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Post by Balls,

5162188797 These are a scam . .

Post by Shelby07,

516-218-8797 Got 4 calls today out of the and nobody speaks sounds enjoy a scam artists I blocked them out

Post by Maui,

5162188797 Same here calls multiple times a day never Making a message. If it s not important enough for identify or leave a message then it s not Significant enough to response. I m Additionally on that Don't Phone list. What a joke that is.

Post by Guest,

516-218-8797 spam

Post by Shame on me,

5162188797 I got a phone Recently on my cell phone. I did not response nor did they leave a message. Sorry for them.

Post by Guest,

516-218-8797 robot debt free service

Post by Guest,

5162188797 keeps calling without Making a message on recorder

Post by jayson,

516-218-8797 They 've been calling all the and last week I telephone back and nothing they don't leave any messages. So today I m Setting them on my Mr. Number Program on my cell phone. Not Attempting for sell you on this app it has two Choices you personally cut that call right on that first ring or you personally send them to your own voice mail. Lately my list is growing along with scampers. Holiday winner payday loan insurance debt settlement Schooling loans Irs scam Energy bills collector you name it those Men never Quit they must 've stolen a database somewhere to get these many Amounts. Since your lovely Don't phone program does not work I have had to get me an Program for would their job. To Block these callers. There are many other Program s on goggle play can your own investigation download one of them and supply them a strive they are all free. you may have serenity of mind from these total Jerks.

Post by ken,

5162188797 debt Comfort service scam

Post by 516-218-8797,

516-218-8797 Hello i looking for many Pals and i am very diffident. Please telephone me i May}n' your get nerve to response the Telephone. But i do like calling Telephone Amounts at arbitrary and not saying anything Viewing if someone will response that phone.

Post by Guest,

5162188797 keep calling never says anything

Post by Guest,

516-218-8797 Lower your debt

Post by Guest,

5162188797 Scam call

Post by Guest,

516-218-8797 Call ME AGAIN AND I Gives Your Number To That Cops SINCE Seemingly The Don't Telephone LIST DOES NT Seem To Employ To IDIOTS Enjoy This.

Post by Guest,

5162188797 unsolicited automated telephone about bank loans

Post by Guest,

516-218-8797 Over K within debt you desire lowered.

Post by Guest,

5162188797 when your response machine picks Upward they hang Upwards and don t leave a message. called numerous times.

Post by Guest,

516-218-8797 Debt relief

Post by Yep, it's a scam.,

5162188797 Scam do not response. Block the number via your phone or service provider

Post by diane,

516-218-8797 Courtesy of in yesterday s news report That state of Florida is going after THREE debt management companies. It appears their Direction Set your money into their own pockets rather than paying that customer s bills. Around W Gripes were gotten Around these Businesses Financial Help Services Land Wide Customer Debt Relief and Bobby Blacken. From a Florida bankruptcy Lawyer The biggest red flag is that the customer takes out cash Progress on their credit card and then the Firm Promises to Discuss your debt down . Now you might have a cash Progress of W in addition to the Initial debt.

Post by Guest,


Post by G Sco,

516-218-8797 I 've answered and Inquired NUMEROUS times for become Place on that Do not Telephone list. . . and THEY KEEP CALLING. . . . So Insane. . .

Post by P. Nicholson,

5162188797 repeated calls

Post by Guest,

516-218-8797 Several calls

Post by Guest,

5162188797 There never anyone there.

Post by Guest,

516-218-8797 PLEASE don t call

Post by Gener,

5162188797 Called up Now and left no message. Obviously scummier.

Post by Guest,

516-218-8797 About credit debt.

Post by switchboard,

5162188797 I got an automated call out of this number gave me your option for remove myself from the list. I took that prompt thus here s to expecting it works. Could t become worse than Only getting your calls always.

Post by Guest,

516-218-8797 Did not reply left no message from Nassau NY

Post by Drcpub,

5162188797 No message. Calls a few times a week. Soil bags I m sure.

Post by Guest,

516-218-8797 Debt

Post by Guest,

5162188797 debt spammers

Post by Guest,

516-218-8797 spam call

Post by JC,

5162188797 So that MSG is . . . IF You've Around W W in unsecured debt Rudyard . . . . SCAM . . . How does it go out of credit card or hospital bills to asking if you have Pupil loan . . If you call the number back press 1 you may either reach a rep replying Pupil LOAN SERVICES or National LOAN SERVICES or will reach VIM press Afterward listen to Alternatives for reach many one . . . It ll ring around X. . WHEN I accomplished a rep I was told calls are Registered and that's when I mentioned its illegal to robot telephone mobile Amounts and they mentioned they ll remove me out of list . . . All I heard was CH Aching Upwards to W per harassing phone . . . Many days I 've that time for play along with these idiots. . . Hey. . . If it keeps them active and they waste time on me Merely maybe it keeps 1 other Sufferer out of they re grasp . . . When your own disabled and Bad you have for create your own Amusement. . LOLA

Post by Peg,

516-218-8797 Keep becoming calls from the Amount when I answer nobody there and it ends. .

Post by Guest,

5162188797 debt relief

Post by tired,

516-218-8797 Company name Promotion debt fresh York NY. Spammers. . . . ALL I Can State IS GET A Phone BLOCKER App FOR ANDROID OR IPHONE. Your Applications ARE Astounding. IT SLOW DOWNS The CALLS FOR A Span OF TIME Perhaps Every COUPLE WEEKS AFTER You BLOCK Your Amounts Within Programs. You will love it. . . Screw scampers it s a Waste it could t become Discontinued by your cell Telephone co or acreage line co as shortly as Individuals report them should shut them down. Oh but wait they would t make any cash same along with spoofing numbers should not be allowed

Post by Mike,

5162188797 Another Amount to be blocked. I think it is Th on my iPhone. . . . .

Post by jayson,

516-218-8797 They 've been calling all this and last week I phone back and nothing they do not leave any messages. So Now I m Setting them on my Mr. Number Program on my cell phone. Not Attempting to sell you on the Program it's two Alternatives you personally cut the phone appropriate on your first ring or you personally send them for your express mail. Lately my list is growing along with scampers. Vacation Success payday loan insurance debt settlement Schooling loans Irs scam Vigor bills collector you personally name it those Men never Discontinue they must 've Taken a database somewhere for get these many numbers. Since your beautiful Don't phone Application doesn't work I have had to get me an app for do their job. To Block these callers. There are many other app s on goggle play can your hunt download one of them and provide them a try they are all free. you may have peace of mind out of these total Jerks.

Post by Guest,

5162188797 Repeated calls for my cell Telephone. I vie never replied thus could t say more.

Post by Morgan Jungling,

516-218-8797 it's a scummier about debt Price and i don t have a debt Price whatsoever

Post by Annoyed,

5162188797 Annoying calls each day from debt Lovers . .

Post by JHM,

516-218-8797 Illegal debt reduction scam. Claims to be able to remove debts you owe from your credit report what a pile of h. t . Nothing could be further from your truth. They can t would the anymore than you can the just way to remove a debt from your credit report is for pay it off. They charge you personally a Price and then run away with that cash. Your credit report can stay your same and you ll be Outside the money. Don t get Ripped Away. . .

Post by Guest,

5162188797 debt consolidation spam

Post by Guest,

516-218-8797 Quit CALLING ME

Post by Guest,

5162188797 Spam Scam

Post by Roxane,

516-218-8797 Unwanted calls to some business Amount W. W. W

Post by greg edwards,

5162188797 keeping me Upwards all night

Post by Chillin at home,

516-218-8797 I did t reply. Owner left no message. . . prob scam

Post by Maddie,

5162188797 It s from Interest speed Alteration company

Post by Guest,

516-218-8797 Spam

Post by Guest,

5162188797 Dumb People service announcement

Post by Guest,

516-218-8797 Again

Post by Guest,

5162188797 Credit card debt call

Post by Guest,

516-218-8797 They 've called me 5 times Now alone and I don t even have any debt. Fed Upwards along with spam.

Post by diane,

5162188797 Courtesy of in yesterday s news report The state of Florida is going after THREE debt Direction companies. It appears their management Place the cash into their own pockets in place of paying the customer s bills. Over W Criticisms were gotten Around these companies Monetary Help Services State Broad Consumer Debt Comfort and Bobby Blacken. Out of a Florida Insolvency attorney That biggest red flag is that the customer takes out cash Progress on their credit card and Afterward the company Claims to negotiate your debt down . Now you might have a cash Progress of W within Improvement for your First debt.

Post by Complainant,

516-218-8797 I don't know this harasser who disturbed me by harassment Telephone telephone.

Post by Sally,

5162188797 Debt Free RFC on CID man buckler making a People service announcement . . . that the Guidelines 've changed . . . you are able to become totally debt free etc. Robot calls for Nationally Client Services W Stirling Road Hollywood Florida W W W W. Www. . org

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8133842924 Complains by Melinda,

Your calls I get out of the number are searching for someone with your same last name as mine. I d like for understand how they could telephone my Amount when the first names are not the same. They should t be Capable to can that.

8184750697 Complains by Emma of Boston.,

CORRECTION. I wrongly typed United Cash Loans as that dishonest People of path I meant to type Autonomy CASH LOAN COM AS The DISHONEST One. I have never attempted United Cash Loans but I can as among you Proposed them. Sorry United Cash Loans. . . it has been a very long day on the Telephone and online with the dishonest Independence Cash Loan. com scam artists. Mae clap United.

5042511548 Complains by Guest,


5199509995 Complains by Guest,

Free present card for Very best Buy offer.

8042014957 Complains by LH,

Calls at least X week leaves no message.

7167998010 Complains by Guest,

Invoice collector

5204293878 Complains by Guest,

Lat es

3145854749 Complains by Guest,

i block your number

8003389361 Complains by Anonymous,

The Amount belongs to American Van Lines a moving Business. Www. AVG. com

6308696821 Complains by Guest,

Calls daily then hangs up

9374225221 Complains by Guest,

block messages

9729874446 Complains by Guest,

All i 've for say is she is desperate

8063551738 Complains by Lisa,

I got a telephone from the number maintaining that I had applied for a allow and that man on the other Finish kept saying that I just forgot when I told him I never applied for a grant. . . . . . he had my name address and e send address. He Put Upwards on me when I told him for that Th time that I never Used for a grant. When I called this number back there was a recording stating that it was a non working number.

4158659987 Complains by nadine,

exactly why you personally calling me

4436028849 Complains by Guest,

I obtained a call from the number it was a guy claiming for become an Representative along with the National Fraud Center. Stating that the Irs has filed Prices against me and that there are warrants Outside for my Charge. He said I could settle this by paying W. W if not they may contact the authorities within La's Vegas for 've me picked Upward. I was Additionally told that I could be facing National charges. Later that daytime I gotten a phone from your Finger Publishing department here in La's Nevada I declare it sounded enjoy the same Individual that called me asserting he was an Agent. Please help me look for out who this number belongs for I don t understand how the Individual got my info but it's creepy and scary. . Thanks.

9195155077 Complains by Guest,


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