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Post by Laura Chartier,

5148191872 I receive calls 3 4 times a day from the Amount W W W. When will stop. Thanks Laura Ch artier email W protected

Post by SP 1,

514-819-1872 When I eventually replied my phone to this Owner. . it was also COG Green cable. . they called 9 times within 3 hours until i replied and never left any message. . I m very infuriated because I pay for all my long space and incoming calls and the phone I did not need to receive on my cell Telephone. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Post by L,

5148191872 Lately added MS NBC for my Station lineup because i couldn't get CNN a la Carter. COG Green desires me for upgrade to another package costing W. W per month so i can get CNN. B ll S it. So this Advertising Business called me for see if i am joyful along with COG Eco.

Post by E,

514-819-1872 THANK YOU

Post by Jay,

5148191872 Because you have your own cell number on your COG Green account. If you've a acreage line Afterward 've your cu serve Department remove your cell number. If you personally don t 've a property line then You're sol.

Post by Guest,

514-819-1872 The number has called me 3 times in one day and once on another day. Twice Now they called while I was at work. I have never answered your call since I don t understand anyone from Quebec that would become calling me. That is Actually irritating. I would answer if I Needed to. I don t need to be harassed

Post by Guest,

5148191872 Surveys conducted on Part of a Business you vie Delta along with Lately in my case coco

Post by Guest,

514-819-1872 Calling my personal Telephone repeatedly and it needs for Cease right now.

Post by Rebecca,

5148191872 This number calls each few times but there's never anyone there. It is super annoying.

Post by SG,

514-819-1872 It s a survey from Coco Cable

Post by HD,

5148191872 Some people don t get sarcasm. Lola.

Post by Barbara Gray,

514-819-1872 Always hangs up. Never leaves a message. I suppose not when they're calling out of a survey company.

Post by J Caron,

5148191872 Received call entered Amount in don't call list HTTP subgroup. com do not telephone list

Post by Mike gert 21,

514-819-1872 Are you personally Mad NOBODY gives for nothing ITS a SCAM Wake up Up PEOPLE

Post by Steve,

5148191872 Same here. Coco calling Doing a survey after I bought a fresh receiver. June 5 W

Post by Denise Perreault,

514-819-1872 Received several calls from W W W. I never response numbers I don t know.

Post by MA,

5148191872 Missed a telephone from this Amount the morning. Checked online. . located this site. I Only blocked that number on my cell phone.

Post by ay,

514-819-1872 it s a customer survey phone center. . . for Coco among others.

Post by Maureen,

5148191872 Gotten a phone out of W W W. No message left by them. I don't answer calls that I don't recognize.

Post by E,

514-819-1872 THANK YOU

Post by eco,

5148191872 Thus called coco cable yesterday BC the internet was down. Got a telephone from this number today. They left a vim saying it s a customer Lay} survey for coco.

Post by HD,

514-819-1872 Lola

Post by HD,

5148191872 Lola

Post by K,

514-819-1872 Got a call Simply now March W W W 'm. No reply and no message left.

Post by Guest,

5148191872 got a spam call on my cell Toronto

Post by Ray Juniper,

514-819-1872 Your a lying bag of bro Lao. . . . .

Post by Tony,

5148191872 They're a lot Telephone survey company

Post by DK,

514-819-1872 Got a telephone out of this number Around 2 hours Past was still within bed Lola. Left no message.

Post by SJ,

5148191872 This Amount calls my work and Subsequently hangs up. Nothing is on another line its Bizarre.

Post by HD,

514-819-1872 Many Folks don t get sarcasm. Lola.

Post by J,

5148191872 Got the same

Post by B.D.,

514-819-1872 Got a telephone out of this on my cell I did not reply it. My phone went dead fast pulled battery Outside Afterward Place everything back no Difficulties I believe it is a scam to take over your own phone system.

Post by BBBB,

5148191872 SIMS W W AND W IS OP SCAM MS. .

Post by BBBB,

514-819-1872 SIMS W W AND W IS OP SCAM MS. .

Post by maryjean,

5148191872 Its a Firm that does surveys on the expertise you personally had calling that last phone Centre u called.

Post by Alice,

514-819-1872 I am receiving 2 for 3 calls a day on my cell phone from number W W W. I have put a block on that Telephone. When I Google your Amount it comes back going to a telemarketing company within Montreal Quebec.

Post by olga,

5148191872 they are not Finding up when you call them back and charge me 0. W for that message we need for Discontinue the harassment . . . . . .

Post by unknown,

514-819-1872 no message

Post by Billy,

5148191872 Nicely I Only came back out of Choosing Upward my Ferrari. Could t Manage the insurance thus I m going to sell it and pay off my house. WOT.

Post by Jay,

514-819-1872 Because you've your own cell Amount on your COG Eco account. If you have a acreage line Afterward have that cu Function Department remove your own cell number. If you personally don t have a land line Afterward you are sol.

Post by Say no to surveys,

5148191872 Got several calls on my cell out of the number W W W I called back and discovered its a survey company called QM Group. They 've a do not telephone at their Site HTTP Www. subgroup. com . I 've never used my phone within any Purchase so consider they are simply dialing through an inventory. Maybe QM Group would log within here and let everyone know what is Developing and that its not a scam. I placed the call kind as unknown because there was nothing on the other Finish when I replied. So have no hint what they Needed. I had for telephone back for find Outside. . . Here is their info if you need for call QM Group for take your survey. . . this really is People info Us Headquarters's Group Inc. W Mineral Drive Suite W Coir d Arlene California W E-mail W protected Toll Free 1 W W W Fax 1 W W Canadian Headquarters's Group Inc. W Rd Road Vernon BC VT K E-mail W protected Cost Free 1 W W W Fax 1 W W W

Post by Cara,

514-819-1872 I acquired the telephone several times. When you phone back it rings active.

Post by J,

5148191872 Got your same

Post by Kate,

514-819-1872 Hi Shannon Thank you personally to your Result. Got the same Amount showing on my Telephone several times around that previous week. Makes sense now as I Simply purchased a brand new Telephone and your youthful guy that helped me said I May}n' receive a telephone viewing what your service had been enjoy. Too lousy it Actually wan t about winning a Ferrari.

Post by Cristina,

5148191872 I had that is number phone me several times thought the week I never replied it because I don t know that Amount they never left any message till Now I finally got a message it s from Coco and its for a survey. I expect that helps anyone else WHO has Rev d a call from the Amount.

Post by Donna,

514-819-1872 The has number been calling about 2 to 4 times a day

Post by Guest,

5148191872 Coco survey

Post by Billy,

514-819-1872 Well I Simply Arrived back out of Buying Upwards my Ferrari. Could t afford that insurance so I m going for sell it and pay off my house. WOT.

Post by Tori,

5148191872 Obtained a call out of the number the morning. I used to live within Montreal so I mechanically knew it originated from that city Yet there would be no motive for me for receive calls out of there. I ignored your call they left no message.

Post by Guest,

514-819-1872 They Put Upward after saying hello

Post by BD,

5148191872 another telephone out of that number

Post by Sarah,

514-819-1872 The Amount called my cell multiple times today. Says your Amount is out of Quebec and when you call back Bands occupied. Telemarketer I presume.

Post by Susan,

5148191872 Merely got a phone from this Amount no name show but it looked enjoy a Amount that s called a few times before. So i checked among my private Telephone list for see if it was a few just one i knew it was not. Afterward checked to see what area code W comes out of amp power saw this reverse phone site. Great idea thank you personally to whoever set it up.

Post by Steve,

514-819-1872 Same here. Coco calling conducting a survey after I bought a new receiver. June 5 W

Post by FG,

5148191872 no message no answer

Post by Guest,

514-819-1872 Replicate Telephone calls. . no message

Post by Roxy72,

5148191872 If you personally Only listen to that message it gives you personally that option to Elect out of receiving any more calls.

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4159332323 Complains by pa,

just got this text Hi D

9739004141 Complains by Guest,


8084899203 Complains by in hawaii,

if the phone was blocked Subsequently do you personally understand it Arrived out of the Amount. appears to become someone who was Related with the marine corp in Hawaii and now lives within ct.

2073139904 Complains by Guest,


8002361158 Complains by easy,

left no message. 6 W pm

8777939485 Complains by Guest,

Set Agency

7147879196 Complains by Guest,

credit card processing calling from private cell phone

5026824834 Complains by Guest,

Finish their reign of foolish calls

8002532920 Complains by Eric,

I Merely got this phone too. I live in Fresh Jersey but I vie always paid my medical bills in that office and I vie never obtained any bills out of anyone else thus I don t 've any Notion who they could be Signifying within this case.

8002791842 Complains by same ol crap,

Thousand Tracks Striving for get you to go to your meeting thus they could try and sell you a time share

8002804610 Complains by Marc,

ditto that above. Ben customer missed telephone searched found the. Also responded less than favorably for an SIMS poll.

8001237654 Complains by juanfer,

They called me I did t answer.

8002262166 Complains by tka,

I obtained a call from allegedly from Verizon Wireless and they said for call W W W. I could t look for any data that verifies your Validity of this number.

8002563844 Complains by ec,

That s a great example of exactly why you personally should just deal along with a debt collector in Composing. By that manner if it s legal within your state to do so record any subsequent Telephone Interactions you've along with them. That recordings May n't come in Helpful should they break that law. For advice on dealing with these Folks and holding them to account for their conduct Assess out Bud Hobbs website. He has lots of great data on protecting your rights and resolving debts. And if Wanted Bud provides attorney referrals. Web. Buddhas. com Great luck.

8002512920 Complains by Gman,

Junk fax Marketing small business loans. Why anyone would trust a Facsimile like this with no company info is beyond me. Treatment Guidelines are Internet. Amount Seclusion. EU an obvious number harvesting site if it does exist or W W W. FCC Gripe was filed. HTTP support. FCC. gov Criticisms. HTML

8002221149 Complains by Doug Brown,

Numerous calls in a short time span from this number.  CLID on cell phoneshow 20129649448 which is one too many digits.

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