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Telephone information: . Montreal, QC. . United states
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Post by HL,

5143929199 called my cell phone in Toronto did t leave a message.

Post by Guest,

514-392-9199 Congratulations

Post by Noodles,

5143929199 Been called in Ottawa numerous times. I hear its a scam. Lots of blogs about that number. Calls Shows QUEBEC CANADA

Post by BillyJimBob,

514-392-9199 I telephone them tel paparazzi.

Post by yet another,

5143929199 Two calls today out of the . Only added it for call block on my Panasonic Phone. What's humorous is that i had your go ogled and the page Upwards before three rings came Thur. Do Folks still autumn for these scams.

Post by cecile,

514-392-9199 Il maple Friend Mon cellulite

Post by Big Ben,

5143929199 I Merely got that phone they left no messages. I got my new cell Telephone with a fresh number just 5 days ago. . . where your hell did they got my Amount so Rapidly.

Post by MG,

514-392-9199 Ever since the Canadian don't call list I 've been receiving all sorts of unwanted calls. Way more than I ever did before.

Post by YOW,

5143929199 Easter Monday. . . Now they re calling Ottawa. Did t reply because I recognized your number calling. They vie called before and I did t reply then either. No point in calling CR TC or the Solitude Office.

Post by Annoyed,

514-392-9199 Called me. Answered. Dead air.

Post by Elizaeth,

5143929199 I Merely acquired a telephone but they left no message.

Post by Jean-F,

514-392-9199 No just one at another end

Post by someone in toronto,

5143929199 got that call. I Required to express send. no MSG was left.

Post by Pt,

514-392-9199 Same here i did t answer no message left. I can just suppose its telemarketing

Post by shawn,

5143929199 they also call me . when i call back for them n they said this really is invalid number . bullshit

Post by annoyed,

514-392-9199 I Merely got a Telephone telephone by them on my cell did t Choose Upwards though also in Alberta Canada about 9 AM

Post by BillyJimBob,

5143929199 I call them tel paparazzi.

Post by Jon,

514-392-9199 They called and did t leave a message. Appears for become Regular along with everyone posting. Happy I did t Select Upwards.

Post by KC,

5143929199 Just got a call on my cell phone in PEI didn't reply. I don t trust any number I don t understand. No MSG left called back from a acreage line and a MSG in French said the number was Broken.

Post by billy,

514-392-9199 They don t 've your own number. They 've an auto Call er that calls Amount after number.

Post by G,

5143929199 Ah yes your old you vie won a free cruise within your Bahamas scam but we need your own credit card info for Strike you personally with hundreds of dollars within Interface fees and Fees and of path you personally ll 've to fly down for Florida at your own own Price the total Sum of which would Much Transcend that Sum of that cruise if you paid for it yourself and if You're Ignorant enough to autumn for it your cruise will be ruined along with hour upon hour of time share Classes. Don t these bozos ever learn any fresh scams. Don t they ever phone any new Amounts. Don t expect any help out of DC registry. The Likely where they got your Amount. What is the Classification of insanity doing the same thing around and over and expecting Distinct results. Compose to your own government whine to that Police take it Upward along with Editors. This has all been done and they are still doing your same scams without even lost a beat or learning a new Key. Like the Large banks these retards are above your law. It s pathetic.

Post by Thinkpositive,

514-392-9199 Hung Upward on that number by mistake Subsequently go ogled. so Much they have not called back However and there surely is no message. When I called it there was a message that said the was an Broken Amount.

Post by James,

5143929199 Merely Called me within Calgary. No message.

Post by Guest,

514-392-9199 you won a cruise

Post by Ruth Harrison,

5143929199 I Merely received a phone out of this number I am in Victoria B. C. Felt enjoy a stalker weird I kept asking who is this. No response yet your person stayed on the line. I waited for them to hang Upward and Afterward dialed W and found out it was this Amount.

Post by Ashley,

514-392-9199 Called me within Saskatoon. Did t reply as it was an unknown Owner. Super annoying none your less. . .

Post by Sharon,

5143929199 Discontinue calling

Post by Bill-ze-Bob,

514-392-9199 That is a con. Reported for Cops and CR TC.

Post by Calgary,

5143929199 Simply acquired your phone within Calgary. . . . . . I had obtained your telephone from the same Amount congratulating me of winning a cruise. I 've Enrolled our all Amounts within don't phone list.

Post by Mr. T,

514-392-9199 They called here AGAIN within Ottawa . No message out of what I am reading here it s another FREE cruise.

Post by sammer,

5143929199 Same. Bacall for a cruise winning. scam scam scam

Post by carebear,

514-392-9199 I m with Fido can they cell your own cell Amount for others i keep getting tons calls out of the Amount plus others and i Only enjoy got the Telephone.

Post by CAB,

5143929199 Obtained 2 calls for my cell did not response either.

Post by John,

514-392-9199 Feb W. W Got a computer generated phone from this number Now. Just a Facsimile tone on another end. These Sorts of telephone es occur each day and that s that main reason that we've telephone display.

Post by Brad,

5143929199 Phone in Sask all that time its out of Montreal Cruise scam.

Post by Shelley,

514-392-9199 I didn't reply and no message left. Couple minutes after that phone another phone Arrived for the reason that said long distance private number.

Post by mystrunner,

5143929199 Set Upwards a contact in your own cell phone and phone it telemarketer . Place that contact so all incoming calls go directly for express mail. Any time you get a phone enjoy this Determine it to the contact name. That manner your calls go directly to voice send and that telephone kills itself for them along with never a voice mail occurring. You never even understand the call is coming this way no subject how many times they telephone.

Post by Cathy,

514-392-9199 and I am on Pei

Post by hikmat,

5143929199 this number called my cell and I did not answer

Post by Neil,

514-392-9199 They call each daytime Around supper time saying I won a cruise they are very annoying and I need them to Cease NOW. . . . . . . . . . . . .

Post by Bob Loblaw,

5143929199 Results i Triumph a cruise and did t Select Upwards due to that phone

Post by Effen Pist,

514-392-9199 Called me in Regina. No message just silence like a stalker waiting within your weeds. Creepy . Novelty.

Post by Sammy,

5143929199 Called Sunday April 7 'm rings Bacall Toronto

Post by Sandy,

514-392-9199 Got called by the number this morning I m within W . I did t Select Upward and no message left.

Post by Maria,

5143929199 Yes this number phone all the time but leave no message. Enrolled as UNKNOWN within my display sou don't pay Interest because many of them are telemarketers. Really annoying.

Post by George,

514-392-9199 I 'm becoming great . . . I did not Collection the cell telephone and then found the scam Amount here

Post by Foxy-Lady,

5143929199 Jew trove asses hazelnut Ce's fetus t l phones sans messages Jew churches Danes Les pages Junes ET rein quad Jew returnee l Apple on me r Pool d UN void electronic Que Ce numb RI n est pas valid . . . . . . . Remark Pet on SE server d UN numb RI quid n est pas en service . . . . . Quoin fa ire pour Cesar Ce Category d Apple . Marci De me r Pool re .

Post by Farts,

514-392-9199 Blah blah blah. . . . scummier. . . blah blah. . . . Life goes on. . .

Post by Rowland,

5143929199 Just telephone me but nobody on line Discuss for me.

Post by Raven,

514-392-9199 1 W W W. . . Merely phoned here Only dead atmosphere Afterward a click. . . Vancouver Island BC. Confident am getting drained of these bucklers. . . happy for have found the Website though.

Post by traveller,

5143929199 This Business calls me Regular occasionally twice a day. I don't pick Upward that Telephone as it's not a Understood number it's Quite annoying sometimes earlier before morning or late at night

Post by Paul Hughes,

514-392-9199 These calls really annoying but I don t Usually response if no name is shown. They can leave a message.

Post by Ben,

5143929199 Got a phone on my cell today out of W W W did t response and no VIM was left. Ignorant telemarketers.

Post by Sylver Fox,

514-392-9199 Calls out of this Amount many time

Post by Bea,

5143929199 They called my cell. I did t pick up did not know caller. Annoying tho .

Post by Kelly,

514-392-9199 I missed their telephone and they left me a message saying that I won a cruse for Bahamas. Yeah appropriate. . . Wonder can we prevent getting these kind of calls within your future . .

Post by Ticked,

5143929199 've rec d several calls Lately no response when Telephone replied.

Post by Em,

514-392-9199 Just called my CELL number. They Maintained to become Choosing me for win a prize of a trip for the Bahamas for two within exchange for Choosing a short survey I hung Upward after the. Quite annoying. Don t understand how they got my cell Amount.

Post by make me crazy,

5143929199 This continually calls my business cell Telephone never any Man at another Finish accept your phone and Cope having an unreasonable rep at the other end who has no interest in getting you personally away their list Simply need for scam you for something . Don t reply. .

Post by rusty,

514-392-9199 I ignored it since it said it was from Quebec and they were calling my cell Telephone. Out of what I Seen I am happy I did t ans were.

Post by katy anne,

5143929199 vows Te's tares fatiguing P} d ranger dies People ma lades ET Ag es Sp ceases vows apples please ET en plus voter no est p Side

Post by Mr. C.C.,

514-392-9199 It s called French. Are you so Thick you could t tell. Pathetic. . .

Post by Philip,

5143929199 I power saw a missed call no express message from 1 W W W on my cell Telephone. I called back and got a message the number is not valid.

Post by Harry,

514-392-9199 They Needed to sell me child Pornography W W W. . .

Post by Joy,

5143929199 I got a phone on my cell Recently. Do they get your cell Amounts.

Post by Good Guy,

514-392-9199 Got a call out of the Amount on my cell. I did not response they did not leave a message. Overly poor my phone can t blacklist it.

Post by bb--,

5143929199 this number Merely called me at work THREE TIMES In A Row. . this can be Dumb. i never provide my call phone number to anyone and it is Recorded at Private. how did they get my Amount amp how do i go about for having them Cease calling my cell phone every other day. . . . . .

Post by saparr,

514-392-9199 Ill of receiving calls from the number even though I 'm on a don't call list.

Post by rick,

5143929199 I have been becoming calls out of the Amount for awhile now. when I listen for Around W seconds i get a clicking sound enjoy someone is Choosing a Image using my IPhone. Does anyone else 've the happening to them.

Post by screw spammers,

514-392-9199 If you are on your don't telephone list as I am and get a call out of this twits become certain to Resort a Criticism along with them Toll free 1 W W ENCL 1 W W W It takes Merely a couple of minutes. The last three I reported were all After fined by that CR TC. They may simply Wonderful them if enough Folks lodge complaints along with them not here on some arbitrary Site.

Post by Kathy,

5143929199 Same as everyone else. Scam Cruise. I m on the don't phone list. Still get calls. What s Upwards along with that. . . . . . .

Post by coquette,

514-392-9199 Apple re u Le W f v. W W. W h sans laser De message ET Jew Sui's Sir la Lister d apples Inonu's

Post by El Ronco,

5143929199 Called Around winning a Vacation to Bahamas. Recorded female voice.

Post by JMG,

514-392-9199 Phoned here within Kitchener ON a few minutes ago no 1 one there when replied. Greer.

Post by Ouatte de phoque,

5143929199 Same here Someone said it s robbers they telephone for check if we re Residence and if they don t get any answer they come for robbing When I attempted for phone back it says no services I tried appropriate away a couple times and it dozen t work It called here on Saturday evenings Christ We work difficult for your money and Saturday is your just Night we have to rest These robbers should leave people alone and do like we all would W. O. R. K

Post by Michel,

514-392-9199 Success Jew Sui's Ave tel us. est Ce Que tel us Atmosphere it vend nos numb RI. .

Post by Howie Choy,

5143929199 W. W. W I 've Owner I d and nothing showed Upwards thus I did t response it. Very likely it's a telemarketer. If you Select Upwards Only hang Upward. Good Fortune.

Post by bk,

514-392-9199 Keeps calling. . . . . .

Post by C McMann,

5143929199 Obtained a call from W W W and I 'm on a don't call list

Post by AT,

514-392-9199 Got a call at 8 PM did not reply my Partner got a telephone earlier Now around PM. Quite odd going for report this.

Post by Margret,

5143929199 Got the same call Now did t Choose Upward and no message was left.

Post by Mike,

514-392-9199 Saturday morning march Th W W W 'm Only gotten the W W W and did not pick Upwards idea I would check from the office on reverse Telephone Amounts and go ogled it too. we all get these calls. I get a 1 W or 1 W call everyday at home same time of your Night. . . now i am going to Monitor it down and post it Monday next week when it rings. . . Anyone value talking for can attempt your Dwelling and business and your parents and kids . can keep you personally posted glad I located the Website. Thumbnails up

Post by Sam,

5143929199 answered your phone and no desire responded. Installed Upward and tried to phone back. A express in French came on saying that Amount is Broken. . . How can it become Broken when they Simply called. Anyway it s a SCAM.

Post by yo,

514-392-9199 Pas P} message Apple a tote Les seaming. . .

Post by Lin,

5143929199 Only got a phone did not Understand Amount did not reply Place number on reject list suggest this to everyone else.

Post by researcher,

514-392-9199 Its connected to a local number within whatever city you are from. Either on that same daytime or a couple times later a local number can text you personally saying they're a Buddy by many Simple name enjoy Jessica or Donna and asking you to visit their Relationship page they Merely got on . com. Unsure as for how they get your numbers and all the phone numbers become invalid and such after some time.

Post by Tom,

5143929199 Did t even ring Simply missed telephone.

Post by M,

514-392-9199 I Simply received the same phone in Toronto. . . did t response it and they did t leave a message. . ANNOYING

Post by Alice,

5143929199 W W W called my cell in British Columbia twice. Missed it though

Post by gbpei,

514-392-9199 Merely obtained a call from the Amount for my non Released work Amount. Hung Upwards as shortly as I replied. I m in PEI

Post by JP,

5143929199 Merely got a call within Nova Scotch a Second ago. Did t response and they left no message

Post by I want peace of mind,

514-392-9199 Nobody reply. . . can that CRT can something . . . .

Post by Blue Blazer in Fredericton,

5143929199 I replied and it was just not alive air. . no Cruise

Post by Kevin H,

514-392-9199 They called and did t leave a message. Reported for CR TC.

Post by Chan,

5143929199 Just called here within Toronto. . . no reply. . . just Stop. . .

Post by Galin Smith,

514-392-9199 How do I get rid of them. Thy keep calling late Days and Breaks.

Post by eilema,

5143929199 ca Fiat claque foils Que Jew recoils Ce's apples Aussie. . . Que Beck. . .

Post by Smarterthanyou,

514-392-9199 Did t response but I 'm on the no telephone list and unlisted as well. I am within BC. I don t recommend phoning them back or answering Amounts u don t understand.

Post by Guest,

5143929199 Triumph a Vacation.

Post by Helen Krahn,

514-392-9199 I have Enrolled my Amount on the do not call list but somehow the and other Amounts are becoming by anyway. . . really frustrating.

Post by A.R.,

5143929199 Within Toronto Simply got a call out of them. Did t answer no message. Called back and got a machine telling me in french Afterward English the number I called was Broken.

Post by Jason H,

514-392-9199 SPAM.

Post by Van Der Westhuizen,

5143929199 Called but left no message

Post by Anna,

514-392-9199 I don't understand anyone in Montreal. . . . . no message left.

Post by Fatty,

5143929199 Called me in Vancouver BC at 6 PM Pacific Time on March 1. No message left.

Post by tiredofunwantedcalls,

514-392-9199 W W W Simply called my personal cell within Ottawa. . . did t answer

Post by Lanee,

5143929199 No response Merely Stop must become a Following Toronto Region.

Post by Ellie from YXU,

514-392-9199 2 calls out of this miscreant on 2 Distinct cell phones. Has Everyone reported this for email W protected or to HTTP Web. . ca Notice for Website maintainer that Take down for Telephone Type should Comprise Prize Pitch and Maybe a few of your categories out of HTTP Www. . ca English recognize it. HTML bi en Aussie HTTP Internet. . ca Francois Comprehend it. HTML

Post by Al,

5143929199 The CR TC s DC registry is useless they never prosecute and that number of calls improved after I Closed Upwards for it. Additionally they altered your rules thus you have to provide your own contact information along with complaints info that could be provided to that scummier.

Post by Sophie,

514-392-9199 Simply got called did not reply. New Brunswick.

Post by Prevented user,

5143929199 That just called me two hours Past. A recording said that I won a trip for Bahamas ha. ha. I Only hang Upward. Nevertheless I m going for telephone my Phone service Supplier to check if there is any charge. I haven't entered any choice so I think I am safe. . . Cheers for sharing. . .

Post by edmonton,

514-392-9199 Begin working for Dewar Western unfair Firm and Abruptly Begin getting solicitors calling me. coincidence.

Post by Lisa,

5143929199 Cease CALLING MY CELL. . . . . . . .

Post by Mtl,

514-392-9199 Only save your within Telephone Connections as SCAM certain way of never getting confused on who s calling you personally forgetting that number or wasting your time ever again along with these low lives

Post by jbq,

5143929199 Let go to answering and Afterward blocked. Thanks W Note

Post by BC,

514-392-9199 telemarketing

Post by Ali,

5143929199 I Only got a phone at my cell Telephone please report that number HTTP Web. . ca English home Eng. HTML Thanks

Post by Alexis,

514-392-9199 In Calgary. Lately attended that House and garden display and Closed Upward to win 1 Competition through TEL Us. 've been receiving these calls twice a week since you Triumph a Vacation to that Bahamas I signed up to win a new Television. Guess tel people dozen t create enough money by over charging customers they feel the need for sell your private data to the highest bidder.

Post by Fooled again,

5143929199 No privacy out of these scams. WT

Post by G,

514-392-9199 Ah yes your old Berkeley Cruise scam. Second time the month. If there's no answer when you personally pick up that is Merely your Rob caller finding Outside that best time for phone you. You are able to whine all you personally desire in here whine to that govt. your Cops that Don't Phone Registry anyone you personally need nothing will become done about these people they 've been running the scam non stop for at least W years. If You're Ignorant enough to autumn because of this scam this can be how it works. You are told you've won a free cruise Generally for replying a political Study which they don t even bother giving you personally anymore because you are within Canada and they are in that Us. If take your free cruise they want you personally credit card Amount and they can charge you personally various port fees and taxes which will amount for more than the Price of that cruise if you personally paid for it. Oh and you have for make your own way for Florida that s where it leaves out of so add that price of a plane ticket. If You're still Ignorant enough for go you may be subjected to hours of time share Classes as you personally Range that Gulf Of Mexico for a few hours. Either way they Triumph you personally lose. The just matter you are able to would is NEVER answer a call without a name on that phone show. Not that that can Discontinue them from calling your Amount. You personally see these retards never give Upwards ever they may attempt that same scam over and around and around calling your same Amounts forever because that s just who they are.

Post by James,

5143929199 Ill of getting calls like the should i call the cops

Post by George Smiley,

514-392-9199 Almost totally right Cat . Banks don t report your standing Regular . Would you've any Thought of what sort of workload that would entail. When they would Problem Equinox your fox within that hen house is when you personally apply for a brand new account loan credit card etc. Used for become the credit reporting Businesses were more or less local until Equinox and the others came along. Now they re Practically international.

Post by Nick,

5143929199 These calls are telemarketers from outside of Canada thus having your name on that Canada do not telephone list will not prevent the telemarketing calls. Best way to 've your telephone Amount removed is to 1 when answering your phone press your in your telephone keyboard until that telephone disconnect the sends your Phone number to their awful telephone number list. 2 speak a language other than English or French or Merely Babble as your agent begins their dialogue if they cannot comprehend you personally your telephone Amount goes to the awful telephone Amount list . idea your telephone numbers appear on your Owner ID as Canadian or American these are Fake in most cases. By your way telemarketing telephone lists sell for W W. W W W. W or more each. I did 've many pleasure along with a phone Lately I asked where their office was located they proposed within Ontario I asked where they said Toronto but did not pronounce it Accurately I Inquired for the street address and was transferred to a supervisor Afterward when Inquired exactly why I Desired your address I advised I would love to see your Display in Individual. There was a very long pause by that supervisor and when I asked where they were really calling out of it was the Phillip pines not that I consider that either . they Additionally would not offer that company name Merely that they were calling on Account of. . . .

Post by Chuck in AB,

514-392-9199 Call my brand brand new cell Telephone was occupied did t pick Upward. No message lucky me. sounds enjoy scampers.

Post by avis,

5143929199 Excuses Mon Mavis Francois ET Le manque d Feature. r La pulpit dies apples telemarketing vein d UN ordinate. Si l on Durocher on est Muse en contact Ave UN Representative s Il y a UN Representative quid est disposable. Nutriment l Apple est hushed Mai's l ordinate Sat DEA Que Load numeric est Work} if ET Que Tu est Che overly a cert here. Aloes 1. machetes UN Official pour coir Le Nome P} l appellant 2. Si l on NE reconnoiter pas Le Nome Lt uncanny par example gt NE Durocher pas.

Post by 1993again,

514-392-9199 've had 4 calls within last 3 days no message.

Post by R,

5143929199 PG MB. Received a phone at 9 'm out of the number. Not even just one ring must 've Installed up as soon as it connected. I did t phone back.

Post by Guest,

514-392-9199 spam

Post by 1993again,

5143929199 have had 4 calls within last 3 times no message.

Post by umdesch4,

514-392-9199 I don t comprehend why this happens. That phone number must be Enrolled to your Individual somewhere along your line and that Individual can t possibly be Resistant to bullets. Exactly why can t we Merely kill them. Subsequently these types of Issues would go away. . .

Post by Takiak,

5143929199 none

Post by Es,

514-392-9199 Just gotten a phone and no 1 will there be when you personally response. Have had many calls out of the number and others as nicely. Have also had the calls from the automated you personally vie won a cruise Things. . . Greer wish they could all be blocked. . .

Post by David L,

5143929199 Got several calls in 5 minutes time Period. About once each week. Never been Competent to response the Telephone hung up before I attempted for answer.

Post by Resear,

514-392-9199 These callers use a cloaking devise. If understand anything Around computer Development you are able to can it using your Magic jack.

Post by Brad,

5143929199 Telephone in Sask all your time its from Montreal Cruise scam.

Post by sammer,

514-392-9199 Same. Bacall for a cruise winning. scam scam scam

Post by Riswald,

5143929199 Simply got a phone on my Nova Scotch number

Post by Toronto,

514-392-9199 Didn't pick Upwards. They didn't leave a message. Id Likely called back if it wasn't for all you personally Fine folks telling me they are Only scampers.

Post by Joseph,

5143929199 called and left no message

Post by J Bouchard,

514-392-9199 Only got the phone while in that shower. I constantly appearance Upwards unexpected Amounts and lo and behold here it's as a scam. Glad I missed that phone.

Post by CJW,

5143929199 Vancouver 4 W PST expressionless on another end.

Post by Lorie,

514-392-9199 Only Posted my Gripe to the CR TC you can can it online and it only takes a few Min's.

Post by Rhonda,

5143929199 Incoming telephone on my cell Telephone. Did not pick up as I did t Comprehend Amount.

Post by Ruth Harrison,

514-392-9199 The Amount Only phoned my house within Brampton ON 9 Min's. Past. Exactly why don t these clowns get a Occupation in place of bothering people. They don t leave a message either.

Post by George,

5143929199 Yes. A fully free cruise. Or was it a W free cruise. Could t Notice her over my cursing.

Post by Jjb,

514-392-9199 Yup got a phone in Ottawa from this one too. . . Despise those Dumb telemarketer scampers.

Post by unknown,

5143929199 I Merely got a phone from that Amount ID who they are I rejected the telephone Lola

Post by noyb,

514-392-9199 calls for my cell did t recognize thus did t reply. checked on other site amp appears to be a scam.

Post by A--holes,

5143929199 'm on do not telephone list got call out of W W W which I did not response. scampers

Post by Just me,

514-392-9199 Thus what s that deal with that National Don't Phone List. Is that CR TC giving your Amounts away instead inside conspiracy perhaps . There definitely doesn't look to be any protection there. Anyway I keep blocking numbers and that scampers consistently find another just one for through my way. Very frustrating really. . .

Post by George,

5143929199 Recording called to offer cruise tickets W W W

Post by Steve,

514-392-9199 I Merely received that call overly but did not answer. I m close Peter borough Ontario.

Post by izad,

5143929199 This can be a scam.

Post by Marg,

514-392-9199 Don t know the number. Called my cell which I just offer to friends

Post by Samie,

5143929199 Just got a telephone out of them . . . . no message. Fine for know there surely is a place enjoy this for information about some of these scams.

Post by maria,

514-392-9199 i got a phone Only now out of this Amount that i won 2 cruise Admission for Caribbean. . . but i never join in any events that will have for Triumph this prize. . . i Blow off it and search for this particular number. . . from Montreal Quebec and message said i 've for can a survey. . . i did t do it. . . 'm not gonna waste my time on this. .

Post by Silly,

5143929199 This can be a scam please Cease these calls they cal lat all hours Quit Discontinue Step no more calls please

Post by Aarron,

514-392-9199 I Only got a call and i ignored Subsequently called back and said number is invalid

Post by jl,

5143929199 I gotten a phone from the Amount W this day too. I was sleeping and missed it .

Post by Telecom,

514-392-9199 If you personally would love to report this and any others maintaining you've won a Vacation for your Bahamas please contact HTTP Internet. . c . . . Picture. HTML work for a Talcum Business in Canada and this is what we offer for clients to report this. . your CR TC can not do anything about this Anti fraud Canada is that only place for report the.

Post by PANDA,

5143929199 Get many calls e. g. won a cruise manners for lower your credit card debt etc. Humorous because I don t 've credit cards. Quite frustrating and annoying Reporting to Crackdowns t consistently work because they Alter their number by a digit or two and keep on calling . These scampers consistently locate a loophole

Post by Chris from Toronto,

514-392-9199 filed complaint along with Crotchets Www. linnet encl. cg. ca pelt Camping Eng

Post by Do not disturb,

5143929199 This Amount called my cell at 7 W pm on Saturday March 9 W. I did not response and they did not leave a message.

Post by Marmotte,

514-392-9199 they been calling me 4 times a week. fed Upward.

Post by J,

5143929199 Really annoyed becoming Fake phone calls. I don't have any hint how W W W got my mobile Amount Or do I understand anyone out of Quebec. I never response these calls cause I understand its a few spam phone. . . . but still annoys your out of me when they call my cell and want it would Simply Quit. Like honestly how do they make money calling Individuals and harassing them. Plus they vie Likely paid to get your number someone thus there losing cash out of that. Simply So F King Annoyed. . .

Post by Doog,

514-392-9199 Only got a call out of W W W so I answered but no 1 was there. I m sure it was a scam Amount.

Post by michael harris,

5143929199 obtained a call out of W W W. no message. called it back a record stated this can be not a valid number. called my cell which quite few Folks have. although the calling number showed up on call show it could not be called back

Post by Mary,

514-392-9199 They called and left no message

Post by BC resident,

5143929199 Additionally got a call no message. Not invited by me.

Post by zazzers,

514-392-9199 Called me within Montreal during my class rang 1 time Afterward Discontinued.

Post by edmontonian,

5143929199 Called from the number on my work cell Good Friday at 'm. Could not answer cause I was Operating for church service. Nicely at least I did not 've for go for work.

Post by mad,

514-392-9199 Quit calling. I don t demand this call es.

Post by TONT,

5143929199 Simply gotten a phone on my cell and did t response and left no message. Suppose it was a telemarketer.

Post by Merrikate,

514-392-9199 These unpopular idiots 've been calling me at least weekly for the past several months. Amount is now blocked However it still Bands a few times before shutting down. EXASPERATING ran to catch it Now as Buddy is injured . . . Merely these fools.

Post by Cara,

5143929199 The Amount called me. I did t answer but I have read its a scam. Could you personally block the number.

Post by Victoria,

514-392-9199 Simply got two calls just one after the other. They let it ring once both times so I did t have your chance for Select up. Called back and acquired a the Amount is Broken message in French. I live within Ontario Canada. This really is all really unusual.

Post by callerblock,

5143929199 We purchased a Panasonic Telephone out of Costco and it has a Owner block Characteristic. Each time one of these annoying calls comes within I save it for caller blocked thus that next time they telephone it Bands once and then goes to voice send which they never leave a message. It s a terrific Attribute.

Post by Sick of them,

514-392-9199 Stop call ling for that stupid free cruise within the Bahamas

Post by Dickk,

5143929199 the number Merely called my cell phone. . . it had a 1 within front of that number so it looked long space. No 1 replied. . . and i won't pay 4 the on my Telephone Statement. . . it is their Occupation to fix Discontinue the crap not create money away of it.

Post by Tricia,

514-392-9199 Called my husband on his cell 2 Days Past and Merely called my cell. He answered and was told that free cruise matter i Simply ignored your phone and no message. Want there was a way for block your Amount on my cell

Post by Bruce,

5143929199 I missed their phone. Called them back. The number has not been Designated. Undoubtedly Telephone solicitors.

Post by Alberta,

514-392-9199 They called me twice didn't answer because I was driving. Nevertheless my iPhone says its a Quebec Amount.

Post by Bob Bobby,

5143929199 Congratulation. You vie just won a cruise to the Bahamas. That s what it said. I Put up

Post by tired,

514-392-9199 Got the call and looked it Upwards from Montreal with that area code W. no message. Exhausted of these kind of calls.

Post by Mike,

5143929199 They called saying I d won a free cruise. Installed up

Post by exit,

514-392-9199 please Quit calling us

Post by D.S,

5143929199 Just got a call. I did t response.

Post by so tired of these "calls",

514-392-9199 they called that House line and your cell Around an hour within between both times no sound just silence and later that Switch tone. Looks enjoy many morons who s got nothing better for do with their time. Phone Amount going straight for my black block list. Good luck morons with all of your own future calls .

Post by J,

5143929199 Same matter called twice

Post by Miyouki,

514-392-9199 I Offered my Telephone cell number for two persons to get the calls of only these two People in case of emergency Brooke Que Beck Canada . And this phone telephone W W W is calling me more often for example 2 times in 2 minutes at PM than these two People. I 'm fed Upwards. It rings in church it rings at your physician office etc. . . The Promotion or practice should become Banned because it gives you personally false alarms.

Post by Cynthia Bentley,

5143929199 I am on your DC list and these Folks call all that time. I am sick of it.

Post by Sheila thibeault,

514-392-9199 I could unknown calls from the Amount sometimes

Post by Dialnadu,

5143929199 got called by the number 1 W W W. did not response i never answer long distance or numbers that i do not Understand. . . the should become illegal. your Telephone companies can hunt you down for money Thur all there records but they could t just turn away or block a Amount for scamming Individuals. i hate the crap .

Post by Jamilynn Stange,

514-392-9199 The number keeps calling my home with no just one on the line. It is becoming really frustrating as it's disruptive for our Home by their calls at any given time.

Post by David Smith,

5143929199 Simply called Vancouver. I did t reply and that Owner left no message.

Post by Josephine Roske,

514-392-9199 I want the number blocked from calling my cell Amount or my Dwelling number.

Post by ginette,

5143929199 obtained a telephone at Am NOT Humorous THEY Do not LEAVE A MESSAGE

Post by kablouie,

514-392-9199 i Simply gotten another phone. . i wasn't thinking so picked it Upwards. . a Frenchman said i had 4 Min's within french and English. . i could not comprehend the remainder and hung up. . dint you despise that when R caught off guard. . not Price guard or swim guard and darn i didn't Notice cruise. . i cant stomp Approximately Insane as a hatter. . oh nicely my life saver doesn't Match anymore so whats a gal to do

Post by Jason,

5143929199 Called my cell within Calgary. No message.

Post by very irritated,

514-392-9199 Unsolicited telephone and unknown.

Post by carlb,

5143929199 The Simply called my prepaid cellular telephone that is on your do not telephone list. Not alive atmosphere.

Post by fack,

514-392-9199 Get a phone out of the Amount. They told me I Triumph a lot of cash. They ask all my personal info. A few days late I obtained a Assess for W. I take it to my bank. But the bank refuse to pay me. What a .

Post by Mike R,

5143929199 They confident don t present up calling. Almost daily and never Making any message. I suppose your just way to make them Quit is to finally answer it. It does get annoying. As Way as some saying it s robbers it must Nation Broad because I m in Cape Breton and many others becoming calls are Considerably farther west.

Post by Guest,

514-392-9199 captain calling

Post by Midtown,

5143929199 I see from your Opinions that this is once again your old free cruise scam. I power saw that MT. Region code and did not Select up. Disconnected after 3 Bands so a Bacall. Owner ID said long distance . At midday Now I also got a free cruise telephone from an W Amount which I did not response. I think they understand that many Folks won't answer W numbers thus they then Afterward strive a phony Canadian Region code to see you personally ll response that. A fraud. 'm in Toronto and this telephone was at 7 W p. m.

Post by Judy,

514-392-9199 One of many calls I get saying I had won a Bahamas cruise. I response hear message that I 've won a cruise and then I hang up. I am in Ontario also get a lot of dead air which is likely an Automobile dial er.

Post by Anik,

5143929199 Just receive your Telephone telephone did not Select Upwards . . . telephone correct after and it's saying that the Amount is not a valid one Bloody scampers . . . . . . . . . . .

Post by ananimous,

514-392-9199 Scam for free cruise

Post by Lyn,

5143929199 The Amount Only called my cell Telephone. I never reply Amounts that I don t Understand Particularly when they are out of an Region code that I don t Comprehend. Afterward I immediately go ogled the Amount and happy for see all of these Remarks. I despise telemarketers along with fire.

Post by Guest,

514-392-9199 you have won a boat cruise for that Bahamas

Post by noduff,

5143929199 Merely gotten call out of this Amount W W W W for a cruise for Bahamas after a survey. Hooray. . . . . . . . . . . See you when I get back.

Post by barrie ontario,

514-392-9199 why cant the Cops trace your number and arrest someone. . . i dint get it

Post by Chaser33,

5143929199 That is a Rogers cell number and they sell your own number to scampers. BEWARE

Post by Lindsay,

514-392-9199 Missed that telephone from this number within Montreal. Called back and it s out of service.

Post by Stuck,

5143929199 Got a telephone out of the number on my Cell. I m in AB. Did t answer. Called your number back and it said the number was not within service. . .

Post by Stephen Harper,

514-392-9199 Called and Inquired if I Desired to Transfer a kilo of white powdery substance for them on a Bahama cruise. I ll believe Around it. . . . . . .

Post by LLL,

5143929199 Called by this number Now a W W. . . Missed your telephone no message.

Post by Thirsty,

514-392-9199 The number calls us all the time and its always dead air when we Select Upward. Demand it for stop.

Post by Terry,

5143929199 The W Montreal Amount Simply called my Toronto cell Telephone. When I called back from your land line it is a french speaking guy saying your number isn't valid. Total scam. Don't waste your minutes along with this just one.

Post by anna,

514-392-9199 call at W p. m. Feb Th W. had this phone many times. I live within b. c. just a scam

Post by 514 392 9199,

5143929199 Did not response. No message left but see others have been bothered by the caller. The was on my cell phone.

Post by el guille,

514-392-9199 i got a telephone from this Amount about W W minutes after i had called another 1 W number for some event tickets the W Amount i called was a legit company. . . i found it Strange because Upward until today i 've never placed or obtained any W calls same matter didn't leave a voice mail and its an Broken Amount when i called back

Post by Wtf,

5143929199 Got your phone last night did t reply Individuals are so f ck ed

Post by Guest,

514-392-9199 cruise idiots

Post by in montreal,

5143929199 I Only got called from this Amount saying I won a Vacation to that Bahamas. I answered their 3 question survey. What next. Who takes care of getting rid of these scampers.

Post by David,

514-392-9199 Just had a call few minutes ago. I did not answer and no message was left. Merely another scam telephone. . . I m in Brooke QC

Post by Ed Allard,

5143929199 Nobody on the line when I picked up your Telephone Simply a not alive line. No idea who was calling or what they desire. Not the first time for this particular Telephone Amount.

Post by blues,

514-392-9199 rang twice no message. . does any body know the way to block such Amounts or where for report ENCL registered but get calls often. is such head ache for that Fido customers or. .

Post by Anonymous,

5143929199 Got the phone within Calgary. My phone rang once and Afterward they Put Upwards. The phone display said it was from Quebec.

Post by Rico Krobar,

514-392-9199 Any of these calls I Only state one moment please as that door bell Simply rang and let them hang there until they hang Upward.

Post by 5c077,

5143929199 Got a phone from the Amount did t response. Happy i did t.

Post by Mrs Exhausted,

514-392-9199 Someone said it s robbers that call out of that Telephone number. They phone to Assess if we re home and if they don t get any response they come for robbing When I attempted for phone back at W W W it says it s invalid I attempted for call back correct away a couple times and it dozen t work. It called here on Saturday evenings Jesus. We work challenging for the money and Saturday is the just evening we've for remainder These robbers should leave people alone and can like we all would W. O. R. K KS

Post by annoyed,

5143929199 The number just attempted calling my Manitoba cell number. First time it s called but I vie gotten a few empty calls enjoy the before. I did t reply since I m over my monthly minutes.

Post by God,

514-392-9199 Spammers amp Scampers. I can smite them.

Post by Ditto,

5143929199 Yeah great name. I Additionally enjoy your duration Smelly Marketers.

Post by Lynda,

514-392-9199 Called but no message thus I called them back and it says that number I Simply called is Broken amusing since it called me. . .

Post by Funchicka82,

5143929199 I live in northern Ontario and they Only called my cell. Unusual.

Post by swtmarie,

514-392-9199 appears like they are really occupied tonight just called my Dwelling in Ontario very annoying Attempting to wind down so i could start another daytime of valid work earl in the morning wish they would do the same.

Post by ont lady,

5143929199 no hint who this is also did not leave message

Post by abs,

514-392-9199 Once within a little while I get a phone from that Amount here in Nova Scotch . I never answer but it happens randomly and I m aware that it is within fact an automatic telemarketer

Post by B. Hallihan,

5143929199 Called my cellphone and did t leave a message. Scam.

Post by Riswald,

514-392-9199 Just got a call on my Nova Scotch number

Post by Guest,

5143929199 Survey of many variety allegedly.

Post by Eve,

514-392-9199 Just got that telephone . . . again. I m within Montreal.

Post by Furnguy,

5143929199 It dozen t question for them. They are spoofing caller ID for create tracing very hard and are Typically overseas thus your DC list is no threat to them.

Post by zied K,

514-392-9199 Jew veins P} trove lemur Apple Friend Mon cellulite auxin message lass . d APR s Les posts Friend Ce Website c est Du SCAM fa is Que Jew Lassie timber. Si quell UN a Fiat UN demand Au CR TC pour a ET Illinois a basin De r claimants aloes Jew m unscrews.

Post by Eurobound,

5143929199 yup. . . they called and Installed Upward instantaneously and then called right back. . . I Nearly hit that Take button as I was fumbling along with my phone. . . that is annoying. . .

Post by Paul,

514-392-9199 Call out of W W Regrettably I did pick up. I was offered a free cruise Yes right. I Merely Installed up

Post by sylvie,

5143929199 i Additionally got calls out of this company do not understand what they need as i did not response. how do i ensure it is stop.

Post by Guest,

514-392-9199 free Henderson spam

Post by Dwayne,

5143929199 Just gotten a phone out of this number did not reply no message

Post by tiredofit,

514-392-9199 Only got another call from this number they phone my business cell thus I don t reply unrecognized numbers but decided for attempt Change appearance Upward happy I did. Weary of these sorts of calls wasting my time.

Post by KD,

5143929199 I answered the phone I m consistently Interested and there was an automated message saying something like Congratulations. You personally vie won a cruise. I just Installed Upward. When I attempted to redial the Amount it said it was Broken. Amusing matter is that I had a telephone along with that Actual same record from a Washington number.

Post by HC,

514-392-9199 Got a call this 'm on my cell did not reply.

Post by hate telemarketers,

5143929199 It could possibly be unlisted but it's still a Amount. Rob callers just go down your list.

Post by Calgary person,

514-392-9199 Gotten phone on my cell phone I did not pick up

Post by tom,

5143929199 buy a Panasonic cordless along with call block. works Excellent but can only block W numbers at a time.

Post by tom,

514-392-9199 exactly why. because you personally re a sucker. that DC is a bad Notion dreamt Upwards by politicians thus they could Search for be doing something. just signing Upward for it guarantees you ll get spam calls.

Post by focus 48,

5143929199 Only got a telephone out of W W W on April Th at W and no message left. Let s Discontinue this annoying scam.

Post by Harold,

514-392-9199 Still scamming in nova Scotch.

Post by Landlubber 4 Life,

5143929199 Annoying hang Upward call looks enjoy the survey cruise Folks. Kinda wish they d take your crappy cruise that leaves them stranded on your Sea. . . Afterward nuke the boat.

Post by K. Seale,

514-392-9199 Got a telephone from the number at 9 W 'm PST. Did not answer it and the Owner left no message.

Post by vix,

5143929199 i wash the gods Actually granted me a free Vacation for the Bahamas

Post by Al,

514-392-9199 I vie gotten the phone on both my acreage line and my cell now Only now on my cell that is Actually a pain because I m expecting calls on that Amount. Now that I vie replied it I ll never be rid of them on my cell.

Post by avis,

5143929199 Excuses Mon Mavis Francois ET Le manque d Highlight. r La pulpit dies apples telemarketing vein d UN ordinate. Si l on Durocher on est Muse en contact Ave UN agent s Illinois y a UN agent quid est disposable. Nutriment l Apple est silent Mai's l ordinate Lay} DEA Que ton numeric est Work} if ET Que Tu est Che overly a cert here. Aloes 1. machetes UN Official pour coir Le Nome De l appellant 2. Si l on NE reconnoiter pas Le Nome Lt uncanny Level example gt NE Durocher pas.

Post by Edmonton,

514-392-9199 They called my Amount at 3 'm I may block now

Post by Brian,

5143929199 Do not Phone lists do not work for these tel terrorists as someone else named them. Don t annoyance asking a caller for take you personally off their list . . . there surely is no list. They do not work out of lists Or from phone Websites. The calls are placed by computers that Face every possible Amount in each possible Place code and Change . . . if you personally Choose up the Telephone and say hello the computer notifies a person on their end that they 've a live one . . . that s exactly why there is a pause before someone speaks out of their Finish. Or your computer reacts to your Hi by Beginning a recorded spiel . . . somewhere along the line if you answer yes to that computer s question are you interested Subsequently that Individual on their Finish is notified. They 've called me a few times on my cellular telephone that is not Recorded anywhere.

Post by Me,

514-392-9199 I got a telephone from this number overly.

Post by still doing it,

5143929199 Telephone Bands reply nothing on line frustrating the government could t shut these nuisances down.

Post by af,

514-392-9199 this telephone at middle nighttime many time no good

Post by vcarino,

5143929199 caller unknown. spam caller.

Post by Amanda S,

514-392-9199 Merely got a call out of this number did t reply and no message left.

Post by Ginger,

5143929199 Called me within Northern Ontario. Replied but no just one on that line. Looks enjoy they are working their manner across that Nation. There must be a way that the user of this phone number could be traced. Otherwise Maybe dis activate your phone number for this type of use. I presume the phone company must charge the user for all your long distance Costs included. If not I would t head that same Cope.

Post by Starr Nelson,

514-392-9199 Don t know who your Firm is. Dozen t leave message.

Post by kablouie,

5143929199 i just received another phone. . i wasn't presuming thus Decided it Upward. . a Frenchman said i had 4 Min's in french and English. . i couldn't comprehend your remainder and Put Upward. . dint you hate that when Ur Found off guard. . not Price guard or Move guard and darn i didn't hear cruise. . now i cant stomp Approximately Crazy as a hatter. . oh well my life saver doesn't fit anymore thus whats a gal for do

Post by Guest,

514-392-9199 States you have won a Bahamas vacation

Post by Brad,

5143929199 Telephone Dish blocked automatically since it is in the spam database. Thanks Telephone Tray.

Post by fred,

514-392-9199 I got the telephone I consider this is a scam because they are using a Electronic call ID that is not exist It means they do not need you for understand where or who telephone out of. For example they're within Vancouver but your Personal ID is belong to Montreal.

Post by Sick of it!,

5143929199 Calls out of Amounts I don t know to my cell phone is so aggravating.

Post by thierry,

514-392-9199 They called me too but did not leave a message

Post by Bruce,

5143929199 Call at least once Day-to-day. No response and no message. Pests. Reporting this to CR TC

Post by Kelly Litle,

514-392-9199 I would really enjoy for ALL Your W numbers to Discontinue. Please tell me who this is so I can take direct action IE boycott all their merchandises and tell others the same Waste them on social networks etc.

Post by La Flèche,

5143929199 W. W Heiress N AI re u l Apple SA Fiat pluses foils Que Jew re Oise De Ce numb RI. SA Ce Pet Que Ce so it dies gens Man Purpose Jew Le dis aunt Travail Au S. C. C.

Post by Lis M,

514-392-9199 Simply called again still won t pick up any Amount I don t Comprehend.

Post by Deryck,

5143929199 calling my cell Telephone. . unwanted scam selling a free cruise for your Bahamas

Post by Al,

514-392-9199 Power saw Amount on my phone display when I got House. No message thankfully.

Post by maria,

5143929199 Broken contact I answered their survey waiting for their next phone which was supposed to become in 2 times. no just one called me. I called them back. it says it s an invalid I had gone to some carouse few months before by trans at which their office is within Quebec. For some reason I notion they were calling me.

Post by Rosey,

514-392-9199 Only located it on my phone as a missed telephone . . . . Man eh en they will Cease. . . m saving those numbers as Do not Response thus When i see them on the future Would NT Response

Post by Alma Vargas,

5143929199 Calls on statutory vacation and Select the Telephone and don't reply.

Post by steve,

514-392-9199 I am on your no phone list my Amount is for medical emergencies. I 'm glad I Assessed the site before Investing a small fortune to call

Post by Cassidy,

5143929199 Got a telephone here within Nova Scotch a few hours ago out of this Amount did t pick up

Post by sc0tch9001,

514-392-9199 I got a phone too. Did that survey for and giggles and replied nothing seriously. Did t take that cruise Choice. Destination t gotten a call back since.

Post by Fudgelady,

5143929199 this number called my cell phone Now and I did t Choose Upwards glad I did t after reading these Opinions Trash.

Post by Prevented user,

514-392-9199 Your Only called me two hours Past. A record said that I won a trip for Bahamas ha. ha. I Merely hang Upward. Yet I m going for phone my Phone service Service to check if there surely is any charge. I never have Joined any choice so I believe I 'm safe. . . Cheers for sharing. . .

Post by Kiersten,

5143929199 called my cell Telephone and did t leave a message. How did they get my cell Telephone Amount. . . . .

Post by duart,

514-392-9199 The was an automated telephone along with a message stating that I had won two tickets on a cruise for the Bahamas. . . of course in purchase for get those tickets I had for take a short survey . I hung Upwards and called back for that Amount and obtained a that number is invalid attempt again message first within French Afterward within English. Do I get on the Don't Phone list for these Individuals.

Post by serge,

5143929199 I don t desire to get phone from W W W

Post by Methecka,

514-392-9199 The ph. has Telephone our three times for date once it was Only after midnight. . I don't enjoy t when the person Telephones and dozen t say anything.

Post by Serge,

5143929199 I did t response and no message was left. I am quite frustrated along with all that scampers and telemarketers. . Please block these scums.

Post by madeline,

514-392-9199 've received several calls from this number even on Sunday. I don t desire your own call so kindly Cease. We don t reply calls where we don t recognize that number so don t think there s no 1 at Residence and Believe you are able to rob.

Did you get an unwanted call from 514-392-9199? Is 5143929199 Safe to Answer or a Spam Caller? Tell us as much as you can!

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8565590556 Complains by Guest,

Asking for who is responsible for your Cause amp G Invoice. Did not provide a name or want for leave a message.

3232383879 Complains by Guest,

This is the message left for me. Owner had a substantial Highlight some of the words Warren t clear. Here is your Program. quot Hi the message USN t. . . free. . attempt for pronounce my last name Hello name that is Nelson Carter along with the Department of Legal Matters of Us Treasury and I was trying for reach you within Wishes to some really Significant Dilemma. This can be a . . . . Alteration Dilemma for name in Wishes for a few law Administration Actions that's been Began in your name my number is W W W. I Duplicate that W W W. If for any reason you are visited a call back I would suggest you either have your own reaching attorney for can it for you as delaying calling us might Finish up into a legal mess for you personally. I hope you will take this correct and telephone me right back. This can be Nelson Carter with your Section of Legal Affairs searching forward to speak for you. Until Subsequently goodbye and 've a blessed day.

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8082766366 Complains by chris chatworth,

A person named Elliot Grant from Conerstone Financial called offering a $5000 loan, with an upfront fee of $800+

6367891660 Complains by Guest,


2148192777 Complains by Guest,

That is from the Houston County Wellness Section. They call you when someone has tested Favorable for a STD and named you as a sexual Associate they May n't have transmitted their STD to from.

2148799261 Complains by Guest,


2099129079 Complains by Guest,

Needed for loan money. I never have requested

9038028288 Complains by Guest,

Kept saying they did t understand who they were

5185740000 Complains by Guest,

avert this guy Diane Bonds. He sent me a text and Inquired me absurd question. what town are you in. gamer

5672000000 Complains by Guest,

I 've contacted the FCC Around W W W. They said that caller one of the quot Rachael at Card member Services quot callers is running a Understood scam and the Federal Commerce Commission is Choosing action if you would love to add for that FTC s ammunition against these Businesses telephone the FTC s Buyer line at 1 W W W. Your FCC also said that a Amount of state Attorney Generals offices are taking Activity so it may become worth a Customer s time to Assess along with your Related AG office. Allowing to the FCC rep and my own experience if you Link to a live Individual and request for be removed from your calling list that Individual can either hang Upwards on you personally or become rude and within my case indecent . I m reporting this info on several similar websites thus folks dealing with this scam can take Actions.

6093571996 Complains by Guest,

kept calling enjoy twice an hour so I called them and Installed up about sixteen times. it was a good time.

6093798506 Complains by Guest,

calls Day-to-day does not speak when replied never leaves message

8768705667 Complains by Guest,

Fake sweepstakes fraud Plan. Don't answer. Do not provide any personal data.

3607100419 Complains by Guest,

I believe it s a policeman or an adult trying for get his kinks off by acting Upward a fantasy he says he s W years old stay away

8003152065 Complains by Spanky,

Recd multiple calls from W W W but did not reply and caller never left a express mail message.

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