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Post by April,

5145750383 Job offer scams

Post by David,

514-575-0383 Another within a long line of your Google listing scam hell holds a unique place for these parasites

Post by Guest,

5145750383 Credit card services for lower interest rate

Post by Guest,

514-575-0383 Time waster. Weirdo who texts pics of himself.

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8328916502 Complains by Guest,

Wow! I JUST got a call from the same mean/rude/forceful/aggressive lady! Again, I am the gate keeper of the phone lines for our company and she wanted to speak with the "maintenance manager". I told her we didn't have one and she asked for the "owner", when I politely said, "may I tell him who's calling", she said, "I just need to speak with him now about something important". My reply was that I'm just trying to do my job to make sure the calls are properly routed and if it's a maintenance concern, the owner wouldn't be the person she needs to speak with. She then told me to "get the person who DOES take care of the maintenance issues, because [she] NEED[S] to speak with him..." I forwarded the call to my manager, with a head's up that the person was quite rude. Turns out she was calling from a roofing company and wanted to come out to take a look at our roof for potential work. Her tactics definitely would NOT win our business!!!

2039036405 Complains by Guest,

Unfit bother

7062298669 Complains by Guest,

Same Problem as others. Why are these Folks thus Dumb for telephone same people all your time.

8062230448 Complains by Do Not Call,

I Inquired Recently for them for remove me from their calling list. Figure what next day bright and early they called.

8099498989 Complains by Guest,

Posted some tires on Craigslist.org. I received a txt from this number saying they wanted to buy the tires and pay with a cashiers check and add 35.oo dollars for my trouble. Ask what bank was going to issue the check. They replied which do I prefer. Gave them a name of a local bank and told them I would only take a check if we went to the bank and cashed it. Haven't heard back.

2053075975 Complains by Guest,

Profile Recovery

7048173785 Complains by SPAM,

I don't use my AT&T number, don't give it to anyone, I give everyone a google voice number. Called me through the AT&T number, did not leave a message. Not legitimate business as they clearly didn't get my number from any business I've conducted where I gave my phone number.

2152604146 Complains by Jen,

This is First Financial Asset Management. They are a collection agency. If you happen to have an account in collections with them, I wish you the best of luck! I have actually been attempting to PAY them and they have given me the run around to several different numbers: 866-235-0825 (supposedly PFR - don't know what that stands for, but the number rings to a different business, 850-837-2414, 866-867-1133, and 800-748-4819. One person will say they can help me and never return my calls. I can never get the same person back again and then someone will tell me that they can't help me and give me a different number to call. It's insane! All I want to do is pay my bill!

8002004000 Complains by fedup,

Picked up just for bug them. She said Hi I am from Rogers I said You're expletive deleted lying. She hung up.

8002145395 Complains by Chirs,

Don t Stress. I coming for Chelsea Anderson. He ll Quit soon.

8002145346 Complains by EMY,

i 've obtained a telephone at my home out of the Mr. War stating there surely is a serious case against me. I have called back and the express mail dozen t even state CR'S and its a Girl.

8001800186 Complains by Guest,

play games

8002221913 Complains by upset client,

First of your that idiot. I got a phone phone from this Amount as nicely and they left a message just saying I need for call back at this number never leaving their name who they are with or what it was within reference to. I called back and they wanted all my info asking for my SS account s and when I told them I would telephone my local branch Put up on me. I called my local branch and they said that they did t phone everything was great and this number isn't valid. I don t 've any Excellent debt. so for you to get on here and try to create judgment on someone Merely shows how Substantially of an idiot you are. There are manner overly many scams out there for someone to Merely offer Outside their info as a issue of fact it sounds like your own among those low life people that run scams on Folks in place of going out and becoming a job there's no manner you work for BB amp T because you've for 've many form of intellect which you personally undoubtedly showed for all for see you personally don t.

8002234253 Complains by Debra,

Stupid stuff enjoy that is what makes people go Postal. . . . . .

8002163094 Complains by MD,

Delmarva Power

8002206004 Complains by M,

M amp T Bank out of Buffalo NY. Really disrespectful and harassing to your downright intimidating. Delivered them two Words to stop harassing me as I have PST and what they're doing is exacerbating my Handicaps. They don t leave extensions or direct Amounts and cannot follow simple express mail Guidelines for their calls for be returned. Spent time on that phone trying to get ah previous of them and when finally Set through and after I said hello for them they Put Upwards on me. They called again a week later and the time I did response and said hello and they Installed Upwards on me. Terrible Fake Firm. They 've lost or never acquired my loan Alteration paperwork more Subsequently 3 times. Even though I 've fax transmissions standing pages showing they went through. Finally gotten my paperwork all W something pages and went for underwriting. M amp T Bank Afterward Directed} me a notification stating they were closing that case due to deficiency of data. There was NO other information I could give them. Ended Upwards delivering them another notification stating if they wanted the same paperwork again they would demand to send me a check to pay for your faxing before I sent them the same paperwork again and for Quit calling and harassing and intimidating me. Bad company. Record you Telephone calls with these people Tell them before hand that they're being recorded due for Telephone laws. And they could t hold it against you personally for wanting for keep their lies on record Hire an Extreme attorney asap if you are Seeking to Exercise a loan Adjustment and if you are able to t locate a Nearly decent Lawyer for low Price check with a justice job in your own state that Expert rates or performs actions for free. Very best Guidance cover your own own backside because M amp T Bank may slip Upwards and threaten you personally or perform some other prohibited Actions and you ll at least have documented evidence for go on that Bad. Anxiety not.

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