5163403010 / 516-340-3010

Telephone information: Bandwidth.com Clec. Cold Spg Hbr, NY. . United states
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Post by cll37042,

5163403010 I also received a call out of this Amount with no messages. Greer

Post by dr. awkward,

516-340-3010 call and request them for Place you personally on their don telephone list. tell them that when that calls continue you may report them for the Solicitors general in your state and your states from which that calls Begin. they ll stop

Post by Mjr Dzaster,

5163403010 Ah HA. That makes a LOT of feeling to me. I Additionally Closed Upward for a Group of job investigation Websites and ever since Subsequently I have been becoming a LOT of unsolicited calls from unknown numbers for which I Fully Discount because my cell Telephone is my company phone more thus than even my personal Telephone. I 'm also on that Do not Phone list but Perhaps I need for re enroll on it again. Mostly these Sorts of calls are Simply inconvenient and waste people s time. . . so when we all know time is precious.

Post by Guest,

516-340-3010 School marketing

Post by Tyler,

5163403010 Number called me no answer when dialed back

Post by Tiffany,

516-340-3010 They 've been calling me for two months now. They will not leave a message.

Post by Guest,

5163403010 Don t want to become bothered

Post by Guest,

516-340-3010 DC

Post by Guest,

5163403010 said they would help find a Occupation but did t offer any.

Post by Cinthia Brown,

516-340-3010 I acquired a call from this Amount X on a Sunday Evening what kind of company does that. Whenever I telephone anyone my Amount comes Upward private. But when I called your number back they Inquired if I was Brianna. I Put Upwards. I Afterward called back and a Girl Inquired if I was Donald. I said no and told her someone called my number 3 times Now. She said it must have been a typo in your system and said she would remove my name in the list. I don t consider that. But we can see if they phone back.

Post by Guest,

5163403010 Block the number

Post by Guest,

516-340-3010 school calling too much

Post by Jackie,

5163403010 The Telephone number has called me it shows up on Owner I d as Cool spring NY they hang up when I answer and 'm within the do not telephone list

Post by Joe,

516-340-3010 Same as above got 2 calls Now when I called back it was music. Really unexpected.

Post by Adam,

5163403010 Called about a scholarship

Post by Mojo Celtica,

516-340-3010 I replied your Telephone on your second ring and after I said Hi. a recording played saying Thank you personally for calling and Put up. shrug

Post by Guest,

5163403010 b

Post by racnid,

516-340-3010 If you ever request info online from a for Revenue school or use a free resume building Website don t ever Place your own cell Amount down. If you personally vie received a rash of Amounts like this 1 its because you personally Posted your Amount knowingly without reading your fine print to online companies that pay for your Volume of their revenue by Marketing your Amount for each unscrupulous for profit online college scam out there. I got drained of that Robot Retailers wasting my minutes along with expressionless voice mails so I response them each time and either Set your Telephone back within my pocket or next to a car speaker blaring music. If you pick Upwards it gets transferred to a live scam Driver. If they're going to waste my minutes regardless mine as well waste their Workers scamming time as nicely.

Post by Kiya,

5163403010 I don know the number and it dozen t belong to any of my contact persons. I get from that number and who ever phone out of that Amount did not leave a message.

Post by QueJoden,

516-340-3010 This Individuals is harassing not Ending with calls nighttime and day and Breaks attempt to block the Telephone number I can t can it anyway I don t understand how but there s an inventory somewhere that goes for your National government look for that 1. Great Luck.

Post by Guest,

5163403010 Quit the Amount out of calling me

Post by Guest,

516-340-3010 They phone me all during the day and at nighttime when I am sleep

Post by Laura J,

5163403010 This number calls my house all the time. . . . day and night

Post by Bet,

516-340-3010 I Merely got a call from that number. I too Closed onto a Job site. Appears like that was not quite smart thing for would. I Recommend that we do not Comprise any contact Information because it's obvious we are victim to solicitors. Thank you personally all for your own posts. It did help.

Post by dbacton,

5163403010 Calling frequently. Dint want any. Dint need any. Dint telephone me . I will telephone you should I ever decide for.

Post by weird text,

516-340-3010 gotten Odd text message on my Telephone almost a bit threatening re called amp got peculiar college located in Ariz. according for res Think dozen t create feeling all since Place code is for LI if I receive any such more texts or calls will notify Authorities for Comprehensive follow up

Post by unknown,

5163403010 that need to Quit calling this houses Place me on your do NT calling list thank you.

Post by Guest,

516-340-3010 They telephone me all during that day and at nighttime when I am sleep. Please block the number

Post by ASD,

5163403010 I started getting these calls when I Closed Upwards for data on Schooling out of home sites.

Post by Guest,

516-340-3010 Schools calling and won t leave a message

Post by LW,

5163403010 This Amount has been calling me and I told them that they could not speak with me and they said that they were calling about a Job but never thoughts now.

Post by hunglikehorse,

516-340-3010 Received telephone out of them Additionally. Asked if I was searching for a job or school. Told them not for phone again. Time may tell.

Post by jennifer tarin,

5163403010 Received a call out of the number at 8 W 'm today. No message was left and i did t try to telephone back. Instead i go ogled that Amount and this came Upwards making me glad that I did t waste my time calling back.

Post by Deborah,

516-340-3010 They called me today while I was at work. Never left a message. I Hate these people.

Post by jan,

5163403010 Ya I get a phone out of this enjoy 4 times a daytime each daytime. I m getting thus Ill of it. I called back and they said it was many kind of customer service. . . . I don't have any Thought. I m on Th don't phone list Additionally.

Post by Guest,

516-340-3010 I have no idea

Post by bethspa,

5163403010 None Mainly because I screen my calls. Just missed calls around and over.

Post by Rafa,

516-340-3010 Only received a telephone out of the Amount they left no message.

Post by anon,

5163403010 got a telephone out of them too on 9 W. if they phone again i d either shout at them use a blow horn or a whistle. Perhaps that will Quit them out of calling. i d even Google on annoying numbers for discover how to block them. if they Strategy to waste my time i d play your game correct back at them to offer them their own taste of their medicine.

Post by California,

516-340-3010 This Owner calls and it shows as an From That Area W. This really is an unsolicited sales phone and very annoying. Thank you personally for listing that complete Amount so I can add it for my rejected ph list.

Post by D,

5163403010 I Generally get calls from the number I ll reply your phone and that Man may hang Upward. It s sort of unnerving that they hang Upwards enjoy that.

Post by Guest,

516-340-3010 locate your appropriate job

Post by Guest,

5163403010 Discontinue calling my fucking Amount. . . . . .

Post by LW,

516-340-3010 The number has been calling me and I told them that they could not speak along with me and they said that they were calling Around a Job but never mind now.

Post by Guest,

5163403010 DC

Post by Hollywood,

516-340-3010 It s University of Phoenix. They 've campuses or I shad state offices along with network Computers and salespersons that phone u all Nut in day and nighttime. I Used online once around two years ago for a Occupation placement website and when u click Take it Enables them for share re Sell R for these School recruiters. It s within the Excellent print. ID either way they are STILL effing calling along with fresh Pol from brand new numbers from diff states. I vie blocked W or so numbers and they keep calling. I work for a Attorneys group now and they say it ll never Cease unless u Shift Ur but what happens when a diff Web site sells it for that group that purchases Telephone lists for those online Universities again. Perhaps within a month or six or 2 years down your road. It dozen t issue if R on your National DC Registry list or not BC they have thus many diff offices and s for phone out of and I m Very sure its not a very serious felony for be Priced with after the FBI spends thousands on that case to bust them for calling people again. I guess I ll keep on blocking. Let me understand if u can find another way for make it stop.

Post by Guest,

5163403010 b

Post by Sadie,

516-340-3010 Discontinue CALLING ME. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Post by Guest,

5163403010 Vexed

Post by Mjr Dzaster,

516-340-3010 Ah HA. That makes a LOT of feeling to me. I Additionally signed up for a Bunch of job search Websites and ever since Subsequently I 've been becoming a LOT of unsolicited calls from unknown Amounts for which I Fully Blow off because my cell phone is my business phone more so than even my private Telephone. I 'm also on that Don't Telephone list but maybe I demand to re register on it again. Mostly these types of calls are just inconvenient and waste people s time. . . and as we all know time is precious.

Post by Guest,

5163403010 schools

Post by Hannah,

516-340-3010 They vie called me twice Now. Says phone is coming out of New York. Don t know how or why a Amount out of NY would telephone me I don t know anyone there. I m becoming really annoyed

Post by Guest,

5163403010 look for the correct job

Post by maria,

516-340-3010 the number calls and calls when I have had said million of times that i dint want them calling my phone number because I'm not interested. I Want This Number AND Individuals CALLING MY Number For Cease CALLING MEIER. . .

Post by Mike,

5163403010 Been becoming phone out of the number for times now and never leaves a message.

Post by Guest,

516-340-3010 Online college recruiters. I vie asked them to Quit calling but they still phone no issue what I say

Post by mik,

5163403010 It was Only weird

Post by Shelby,

516-340-3010 this Amount calls X a week along with a number in Florida. tell them you want for know their address so you can write a discontinue and desist notice.

Post by Jasmine,

5163403010 i meant W W W

Post by Guest,

516-340-3010 Telemarketing. . survey

Post by Guest,

5163403010 b

Post by Jasmine,

516-340-3010 i meant W W W

Post by Guest,

5163403010 schools calling

Post by wilma elder,

516-340-3010 someone called and said I had Used for a Occupation within Lucking TX.

Post by Guest,

5163403010 Something Around online school. . . ID. . . . spam. . .

Post by Guest,

516-340-3010 DC

Post by MS B,

5163403010 I got a call this morning 9. W a. m. I Additionally have been hunting for jobs on Sites. It makes no feeling. I also have been placed on Do not Call LIST BUT IT Doesn't WORK Like IT Suppose For. I am Ill and tired of these harassing phone calls can there be anything we can perform.

Post by Guest,

516-340-3010 I dint who it's

Post by Guest,

5163403010 How do I get these annoying calls to stop

Post by lessfreebies,

516-340-3010 Obtained a phone out of this number the morning. I am on that do not phone list. I did not reply the Telephone and no message was left. I Additionally 've Used for Occupations online and am Frightened that my Amount was sold and I m now becoming spammed. Don t like it in the least.

Post by Guest,

5163403010 Cease calls from the number

Post by d. tay,

516-340-3010 don t Recall Calling them. don t need them for contact anymore and for take my name out their system. . . . .

Post by Tony,

5163403010 Several calls from the number that Looks Alone.

Post by Mai,

516-340-3010 I wounder if there a manner for sue these companies they deserve it cause I waste my perilous time replying when I could become doing my school work or going for Large.

Post by Stephanie,

5163403010 Got a telephone today when I called back it was music. Really unexpected.

Post by Sti,

516-340-3010 Here we go again. I desire these calls to Quit. . . no message no Id nothing.

Post by dr. awkward,

5163403010 telephone and request them to put you on their don phone list. tell them when that calls continue you will report them for your Solicitors general within your state and that states out of which that calls Come. they ll stop

Post by Guest,

516-340-3010 Faculty recruiter

Post by Sheila,

5163403010 The number has called me twice Now and once Recently. It shows Upward as a telephone from NY but they never leave any messages. I need these calls for Quit.

Post by Guest,

516-340-3010 Spam

Post by not fallin for the bs,

5163403010 A ridiculous record offering a free cruise for two. . . Somewhat interactive as the recording will request questions and pause for a response. . . . . At some point that record may Show that it is transferring you to some cruise Expert who may take within your information. . . . . Exactly why don t I Merely provide you personally each credit card number in my wallet. Not Gonna Occur.

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8007115145 Complains by Guest,

Well-being Insurance Quotes

6504805028 Complains by Guest,

I vie obtained quot Stop quot calls too but I could t hear a matter.

8589262055 Complains by Guest,

It s nurse finders. . . an employment agency.

3602444261 Complains by Guest,

Message saying Government was Processing a suit phone for case information.

4247898653 Complains by Guest,

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8185322742 Complains by Terry,

Got a phone from Fred Jackson what a royal Stupid .

3134286077 Complains by Pamela,

I 've been getting calls from this Amount.

8002387887 Complains by Out of patience,

ND telephone today and no 1 Solutions. . . we 're a business and don't have time for this nonsense.

8002782614 Complains by cedlin,

Mackinaw calls our office all that time along with 8 or W other companies Seeking to discuss an important tax question .

8002619088 Complains by Michael C.,

4 2 W 2 W PM Some unusual loop of music really vague within that background is all I heard.

8002679651 Complains by skamdeth,

Scampers claiming for hire Video extras.

8002202008 Complains by s,


8002052500 Complains by Guest,

Guy that likes me but I TNT enjoy hi mm

8002561118 Complains by dan riblett,

Offers W plus bonus for be Used for my AT T account. Sum increases with each call.

8002386808 Complains by KCinAZ,

515-865-4562, my phone said Texas area code, I almost answered thinking a friend.  Didn't; soon got an email from "Annette Caputo" from Bigcommerce.  Email titled:  "Did you get my call?"  Text:  "Hello KCinAZ,Thank you for signing up for a free 15 Day Trial of Bigcommerce. My name is Annette Caputo and I am here to assist you with launching your eCommerce store. Do you have 10 minutes to chat so I can learn about your business and assist you in getting to your first sale on Bigcommerce?"  And so on.  I actually did explore their website a few days ago; did not realize I would be called.  Did not WANT to be called.  Anyway, that's whom I believe it was.  

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