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Post by Guest,

5162066815 I received 1 call today 8 W W out of caller id W W W. your name Arrived up Michel Jeffrey. Guy with Indian Highlight said that someone hacked into my computer and he is Capable to tell because he works for WINDOWS. I said really you work for Windows huh. I Inquired for his name and your name of his Firm. He replied quot Your own Father quot . I Inquired him again. He replied Your own Dad. When I told him I was record your telephone he started saying quot F You quot and GO F YOURSELF over and over Subsequently he Installed Upward. I called back twice it said for hold for that on phone Specialist I held each time but then someone replied and hung Upward.

Post by thisolduser,

516-206-6815 The Owner ID said Michel Jeffery. I knew it was a scam immediately because he said he was calling out of Microsoft IT Technology support and Microsoft never does that. I told him he should be ashamed of himself and which he should get a Actual job Subsequently I Put up on him. Would you consider which he called me back. . He still thought that he could scam me. I gave him another earful and Installed up. Subsequently he called back a third time. He must be dumber than a box of hammers.

Post by Barbara,

5162066815 Said they had a Reduction on migraine melds I take. And pain melds. I don t take any. Sounded enjoy a Russian or Western European young girl who did t know her lines nicely enough.

Post by Jess,

516-206-6815 Have been becoming repeated calls from Jeffrey Michel for a while. Never replied till Now. Guy along with thick Indian Highlight on an extremely static ridden line says he is along with Microsoft and they 've received numerous Malfunction messages from my computer. I Really have been having Issues along with it. . . hmm makes you wonder. He wanted me to let him accessibility it slightly because it has a virus I said I would Quite phone him back. He ignored me and said if he did t fix it Correct NOW it would become irreparably damaged. I said call back within an hour. Expect he never does.

Post by Guest,

5162066815 Acquired a phone from the number on 8 W 8 W and today. Each daytime it was a substantial accented Indian express along with similar Narrative except Now he became Bad by asking me if I had quot boobs quot . I instantly Installed Upward.

Post by Guest,

516-206-6815 Called me Now and told me he s along with Microsoft. Microsoft dozen t create unsolicited calls. I called him out on it and told him I would report him. He got quite pussy. If he s reading this nice strive Dust bag you vie been reported for your authorities

Post by oleagleye,

5162066815 I 've traced the Telephone for Web. Noxzema. com who is your phone company that Offers there numbers to a wholesaler who in turn Offers it for someone else and Subsequently they use it anyway they desire. I contacted Noxzema and told them what is happening and they can Set a block on my Telephone for Discontinue them from calling me anymore. Trust the works and if enough Individuals would whine they may get this Ceased altogether. Good Fortune each oenology

Post by Georgina,

516-206-6815 I had a phone enjoy that too. It constantly sounds like an from Nation accent.

Post by Cscanlan,

5162066815 This really is Peter from Micro. . . Around your own computer. My response computer is Great good by.

Post by Mama Bear,

516-206-6815 This Owner has called my youngster s cell phone multiple times and left no message. When I called the message said for hold for an on telephone Manufacture. Afterward it went on along with a Actually bizarre brand new age y tease Around entering that land of the Distinct the bizarre Creativity and your code Region . After two minutes of waiting and no way for Select Outside I Installed Upwards. I cannot block callers on the Telephone. Not confident what to would next.

Post by Pablo P,

5162066815 SCAM. Simply gotten a phone out of this Amount. They Needed accessibility for my computer saying they would mend a tease or my computer would crash within 3 hours . . . I had nothing better to do than waste their time along with obnoxious questions until that woman with your thick Indian Feature Installed Upwards on me along with a few cursing Very poor at it as well . . . Jataka . . . enjoyed making your Girl waste her time as well.

Post by Mike Auckburns,

516-206-6815 Merely called me as well. Did t Understand that number so I did t reply. Caller ID said Baldwin NY.

Post by Darlene,

5162066815 Same thing about my computer. Said their bank would send me a check. When I started asking questions he said his Telephone was breaking Upward and he would phone back After. I said don t annoyance and he did t.

Post by Brillig,

516-206-6815 This number called me and I replied. First there was a woman along with a significant Indian sounding accent. She told me my computer was giving warnings for their server and they were IT support. Afterward she Approved me on to some Guy again along with a substantial accent. He told me that same Narrative. I asked him what computer name he was getting messages from. He evaded that question and asked me how many computers I had I had two online at that time. Subsequently he started for tell me to go to some website. I asked him if he was Attempting to load a bot or malicious Applications on my computer. He Subsequently became abusive and told me he was going to f. . . Upward my life and f. . . my Partner. Where can these morons come from.

Post by Dot,

5162066815 You personally need to buy your Panasonic cordless Telephone. Comes in a set of four. Nice telephone blocking Characteristic Model KC Label Sect 6. Your own phone lets you personally block a certain number of calls. After they are filled up you clear them and Begin over. Absolute best cash I ever spent.

Post by M,

516-206-6815 After reading all your post I could see this scummier is really persistent. However my caller ID shows Upward that telephone is from Baldwin NY.

Post by Arwen,

5162066815 I too 've acquired phone calls out of the Amount W W W. On my caller ID the name shows Promotion Fraud . That calls 've come within W W W 5 PM W W W 4 PM W W W 6 W pm. I don't reply if I do not understand that Amount and let that call go that answering machine. Nothing left on answering machine. I located this Website by searching Upwards the Better Business Agency. Call Type Scam

Post by Guest,

516-206-6815 Simply another Computer fix scam A poorly derived scam at that relies on your Casualty for understand small or nothing Around their Computer for get you to pay cash through credit card or bank. India n fake Laptop quot windows quot scam NO Firm calls you personally Around error reports. Microsoft doesn't contact you Around Problems nor can they 've any third Celebration Business contact you. A scam within which they will deny if you personally telephone them Outside on it oh and it is a scam as it's Larceny by deception. Phone phone out of Michel Jeffery a Indian girl called before a few times prior same number My mother replied he said our Computer was not running Accurately Mom told him she had already heard about this scam it was a scam guy gets ticked off they arena t becoming any cash from us and he cursed at her P Go on you tube and appearance at Telephone call Computer fix scam India Pc fix scam. Michel Jeffery one of that Firm s phone alias List of known Telemarketer Computer repair scams such as Allotments 1 W W W black computer keyboard Worldwide IT International Computer Protection Yogi. Michel Jeffery alias 1 W W W All Indian by your manner Yes I know all places 've good Individuals but they also all have many Donkeys grinders.

Post by Andy Young,

5162066815 Idiot has called here 3 times within a Line all at around that same time. . . 6 'm. . . Owner I. D. says Michel Jeffery. Man along with what my daughter described as a French sounding Highlight was on that line Now. Recently it was a few form of recording. He was told for never phone the Amount again. We ll see.

Post by Cas,

516-206-6815 The guy calls me 5 times a day at least. It is Operating me mad.

Post by Guest,

5162066815 Promotion fraud they called me in Paris Now state my computer has a virus

Post by LauraH,

516-206-6815 Ha ha I adore that you did that for them. Once I see on the Website what just I m dealing with I have a Basketball annoying THEM. although Now when they first called I did t answer when I Arrived here to Assess them Outside I was excited that they called again. . . but did t response when I answered your automated voice said goodbye and Put up. Expecting they phone and Really talk to me. I m within the disposition for idiots today

Post by whitesand,

5162066815 Someone from Microsoft may never call you personally. This scam has been Approximately several times within the previous. That Do not Telephone list is a joke Normal of that Authorities.

Post by CheR,

516-206-6815 Same as most of your Cards here. . . heavy Indian Highlight need to slightly fix my Computer etc etc scam scam scam. I state nothing now and hang up. That calls are get fewer and farther between. Trust the helps someone.

Post by S in Colorado,

5162066815 Got a call from this number on my cell while at work at 3 pm 8 5 W. No one would answer me so looked Upwards that Amount and guess what I found. Thanks everyone for Publishing and letting me know it's Simply another one of those scam artists out to make a free buck from many unsuspecting Individual.

Post by Guest,

516-206-6815 Indian Feature asked a lot of questions Around my computer said he was out of IT International Alternatives and was partnering with Microsoft to resoluteness a super virus that had infected my computer. NOT. He gave me a fake Telephone number and employee Amount. My phone revealed the Owner as Michael Jeffery W W W.

Post by Cshepard,

5162066815 Odds are they are based Offshore and that number that appears on Owner id is spoofed. Within your end prohibited operations scampers don't follow that law.

Post by D,

516-206-6815 Received calls at work from the Amount twice Recently Night. Wan t here to response them.

Post by Elizabeth,

5162066815 I 'm So Ill of these calls. We tell your to Cease calling us that it is on the verge of harassment and they just say You don t know who we 're . I told them once that I don t have a computer and I got cussed Outside. Gee if which was a real Firm calling I doubt I would be becoming cussed out. How do we get them to Discontinue calling

Post by Dave,

516-206-6815 Reviewed a telephone on my cell. Heavy Indian Highlight said I was due a refund . For turn on my computer and Complete out a form along with private Information. When questioned the scumbag got agitated and said go f. . . K yourself. Beware these subhumans are out for get your money

Post by Georgina,

5162066815 I had a telephone enjoy that too. It consistently sounds enjoy an from State Feature.

Post by Scam,

516-206-6815 Acquired phone out of this Amount. Asserting he was out of Windows. I told him I did not 've s windows machine and Inquired him to take me away his phone list. His response I won't take you off my list. I m going to telephone you over and around and over I Installed Upward the Telephone.

Post by oleagleye,

5162066815 These losers called me telling me my computer was infected and they Wanted to take control blah blah. Small did they know I repair computers for a residing. Thus I had some time on my control and decided for 've many pleasure at their expense. I Set on my best Mid Western Feature which I can do Rather convincingly and asked what should I can. Well your guy told me he was out of India for turn on my computer. It was already on but I Calculated I d screw him along for another 5 minutes Then he asked me what I had on my Display. I told him lots of pornography and went into illustrative details. He told me to go amp myself and Put Upwards on me. I don t believe they ll become calling me again any time shortly. LOLA Randy Your Lazy Comic.

Post by private NO CALL list in USA and Colorado,

516-206-6815 A man along with a substantial Indian Highlight called Recently saying I had a problem with my computer and I told him we were not interested in his help for your computer. Now 7 W W your same guy called identifying himself as a representative out of Windows and stating that we've a Trouble along with our windows program. He said we've an Disease virus. That Amount simply revealed up on your Telephone so that was Bad. . . Microsoft would 've been Recorded if windows had an official problem. . This HAS For Become A SCAM. . . they're attempting for get access for computers Please don t fall because of this.

Post by Terry,

5162066815 Becoming multiple calls Day-to-day. Mostly between 7 W and 9 W am Asian time. Same nonsense as you personally all report. No just one responds if we answer. We reported for FCC. Still becoming daily calls

Post by MJ,

516-206-6815 I also got a phone from these Indian people that Needed for mend my computer because it had a virus. I Inquired how he knew that and he mentioned I had Enrolled it along with Windows. I told him I did t 've time to can it now thus I asked him for his number and I would call him back when I did gave time. He Offered me that Amount W W W and that name Charlie Watson. I called your number but nothing. Like Calculated it was a scam and found this Newsgroup. Cheers.

Post by Lynn,

5162066815 scam wanted for mend my computer remotely

Post by Dot,

516-206-6815 You need for Purchase the Panasonic cordless phone. Comes within a place of four. Pleasant call blocking Attribute Version KC Label Sect 6. Your Telephone lets you block a particular Amount of calls. After they are filled up you clear them and start over. Absolute best cash I ever Used.

Post by Guest,

5162066815 Obtained second telephone. He told me he is with MS. He had an Indian accent. I told him quot I can t comprehend you personally and Afterward did hang up. quot Subsequently I called that Amount and obtained some religious prerecorded Narratives.

Post by Toshi Shimada,

516-206-6815 None

Post by Lawleit,

5162066815 Simply another Computer repair scam A poorly derived scam at that relies on the Casualty to understand little or nothing Around their Pc to get you to pay money through credit card or bank. India n fake Pc windows scam NO company calls you about error reports. Microsoft does not contact you about Problems Or would they 've any third Celebration company contact you. A scam in which they may refuse if you personally phone them Outside on it oh and it is a scam as it's Larceny by deception. Telephone call out of Michel Jeffery a Indian girl called before a few days earlier same number My mom replied he said our Computer was not running Accurately Mom told him she had already heard Around the scam it was a scam Man gets ticked off they Stadium t getting any money out of people and he cursed. . repeatedly at her Pogo on you personally tube and look at phone calls Pc repair scam India Computer fix scam. List of Understood Telemarketer Pc fix scams such assortments 1 W W black keyboard Global IT Worldwide Pc Protectionism. Michel Jeffery Laptop Specialist Business s alias 1 W W All Indian.

Post by Professor Scott,

516-206-6815 Gotten a phone from this Amount saying that they were Verizon and telling me that my computer had been infected by a virus. When I Inquired them how they knew the they said that when I contacted their server that last time they were Competent to determine that I had been infected. I then Inquired for an IPA address they Inquired what I Desired it for and I informed them that I was a retired CS Teacher which I 'm and Desired to ascertain which computer of mine were infected and how they found out. The line went dead.

Post by cole,

5162066815 phone from this Amount just came within. since I did t Understand name or number I did t reply. Owner did t leave MSG.

Post by Fed up with Nonsense,

516-206-6815 Caller ID said Michel Jeffery . . . No human being talked on your Telephone. . . Called back and was asked for wait while they connect me with their on telephone Manufacture . . . Waited for W minutes for offer them a Item of my thoughts. . . No 1 replied the phone. . . Wasted of Time. . . Guidance Don t waste your Precious irreplaceable time. . . Uncomplicated don t response the Telephone telephone and block that Amount as I did.

Post by Anonymous,

5162066815 Caller along with a foreign accent telling me I have a windows system and thus I said thus. He wanted for let me understand he was from windows support and he was not really confident of himself thus I told him I did t demand any help and hung up. I usually check numbers that I don t recognize and found this site. Happy I Installed Upward.

Post by Guest,

516-206-6815 I had a similar experience. Noxzema is a Phone company similar for Com throw or Cable Vision. Out of what I understand they Function a big Amount of business customers. They were really helpful when I called and they could contact their customers with any Gripes obtained. That FCC and other Guidelines are Tough when it comes for disconnecting services so they will do their very best to get a Amount removed out of any of their customers lists. I Ceased getting calls in about W hours after my complaint was Published I called 1 W W W to Talk with a customer service representative.

Post by Goldie6175,

5162066815 Ha ha. I m entering your property of your Distinct on my way for that code Sector. . . . . Yippee. . . . . .

Post by Linda Madden,

516-206-6815 I gotten a call out of this Amount Seeking for gain accessibility for my computer. I refused and they Installed Upward on me. I believe the to become a scam.

Post by Ashish,

5162066815 It s big scam

Post by juan,

516-206-6815 Same here they kept waiting and i said I'm record you and Bill bey hang up

Post by Guest,

5162066815 keeps calling and never leaves message. Attempted to telephone back but just plays a really Mindless annoying record. Never connects you personally to some Individual.

Post by Guest,

516-206-6815 called Noxzema at another Amount I located by go ogling Noxzema within Orlando Florida W W W. Guy asked me for the info about what Arrived Upward on the Owner id when the Man called me Michel Jeffrey W W W. He said this Amount belongs to one of their customers. H said he may appearance into it and take attention of it. I kept questioning him as for exactly why they would permit him to continue as a customer when he is Taking scams for create cash. He Simply kept saying he is going to take attention of it. We may see. 8 W W


5162066815 Seriously Maybe born during the day but not today Loss. Slightly fix my computer. . . NOT.

Post by Alan Freeman,

516-206-6815 I receive several calls every daytime out of W W W. Caller ID used to say Michel Jeffrey but now simply Shows this Amount. Your Owner claims for be from your Windows Department but is actually an attempt for get into your computer. I vie Place the on phone block and just get one ring but calls are Ongoing.

Post by Guest,

5162066815 I Merely got that oddest phone from a few foreigner very hard to comprehend . He said he was from Microsoft and Desired to help repair a Difficulty along with a hacker trying to accessibility my computer through that Net. I asked him to offer me your Merchandise Vital for my Microsoft Windows Applications for Demonstrate that he was out of Microsoft. He then Place his supervisor on that line. That supervisor said he was Really quot representing Microsoft quot and would demand to remotely access my computer to get that product Essential. I told him I already had the key and Needed Proof from him. I Additionally said that I would not grant Rural accessibility and asked him how I could mend that problem. He got upset and Put Upwards. It definitely sounded like a Fake phone and I Stress about someone else granting them access to their computer. BEWARE.

Post by Guest,

516-206-6815 No 1 there. . . Only dead air

Post by E,

5162066815 SCAM. Mid eastern emphases both Men I talked to saying all of the above Windows service Facility etc. . . I hope too many previous People don t fall for this particular. . . I m happy I got on here and Assessed while I was still on the phone w them. . . I kept asking to Speak to your white guy and they could t get just one on that Telephone. . . I just answered that Telephone cause I notion it was someone from NYC that I knew which was visiting. . . SCAM. . .

Post by Smiles,

516-206-6815 That's hilarious.

Post by mr m,

5162066815 same BS

Post by Marcy,

516-206-6815 I vie gotten two calls from them. I have Century Link acreage line and it comes across as UNKNOWN NAME. That first call was Saturday and the guy along with the Indian or Pakistani Feature said he was from Windows and had a report of a virus on my computer. I said Windows. I don t 've Windows. Yes you do. No I have a Mac Book an iPhone and an iPad You personally re lying. Nicely yes I was but whatever No I m not. I don t understand who You're but I don t 've Windows Thus take your scam and hang Upwards. Which was followed by a stream of obscenities and I Put Upwards Subsequently the morning another phone. Additionally UNKNOWN NAME. Same Amount. I answered again. Distinct Man same accent. Same bull Around being from Windows. . . . . . you have a virus. . . . . and this time I told him Your own Friend called Saturday and we got it repaired. Dead silence. Oh okay. Your computer s fixed. Yup. He did a great Occupation. . Okay. Thank you personally. Bye. He looked Actually broken then he Installed Upwards. . . . . .

Post by Richmond,

5162066815 They called we did t reply they left no message.

Post by GK,

516-206-6815 We got a call out of this Man Attempting to scam people into doing something on our computer. Your name that Arrived Upward was Michel Jeffery.

Post by Gus,

5162066815 Nicely golly. Another new Amount for the mend your own computer scampers using Fresh York portal line. Feds must 've been becoming on the last number they used. If you have not Discovered they change the Amount every two or three months when that Feds get enough Criticisms on them at that appropriate time to track them down. The rule Now become confident to tell young aged and impaired you personally never concur to anything out of anyone who calls you on that Telephone. They're all crooks. Which is the group that is Strike the hardest which is really disgusting of these sickos for would. However thieves never attention about their Objectives now do they. Report for Feds each time and your more they see the more they might become Capable to get into the stream. As for Duplicate calls Rob calls have an inventory that's called around and over. You personally Discuss along with them Afterward they understand You're active and sell your Amount to other perverts.

Post by Philly,

516-206-6815 Same deal. I heard that fake accent a Distance away. when I told him that I did t have a computer along with Windows on it he called me an f ING girl and curse out my mac. LOLA

Post by tooter,

5162066815 They 've attempted time and time again I 'm a body guard caregiver I fantasize about how Fine it would become to 've a special fly swatter that could Remove these Significant species from your World.

Post by CaliGirl,

516-206-6815 The Amount calls me nonstop and they are Nasty and consistently 've a different scam. Now they called after MIDNIGHT. . . I replied and said Quit calling this number You're being reported. Rude guy responds by yelling at me I will never Quit calling you personally joined that Military and we may call you personally until we track you down so you better just collaborate. Eventually logged onto finite to block the Amount hopefully it works. One time I did strive calling that Amount back and I got a record about taking a mystical journey along with Peculiar flute music playing. This Individuals are dirt bags

Post by No fool,

5162066815 Owner says they're out of Microsoft. Just hang up it s a scam

Post by Sandy C.,

516-206-6815 I 've received two phone calls out of these idiots. I can barely recognize them. Today I told whoever was on another line to take me off of the list and I was going for report them. From what I could make Outside in the first time your caller was claiming it was regarding a Difficulty with my computer. They demand to be Ceased.

Post by Angie,

5162066815 I got a called out of Michel Jeffery W W W man with Indian accent said he was out of IT Section out of Microsoft. There was a virus on my computer and he would Go me through how you can fix it. I told him I did not believe that and Inquired him for a telephone back Amount and he said there was no call back Amount. He calls ALL That TIME sometimes it's the name and Telephone Amount sometimes that called ID is blocked and shows no name or but same Man. He also said 1 time I could speak for his Supervisor but sounded enjoy that same guy. He said he was calling from California. He Simply called again today. He is quite persistent. W W W.

Post by Doesn't seem legit,

516-206-6815 I also gotten calls from Michel Jeffery I body it I don t response they're going for keep calling. Thus when they called today I replied and they Asserted that they were with Microsoft and they had received several notices that there are problems along with my computer and for turn that power on thus they can fix it. I said no thank you personally and they instantly hung Upward.

Post by Regina,

5162066815 Owner ID said Michel Jeffery NOT Pc Experts the Girl told me your company name was Laptop Experts Promised they had a refund for me that their co. Computer Specialists was Closure and I had a refund coming Merely log on top your computer and Subsequently I ll send you to that Finance Department where they will set you up for your refund. I told her this sounded enjoy a scam and that another co. called me a few weeks ago claiming that they serviced our Computer and that they were getting messages showing a lousy virus and gave me an ID that would identify my Unique computer that I purchased and was serviced through them that ID was on each computer within your home including Business laptops it s all a scam for hack into our computer or sell people something. Certainly appalling. Please don t fall because of this scam. . .

Post by Karen,

516-206-6815 I 've received your same Telephone calls. I Actually enjoyed reading your post on how you personally handled them. Scampers definitely.

Post by Kitt,

5162066815 W W W keep getting calls from the number. They don t leave any message. Tried for phone back and get a active Sign. How do I get them to remove my name and number out of their phone list.

Post by Don't fall for it,

516-206-6815 A man from India called saying that my computer has been Displaying errors when signing in. That HP has changed their Parts and they're no longer compatible with my computer and their free customer service that I paid for within that beginning is no More Accessible Thus I m can a W refund. That the simply manner I can get a refund is if I turn on my computer and go for his site thus he could supply me the type that I 've for Complete out for get the refund. I told him which he could Only email me the information. He said he could not E-mail me that I have to become on my computer so he could send me that data because it has for become filled out online. That Merely screams SCAM. .

Post by Lynnie W,

5162066815 My Mommy acquired that same scamming phone call. And Subsequently they called her back again today. . . She hung Upward on them.

Post by PaG,

516-206-6815 Strung him along until he Inquired if he could take control of my computer and Accounts they must become on the rounds I got the routine a couple of years ago

Post by Guest,

5162066815 Merely another Pc repair scam A poorly derived scam at that relies on that Sufferer for understand small or nothing about their Laptop to get you for pay cash through credit card or bank. India n fake Laptop quot windows quot scam NO Business calls you personally Around Malfunction reports. Microsoft doesn't contact you about Problems nor can they 've any third party company contact you. A scam in which they may refuse if you phone them out on it oh and it's a scam as it is theft by deception. Telephone phone from Michel Jeffery a Indian girl called before a few times earlier same Amount My mother replied he said the Laptop was not running Right Mom told him she had already heard Around this scam it was a scam Man gets ticked off they Stadium t getting any money out of us and he cursed. . repeatedly at her P Go on you tube and look at Telephone calls Pc repair scam India Pc fix scam. List of known Telemarketer Computer fix scams such as Allotments 1 W W W black computer keyboard International IT Global Laptop Protection Yogi. Michel Jeffery alias 1 W W W All Indian by your way.

Post by Guest,

516-206-6815 First phone Aug W W W PM MST out of Michel Jeffery Second telephone Aug W W 5 PM MST from Advertising Fraud. On your first call no words or message Merely a disconnect I redialed that number to request being removed from list along with a request of quot cease and desist quot thinking it was a political telephone which I certainly Despise. . . When I called back on your ND phone with your Owner I. D. of Advertising Fraud it went to some record of a female computer response that the call got was a rouge Owner ID and that my Owner ID had been Taken my phone ID pin had been breech ed and that I was to phone my service provider and Request who that Amount belonged to thus that I could identify who breech ed my account. Just problem is that I don t 've a Telephone Green Amount or use my provider for any phone service. I can Discount your calls. . . Read more at HTTP Internet. Owner center. com W W W. HTML 4 . W

Post by Jamie,

5162066815 Obtained a phone from the number W W W who said I had an issue along with my windows based computer I don t 've a windows based computer and I told him thus. He abruptly Put up your phone. It was clear he was calling out of off coast thick Indian accent .

Post by Guest,

516-206-6815 continued from previous Opinion I went to Site Noxzema. com and called your Phone number. I spoke to an American who said this Phone Amount belongs to one of their customers. I suggested her of what he said for me which he was MY Dad And he worked for windows and he kept saying F You. She said she may send an E-mail for her customer and that she was sorry. I told her if they Released this number to him you need to shut it down. She Merely said she was sorry again. . Humorous thing is when she placed me on hold your music was your same as when I called the fraudulent Man back at W W W. when I called him back it said to wait for an on phone Specialist and it played your same music. The guy needs for become Quit. Apparently he is not overly glowing calling people and saying he is out of WINDOWS. HE could at least try to sound valid by saying he was out of MICROSOFT. 8 W W

Post by 516-206-6815,

5162066815 This can be a scam. No such matters on world.

Post by DKI,

516-206-6815 Got a telephone out of this number a few minutes Past. Said that they were getting Malfunction messages from my computer and they Wanted for mend it. Had a long daytime at work thus decided to play along for a bit. Told him cheers and what could I would for him. He repeated that my computer was sending them an Malfunction message. I asked him what the error message was. He fumbled after that and then said that it would crash any time. Asked me to log on and Afterward he would work along with me to fix it. He would not answer my questions how could he he was obviously reading away of a Program . Eventually I had enough told him that I have had such calls before. All he Desired was my IPA address and that if I ever received a telephone out of them again I was reporting them for that Feds. That frightened him away. .

Post by Zach,

5162066815 I m calling them now doing the same thing. They said they d telephone me back within 5 minutes

Post by Stupid American :),

516-206-6815 8 W W W PDT Second call out of the number in W hrs. This time voice on VIM said Hi several times before giving Upwards. Another idiot who Needs an answer out of a machine. Number is now blocked. W of possible W blocked.

Post by PJ,

5162066815 I have been becoming calls from W W W about my computer and I tell them I don t have just one and Leave calling and they still telephone GREER.

Post by Jayne Slaughter,

516-206-6815 Someone needs to make them go away. They telephone Regular. Today he attempted arguing along with me when I told him I did t consider a word of what he was saying. They seriously won t leave me alone. They need for become Close down.

Post by Guest,

5162066815 Caller and Caller Manager sounded like English is not their native language potential India Pakistan dialect Feature Owner and Caller Manager stated they were from a valid IPA Security Business and that my computer has been reporting several severe Malfunction messages back to them for a few times now. They attempted to get me for Trigger a remote access aid Tube . . . I did not. When challenged for identify themselves and their company by spelling both names and Firm name Owner and supervisor became verbally Violent and Afterward said they had quot Wrong Amount quot and Put up.

Post by Scott Bryan,

516-206-6815 Called maintaining for become in the windows computer service center. Many variety of scam.

Post by cc,

5162066815 I got a call Recorded out of Baldwin NY. . Telling me that many 1 is hacking my computer and for that motive they were being changed by the hackers overly. He was Spectacular and insistent. He said he was out of Windows and that I must go for my computer. I messed with him and Subsequently hung Upward. could hardly understand his English He called right back but I didn't annoyance to answer again.

Post by SJ Fiene,

516-206-6815 I have gotten calls previously from someone out of Microsoft Windows calling about my computer but tonight this number came Upwards on the Owner ID as Promotion Fraud . At least that caller ID is catching Upwards with that nuisance calls. I did not response your phone this time but 've formerly and used histrionics to annoy that Individual on the other Finish. . . One time I screamed really loudly and Installed Upward. That next time I pretended I was blubbering loudly and that guy along with your foreign accent Inquired Exactly why are you crying Madam. And I screamed again and Installed Upwards. Yes your calls are quite annoying but at least they're getting an ear full.

Post by Colorado,

5162066815 Said the Dwelling computer had been hacked amp he d walk us through fixing it. Heavy Indian Feature Put Upward when Partner said he was turning the Amount in to attorney general s office. Supply it Upwards you personally pieces of crap amp get a real job.

Post by BitBotByter,

516-206-6815 Extremely Rude argumentative insistent man. . mid late W s along with middle Asian NOT Way Asian accent. Says he represents Windows Technology support which has obtained error messages out of Computer. Calls about twice per week over last 3 months 5 W 7 W . Constantly that same person Requires for W Year old mother with sophisticated Alzheimer s by Name. Refuses for remove Amount out of call list.

Post by Dustin,

5162066815 My Mum had gone through more or less your same ordeal with the number on June W W 3 W P. M. CT. Some Indian accented Girl who Maintained for be a computer Tech said that there had been some ad ware on her computer that Wanted for become erased and Offered to help her through your process. Luckily she did t fall for it but the fact that she was nonetheless contacted by this Business which Additionally Arrived Upwards on her caller ID as Michel Jeffery BTW Actually Issues me.

Post by Jacintha,

516-206-6815 The unknown Long Isle Brand new York Amount W W W has called my phone in Canada a number of times around your previous few months and each time the Owner does not say anything when I response the phone and state Hi. There s no Fixed on the line nor distortion suggesting a poor connection Simply creepy Stop enjoy they're checking account for see if there's a live Person being at the number Perhaps or perhaps it s a buckler that s malfunctioning as there's no message left. I m not going to answer this Amount within future.

Post by MrsMinkus,

5162066815 They Merely called now. Talked to some guy who wanted for mend my computer. I Inquired him if his parents are proud of him for having a Vocation doing illegal work scamming other Folks. I told him they probably have no hint what a scum he is. He then Began cursing me so I understand my words worked. I Installed Upwards and blocked him with my Panasonic phone that Lets me for block numbers. Get one if you personally don t 've one. Apple iPhone block callers too. It s your only way to get Approximately these losers because that DC list is useless and the Authorities has only pursued and fined and stopped an amazingly small Amount of spammers and scampers.

Post by Debbi Chesney,

516-206-6815 Calls every W minutes. I m on a national do not telephone list

Post by Gandalf,

5162066815 Foreign Owner Indian accent Promised that he was calling from Microsoft and that they owed me a refund. I just Wanted to fill Outside a sort etc. Lots of voices in that background Telephone bank. I told him that everyone knows that Microsoft dozen t Outside phone that they're all over your news and everyone knows they're scampers. Gee he hung Upward. . . . . . .

Post by big aldo scotland,

516-206-6815 caller Promised for be from Crash investigation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Put up immediately and retraced Amount . . . . . . . as you are able to see i am in Scotland where we are used for such scam calls but this a first out of Us registered number

Post by LauraH,

5162066815 Ha ha I love that you did that to them. Once I see on this site what just I m dealing with I 've a Baseball annoying THEM. although today when they first called I did t response when I came here to Assess them out I was excited that they called again. . . but did t reply when I replied the automated express said goodbye and hung Upward. Hoping they call and actually Discuss to me. I m within your mood for idiots today

Post by Anonymous,

516-206-6815 Also got a phone from your Windows Technology Section . I m inside it and I program for a residing. I played along feeding him lines such as that computer is Calling you personally. I don t see that in my network hint. After Around W minutes he eventually got your gust and I told him I was a computer expert. He said Oh that s Pleasant 've a good daytime. and rapidly hung up. That music hangs up after 5 7 minutes . . . there's no on call engineer as Much as I can tell. First time they used a number that Really was answerable.

Post by Dumbsheet,

5162066815 I told him my Pc is broke and to give me his W Nebr so I could telephone him back in an hour. He told me for Stay my Pc up my . LOLA

Post by Zach,

516-206-6815 I m calling them now doing the same thing. They said they d telephone me back in 5 minutes

Post by Portola Valley, CA,

5162066815 The showed Upward on my caller ID. Your Owner said he was from your Windows Technical Dept. I vie had a few other calls like the. A few out of this Amount and a few from a Distinct Amount.

Post by Guest,

516-206-6815 I picked Upward the Telephone after 2 rings and heard a Link when I said Hi. Just a Second Approved and I heard an automated express say quot goodbye quot and it Installed up. Really. Thus I Recorded it as a hangup but I m sure it was spam too.

Post by Guest,

5162066815 Phishing scam

Post by Amy,

516-206-6815 My Telephone said that call was from NY Us. I picked it Upward and a Man along with heavy Indian Feature said your call is for a Trouble along with my computer. Having no idea what he was talking about I told him that he got a wrong number. He said that he has your right number and I 've a computer Difficulty and I must turn on my computer appropriate now. I told him I m too active then he started yelling at me your computer is broken. This can be a serious Trouble with Windows appropriate now. There I hung Upwards. I have Apple.

Post by Harvey,

5162066815 7 W W W PDT Who your heck is Michel Jeffery. Apparently these fools really believe they will get a response by Displaying any previous ID. Guess what won't response any telephone from unknown name and or area code. Combined for VIM but only sound was not alive atmosphere. How Substantially More will we need for play these games.

Post by vrad,

516-206-6815 They Simply called me the guy don t even Talk English scam

Post by Guest,

5162066815 Spam

Post by Kathy,

516-206-6815 I knew it was a scam told Michel Jeffry that and he said did t comprehend that word scam. After Essentially telling him he was a nutcase I Inquired for his Societal Security Amount telling him I Desired to create sure he was a legal citizen. He did t understand what a SS Amount was and kept asking me what the Amount was. Weary of the scam and thus eventually hung Upward on him after asking several questions any computer person would know. Scam scam scam scam

Post by Guest,

5162066815 I by error Offered control of my computer. Do I prevent sensitive info from being leaked

Post by Allison Amidei,

516-206-6815 Cease calling me. . . . . .

Post by Stupid American :),

5162066815 Yes some woman with a substantial Indian accent said she was from some IT Section and she s calling Around my computer. I simply told her and hung Upward. No one legit calls enjoy that. I think the world thinks that America is its piggy bank and I think that there are enough stupid Americans Approximately for fall for this particular crap. If it stinks it Ian t a delivery of roses people. About half of this Nation Looks for be dumb as a board. Alas. All Obama voters no doubt.

Post by Guest,

516-206-6815 Keep calling never leave a message on Telephone system

Post by Lisa,

5162066815 Does any of you've an IPHONE. . . if thus use your block caller

Post by Fallie Kehoe,

516-206-6815 Garbled

Post by juan,

5162066815 Acquired a telephone out of them for this particular entire week saying my comp. Was infected with Advertising ware and to go in an kind something amid i said why he said Simply would it. . . . Owner id said Michel Jeffery SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM. . . . . Become Careful They're Out THERE To GET SOMEONE. . . HOPEFULLY THEY Do NT Succeed AT IT. . . . Heavy Indian male voice

Post by C.D. 51/49,

516-206-6815 I have acquired several of both types of calls about a refund from Windows and Additionally Around my computer sending error messages of viruses linked for programs or E mails that I use. I keep telling them for not telephone me any more we ll see . . . .

Post by Katie,

5162066815 Owner ID revealed Michel Jeffery. That Man said his name was Mike. He was not American. Said he was along with Windows and my computer had multiple viruses. I asked for be taken away his calling list and he Began swearing at me. Words I 'm not going to kind here. Why has the gotten Soho poor. Back to where we were before your Don't call list.

Post by Anonymous,

516-206-6815 Received 3 calls in a question of 2 1 2 hours. ID says Michel Jeffery. Submitted a Grievance with the FCC at HTTP Internet. FCC. gov Criticisms. I Don t understand if it s a waste of time but just within case.

Post by RRR,

5162066815 Owner ID showed Upwards as MICHEL JEFFERY sounded enjoy a boiler room operation in that History. Owner previously mentioned he was along with the Technology Section for Windows and asked me for get online to repair a Issue with my computer. When I told him not to telephone my number any more he started cussing and making threats.

Post by john K,

516-206-6815 Got a call out of some woman with a thick Indian Feature claiming she was out of Microsoft. She said there were dilemmas along with my Computer. Challenging for understand because of her thick Highlight and History noise. Sounded enjoy she was on the road or within a crowded Factory . The Owner ID Really came Upward as Promotion SCAM. She kept insisting that I log on so she could fix my computer. Not a opportunity.

Post by Jeremy,

5162066815 Same matter as everyone else strong Indian accent tough to comprehend. . . . Simply Installed Upwards. . . did call back and listen for the strange music and message . . that made me joke Lola

Post by macgyver,

516-206-6815 Same issue here. Called at Approximately 6 PM they just won t leave us alone. please everyone do not fall with this scam. . . hang Upwards on these lowlifes.

Post by Mark in Tx,

5162066815 Owner ID Michel Jeffery W W W called 6 times Now. I state Hi several times in my own deep express and all I hear is someone talking in a garbled voice and Simply hang Upwards on them. Every 1 hour or so they call back and your same matter happens. I can block any Amount I need with my Rent Cable VIP phone service so I blocked them. I m posting here because that is dubious behavior and want to warn others by Owner ID and BEWARE.

Post by Anonymous,

516-206-6815 Same phone Now and answered and no reply from the Man Only Viewed Upward his number and found the site

Post by Guest,

5162066815 Obtained telephone on my cell land line transferred to cell while out of office August W W at 3 W PM quot ALEX quot with heavy Asian Feature telling me he was calling about Trouble reported on my computer. I did t let him Complete told him I was on National Do not Telephone List and to remove my Amount. His response quot Why Ma am. quot and repeated the several times. I hung Upwards on him. I have blocked the Amount and have filed Grievances with FCC. gov and Dentally. gov. I Promote everyone who receives calls out of the Amount or ANY telemarketer for file complaints. I receive follow Advantages out of them Around 4 5 weeks later and that calls Do Discontinue.

Post by CheR,

516-206-6815 Lola I adore it. Am saving this for my next scam telephone. It form of almost makes me wish I had just one now. Type of. Virtually. p

Post by Iritated!,

5162066815 Called on Th of July. Had an extremely substantial India Feature. Inquired if he knew what daytime it was. . . said Yes a holiday. Said my computer was infected along with a virus. Told him that is a scam and You're scum for Attempting for Take People money. Inquired to Talk to Manager and he Installed Upward.

Post by Goldie6175,

516-206-6815 Ha ha. I m entering that land of the different on my manner to your code Sector. . . . . Yippee. . . . . .

Post by Robert,

5162066815 Man by having an Asian accent told me he was from Crash investigation calling about your Push I had within my car. I knew the was a scam as I have not owned a Auto for around thirty years. I told him to get away that Telephone as he is a fraudster. He insisted he wan t and I could offer him a ring. After I shouted again for get off he still tried for state he was genuine. He Afterward terminated the phone. The number is a Usa number and I 'm within the Uk.

Post by Cscanlant,

516-206-6815 The number calls often asking about my computer. Peter says he is from Microsoft windows and my computer has a Trouble. Now I told a female I had no computer. They get nothing from me.

Post by Ann,

5162066815 Called the Amount and just got Around 5 minutes of Odd music. . . SCAM

Post by joe smith,

516-206-6815 Earlier this morning got a call asking about my computer. Told them to take away list but Looks hopeless.

Post by Lou,

5162066815 Five times Now substantial Mid Asian Indian accent Computer Instructors. . . . they are going to mend my computer correct up. Scam scam scam.

Post by MJ,

516-206-6815 I also got a call from these Indian people that Desired to fix my computer because it had a virus. I Inquired how he knew that and he stated I had Enrolled it with Windows. I told him I did t 've time for would it now so I Inquired him for his Amount and I would call him back when I did gave time. He gave me the Amount W W W and the name Charlie Watson. I called that number but nothing. Enjoy Calculated it was a scam and found this Newsgroup. Thanks.

Post by Time Waster,

5162066815 I got a phone said he was out of Microsoft. He Inquired for me by name. I said he was in the next room and I would go get him. Placed down the phone and did t Choose it Upward until I heard the phone Female saying beep beep beep Would you enjoy to make a call if not please hang Upwards I figure I wasted Around 5 minutes of his time.

Post by Guest,

516-206-6815 Yes I did. He called and said we'd a virus on the computer and for us to get on the computer thus he can repair it. There is no computer at the house . I told him to take people off that phone list he said he could t. I said Oh yes you can or I could report you. He said Close Upwards b ch.

Post by Guest,

5162066815 I had an identical Problem along with a number calling me. I contacted that Telephone Business that owned your number and they mentioned that it was Given to among their carrier customers. It is likely that that customer has in turn assigned that Owner id to a phone Centre. They informed me that I was Capable to contact their customer directly due for part of your agreement. Their customer is not unwilling for help you resoluteness any issues along with calls from that caller id such as you desire for become removed out of a telephone list or you personally called back your Owner id for become removed and You're still becoming calls you personally called and they were rude to you or any other reason you personally deem valid. You are able to call W and follow that automated measures to remove your own Amount out of a phone list. Alternatively or additionally you are able to telephone W W W or toll free at W W W for Supply additional info about your Gripe. If you Favor for email you are able to do thus at submit . com.

Post by James,

516-206-6815 Second time in two times they tried this. First tip away is they can just speak English. Claimed to be with Computer Attention support and they had a refund for me. Desired me to turn on your computer thus he could tell me how to State it. I jacked along with him for a few minutes asked for his address number etc. number did t fit caller id . He kept asking why I would t turn my computer on I replied that I did t trust him and asked why they don t they Only send me the refund he Maintained their bank simply Lets transfers online. After about 5 minutes I told him I worked for your FBI and I was recording the telephone he said Ok phone us back. Yesterday s call was allegedly from Microsoft maintaining a high amperage reading was Found and that I Desired for turn on my computer thus they can show me how you can Assess it. I screwed along with him a very long time as well but when I asked for his address he got frustrated and said he could Close down my computer for which I replied go for it camel hum per. He hung up.

Post by AGAIN!,

5162066815 Keep calling we don t answer they don t leave a message Simply keep calling AGAIN losers. On DC list. We've got it a habit to not response ANY Amounts we don t know because anyone who Truly needs for get a hold of people or should can leave a message or use alternative.

Post by new guy,

516-206-6815 They Only called me too. I did not hear anything and just finally Installed Upward. I decided to look your number Upward and got the Newsgroup I am happy for see that there are others who are reporting Around the guy. Will there be anything that we can perform Around the.

Post by Guest,

5162066815 I vie never heard a John Mansfield sound thus Indian. Said he was out of Windows and due for your dissolution of the support Business he was refunding my money what money. . All he Wanted me to can was Complete out a kind on your computer. Appropriate. No he could t send a Assess for my address. I wonder exactly why.

Post by zack,

516-206-6815 calls Regular . giving up my land line due to these aggressive maniacs

Post by K in Texas,

5162066815 Same number Owner ID said Michel Jeffrey. Did t response thank goodness.

Post by Anonymous,

516-206-6815 A man using an accent from India said his name was Port and he had a refund for me. I told him for take me off his telephone list please because I knew it was a scam. He Simply Put Upwards.

Post by 516-206-6815,

5162066815 This really is a scam. No such things on world.

Post by Bronwyn,

516-206-6815 They Asserted for be out of Tolstoy head office and which our Telephone line would be disconnected. That reason Different from Getting stuff to delivering out spam. That period of disconnection improved out of just one month for six months to a year around your course of that talk. The Girl got Ill of me so I was Approved on to some Individual who was first called himself her supervisor Afterward your specialized manager at Tolstoy and Subsequently the head of IT. In an extremely similar fashion to the Microsoft scam they did not respond for Rational questions enjoy which computer or which IPA address and continuing on in exactly the same style until they Began for ask me for Change Things within the computer and I got bored Inquired them if they had Completed their employment with Microsoft and Put Upward. They called again today and I got cross and Inquired them to take me off their list at which point they Installed up. . . hopefully not for be heard from again though I uncertainty that somehow. .

Post by Guest,

5162066815 I keep becoming phone calls out of this number and that Owner Id comes up Michel Jeffery. I Additionally have been becoming calls viewing Microsoft windows. He has an accent. I told him for Stop calling but I still get a least 4 calls a daytime.

Post by Ran,

516-206-6815 Merely obtained your Windows scam phone from the number that call ID revealed Michel Jeffery

Post by Sarah Garman,

5162066815 Same as above and when I said stop calling the guy said Exactly why. Why.

Post by Dustin,

516-206-6815 My Mommy had gone through more or less the same ordeal with the Amount on June W W 3 W P. M. CT. A few Indian accented Girl who Asserted for be a computer Tech said that there had been a few ad ware on her computer that needed to be erased and promised to help her through that process. Luckily she did t autumn for it but that fact that she was however contacted by this company which Additionally Arrived Upwards on her Owner ID as Michel Jeffery BTW Actually Issues me.

Post by joe smith,

5162066815 Early the morning got a telephone asking about my computer. Told them for take off list but seems hopeless.

Post by ShortWaveRadio2020,

516-206-6815 Merely another SCAM. I obtained a telephone out of a man sounded like he had an Indian Feature was garbled due for awful Telephone connection on his end . He claimed he was from Microsoft and I had a virus on my Pc. I told him that I don t utilize a Microsoft OS I use Linux . He still insisted that I had a virus. I told him for f ck a cow. He hung Upwards. I 've since blocked the Amount on my inbound VIP trunk carton. Stupid bunnies.

Post by Tony C.,

5162066815 Got a telephone out of a few compulsive talker telling me that my Microsoft computer has a virus. What a Dumb .

Post by 516-206-6815,

516-206-6815 This really is a scam. No such matters on earth.

Post by Kat,

5162066815 Nuisance call

Post by DeAnna,

516-206-6815 1 W W W Merely get a phone with my caller ID saying Jeffery Michel. . . . . No 1 answered me when I said Hello. . . I hit redial on my Telephone and Mg. . . . Crazy message.

Post by Lisa,

5162066815 I too got a call. The caller ID also indicated it belonged for Jeffrey Michel. Yet that Indian man previously mentioned his name as Jack amp mentioned he was along with windows Computer. I cut him away telling him No your own not and Put up .

Post by billoe,

516-206-6815 Sounded like a Individual from India telling me that my windows based system was record a hit on their server. I had heard of this scam and told him I ll fix the Difficulty and Afterward I Installed Upwards. Have received calls out of this number in the previous and did not answer due to unknown number Nonetheless my Partner picked up your phone first.

Post by Cshepard,

5162066815 Odds are they are Established overseas and the number that appears on Owner id is spoofed. Within that end illegal operations scampers do not follow the law.

Post by Astrid,

516-206-6815 I had a call out of W. Within your back ground i heard a lot of voices it was a phone Facility. That caller was a men he was really Extreme. He said which he called for Window he Needed me for enter in my system on my computer to block a very dangerous virus. . . . . . I refused to listen he said he can block all the computer in my house or Firm. Sorry for my English I am french as I told him that I did not understand what he was saying he told me that speaking another language than English was just Banned. . . . Nicely I think these are dangerous hackers scampers thieves bandits. Don t response nor would what they say.

Post by Anon,

5162066815 The normal That is XX from Windows within a substantial Indian Feature. My reaction is constantly for Increase within very loud laughter saying I could t believe they re stupid enough to think ANYONE would consider them. Then I keep on laughing until they hang Upwards. It makes me feel better Lt g gt

Post by The laughing man,

516-206-6815 Your particular type of people that Hire these determined folks can can anything for money. Anything.

Post by Harvey,

5162066815 Sounds enjoy a boiler room again told Port for come on over and get my Assess told him my Agents Mr Smith amp Mr Wesson would become joyful to help him Outside. He Installed Upwards on me but he did telephone me a rectal body part.

Post by Fangren,

516-206-6815 Unknown business quite Bad Feature Needed to help along with a windows Dilemma and doesn't understand anything when i request questions Around what hes trying to help along with.

Post by Jordan,

5162066815 Jordan from Microsoft called me with a few Around my computer was infected along with Malawi and was giving my private data all around the internet. I kindly thanked her for her Problem and told her I d look into it and Installed Upwards. Everyone should would the for the scamming .

Post by Julie Hansen,

516-206-6815 I got a telephone from the Amount and they said they work for that manufacturer of my computer and that my computer was giving them Malfunction reports. They had me bring Upward an event Person that showed a Load of Problems. Afterward they wanted for log into my computer for see if my anti virus was up to date and if it was they would mend that Problems for free. If it wan t Upwards to date they would charge me to fix it. I told them I wan t interested and would take my computer somewhere for become repaired.

Post by Georgina,

5162066815 I just received a telephone out of the number and that man was maintaining to be out of Microsoft. He had an Highlight. My Owner ID showed Advertising Fraud . I told him that. He then Inquired by me by name and I said no and then he said my name and is an . I registered a complaint along with that FCC.

Post by Steve Sheehan,

516-206-6815 Got two calls from this number

Post by Llcc,

5162066815 Call from the number was computer repair scam

Post by Guest,

516-206-6815 Called at 4 W a. m. And stayed on line without speaking.

Post by Scott,

5162066815 These Individuals are determined for Talk to me. Each 3 4 hours they call for several days. I don t reply the Telephone.

Post by Suzanne,

516-206-6815 The Indian Man called Attempting to tell me i 've a refund too and to log onto my computer and he may send that Information after i giveback that Code. when i said i DON T 've a computer and Inquired how he got my Amount he hangs up enjoy that coward he is. Called back that number and it s enjoy a few fresh age crap radio

Post by Jessica,

5162066815 Called my grandpa at W PM on a Wednesday night saying they were calling About his computer. Yes because that s totally valid.

Post by Georgina,

516-206-6815 I Simply received a call out of this Amount and that guy was claiming to be out of Microsoft. He had an Highlight. My caller ID showed Marketing Fraud . I told him that. He Subsequently asked by me by name and I said no and then he said my name and is an . I registered a Gripe along with the FCC.

Post by jeanne,

5162066815 called twice Now Saturday 8 9 W left no message Merely Installed Upwards. Owner Id said it was JEFFERY MCNEIL Tried the Amount out of a Distinct Telephone and sounded enjoy the following you are entering a new dimension of that United Places and at this point I Installed up. Don t fuss replying it's definitely not something anyone would want to get included along with. I 'm confident it's a SCAM SCAM SCAM AS The Business WAS NEVER MENTIONED.

Post by A Wise Woman,

516-206-6815 I 've obtained many phone calls from this number. First identifying themselves as Global Cuber Services NY W W W than as Rehabilitation Specialized Alternatives W W W . Your Man talked with a foreign Highlight. Told me that my computer was running slow and if I would send W they would send me a 1 W refund. A refund for what I don't have any Thought. I asked what your W was for and this Individual said that since my refund was coming out of China I would 've for pay your postman for your delivery. Really. . I Inquired also about what your refund was for I was given an extremely garbled response never could understand what he was saying. These Folks demand for be stopped. .

Post by Bryan,

5162066815 That is one of that more persist ant Microsoft Windows support scam calls I vie been receiving. I vie never replied since it was automatically Indicated as spam as it's my Google voice number they're calling very best matter I vie done was Interface my Residence Amount for it . I went ahead and blocked that Amount anyway since they vie tried calling multiple times per day Notably in your Starting Typically an hour apart but now it s reduced for Around 1 a day. The has been going on since July Th. I vie gotten these calls before but they Normally stop after a day or two My Amount seems to have got it onto its manner into some sort of Fool list and they don t appearance enjoy they ll be giving Upward anytime shortly. Perhaps I can request Microsoft and see they desire me to forward these calls for them. I m confident they would become Capable to get a back door into the scummier s systems they re connecting with for look for Outside where who they are.

Post by Dot,

516-206-6815 You personally demand for buy that Panasonic cordless phone. Comes within a set of four. Fine phone blocking feature Model KC Tag Sect 6. Your own Telephone lets you personally block a particular number of calls. After they are filled Upward you personally clear them and Begin over. Best money I ever Used.

Post by vrad,

5162066815 They Merely called me that guy don t even Talk English scam

Post by Guest,

516-206-6815 Lowest sort of Nuisance scum callers. Comes u as Michel Jeffery asking Around and threatening computer virus scare. FYI tell them you personally demand their name and and they can disconnect

Post by LOL123,

5162066815 I obtained a call out of this number. Owner ID said Jeffrey Michel . Mike called to tell me that my computer s information was being downloaded within Malaysia.

Post by Anonymous,

516-206-6815 Has called me 8 times within that past two times. . . many meditative junkie music announcing I am about for be Join for their Executive department. Does not identify the callers Put of company or your aim of that call. . .

Post by marilyn jensen,

5162066815 Remove these calls

Post by annoyed recipient,

516-206-6815 These turds call quite Regularly. Mostly I appreciate being courteous to others. When these turds call I enjoy for Actually lay into them. I Tell them ever since they were a Baby through adolescence they were taught that stealing scamming and profiting on your misery of others is incorrect. I Tell them that they are Selecting for can awful and that they are that type of person who is hurting this Earth and creating pain and misery placing a low Tavern for dwelling. I Tell them that I m out of a generation of folks who know better ergo their just foreseeable goal are the uninformed aged and they can hopefully suffer for preying on your Simple. Of path I use a lot more profanity. Within today s case he kept saying If you don t Cease Afterward I am going for make confident you get called every minute of every day. I told him I expect he does that because it s Simply as easy for Discount my phone or Alter my number Understanding he has no real hint for my whereabouts Occupation or other private data. I Tell him which he s a PPS and it s a very nicely deserved Presentation. It Actually frees Upward my attitude and head. I Recommend you do the same vent somewhat frustration on these types of folks. Perhaps if they meet a Weight and each telephone is met along with fury and that Note that they are scummy pieces of turd they can turn their thieving lives around. If not it s still a blast talk within that Waste.

Post by Georgina,

5162066815 I had a call enjoy that overly. It constantly sounds enjoy an from country Highlight.

Post by jesy,

516-206-6815 quieten me terse Ala Computer y Agra toad la data y Lego Robert Tu diner Au q Five er guided

Post by Dot,

5162066815 Same Individuals. Called At W PM on a Lay} night. I don t reply calls from numbers I don t understand. No message. If they phone again I can block it along with my Panasonic Telephone Model KC Label. Telephones are worth that Additional cash Specially for the call blocking feature.

Post by Palm Springs Linda,

516-206-6815 I vie received 3 calls Now in the above number and have been receiving calls for several days now. If I response there surely is a pause Subsequently a woman s voice says Goodbye . My Partner called the number and there was Bizarre music and a voice saying that they may take your Creativity for where you personally desire for go or something Unusual and mysterious like that.

Post by Joseph,

5162066815 obtained a phone out of W W W Michael Jeffry with significant Indian Highlight. they called today asserting that they are with Microsoft windows and they display that our computer had a virus and that they are calling from W DC. She asked me to log on and he d show me the best way to repair it since it sounded fishy I told him I wan t close that computer and he offered to wait. . . . . . . . . . I figured something was Strange and I m glad I read your post. cheers.

Post by anon,

516-206-6815 This Man is relentless he calls 4 times a week even though i never reply.

Post by Annoyed,

5162066815 Got a call out of this number overly. Only like another person did I instantaneously go ogled the number and I located the Website. A scam for confident.

Post by fedup,

516-206-6815 I Merely had a phone out of same number since I did t recognize name or Amount I did t Choose Upward and they did t leave message. What I don t get is my number is private how did he get it. Plus when you personally look up name he has two identities on Related In of two diff Companies. How come he USN t arrested However. I m calling my Authorities dept to report it.

Post by LK,

5162066815 Caller ID was for Michel Jeffery's said there were Issues along with your Microsoft programs. . . . . . etc. etc. . . . . Foreign Highlight

Post by Guest,

516-206-6815 Keeps calling and could t reply simple questions Around how they got my Telephone number in the first Set as the was not a number I Enrolled along with. Complete Imbeciles of spammers

Post by Brig,

5162066815 I am getting calls from the Amount daily. So Much have acquired W the morning. Luckily I 've Magic Port so I don t 've to answer or listen for all that rings if I was at Dwelling. These people have to become Ceased.

Post by Kitt,

516-206-6815 W W W keep becoming calls from the number. They don t leave any message. Attempted to phone back and get a busy Sign. How do I get them for remove my name and Amount out of their call list.

Post by Georgina,

5162066815 I Only gotten a call from the Amount and that man was maintaining to be from Microsoft. He had an Highlight. My Owner ID revealed Promotion Fraud . I told him that. He Afterward Inquired by me by name and I said no and then he said my name and is an . I registered a complaint with the FCC.

Post by RN,

516-206-6815 They called our House phone at 7 W a. m. Essential time. All I could recognize was My name is Debby. Sounds like that credit card commercial. Hi my name is Debby. Horrifying voice if it Actually was a woman. They said something about being out of Windows and Needed to supply people a refund of some type. I hung Upward on them.

Post by Guest,

5162066815 Phone scummier saying we re along with Windows Care department. I Cause where they were located for which he man caller along with foreign accent stated downtown Chicago. He Installed Upward when I pressed him for a road address.

Post by Jody R,

516-206-6815 Calling every daytime at 7 W am. Rings twice and Gets people up. Never leaves message.

Post by A,

5162066815 Indian sounding man said I 've a virus on my computer and need for log within and he would walk me though the process of fixing it. I told them this is a scam. He got mad and I hung Upwards.

Did you get an unwanted call from 516-206-6815? Is 5162066815 Safe to Answer or a Spam Caller? Tell us as much as you can!

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Recent comment

5136554720 Complains by Guest,

sexual harassment

6012734007 Complains by T C,

A weight loss pills company Sounded like Change BA. .

6784237043 Complains by Guest,

scummier Attempting to Take private account information.

3366586000 Complains by Guest,

Lowe s Automobile dial er telling me order was within.

8667922921 Complains by Guest,

Owner said he was Irs. Hard for understand said the Authorities were coming for my house.

9373435957 Complains by Guest,

Called it back. Record quot Hello. You personally vie reached Lisa at Reward Redemption. quot Apparently I have the option to get a W gift card. NOT.

4156948776 Complains by Guest,

Will not stop harassment

4696576964 Complains by Guest,

making threats to me and my family.

9149632720 Complains by Guest,

plays games

9162260138 Complains by Guest,

Bothers me .

8763815384 Complains by Guest,

Spammer Seeking your own Information through the guise of Mega Millions calling from Jamaica can cuss you Outside when you personally tell him you personally re not interested.

8172104060 Complains by Gave them a taste of their own medicine!,

Here is an Upgrade thought you personally all May n't locate this interesting and Perhaps even a good recommendation S Han called again Wednesday morning and the time told me that it was a serious legal question of W. I asked him Okay I give Upward tell me what the W is for. He said it concerned my mortgage and if I did t pay W by PM that my house on XXX Magnolia Way would become foreclosed on. Here is the humorous inside Information First of I Getaway t Resided at that address for 3 years. Second I was renting. . . I did not own it much less 've a mortgage. Third and this is that real boggy THAT HOUSE BURNED DOWN For That Earth ON 9 W W. So I told Shawn well I don t have that type of money so go forward and foreclose on it I had a challenging time doing this without laughing . He said what. . . . was hushed for a very long time and then said we have been F ING SERIOUS we may foreclose it. I stiff led my laughter and said I know you personally re serious thus just foreclose on it and hung up. Okay I had a good jest about that but then I decided why Cease that enjoyment there. I went online and I looked Upward every free insurance quote each free Holiday offer each FREE spam anything that I could locate and filled your have an Representative contact me forms Outside with HIS name Shawn Li and HIS phone numbers W W W amp W W W . Hopefully his line is ringing away that hook with telemarketers calling HIM now. It was so Uncomplicated I don t know exactly why I did t believe of it earlier. Hopefully every scummier out of here for eternity is now calling and harassing HIM. Keep in head. . . that simply motive I did this to him is because he is an out of Nation scam artist he is not a legitimate debt collector. If You're receiving calls out of a LEGIT Partner debt collector I would definitely not suggest doing the. But on another hand just believe if all of us becoming scam calls out of a specific number did this. Their phones would be thus active becoming spammed themselves they would not become Capable to call out to people. Simply a thought. . .

8324632957 Complains by Guest,

debt collector

9092595627 Complains by Guest,

I received a phone telephone out of this W W W out of Ontario CA. I can block the telephone from my phone carrier. Additionally if the phone went to a cell phone it is against your law. I 'm going to send it to that FCC my State attorney and your FTC. The more of us that do this Subsequently they could possibly become investigated. Because it went across state lines it is Additionally against that law. All telemarketers must abide by your standards that have been established. They know the. I 've had it. How Around you. . . No need to response.

8003647794 Complains by idk,

i highly agree along with you.

8027320978 Complains by Tom,

I m on that federal Do not Call List and 've acquired five calls out of the Firm and on three Events have Inquired to become placed on their do not call list. They keep calling me anyway. They won t identify your name or Place of their company and won t Join me to a supervisor. That Owner ID shows that calls are coming from W W W which shows as Bellow Falls Vermont but I m guessing they're using a fake forwarding system of a few kind to Make that Amount. When I phone the Amount a record says Your number you dialed is temporarily unavailable. Your recorded message is similar or identical to your message Rob copied to this train of thought on August W W. I have Submitted a Criticism with your Vermont Lawyer general.

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