5128443264 / 512-844-3264

Telephone information: Nextel Communications. Austin, TX. Travis. United states
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Post by Guest,

5128443264 Stop there calling

Post by Jackson,

512-844-3264 I keep becoming numerous calls out of the Amount. I attempt calling back and it says that Sprint express send carton is not empty. please strive again later. Wish whomever it's would Cease calling me.

Post by Lynne,

5128443264 All you might have to can id got your cell Provider on line and block the Amount. . It may be blocked for W days

Post by Guest,

512-844-3264 Just one call. I said hello and a Man responded along with a Spanish Feature. I could not determine if he was speaking within English or Spanish. Lots if Sound within that History enjoy telemarketers.

Post by Guest,

5128443264 Spam dint answer they re in India.

Post by Heather,

512-844-3264 I m becoming calls in any respect hours go the night. . These Folks are persistent. They won t offer Upward. I vie now been woken Upward at W 'm yet again.

Post by Guest,

5128443264 Bugging me and i dint desire them kind of people for Discuss to me.

Post by Brenda,

512-844-3264 the was a telephone claiming for having money to present me for cover my previous medical expenses.

Post by 1-512-844-3264,

5128443264 They keep calling a arguing with me when i state do not telephone me I 'm not interested in any medical compensation

Post by annoyed,

512-844-3264 this Indian guy keep calling my Telephone . . . I do not recognize him. . . . . he keep saying something Around a medical reimbursements. . . . . . . . . .

Post by Diane Dailey,

5128443264 Tired of getting these calls. I am on that Don't Telephone List.

Post by linda,

512-844-3264 calls several times a day non English speaking don't have any Thought what they're saying.

Post by Guest,

5128443264 I Put Upwards on them

Post by Guest,

512-844-3264 called the office asking the office Supervisor if she used Start control. when we Calculated Outside they were fakes from your health department we Offered them a taste of their own melds and started asking them questions that powerful Feature Indian guy got really upset and hung up on people. hopefully that means he wont become calling us back. .

Post by marge,

5128443264 This Indian speaking man called and HARASSED me 6 times consecutively and mentioned he was Merely going to keep calling and add my name to a W different Information bases after I told him I wan t interested and I was on that don't phone list. I blocked the number through my Telephone Service and he called along with another Amount laughing at me. Somebody. . . . must know how you can Cope along with Individuals like this. . . . . .

Post by Bobbi Jones,

512-844-3264 my cell keeps getting calls from this number. . . . they don t leave messages thus must be BS

Post by Guest,

5128443264 did t state anything when I answered

Post by Diana,

512-844-3264 Got a phone phone saying i can get medical compensation and told them no Ty and stop calling then when i hang up they telephone me 2 times in a Part. Cease CALLING ME they Additionally had my first name how do they know the names. within that previous hour i got 5 phones calls.

Post by Guest,

5128443264 harassment

Post by saidthey would serve,

512-844-3264 scampers

Post by Guest,

5128443264 Phone manner too much

Post by 1-512-844-3264,

512-844-3264 They keep calling a arguing with me when i say do not telephone me I 'm not interested within any medical compensation

Post by Beth,

5128443264 I was called on Monday out of this number to my cell Telephone and once I replied it that caller Installed Upwards. I replied again Simply now and it was a Individual claiming for be John Paul and had a very powerful Feature that would t tell me why he was calling. I asked him for be Quick with his motive for calling and he Inquired me if I was a Quickly woman . No I am not I Only dislike being called with no direct OR valid motive.

Post by amber,

512-844-3264 He keeps calling me and when I state Discontinue he calls private .

Post by Guest,

5128443264 Monica Hernandez is W that Owner id says ND its sum Man i cant understand.

Post by Katrina,

512-844-3264 I Merely obtained a call. I could understand W of what he was saying.

Post by Guest,

5128443264 Did t answer this phone BUT these quot INDIAN CALLS quot 've improved threefold since I called that TIME WARNER W Amount for a cable outage. After Attempting for get more Information on me than they Desired SS . . I BALKED they put me on hold for 8 min. then disconnected. NOW becoming these calls in the least hrs of daytime 7 days wk. Don t tell me that the SAME Overseas telephone centers the Us CORPS. use are not then SPAMMING SCAMMING people later.

Post by bob,

512-844-3264 non English talking more scam on medical Split away s Put Upwards twice. . .

Post by Guest,

5128443264 Getting several of these calls. Don t know exactly why but I understand I don t owe anyone.

Post by Sue,

512-844-3264 I just got a phone on my cell phone out of the number. An Indian sounding guy Inquired for me by name. I inquired why he was calling and he said he had info about my medical reimbursement. There surely is nothing medically I would become Needing reimbursement for plus He knew my name. I rarely offer my cell phone out because we live in an Place with limited service thus it was unexpected he knew my name. My cell Invoice is within my husband s name so that s not it.

Post by Guest,

5128443264 I go that phone tonight as well. Glad I wan t Approximately when your phone range thus did t answer. I ll add it for my list of don't answer calls. Thanks to your posts. What s along with these latest bouts of spam scam calls from India. I vie become getting alto of these Recently.

Post by Guest,

512-844-3264 Dint know these Pol

Post by Izzy,

5128443264 This number also showed Upward on my Owner ID a few days ago and it must be Though another scam Linked to your W W W I posted about formerly. They called themselves U. S. Medical Agency. I yelled at that guy and called BS on it. They d become Ignorant to telephone again. I reported it to HHS as medical attention fraud too.

Post by Katrina,

512-844-3264 I just received a telephone. I could recognize W of what he was saying.

Post by Guest,

5128443264 Please don't reply this telephone this really is a spam from Us Well-being department of new York.

Post by Guest,

512-844-3264 Only don t pick up

Post by Lynne,

5128443264 All you might have for can id got your own cell Service on line and block that number. . It may be blocked for W days

Post by Katie, TX,

512-844-3264 It s an Austin number that you can not phone back. Numerous Telephone calls a day asking if I take Start control and I can get medical Payment if I can. Not for fond of a haphazard fella call within me asking Around whether or not I take that pill. First was told they received my info from an unknown hospital Subsequently I was told that People Authorities Offered them my Information. After numerous annoying Telephone calls I started screwing around along with them. Simply ask them them same questions around and over and annoy them back.

Post by Guest,

5128443264 dint say any thin

Post by Guest,

512-844-3264 let it Discontinue calling. its a spammers. . . .

Post by Gates,

5128443264 Received that phone same problems as above. He It's annoying. Unsure how he gotten my name and Amount. Never had any surgery.

Post by Guest,

512-844-3264 Non English speaking scam number about medicaid

Post by Guest,

5128443264 They don t answer and Subsequently Simply hang Upwards.

Post by Sherrie McCollum,

512-844-3264 Receiving call out of the Amount. Have asked them for me away their list. That is a Authorities Telephone. But they're still calling. Something Around medical.

Post by Guest,

5128443264 This can be a spam call

Post by Ashley,

512-844-3264 they call me from all kinds of numbers even unknown about birth control and saying I 've had a heart assault they may seen me W

Post by Smarter than the THIEVING SCAMMERS,

5128443264 Called Merely now 9 'm on a SATURDAY. Did t reply suspected spam. The Website confirms it. Our spam calls had slowed Manner down UNTIL I called that TIME WARNER W Line for having cable problems their system s fault. Got an INDIAN telephone Centre whose worker Afterward proceeded to request ME a half dozen identifying confirming your own Identification questions. I BALKED at giving them my SS WT did they need THAT for after getting my name address Phone Amount amp account . . . When I refused for help them with their Id Thieving scam they Set me on HOLD for 8 minutes then disconnected. I had for call my LOCAL Office within purchase to get my cable issue Fixed. Which was two weeks ago. In A Daytime that Spam calls out of India Began Upward again with a vengeance. NOW tell me the SAME foreign call Stores that the People CORPORATIONS SUPPORT are not your People SPAMMING people along with SPOOFED American numbers.

Post by Joann,

512-844-3264 The number W W has not been telephone Assessment any of you Simple Individuals this has been a scam called spoofing Fully prohibited. We've notified the National Fraud Department and they are doing a not empty Research. They have Additionally advise people to tell everyone for telephone you Service and 've them us cloud for prevent any more phone text for your requirements number and this may Find your Authentic Owner or computer that has been use for create the calls. Your practical person may be prosecuted. It's sad someone is so packed with envy that feels that demand to do the to a good Man but pay back is hell and whoever did this can be going for get caught and god help them You personally understand who u r . You think you so high and might deal with me face for face the my account you along with.

Post by Guest,

5128443264 I GET A Phone From This Number MY CELL Telephone AT LEAST 2 TIMES A Daytime. THEY Do not LEAVE A MESSAGE AND I DON T Reply Your Telephone.

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8432664835 Complains by Guest,

Quit calling my damn phone i will pay u when i can

9142069116 Complains by Guest,

Soliciting my underage child

9789573893 Complains by Guest,

Claimed with a quot Significant Indian Highlight quot he was out of Window s Fraud Department. When I Inquired him for his Amount to verify and telephone back he gave me my number and quickly said quot Okay bye bye. quot . I get BS calls all daytime at your company so it dozen t take long to sniff them Outside.

7203287163 Complains by Guest,

Sale Folks.

5862448532 Complains by Guest,

Prevent this free text internet number

6098293951 Complains by Guest,

hang Upwards without Making MSG

8457654816 Complains by Guest,

Losers don t LAM

2165881145 Complains by Guest,

Erroneous number

8002792567 Complains by kivi,

That number owner is JR Adjustment Firm Inc. .

8002752152 Complains by ketchzr1,

I had no such service

8002250375 Complains by Guest,

dis ninja done phone me up talking Session a few scurry demons and souls and sh. t. . .

8002374859 Complains by Jan,

Someone out of this number called my cell phone the morning. Just desire to understand who it's.

8002603472 Complains by LT,

Call The Number WONT TELL You WHAT THEY Want UNLESS You personally Offer A LOT OF Info I Wanted For Understand WHO They are AND WHAT THEY DO

8002366283 Complains by Guest,

Get text out of this number Around electric cogs and some work from Residence site frequently

8001711397 Complains by HK,

phishing telephone matrons. com

8002151283 Complains by Jay,

This really is a debt collector called Byron Fiscal LC

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