5124959027 / 512-495-9027

Telephone information: Southwestern Bell. Austin, TX. Travis. United states
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Post by Sarah,

5124959027 I acquired an automated call out of this Amount that robot said This is your Closing warning. Irs has Registered lawsuit against you personally. Phone W W W for discus Irs. Ridiculous.

Post by skinsey,

512-495-9027 says that Government is filing a law fit against me A Recording .

Post by Guest,

5124959027 Irs Set SCAM.

Post by theytried,

512-495-9027 the Amount called our House asserting for be from Government and that they 've tried to contact us. They threatened to sue us if we did t phone back the time . Irs dozen t call they Compose. Irs dozen t threaten legal action over the Telephone. Merely a scummier.

Post by JP,

5124959027 Express mail left on my Telephone Asserted the Government was putting out a Guarantee for me if I did t call them. The express sounded automated . . . not a live Man.

Post by Guest,

512-495-9027 Told me for phone W W W as that Government is Processing a law fit against me. Humorous I have been unemployed for several years no income. Of path these are crooks question is what is that Authorities Experts doing about it if you can spy all over the world exactly why not nab these freaks

Post by steve,

5124959027 Seemingly they 've detected a virus on my computer. What a Group of scum bags.

Post by Guest,

512-495-9027 Calls no message

Post by unknown,

5124959027 This number called me within your middle of the day. I understand these are some variety of scampers Striving in each manner for get your own private information thus they can use your own Identification goof balls 've nothing better for do than tease people and making annoying phone calls.

Post by KC,

512-495-9027 Call Arrived in before 8 A. M. No message left. I m on don't call amp don t live in Texas.

Post by No fool,

5124959027 Called and left Registered message saying that they were Irs and were going to file a litigation. They're blocked now.

Post by Guest,

512-495-9027 Government Set scam

Post by Guest,

5124959027 They claim for be Government what fools. . . . .

Post by Guest,

512-495-9027 They State to be Government what fools. . . . .

Post by Mary B.,

5124959027 Morning telephone along with a Registered message that the Government has a pending litigation against me. I hung up.

Post by JayC,

512-495-9027 Left a recorded message on my replying machine also. Said they were not going to telephone again. They were going to sue us. Said for phone W W W. I did not return your phone. I know your Irs would contact people by mail if the wanted to sue me.

Post by MC,

5124959027 Message left stating that they were the Government last attempt to contact me and Government would be suing me. Left a number to call back. Evident scam.

Post by lisa,

512-495-9027 Automated express saying I m being sued by that Government said for phone W W W . The Government never Connections by phone just through send.

Post by Guest,

5124959027 Someone out of this number keeps calling my acreage line and when answering machine cuts it they shout I the Telephone quot Hello Everyone there quot several times . They keep calling back filling Upwards my voice send box. Afterward when you try to telephone back states no longer in service. Quite annoying.

Post by Lori,

512-495-9027 It was an electronic message that I was being sued by the Irs and this was my Closing opportunity. . .

Post by Guest,

5124959027 Identified themselves as Irs and would be sued if they were not contacted instantaneously. SCAM

Post by exhausted,

512-495-9027 Called and woke me Upward this morning. when I asked if they knew what time it was they went on Around how urgent it was and they had obtained and alert from my Microsoft Computer. After I informed him I was not an idiot and there surely is no manner they obtained an alert from my computer and he was Only a Huge scam artist he tried for tell me i was misinformed. My Result . . . I OWN A MAC. They Hung up. Reported for that Government

Post by Guest,

5124959027 They just called our house today saying they were that Irs and that they were going to sue people. . . Yikes this can be a HALLOWEEN Technique for sure

Post by Guest,

512-495-9027 I got a phone saying that Government was freezing my bank Records and I had to call a phone Amount to repair it. I contacted my bank and that phone was defiantly a Nuisance.

Post by jim,

5124959027 These are criminal extortionists Managing within overseas boiler rooms using VIP to Change their identities and Places and out of the reach of Us law Administration. If someone calls saying he s an Irs agent and demands you send money instantly hang up. It s a phone scam. In fact it tops the Government Grimy Dozen list of tax scams this year and it s been surging in current months your agency said Thursday. Your Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration DICTA which oversees that Irs has obtained reports of W W scam calls since October W and said nearly 3 W victims 've been swindled from W million thus Much. By Adjusting their Owner ID Amount to make it look enjoy they re calling from an Government office these scampers Regularly endanger vulnerable people enjoy your elderly and fresh immigrants with things enjoy arrest deportation or that loss of their driver s permit if they don t pay immediately for cash purportedly owed. Frequently Making messages that say it s urgent you personally call them back the scampers use common names and occasionally state they're in the Irs Legal Division. They might even State to know the last four digits of your own Societal Security Amount and send follow Upwards Email addresses that Search to be in the Government DICTA said. They often demand that Funds be made by prepaid debit card. Once they make their threats your scampers 've been Understood to call back and again disguise their caller ID thus it appears they are calling in the police Section or your Section of Engine Vehicles DIV . Or sometimes when they telephone they could say you've a refund due and request you personally for Supply personal data so you are able to claim it. That real Irs will Typically contact you personally by regular mail first if it needs to contact you at all. And your agency never demands instant payment by phone or asks for credit card or debit Amounts if they would call. It Additionally never asks for private or financial data by email text or social media. If you get what you Think is a scam phone report it for DICTA through its Web Website or telephone W W W. HTTP money. CNN. com W W W pf taxes Irs tax scams

Post by sandy,

512-495-9027 Merely acquired a call it was an Automobile dial er stating that a lawsuit had been Registered and an Charge warrant issued there was no mention of who they were trying for reach. I attempted to call that number back and it s a disconnected number scampers.

Post by Scam,

5124959027 I 've acquired several calls out of this number where they have not left a message. Today I got a recorded message that it was your Government and they 've been trying to reach me. This was helping as their Closing telephone that they were Processing a suit against me. They left a number in Washington state for phone them which Only rang occupied or Only rang along with no answer. I 've acquired no mail in the Irs which would vie happened if the were legit.

Post by Nikki,

512-495-9027 Owner said they are calling out of your Present pharmacy in Mumbai.

Post by Guest,

5124959027 They called with among those This is an pressing message about your own payment protection Program. I rapidly Put Upwards.

Post by Frank T.,

512-495-9027 A female voice says this is that Closing discover. Your Government is going for sue me. Please phone Section W. It appears it is similar for that just one reported by New York er above.

Post by Amy,

5124959027 Irs scam same as above

Post by Guest,

512-495-9027 I got a call on my cell phone saying they where the Irs and 've been Striving to reach me and for phone back I don t have your call back Amount but it was a record when called that Amount they called from 1 Minimum. After it was disconnected.

Post by jim,

5124959027 These are Legal extortionists Managing in Offshore boiler rooms using VIP for Modify their identities and locations and from the reach of Us law Administration. If someone calls saying he s an Irs agent and demands that you send cash immediately hang Upwards. It s a Telephone scam. Within fact it tops that Government Grimy Dozen list of tax scams this year and it s been surging within recent months your agency said Thursday. The Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration DICTA which oversees the Government has received reports of W W scam calls since October W and said almost 3 W Casualties 've been swindled from W million so far. By altering their Owner ID Amount for ensure it is appearance enjoy they re calling from an Government office these scampers Regularly endanger exposed people enjoy the aged and brand new immigrants with things like Charge deportation or your loss of their motorist s license if they don t pay instantaneously for cash purportedly owed. Often Making messages that say it s urgent you personally call them back your scampers use common names and sometimes say they're from your Irs Criminal Department. They could even State to understand that last four Numbers of your own Societal Security number and send follow Upwards Email addresses that Search for be from the Government DICTA said. They often demand that payments be got by prepaid debit card. Once they create their threats the scampers 've been known to phone back and again disguise their caller ID so it appears they're calling from your police Section or the Department of Motor Cars DIV . Or occasionally when they telephone they could possibly state you've a refund due and request you to Supply private information so you can claim it. Your real Government may Generally contact you personally by regular mail first if it needs to contact you personally in any respect. And that Bureau never demands prompt payment by Telephone or Requires for credit card or debit numbers if they do phone. It also never Requires for personal or financial information by email text or Societal media. If you get what you suspect is a scam phone report it for DICTA through its Web site or phone W W W. HTTP cash. CNN. com W W W pf taxes Irs tax scams

Post by Guest,

512-495-9027 Left a message for call Irs at W W W before initiating legal Actions. This can be a scam.

Post by Gail,

5124959027 Got a telephone from a man who asked for my husband . The phone is Recorded in his name. I asked where he was calling from and he replied Wilmington P . He went on to say he was receiving Malfunction messages out of my computer. I Only Put Upwards.

Post by Guest,

512-495-9027 Called and left a message that they were from your Government and this was their final attempt for contact me before they Registered a lawsuit against me. Scared the holy breezes from me. Told me to telephone W W W.

Post by Guest,

5124959027 Caller said they were along with that Government and this was my last call before suing me. I Desired to call back at this Amount W. W. W that is VIP in Waco TX for pay that bill. Telephone Really Arrived showed up as W. W. W which is a land line within Austin TX. SCAM. . . . . . . .

Post by PJJ,

512-495-9027 I did not reply that phone and my replying machine picked it up. Same Irs message. Threats Around suing and need for call back. This has been on your news.

Post by dfw,

5124959027 automated call stating they were from the Government regarding a lawsuit

Post by Mike,

512-495-9027 Same script re Government. Automated call

Post by Susan C,

5124959027 I live within France and 've a missed phone out of the Amount. Thanks for that above Information.

Post by Unwanted Calls,

512-495-9027 Pharmacy in India. They keep calling me. AFTER I 've asked them to put my number on their Don't Phone list repeatedly.

Post by Guest,

5124959027 Automated voice said the Government was freezing my Reports. Told me to call W W W

Post by Brian D,

512-495-9027 Duct cleaning I Inquired if they had heard of your no telephone list and said they were not conscious I was on it told them I was and can report them for that government

Post by Pickupthe,

5124959027 Sobs woke me up. They called at 9 PM. I did t Wake up Upward enough for tell who it was from.

Post by Sophia,

512-495-9027 Called this morning there was a pause Vehicle Call er then a guy Inquired for your owner. Told him he wan t within I never put Thur calls for anyone asking for the owner asked if he wanted to leave a MSG he said he would call back.

Post by Guest,

5124959027 I got a phone out of W W W which was an automated message saying the Irs was filing a lawsuit against me. They said they had been Striving to reach me for some time. They told me for telephone another Amount that was not a Amount in your People. I did t. I did try calling that number they called me along with and that number was no More within service. This can be obviously a scam. Your Government would send you personally written notification and would t be this shady.

Post by GPM,

512-495-9027 I just gotten that same phone out of the number. The real Irs notified by mail not phone calls. Individuals Beware. . . .

Post by Nikki,

5124959027 Called me and said it was Southwest Airlines. . I gave them Likely overly Substantially private info before I go ogled this while talking. . . . Total SCAMPERS. Get a life

Post by Guest,

512-495-9027 Called along with a Registered message at 8 W 'm saying your Irs AA's a lawsuit filed in my own name and to phone W W W immediately. It is a scam. Shouldn't become calling before 9 W am.

Post by Guest,

5124959027 Can t you personally Discontinue them from calling saying they are that Irs. They even phone from an Illinois number each hour on the hour. . ENOUGH already. . .

Post by Guest,

512-495-9027 Obvious Test to get private information for Identification Larceny purposes. Caller leaves message quot Final notice. . . . your Government is filing lawsuits against you personally. Call W W W immediately for more data. quot DON T Be FOOLED AND DON T Phone.

Post by Guest,

5124959027 Powerful Chance of identity theft

Post by Guest,

512-495-9027 SCAM phone pretending to be IRS

Post by GPM,

5124959027 I Merely received your same call from this number. The Actual Irs notified by mail not Telephone calls. Individuals Beware. . . .

Post by PA resident,

512-495-9027 Message saying they were your Government making their final attempt for contact me. Focused me to phone them at W W W instantaneously or else they were going for sue me.

Post by barbara,

5124959027 did t Choose up. now i know why. thanks for these lists. . . .

Post by Jason,

512-495-9027 Called our little business was an automated message claiming that the Irs is taking us for court and to phone them at W W W for info about that case.

Post by Guest,

5124959027 For certain a scam. Exactly why would your Irs sue me without written notification. Such silly goose.

Post by Guest,

512-495-9027 Within Canada and they are Simply a bunch of thieves as they want for get all your own data and credit card numbers and rob us blind Additionally have you noticed they have an extremely thick Offshore Feature they're what we phone Pet FISHERS

Post by Unwanted Calls,

5124959027 I decided for reply. English was pretty Good. Identified himself as calling from Windows Support concerning my computer. Asked me how I was Now. Such wonderful conversational English how rare how scripted. Told him I feel enjoy I was going to hang up on him and did.

Post by DC,

512-495-9027 Did t sound like anyone was there. I replaced the receiver and block your Amount so hopefully future calls won't come through.

Post by Guest,

5124959027 Called along with your Irs scam about to become sued etc . etc. Clearly a scam.

Post by gene,

512-495-9027 Irs scam

Post by Guest,

5124959027 Electronic female express says this really is the Irs and this is Closing call about an Government suit and to telephone them back extension W W

Post by Tom S.,

512-495-9027 3 1 W. Female caller out of this Amount claiming to be Government giving final discover that they're instituting lawsuit against you and giving you number W W W for telephone for info. No file Amount is given they're cold calling. Government dozen t Begin any law match until after you personally vie already had plenty of contact along with them. That is a SCAM.

Post by Steve W.,

5124959027 Apparently . I have computer problems it has been detected on that server. . Significant Feature noisy background can hear of several Folks talking. . I played his Match for some time and made him repeat himself several times around and over in his broken English. Eventually I told him he was that biggest threat for my computer info. . Once he grasped what I had said he started calling me a few choice names and Put Upwards. Scampers are thus rude when you waste their time and they eventually figure out you where playing them.

Post by Guest,

512-495-9027 I vie been calls each hour out of a Distinct Amount each time.

Post by Guest,

5124959027 Government SCAM

Post by Guest,

512-495-9027 Electronic female voice says this is the Irs and this can be final call Around an Government lawsuit

Post by Guest,

5124959027 Irs scam threatening scam

Post by Tom B,

512-495-9027 Recorded message about my final detect by the Irs. How long does the scam continue before your Justice Section and Irs come down on these jerks. Your NASA must 've records on where these Individuals are and should round them all up and jail them for life.

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2138141313 Complains by Guest,

Calls and dozen t leave message. Have called before. Online pharmacy.

6463416157 Complains by Guest,

Asked for my billing info Green and zip code through automated services. Never received a phone viewing my Statement from the Amount before.

6152292895 Complains by Guest,


7023759663 Complains by Guest,

spam to get personal info

8044329111 Complains by TRAHEY,


7039916735 Complains by Guest,

Harassing me at my job home

7042233836 Complains by Guest,

I dint have sex for 5 month after you personally back last Sept

7199240315 Complains by Guest,

I have received 6 calls in the last 2 hrs from 904-429-3884. They will not leave a voice msg and I have not answered it as I do not recognize the number. If they want to speak with me they need to leave a msg as I do not answer cold calls.

8655887613 Complains by Guest,

Invoice collector

4405490452 Complains by Guest,

You personally vie been chosen You won a free iPhone. Please Go To HTTP Triumph. catnapping. info W

5105939201 Complains by Guest,

This Amount 've been disconnected. . . . Please attempt your own call again

8025494148 Complains by sbbaw,

called and Inquired for my husband said he was not here and they said they hate me and Put up

8028612988 Complains by Fairfield, CT Resident,

Got that same phone 3 times already. They left a message two of that times. They had 2 callback s. W W W and W W W. Found that actual Program they work out of at a legit CT State Site. Www. ct. gov ph lib ph hist PD brisket W. PD

8553007877 Complains by Guest,

1 W W W

3308663120 Complains by Guest,

This woman has been sending threatening texts and harassing along with steady texts

5719167066 Complains by Guest,

Did t hear phone ring wound up extending your map through your white pages Program. Turns Outside to be a proactive kiosk. . . . From Virginia

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