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Telephone information: . Montreal, QC. . United states
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Post by ontario,

5143929122 called cell

Post by so annoying,

514-392-9122 Merely got a telephone Congratulations you might have been. . and I Installed Upward. F these people.

Post by Caroline,

5143929122 I just received a Telephone telephone out of the unknown Amount this morning. Oddly enough my hubby Merely returned out of a 2 daytime company trip to Montreal and Toronto. We'd been chatting a lot on your cell phones Assessment and calling. Believe the connection would 've anything for do along with that . I m in Nova Scotch.

Post by Diane Labrecque,

514-392-9122 Says it's not on service

Post by Alex,

5143929122 A record Beginning along with Congratulations Would like these calls for stop.

Post by Johanne,

514-392-9122 the phone number revealed Upward twice on my cell last night too. They called Approximately dinner time.

Post by Leo Anderson,

5143929122 This can be a company that practices Fake marketing and fraud and they also call Folks on your don't telephone list. Use the numbers below to report them. 1. CR TC 1 W W W Don't phone list. 2. ANTI FRAUD 1 W W W Fraud. 3. Competition Office 1 W W W Deceptive Advertising.

Post by Guest,

514-392-9122 TELEMARKETER.

Post by Amanda,

5143929122 Called my cell Telephone. I purposely did t hint my cell number up on the ENCL because it dozen t work. I think this is cell Telephone Firms selling your Telephone numbers for telemarketers. I vie only started receiving these calls since I Moved to Kiddo which is owned by Tel us .

Post by Orangeville,

514-392-9122 Well I live within Ontario and I got a telephone overly Approximately that same time as yourself. My Region code is W

Post by James,

5143929122 On my phone Galaxy S'S I can reject numbers Beginning along with . There s a small Alter you May}n' get a legit call from a Amount that gets rejected I suppose though. But given how few Folks telephone me from Quebec the odds that their Amount starts along with W W W is pretty damn unlikely.

Post by Guest,

514-392-9122 Merely ANOTHER TELEMARKETER. .

Post by Heather,

5143929122 I received a phone out of the number on my fresh cell. . . . no message. I m within Winnipeg.

Post by Mike,

514-392-9122 Only an Vehicle Call er Congratulations you've won a free Vacation for that Bahamas .

Post by Kelly,

5143929122 So annoying. I m away out of Canada on a limited Strategy. Who needs this. I m glad I did t get for my phone within time for answer.

Post by Tina,

514-392-9122 They keep calling me over amp around on my home phone amp cell I 'm on your Canada no telemarketer list but they still call

Post by Gab,

5143929122 What s occur along with this corrupt Telephone industry. To create more and more cash we are already the most Pricey industry in that universe thee phone Businesses and other official organism es sold our personal Info Telephone address name for all those scam crocks who telephone us day and nighttime to offer us their products . From where all those crocks 've our private Information. It s a national shame to 've so many crocks everywhere.

Post by Alain,

514-392-9122 Only got your same Skip phone good matter my Telephone is consistently on quiet so annoying.

Post by withheld,

5143929122 Got your auto Switch er kind the just one. Congratulations you vie been selected for Triumph a cruise . . .

Post by bing,

514-392-9122 call me today

Post by Eddie,

5143929122 Simply missed a call from them I 'm within Calgary

Post by jdog,

514-392-9122 I keep getting calls out of thees no obs too. I Only block them on my Telephone.

Post by john,

5143929122 I got a phone out of W W W it was a kind of Rob call. After replied your phone a Girl within that automatic message start saying Congratulation you might have won that 2 nighttime cruise with Caribbean Cruise Line cruise for 2 People. Answer a survey to complete that. . . . . . . . . . . Ball Bela Bela and Bela. Thus then I hang Upward before I start doing that survey.

Post by Mery Lopez,

514-392-9122 The Business was calling me to offer me a cruse that I don t want.

Post by Eric,

5143929122 Called my Rogers Cell within Winnipeg. Place that number in my own Black List. Wonder if it may help.

Post by CM,

514-392-9122 same matter Only happened did t reply no message i am in PG too

Post by ashraf,

5143929122 Merely missed a phone out of them.

Post by Markham,

514-392-9122 I got too. No message left

Post by jdog,

5143929122 I m out of BC Canada and I get the same W area code Amount calling me. the number.

Post by Hobbitz,

514-392-9122 Within BC they called my cell too. I vie Began adding their numbers for my contact list Underneath your name SCAM. Change your Options so it dozen t ring or Shake when they telephone out of that number. Calmness and silent.

Post by Linda,

5143929122 I overly got the number and on my CELL Telephone. . How the hell can they look for me I Additionally 've a Dwelling phone number because I don t offer my cell Outside to everyone I m rather private Around it. It pisses me right away. I have enough Issues with foreign Region Requirements calling my Dwelling Telephone as it is for your point where I can t even add any more numbers for block because I have around W and along with SHAW you re only allowed a limited number of calls you want blocked. When telemarketers start calling Individuals on their cell Amount that s really a serious invasion of Seclusion.

Post by Rick Lee,

514-392-9122 They called but no 1 there when I answered

Post by Too smart to answer :),

5143929122 Exactly why can Folks response from Place Rules they don t know. . Interest I guess. Well that fascination comes at an extremely annoying price.

Post by Eliz,

514-392-9122 Second time for me even I ignored the first telephone.

Post by GRD,

5143929122 So much for a Do not Phone LIST. A few more Harper window dressing

Post by del,

514-392-9122 unknown Telephone Amount so i did not respond

Post by Rachel M,

5143929122 Merely received a telephone from this Amount did not reply but acquired a voice send saying it was a short survey and you personally could win tickets for a cruise for Doing it.

Post by Patoune,

514-392-9122 I Merely got a Telephone call from them today cell Telephone Toronto area. They did t leave a message. If they are calling out of Quebec the ENCL should work I am on your ENCL but Seemingly did t do anything

Post by grampa B,

5143929122 Damned spammers. . . . if you personally reply and press 1 they charge Large time for your replied phone and you personally don t get anything. . . .

Post by Orangeville,

514-392-9122 Well I live in Ontario and I got a telephone too around that same time as yourself. My area code is W

Post by HockeyDad,

5143929122 phoned during that Tennis game. . . . . no. . . I said F away.

Post by Stephane,

514-392-9122 Really easy to Only put a haphazard number along with VIP or to pretend that a number isn't within service when you telephone it. Within fact they called among my VIP lines and now if they strive again they ll get the number not within service message

Post by Jan,

5143929122 Outstanding idea did not understand you could do that it is done Your own a Wizard

Post by Eric,

514-392-9122 I also got a phone out of W W W. Also from Quebec. I suspect this outfit paid for get the ENCL when it first came Outside and they gave companies that list so they could purportedly update their customers preferences. Idiots. .

Post by lucy,


Post by d.,

514-392-9122 These people phone me at 7 in the ING morning. I m on Vancouver isle.

Post by None,

5143929122 That is Merely a scam telemarketer using a spoofed Amount. ND CL could t really can anything with these. I vie been getting spammed by it for a couple of weeks now. HTTP Web. . ca

Post by damm,

514-392-9122 don't telephone my cell again you personally donkey

Post by Dave,

5143929122 Congratulations You've been choose. . . . . Installed Upwards before I heard your remainder. BS telephone from Montreal. Automobile message.

Post by nancy,

514-392-9122 just happened to me too did t Select Upward Only as with my acreage line if i don t know that i don t Collection if you can they keep calling ANNOYING. if they really need for contact you they ll leave a message. . .

Post by kelly(calgary),

5143929122 Place them on your own Avoid list then you never Notice from them again they don t go to voice send they Simply don t get Related. They get not alive air when they call

Post by Joe,

514-392-9122 Got the phone Now no response reading above I vie added it to my SPAM list with silent ringer. Someone mentioned above that they change your last 2 or 3 digits which means that they are using your block of numbers allotted for whatever Firm has that block of numbers Normally something like W W 9 . Usually send or email is a decent paper trail for registering Grievances and there s Additionally a fraud contact you can strive if you consider there's fraud involved HTTP Internet. linnet encl. cg. ca pelt Camping Eng

Post by Smart in BC,

5143929122 Caller id is on phones for a motive. Dint understand your Region code. . dint freaking Choose Upwards. Whoever actually believes these ridiculous scams are idiots and deserve for be torn off. Congratulations you vie won a Vacation to idiotically Public you personally.

Post by yo,

514-392-9122 called my cell W Toronto out of Quebec. left message for free cruise tickets

Post by Pierre,

5143929122 3 calls out of them in 3 days on my cell. Left no message. Hate those.

Post by Ekalb,

514-392-9122 Go locate another Website troll.

Post by france,

5143929122 just received phone call out of the Amount. i did t answer

Post by BOK,

514-392-9122 Discontinue calling I don t answer but it s still a pain and never stopping. Should be illegal harassment. . . . I m within Alberta going by everything appears enjoy it s State Broad.

Post by D Cantin,

5143929122 None

Post by Sara,

514-392-9122 Obtained a telephone out of W W W. They did t leave a message and when I tried for telephone back it said your number was not in service.

Post by Arrow,

5143929122 These scampers use Voice Over IPA services that allow them to spoof or fake practically any outgoing phone Amount they want your Telephone Amount showing Upwards on your telephone show is Generally fake . They need your credit card info.

Post by Denis,

514-392-9122 Missed call along with no message no ID.

Post by Sask cell user,

5143929122 Got this phone on a work cell for first res ponders . Merely Rob phone time wasters.

Post by Annoyed,

514-392-9122 I 've both Ontario and Alberta cell phones that are unlisted and on ENCL and 've had calls everyday since may W Getaway t replied as I am Particular on giving my Amount out

Post by Etienne,

5143929122 Encore UN foils UN an nonce pour Garner UN voyage. . . . W W W

Post by Sharon,

514-392-9122 Just got a phone from this number on my cell. Did not answer it. No message left. I don t response numbers I don t Understand.

Post by LM,

5143929122 Called my cell Telephone Amount which I simply give for family and physicians. Called the Amount from my property line and it said the number was not within service. Quite annoying.

Post by Sarah,

514-392-9122 I am with Virgin mobile. Out of time for time i got such calls. I never answer them. they maybe just Sexy kids.

Post by Em,

5143929122 They called my cell Now did not leave message. I Often get these calls from Ohio DC etc. . . . thus annoying. I never answer. I m within Montreal.

Post by Carvei,

514-392-9122 I keep becoming these Bloody Telephones calls telling me I won a cruise for that Bahamas. . . . usually it s a Amount in the States but now it shows a number out of Montreal. Can I make it Quit. I get those calls at least 3 4 times a week. . . . I wish I could press 0 to tell them for go F amp amp themselves. . .

Post by Jan,

5143929122 Excellent idea did not know you personally could do that it's done Your a Wizard

Post by Chopper 81,

514-392-9122 To W W W Banjo Scumbag I don t speak French or know anyone in Montreal so. . . . Screw You personally scummier. . . .

Post by Sylvie,

5143929122 unwanted phone along with no message

Post by sam,

514-392-9122 Answer to all Got that too on my cell that ENCL is crap because that ones allowed for phone and others are that ones I don t need to reply for. So this is why I don t answer to numbers I don t know.

Post by maude,

5143929122 got it overly . . . . .

Post by guy,

514-392-9122 Moi j AI interurban Illegal Level tout Au Canada. T AI applier Automobile moi Aussie Il on applier Friend Mon Cell ET SA DI Illinois n y as pas d Bonn a SE service

Post by Shirl,

5143929122 Only called my cell Telephone but simply rang once and Installed Upward

Post by OHZ,

514-392-9122 I got a phone out of the Amount on my work cell yesterday at 9 Am ET did t response. Now at W Am ET I got a telephone in the same number for my personal cell did t response it. No MSG in either case.

Post by Peter,

5143929122 Got a 2 calls out of this number today. I 'm in France appropriate now expect that dozen t Price me.

Post by mick,

514-392-9122 same here did t response this time

Post by pissed 2,

5143929122 they keep calling me too. I have created a contact called Discount. . . and Given a Particular ring tone for these Amounts. . . which is different out of my default ringer. Consequently when they whoever they are call. . . I understand to Automatically dismiss and ignore your phone.

Post by claire,

514-392-9122 they Simply called me about 4 pm no message left tried calling it back and number not working i trust i did not provide them an excuse to call me back or sell my Amount as real what a hassle

Post by GMcL,

5143929122 I got a telephone yesterday at Residence and Simply now on my cell.

Post by Howard, Toronto,

514-392-9122 Any Notion how do I Set that number on the reject list. I 'm drained of receiving calls on my cell Telephone from W W W. Your don't phone registry doesn't appear to work.

Post by jwt873,

5143929122 These idiots have been calling for at least 6 months. . All your calls come out of 1 W W xx xx but it Appears that they vie been changing their last few Numbers for get Approximately telephone blockers. .

Post by Pegz,

514-392-9122 Got a telephone from W W W called it back and your phone number is listed as not within service.

Post by Henry Buzuk,

5143929122 No question if I was being disturbed or interrupted . . . . All means that same thing. . . . . LOLA. . . No just one likes for be disturbed or interrupted. . .

Post by Mike Griffin,

514-392-9122 I attempted as well Only for see . Got that same response. I despise these Amounts continually calling me Greer

Post by medhora,

5143929122 Got a Phone from W they said I won a cruise for 2 for Bahamas and take a brief survey. . . . . .

Post by David,

514-392-9122 Got the Automobile Call er form this 1 overly. Congratulations you vie been Picked to win a cruise . . .

Post by Anon626,

5143929122 There are no Actual good telephone blocking Programs for that iPhone. That only manner for really Quit it's to jailbreak and Mount Lydia on your iPhone and get that Lydia Program that could block calls . Won t do that Cox my phone is still under Guarantee and I m paranoid that I might screw things Upward. There s Actually not a lot of Alternatives IMHO.

Post by tarabean,

514-392-9122 Gotten a phone out of W W W as nicely Recently. Obviously a phone Centre.

Post by Jean-Sebastien Roy,

5143929122 Can a Grievance here HTTP Internet. linnet encl. cg. ca pelt Camping Eng

Post by LynnH,

514-392-9122 Calling my cell Telephone within Calgary. . . . I vie won a cruise. . .

Post by Nathalie,

5143929122 On m Apple Sir Mon cellulite r GUI raiment De Ce numb RI Mai's Jew NE r ponds pas.

Post by Cynthia,

514-392-9122 Great thank you personally for the tip

Post by Stop calling me,

5143929122 I received a call from W W W and my number is on your Don't Call list within Canada. I telephoned the Do not Call list at 1 W W W and Offered a report. They will forwards my Grievance to that CR TC regulator of communications in Canada . If enough complaints come in seeing W W W your higher it will get on that precedence list and become dealt along with by your CR TC. Please call the Don't Call people and enroll a Criticism if You're telephoned by W W W.

Post by Fred,

514-392-9122 Called me within Alberta and I could t reply. They did t leave a express mail. I Skype called your Amount back. There was no ringing and it instantly disconnected.

Post by SAM,

5143929122 got a Telephone called answered no 1 Discussions out of Quebec wish spam callers go for hell. . .

Post by Dani M,

514-392-9122 This number was calling me repeatedly over your last month on my private cell phone which I Additionally 've listed on your DC list. Attempted to phone that and get a message that says it's not within service.

Post by girl,

5143929122 Got that same telephone from these people and this isn't the first time.

Post by 9662,

514-392-9122 Go away and Cease bothering Individuals you bunch of clowns

Post by Walle,

5143929122 BS phone today from the Amount.

Post by Ted,

514-392-9122 If you have a newer Android phone Only add your number to your own Avoid Call list. Subsequently you personally won t become bothered whatsoever. I assume iPhone and Rim has a similar capability. I don t know if I had the Potential before Android 4. 1 but there surely is Likely a manner

Post by CM,

5143929122 same matter just happened did t reply no message i am in PG too

Post by Carole,

514-392-9122 That is not your first time they telephone. . . It has for Quit Thank you

Post by rcm,

5143929122 Amazing suggestion

Post by Mike Griffin,

514-392-9122 I attempted as well just for see . Got the same response. I hate these numbers Frequently calling me Greer

Post by Peter Barbeau,

5143929122 Annoying phone Only hang up

Post by Guest,

514-392-9122 Montreal telemarketing

Post by earl toquero,

5143929122 attempted for telephone your Amount cant reach the Amount and its an unknown number

Post by Lar,

514-392-9122 I got this call Now on my cell I don t reply calls that I don t understand Specially from State. I believe they are just fishing.

Post by Annoyed,

5143929122 I got 2 calls on could possibly ND and may Th out of this Amount I never replied. . . what could we do for prevent these annoying calls.

Post by cstar,

514-392-9122 Simply called me in Alberta. Did t Comprehend the number and Rene ted the telephone.

Post by unlisted guy,

5143929122 I gotten a phone out of these fraudsters about two weeks Past and I then checked online and located that other Folks had had similar calls. Any calls saying you have won a cruise or bonus offer for a reduced vacation are entirely bogus and they can attempt to get your credit card Amount for Safe your own booking. They even provide a reference code that is Additionally fake and once they have your credit card Amount You'll 've for cancel it by going through a Long Question procedure. The reason I understand that details is because I decided to see what these scampers were offering and went through your measures on the Telephone and got it Search as if I was Actually interested. First they ask if you've a valid credit card and if thus Afterward they transfer you to another Representative . I Inquired a Amount of questions and took plenty of time to create the Representative Make his money. When I expressed Problem over providing my credit card over that phone I was transferred to some supervisor who Subsequently attempted to convince me it was safe for provide my credit card Information. He said he would Supply me with a confirmation code that I could check along with my credit card company probably hoping that I would decide not to and Afterward go ahead with your purchase . After spending an excellent W minutes on that phone with that scampers I finally said that I wan t prepared for use my credit card with them and was cut off Really abruptly. If they had any fascination with really providing a service to me then they would not 've ended that phone that manner. Any company that's that rude on that phone has no interest in providing any real customer service. Unfortunately I obtained another similar telephone Now but did not Choose it Upwards so I suppose my waste their time tactic could not have worked. My number is unlisted and I never Set my name on that don't telephone list thus your system they're using is an automated telephoning dialing system that calls each number mixture. Sadly these scampers could prevent that Don't telephone list rules by being located outside Canada and having a fake Canadian Telephone Amount on that show. As the recent CBC Marketplace Put Research revealed your government dozen t 've your ability to Authorities these fraudsters within other jurisdictions such as in Pakistan and says they don t have your resources to locate the supply of these calls. That CBC was able to find your call Center within Pakistan but that CR TC said it was improbable it could do anything Around it. Also I decided NOT for list my Amount on that Don't phone list after reading the Information on your CR TC website that stated that Firms could purchase an inventory of that Amounts on your list to ensure they would know who not for phone but Sadly if you personally enroll an unlisted cell VIP or property line number on the list then You're Truly providing that number to any telemarketers that do not want for follow the rules. I get Considerably fewer calls than most Individuals I know who are on your Do not telephone list but I still get these annoying automated dialing calls at least once or twice a week. I believe your only way for stop them is for turn that Platforms on them and try your best for WASTE TIME with the agents thus that the Firm may lose cash having to pay their Workers for really little return on their investment.

Post by pc,

514-392-9122 unwanted caller leaves no message does not take calls within

Post by Guest,

5143929122 MT

Post by Alain,

514-392-9122 Got several telephone on my cell. Very annoying Specifically as I get charged per transmission.

Post by canyouneverescape,

5143929122 when called back says number isn't within service

Post by nothappy,

514-392-9122 I Simply a phone as well on my cell Telephone in Kitchener ON Canada. . . my number is also on he ENCL. Not impressed

Post by Ej,

5143929122 I simply reply calls from Associates. Anyone else could leave a message or not. . .

Post by Anon626,

514-392-9122 There are no Actual good phone blocking Applications for the iPhone. Your simply way for Actually Discontinue it's to jailbreak and Mount Lydia in your iPhone and get your Lydia Program that could block calls . Won t can that Cox my Telephone is still under warranty and I m paranoid that I might screw things up. There s really not a lot of Alternatives IMHO.

Post by Sarah,

5143929122 Got a call out of the Amount Now I am in Subaru. . .

Post by Adriana,

514-392-9122 Location Opportunity Union south of St Catherine Street WP hone number W W I's located in Montreal Quebec. Its Change W is managed by BELL CANADA QC. That Amount is currently on switch number METEOROLOGIC. Around W of people reported it as Unknown You're the Th person for investigation for it here. Your Amount has a Complete of W Criticisms filed against it. Latest Individuals reported that Amount as that of W W W spamming company

Post by Cynthiasizer,

5143929122 They called me Now overly and I did t reply as I did t recognize your Amount. I called it back and got a record state that Amount isn't within service. WT. . .

Post by super pissed,

514-392-9122 The Amount just called. Said I won to tickets to some cruise. I dial led 1 like an idiot and they Put Upwards.

Post by Gaiter,

5143929122 Wow. Eleven pages of Generally brief Remarks within two times. Whoever that is they're exceptionally active correct now and they re pissing a lot of people off. The only common denominator within the train of thought is that we all 've phones. Yes I am being sarcastic . Let s ALL response it the next time and get your free cruises and 've 1 huge Celebration. . See you on that ship.

Post by Missed call, 13:54 PST,

514-392-9122 Allowing to my phone show it s coming from Montreal. I m on that Do not telephone list as well. I m adding this to my list of Associates Underneath BLOCKED TELEMARKETER and having it go right for voice mail.

Post by Leif,

5143929122 Awhile called May W W. . . did t leave MSG. . . waste my cell battery. . . .

Post by Guest,

514-392-9122 Spam

Post by Vangirl,

5143929122 Same here. Merely got a phone from this number on my cell Vancouver BC. Usually if you personally don t response eventually they Discontinue calling. Afterward it ll start again out of a Distinct number. P

Post by Melissa,

514-392-9122 Received this call 5 min ago did t answer. I m within Montreal.

Post by me,

5143929122 and now again

Post by ali,

514-392-9122 telemarketing call

Post by KS,

5143929122 Rec d phone overly on my Cell Did not hassle to answer. Area code W is a telephone Place code for Montreal and most of its surrounding Region. LEAVE ME ALONE.

Post by No,

514-392-9122 The ENCL isn't many magic system that blocks unwanted calls. It s Just a listing that Nona Fidel telemarketers are supposed to use nothing more. It doesn't matter within any manner if your A Amount is spoofed.

Post by weird call,

5143929122 Just got a phone on my cell which I don t give Outside for anyone I don t know I m within Toronto.

Post by MC,

514-392-9122 I got a call out of the Amount for Recently. I m within Montreal

Post by el gordo,

5143929122 another waste of time Rob phone to my cell Telephone. Add it to my contact list not to reply. CRT don't call list is a waste. I want I could automatically transport your phone to that CRT thus they could be a Fortunate Success too

Post by Diane,

514-392-9122 I keep becoming these calls on my cell Telephone out of W W W

Post by Tracey,

5143929122 Also I m on National Don't Call list. Have been for 2 years. Merely double Assessed another daytime and expanded expiry date. But if they re scampers I suppose they won t follow the DC list. . . .

Post by Concerned Citizen,

514-392-9122 I obtained your same calls but your Sample was reversed. I first obtained a call out of W and this week out of W. That second time the buckler left a telemarketing pitch claiming Congratulations you personally vie selected for a free Caribbean cruise. . .

Post by Paige,

5143929122 I 've been getting a telephone out of W for your last few weeks and it says its from Quebec but i usually Skip that telephone or when i would ans er its about a cruise or nobody talks at all. exactly why is the happening. It s Actually Frustrating.

Post by garbage,

514-392-9122 I m in Vancouver BC. Vehicle Face said You vie won cruise for that Bahamas. Garbage.

Post by Anon626,

5143929122 There are no Actual great telephone blocking apps for your iPhone. That only manner for really Cease it is for jailbreak and install Lydia on your own iPhone and get that Lydia app that can block calls . Won t do that Cox my Telephone is still Underneath warranty and I m paranoid that I might screw matters Upward. There s really not a lot of Choices IMHO.

Post by matt,

514-392-9122 Received it three times today. I m within Vancouver.

Post by Lyly,

5143929122 Called me for tell me that I win a cruise. Who Considers it. I hanged Upward on them and added it for my Display list but I believe that they keep transforming that Amount and this really is your Rd or Th number they used to play your same trick.

Post by LYNE,


Post by Gogo,

5143929122 I Only got telephone out of the number when I called back out of service message Fraud Telemarketers go away let Folks work to Make residing.

Post by James,

514-392-9122 Called my cell which is on the ENCL. Did t answer it cause I did t get to the phone within time but can be reporting it.

Post by pissed off,

5143929122 thanks Vancouver b. c. could possibly W W

Post by Anonymous,

514-392-9122 Got a phone out of them Now at 1 W PM EDT on my cell. Did t Choose it up because I did t want to pay for long space and I had just gotten to class. I m within Mississauga

Post by Eliz,

5143929122 Second time for me even I ignored the first phone.

Post by Wrong,

514-392-9122 No there's no such matter within Canada. I don t understand where you got this from. You cannot be Priced for answering a phone unless you might have been Inquired to Take long distance charges and you've accepted.

Post by rb,

5143929122 called and left no message. . .

Post by Judi,

514-392-9122 Same here got one about PM i m in W Region code call out of Quebec did t answer either

Post by Aggie,

5143929122 Got a telephone out of the number on my cell. Called back out of residential line message said Amount not within service.

Post by Michel,

514-392-9122 Not true. . W is a valid Amount String that some offices 've downtown. . Yet within this case whoever is calling for those Joke calls and false cruise winning is using a fake Owner I. D. . . all they need is your credit card numbers Information for rob you personally.

Post by Isabel,

5143929122 Got it overly. Did NT response. . Yes . .

Post by SJT86,

514-392-9122 I obtained 2 missed calls from this number. . no voice send. . this really is annoying if you have family members in that Place code and you personally believe it's them.

Post by Talou,

5143929122 You personally must become out of Toronto for be talking the manner. . . . .

Post by dragonfly777,

514-392-9122 I obtained a phone Only a few Min's Past out of this number on my cell. Did t recognize it so did t Choose Upwards and they did t leave a message. I go ogled that Amount which led me here. I m in BC

Post by Talou,

5143929122 You personally must become out of Toronto to become talking this manner. . . . .

Post by ddddd,

514-392-9122 Lola they did t even state anything when they called. it was Only blank and Afterward they Put Upward.

Post by Norm,

5143929122 Few minutes Past I had a phone from this number but not replied .

Post by Grace,

514-392-9122 Received a telephone out of the Amount at 3 pm this day on my cell Toronto number

Post by Winnipeg,

5143929122 These calls are so annoying. I 'm along with tells and the always telephone my cell. Even after I Inquired my Phone Business to Place a block on those Kinds of calls.

Post by Michelle,

514-392-9122 How can you get this to stop. .

Post by Guest,

5143929122 says I won a cruise

Post by jorge,

514-392-9122 Who is calling even my Girl got a telephone from the Amount and she is unlisted Could anybody can something Around this. .

Post by Cynthia,

5143929122 Hello I vie been becoming Additionally calls out of that phone Amount it s a Registered message saying you 've won something and it says to telephone back a particular number. Don t answer or else it may keep calling.

Post by Mossy,

514-392-9122 I get calls from the and a couple of other s for my cell. Everyone who has my cell is programmed into my phone. I don t answer if it s not a Amount I recognize.

Post by GF,

5143929122 Out of a telephone on my cell from W W Dead at the other Finish. Remedy Stop all your own Telephone Reports. You can bet that all phone Firms may find a Alternative very fast as they see Earnings Decline. Cash Discussions louder than words. This really is that start of a Innovation. Let s would it.

Post by Guest,

514-392-9122 Cruise survey

Post by Allen,

5143929122 I got a message left out of this Amount. It was about a cruise.

Post by Karen,

514-392-9122 Yup just got a telephone out of this Now. I did t reply though.

Post by denis,

5143929122 Replicate efforts at cell phone once per week get rid of these people

Post by samsam,

514-392-9122 I also receive this call in my cell today. How you can I block such unexpected Advertising call.

Post by Guest,

5143929122 fraud _ saying you personally won a cruise font offer them any details.

Post by Cynthia,

514-392-9122 Excellent thank you for that tip

Post by BG,

5143929122 Since it is really simple for spoof Telephone Amounts there is absolutely no reason for believe this telephone Arrived from Quebec or any province in Canada for that issue. It could 've originated from your Caribbeans or even India.

Post by M. Tanguay,

514-392-9122 This can be your second time that I got a call from that Amount. I can t locate Outside who is trying for reach me.

Post by K,

5143929122 Acquired another call from the number at W W a. m. No message left. I never answer the call. I 've used an app on my cell phone called Sophisticated Cellular telephone Care for block the Amount as nicely as that many other Amounts I get these calls out of. As of yesterday through that FCC website I have Additionally Set myself on your Do not Telephone list.

Post by Dione ble,

514-392-9122 Add the number for your list amp Underneath don t response

Post by from montreal,

5143929122 I obtained a phone from this Amount W W W Now at W W. I replied by mistake so when soon as that record started I Put Upwards. Concur enough is enough. I m with Tel people.

Post by Vanessa K.,

514-392-9122 I got it Simply now. No message was left. WT. . . I m in Montreal.

Post by smackYYZ,

5143929122 telemarketer all I heard was recording saying Congratulations you personally vie . . . . . Subsequently I hung Upward. Gotten on my cell within Toronto

Post by Martin,

514-392-9122 Same Telephone Amount. They called at W W May W I did not response. When I attempted for phone back not on service. .

Post by watever,

5143929122 that is out of Olga. if they find previous Pol on the other Finish they would their background check and based on their peerage make previous Pol Triumph cash thus they invest back

Post by OK,

514-392-9122 got that call out of the number. did t answer. i 'm in Ottawa area code W

Post by J,

5143929122 Rec d a phone on my cell from the number . . . also rec d a telephone last week out of W W W. Did t fuss answer either time.

Post by Melissa,

514-392-9122 Me too. I live within Edmonton Alberta.

Post by booboo,

5143929122 Got a telephone Sunday morning. Within NS with Bell.

Post by Mrs. Smith,

514-392-9122 I Additionally got the telephone on my cell Telephone and as other mentioned I do not present Outside my number. Quite frustrating to get numerous telemarketing calls on just one s cell. . . . whoever Offered your cell Telephone list should be Picture.

Post by James,

5143929122 On my phone Galaxy S'S I could Avoid numbers Beginning along with . There s a little change you personally might get a legit call from a number that gets rejected I think though. But given how few Individuals telephone me from Quebec the odds that their Amount begins along with W W W is Very damn unlikely.

Post by Henry Buzuk,

514-392-9122 No question if I was being disturbed or interrupted . . . . All means the same thing. . . . . LOLA. . . No just one likes for be disturbed or interrupted. . .

Post by stephen,

5143929122 The Amount just called but I did t response. I m in Vancouver

Post by Bob BC,

514-392-9122 What a fantastic idea. Thanks.

Post by York,

5143929122 I got a telephone out of this Amount Simply now W W Toronto. I did not reply it and because I check your number in the Web while ringing and located this page.

Post by Nic,

514-392-9122 Missed a call out of this number overly. I m in BC

Post by bob burke,

5143929122 I Only got just one overly. Did not reply Calculated it was something for Price me.

Post by anonymous,

514-392-9122 First I get a telephone from W W W Used a minute After by W W W. Quebec. . . . I m in MB. I did not register for anything free . On my cell.

Post by N/A,

5143929122 called my cell W W W and again on W W W. leaves no message. Only enroll my cell number on the do not call registry a week ago hopefully calls will Cease soon. I attempted calling your number back and it says the Amount isn't in service.

Post by Guest,


Post by Stop this Crap!,

5143929122 Keep getting calls I response and state Hi twice Subsequently hang Upward when there is no answer from the other end.

Post by DABEAR,

514-392-9122 Cell phone call did t response wow I could have won something Lola

Post by guy,

5143929122 Moi T AI interurban Illegal par tout Au Canada. J AI applier car moi Aussie Il on applier Friend Mon Cell ET SA DI Illinois n y as pas d Bonn a SE service

Post by Annoyed,

514-392-9122 I keep on becoming a telephone out of this number is Nut in annoying. . . .

Post by Monique,

5143929122 They phone each week on my cell that is on ENCL. Long distance charge for me each time.

Post by milan,

514-392-9122 saw the Amount and did t response no message

Post by tiredofthesecalls,

5143929122 I got just one on my cell as nicely. I do not understand who it's I did t answer it.

Post by Guest,

514-392-9122 picked up for this number no Result on the other side.

Post by Kay,

5143929122 Simply got their call too. I 'm in Toronto and on your ENCL. Registered a Grievance.

Post by Nanc,

514-392-9122 Apple fraudulence. Message unregistered pour UN Cross re gang e Mai's c est fax. ET Mon numb RI est Sir la Lister Country ale P} numb Rios P} t l communication excl people. Pas content.

Post by BG,

5143929122 They Simply called a few minutes ago. I did t reply. I have a simple rule if I don t understand who You're and you personally don t use telephone show for show your name I don t response. If it s important doctor s office for Example they ll leave a message. Otherwise screw them.

Post by Jo,

514-392-9122 The W called my cell along with Rogers today at W W hrs. Did not leave a express mail so I m assuming telemarketer or scummier it s becoming increasingly difficult to make that distinction . From user Hansen earlier post the Amount seems to be a fax machine from some trading Business HTTP Web. . com b Atlantic . . . Koranic W so it's possible a few douche Merely keeps on punching in incorrect Amounts. . . I cannot Envision having any interest in Ladies socks without wooden packing substance or Bamboo spandex woven Trousers LOLA.

Post by Wrong,

5143929122 No there is no such thing in Canada. I don t understand where you got this out of. You cannot be charged for answering a phone unless you've been Inquired to Take long distance Costs and you've accepted.

Post by nerdriot,

514-392-9122 Simply got two calls from this number within a row. Only difference was it was Around five seconds long before they Put Upwards. Guess they could feeling my she hulk Trend Growing out of my side of your Telephone D

Post by Johnny Doe,

5143929122 What we all 've in common . . . Bank BM . . .

Post by N/A,

514-392-9122 I Only obtained a phone from the Amount W W W a few minutes Past. I am becoming really exhausted of these telemarketers calling. Seriously they demand to get your Sign and Quit calling. I did t understand who it out of. I Calculated because I have Buddies who live in different provinces it could of been among them. I replied and let your record get as far as congratulations is where I hung Upward. Enough is enough. I'm not interested and I ll never may become.

Post by LeAnna,

5143929122 Good Question. My question is why are that phone Firms issuing these numbers in that first place. . . I mean when I first had for get a Telephone I had for give a deposit and my life Storyline. What s along with that. .

Post by Jack,

514-392-9122 Merely got the same call I m in Montreal did t answer. . .

Post by Guest,

5143929122 Free cruise

Post by Nat,

514-392-9122 Just got 1 too. Took BC s advice and placed these idiots under telemarketing. Great riddance

Post by Telus guy,

5143929122 Got phone from W W W few times. . . is Tel people selling the Amount for Rd party

Post by matt,

514-392-9122 Definitely a scam. Mississauga here

Post by Ted,

5143929122 If you've a newer Android Telephone just add the Amount for your Avoid Telephone list. Then you won t become bothered at all. I assume iPhone and Blackberry have the same Potential. I don t understand if I had that capability before Android 4. 1 but there's probably a way

Post by Lucie beauregards,

514-392-9122 Unwanted calls no message

Post by John,

5143929122 Only gotten on my cell overly here in PG. Unless haphazard dialing simply way could 've gotten is out of Fido. Just Remedy is for sort a substantial group and pressure gov t or phone Suppliers for intervene and Cease these calls.

Post by gerb,

514-392-9122 I Simply got a call out of the Amount I attempted calling back but it gave a message that the number was not assigner within BC

Post by Jim,

5143929122 Gotten a call on my cell. . . did t answer. Your call show showed from Quebec.

Post by Guest,

514-392-9122 congratulations you won something free

Post by mac,

5143929122 Phone telephone rec d but I did not reply it. No message left. Upgraded in my phone book as telemarketer.

Post by JK,

514-392-9122 I am thus Ill of the. They call on my cell they phone my property line how can we Place a Cease to this BS. . . . They called my cell twice today.

Post by Dlover,

5143929122 Got your telephone and hung up

Post by Ashley,

514-392-9122 Got your same telephone out of this number but they said nothing. They called my cell

Post by Jas,

5143929122 I got a telephone another day answered it and no 1 talked. . . got another missed phone out of the number again Now. .

Post by Fraud Buster,

514-392-9122 You are able to read Around this scam here HTTP Web. vivisect. com W W W cols . . . use line scam It s been Approximately for ages. The Amount is spoofed don't hassle calling back. And please these are CRIMINALS who want to Take your own credit card details do you personally Actually believe they may check your Don't Phone list and Free you personally. Be Practical.

Post by craig,

5143929122 same Cope no MSG. . . . this Amount. . . . it s been a few times now. . . a Actual pain within your . I never answer but need it for Discontinue.

Post by Paskale,

514-392-9122 This number Only phone i replied but nothing just silence. . .

Post by Death to Telwmarketers.,

5143929122 Called my Toronto cell phone while I was Operating. Let it go to express mail but they did t leave a message.

Post by Guest,

514-392-9122 Cruse ship

Post by eg,

5143929122 Merely had the occur was sent for my cellphone i m from Kingston. It Arrived Upward as Quebec. I did t answer and it did t leave a express mail. I m guessing scram or telemarketer

Post by Henry Buzuk,

514-392-9122 No matter if I was being disturbed or interrupted . . . . All means that same thing. . . . . LOLA. . . No just one likes for be disturbed or interrupted. . .

Post by scorp,

5143929122 Got a phone this am out of them i didn't response as i didn't recognize but they did not leave message so assuming telemarketer. . . .

Post by Esjay,

514-392-9122 Excellent news. . . . I apparently won another free cruise. .

Post by JMH,

5143929122 I Only got a call out of the Amount out of W W W and then when I still did t answer they called as an unknown number. Any Thought who they're. . More importantly how to get rid of them. .

Post by B,

514-392-9122 Only got 2 calls from this Amount. I m in London ON.

Post by Rafy,

5143929122 I m Thinking if isn't because I provide my number for BM bank of Montreal. Since I offer them my number I got those Mindless phone. . . .

Post by sue,

514-392-9122 It is pretty poor when you attempt to phone the Amount back and you get the message the number isn't within service. All I could state is if I eventually figure who they're Afterward they may pay along with calls day and nighttime out of me Lola

Post by Richard,

5143929122 Got telephone W cell I am beyond numb for telemarketers now and would become surprised to locate someone who USN t. It is a pain within the but I Simply hang up. PS BC girl is right your do not telephone list is as BS as Windows and Doors people being in your own area for a free estimate.


514-392-9122 Re oi st dies messages De Ce's Disadvantages tr s fr comment. quid Pet on SE plunderer pour fa ire Cesar Ce's apples. Au CR TC. Becoming fed Upward of receiving these calls. To whom can we complain for create them Discontinue . CR TC. . .

Post by Cynthiasizer,

5143929122 They called me Now overly and I did t answer as I did t Understand the number. I called it back and got a recording say that Amount isn't in service. WT. . .

Post by No Patience,

514-392-9122 I have it out of an excellent source that they're pedophiles and rapists.

Post by Elputasdeaguadas,

5143929122 Your same here. . . . but I never answer when I don t know the caller. I knew was a few of those amp amp calls Thank you personally for let's know that Foundation of the amp amp people

Post by Guest,

514-392-9122 telesales

Post by Rachel,

5143929122 Someone called out of the Amount. I did t response because I consistently get calls enjoy the on my cellphone. Really annoying. I m within Winnipeg.

Post by AW,

514-392-9122 I got two cell phones a Workers and company and I got called on both once Now and Friday.

Post by BC'er,

5143929122 Add this number for your contact list Underneath a name such as TELEMARKETER and place the contact profile with the ringer off. Next time they call you will not become disturbed if you do not need for response actually replying these calls confirms to your Owner that your Amount is valid and they can continue for keep calling you personally. .

Post by unknown,

514-392-9122 got a phone from this number on Fri could W. i didn't response.

Post by Foxie,

5143929122 Called on my cell Telephone. I 'm on your don't call list and I 'm Ill and tired of these calls.

Post by mobrie,

514-392-9122 I vie got that same call as all of you personally on my cell. . . . I 've a function reject list on my cell. . . done.

Post by Fed Up,

5143929122 I overly got this number this morning. . . Did not reply. . . . . . won't answer W area code calls. I know no 1 within Quebec. I 've a Call Avoid on my phone so just added the Amount to that many other W Place code calls so they can still get Approximately it by using another among their many lines. I 'm Additionally on that DC list. . . Thinking if that Actually amp really works within our Nation.

Post by Ron,

514-392-9122 unknown Owner on my cell I m in Alberta

Post by Céline .S. Sauvé,

5143929122 I keep becoming calls from your Vacation Individuals as well. It s been a few months now and I m less than impressed along with that wasting of my daytime minutes.

Post by Cindy,

514-392-9122 I Often get a telephone out of this annoying Telephone number. Congratulations you have won a cruise. I hang Upward each time and they Simply telephone back again within a few days. I tried calling their Amount to Chat for someone but your Amount is not in service. How annoying. The should be prohibited. . . .

Post by Melissa,

5143929122 I Merely picked up a telephone from the number and they said I had won a free cruise. What a scam. Don t autumn for it

Post by VAQAR,

514-392-9122 cheers mike

Post by Concerned Citizen,

5143929122 I gotten the same calls but the pattern was reversed. I first gotten a telephone from W and the following week out of W. That second time the buckler left a telemarketing Message claiming Congratulations you vie Picked for a free Caribbean cruise. . .

Post by Guest,

514-392-9122 congratulations you personally vie won.

Post by Allie,

5143929122 Add the number for your contact list on your Telephone. In the name section kind within TELEMARKETER. Next time you get a call from this number and You'll TELEMARKETER may display on your Telephone. So you don t response and you personally know who called. Can this for all unwanted calls. If we all can the just maybe we could Triumph.

Post by Orangeville,

514-392-9122 I overly 've been getting calls from this number. Answered once by Crash. Dead atmosphere for a bit but I think it was waiting till an Driver was free for talk. Put up before anyone got on. I 'm with Rogers and I 've had your same Amount for over W years. Never got as many crap calls as I have in that last year or thus.

Post by sam rinaldi,

5143929122 do not bother me

Post by Guest,

514-392-9122 No just one there. Hang up.

Post by mike,

5143929122 Get web root It Had Phone And Text Blocking

Post by Sue,

514-392-9122 I just obtained that phone but did not reply it. I m Attempting to find a manner to report these calls or block them. Do I do that.

Post by Tundra14,

5143929122 From Kitchener W and obtained a call on my cell Telephone out of this number. Did not reply no message left. I expect they get fined.

Post by Amanda,

514-392-9122 Just got a call had 1 last week or that week before and no one replied. The time it was that vacation scam. I don t provide my cell anyplace except for family and want for know how they got it.

Post by sprose,

5143929122 Jesuit Au travail ET quad Tu re Lake Il creche continuous ET Illinois rappelled tout Le temp pas Male fatiguing ca

Post by wtf,

514-392-9122 I Simply got a phone out of this Amount. I Merely got this phone and Amount yesterday and I haven't given Outside that Amount yet

Post by Fuji,

5143929122 Just got call from the number on cell phone. Did not answer no message. Within Winnipeg.

Post by MaryH,

514-392-9122 I have had several calls out of this number the latest being a few minutes Past.

Post by Guest,

5143929122 free cruise scam

Post by Rob,

514-392-9122 Just got a telephone from this Amount. I won another cruise. . . . What exactly are your odds.

Post by me,

5143929122 and now again

Post by Dyson,

514-392-9122 They phone from W W W each weekend now offering a survey and free cruise for Bahamas. But that catch is that just one has Purchase that atmosphere tickets from Canada to Florida out of them at their prices which they did not reveal Though. I 've Place their number on call Avoid option on my Telephone.

Post by C from Montreal,

5143929122 Just got the phone no message i m within Mon tr AL. I did t response.

Post by John,

514-392-9122 In Winnipeg. Merely obtained this telephone on my cell fresh Fido Client . Never received any when on Rogers. Gotten E-mail Lately alerting me that Gov t now Enables release of cell phone Amounts. Inadvertently answered but Installed Upwards once Recognized I did not Understand that phone.

Post by No,

5143929122 Your ENCL isn't some magic system that blocks unwanted calls. It s Only an inventory that Nona Fidel telemarketers are supposed to use nothing more. It does not question within any manner if that A number is spoofed.

Post by Eric,

514-392-9122 for those asking how they can phone from a Amount that's not in service. Your way the phone show works the Owner is able to Market whatever Amount he wants especially if You're using a company line. You are able to make your Telephone system create your own phone number appearance enjoy W W if you need They Only called me earlier. I missed the call and they left no express mail. When checking account my phone history i see that it s that ND time they phone me with the same result.

Post by Carl,

5143929122 Got a call on my cell did not response it

Post by BigMoneyRob,

514-392-9122 I got a telephone from W W W while I had my iPhone hooked up to my stereo for listen for streaming audio out of Edmonton. Did t hassle answering. Same matter along with W W W but got that telephone while I was in Edmonton along with family. . . BTW I m on the ENCL

Post by Tracey,

5143929122 Additionally I m on National Do not Call list. 've been for 2 years. Simply Twice checked another day and expanded expiry date. But if they re scampers I think they won t follow that DC list. . . .

Post by Michel,

514-392-9122 Not Authentic. . W is a valid Amount series that some offices have downtown. . Nonetheless in the case whoever is calling for those prank calls and false cruise winning is using a fake Caller I. D. . . all they need is your credit card Amounts Information for rob you personally.

Post by FTF,

5143929122 I Merely got a telephone from this number called out of Quebec saying that I was Only selected to 've a free cruiser for that Hollands. I did not listen the remainder of your message I vie hang up

Post by Anonymous,

514-392-9122 receive calls daily on cell out of this never answer and they never leave message

Post by Sam,

5143929122 Clearly a scam. No message left.

Post by pissed off,

514-392-9122 thanks Vancouver b. c. could possibly W W

Post by Rob,

5143929122 Toronto missed call from 1 W W W. No VIM. Go ogled Amount and located this train of thought.

Post by I-Hate-Scams,

514-392-9122 F k you personally scummier. Rot within hell.

Did you get an unwanted call from 514-392-9122? Is 5143929122 Safe to Answer or a Spam Caller? Tell us as much as you can!

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Asking for who is responsible for your Cause amp G Invoice. Did not provide a name or want for leave a message.

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2148192777 Complains by Guest,

That is from the Houston County Wellness Section. They call you when someone has tested Favorable for a STD and named you as a sexual Associate they May n't have transmitted their STD to from.

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2099129079 Complains by Guest,

Needed for loan money. I never have requested

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wont stay blocked

8003650175 Complains by marc,

We receive repeated calls a day type this and other numbers posing as that same Put . The Owner will not state his company. It is more than likely HSBC. They phone non Cease. They are rude and they will not listen or identify themselves. We have been slightly behind in the payment but they will not Quit calling. They are awful and threatening.

8654656665 Complains by Guest,

The calls my cell Telephone each daytime. Leaves no message

5104931947 Complains by Guest,

Constant calls but no message.

7086463223 Complains by Guest,

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9085878031 Complains by Judge Marshall for Angelina Courts,

This business hese ben calling offring free service and wen you go down there thay tell to get the fu_k out of thair shop (cracker) and use this profanity and ather words thay are (affro amarcans) and i think somthing shold be done to control any further paternising with said busines:XTREME AUTO PLUS IN LUFKIN TX.

9792532091 Complains by Guest,

Yes he calling my too its really pissing me away. Ion understand whats incorrect the dude he crazy

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