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Post by Guest,

5144002256 Don t understand but they sell sex drugs.

Post by Guest,

514-400-2256 Never leaves a message Vehicle Call er

Post by Guest,

5144002256 Bill collector

Post by Guest,

514-400-2256 I 've been trying to get them for stop calling for years

Post by Cautious,

5144002256 Acquired 2 more calls Recently out of W W W. Caller ID said MONTREAL PDQ . Did not answer and no message was left. Noted that among your calls Arrived Only a few minutes after a phone Test out of W W W that is from a Understood online pharmacy Telephone spammer. They Frequently Shift Amounts and caller ID names and although we never response the phone they keep calling. In your last several months they vie used at least 5 Distinct numbers. Assuming this is Likely a brand new Amount from the same outfit.

Post by Joel,

514-400-2256 Joe how did you personally block their Amount in your intelligent phone. I have an iPhone 4. Can I would it overly. Cheers.

Post by Chris,

5144002256 Great luck for all of you personally who need to report or press Prices . They are in Canada that do not phone does not apply for them it's Fully unenforceable. I get calls out of them overly and I 'm just as frustrated.

Post by Vince Smetana,

514-400-2256 They Inquired for Dan Caravaggio. He must 've been using my number for at least four years now. So annoying.

Post by Guest,

5144002256 I 've been trying to get them to Cease calling for years

Post by Victor,

514-400-2256 here is their Site i wrote them online so that they Discontinue calling me and they Ceased. You can Only use it and advise them Around that online. This is their Site Internet. consult. com

Post by Edward Ragosta,

5144002256 received same message about challis and Viagra out of online Canadian Pharmacy

Post by LongTimeListener,

514-400-2256 Got a telephone from the number today oddly just one day after I called within prescription refills for my pharmacy. Not for be a conspiracy theorist but wondered if others of you personally Additionally recently filled a prescription. Top me to think perhaps a pharmacy employee Offers the Telephone number for telemarketers. . Not overly Much fetched if you think about it.

Post by Guest,

5144002256 On line pharmacy Marketing Viagra at high prices

Post by Tim,

514-400-2256 Canadian Pharmacy pain within that . They wont go away

Post by slim,

5144002256 they call and don t say anything if you personally reply also don t leave a message


514-400-2256 Wilder May}n' request your own well-known Buddy to have at appearance at helping a lot of people w a CAL vs. Account Retrieval Assoc. . They are zombie debt collectors that Really annoy a lot of folks and violate ALL Fair Group Procedure laws. May}n' become easy Photo kn s for an atty. . . .

Post by Ken,

5144002256 I got Around 5 calls within a row today out of W W W. I m becoming them each daytime and now they are increasing. They waste my airtime. Somebody needs for Move your plug on that number.

Post by Reply to Fed Up,

514-400-2256 Reply for Fed Upward. . . That s humorous. Did it work thus far.

Post by John Smith,

5144002256 Cease call my number

Post by Scam Detector,

514-400-2256 On line pill pusher. Response you personally Telephone as Sherri ff Dept Wait for that auto dallier for Join and state it again. Tell them they are jamming a line and You're tracing that telephone. They may hang up and should not call you back.

Post by Petahhhh,

5144002256 Got a phone Only now and replied and heard nothing. Been getting calls for years from online pharmacies. Thus annoying. No question what you tell them they still telephone back. Next time may attempt a Exchange along with a credit card i make Upward. Waste their time for once.

Post by Guest,

514-400-2256 Canadian online pharmacy. Told them for Stop calling 2 weeks Past.

Post by 514-400-2256,

5144002256 Called and hung Upwards silence

Post by Guest,

514-400-2256 Pharmacy spam

Post by Perry Cannon,

5144002256 The Business has been calling my work office for eight months now Striving for sell me Viagra or Cellos. all of your operators are Indian and they are calling from Toronto. After repeatedly telling them there's not such Man they Simply keep calling.

Post by Guest,

514-400-2256 Re

Post by Guest,

5144002256 Viagra Retailer out of Canada

Post by Guest,

514-400-2256 Canadian pharmacy

Post by Pissed,

5144002256 Please get them to stop calling. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . I am on a no call list .

Post by Edward Ragosta,

514-400-2256 acquired same message about challis and Viagra out of online Canadian Pharmacy

Post by Sean in Cali,

5144002256 Canadian Online RX. They keep calling and calling. Everyday no question what time it is. We have told them many times Do not Call. Thus what they keep calling. I m here searching for a way for Cease them. I can. .

Post by Guest,

514-400-2256 Telemarketer. They called.

Post by Guest,

5144002256 Phone me all tote of names

Post by do not call,

514-400-2256 I also keep becoming calls out of the Amount and many others. My post is just like all the others except I went on that don't telephone net Website and Registered a Gripe. I expect all of you would for so that this Business may be Quit and we could have many serenity and quiet

Post by Dave,

5144002256 Just got a call from these clowns a few minutes Past. if they call again they gonna get cussed Outside.

Post by Guest,

514-400-2256 Canadian pharmacy

Post by Guest,

5144002256 Won't Cease calling

Post by Mark,

514-400-2256 If You're Prepared to sue thus 'm I. I get called multiple times a week and keep request to become placed on the internal don t call list. I Submitted a report along with NJ Buyer Matters Department. today. Mark Dylan email W protected

Post by Guest,

5144002256 Spam

Post by Curtis Foreman,

514-400-2256 I Get 2 calls a daytime out of this . i have even replied your Telephone with no just one being there and told them for not phone me again. to no avail

Post by Annon.,

5144002256 These Port wagons telephone my house nonstop everyday. I am going to your sporting great store tomorrow and buying an air horn. Whenever they phone I may blast them thus that can see how frustrating nuisance phone calls are.

Post by Jim Whoski,

514-400-2256 I have my phone Amount on your national don't phone list and still have received a phone out of the number. I m glad others post problems so that we could locate your answer for who is calling without Truly answering the call myself. Looking into a international do not call list next.

Post by Sue,

5144002256 Been becoming calls out of W W W. They never leave a message and if I reply they Merely hang up without saying anything. It s becoming irritating.

Post by irritated and confused,

514-400-2256 I vie gotten a few missed calls from the Amount so based on your Listings Around the number I called it for request them for remove my number from their database. It did t ring but I did hear a Collection of garbled voices and Subsequently what sounded like a youthful girl singing That is How You Tell Me by Nickel back. Now i m not simply irritated but confused and a bit Odd ed out. . . .

Post by DANA,

5144002256 Merely get a phone from the following Amount W W W not confident why they're calling me. I 'm on for file a report with Connecticut Buyer Matters office My number is unlisted number

Post by Donnie,

514-400-2256 they telephone me all that time I saved there within my phone and put the ring as quiet works Fantastic I save all those sort of calls as z like Z Z Z and thus forth Subsequently when they telephone back I understand not for answer a Z call and that ring is silent anyway

Post by Guest,

5144002256 Spam

Post by Guest,

514-400-2256 Spam

Post by Guest,

5144002256 Sales

Post by Joel,

514-400-2256 Joe how did you block their number on your clever phone. I 've an iPhone 4. Can I can it overly. Cheers.

Post by Mark,

5144002256 If You're Prepared to sue so 'm I. I get called multiple times a week and keep ask for become placed on your Interior don t call list. I filed a report with NJ Customer Matters Dept. Now. Mark Dylan email W protected

Post by MK,

514-400-2256 They called me for that past year or thus until last month when they called I told them I Merely got this new number and I don t know what they're talking about. They Ceased calling me Afterward.

Post by Jules,

5144002256 Got a phone phone from this number sounds enjoy a foreigner told him not Quit calling me he Put Upward.

Post by Ethan,

514-400-2256 I got a telephone out of this number for see i Needed a prescription filled and they brand new my name and Telephone Amount but i dint do business along with them who r they

Post by Sammy,

5144002256 have been receiving unsolicited calls from the number. Each time request that caller for take my Amount of their calling list Though they keep calling my Amount.

Post by Guest,

514-400-2256 Spam

Post by moatsyjr,

5144002256 This really is an online pharmacy from Canada that Prices in Fake and prohibited prescriptions. One of the Fantastic pitfalls of trying to cut prescription Prices by doing online legal transactions is it opens Upward that ability or Quite the inability of tracking criminal activity like this. The Actual group rotates their Telephone numbers on a regular basis. Buyer BEWARE.

Post by db,

514-400-2256 don't wish to receive unknown calls

Post by Guest,

5144002256 Statement collector

Post by Jacqueline,

514-400-2256 The company keeps calling my husband. He is within Europe thus these Price not only within roaming charges but slumber as they often happen in the early morning.

Post by Guest,

5144002256 Spam

Post by n5222s,

514-400-2256 these Individuals call and hang Upwards. . . . no message . . . no nothing.

Post by Guest,

5144002256 Allegedly an on line Canadian pharmacy trying for sell prescription drugs around that phone

Post by MJ,

514-400-2256 Mine says Quebec Canada. I m annoyed by becoming charged for calls from some telemarketers or many 1 like the. I never answer Amounts I don t Understand. Silly.

Post by dk,

5144002256 we get 5 or 6 calls per day by the Amount. i hate them. i 've tried for block using W we may see. .

Post by David,

514-400-2256 've obtained several calls from this Amount. I Display calls by number so 've never answered them.

Post by Guest,

5144002256 No message


514-400-2256 Wilder May}n' ask your own well known friend for 've at appearance at helping a lot of Individuals w a CAL vs. Collection Retrieval Assoc. . They're zombie debt collectors that Really annoy a lot of folks and violate ALL Good Group Process Guidelines. May}n' become easy Image kn s for an atty. . . .

Post by Johno7,

5144002256 I have also had a telephone out of that number. I 've a intelligent Telephone that Enables me for block Amounts. I also got rid of my Net Telephone. Trouble Fixed. I even got a call along with your ID number of W W W and 9 Number Amounts are Additionally blocked. The Telephone companies are useless for blocking number and a few want for charge you personally.

Post by Guest,

514-400-2256 Canadian pharmacy

Post by baZ,

5144002256 I have answered a call out of this Amount. It is for an international pharmacy. I don't know how they obtained my cellular telephone phone number. Given the accent of your caller I would speculate this can be a telephone Centre in Asia with Telephone access coming from Canada. Don t hassle replying and put the number on your blocked phone list.

Post by Guest,

514-400-2256 Spam

Post by polo,

5144002256 that is a Canadian pharmacy Striving for see you something Beware

Post by polo,

514-400-2256 this can be a Canadian pharmacy trying for see you something Beware

Post by JP,

5144002256 Merely obtained the first phone from the Amount. Did t response as I did t Comprehend your exchange. No message left of path.

Post by Guest,

514-400-2256 On line pharmacy selling Viagra at high prices

Post by james fournier,

5144002256 I continue for get calls in the above phone number on a Day-to-day basis and when I response they hang up. I consider the extreme phone harassment and maltreatment. Want someone would can something Around the as they use my cell Telephone minutes Upwards.

Post by Gary Fryar,

514-400-2256 unsolicited calls from the Telephone Amount W W W

Post by L,

5144002256 Additionally been getting several calls from the Business lately. I never response and they never leave message. So annoying.

Post by Annie,

514-400-2256 I did t response they don t leave a message but I 've been Frequently becoming calls from Rutherford NJ and I 'm pretty confident that was a pharmacy overly. Usually its this guy who calls having an Highlight and asks for my dad Likely because the phone is in his name and he s your only man who resides here or it could become because he subscribes for man health and interest Publications and they Offered his Amount to your list of advertisers just one time someone out of among them pharmacies even told me they had a sale on Edward drugs and wondered if he was interested thus I handed your Telephone to him and he said not for call or something and hung up an Real LEGIT pharmacy will not talk about Things enjoy that although I m sure there selling counterfeits and disregard any rules and Likely sell to anyone without a prescription.

Post by dj,

5144002256 listen Upwards People this can be Canadian pharmacy calling. either dint answer or block the call. there are thousands of Individuals selling Universal drugs and most of your drugs come from India. once they get your e mail or Telephone number your own are Essentially Attached. they won't Discontinue because that phone can come out of anyplace. do not telephone these people back and never purchase any drug out of them using your own real phone number or e send. if you get scammed you can only attribute yourself.

Post by hito,

514-400-2256 W is your Place code for Quebec Canada witch it sh owes Upward on my caller ID asthma telephone Regularly and never leave a MSG on my Am I think I ll an certain next time for see Th thy want

Post by Tired,

5144002256 So Ill of these calls never ordered any medicine or consented to CBS or anyone else Marketing my . These People are Actual scumbags have asked around amp over to remove my number and told them in no uncertain conditions I ll never order anything so it is a waste of time and money to call me. What the f ck does it take to get through for these a holes.

Post by Guest,

514-400-2256 Special offer

Post by Guest,

5144002256 No thin

Post by Guest,

514-400-2256 Attempting to sell Viagra

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8324479585 Complains by try again,

Nope TX state troopers are out there being Authorities. The clowns on the Telephone are scampers Striving for Take money. Huge difference.

4072725001 Complains by Guest,

Yes please block text from this number

7203999988 Complains by Guest,

calls hangs up

6308696997 Complains by Guest,


9729975239 Complains by Guest,

Calls alto playing on your phone. . not calling for appointment

2529165103 Complains by Guest,

block them

6024359845 Complains by Guest,

Cease calling you might have a incorrect number

9376686209 Complains by Guest,


8002800850 Complains by Cris,

Obtained phone phone out of this Amount W W W that left message about Dominion Power Specific Account. I Nearly returned your telephone but Afterward Recognized this is not Dominion Virginia Power that provides electric service in the Region plus the Firm do not create routine Telephone calls.

8002214589 Complains by logie,


8002317198 Complains by Guest,

Invoice collector

8002798122 Complains by Guest,

Relieved a telephone with no response. Tried for telephone it back message says that code I dialed is incorrect

8002041589 Complains by Guest,

Obtained 5 calls in that past two days from W W W Shea Peter. Did not answer and no message was left.

8002301817 Complains by Lynn,

They call my work and a family member and told them that I need to call them that they were going to serve me with papers for court at my job. I called them back but I was not thinking and gave them information for my bank account  so they could take the money out. But after seeing this I am on my way to my bank to stop the money from ever leaving my account. The one thing that gets me is how they got my work number and most important my family members full name and number. I am also going to call the Attorny General office and report them. Lets see if that will help the next person.

8002424518 Complains by Anonymous,

Got a telephone asking for a name I proposed incorrect . The guy said he was looking for this particular name a neighbor of mine that he had isn't working could I get a message for him to call Initiate at W .

8002322486 Complains by Guest,


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