5163149871 / 516-314-9871

Telephone information: Cellco Partnership DBA Verizon Wireless. Garden City, NY. Nassau. United states
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Post by Guest,

5163149871 spam

Post by Helen Karcher,

516-314-9871 Don't call

Post by Big Brother,

5163149871 . . . . Thanks Good that computer was invented because otherwise your FBI would be bankrupt . . . I believe the Authorities should create more jobs instead of paying parasites to play talking on that Telephone.

Post by PISSED,

516-314-9871 Got a phone from this Amount Attempting for insist that i offer him access for my House computer because my Microsoft Applications are reporting problems. . When i said i don t use Microsoft he Put up

Post by Guest,

5163149871 spam he keeps calling regarding my computer when I tell him I don t have a computer he Simply hangs Upwards. .

Post by T Lamb,

516-314-9871 Called by someone along with a significant Indian. Feature. Said he was from Steam Support and Desired me for log within to Steam because my account has numerous hacking attempts. I told him for phone back in 2 hours and hung up. Checked my Steam account there were no problems and he did t call back.

Post by Amphelps,

5163149871 If you have an iPhone you are able to go to details about the Amount. Search for the Base and block.

Post by Guest,

516-314-9871 It was many Indian guy that said are my speak for. . . and Afterward said my name and after I said that is he they Installed up

Post by Jimmie,

5163149871 scampers. Blocked Amount.

Post by Joanne,

516-314-9871 The Man has called twice telling me he is out of Microsoft and desires for get on my computer. I don t have a Microsoft computer

Post by Guest,

5163149871 SCAM SCAM. . . Hear office building noises in background. Woman with Indian Highlight asks for name and claims internet Solitude Violation. SCAM SCAM SCAM

Post by Guest,

516-314-9871 o

Post by C. S,

5163149871 Highlighted guy alleges he was out of Windows support and he was calling to help me. My computer is supposedly giving Malfunction codes and his team will help me fix it. Before I Put Upward I told him I was reporting him and take my Amount away my list.

Post by Same Thing,

516-314-9871 Thanks for posting thus I do not waste my time for telephone Fri. June 5 W at 9 'm. I can block the Telephone number on my cell phone it is Adding to my cell phone mailbox being not empty and cause incoming calls to be bounced. Due to possible scummier I did not telephone back.

Post by Vera,

5163149871 Only report it for the FCC or your own Atty. General s office.

Post by Miss Milly,

516-314-9871 Same Narrative here with your Schedules of 8 W W at 7 W pm 8 W W at 2 W pm W W At W pm 7 W W at 1 W pm and 7 W W at 7 W pm. It used to 've the name Robert Donovan after it but now reads cell Telephone NY . He s been a persistent cuss.

Post by Tom,

5163149871 Gotten numerous calls from the Amount and finally replied last Friday to try to get them to Quit. Same Narrative as I m reading above. Said someone was trying to hack my computer for my password between midnight and Am last nighttime and claimed my private info would become compromised and my computer would crash. Called again this morning and when I questioned him he Promised for be out of a company called Red chat. Did t know who I was or what my email address was. Said Malfunction messages were being relayed to them Connected for my IPA address.

Post by Guest,

516-314-9871 I had the same matter happen. . . Verizon. . please take attention of these scam callers

Post by Ilene,

5163149871 Called twice no caller id no message

Post by Mary,

516-314-9871 Caller ID came Upward Robert Donovan although your Owner had a thick Indian Highlight. Claimed he was from Microsoft and that I Desired to get for my computer instantly since it was spewing Outside something terrible. I asked to Chat along with his Manager since I did not comprehend him and he told me he did not have a supervisor. I told him that I did not believe him although he kept on begging me for go to my computer. I Put Upward on him and go ogled the phone Amount. Definitely a phishing Test or scam.

Post by Guest,

5163149871 Talking Around my diabetes and my insurance. . . . None of their company. . . .

Post by Guest,

516-314-9871 Do you Cease the. Keep becoming that same scam. Hanging up does not Cease that calls. Blocking Amount does not Cease. They now use W W W

Post by Lori,

5163149871 A guy with a thick Indian Feature said he was from Microsoft. He said someone was trying to access my email and neglected several times when Getting within a incorrect Code. He started saying I needed for get something something to would with software thus this would t occur and I Subsequently Put up.

Post by Guest,

516-314-9871 would t present name thus I Put Upward and blocked the . . .

Post by me,

5163149871 Live caller Inquired for someone that Haydn t Resided here in years. I said no one of that name lives here. He said that s Okay I m calling from the universe Extensive net within Michigan and there's a Trouble along with your own computer. Thus humorous. He could hardly Talk English.

Post by Godmother22,

516-314-9871 Don t understand who that is. Came up wireless caller.

Post by Godmother22,

5163149871 Don t understand who this really is. Came Upward wireless caller.

Post by Amphelps,

516-314-9871 Just got a phone. Replied and it rang. I said hello. The Man said can I speak to your owner of this phone. . I said Yes. This can be the owner and I know your own a telemarketer . What can you personally want. I m not a telemarketer. I said. Okay then. Your own calling out of New York or God knows where. And he was talking but it was cutting Outside. So it s Likely an VIP express over IPA which could become Skype or whatever. Nonage. I dunno. I told him don t telephone again. And for removed my number. Don t telephone and I can block each number they telephone from.

Post by Guest,

5163149871 Computer scam. Tries for get your computer Information .

Post by Miss Milly,

516-314-9871 Same story here with the Schedules of 8 W W at 7 W pm 8 W W at 2 W pm W W At W pm 7 W W at 1 W pm and 7 W W at 7 W pm. It used for have your name Robert Donovan after it but now reads cell Telephone NY . He s been a Chronic cuss.

Post by Kel,

5163149871 Got a call out of the number at 6. W this morning when I replied nobody spoke

Post by Guest,

516-314-9871 Won t Cease calling me and told your Owner to Cease calling my cellphone

Post by Guest,

5163149871 Spam

Post by Tiana,

516-314-9871 They actually telephone me 3 times a week despite me saying for Quit calling me. Next measure is your police.

Post by Guest,

5163149871 've blocked this Amount and somehow they find a way to get through

Post by patti,

516-314-9871 Unsure who the was that called I Put Upward when I heard him state hello.

Post by Guest,

5163149871 after Reading record that I am simply just one on Convention telephone there was silence thus I hung up. You demand at least 2 for a Cong telephone so Th.


516-314-9871 I vie gotten the telephone several times over that last few weeks. Since that number on my phone ID was unknown for me I did t response it. Finally my fascination got your very best of me and I picked Upward your phone. A greatly accented Indian express identifying himself as being from Microsoft. . . . blah blah muttering told me that someone was sending messages out of my E-mail address and he would mend the for me. I said thank you personally I ll take attention of it. and Installed Upward. I wonder if this may take care of the scam my Firm. They are Consistent. I don t recognize exactly why they would phone someone repeatedly after never Linking or being Put up on.

Post by Robbie,

5163149871 Another alleged Microsoft Technology dept reaching Outside. Called us back repeatedly.

Post by Guest,

516-314-9871 When I answered they did t state anything. I don t stay on hoping for an answer long so I said quot Hello. quot once after the original hello when I replied. When no 1 said anything I Installed up.

Post by Guest,

5163149871 Repetitive calling. Never responds once answered

Post by Trisha,

516-314-9871 Thanks for posting. I did t reply this number. They keep calling had a feeling something wan t right

Post by Guest,

5163149871 Caller refused for end telephone previously mentioned it was about diabetes. After I ended your phone caller called back and yelled at me that I was F . ING mad. That is a terrifying Condition and this Spam telephone Facility needs for become Close down.

Post by Guest,

516-314-9871 States he is with Microsoft and needs to access my computer I keep telling him to Cease calling and remove my number out of list but it has not Discontinued yet

Post by Amphelps,

5163149871 And they Simply called again. After calling them out he said he said he is trying to call his insurance agent who called him. Wow

Post by aryal,

516-314-9871 had phone out of pushy Asian guy claiming to become from Microsoft wanting for accessibility computer. Put up on him as 've done within that past.

Post by Guest,

5163149871 quot specialized support quot

Post by vmilvy,

516-314-9871 Gotten call at Am the other day and again Now at Am. Caller had powerful Indian Feature was challenging for comprehend and said he was out of Microsoft and Desired for help me along with problems on my computer. When I reminded him that he called me at 4 'm the other day he Installed up

Post by Vera,

5163149871 Merely report it for the FCC or your Atty. General s office.

Post by Guest,

516-314-9871 Another computer scam

Post by Big Brother,

5163149871 How could it be potential in a universe where every matter is controlled that those criminals . . aren't identified . Are the Experts working side by side for cover them.

Post by Godmother22,

516-314-9871 Called again Now at 2 W pm.

Post by Barb,

5163149871 Please help me. I want these computer service Folks from W would call me back as soon as possible because my Computer USN t working properly. When I telephone W it won t Link so if you understand the best way to get these computer Individuals to telephone me within my office at W W W as soon as you are able to please.

Post by Big Brother,

516-314-9871 How is it potential in a world where every matter is controlled that those criminals . . aren't identified . Are the authorities working side by side to cover them.

Post by Carrie,

5163149871 I called that number back since no one was on that line when I answered. Your recording said the was a Verizon wireless Amount no More within use. . .

Post by Ayy,

516-314-9871 yeah i got a phone out of this number talking Around my computer and stuff I don t even own a computer. . .

Post by Guest,

5163149871 Received my Rd call from this number at 5 'm. . . no 1 spoke Merely held on a Second or 2 before hanging up.

Post by Big Brother,

516-314-9871 . . . . Thanks Great that computer was invented because otherwise your FBI would become bankrupt . . . I believe that Authorities should create more jobs instead of paying parasites for play talking on that Telephone.

Post by karen,

5163149871 calls several times a daytime. dozen t state anything

Post by Guest,

516-314-9871 phone early in the morning dint say a word telephone late in your evening same thing this really is being for your last 2 month Aim attempted of it

Post by Bob,

5163149871 Called. I did t Select Upwards that phone. Ceased after 3 Bands.

Post by Tara,

516-314-9871 Called after midnight last nighttime. No express mail left

Post by Guest,

5163149871 Number left on cell Telephone no message left.

Post by margeaux,

516-314-9871 Get multiple calls from the number each day. Coincidental I miss your Telephone calls except at Now at 5 W am but no just one said anything for me. Want these phone calls for Cease.

Post by eugene,

5163149871 call Only came in Striving for sell me diabetic supplies. when i said no one within my Dwelling is diabetic he tried to ask about family members hung up and blocked all calls from this number now.

Post by Big Brother,

516-314-9871 1 W W W . Suck my a .

Post by Bebe,

5163149871 I vie received a call each weekday starting Could possibly 8 for now Might W . No messages left. I don t understand anyone in New York. Gonna see if my phone could block this number. I don t need Technology support that I don t know if which is what this is.

Post by Godmother22,

516-314-9871 Called again today at 2 W pm.

Post by TAMMI,

5163149871 I Simply got a telephone from these people that told me someone tried to log on to my computer last nighttime. Your man said he was from Microsoft . I kept asking what he Needed. He kept saying someone tried for Crack my computer. I told him i m not worried because i have security on my computer amp h u

Post by Ayy,

516-314-9871 yeah i got a telephone from the Amount talking about my computer and Items I don t even own a computer. . .

Post by Guest,

5163149871 After hanging Upwards as he rattled away a lot of Chinese words he called back out of Telephone number W W

Post by lix,

516-314-9871 Yeah when I called it back it was disconnected but a few hrs After I called and it Frequently rang along with ho reply.

Post by Amphelps,

5163149871 If you have an iPhone you are able to go for details Around your Amount. Search for that bottom and block.

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5168176701 Complains by Guest,

This is an scummier keep asking for address account when you personally Marketing on Grisliest W W W W W

8002661794 Complains by Dee,

Its Google. They phone and hang Upwards.

8052196194 Complains by David,

Called twice within 4 hours. Replied and there was no just one there.

6148841554 Complains by Guest,

Nobody on the other side of the line

8774444655 Complains by Guest,

They said they were out of a Law Organization amp Desired my SS amp address. I Inquired them who they Signified. They refused to tell me until I supply them the info quot THEY quot Desired. I said if I owe you personally then you personally d know that info. They said it was to Confirm correct Individual . I said tell me what you've amp I ll let you know if it s me. They said Tell me what your SS number is. I said do not ever phone me on my job amp I don t owe you personally anything. I said telephone me after hours they said no. So I said well I ll provide you the same reply you personally offer me NO. Again they Wanted my SS for tell me who they were. I eventually Simply Installed Upwards.

9513873060 Complains by Guest,

Don t know who this can be but they keep calling me. I don t answer

8282193077 Complains by Steve,

Who is this Owner. . . .

2028008257 Complains by Guest,

He is rudely calling my work Amount giving Distinct people my Societal security number after being told to Quit calling my work. When I try and telephone his number it goes to express mail.

7578310639 Complains by Guest,

dent pic up

7757208252 Complains by Guest,

quot This really is your own aviator quot

8043053696 Complains by Guest,

I don t understand this person

6172062854 Complains by Jay Jacobson,

Obtained a telephone out of W. W. W.

8003633177 Complains by Mr. Report,


9169202295 Complains by Guest,

bugs all that time. i am handicapped senior.

6122160039 Complains by Guest,

Never leaves message. . . annoying.

8555690240 Complains by Guest,


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