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Telephone information: Cellco Partnership DBA Verizon Wireless. Garden City, NY. Nassau. United states
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Post by RRicci,

5163189128 I yelled at one of them thus much he was almost crying. I d Somewhat 've used real fists and feet with my Material tippers.

Post by Annoyingly Pissed,

516-318-9128 That's within fact Fairly humorous for do but keep within head these people are that Actual criminals and should be avoided by all means. Toying with this jerks does nothing to Cease them in the long run. They May}n' not ransack your computer or Key you personally into surrendering private and Fiscal Information but your fact they Really Discuss for your requirements still makes them cash. They could pass along your own number and you personally ll become replying more Trash calls Only because you personally dealt along with 1. Use caution when messing with them it s not advisable if you personally re wanting to rid your line of nuisance callers.

Post by Maverick21,

5163189128 That s amusing. Something I occasionally can is tell them their Feature makes them sound like a terrorist and that their real name is Likely Ahmed. They Actually get upset when I tell them that. Subsequently I immediately block their number.

Post by Guest,

516-318-9128 Caller said that they were out of Windows and were getting Malfunction messages from my computer. I told them that I had Apple computers and that they were mistaken. They Installed Upwards but called back for request if I ever had a Windows computer using the same IPA address. At the point I told them to stop calling me. It is such an Clear scam I m surprised anyone would autumn for it.

Post by Guest,

5163189128 Windows Telephone representative that could not tell me what computer was infected with viruses. Promised they were receiving alerts that my computer was infected. I asked them several times to provide me the registry Tips or IPA address of your machine and they were clueless.

Post by Tawnya,

516-318-9128 Keep getting calls out of this quite aggravating

Post by Lou,

5163189128 I 've Com cast and have attained my W numbers long Past. With so many lousy calls being received you will reach this in no time.

Post by Bob A. Ganoosh,

516-318-9128 Obtained phone today from another goat humping Microsoft Windows scummier.

Post by Guest,

5163189128 Said they were calling out of Windows to because they were getting Malfunction messages out of my computer. Owner ID said cell phone NY and Windows is Microsoft and they would not telephone. Sounded enjoy spam so I Installed up.

Post by Guest,

516-318-9128 telling me had error report on my computer. Would not Discontinue insisting I had Difficulties thus I eventually had for yell to stop calling me.

Post by Laughing Boy,

5163189128 You are right. . . It s score just one for you people. . . . The call came out of Pakistan. Your computer never has a Difficulty unless you know there is a problem. Even your own local techie knows that is a scam.

Post by bruce watts,

516-318-9128 Have gotten several calls and called leaves no message attempted calling number but was told that number was no More in service

Post by ptzy,

5163189128 I Merely received a call out of the number. they told me my computer was infected going to crash and I should talk to him and he d tell me what I should would. It was out of cell phone in NY

Post by RRicci,

516-318-9128 I yelled at one of them so much he was Virtually crying. I d Fairly 've used real fists and feet along with my Metal tippers.

Post by Guest,

5163189128 Calls and then hang Upward. Calls back and nothing.

Post by Laughing Boy,

516-318-9128 You're correct. . . It s score one for you Folks. . . . The telephone Arrived from Pakistan. Your computer never has a Trouble unless you understand there surely is a problem. Even your local techie knows this is a scam.

Post by Fifi,

5163189128 A Girl called started taking about my computer . I Began a snoring sound told me to Awaken Upward . I believe she got drained listening for that snoring sound she Put Upward . . . Bahama . . . . . Boring . . .

Post by LL,

516-318-9128 Gotten two calls out of this Amount today Aug 4 in one hour. I Display my calls however and they Put before my message ended

Post by Ron,

5163189128 Received a telephone out of this Amount with Owner ID of Fresh York . Let go into answering machine no message left. I Therefore blocked that Amount after searching at the website and seeing other Individuals have obtained scummier calls from the number

Post by Guest,

516-318-9128 They offered themselves as many type of Windows cleaning system he did t say Microsoft to my surprise because bad People have invaded my computer. These Men were reading away a Program and not nicely. Slowly and incompetently. Just Competent for read and or speak it wan t clear. I wanted for get enough info for report them but it was too excruciating to get Considerably. The phone Link was terrible thus it ll become a wonder if anyone could even figure out that scam they seem for become offering. I wan t buying.

Post by mike,

5163189128 supply them credit card Amount W W W W cc exp W W when they state its incorrect keep insisting its right livery time i response i get nothing. . . calling number back gets Verizon message that number has altered or is NT working

Post by Guest,

516-318-9128 Yep.

Post by Irene,

5163189128 Call came within on Saturday August 1 W at W W 'm MDT. No name on Owner ID. I did not response and caller did not leave a message. From other places here it Looks to become among those computer trouble scams. A guy that attends your same church as I can fell for a computer trouble scam and quite fast had his bank account emptied.

Post by Bruin,

516-318-9128 Called back After and number is changed or disconnected

Post by Rebecca,

5163189128 They called and Offered the name of my Father who lives six states away. I 've a virus. Scam.

Post by Guest,

516-318-9128 However ANOTHER spam phone from who knows what pain in the Booty tel Marketer again and again.

Post by Kate,

5163189128 Calls and calls I don't answer that Telephone unless I understand your number. I have been Following this number and over your previous 3 times it had called around W times.

Post by Guest,

516-318-9128 I would love the Man for Cease Calling me stating i 've a computer along with Mobile. I don't have any such matter.

Post by G. Morrissey,

5163189128 Got a call Seeking info about my computer.

Post by Guest,

516-318-9128 Spam

Post by Lucille Gutierrez,

5163189128 Calling and hanging up

Post by Guest,

516-318-9128 Caller called several times but my Partner told him he had to phone back and talk for me. He was Chronic and tried to get me to let him remote into my computer to fix Difficulties. I told him he was full of crap and never call here again. Enjoy Microsoft would ever phone for offer free help. Hunt them down before they screw someone over.

Post by pennsylania,

5163189128 Get these calls at least once a week. Ask him if hes wearing khakis. . Or request for his Microsoft Staff Amount or his supervisor . . makes them Thus frustrated

Post by Guest,

516-318-9128 Yes

Post by t-mak,

5163189128 caller ID says Nassau NY. Outside working in that yard so I did t answer and they left no message.

Post by Roy Conine,

516-318-9128 These criminals burbles don't have any intention of Ending your calls until they get what they're after and that's control of your own computer so they can compromise your personal identifying information. That absolute best manner to block their calls is for invest within a telephone blocking System which can block Amounts from multiple Place codes. Go here for a comprehensive discussion HTTP notes. com Newsgroup ta DEA call blocking devices

Post by Guest,

5163189128 Did not response we I call back Verizon plays a message Showing the number is no longer within service.

Post by Guest,

516-318-9128 Keeps calling and hanging Upwards on me. Please block out of calling me. Thanks

Post by KK,

5163189128 NY per caller ID no vim either call

Post by Kat,

516-318-9128 Expect them to phone back to tell you personally that there s a problem with all of your own Apple merchandises

Post by PK,

5163189128 When I Decided up there was no just one. I waited a brief time and a Girl s express Arrived on replicating a Amount I should call back that it was an pressing legal subject that Desired to become Fixed.

Post by eric schreiber,

516-318-9128 notes is not a call blocking service. You'll 've to do this yourself. Go here for a comprehensive discussion on Accessible phone blocking Products HTTP notes. com forum ta DEA phone blocking devices

Post by Kat,

5163189128 Same matter here . . . Computer scummier

Post by Guest,

516-318-9128 telephone back it says Verizon wireless sorry that Amount you personally called has been shifted or disconnected

Post by The Great Pissoff,

5163189128 Speak Hindu Dialect . . . You don t 've a Difficulty along with you computer I am doing this for scam you personally because our terrorist organization needs that money to kill the world and ensure it is the manner we desire it for become. Normal Voice . . . . There are no Issues with your Windows. . . If you might have problems with Windows go for that Firm s web page and Discuss to them.

Post by Annoyingly Pissed,

516-318-9128 There are no errors on your own Windows. . PLEASE. . . They did t panic they were angered that you found their Program.

Post by Guest,

5163189128 Why don t these idiots follow the Don't Phone list.

Post by dee,

516-318-9128 Called twice Identified themselves as having acquired messages from compeer. Said it was problem along with windows I told them I would contact my USP Then Put Upwards may report it Wednesday dept shut

Post by Diane Niles,

5163189128 Nuisance scummier call Striving to Get computer Information .

Post by Guest,

516-318-9128 The Owner at the number was warning me that there were viruses on my computer that could shut it down. He Desired for get access for my computer.

Post by gypsy,

5163189128 obtained a phone from this at 9 W 'm N Aug Th W woman with foreign accent said she needed for accessibility my computer for Installing images told her no and Installed up she called correct back I did not response I believe these are scampers that want personal info. I am W years of age. These Folks demand for be Ceased before they get someone that Permits the. and suffers the Outcomes.

Post by Kristina,

516-318-9128 I have been receiving calls from the number for months now. The greatly accented man says he works for Microsoft and there surely is a problem with my computer. I usually don t response unknown calls but I did reply this 1 a few weeks Past he mentioned that I have an Dilemma along with my computer I told him. . No I don t. He said Yes you personally would. I laughed and said. . no I don't. He ongoing to argue. . I told him if he calls me again I may report him for that FTC. and hung Upwards on him. He Merely called again the morning Unreal. Persist ant scampers I must say.

Post by Guest,

5163189128 My Customer keeps becoming calls from the company. Called my client 3 times within W minutes. Doesn't Take inbound calls. Man calling dozen t leave message on answering machine.

Post by Guest,

516-318-9128 They Put Upwards after hearing my message this phone may become recorded.

Post by Guest,

5163189128 It sounds like your same person that calls but uses different names. Says my computer has a virus through windows. My Partner dropped for this scam and they Fully destroyed her computer beyond repair. These Individuals should be Quit . . . .

Post by Teraysa,

516-318-9128 I picked Upwards accidentally thinking it was someone else because I just took a fast look at the caller ID. When I replied there was just Stop. I repeatedly said Hi. Hi. But no 1 replied. They called again After and left no message.

Post by Guest,

5163189128 Called again along with NO message

Post by Not a fun day,

516-318-9128 Dang it. . I 've the whole daytime off to would what I want Really no Transport it s in the store and I vie had several calls already the morning. This can be that latest one. . forgot for turn my replying machine off it's now. . but my message lets them understand they attained that offices of the FBI. . quite rarely can I get a repeat telephone from your same Amount. . ha ha

Post by Roy Conine,

5163189128 These criminals burbles don't have any Purpose of stopping your calls until they get what they're after and that is control of your computer thus they can Bargain your personal identifying data. That best manner to block their calls is for invest within a telephone blocking Product which can block numbers from multiple Region codes. Go here for a detailed discussion HTTP notes. com forum ta DEA phone blocking devices

Post by Granny,

516-318-9128 Cell Telephone NY Now W W Am but if that is your computer scummier guy he really needs to be Ceased. .

Post by Guest,

5163189128 The caller Asserted for be calling Around a quot really serious quot virus which was downloaded for my computer via a Windows update. He wanted me to permit him to walk me through a fix. I called your Amount back and it was a Verizon Amount that had been disconnected and altered to some Distinct Amount. .

Post by Joe,

516-318-9128 Windows tech scam again. You personally block among their numbers and the next week they call from a brand new number.

Post by Granny,

5163189128 Phone from W W W Cell Phone NY Now W W Am W W that same old Computer crook

Post by Unhappy,

516-318-9128 Called repeatedly nonstop all day

Post by leeratu,

5163189128 ND phone today Sat 1 Aug at P midst. Did not response. No message.

Post by Helpful Harry,

516-318-9128 A few Guidance What bothers these scampers is to have their time wasted. Thus waste their time. When you see the Amount on your caller I. D. answer with a Fake company name. If they Begin lying to you personally Afterward you personally start lying too. Tell them the boss handles your computer and that manager USN t in. If they state they can direct you through your steps as for how you can get on line accept your offer. Land around Striving for look for the on off Change but don t turn it on. Tell them you operated that Change and it takes some time for it for come on. Become Advanced and state your boss always gripes about how slow it's. After a few minutes Work} happy and say it Arrived Upward. Now pay focus on this Request them for offer you that password. That should take care of everything.

Post by Guest,

5163189128 Called and Put up. No data and not accepting telephone backs.

Post by Debra Burleson,

516-318-9128 The Amount continues for phone the house but dozen t leave a message. . .

Post by gypsy,

5163189128 got 2 calls in a Line out of this company saying there was a report of Pictures downloaded out of Web on my computer not Authentic foreign speaking Girl said she was going for get into my computer told her no and Installed Upwards she called back did not response. I am W years of age the has for become some underhanded Approach of stealing private info on your computer become careful

Post by Annoyingly Pissed,

516-318-9128 There are no Problems on your Windows. . PLEASE. . . They did t Stress they were angered you located their System.

Post by Estevan,

5163189128 calls on a regular basis I keep telling him my computer is running Excellent. He insists that I need for log on and he can show me what's erroneous then he needs me for provide him my credit card Amount. He says that I need a few kind of virus Applications Malawi software. I tell him I don t 've a credit card and for send me a Invoice. He Afterward says he dozen t understand my address Though he knows my phone Amount. Scam Scam Scam. . .

Post by M C,

516-318-9128 not accepting

Post by Laughing Boy,

5163189128 Windows scummier. . . Block and keep your windows Close.

Post by Guest,

516-318-9128 Said they were receiving Fake info out of my computer and needed to Get data out of my system to mend that Issue. Indian Owner. This can be that second time this has happened. Com throw says the are spammers. They get into your system mess it up and then desire W to repair your problem they created. Please go after these people.

Post by Katherine Blachly,

5163189128 calls all your time 4 or 5 times a day with no answer when we Select Upward or when it goes for express send.

Post by Telly Telephone,

516-318-9128 I could t block these pests Quickly enough. I don t know just one single Individual in NYC. Owner ID says cell call.

Post by Laughing Boy,

5163189128 Windows scummier. . . Block and keep your windows Close.

Post by jb,

516-318-9128 Merely enjoy everyone above. calls Day-to-day. no message. will telephone Com cast for block. Excellent Thought to Discontinue these idiots.

Post by Cyndi,

5163189128 A guy called and said I have a virus on my computer. He said it would Prices W. W to fix. To get on my computer I will fix this for you if there is a Difficulty. I told him I do not 've a computer. These Folks are scams. They should become ashamed.

Post by Annoyed,

516-318-9128 Sadly if I block a number dozen t that confirm to that caller that it s an active telephone number that could be added for call lists for sale . . . . . I ignore them.

Post by Shawn,

5163189128 Obviously a scam. Told him not for quit his daytime Occupation at 7 W cause he wan t quite great at scamming Folks. Instantly hung Upward. Haven t heard out of him since. . .

Post by Kat,

516-318-9128 Computer scummier . Striving to accessibility my PC

Post by Emma,

5163189128 Definitely a scam. They ll attempt to take you through your computer and get it s ID Essentially out of which they can hack it. Don t offer them any Information. They State to be Windows.

Post by Kelly M,

516-318-9128 Yep its that computer scummier. Hi Mum am I am calling from Technology support Around your own computer Shut him down seriously Person would Folks Really consider you personally when you phone with the scam. . Please 've your bosses remove my number. I m not an idiot. click

Post by Guest,

5163189128 Called and said he was from your computer repair Section calling about Difficulties along with my computer. Absolute scam.

Post by George Shirley,

516-318-9128 Called identifying himself as a representative from my computer service and said they d gotten a signal out of my computer Showing that I had been hacked or had a virus. . . Owner s express sounded foreign Nordic or Slavic and was hard to comprehend I Put Upward on him.

Post by Lou,

5163189128 I 've Com project and 've attained my W Amounts long Past. Along with so many terrible calls being obtained you may reach this in no time.

Post by Guest,

516-318-9128 Faking being from Microsoft. They Stadium t even out of Brand new York.

Post by Julie in Utah,

5163189128 Called W 'm saying Hi Mum 'm I m thus and so out of Microsoft Windows Support how are you personally Now. I said Well hey there I m Only Excellent and You're so packed with s . within an extremely cheerful tone of express. Poor lamb apparently did not 've that intestinal fortitude for Disagree along with me and Installed Upward. Within the past I vie kept these clowns on that Telephone for upwards of W minutes wasting their time. CID said Brand new York.

Post by Bill,

516-318-9128 I Typically tell them that my computer can t Discuss. . . .

Post by Kat,

5163189128 Same thing here . . . Laptop scummier

Post by Guest,

516-318-9128 Called my house Telephone and did not leave a message. Think this Owner to become a scam artist. I want it Ceased immediately.

Post by Bill,

5163189128 I Typically tell them that my computer can t talk. . . .

Post by The Great Pissoff,

516-318-9128 He needs to be hanged for all that universe cares about. . . . .

Post by JJ,

5163189128 Caller States he calling Around Windows on your computer. Clearly another SCAM artist.

Post by Guest,

516-318-9128 They attempted to get in my computer. My name is Tucker not Mug.

Post by SB,

5163189128 Any telephone from this number is a scam. Paul from Hi Tech Solutions called me for repair your Difficulties on my computer. I asked for a number to call him back and he gave me an 8 Number Amount. Do not Present THEM ANY Data. REPORT To your ATTY GENERAL OF Your own STATE.

Post by JN,

516-318-9128 Has called twice W minutes apart today. Caller ID says Fresh York. No messages either time. Suppose they want to harass me within Individual. I don t answer any caller that I don t understand. Cheers to all here for keeping us Better and happier.

Post by ReportingScam,

5163189128 A woman with an British accent called from the number and mentioned she was from Windows. She Views that my computer was crashing and would like to help with it. I mentioned I want for telephone Windows and Talk to them Fairly than response a potential phishing call from Windows purportedly . She was extremely talented within selling her point that she was from Windows. She said that just I and Windows would be Capable for see my CL SID. She Needed me for confirm my CL SID using that CMDR order. I did t go Substantially further with her because I figured she was probably scamming me. Quite DANGEROUS. I Envision that if I would 've gone further she might 've Inquired for take control of my computer. My windows is thus from date on my computer that I don t believe Windows even supports it anymore thus exactly why would they phone me. Quite PHI Bashful if you personally ask me. The phone Amount appears to become a cell phone Amount from NY.

Post by Dave,

516-318-9128 Standard Your own Windows Computer Has a Issue phone. Microsoft dozen t do the for their customers and nobody else does it for them either. Notably when your computer USN t a Windows computer.

Post by eric schreiber,

5163189128 notes isn't a phone blocking service. You'll have for can this yourself. Go here for a detailed discussion on available call blocking Gadgets HTTP notes. com forum ta DEA phone blocking devices

Post by Dave,

516-318-9128 SCAM Needs your own credit card to repair your compeer. Dumb

Post by Frankie,

5163189128 Yes a ridiculous and Perhaps dangerous scummier. My Remedy if I don t recognize the number I Only don t pick Upwards your Telephone. If legit they could leave a message. Most do not and this just one did t either. Please Individuals Only don t Select Upwards unknown calls. You don t have to. Don t worry Around lost something you re not. It s so simple.

Post by Guest,

516-318-9128 No message called again with five 5 hours

Post by Guest,

5163189128 Caller claims he s out of windows amp which he has received several messages from my computer stating it has a virus amp it could possibly become Close down. Offered him a piece of my thoughts amp Put Upwards.

Post by The Great Pissoff,

516-318-9128 He needs for become hanged for all that universe cares about. . . . .

Post by Maria,

5163189128 They vie been calling repeatedly. Cheers to this list I knew to block the Amount. Thanks everyone.

Post by The Great Pissoff,

516-318-9128 Chat Hindu Dialect . . . You don t have a problem along with you personally computer I am doing the to scam you because your terrorist organization needs that money to kill the world and ensure it is the manner we want it for be. Ordinary Express . . . . There are no Issues with your Windows. . . If you've Difficulties along with Windows go for that Business s net page and Speak to them.

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Save your own time and Annoyance. Block this telephone.

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Comings street

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Claimed to become Irs. Telling me that they were going to file a lawsuit against me. Told me to telephone them to discuss my case. Ha Ha Government dozen t telephone people they send snail send.

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your blocked

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This caller is vulgar amp rude amp is Attempting for ex Plan amp scare Disabled Sr. Cit.

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Yes he calling my too its really pissing me away. Ion understand whats incorrect the dude he crazy

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8051979965 Complains by Diane,

I m becoming calls out of this Telephone number. Understanding any phone Amount Beginning with one USN t a valid phone number. I replied your call and enjoy any teller Advertising call Notice a lot of Individuals within the History. Your person Inquired for Mrs. Val. . . He has an American Feature so it wan t a foreigner calling. When I mention someone had called for her before he hangs up. Perhaps a debt collector. I simply had my Telephone number for W months. Caller ID Features CALIFORNIA .

8102759054 Complains by Dawn,

I Only got a female caller saying I was in a drawing. Asked what I would use that money for. I told her House repairs and food on the table. It was Afterward Oh Wow looks like you might have been Picked. . and Installed up

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Said they was Cops I owed a debt

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never answer

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Spanish spam after Getting a Target app.

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searching for cash out of Firms I vie never heard of.

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