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Telephone information: Level 3 Communications. Swansea, MA. Bristol. United states
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Post by Guest,

5088120643 I have got this phone every night now and no just one would say anything when I picked Upward. But Today when they called your guy said his name was Rodney Subsequently he said it was jimmy. I called that Telephone company they said this Men is making the calls over your Web and your simply matter I may do is go for your police. Thus I went for that Cops and filled Outside report for them for appearance into the.

Post by FedUp2,

508-812-0643 Called twice. No just one there. Common and we re on that don't phone list.

Post by ARNOII,

5088120643 I gotten a call from this Amount overly and they hung Upward when I kept asking who was calling.

Post by KL,

508-812-0643 We Generally don t reply. Tonight we did and they Merely stayed on that line saying nothing until I finally Installed Upwards. Thus glad I go ogled your Amount cheers.

Post by john in millis,

5088120643 Merely got a telephone from this number. let answering machine take phone and I heard a male state got the replying machine again

Post by Guest,

508-812-0643 Two calls in two days. First one Maintained to be from quot chimney cleaning Business quot based within NY quot we re going to be in your area along with W sweeping Cope blah blah quot . Second telephone Promised for become out of American Energy Savers. org with an identical Cope. Referred to some number called W W W which seems to be legit. Very best case scenario. . . appears enjoy a case of annoying Telephone solicitation.

Post by Guest,

5088120643 i hang up when they call thus please Cease calling my house W I'm weary of becoming that calls

Post by VWCabbie,

508-812-0643 ND night within a Line this number has called and Afterward hung up after I answered. Local number concerns me for Housing houses. Added to my block telephone list that Com project has.

Post by Sandy,

5088120643 So Simply tell them to hold on a minute while you get your calendar and Place that Telephone down. Don t go back to it until they 've hung Upward.

Post by Annoyed,

508-812-0643 Called telling me Hi that is Amanda in the Chimney Business I m calling to make an apt to Clear out the finance . . . . when I said who. she said nervously that Chimney Business we service that finance . . . . I said I m sorry you personally must 've that wrong number we already have a service for that . . . . she sounded nervous said sorry and quickly Put Upward. I May}n' become erroneous but it kinda sounded like a scam for me. . . . be thorough Individuals.

Post by Charles,

5088120643 called. . and no Man on your line. . my Friend said to for be cautious. . . they case your homes like the for rob you

Post by angry home owner,

508-812-0643 I keep becoming calls out of the Amount when I am not House. When I telephone it back a record immediately says The Google voice Customer you have called isn't available. Please leave a message.

Post by This is disconcerting,

5088120643 The number called my house at 3 PM on 1 W W. Subsequently again on 1 W W at 1 PM. Sound like they're Housing Households. The caller ID Only says NOT Accessible. I live within Ma thus recognized your Region code but I did not reply either phone.

Post by annoyed,

508-812-0643 I 've acquired 4 calls out of this Amount already this week. It seems enjoy you personally believe you personally vie Fixed unwanted telemarketer calls Afterward someone else decides to find a way for annoy you personally. They don t leave a message and the Owner is unknown . I m happy to see so many others reporting the.

Post by Hhhh,

5088120643 We got three phone Recently 2 W W we replied and there was no response on that line. We are within Vermouth too

Post by Sick of 508 812 0643 also,

508-812-0643 We 're from your South Coast. We Only got a call 2 minutes ago and had just one last nighttime. First time we have Discovered the number. We don't Generally Select Upwards Telephone calls from numbers we are not recognizable along with. When answering machine kicked within there was a Switch tone and then your call disconnected.

Post by Sandy,

5088120643 So Only tell them to hold on a moment while you personally get your calendar and put the Telephone down. Don t go back for it until they have Installed Upward.

Post by Hhhh,

508-812-0643 We got three telephone Recently 2 W W we answered and there was no Result on that line. We are in Vermouth too

Post by Franklin,

5088120643 I just got a telephone here within Franklin Mum seems like they are transferring around to brand new territory. I did t answer and they did t leave a message.

Post by Kellie,

508-812-0643 same here Acquired 2 calls within one daytime. When I replied there was nobody there. Called back that Amount and said your Google voice Client was unavailable. Pain in the .

Post by Same calls,

5088120643 I vie received a few calls out of the Amount m Equipped amp dangerous if they enter this house

Post by Sandy,

508-812-0643 I m Additionally on a Don't Phone list but was informed by among that many unwanted phone calls I receive this only Employs to someone Striving for sell something. It doesn't Comprise Reviews or anything else. Its quite annoying.

Post by Automatic Weapons,

5088120643 Called twice Today and they Installed Upward both times when I replied. Generally I would t Select up. Caller ID says Swansea. Most Folks screen their calls so if they re thinking nobody is Dwelling because nobody answers they re within for lots of surprises at lots of houses. .

Post by Guest,

508-812-0643 Numerous phone hang up calls out of this GOOGLE Client for times. A real quot Nut quot no uncertainty.

Post by Jessica,

5088120643 We Simply got a phone to this day. Same number and Subsequently they Installed up when I answered. We live within Boston. Sketchy.

Post by Chris,

508-812-0643 Just got that same phone and called back and got your Google voice customer not Accessible as nicely. I heard a woman s voice within that background saying something Around not Operating her House at 5. Strange. I vie been getting other peculiar calls recently as nicely.

Post by Guest,

5088120643 I replied and they stayed on your line Merely listening or something.

Post by 2Dogs,

508-812-0643 Additionally obtained a telephone out of this number and did t response phone. This really is that third time the has happened. I don t response calls out of unknown Amounts or blocked Amounts. I m also on that Do not Call list and we have two Pets who are not partial to strange noises or strangers.

Post by Jessica,

5088120643 We Simply got a call to this afternoon. Same number and Afterward they Installed Upward when I replied. We live within Ma. Sketchy.

Post by Lisa,

508-812-0643 Same here just got a telephone as of today 2 9 W . . . we have been within your W belt Milford area . . . calling Outside here overly. My phone has your ability for block unwanted Telephone numbers . . . suppose what they're now. BLOCKED.

Post by annoyed,

5088120643 I Discovered someone asking if the was just in that Thus. Coast that People were receiving these calls please remainder assured it s not. I too 'm calling the Attorney General s office and that police.

Post by freaked out,

508-812-0643 actually Merely got a telephone out of this Amount. wt

Post by Guest,

5088120643 Called house at least twice and disconnected.

Post by Mark,

508-812-0643 We vie been getting one or two calls a daytime out of the number for the last week. If I Choose Upwards they Only hang Upward. If I don t Select Upwards they don t leave a message.

Post by Baffled,

5088120643 obtained a phone yesterday record of Allah O Akbar chanting Arrived on the phone than a Man came on the phone for request for chimney sweep service got a telephone again this morning did not Select Upwards the phone.

Post by Sara,

508-812-0643 Only list end for my voice send and it was a girl who was calling but there was a Men voice in your background yelling knucklehead ill show you knucklehead ill bash your own head within and the girl on your Telephone was laughing saying still down and you could tell there was another girl within the History along with your man Attempting for settle him down. This is quite Peculiar. . . . .

Post by sean,

5088120643 They called my Telephone at 'm and PM the evening. . Who are these Individuals that phone and don t Speak on another line for us. .

Post by Walpole,

508-812-0643 They called a few times Recently but did t state a thing when I answered when that machine Decided up. They called twice Now and I called back for leave a message. Minutes After a call Arrived from an unknown number and a man asked for me by my last name before hanging up.

Post by Guest,

5088120643 when I answered they did not talk Subsequently I Put up. when we called your number back it was a recording. . . i left a message asking who they were and did they intend to phone me. no answer and no return phone out of them. creepy.

Post by what a freak,

508-812-0643 I answered they said they were calling to schedule a time to clean the burners I said what. and the lady said do you understand what those are. they're Demanded for be cleaned every W months. I Inquired if we'd called them and she said no we re calling you personally. I said Like a service. and she said what difference does it make. or something and Afterward she hung Upwards. . .

Post by also annoyed,

5088120643 Certain happy I did t reply that call.

Post by KL,

508-812-0643 We Generally don t answer. Tonight we did and they Simply stayed on the line saying nothing until I eventually hung up. Thus happy I go ogled your number thanks.

Post by police issue?,

5088120643 Only got a call from your same Amount. Saturday W W am

Post by bob,

508-812-0643 These calls create me really furious. Some absolute jerk amp Buddies.

Post by Nicole,

5088120643 Not leaving messages and calling everyday

Post by Guest,

508-812-0643 Inquired for homeowner by name refused to leave message stayed on that line for a while before he hung Upwards.

Post by Pissed off guy,

5088120643 These jerks Simply called my house. I answered and said Hi. No response. By your third Hi I'm now yelling it into the phone. Nothing enrages me more than when someone calls and says nothing. I screamed Hi for the Last and final time without any response. I eventually threw the phone within a blind fit of anger. I m filing a Grievance along with the Right Experts these jerks owe me a brand new phone and a sincere apology. God 'm I mad.

Post by Guest,

508-812-0643 Striving to sell me chimney cleaning as they quot would be in the Place quot knew my last name.

Post by Sandy,

5088120643 I m also on a Don't Phone list but was informed by among the many unwanted phone calls I receive this simply applies to someone Attempting for sell something. It does not Comprise Reviews or anything else. Its really annoying.

Post by Butch,

508-812-0643 This Man keeps calling my phone a couple times a day. My Partner answered Recently and there was Simply someone breathing on the line and they would not state who they were. Clearly whoever this can be Housing your place and obviously others for your motive of Taking away a a B amp E. They're a Number of crooks no doubt. There 've been a rash of burglaries and these are Likely many of that crooks USN t there any manner your Cops could track that owner of this number down and investigate. They can Likely locate Short tons of stolen Product where these thugs are located . .

Post by concerning,

5088120643 5 minutes Past same matter. . . number called and i heard them hang Upwards when i answered

Post by Coolron,

508-812-0643 Additionally just got a telephone out of the . If they are casing Households as a few Individuals suspect . . . This retired PD guy would love for introduce them for his Pals Smith amp Wesson. I Additionally don t response calls from unknown s

Post by Bob,

5088120643 I talked with someone at your Attorney General s office and they're looking into it.

Post by kimmy,

508-812-0643 I Only got two calls from this number in the past two times which I did t answer but I live in Cambridge which is not in your typical Place. Anyway they re welcome for come and meet my my exceptionally fear aggressive dog who dozen t even let friendly Individuals in your house.

Post by Nearby,

5088120643 Called Merely before PM. It showed Swansea Ma thus I answered it since I also live within Mum. Nothing they just hung Upward. It does sound enjoy they are casing Houses so be thorough.

Post by Guest,

508-812-0643 the has called my house phone three times within 5 times someone is on your line no just one Discussions. . . weird

Post by miliedwards,

5088120643 Acquired 2 calls in just one day. When I replied there was nobody there. Called back the number and said the Google express Customer was unavailable.

Post by Joanne,

508-812-0643 Just got that Th phone for your week gets Actually annoying that no one answers. Who can I contact for stop these calls for my House phone and who should I report it for.

Post by another Cambridge resident,

5088120643 They telephone repeatedly and hang Upward. The time I called back and got your Telephone disconnected message I m not sure how that could be . Definitely this Telephone should get disconnected.

Post by h2,

508-812-0643 they look for become Carefully going down our street

Post by Guest,

5088120643 Hung Upward when I answered.

Post by home,

508-812-0643 same in vermouth 2 W W two calls at night

Post by Me too Sick of 508 812 0643,

5088120643 Simply got a call Th daytime within a row and 'm calling the Cops Within Rock land

Post by also annoyed,

508-812-0643 When I answered a telephone from the number at 5 W on January Th W and said hello no 1 responded. That Owner ID Merely said Swansea Ma. That is the first time we have gotten a call from the number. When I called the number back there was a recording that Only said something along that lines of the voice Customer you've called isn't available please leave a message at that tone . Highly annoying.

Post by joshua harris,

5088120643 same here

Post by Guest,

508-812-0643 It's a Google express Amount. Acquired a hang Upward telephone in Plymouth Mum 6 PM 1 W W.

Post by Sandy,

5088120643 Keeps calling and when I response no just one is there or they keep hanging up.

Post by Thomas,

508-812-0643 These jerks 've called many times. When I eventually answered I was abrupt and he Indian Feature told me f you. This is harassment and AG in Mother. should become notified.

Post by Guest,

5088120643 Called and Inquired for us by the last name. When I asked how he got that Amount he said it was magic and Put Upward on me. I weary to phone the Amount right back would not go through.

Post by Guest,

508-812-0643 He called me Now and all i heard we load bangs. Yes also I Viewed it Upwards and it says it is Grand Military Hwy North Swansea Mum.

Post by hartley,

5088120643 Only obtained a phone from the Amount second phone in Around a week . Answered and said hello twice then Put up. We 're within Boston as nicely. We've acquired sketchy sounding Telephone calls out of a Chimney Sweep in the previous but did t Assess that Amount.

Post by 3X,

508-812-0643 Gotten 3 calls Today no message left.

Post by Guest,

5088120643 Caller asked for Chat with someone who doesn't live here. When I asked her how she got my Amount she Maintained from directory support.

Post by Lynn,

508-812-0643 've rec. calls out of this and no one there . . . Afterward Simply hung Upwards.

Post by Ralph,

5088120643 Same as everybody . . . Only call and hang Upward when that answering machine comes on. . . that are Striving for get Approximately that do not phone Conditions.

Post by Confused,

508-812-0643 Got a telephone at 7 posh earlier tonight along with this Man saying that he was out of the chimney sweeping company and Inquired if I was the homeowner. There was a lot of Sound in your background what sounded like a Girl talking. I responded that I was not that homeowner but I would gladly tell the owner to telephone to which he said Yes and hung Upward. I tried for telephone back but got the googlies matter. I m thus happy I 've a Dwelling security system.

Post by Guest,

5088120643 I rec d a phone 8 PM from Swansea Mum when I picked Upward that disconnected your call.

Post by Guest,

508-812-0643 got several calls but they constantly hang up.

Post by sick of 508 812 0643,

5088120643 Are we all in the same Place. So Shore. If thus perhaps it is as just one post suggested someone Housing that area. We vie been becoming these calls for at least 3 weeks. First one did mention chimney sweep everything after that no one there a Leading annoyance multiple times a daytime.

Post by KB,

508-812-0643 Maybe you personally could why don't we all in on this Information. we Additionally prefer not to become robbed they phone me constantly

Post by little concerned,

5088120643 This Amount has called my Residence 3 times in that last few times comes Upwards on caller id as Swansea Ma. First time your express mail picked Upwards no message second time no 1 thee when I replied and Today Rd time no response when I replied. I am a bit concerned after reading the other Remarks can we find Outside if this can be really a chimney sweeping Business or someone looking to rob Households.

Post by Guest,

508-812-0643 I replied and they Installed up

Post by shawn,

5088120643 Who are your Folks from Swansea calling all your time.

Post by Highly Annoyed,

508-812-0643 Three times within 1 week I vie received a call out of this number. All those three times no 1 was Residence your first time was PM Second time PM Third time PM that was today. When the machine comes on no 1 leaves a message. Whoever it's needs to Discontinue calling and bothering people.

Post by Guest,

5088120643 I have Obtained Around 5 called type W W W along with no answer on other end all diff time of the daytime i 've phone Beck and Left MSG on that line horrible just one and that i would call that police

Post by I'm ready for them,

508-812-0643 I 've had it along with this kind of crap and who ever the person is is going for be really sorry if he ever darkens my door manner. These Folks are obviously thieves who pray on that trust of innocent people. They're calling here 2 or occasionally 3 times a daytime Clearly for see we are Residence. I suspect that 1 daytime they are going to Set that word out when we don t response for have their traveling band of crooks for break in. But I may be Prepared for them and they may rue the daytime they ever tried it . .

Post by Alice,

5088120643 A Girl called out of the Amount a few minutes Past and asked if she were speaking to Mrs. . . . . but she got that name wrong. It's my family s last name but my last name is Distinct and anyone seriously Seeking to reach me would use your correct name. As soon as I heard that I Merely said great bye and Installed up.

Post by sam,

508-812-0643 I Only obtained a call unknown name left no message on answering machine. I 'm reporting number. I gotten calls last year from a chimney Business but they answered their line not confident if that is same Business.

Post by Lisa,

5088120643 Same here Only got a telephone as of Now 2 9 W . . . we 're within your W belt Milford Region . . . calling out here overly. My phone has the ability to block unwanted phone numbers . . . guess what they are now. BLOCKED.

Post by Guest,

508-812-0643 Called twice and Installed up when we answered.

Post by Steven,

5088120643 They are calling and are hanging Upwards. When prompted for me from my wife they hang up. I think they are searching for rob Homes. Please look into the and notify the Right authorities.

Post by Jenna,

508-812-0643 've Additionally gotten numerous calls from the number. . . . never leave message and never state anything when i response. . . 'm called your p. d. Only for get it on record. . . . thanks for the idea

Post by Kelley,

5088120643 I just acquired a phone telephone. I did not recognize your telephone number but that Owner ID said Swansea Ma. W W W W W p. m. I Decided up and said Hi twice and Afterward that phone Put Upward on me when I attempted for call it back it said your Google voice Client You're Attempting for reach isn't Accessible and to leave a message. I left a message saying that I acquired a call from this number and that I am on your Don't Telephone LIST and I Don't want them to telephone back.

Post by concerned,

508-812-0643 Called that Cops in my own town which is not Swansea at least it's on record.

Post by Guest,

5088120643 They Put Upward when i Answered.

Post by Guest,

508-812-0643 Called twice within two days. Hang Upward when we reply.

Post by bob,

5088120643 ND phone within 2 times I Decided up and yelled Off The LINE. and Put Upward. Attempt it. I felt Fantastic.

Post by This is disconcerting,

508-812-0643 After two calls last week I notified our local police detective within Hanover. He has notified other town detectives and your state Attorney General s office. Only got another phone Now at W PM from the Amount. This time I Decided Upwards but did not say Hi. No one spoke on the other Finish that is really unexpected behavior. I Subsequently called back that number and it said it was a Google Voice number and to leave a message. Told that guy that the Cops have been notified that residents within the area understand of him that we consider he is Housing Properties and to Cease calling People. Happy I 've my permit to carry.

Post by Anne,

5088120643 've obtained calls for a few times from the Amount. When I can answer they hang Upward.

Post by KB,

508-812-0643 perhaps you personally could why don't we all in on the info. we Additionally Favor not for become robbed they call me constantly

Post by joshua harris,

5088120643 same here

Post by Bob,

508-812-0643 I spoke along with someone at your Attorney General s office and they're searching into it.

Post by pissed,

5088120643 They vie called numerous times Now and hang up

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Recent comment

8052469166 Complains by Badge714,

Yup scam. Each Notice of a Actual company using cell phones. For any business use that web. Investigation Telephone number web page address email address Folks in Firm. Do a who is to look for Outside when your site was Enrolled. shortly amp for only 1 year Reddish Banner . Are they using an anonymous register. Large red flag Is their contact information free web based email address Flags are getting Larger

8503139108 Complains by Guest,

Sorry but the Telephone is no More Taking your own text messages. Increase up.

5103351780 Complains by Guest,

I go ogled your number and its all over stating that this a debt recovery which is a scam. .

8003412686 Complains by greg,

A Opening called the Cell phone it was a record saying Thank you personally and we may get to you After. This really is a SCAM and we did t answer the phone nor did we return that phone . we have been REPORTING them to the DC list this can be that Th time the week they 've done this on my and my Partner Telephones. She is undergoing CHEMOTHERAPY for CANCER. I d enjoy for have that Govt Fine these Individuals W W per call for interrupting her remainder and retrieval. If you personally understand who this is please Post it. . I want to tear them off a fresh ear hole

8012034465 Complains by Guest,

Called and left no message. Called later and I answered. They Inquired if there was anyone in your house between your ages of W and W. They said they were with your Oregon Employment Section. This seemed funny on a Sunday night coming from a Amount in Wyoming.

4803276044 Complains by Guest,

Hang up telephone.

8036195285 Complains by KA12,

Cheers for the heads Upwards. Can t wait to Chaos along with them when I take that call.

8137690569 Complains by friend,

Merely for people that are becoming unwanted calls out of the Amount. They were calling a family member of mine and would not Quit after they were told he was on the no telephone list and it was a cell phone they were calling which is against your law. I called and asked for a supervisor. Told her what the problem was and she Desired for know how i got this number cause its not that just one they used to telephone him on. I said I have my ways and do you personally like it now please Quit calling. Since I made that phone he has gotten no calls out of them. DAT Telemarketing E. Brandon Blvd Brandon FL W W W W

8002147872 Complains by alex,

Hi I got a very similar telephone Now and he literally made me Holler I would like to know the out come of your own Condition could you personally please email me back I am going through your Actual same thing and I 'm not sure what for would thank you

8002147823 Complains by Yvonne Chan,

I keep becoming calls and express mail asking for David Chuckle can i stop these calls because when I telephone W W W they request for my not empty name Telephone and address I do not want for disclose my info for Telemarketer.

8002201622 Complains by calieastbay,

They Additionally telephone out of W W W. Simply got a voice recorded message this telephone was from Pam Riley.

8002263349 Complains by Wild man,

You personally must be the Base of your world scumbag that's a job along with all another worms Well Collect This Up YOURS WERE NOT PAYING HA HA AHA.

8002016482 Complains by mattieswinson,

left a card on my car

8002158432 Complains by STOP IT PLEASE,

Seven times later I got an other Facsimile even if I Prefer Outside. Scampers report for FCC HTTP support. FCC. gov Criticisms. demarcation for Florida and Bahamas for W. retail W. W Scammed have Alter there Elect Out Amount for 1 W W W and they keep sending more and more Fax's. They send there faxes early within that morning. I am becoming amp amp amp If I could get there fax number I would send them pitch black paper by dozen.

8002119705 Complains by Layne 6334,

Called on January W W. No Result. I dialed 1 W W W and a computer quick said the telephone cannot be connected as dialed. Peculiar. Despise those calls. Would like to walk up for this guys door along with a Basketball bat.

8001244628 Complains by Guest,

Me es Brown ampersand

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