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Telephone information: Peerless Network Of New York. Manhasset, NY. . United states
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Post by Dee,

5164536886 Merely got a phone. When I answered the party hung Upwards. First time I get the kind of call on my cell. Won t reply again if your Amount appears on my Telephone.

Post by jaz,

516-453-6886 get calls out of this number always . Owner id JV I Do not Response Lt

Post by AG in Boston,

5164536886 Receive phone calls 3 to 5 times per week out of this number. I Very much never response acreage line calls any More Particularly from calls from W W W. My Mom always Offered a wonderful response to callers telling her that she won something You sound really Fine I want you personally for 've it. God I miss her.

Post by Wla,

516-453-6886 Maintained for become doing fix on Windows because it wan t responding

Post by Kevin,

5164536886 They called stating they were out of Microsoft calling Around my computer. Could 've been your incorrect number but I Installed Upward. It was on my personal Telephone and I don t have a personal computer.

Post by Mary,

516-453-6886 My Telephone revealed your Amount and your name as Not Available. I Decided Upward your phone and asked who was calling me if they were unavailable. After a Short pause that answer was huh. I Put up. Hitting your redial for the last number resulted within a message the phone number wan t valid. Envision my surprise.

Post by pc boston,

5164536886 Two calls this week from these guys. My computer must Actually be infected. Wait a Second. . . how would they know. Clowns.

Post by Chris,

516-453-6886 2 calls 3 minutes apart . . . SOLAR Vigor SCAM

Post by John,

5164536886 Got a telephone. It rang once and I replied. They prompt Installed Upwards. Called back and I for that automated about pressing the or that to Discuss for someone remove my number contact your regulatory Bureau Around their Promotion Methods. I don t know where they got my Amount but I m transforming it and they could F amp amp k themselves. Maybe I ll look for out where they are coming from and go there. . .

Post by MLC,

516-453-6886 Person States I 've Computer security Difficulties and he was assigned to fix. I asked how he had access for my Computer. He said Microsoft Offered him my info and if I will give him my Computer ID he could Check. Evident ploy to increase access for person computer Hacker . When I confronted him he Put Upwards.

Post by Elaine,

5164536886 Calls many times each daytime. Annoying and disruptive

Post by jeneen,

516-453-6886 i am not from NY.

Post by hcg,

5164536886 called our company and want to Chat to the CEO by her first name first clue this really is a scam caller

Post by azsmidee,

516-453-6886 Got a telephone from this number and brand new it was scam as soon as I answered. Told that Man I was waiting for him to return my computer that I sent him the last time he called or my cash back . He hung up Merely start a scam on them when they telephone if you hang up they may phone back saying you were disconnected and try and scam again. When you personally Elect for that DC list they sell your Amount for others.

Post by Marvie,

5164536886 I W amp called back amp it s valid thus they should not become calling s on Do not Telephone LIST.

Post by jack k.,

516-453-6886 I replied That Put Upwards. Overly lousy. I Needed for sell them the moon. These low life jerks have unavailable on the Owner ID. What that are Striving for say is unavailable brains. worthless scampers who have nothing else to do.

Post by Guest,

5164536886 spam

Post by Karen,

516-453-6886 Mid Japanese Man saying he was out of Microsoft amp someone was Attempting to hack into my computer. I said thanks amp Put Upward. My computer was away at your time.

Post by Marvie,

5164536886 Even though there was silence and a click click to disconnect me i m still reporting to FCC since it s a Actual .

Post by Roque,

516-453-6886 Yeah they are calling about that same matter Microsoft. . . . many files on my computer i Simply dint believe it

Post by Anna Ban,

5164536886 Trolling for business pretending he got error messages out of my PC

Post by Tom,

516-453-6886 Spoofed number. Owner ID said Unknown Name no message left. Callback got a recording of a woman s voice that did not identify that Owner.

Post by sarah,

5164536886 I Merely got a phone out of the number. Person from India Inquired to speak to my husband. When I told them he wan t House your Individual started harassing me saying he was going for 've sex with me. No Thought who the Firm is. I Put Upward. Rude Items of trash.

Post by Warren316,

516-453-6886 ID ed as JV. Scampers selling Applications service. Identified your company as Geek Website. us Violated DC Registry Reduction.

Post by Beck,

5164536886 Got a call. Indian Feature. We Put Upwards. He called back. He Began cursing at me calling me a f ING . Awful cursing. I Installed up and called that Amount back got a Registered message. PIGS.

Post by Arline Goodman,

516-453-6886 I gotten the phone on other Events from JV on my caller ID out of W W W with no 1 at another Finish. I said Who s calling Please Long silence then they Put Upwards. The same matter happened yesterday.

Post by R,

5164536886 As Amount was unknown I did t reply but go ogled . . . for Learn again the scam. Screw them.

Post by Loretta - Indianapolis,

516-453-6886 Multiple scam callers saying they are out of Microsoft and Subsequently Now they're from Simple Wellbeing Medical stating my name yes they knew it and that I was on medicare I m not . First guy not a natural American said he wanted for talk Around Leg and back pain. After telling him to take me out of their database he adds his supervisor. He desires to sell me bras and panties. I tell him its a scam and for take me away your list then I 'm called a itch.

Post by Natalie,

5164536886 Got two calls from the . Caller ID is JV. My advice for this particular scummier and all scampers. . . keep a whistle by your Telephone. Answer that phone and wait for a Individual . Tell them not to telephone again and take you personally off their list. If they call back or give you personally a challenging time strike that whistle into your own phone as tough as you are able to. Trust me they won't call back.

Post by Helloyeah,

516-453-6886 Guy along with a significant Indian accent called me asking if I have a windows computer. I know Around the scam so I told him he cannot accessibility my computer because I 've images of his naked Mom making hot adore to Gandhi. He went into rage and he was sweating bullets Attempting for Chat but only rambled . I Afterward proceeded for tell him within America we eat beef Essentially we eat his god. He called me like 6 times after I Installed Upwards on him I had for block his number. It s thus funny how Crazy he got. I don t believe he will with anyone Now. He had a run for his Rupee Now.

Post by Guest,

5164536886 Keep calling I block their number and it keep calling

Post by jess,

516-453-6886 My my. . . . Kathy. Do you really believe the poster deserved that type of Rant.

Post by DER,

5164536886 Called At W W. Owner id said JV. Just 4 rings.

Post by Olivia,

516-453-6886 MFA. That s just one manner for take a Fruit and make lemonade. I Only Choose up your phone and press Speak and Subsequently end thus l don t have for listen to your phone ringing all day from these junk calls. I vie already gotten 4 different ones Now and it s simply 4 pm. I believe l like your own strategy better.

Post by judi,

5164536886 Got a phone out of the number and they Asserted our computer was hacked. I challenged this guy along with foreign Highlight with a lot of questions and told him he was a scummier and he Installed Upward. . . Lola. . And BTW I am a senior citizen. .

Post by dave,

516-453-6886 hang Upwards when I answer that phone

Post by Jack,

5164536886 Called at W W Am out of W W W. Owner ID said JV Phone went for voice send. Full message as follows According to Wellness attention regulations you are now eligible for receive a personal medical alert system at no Price for you. Since you personally vie already been referred for by a friend or family member we have a system waiting for be Sent out for your requirements. Press 1 now to receive your own personal medical alert system. Again press 1 now for receive your own private medical alert system. Press 9 for Elect Outside.

Post by Birdie,

516-453-6886 Acquired a telephone a few Minimum. ago out of this number. Next matter I knew my computer turned Fully off. I did not reply that initial telephone Nevertheless it won t become a Issue Making your attorney general s know about this number.

Post by Bill,

5164536886 These folks telephone and need for repair my computer online This is a major scam Avoid. .

Post by BR 549,

516-453-6886 Trash Caller hang Upward on your SOB

Post by Amanda,

5164536886 Simply gotten a phone from this Amount saying that there was a Difficulty along with my computer network. Absolute scam how she got my name is still a Puzzle but you personally could plainly tell it was a joke to try to get Rural access to my computer.

Post by DB,

516-453-6886 I missed this telephone numerous times and it says on my Telephone that it s from NY. Yes correct. Don t response your telephone and don t telephone back it ll display You're an active number.

Post by pc boston,

5164536886 I don t know if these Individuals want to give me cash as a company loan or repair my computer. Enjoy many other states these calls from New York are all scams. I am impressed at they're offering all this expertise and could t even fascination or Chat English.

Post by Chasity Reyes,

516-453-6886 Discontinue calling me I don t understand who you are and want no soliciting calls.

Post by lala,

5164536886 got a phone. . . . wondered. . . . called back. . . they Put Upward instantaneously. . . certain expect I don t get any Prices. . . all my long distance is covered in my monthly charge.

Post by Constantine,

516-453-6886 These Folks are such scampers. Once they have your data they ceaselessly harass and telephone everyone out of employers to family members Attempting to scare someone along with their fake American emphases or not even bothering for hide their accents. Just forward for Birthplace Security each single number they phone out of.

Post by Janet,

5164536886 I get these calls all your time. My Man is a retired instrumentation Specialist and Addresses W Distinct computer languages thus I always understand that state of my computer. I Just ask what Managing system and which Variant 'm I using. They could t answer those questions. If they tell me I use Internet Explorer I laugh and tell them something like Firefox or Linux. I Inquired your last just one what his Mum or grandmother would state if they knew he was making a dwelling stealing out of small old Women. He gasped and I told him for get a real job he can be proud of. He was so flustered which he started for defend himself saying he was not a thief. It was over three months before I got another call.

Post by Guest,

516-453-6886 Fraud amp Scam you personally tell them you personally do not 've a computer. They keep on calling you personally . Annoying phone calls need for Stop . asap

Post by lise -H,

5164536886 Got call this morning out of a Man speaking having an Indian Highlight. He told me that he works for Microsoft and that my computer was sending messages that the update was not applying Right. I told him that my computer was from service. Told him he s nothing but a ruthless scummier he laughed expressed himself in his own language and hung Upward.

Post by valun,

516-453-6886 I got three calls within six minutes out of these Individuals. Evident cons. Don t reply and report them.

Post by M,

5164536886 Male Indian Highlight calling from Dell technical support for repair the Trouble you've been having along with your own computer . We Put Upwards. Suppose they re Changing their Storyline out of Windows Technology support for Dell. . . . . .

Post by Guest,

516-453-6886 Man along with thick Indian accent Said my Windows computer had an error and he could mend it. I Inquired him if he worked for Microsoft and he said yes. Asked him how that was possible since my laptop was a Mac Publication Afterward called him a scummier and hung Upwards.

Post by Not a racist,

5164536886 A few ghetto black check asking hello is Mark Deere. . I said this can be not mark . She hung up.

Post by Annoyed Again,

516-453-6886 I redialed the Amount anonymously and heard this recording Welcome to the Customer Communications Management Software. It is likely which you have been contacted by one of your representatives and are calling back for Added info or for request that we refrain from calling you personally within the future. Please listen for the following prompts and choose that information that absolute best meets your own needs. If you personally would love for be Related for one of your customer service representatives please press 1 now. If you personally would love to have your own telephone phone number Input signal into the don't phone database please press 2 now. If you want to leave a express message please press 3 now and it can be delivered to your customer care department. If you personally would love to report your Issues seeing the Advertising Methods or to provide your Opinions to that regulatory Companies that regulate our Sector please press 4 now. If you personally want to hear these selections again please press 9 .

Post by Ron mullin,

5164536886 It's me that forklift mechanic at west rock. I am Only practicing my Pakistani accent for when my pal Abdul comes back to work. I 've all the time in that world at my job for would this so fin t be surprised if I phone you soon. Bye for now

Post by Barbara,

516-453-6886 Common telephone spamming a holes. expecting Juice can allow these jerks and their People instant Wellbeing and Monetary Calamity as a result of their scamming.

Post by Mrs. B,

5164536886 Called Residence phone. No message.

Post by HateSpamCallers,

516-453-6886 called my Dwelling phone and it went for express send where he poured Outside all of his knowledge Stop for 2 seconds . These Poultry rapists may become blocked via my telephone blocking Product now.

Post by Guest,

5164536886 Says my computer is sending them an Malfunction message. We don t 've a computer. Have gotten the call a lot of times.

Post by Dr. Who,

516-453-6886 Gotten a phone from W W W on a acreage line. A clear but timid female express Seeking to talk about many European Flight. We've been looking into a European tour lately. Appears enjoy they listen for Folks s Telephone Discussions too.

Post by uglybear,

5164536886 post pending moderator approval

Post by Birgit Hanson,

516-453-6886 I was not at Residence to reply but because I Resided on Long Island I notion it May}n' have been somebody I understand. I live in Canada now. I 've had many calls about Microsoft and Computer repair. I got myself a loud whistle and anytime now i get one of those calls I strike it exceedingly load. It Appears for work.

Post by Unknown,

5164536886 Called 1 W 2 W P. M. Owner id says Mangiest NY. We let it go to voice mail. The number was W W W

Post by Gran'ma,

516-453-6886 Cheers for that information. BLOCKED. . .

Post by paul,

5164536886 Calls each month at least a few times more. No name Recorded. Must become a few telemarketer who needs for look for a Occupation.

Post by Kirby Sommers,

516-453-6886 A male with the Feature called me out of this number Now at 1 PM Fresh York time. He said Hi tentatively. Twice. I Installed Upwards.

Post by Jack Shitte,

5164536886 Giving away an all expense paid two week cruise away your shore of Pakistan PG s amp AK W s not Contained in package. AF .

Post by N.,

516-453-6886 This Owner id JV. They called Day-to-day for five days. I 've the number blocked.

Post by Jennifer,

5164536886 Called my house 7 times. Left no message.

Post by toesmalone,

516-453-6886 If it's the guy out of India I enjoy to play along along with him. Sometimes it could Actually be hilarious. Last time he called I asked him for Chat louder because I was recording it for remember his Directions. Got an instant hang Upward from him. For the rest of the scampers I Merely forwards all those calls to another known scummier phone Amount.

Post by Guest,

5164536886 As stated by last caller. Phone several times a daytime. Tell you Problems on your own computer could. Barely understand Man we Simply told them not for telephone again use caution

Post by Darleen Griego,

516-453-6886 These Folks telephone several times a day . Never leave a message.

Post by Pam i am,

5164536886 Blocked the Amount long ago and 've never answered it but they Simply keep calling. . .

Post by Jim,

516-453-6886 He said he. and Michael. were on a very long weekend trip and are now in Jail in That Dominican Republic on a bogus charge and needed 1 W which he would pay back asap. . . . . I told him for try his parents and Installed up on him.

Post by Robert,

5164536886 Yeah he says he out of windows and my computer is delivering Outside signals and I need to become at my computer so he can repair it. I ask him what's incorrect with it I then ask which computer he is talking Around he state your computer. When he see I am not Ignorant he gets Crazy an hangs up.

Post by Valerie,

516-453-6886 This number left a message on my replying machine. You could tell it was a telephone Centre by your History noise. Your person calling Only kept saying Hi. Realizing he wan t becoming a response he said something in his Local language and hung Upward. I have now blocked the Amount but I 'm sure they can look for a manner around that eventually. Don't Reply Telephone CALLS Out of Amounts You personally DON T Understand. . These times you are able to t be overly cautious.

Post by kimmy,

5164536886 David Williams from financial claim legal Section keeps calling my old and new Occupations repeatedly throughout that day after I heard from both my old and new Occupation I called him and he said I owed W dollars due to getting a payday loan from Usa Progress which never had an advance from that Business. . I told him I did t and he s not scamming me out of W and to stop calling my employers and Put Upwards. Then immediately after he called my cell back I did t reply and he left me a terrible message saying when I don t call him back in 5 minutes he was going to phone my Company and that I can Cope along with what happens out of my employer after. these Folks are trying for harass people so Considerably thus that they can pay them to get them for leave them alone this really is mad and they need to be Ceased. . . . .

Post by rm,

516-453-6886 Up to five calls a daytime. Elect Outside doesn't work. Calls at W W 'm.

Post by Ml10000,

5164536886 This Man called out of this number and asked me if I was conscious that my computer was Installing wires from the Web. and which he was calling me to inform me of the. I Inquired him who he was and he said Me er out of a few name that was totally garbled. Then I Inquired where he got my Amount and he told me that International service. Yikes.

Post by Michelle,

516-453-6886 I vie had similar experiences as many of the other posters. They telephone consistently by having an Indian Feature not Essentially out of India I understand but that s what it sounds enjoy. They tell me they re along with Windows support and my computer keeps sending them error messages and they d like for help me repair it. I went along with just one two days Past to see what he d state but then when he Needed me to go to some Site I told him I don t use a Windows based computer. I told him I use a Mac. He Truly said Mother 'm you are lying to me. You're lying to me. Thus Subsequently I got really angry with him and told him if they did t leave me alone I d telephone the police because I vie told them to remove my number from their list and they re harassing me. He Installed Upward. Called again today along with that same scam except when I said I did t use a Windows based computer he said This USN t just for Windows computers. I Simply Put Upward on him because I wan t in your mood for fight. Ugh. They vie called me W times within your last 6 days and won t leave me alone. I m becoming supremely upset.

Post by Pierret,

5164536886 Second Telephone call out of that number in two days. . . Sounds enjoy Indian Man from Specialized Co. insisting in a discussion even if I told him not interested in anything by Telephone and Subsequently I Put up.

Post by BJ,

516-453-6886 I got the same. I entered 2 as they Proposed to be Chosen away their list but it didn't register thus kept talking.

Post by pam,

5164536886 they called my house 3 times in one hour that first 2 W minutes apart. I did not reply. I did phone back and got a generic message saying that I 've been contacted because of one of their Vendors . at that end of the message I chose Amount 3 to not get phone calls in the opted out.

Post by nowayjoe,

516-453-6886 Needed my Girl for modeling. . . f No. . . She s for young for comprehend Folks could become and Damage you. . . NO NO . . .

Post by H. Beale,

5164536886 Foreigner along with non existent English speaking skills trying some form of scam. Could t understand a thing she said. Perhaps she should take your marbles from her pie hole or Find a few other kind of employment. Blocked

Post by Corinna Staples,

516-453-6886 The Amount keeps calling repeatedly don t know who it is don t leave a message and its getting annoying .

Post by garcia,

5164536886 Annoying calls please don't phone me. .

Post by Jo,

516-453-6886 SCAMPERS. . The time around maintaining I was having computer problems that Desired to become repaired. Within your process of transferring so there's no computer Now in my house. . . Certainly insisted that although there was scampers Outside there he was not one of them. ROFL. Although did t State to be from Microsoft the time Approximately Needed Rural accessibility for mend that dilemmas as my system was within grave peril. Appropriate. . . More like my private information. Avoid the Amount as their gimmick changes Generally and they become verbally Extreme and abusive when they believe you won t Honour. Another blocked til they Begin using a fresh just one.

Post by Fed Up,

5164536886 The NASA Looks for be intruding in everyone s business EXCEPT that bad People.

Post by Dana Bibacher,

516-453-6886 Regrettably these Businesses are based in countries that will not allow your agencies to conduct any Study.


5164536886 I have request these Ignorant people repeal not to telephone me do you know they crazy they keep on calling me

Post by Barbara,

516-453-6886 Me overly he has called so many times I vie told him my computer is packed away that I don t 've one he still keeps calling same guy.

Post by Inita Loan,

5164536886 same number Distinct Business Female with Feature trinket your Information 4 a loan.

Post by Milwaukee,

516-453-6886 Received a phone today answered but promptly Put Upwards.

Post by zebec,

5164536886 But he s not out of India. While not angels Indians are getting a Bottom Reputation from calls emanating out of Pakistan that is your just State from where these Microsoft Duct Cleaning pharmacy etc. etc. callers are residing. Being a bigger State in your that neighborhood Pakistanis are joyful to kill two fowl along with 1 stone 1. Commit their scam and 2. 've it blamed on your State they hate India. The was Approved by an investigation carried out some time back where these calls were actually traced appropriate back to Karachi who are working in Line along with scampers residing in North America.

Post by toycannon,

516-453-6886 Incredible that this number just Looks for become transferred out of 1 scam to another. And your FCC and local Telephone Firms are helpless despite many Buyers complaining. I just Select up and set your phone down and forget these morons.

Post by Amazon Scam,

5164536886 Got telephone for sell me an Amazon. com Shop Web site hosted on Go Father. Your Price was W setup and W per month. I attempted for request a few questions and the chat went from high pressure sales to Violence. Amazon. com offers an associates Software with a Located Shop for sell their products to anyone for free. If you personally desire the Shop in your own domain you will have some of your own development work for do. Its sounds enjoy that is a telemarketing Agency Marketing whatever they could for people.

Post by Alice,

516-453-6886 JV just called again. I 've blocked this on my telephone.

Post by LOL,

5164536886 This really is Magnificent.

Post by DallasTXGal,

516-453-6886 W W W Received a telephone from 1 W W W on my cell Telephone W W Am. Did not answer. Caller ID says it was out of Mangiest NY. No express mail was left.

Post by Maggie,

5164536886 This idiot Maintained Individuals were Now hacking into my computer and Inquired if I was sitting at my computer at that Second. I think they must think everyone is stupid. I told him that people were welcome to hack into my computer because I no More had just one. I told him it was dismantled and discarded thus he Put up. I get these calls all that time the numbers Alter after a few times but it s constantly someone with a foreign Feature the connection is usually Very poor and it s always someone claiming you personally won something are being offered a allow you personally don t have for pay back something is wrong along with your computer or like the clown claiming someone out of another State is hacking into your own computer.

Post by William,

516-453-6886 A recording Striving for sell me medical alert Gear.

Post by Olivia,

5164536886 MFA. That s one manner for take a lemon and create lemonade. I Simply Choose up your Telephone and press Speak and Afterward Finish thus l don t 've to listen for your Telephone ringing all day out of these Trash calls. I vie already gotten 4 different ones today and it s only 4 pm. I think l enjoy your own approach better.

Post by Nat,

516-453-6886 Received that phone again Now. Place code W is blocked. HA HA .

Post by angelita dewitt,

5164536886 i keep receiving these calls out of the Amount W W W and dint understand who it's i dint need these calls coming for my phone

Post by chris perking,

516-453-6886 got a telephone out of this number

Post by Jason Miller,

5164536886 I 'm becoming too many calls from the number at my business a daytime. I Inquired the Individual not call back and they said they would telephone back.

Post by randall,

516-453-6886 they start saying hello seniors. . . . medicare medicaid. i pressed 2 to Prefer Outside W calls Past. so i took measures for block that member Thur brights. if the hap pends again I am going to the FBI fraud line.

Post by Sandra,

5164536886 They said they were my Web provider and Desired for help me fix corrupted files. They demand to maintain jail. .

Post by jose,

516-453-6886 I Merely got a phone from Microsoft windows Technology support. . . . . . . Indian Feature. . . . . . sounded like a Thief trying for get into my computer. I acted ignorant and non Open so he hung Upward. Attention full your poor crooked guys are on the hunt.

Post by Ed Cole,

5164536886 These calls come to my cell Telephone Practically daily for the previous 2 months. They're annoying.

Post by Publisher,

516-453-6886 Do not ENTER Your own Number. It will lock into their system. These Folks are Disadvantages. I vie had dozens of calls during the past few months they Usually say they're out of Microsoft for mend my computer. I Assessed with Microsoft. This is untrue. I request for a return number to phone them back. They won't offer a return Amount of path their Amount is stored on my phone so I telephone to see if anyone can response. Usually I reach a Firm that's nothing for do along with these Folks. I reported them to FBI fraud lines and let them understand that I did. I told that last just one that sadly he was going to sunburn within hell for being evil or that given your state of our universe someone may show up at his home. He Began screaming at me and Installed up.

Post by NJdotCOM,

5164536886 Caller ID was JV. That list of Opinions Addresses for itself.

Post by Lisa,

516-453-6886 Man express along with Indian Highlight telling me he was from Dell and that my computer was registering an error. I hung Upward immediately. Thus Unhappy that many people autumn for this.

Post by Valun,

5164536886 I received a call from these Folks today telling me they Desired to talk to your female member of the Residence They did not identify themselves which I considered rude and eventually I asked who is the . That person did not tell me his name but said he was from pain Comfort solutions . Your Owner ID on our Telephone identified these Individuals as JV. He seemed most Set out and impatient when I started asking him questions about who he was what he wanted etc. It was clear he Needed nothing more than for move on for that next unsolicited number on his list. While Composing the report hardly five minutes after the first call these Folks called again. I really let them 've it that second time.

Post by POed,

516-453-6886 Substantial Indian Highlight guy named Tally stating he was calling from Microsoft Specialized Section. Obviously a scam.

Post by Bad Wolf,

5164536886 Some of these operations are starting for objective Mac users and I cannot say I 'm surprised.

Post by Mary,

516-453-6886 I got your call that girl said was searching for Miss Barbara. I told isn't any Miss Barbara here amp don t phone again. That express wan t clear amp appears it was coming out of Ticket manner.

Post by Suzy,

5164536886 Obtained a call out of the today. Caller ID Nassau NY. Did not answer amp no message left.

Post by annoyed,

516-453-6886 now they are a solar company

Post by  Marie,

5164536886 Express send from a Owner with a substantial South Asian Feature Yeah my name is Mark and I m calling you out of solar Systems how you personally doing today no Breaks. I look for it challenging for consider that there s a Firm named solar Cells .

Post by AD,

516-453-6886 I Only got a phone 9 W W 5 PM EST out of a guy who sounded enjoy he was from India or South Asia maintaining that he is along with Dell Computers and that my computer is sending online error messages. He Inquired me for a few info Around my computer. I told him I would t supply it for him he Inquired me if I was a few kind of SS and I hung Upward on him and told him not for phone me again.

Post by Dana Bibacher,

5164536886 Unfortunately these Businesses are Established within Nations that will not allow your Companies for actions any Study.

Post by N.,

516-453-6886 They offered free computer Check for viruses. They are out of Microsoft. How Around Affordable swampland in Florida.

Post by Bob,

5164536886 Got a call on 4 W W my Owner ID power saw it was from JV Owner said I desire your own Partner had an Indian Feature then hung Upward.

Post by John,

516-453-6886 It was a record about a medical alert system they were Attempting to get you for accept keeps saying press 9 for become removed but keeps calling.

Post by Fed Up,

5164536886 This Really happened to my Mother Recently 9 W W caller Robert along with Indian Feature said he was from Windows Contact and there were viruses on her computer attempted to download Things on her computer Afterward tried to sell her W Applications to clean it up. Focused her for Www. Amy. com which may Truly be a valid Applications system but they are using and abusing it. DON T Do This. . Not just may they 've accessibility to your computer they could have access for your credit card information. I hate these Individuals.

Post by Grumpy Cat,

516-453-6886 I had similar phone at 7 W the morning out of an Indian sounding man so that as soon as he Began his Windows spiel I told him he was full of it and hung Upward on him. The phone Amount within the case was W XXX XX XX. Typically would t 've replied but was expecting a telephone telling me a maintenance man was on that way for my heater.

Post by Barbara,

5164536886 Got a call W W pm last nighttime. Asked if I was the one that had your computer. Said I had a virus. I Installed Upward.

Post by Becca,

516-453-6886 Several times a daytime I receive a phone telephone from the Amount. Since I don t recognize your Amount I don t answer. If it is legit they can leave a message. . . never do. That number is now blocked thus it goes directly to express mail. Needs to be Discontinued since it s being going on for so long.

Post by maryland,

5164536886 At least W calls within past 3 hours. No Individual or even robot is on line.

Post by KV,

516-453-6886 They called my land line at midnight in Vegas. . did t ans we but . could t get back to sleep. . . Want they could get these people

Post by disgusted,

5164536886 Your Telephone rang at 2. W 'm yes your Central of the night. . . It not poor enough that this idiots telephone numerous times during the daytime but they believe they could disturb you personally at anytime. I did t answer but was so tempted Simply to give them a Shot along with an extremely loud whistle.

Post by Guest,

516-453-6886 Keeps calling but hangs Upwards on me

Post by Nath,

5164536886 I reserved telephone Out of W W W the told me that m y commuter was Gina Both I said what your and I hang Outside WY would they get job like the. We don t need the wrong and lousy Goal. So it

Post by D,

516-453-6886 Did t response. . . no message left.

Post by Dr. Death,

5164536886 Report them and their Company for your state s Attorney General and this National agencies FBI FCC Fda FTC and the DJ Client Matters as nicely as that Inspector General for each agency. That Company needs to 've their permit revoked and their Control investigated at a minimum.

Post by John,

516-453-6886 Download free call blocker Program on your own cell phone. There are MANY free People. Get 1 that Permits your Amount to reply hang Upwards. Then they do not go for express send.

Post by .,


Post by LMB,

516-453-6886 This Place in Fresh York must become a hotbed of scam action either by spoofing etc. Over your past 3 years I have got calls from W W XX XX at least 8 different Amounts along with that W W beginning Running out of computer scams fire alarm scam Government scams credit card scam Walmart gift card scams Direct Tv scam and on and on and on.

Post by Edward,

5164536886 Call all the time. Regular help. . . Discontinue them

Post by lolwhat,

516-453-6886 Replied and a solid minute of Merely noise played. A mix of what sounded enjoy a few low quality phone ad dial Upward Sound heavy Fixed and arbitrary dings going on all at that same time. That History ad kept changing too. Trust I m not brainwashed now.

Post by JF77380,

5164536886 I just got a phone out of this Brand new York area code Amount. My Owner ID said Unavailable. My ID Program revealed Suspected Spam. No message was left. I am on both State and National Don't Telephone Lists. After reading others Articles here I have blocked all future calls from this number. Thanks Notes.


516-453-6886 East Indian Highlight guy Marketing Solar Electricity and Striving for get data within purchase to scam me. Installed Upwards.

Post by Guest,

5164536886 SCAM

Post by Mike,

516-453-6886 Guy by having an Indian Highlight supposedly from a window company saying he may stop calling if I pay my bills. Told him politely to get lost.

Post by skip,

5164536886 Got a call out of them the week while I was out. Caller ID said it was from JV thus I Go ogled it says it s Japanese Homosexual Video . . . Not that there s anything incorrect with being Western or gay but I believe I ll have to pass on whatever they re offering.

Post by Anne,

516-453-6886 Got phone out of the Amount now says they're air duct Business in my Region says they are Cambridge out of Mississauga. I said their phone number was not out of the country. He hung up.

Post by Guest,

5164536886 No message Merely hang Upwards when replying machine comes on.

Post by Sa,

516-453-6886 Reggie from Microsoft called my Mom s Telephone out of this Around her computer which she does not own. Going with your premise I let him him ask within an other than southern Feature what I saw on that Display. I said I see you. You are brief 've dreary hair . He Inquired if I was along with the FBI. I May}n' be. He said something not repeatable amp Put up. Vision Completed.

Post by BC,

5164536886 I got a telephone this morning at 6 a. m. said they were along with Wellbeing Attention Improvements. I rapidly informed them of the time it was and told them for not telephone back. Usually I would not reply an unknown number but since it was 6 a. m. I thought it might 've been an crisis. If they call out of this number again they can get an earful. . . . . . .

Post by KP,

516-453-6886 This Amount constantly Bands that Acreage line and that Mobile at your same time. Have had numerous calls. I do not answer them. I answered once by error as I like many others don t ans unknown numbers and there was no response just silence.

Post by Guest,

5164536886 this can be scam

Post by Betty,

516-453-6886 Caller ID matches this Remark JV. Number is the same. No message left.

Post by Anne,

5164536886 I got a Man who sounds like hes out of India stating hes out of Microsoft and that my computer is giving signals for Changes. He says since my computer isn't updating Accurately hell guide me step by step how to Upgrade Accurately and that he works along with Microsoft Pros. I told him I could t appropriate now and Installed Upwards.

Post by ALLEY,

516-453-6886 The Man with a accent called my number trying to get me to let him have accessibility for my computer i told him no he persisted i think he is trying to Crack computers . I did not request for his help he mentioned there was stuff incorrect with my computer he needs to be investigated as he could be one of that ones scamming Parents credit cards

Post by B,

5164536886 Good Fortune. They're most likely sitting at a computer in a boiler room in Mumbai India by having an automated rototiller spewing hundreds of calls per minutes. That calls come to the People through the Net virtually free and they spoof a Us Amount in your system. That corrupt local authorities enjoy that income in the People and won't Cease them. If just we could 've that NASA hint them through your internet and forward their location for that CIA drone Facility. That would be value for your tax dollars. .

Post by Susan,

516-453-6886 These dudes are Regular flyers . I see JV on Caller ID but never get a voice message. I suppose they desire a Put assault. They ll have a very long wait.

Post by sam,

5164536886 Set them on your Avoid telephone list.

Post by Gwen,

516-453-6886 Calls many times a daytime won t reply they don t leave message

Post by courtney,

5164536886 Thus I lost my phone what can I do

Post by Linda Petlak,

516-453-6886 I don't know the Amount therefore I do not response the call

Post by maxer,

5164536886 W W W was calling me for mend cellular telephone virus or Windows security issue. They state that they 've Found a serious problem along with my devices and want to repair them. Ran virus scans on my Products Only within case and nothing came up. Simply block this Amount on your Telephone.

Post by Kiona,

516-453-6886 I Merely got called by that number and was instantly skeptical

Post by Bill,

5164536886 Have been getting calls on my House phone for a week now from this number. They never leave a message feels like a scam to me. . . .

Post by John Paul,

516-453-6886 GET A Brand new CELL Phone Provider. . . I don t pay any such Prices. . . .

Post by Bob,

5164536886 Man calls said he s out of Microsoft and you've a virus on computer. Hang Upward on him. Additionally reset your Switch.

Post by Mary,

516-453-6886 My phone revealed a number but your name was Not Accessible. I picked Upward the phone and Inquired who was calling me if they were unavailable. After a Quick pause your reply was huh. I Put Upwards. Hitting the redial for your last Amount resulted in a message that the phone number wan t valid. Picture my surprise.

Post by Ms Key,

5164536886 I got a phone from this number 1 W W W and they cry curse words and hang up.

Post by Wise in Maryland,

516-453-6886 Another scam. . . they telephone Usually bit no message is left. I do not answer. Ignore them.

Post by RAS475overccpd.us,

5164536886 Called within claiming my computer is sending Malfunction message for their server. Windows Support not Microsoft Tech Support W W W. My service is a west shore data center with Web security at the server Info Centre. Theta called me or email on a scoured system. not land line This phone sound more enjoy a scam. British male express and pushy. Sounded like a boiler room due to background multiple voices. . . . . Labeled for CC PD. Us down stair.

Post by Jimbo H,

516-453-6886 Scam Business no Notion what they desire why won t your government shut them down.

Post by Donna,

5164536886 W W W called Could W W at W W am. Caller ID Out of Place. Thanks notes. This Owner has thus many identities and all are scams. BLOCKED

Post by robo failure?,

516-453-6886 ID read JV as noted above. Did NOT response NEVER response unknown callers but rang Around W times before stopping. No VIM here thus calls keep ringing. Why did t Rob blocking Get the phone if it is a recorded message. . .

Post by Maggie,

5164536886 I would love for locate this company and Value them appropriate within that nose. They call in any respect hours never leave a message and they Only don t Discontinue. We have been on that do not call list and it has not helped My Mom lives with this and they are interrupting her Sleep Practices at night not to mention that they're frightening her to death. Why can t these Folks become caught and Ceased thus sick and drained of this.

Post by ME,

516-453-6886 Weary of these calls Calling before 8 'm 've asked several time to Remove my Amount. The guy has very significant Feature hard to understand 1 word he is saying. . .

Post by John Paul,

5164536886 GET A Brand new CELL Telephone Service. . . I don t pay any such Prices. . . .

Post by Greg,

516-453-6886 My telephone blocker blocks all calls from this Place code. That's hundreds of possible Amounts. Buy a telephone blocker for W on amazon or eBay. Google phone blocker . Just one ring and they're gone. Caller ID service is Needed for blockers.

Post by Fred Dowm,

5164536886 Called me 4 times in one day duct cleaning.

Post by Scott,

516-453-6886 A lady with a significant oriental Highlight said they were receiving Signals out of my computer and that my computer was not Performing to Microsoft security updates. Put Upwards on her and blocked the tn.

Post by Cindyb,

5164536886 The Man along with that heavy Asian accent was calling concerning my private computer . He needs for get into my computer for fix many really serious compromises I Merely Installed Upwards for Around that hundredth time.

Post by David,

516-453-6886 That's a scam. He may attempt to get info to accessibility your Laptop.

Post by Guest,

5164536886 This can be a Fully Fake Owner . . . Be confident for tell others not for bother replying if the Amount comes up on their Owner ID.

Post by JB,

516-453-6886 The Amount has been calling Folks Allowing for notes on the Website since W and it's now W and papa Lease any of the Criticisms to your FCC has provided certainly no results within Ending them. Just went to that FCC website to whine myself and look for that all your data Demanded to create a complaint seems for be moot or they would have done something about it by now. I have Owner ID and blocking capabilities which I have done. . . Blocked their but they still continue to all even though it is blocked and they don't get any Link. These Bacall telemarketing centers aren't just annoying and prohibited but that Authorities agency called the FCC does nothing Around it either. . Because I never have replied the I don t know what type of phone they're trying for reach telemarketing would become my suppose but from a SCAM facet looking to gain info either for Identification that purposes or for access for just one s computer to download a virus or something of that nature. Would Think that after a point of getting blocked telephone that they eventually can stop. . meanwhile I feel a report for that FCC would only be a waste of vigor and time. and their request Around your Amount calling is totally invasive of personal info to Begin along with.

Post by guy bernier,

5164536886 it a scam

Post by F. McCain,

516-453-6886 Frequent. Response phone pickup but no message left

Post by Richard Hodge,

5164536886 could not recognize who was on the phone

Post by SirDAB,

516-453-6886 By opportunity have any of you had a new computer fix performed by a Rd Party i. e. Geek Team etc. .

Post by Frustrated,

5164536886 Did t answer. I m guessing duct cleaning.

Post by Sully,

516-453-6886 Man express Indian Feature. He could not pronounce my name for save his life. He said he was calling out of Solar Options. He said I won free solar panels for my house. I told him that I live within a car which by that manner USN t too Way in the truth.

Post by Faye Murphey c,

5164536886 I don t understand who your Business is but they're asking questions Around my computer and Code. They need desire me to give private data. Your name that Arrived Upward on caller ID is JV. I won't Begin my computer nor may I provide private data or Accounts for them. If I 've problems my son is a computer system Engineer.

Post by Nat,

516-453-6886 They call several times and hang Upward is enjoy they were checking who answers or what you personally tell them. Do not response these type of calls.

Post by Jurisdoc,

5164536886 Got a telephone out of this number at 1 PM today June W W. Owner ID said JV. Did not reply but they did leave a message Around private medical alerts. I vie blocked them

Post by magpie,

516-453-6886 Each day we get calls from the Amount if I could reach Thur your line I would strangle the jerks. I eventually replied and told them that I want off of their calling list and they Installed Upwards on me. Called me back a few minutes After what does it take to makes these Discontinue calling us. Its every day all daytime and nighttime.

Post by Anne,

5164536886 I got that exact same thing. My Computer USN t even turned on 1 2 your time. . . Cheers for your own submission. I m not alone.

Post by Fred,

516-453-6886 call out of this Amount on Oct W. I was not home no MSG left on ans machine.

Post by margi,

5164536886 Repeated calls from W W W

Post by Dawan,

516-453-6886 That Area Code isn't Nassau Bahamas it s Nassau Fresh York.

Post by Lestlie,

5164536886 I live within Concord NC calls maybe once a week never leaves messages. We screen calls amp do not response unknown s.

Post by v. frost,

516-453-6886 Did not reply. Message left was Merely dogs barking within that background.

Post by Laura,

5164536886 One of the Successful things that's reduced these for my Mom was registering her number with a service that blocks recalls.

Post by js,

516-453-6886 Did t response. . . . they left no voice send.

Post by Jack,

5164536886 Call out of Tony along with Indian Highlight out of Save With Solar . They vie called twice Now and I vie reported them twice. I got him riled by hitting my mute button after he went into his spiel. He thought I hung up and was obviously upset by it. Perhaps he ll get an ulcer if everyone does that.

Post by Jerry,

516-453-6886 I 'm not 1 to entertain these telemarketers. But I 've said on the Website that I would love for tell these calls for go forward and send your Authorities.

Post by paruchan,

5164536886 Got a phone out of the Amount. As shortly as he started talking I said please hold. I can get my boss . I Subsequently place your phone down for several minutes. I don t pay for my minutes. He Put Upwards after a few minutes of waiting. If everyone did this they would become Substantially less productive. The sooner you hang Upwards that sooner these jerks can telephone someone else.

Post by Dan K.,

516-453-6886 I agree along with Mark D. call their Amounts back and tie Upwards thee lines if that is spoofed your owners of that number could go after these Indian scampers. WHEN I Select Up MY Telephone AND Notice ANY INDIAN Accent I HANG Upwards WITHOUT Letting THEM Finish. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Post by Michael,

5164536886 Calls several times a day. Mangiest NY. If I Choose Upwards no response. Reverse look Upwards states Arius Land line within Nassau NY. Annoying.

Post by CK,

516-453-6886 Merely called me. . . Vendor services Service. I told them I m not interested within changing my Service and they got really pushy. I Put Upward after she Began getting snippy.

Post by Brian,

5164536886 Fake Windows specialized support. Said that they Wanted me to would things to my computer for repair a problem which was causing them for receive error signals .

Post by sandra,

516-453-6886 Ill Ill of these calls. I m on that don't phone list and get at least 3 calls a daytime. I blacker your number and Afterward they leave a message.

Post by Donna,

5164536886 These Technology support Microsoft Windows amp etc calls aren't Remote to the W Region code.

Post by dorothy,

516-453-6886 man along with a substantial accent. said he wan t selling anything but Desired for understand if I had Joint or back pain he said I was along with medicare. I asked him to remove my name from his list and Subsequently I Put u p

Post by Diana,

5164536886 I get calls at least twice a week. I vie used that 2 on my keypad repeatedly to block them but they're still becoming through. I Typically Skip them calling but one time I Decided Upward and your Indian sounding Man on the Finish of that phone said my Pc was having Difficulties. I asked him all types of questions to trip him Upwards but they are Fairly Consistent. I did t provide them an inch. Attempting to body Outside the best way to get rid of these people.

Post by vanessa6297,

516-453-6886 A telephone from the number was replied by my replying machine. That caller ID listed JV.

Post by Tent,

5164536886 Merely gotten a telephone maintaining I owed cash from a payday loan I have never had one she hung up on me saying I was uncooperative and for she will see me in court . Idiots.

Post by EMG,

516-453-6886 The number has called 3 times in two times. I m not answering and they are not Making a message.

Post by Port Charlotte,

5164536886 Stop calling we do not response unknown callers we have been on a don't telephone list thus please Discontinue calling.

Post by Marc D.,

516-453-6886 Man with significant Indian Feature said was out of Windows Tech Support. Called on my House property line. Told him don t call this number again Afterward blocked. Uncertainty it may prevent these people out of calling again out of another number. Called that Amount back went through your menu for Leave Comment and muted the line going for tie Upward their lines as Considerably as potential. Why is there no SCAM option on your Phone Kind .

Post by jess,

5164536886 My my. . . . Kathy. Would you Actually think the poster deserved that kind of Rant.

Post by jerzee44,

516-453-6886 Merely got a call sort this Amount. Caller ID is JV. they hung Upward when machine kicked on.

Post by David B.,

5164536886 Only got a phone today. Left no message. Caller ID said JV

Post by mdickie,

516-453-6886 Just got a telephone out of W W W. Replied it. Guy Needed to tell me something Around Crystal Lake. Said goodbye and Put Upwards.

Post by Maryann,

5164536886 Total scam. Female with Indian accent saying my computer was delivering them error messages. Yelled at her saying do not call me again. Total scam. . .

Post by William,

516-453-6886 Guns are rarely if ever used for protection. That s a myth sold by your NRA to sell guns and for Purchase politicians along with your Gains. With W W W Firearms within America even your own rational NRA Buddies will still 've a gun and can continue for shoot Upwards that remainder of us. Sorry for continuing that away Matter post. It s enjoy your spam calls we re complaining about.

Post by Rory,

5164536886 Rang once and Subsequently it disconnected

Post by Guest,

516-453-6886 These Individuals are telling me my computer isn't Performing for security updates. They're full of Whole BS because my computer had Norton and isn't having any issues. They better Quit calling.

Post by K Chicago Area,

5164536886 Did not leave a message.

Post by Sully,

516-453-6886 Male express Indian accent. He could not pronounce my name to save his life. He said he was calling from Solar Alternatives. He said I won free solar Systems for my house. I told him that I live within a Automobile which by your manner USN t overly Much from the truth.

Post by ....,

5164536886 . . . .

Post by Lola,

516-453-6886 With W pages of notes the number has some serious scampers. We got a hang Upward out of the Amount today 4 W PM. Based on these notice it won t be the last.

Post by Susan,

5164536886 I received a call from is number. They did not leave a message. When I called them back I just received a prerecorded message with Teaching on what to do next. I left a message for them told them I was going at hand around this number for your FBI Fraud line. I also told them if it was legitimate business Afterward they would have left a message. Microsoft can Typically send an E-mail to follow Upwards on that telephone or they overly would leave a message for that Individual they're calling and your nature of the call. I signed up for e do not call list but apparently it dozen t work as I am becoming all kinds of calls out of Folks I don't have any Thought who they are and what they desire. Just one such Amount is W. For obvious motive you are able to t call the Amount back.

Post by Betty,

516-453-6886 Thank you I Assessed that W W W post. Same Owner ID same number no message left. Telephone Arrived in Now.

Post by Sophie,

5164536886 I acquired again a telephone out of this Amount Now. It s a Woman who hardly Addresses English who s telling me that she s becoming signals from my Windows computer and she wants for help . I m a Mac. I told her I have a Mac and Inquired to speak to her manager she laughed and hung up. They only need to 've access for unsuspecting Folks s computers. Do not present them any info. . It s a scam.

Post by Agent Orange,

516-453-6886 They claimed to be Credit Card Services today

Post by Kevin,

5164536886 The number recalled my Residence at frig gin 6 W 'm this morning. Blah blah That Financing Your own Company NEEDS Upwards For W W. . .

Post by Nork,

516-453-6886 Only throwing my hat into the ring. Yes they called me but I wan t Dwelling. It was a Duplicate phone from the same number. It s your Microsoft scam. I vie stored that Amount in my own phone publication as Microsoft Scam. That way I know it s your Central Western brothers and sister calling for would us that favor of lightening the loads of our finances.

Post by Tammie,

5164536886 they're saying I filled out a Authorities allow application

Post by Granny,

516-453-6886 Missed telephone W W W V Now W W PM Missed but not quite definitely the number s been abusing people since W minimal you d think a Good carrier would at least not give service for these yous

Post by Kiona,

5164536886 I Only got called by that number and was immediately skeptical

Post by Charlotte Venturino,

516-453-6886 JV called me Now and told me to go F myself. . . . I 'm sick of these phone s Oct. Th W between 3 W 3 W PM. Rude

Post by Guest,

5164536886 Scam

Post by Helen,

516-453-6886 Got a telephone out of an Indian Highlight saying he was out of Microsoft. Needed me for supply him info from my computer. I called him an idiot and Put Upward.

Post by TWC,

5164536886 Owner ID JV. W 'm no message.

Post by Roque,

516-453-6886 Yes they are calling Around that same matter Microsoft. . . . a few files on my computer i Only dint believe it

Post by JB,

5164536886 Merely got a call out of this Amount. Took some time before someone Arrived on after I said Hi. I was becoming Prepared for hang Upward when a few Man with a Central Eastern sounding Feature said Mum am I m from Microsoft Specialized Support and. . . . That s when I used many curse words saying Fundamentally never telephone again. I vie gotten scam calls like the before.

Post by Guest,

516-453-6886 W W W called 2 times to tell me my computer was slow and my Information was in risk. I said my computer was Wonderful. He said no it's not your own computer is slow. Will there be Someplace wee could call and turn them within.

Post by Betty,

5164536886 Thank you I Assessed your W W W post. Same Owner ID same Amount no message left. Telephone came in today.

Post by Andre Leamons,

516-453-6886 Please tell these scumbags to stop calling my number. . . . I don't need unsolicited calls of any type. I get calls on my cell Telephone and my work phone from these jerks. . . .

Post by Daleavila,

5164536886 Got a phone from Indian woman saying I had a virus on my Estimate saying she worked for Microsoft and wanted accessibility for o my computer so the could mend it I told her that I have a Buddy that works for Microsoft and hell mend it for me don't give Everyone access for your requirements re computer its bull that solitary they could fix it I team a vi res Check and found nothing on my computer I used spy Robot search and Damage and maltreats those two Applications can stay very any and all infection s



Post by Ben M,

5164536886 I get a phone out of this number minimal twice a week for over six months. I vie spoken with law Administration can t would much. Oh confident they take your own info and tell you personally all that measures for take for protect your own Id but in that end it s Merely like when you personally report something stolen they prob Simply won t locate anything. I vie Truly considered spending my days away calling Residents of India during inopportune times of their day Merely to request them if they work for a telephone Facility. JFK obviously but seriously that is that Difficulty people Businesses within other countries don t 've to follow your Guidelines. PS most of your companies themselves are American they hire Individuals in foreign lands for can matters which are prohibited here. . .

Post by Bob,

516-453-6886 Telephone rang once half a ring. Assessed here for Check it was a scummier. Will block that Amount.

Post by Long Island, NY,

5164536886 My mother got a similar telephone out of a scam artist pretending for become my son supposedly arrested for DUI after a car Crash. She was asked not to call me and said a lawyer would call back for ask for her help for post Help. She did telephone me and then After directed that Attorney to call me. He did and I asked him numerous questions. All info given was untrue. Does anyone understand how they get thus Considerably private information. They knew my son s name and knew his grandma s name and Amount. Also is it potential for ask your Phone Business to disconnect W W W. I reported the telephone for your FTC.

Post by CMBailey,

516-453-6886 This has happened 7 times. I replied and could hear Sound in the History but no just one talked for me.

Post by Jacquelyn,

5164536886 That telephone and don t leave a message I get weary of this everyday on my cell phone.

Post by Ontario, Canada,

516-453-6886 Received a call Today from a Central east Highlighted Chap who insisted he was from Microsoft and told me that hackers were damaging my computer. He wanted me to go for my computer and log on Possibly so he could walk me through the steps Required for keep that hackers at bay. Correct. Needless for state I did not although he was Very insistent mentioning several times how he was from Microsoft and Only Needed for help me protect me and my computer from your hackers. Don t autumn with this scam Do not go along along with these cons.

Post by Ginger Ewing,

5164536886 no answer when I answered your Telephone. Thus many scams today. Blocking the Amount.

Post by Guest,

516-453-6886 This number calls 2 times a daytime. They say they are that Geek Squad and my computer has W terrible hits that he needs to take away. Simply offer him my serial on my computer and he may Go me through it. I told him why would I supply you personally that. He said so he could match my name along with that computer. I told him to Cease calling my computer is Wonderful and I know this is a scam and Put Upwards the Telephone. He calls right back and jousts Stay on your line and argues along with me. I don t answer the phone along with this on it. 1 W W W SCAM.


5164536886 GOT 2 calls from the Amount Now ignored the first one but answered that second one. He knew my name address etc. said his name was MAC. Very heavy Feature I Set your phone down for a couple of minutes when I Decided it Upward he was still babbling something about solar systems. He is now blocked . . . . . . . .

Post by William,

516-453-6886 Firearms are infrequently if ever used for protection. That s a Fantasy sold by the NRA to sell guns and to buy politicians with your profits. Along with W W W Firearms in America even your own reasonable NRA Buddies can still 've a gun and can continue for shoot up your remainder of us. Sorry for continuing the away Matter post. It s enjoy that spam calls we re complaining Around.

Post by Adriana,

5164536886 Installed Upwards on me

Post by TeresaL,

516-453-6886 Called here Now W W W at 1 PM had Unknown name on it so I did t reply it.

Post by bob,

5164536886 They got my Amount off of Grisliest those cheating . Because they fresh my sales numerable Lakes Resort

Post by Stephen,

516-453-6886 W W W Yes I Merely got the phone I d be laughing my away if I did t understand some Individuals fall with this. Man with India Feature Hello the windows not even Microsoft Windows Lola we display you personally re having Problems along with your Windows. Me what kind of errors and what kind of windows. Man you personally do 've windows Yes but what type would I have Guy dozen t question all Yes I don t see no Problems what type how would we understand that and something Around internet and my system crashing more BS than I said you personally got a number I can call you personally back at I am busy Offers me 1 W W W

Post by Satayloraz,

5164536886 These Individuals always phone saying they are from Microsoft. I 've a Mac so I knew they were full of crap.

Post by Faith33,

516-453-6886 My acreage line started ringing at 6. 'm out of this Amount again at 6. Am amp again 7. Am. This really is happening everyday out of morning for nighttime. These Folks are persistent. I never reply but they still phone around amp around again. In between these calls I get another 1 with a very similar number. I m at my wits Finish want I could just rip the Telephone out the wall amp Getaway these morons.

Post by Wendy Valla,

5164536886 Drained of scam calls and the so called don't telephone list that I am Assumed for become on. Even reporting does nothing. . . . . . . . . .

Post by Ottawa, On,

516-453-6886 Your woman has strong Indian Feature. She said that there s something erroneous about my computer. I Simply need for state that those Pol might use Google for telephone. As we discover from our Parents never Speak to some stranger.

Post by Annoyed Citizen,

5164536886 Must not

Post by Susan,

516-453-6886 They Simply called. Did not response since I recognized that Amount as being out of a scummier .

Post by Dawan,

5164536886 Your Place Code is not Nassau Bahamas it s Nassau Brand new York.

Post by Gil,

516-453-6886 They called again at 'm Now.

Post by Steve Girka,

5164536886 Telephone Residence Telephone at W pm CST daily

Post by sleepy,

516-453-6886 got a telephone out of the 9 W pm. . . . offering tutoring services for Mathematics and some other Topics. . . . Substantial accent. . . I Inquired if they had tutoring in English and they hung up. . . .

Post by bk_worm,

5164536886 I got a call out of this number. The Owner Maintained which he was calling out of Shaw Direct . I heard a Bizarre echo within your History like someone was calling from a cell phone property line phone but long distance. I told the caller that I m not with Shaw Direct and hung Upwards.

Post by me,

516-453-6886 Got a telephone from this Amount said Hi . . no reply. if someone calls please leave a message or don t hassle to call


5164536886 Based on previous places it sounds enjoy this operation is Established overseas and not on Long Island.

Post by Tiffany,

516-453-6886 Caller said I had a problem with my computer. I played along and then preceded for let him know I am married to an IT Man and this phone was BS. They called again along with the same story. The time my husband talked to them for ten minutes leading them in Groups. They thought they had a Fool but my Partner then yd to leave people alone.

Post by barb,

5164536886 ignore as the may Price u dearly plus they try to take around computer remotely so they could Crack within and steal important information.

Post by Gege,

516-453-6886 probably Rd time to call me . . . scam artist mid east Highlight with Windows specialized Around my computer I said . and Installed Upwards.

Post by cathy,

5164536886 same as Convention s response now that are blocking their number with unknown Amount but a few days Past It was out of JV 5 times Now

Post by LImom,

516-453-6886 They called my cell Telephone asking if I was that homeowner and had my not empty name and address. SOLAR AMERICA. Began by asking me questions about what my Electrical bill is. . . Um hell's no not giving that Information. Proceeded for tell her that I m on that don't phone list and that what she s doing is illegal and I m reporting them to the FTC. Entire SCAM gt They vie been calling me every month since March W

Post by chillax,

5164536886 Mindless stupid Dumb Pol they r. . . . i love what u wrote ta them Thumbnails up. . . .

Post by Sierra,

516-453-6886 I have had your same idiotic Telephone calls from scampers for your past year. I Managed my issue two Times Past. . and these scampers are Simply going to town. . . They don't have any leg to stand on. . but are still Striving however. And yes. . I got your Risk of I m going for Prison in thirty Min's from the call. Tues what. . nothing happened. 've kept all your Amazing calls. With their got up case Amounts. And wild States. And you understand what. Not a 1 has Delivered me a page. .

Post by KC,

5164536886 Called and said hello around and around I did t pick up. Would never can company with such idiots.

Post by Mike,

516-453-6886 This guy just called. He Inquired for Maria . I told him there was no Maria at the Amount and that We d just proceeded within and were given that phone number. He Desired to Disagree and told me I was Assumed for tell your phone Business for Alter their database. Before he could continue his bullying he was talking about what I should have done I did t present him any more time to get for his scam and Installed Upward.

Post by Sheila Gentry,

5164536886 We obtained a telephone reporting an action on our computer. They asked for all Sorts of info and when it was not given we eventually Put up on them. They called back cursing and said all of the Reports were now in jeopardy.

Post by Cindy,

516-453-6886 Claims for have gotten information from your State of Florida that we have been in demand of working capital for many big projects we have coming Upward. States to be from Broadway Progress. Wasted as much time as I could. . . . jerks. LIARS SCAM SCAM

Post by perplexed,

5164536886 Received a phone telephone on my cell phone from a man along with a significant Indian Feature stating which he was out of Network Security and someone was trying for Crack into your computer system. First of all he called my cell phone for a business Exchange. . . I never give Outside my cell phone for work Applications. Secondly he would not say how he obtained information as for how someone was Attempting to hack into our computer system. The IPA address he Offered was Fake. If you get a phone call out of the Amount don t response it.

Post by Fed Up,

516-453-6886 'm fed up with ALL of these calls out of Microsoft . A Man with a heavy India accent called Recently and said my computer had reported error messages to them and they were going for help me resoluteness your Difficulties. I played along and Inquired which computer the Dell or your HP. He said HP and Subsequently I said that is humorous we don t even have an HP. He Put Upwards on me. The morning my Man answered and a guy with a heavy India express told him our computer was reporting error messages. My Man told him your same number had called yesterday and he knew it was a scam and we were going to report him. That Man responded Who the F can you personally think you are. My Partner said you can t Discuss to me like that I 'm going for report you personally. The Man said I could Speak however that F I want to you can t can anything to me.

Post by Paterno,

5164536886 Did not reply their call. Leave no message.

Post by Betsy,

516-453-6886 Heavy Indian Feature calling out of Geek because my computer is giving Outside error messages that need for be addressed and he is here for help me. Informed him it was a scam and I don't provide anyone permission to get into my computer and after he argued with me for several back and forth of me not allowing anything out of him I Installed Upwards.

Post by fed up,

5164536886 Got the phone this morning on my cell Telephone I did t answer and then again on the office phone. When she Inquired for owner by name I defined your owner was unavailable. She Subsequently states she ll call back After. Thus drained of these calls.

Post by Renae,

516-453-6886 Don't have any Notion who this can be or how they got my number. Called and hung Upward Now.

Post by nvan,

5164536886 Called to tell me someone was Striving for Crack into my Windows based system. Um Millimeters no. Told him I did t own a computer. Hung Upwards.

Post by LOURDES,

516-453-6886 I acquired a Complete of 3 calls from W W W. That ST time on W W W W Am and Now W W W 8 'm and W PM caller ID states is out of NY. They never left a express mail and I Simply added that phone for my Vehicle reject list.

Post by Rob,

5164536886 Garbage Amazon is searching for people enjoy you too make a few thousand a month guy could hardly Discuss could tell he was reading out of a script. Posted a Grisliest Advertising scampers constantly start right after blocked and moving on. . .

Post by N.,

516-453-6886 No message. They called and Put up.

Post by Mike,

5164536886 W 2 8 W got a telephone out of this number. Having gotten numerous telephone out of these scampers I listened for him tell me to go to web address Internet. reviewer. com. My luckily my Telephone died.

Post by Lee Mason,

516-453-6886 Called me and I Inquired which computer I have 5 could it be your Macs or that PCs he said it s your windows Software. Okay so Mac dozen t have windows so it s that PCs that are affected you are able to see this on my PCs correct now. . . Yes Friend I see it in your Computer correct now. Fine strive I simply have Macs no PCs. click.

Did you get an unwanted call from 516-453-6886? Is 5164536886 Safe to Answer or a Spam Caller? Tell us as much as you can!

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6502129999 Complains by Guest,


9034138826 Complains by Guest,

obscene phone calls and lewd text messages

8082761434 Complains by MichellePoly,

Got an automated message last week from "Central Business Office" telling me to call.  They asked for birthday, soc #, etc which I would not give.  Said they were St Anthony Medical Center and I had an outstanding balance.  When I called St Anthony directly they said my household had no outstanding balances.  This week got the same automated message.  Called St Anthony Billing and billing for each dr we've seen, again, no outstanding balances.  Called # on automated message and they again told me I had outstanding balance for St Anthony.  I told them to send me a bill...

8133437082 Complains by Guest,

calls within your afternoon and night after business hours

5102105632 Complains by Guest,

his really Bizarre as if hes gargling a few salt while his talking

8037792400 Complains by Tessa,

Its likely all that Sessions for that drive were filled by members of that church. The bus is little. They could only have 5 or 6 people donating at once. Your blood Facility where I Contribute can take W at once plus at least that many giving plasma or platelets in that next room. If you personally Actually desire for Contribute See the site present it your own zip code and look for a drive that works along with your schedule. HTTP Internet. biodegradability. org create Gift Also on your Red Cross Website read the Qualifications requirements and that tips for a Effective donation. I use that site for schedule my Gifts. I believe my most current Gift was lifetime W

8098353513 Complains by Guest,

yes i got a phone from the number. a female calls all that time. Peculiar.

4082152690 Complains by Guest,

Telephone at Decode of dawn and late at night

8595921527 Complains by Guest,

Telephone led but left no message

9042393513 Complains by Guest,


8103394019 Complains by Kris,

Canadian pharmacy saying I 've a refill on octane. . Never had a script for it

8168753077 Complains by Guest,

Hangs Upwards when you personally response. Don t Select up.

8669342161 Complains by Guest,

harassment. call they. don t. know who they're calling.

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9013522522 Complains by Guest,

Please Cease calling.

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