . gov Factorized. asp. Lang en Your State Attorney General State Attorney General is every state they have offices Link to all State Attorney General Websites Www. nag. org If you or they're located within NY use the Special Link Internet. Netball. com The special Web site was created by NY AG Claire Como especially for reporting prohibited debt collection Methods. HE S Cracking DOWN AND SHUTTING THEM DOWN. Additionally report your calls and Associates with debt Lovers at HTTP Web. Buddhas. com index. HTML If the company is listed Underneath agencies report there. If not on your list However click on Watch list. and add for your list. You are able to Additionally post here HTTP Internet. Lovers exposed. com forum index. PP. board 2. Debt Lovers Do not Want You personally For Understand This Info. That INFORMED Client IS Your DEBT Lovers WORST ENEMY. Dealing with Debt Lovers HTTP Internet. Buddhas. com start. homesteaded of Constraints by State consistently double check Your own OWN STATE Authorities Site HTTP Internet. Buddhas. com . directing calls from Debt Lovers always Twice check Your OWN STATE Government Site Internet. Buddhas. com record. humdrum Federal Commerce Commission Web site Good DEBT Group Practices Act Debt Group FAQs A Guide for Consumers If you re behind in paying your own bills or a creditor s records erroneously make it Look that you are a debt collector may be Calling you. The National Commerce Commission FTC your nation s Client protection agency enforces your Fair Debt Set Practices Work} FD CPA which prohibits debt collectors from using abusive unjust or deceptive practices for Gather from you. Underneath the FD CPA a debt collector is someone who Consistently collects debts owed for others. This Comprises collection agencies lawyers who collect debts on a Routine basis and Firms that buy delinquent debts and Afterward try and collect them. Here are a few questions and answers Around your rights Underneath your Work}. What types of debts are covered. Your Act covers personal family and Family debts including money you personally owe on your own credit card account an auto loan a medical Invoice and your own mortgage. Your FD CPA dozen t cover debts you personally incurred to run a company. Could a debt collector contact me any time or any Put. No. A debt collector could possibly not contact you personally at inconvenient times or Areas such as before 8 in your morning or after 9 at nighttime unless you personally concur for it. And collectors could not contact you personally at work if they re told orally or within writing which you re not allowed for get calls there. Can I Quit a debt collector from contacting me. If a collector contacts you personally Around a debt you could desire to Discuss for them at least once for see you are able to resolution your subject even if you don t think you owe your debt could t repay it instantaneously or think the collector is contacting you by error. If you personally determine after Calling the debt collector which you don t desire the collector for contact you tell your collector in Composing to Quit Calling you. Here s the way to do that Create a Reproduce of your notice. Send your original by certified mail and pay for a return reception thus you personally ll be Competent to document what your collector received. Once the collector receives your letter they might not contact you again along with two exceptions a collector could contact you personally for tell you personally there can become no more contact or to let you personally know that they or that Collector intend for take a Unique Actions like Processing a litigation. Sending such a notification to a debt collector you owe money for does not get rid of your debt but it should Cease that contact. The creditor or the debt collector still could sue you for Amass the debt. Can a debt collector contact anyone else about my debt. If an attorney is Signifying you about the debt the debt collector must contact the Lawyer rather than you personally. If you personally don t have an Lawyer a collector could possibly contact other Individuals but only to find Outside your address your home phone Amount and where you work. Lovers Normally are prohibited out of Calling third Events more than once. Other than to Get this Place information about you personally a debt collector generally is not Allowed to discuss your own debt with anyone other than you your own Partner or your attorney. What does your debt collector have for tell me about that debt. Each collector must send you personally a Composed Approval see telling you how much money you personally owe in five times after they first contact you. This notice also must Contain the name of your Collector to whom you personally owe your money and the best way to Carry on if you don t think you personally owe the money. Can a debt collector keep contacting me if I don t think I owe any cash. If you personally send your debt collector a notice stating you don t owe any or all of the money or asking for Proof of your debt that collector must Quit Calling you personally. You've to send that page within W times after you personally receive your Agreement detect. But a collector can begin contacting you again if it sends you Composed Proof of that debt enjoy a Reproduce of a bill for your Sum you personally owe. What practices are away limits for debt collectors. Harassment. Debt Lovers may not harass oppress or abuse you or any third Events they contact. For example they might not use threats of violence or harm publish an inventory of names of people who refuse to pay their debts but they can give this data to the credit reporting Firms use obscene or profane language or repeatedly use your Telephone to annoy someone. False statements. Debt Lovers might not lie when they are Striving to collect a debt. For example they could not falsely State that they're Lawyers or government Associates falsely State which you have committed a crime falsely signify that they operate or work for a credit reporting Business misrepresent your amount you owe Show that Reports they send You're legal forms if they arena t or indicate that Reports they send for you Stadium t legal forms if they are. Debt Lovers also are prohibited from saying that you will be arrested if you personally don t pay your debt they ll capture garnish attach or sell your own property or wages unless they are Allowed by law to take the action and Plan for do thus or legal action can be Chosen against you if doing thus would be prohibited or if they don t Plan for take that Activity. Debt Lovers could possibly not present false credit data Around you personally to anyone including a credit reporting Business send you personally anything that looks like an official Record from a court or government agency if it USN t or use a untrue Business name. Unjust practices. Debt collectors could possibly not participate within unfair practices when they try to Accumulate a debt. For example they could not try and collect any interest Price or other charge on top of the Sum you owe unless your contract that created your own debt or your own state law allows the charge deposit a post dated Assess early take or threaten to take your own property unless it can be done legally or contact you by postcard. Can I control which debts my Funds apply for. Yes. If a debt collector is Attempting for Gather more than 1 debt out of you that collector must apply any payment you personally create for that debt you personally choose. Similarly Significant a debt collector could possibly not Implement a payment to some debt you don t believe you personally owe. Could a debt collector garnish my bank account or my Salaries. If you personally don t pay a debt a creditor or its debt collector Usually can sue you for Accumulate. If they win that court will enter a Ruling against you personally. That Ruling states that amount of cash you personally owe and Enables that Collector or collector for get a garnishment order against you personally directing a third Celebration like your bank to turn around funds from your account for pay your debt. Wage garnishment happens when your own Workplace withholds component of your own compensation to pay your debts. Your wages Typically could become garnished just as the result of a court purchase. Don t ignore a lawsuit summons. If you do you personally lose that option to fight a wage garnishment. Could federal benefits become garnished. Many federal Advantages are exempt from garnishment including Social Security Benefits Extra Security Income SIS Benefits Masters Gains Civil Service and Federal Retirement and Disability Benefits Service Members Pay Military Annuities and Children Benefits Student Assistance Railroad Retirement Advantages Merchant Seamen Earnings Longshoremen s and Seaport Employees Departure and Impairment Gains Foreign Service Pension and Impairment Benefits Compensation for Harm Passing or Detention of Employees of U. S. Contractors Outside your U. S. Federal Emergency Direction Agency National Calamity Support But National Advantages might be garnished Underneath specific circumstances including to pay delinquent Fees alimony kid support or Pupil loans. Would I have any recourse if I think a debt collector has violated your law. You have that appropriate to sue a collector in a state or federal court in 1 year from the date your law was violated. If you personally Triumph your judge can Demand your collector for pay you for any damages you can prove you endured because of that prohibited Group Methods like lost wages and medical bills. Your judge can Need that debt collector for pay you personally Upwards to 1 W even if you can t prove you suffered True damages. You Additionally could be reimbursed for your own Lawyer s fees and court Prices. A group of Folks Additionally could possibly sue a debt collector as component of a class Activity suit and regain money for damages Upwards to W W or just one Percentage of that collector s net value whichever amount is lower. Even if a debt collector violates your FD CPA in Attempting for collect a debt the debt doesn't go away if you personally owe it. What should I do in case a debt collector sues me. If your debt collector files a litigation against you personally for Amass a debt respond for that litigation either personally or through your own Attorney by that date Given within that court Documents for preserve your own rights. Where would I report a debt collector for an alleged Misdemeanor. Report any Issues you have along with a debt collector for your state Attorney General s office Www. nag. org and the Federal Trade Commission Web. FTC. gov . Many states 've their own debt collection laws which are different in the federal Good Debt Collection Methods Act. Your own Lawyer General s office could help you determine your own rights under your own state s law. For More Data For learn more Around debt Group and other credit Linked issues See Web. FTC. gov credit and My Money. gov the U. S. Authorities s Site to Monetary Instruction. That FTC works for that Client to prevent Fake Fake and unjust business practices within that Market and for Supply info to help Buyers Position Quit and avoid them. For file a Criticism or to get free data on Buyer issues visit FTC. gov or phone toll free 1 W FTC HELP 1 W W W TY 1 W W W. The FTC enters consumer complaints into that Client Sentinel Network a Safe online database and investigative tool used by hundreds of civil and criminal law Administration agencies in the U. S. and abroad February W

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