5122905482 / 512-290-5482

Telephone information: Ymax Communications Corp.. Rockdale, TX. . United states
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Post by megafurball,

5122905482 We re within St. Charles Il Only gotten your same call two times in a row. Could barely understand that phone Amount but did hear that part about legal action. Expected him for offer for repair my computer Difficulty too.

Post by Curious Mom,

512-290-5482 Obtained that Specific message as posted by Va in Il. He called three times and left the same message. I would echo all of the previous stated Opinions.

Post by Bella,

5122905482 Just got 2 calls in a row out of W W W maintaining David martins from Department of Interior something or other. I could not understand him.

Post by Amigo 3,

512-290-5482 Give me a break yo Owner get a job or discover English You personally sound like an outdated IT tech instead of a law firm

Post by oreo,

5122905482 Merely got two calls appropriate within a row Additionally within Illinois

Post by CPA in IL,

512-290-5482 Your Government or any other government agency will NEVER contact you within this style or make these sort of threats. All such contact is done by mail and if the subject progresses certified mail. You personally cannot go for jail Only because you might have Outstanding back Fees. Your just manner you can become imprisoned is if You're convicted in federal court of really serious tax law violations that permit for imprisonment. But that is a entire separate due process along with multiple steps you will have a opportunity to Protect yourself before being convicted. It surely will not be Released for that first time from many scam artist in a Telephone call.

Post by Scot,

5122905482 Same message.

Post by Guest,

512-290-5482 Scam needs to become reported to Lawyer general

Post by CPA in IL,

5122905482 That Government or any other Authorities agency can NEVER contact you within the style or make these kind of threats. All such contact is done by mail and if the issue progresses certified mail. You personally cannot go for jail Just because you might have Outstanding back taxes. The simply way you can be imprisoned is if you are convicted within federal court of really serious tax law violations that allow for imprisonment. But that is a entire Independent due process along with multiple measures you may 've a opportunity for defend yourself before being convicted. It certainly will not be announced for the first time out of some scam artist in a phone telephone.

Post by Person in IL,

512-290-5482 Just got that same call. Discount all numbers I don t recognize.

Post by Guest,

5122905482 left message busted English and challenging to hear said from department of Administration Activity and urgent for call back. spam caller.

Post by Guest,

512-290-5482 This really is a scam. Your Owner should become Quit. Your Telephone Business should inquire and disconnect all Correlated Amounts or would they Worth the money they get from your scummier s phone bill payments more than they Worth their legitimate customers.

Post by NEEDHelp,

5122905482 Charlie Martin is a name that has cropped Upward numerous times as component of an Irs extortion scam Managing out of India or Pakistan. You personally report it to your real Irs here HTTP Www. treasury. gov dicta . or block future calls.

Post by tired of scams,

512-290-5482 just understandable same message Around legal action and the recording repeated 3 times and we have for telephone instantly. checking account for see if others got your same Steve Martin

Post by Guest,

5122905482 Fake call

Post by Guest,

512-290-5482 Complete scam. Caller says they want to help you personally w criminal activity and that quot local magistrate quot . Do not telephone back. . .

Post by Guest,

5122905482 Scam. Don't response. .

Post by NEEDHelp,

512-290-5482 Steve Martin is a name that's cropped Upwards numerous times as part of an Government extortion scam Managing from India or Pakistan. You report it for the Actual Irs here HTTP Www. treasury. gov dicta . or block future calls.

Post by Guest,

5122905482 MB Caller States for BB People Treasury and asked for a return telephone under the guise that a gross injustice has be perpetrated under my name.

Post by Guest,

512-290-5482 Absolute scam. Thanks Steve Martin for the Telephone telephone you personally douche.

Post by Guest,

5122905482 ND call Only acquired caller id Texas Amount claiming for be People treasury and asks us for return telephone for W W Please get the for stop

Post by JOry,

512-290-5482 Got your same Phone heavy Feature Section of illegal affairs Steve Martin and says he could help me.

Post by Noname,

5122905482 Same experience from all the previous places. Blocked Owner.

Post by tim_m,

512-290-5482 Got the same telephone here within Il Approximately 5 W local time. Obscure message about legal Actions from a guy calling himself Charlie Martin. Quite thick Highlight barely understood him.

Post by Kenneth Lussan,

5122905482 Got a call from this Amount Charlie Martin he claims to be with that Section of Legal Affairs. He has called 5 or 6 times threatening my sister.

Post by jo,

512-290-5482 Got your same message thrice

Post by Guest,

5122905482 Could t recognize the jerk

Post by Guest,

512-290-5482 Obviously a bogus call. Please monitor

Post by rcna89,

5122905482 Yes got 5 calls today out of Illinois all stating they were from an English or Mid Western Feature man asserting to become David Martin and out of a few department of National Magistrate court filing case against me for what I have no hint only stated for call him at an W Place code number when calling from W Amount. Stating that the telephone was second Closing attempt for contact me I understand its a scam for collect funds that have already been paid for payday loan Firms. I had a debt resolution Business help settle payments and that difference from what your original Sum the Firms wanted and what their legal team Resolved along with my debt resolution agreed for is what these scampers are trying for collect asserting laws broke of passing false checks not paying your debt and failure for 've default on checking account account. Well that's all Waste scampers lingo I deleted the Telephone calls and did not telephone the person back.

Post by CPA in IL,

512-290-5482 That Government or any other government Bureau can NEVER contact you personally in this mode or make these kind of threats. All such contact is done by send and if the question progresses certified send. You personally cannot go for jail Just because you've unpaid back Fees. The simply way you are able to become imprisoned is if you are convicted in federal court of really serious tax law violations that permit for imprisonment. But that's a whole Independent due process with multiple measures that you may have a chance for Secure yourself before being convicted. It definitely will not be Released for your first time out of some scam artist within a phone call.

Post by Guest,

5122905482 Must become a scam don't telephone back

Post by steve martins,

512-290-5482 Nigerian Subjects calling Upward for be people officials hive me a break. Get Qualified people

Post by Guest,

5122905482 Think Indian type accent. Left two messages saying he was in the Department of Legal Affairs and that it was urgent and for telephone him back. Said Administration Activities were Began in my own name but he never used my name . Viewed number up here. Texas number. I see this dork has called all of us.

Post by Guest,

512-290-5482 get the to stop

Post by Guest,

5122905482 Challenging to understand along with your badly busted English.

Post by Va in IL,

512-290-5482 Did not reply left message. Really thick foreign Highlight with veiled threats of legal Activity. This message is intended to contact you about Administration Activities along with People Treasury. Failure to contact him will result in legal Actions from People magistrate or grand Court etc. Can just recognize. Oh and he said his name is Steve Martin.

Post by Guest,

5122905482 First call Now was in the Irs now the one from your U. S. treasury about criminal Activities. Doesn't ask for me by name but says this call is meant for you. Both scam calls.

Post by Guest,

512-290-5482 Called twice Making phone number. From quot Department of Legal Matters quot . Section of what. Says that legal Administration is starting against us and want to help. Dozen t use the name and dozen t identify his Company. SCAM. Don t phone back.

Post by mickey mouse,

5122905482 Scam alert. . . . . . . . . . . read above posts

Post by Guest,

512-290-5482 The person is calling and acting as a debt collector from your Us Treasurer. PLEASE TELL People How you can GET This To Quit. .

Post by Guest,

5122905482 would love to REPORT THEM for your Department of Legal Affairs

Post by Guest,

512-290-5482 get this for Quit it is annoying Stop their number for harassing Individuals with a phone that is not a right but a privilege

Post by Guest,

5122905482 Keeps threatening Lawyer general. . . scam

Post by Guest,

512-290-5482 Says that Us treasury for appear before a Magistrate judge or grand Court. They don t even state that name of your Man they are Striving to reach. Tell you personally telephone W W W or become Priced along with a criminal offense.

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7177360278 Complains by Guest,

needs to sell a quot free quot life alert system

8003134150 Complains by J,

identifies themselves as Chase says to phone urgent

9734601537 Complains by Guest,


5159649513 Complains by Guest,

sorry that I had to block you Man. we truly hope you are doing well and when you can come day and tell us you did it you will have your family right here waiting for you. Jon and Amanda

8067920408 Complains by scared,

Called saying I won a free Carpeting cleaning out of some arbitrary Guy that I've never even heard of. They even knew my full name.

9042569481 Complains by Guest,

Offered newspaper

5042737536 Complains by Guest,

W they are telling my fiance in for about me that's not Accurate and following me

8133436500 Complains by Insider,

Incorrect. You locate most borrowers from your lists you purchase out of Expiring and other credit bureaus and then offer for Henry to load into your own Contact star Face er. You Subsequently reuse the lists around and around again until you've enough people on your DC list that it s time for rent a new list.

8022650095 Complains by wsr,

yes my record was regarding if you have taken a form of Delivery control. . . .

8003040566 Complains by Jessie,

Overbite Coatings. Web. overprotecting. com

8003299791 Complains by Guest,

just calls when he needs something

8045249888 Complains by Pat Vas.,

I 've had many many calls out of W Amounts and W numbers and W Amounts. . No 1 Solutions when I Choose Upwards. No message is left Somewhat eerie. If I notion they were political calls I WOULD NOT VOTE FOR THEIR NOMINEE under any situation.

8002552881 Complains by Guest,

He is an excellent plumber and Outstanding service.

8044961083 Complains by Nilli,

acquired same from Allen Smith Now 3 W W. this type of scam.

8045549831 Complains by Brittney Braxton,

The keep saying I demand to seen them cash for as pay daytime loan. Say he was the Fed s. And and he would drag my black a Outside my house

8044869101 Complains by Clarence Moore,

Calls never leaves message

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