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Post by Guest,

5165901850 Calls sounding Mexican and could t even understand them. Hung Upwards and they called correct back. I blocked them.

Post by Guest,

516-590-1850 Keeps calling. . . already told them for take me off that list but they ignore that request. .

Post by SEK Locksmith,

5165901850 Really had a in front of this number on my Owner ID which always Sets up a reddish Banner. Asked for that owner by your last name. I Installed Upward and did t even offer them a chance for talk. I could hear Sound and voices within that History. S

Post by gp,

516-590-1850 called 3 times nobody on another Finish but not dead air. they're calling my cell. wont reply anymore

Post by Guest,

5165901850 This Amount calls almost everyday at that same time on my cell Telephone. Eventually I replied and they were Striving to sell me some type of extended warranty on my non existent Auto. USN t this illegal on cell phones.

Post by Robert,

516-590-1850 Receiving calls out of Entry Fancily offering for lend me cash. Repeatedly 've Inquired to become Set on Don't Phone LIST. Keep becoming that calls tough

Post by suchi,

5165901850 the number is out of new York call me 3 o 4 times for explain Around a cash sophisticated i believe is a fraudulent services

Post by Doc,

516-590-1850 Called yesterday and misrepresented themselves as the Edison Co . I called back because Edison is the electric co your Girl said she is along with Entrance Vendor Capital LC. I Inquired her why they misrepresent themselves as a Leading vigor co and she became a bit awful. Scam

Post by RHP,

5165901850 They called me Attempting for give me a company loan. They Needed for send me a company profile application. Desired SS and a lot of private Information . Sounds enjoy scam for MW.

Post by Scam Buster,

516-590-1850 Phone out of Gateway Vendor Capital LC Nothing more than a shell Firm for scampers. If you go for their Site Afterward Solitude page You'll see all your different Firm s. Now for that amusing part I always present them a fictitious name. So now when I get calls and the request for AKA I Actually screw along with them. The call was from a phone Facility within India trying for get me to borrow cash. So first I tell them my corporate address is different than this one thus I supply them your Lawyer Generals address. Then I tell them I going to use that cash for Transfer cows out of India because I 've Cafe that butchers your cows right there Subsequently smokes them and Functions them up Texas Style. Serious i 'm Piffling confident these call Stores are ran by a Man called Sven Tootling who owns a Firm called Paralytics. Go for their Website and check it out even says how they can Cool calls and faxing. Sven is within along with Matthew Wits Payment Systems Corp The biggest scam organization going.

Post by Guest,

5165901850 Idiot. . could i speak to that owner. . response This is a corporation. . Well could I Talk for your owner. Answer Discussed it was a corporation again. . They Put Upwards. . Man I am sick of calls enjoy the. .

Post by Frank,

516-590-1850 Rob Owner calling from a spoofed Telephone number from a company that does not exist. I answered as your Us Justice Section and Subsequently they went on for try and sell me a credit processing service. I instantaneously told them the sounded enjoy an excellent idea and commenced to Prepare for an appointment. That address I Offered is across your road out of my store where the dumpsters are located. I trust they go dumpster Going.

Post by Robert,

5165901850 This number was Attempting for sell expanded Auto service.

Post by Guest,

516-590-1850 Asked for late husband. When told no got upset because I quot took too long for reply Telephone. quot I said I Assess Owner ID if I don t know number I don t response. Can definitely not answer now. . .

Post by Gia,

5165901850 The do not phone list unfortunately does not Apply to Companies only Houses and cell Telephones.

Post by Jan,

516-590-1850 The number called my cell Telephone Recently and attempted to tell me that I need expanded service on my Auto but I told them that my Partner Addresses what my car needs thus I may Discuss for him and get back for them. But they said they would telephone back at a more suitable time when he is Residence. Thus I Put Upward. The Amount called my cell Telephone a few minutes ago but I did t reply that telephone the time.

Post by Guest,

5165901850 cash advance caller

Post by Martha,

516-590-1850 Yea they call my Small business as well asking for the owner by his name I ask on Part of who so that as shortly as I hear their name I just hang up. They call each 2 3 times if not Regular.

Post by Company,

5165901850 Caller ID reads Out of Area Been cold calling daily this week. I vie Simply been hanging up on them.

Post by Guest,

516-590-1850 Within complete disregard of your don't phone registry they continue to call. SPAMMERS.

Post by Not Important,

5165901850 W W W just called your company yet again. It s undoubtedly a spoofed number. Skip Adhara Gupta Patel or whatever within the heck her Actual last name is was calling out of a sweatshop I mean phone Centre in India. She gave my Assistant your fake name Anne Smith. How original. She called asking for your owner by name Afterward when pressed to understand what the call was about she Promised for become from GM AC Financial. Humorous we don t 've a loan with GM AC thus my Assistant notion it would be intriguing for Really forwards the call to me. When I picked Upwards the phone and pressed for more information from Skip horribly broken English India she instantaneously went into hard sell reading from a script spiel Striving to peddle a high attention speed small company loan. I informed her that we have been not interested and proceeded for hang Upward on her. So drained of these calls and SE spam Email addresses all coming from India.

Post by Robin,

516-590-1850 I had to laugh. Great one. I get these calls every daytime at my little business. Never answer. We ll kill ISIS after they kill these spoofs.

Post by Ycatsss,

5165901850 They're making their Times again. Called X. I don't response Amounts I do not know. Frustrating.

Post by Guest,

516-590-1850 Marketing loans

Post by Guest,

5165901850 spam

Post by tee,

516-590-1850 This called my house . . . they got my answering machine they were calling my first name repeatedly enjoy they knew me.

Post by Sick and Tired,

5165901850 The Amount has repeatedly called my cell phone up for W times a daytime. Now they started calling my work Amount.

Post by BostonHolly,

516-590-1850 Reading your above comments verifies why I never reply your phone. I Just Discount all calls Recorded on Owner ID received out of unfamiliar Region Rules. If it s important enough callers may leave a voice mail message and I 've a selection to return that phone or erase it.

Post by Guest,

5165901850 Significant SPAM Task CONFIRMED

Post by Guest,

516-590-1850 bastards they should ALL rot within H.

Post by Robin,

5165901850 I had to jest. Good one. I get these calls every day at my small company. Never response. We ll kill ISIS after they kill these spoofs.

Post by Leslie,

516-590-1850 The number called my company line several times and no just one talked. They Installed Upward. W Seep W

Post by Sherri,

5165901850 The Amount has called numerous times to my cell phone which is registered on your no call list. I never reply and they never leave a message

Post by sandy,

516-590-1850 the phone number was calling my house for two days for an expanded Auto service. your number is W W W. I told them I did not need that extended service cause my car is still Underneath Guarantee.

Post by B,

5165901850 Called and Inquired for owner by name but I told them for remove from list when I said he wan t available and they Inquired for another owner.

Post by Josh,

516-590-1850 Simply got a telephone out of the company. They state their are company finance company. I described that I am on that do not telephone list and the guy got nasty with me.

Post by Guest,

5165901850 k

Post by Alpha Numaro,

516-590-1850 These scummier scumbags all ed three times today. You personally re eligible for a cash Progress. Do you understand. You Getaway t Inquired me my name. said I. Scampers. Indian scampers. Be aware.

Post by Guest,

5165901850 . . a number that deserves for become blocked. . . .

Post by Guest,

516-590-1850 I consider it to be telemarketing. Inquired for speak with owner. Eventually said I vie owned company for W yrs. and 've nothing to speak to you personally Around. He still would not Leave. Said Needed to advise qualified for a cash Progress for my company. Definitely was foreign must 've been outsourced. Said great bye and I Put Upward. Do I Discontinue THESE Steady Phone CALLS Receive THEM CONTINUOUSLY.

Post by Rob,

5165901850 Same here they acted as if I had a few sort of relationship with them previously. When I told them I d Offered that Automobile that Man Began to attempt and Speak for me Around my brand new Auto which does not exist. Called my cell phone which I reminded them was illegal.

Post by Gia,

516-590-1850 Your do not call list unfortunately does not pertain for Companies simply Houses and cell Telephones.

Post by Z-MAN,

5165901850 Call your local Police Section and report your event to their electronic offense department. If they tell you to Discount it Subsequently Speak to some Manager. You can also block all calls out of the telephone number. Keep a log. Take the date time Amount from where they called and any other Connected data. Keep a record next to the phone. Overly many harassing calls and you can phone the Federal Communications Commission. They might bot even be in the country. Don t offer them any information if you don t know them. This time each year they come from your woodwork. They phone and don t leave a message.

Post by Guest,

516-590-1850 cash advance

Post by Marty,

5165901850 They called asking for the owner it being me I asked on behalf of whom and they said they were calling from GM Monetary. They phone at least once a daytime.

Post by Z-MAN,

516-590-1850 Telephone your local Police Department and report the Occasion to their electronic offense department. If they tell you to Discount it Afterward Speak to some supervisor. You can also block all calls out of the telephone number. Keep a log. Take that date time number from where they called and any other Connected data. Keep a record next for your phone. Too many harassing calls and you are able to call the National Communications Commission. They might bot even be in the country. Don t offer them any information if you personally don t know them. This time each year they come from that woodwork. They phone and don t leave a message.

Post by Guest,

5165901850 Always calls about a Auto that I don t even have

Post by Guest,

516-590-1850 Said I qualified for company loan. Excessively tough for recognize. Man did t Chat English quite great. Told him I did t ask for loan but insisted I needed one. Put up.

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unwanted solicitor

5126408168 Complains by Guest,

Warner spam knows bank name false claim

9192293226 Complains by Guest,

block everything.

8174924805 Complains by Guest,

Good BYE

8086208778 Complains by Guest,

I received a telephone message from (876) 505) 3820, to my cell phone., 1. The message stated that this call was from Evon Miles, Federal Trade Commission. The Federal Trade Commission has a package for me which requires to be picked up. 2. Monday (6/25/2012), I called that telephone number, someone stated that this was the "US Custom Department", I asked if this was a branch of the US Federal Government, she said yes. 3. She stated that "Evon Miles" was in a meeting and would call me back. She further stated that Evon Miles was employed at the Miami Airport, telephone number (305) 876-7000

8327426999 Complains by DTD,

Its a scam. . . Read my entry.

2532499350 Complains by Guest,

They re calling me out of multiple Distinct Amounts daily with your same add

8002729876 Complains by Ken,

Telemarketer Andersen Windows Florida Region. Woman said she had the correct to telephone since Amount is within phone book been registered for Do not Call List both federal and state. Called Andersen Corp and told them your could become liable if for.

8002359301 Complains by Jeff S,

These idiots call us all the time. (sms, abs, gps, ipa, iba, homm, whatever name they choose that day) Our favorite thing to do with them is put them on hold and see how long they will sit there. (we have extra lines, no big deal) They call and ask for my father often, he passed away two years ago, and if we tell them that they have said "oh bull, I just talked to him a week ago"  lmao! They have called our receptionist (my sister) a [***] and hung up many times when she screens them. I have literally told them to go "F" themselves and they still call. If I'm in the mood to mess with them it is kind of fun actually.

8002181485 Complains by Jimbo,

Pentagram a Choices company

8002195699 Complains by Sandra,

A man said well hello and Afterward Began talking but your reception was quite bad thus I Put Upward.

8002805397 Complains by RandomTonberry,

This group was phone ling me repeatedly trying to Gather a debt for Information. I don t owe Information anything. I just kept telling your Group agents that I don t can business around that Telephone I don t share private Information over that Telephone period. After telling them the Around a dozen times they eventually Discontinued calling.

8002626199 Complains by Yaya,

Nicely I 've Duplicate for all pages when I order an item through your Net yes they offer W dollars present as Motivation for the purchase nowhere say is link to your membership or You're going for have Regular Costs. . . Easy Savers and Important Savings are rip away companies. . . . I called them and request refund for all charges and Ended the spouse membership. . . Next I called my credit card Firm and place a consumer State for both Firms report the card as fraud loss and get a new Amount for prevent more charges and put a stop Costs for those Specific Businesses and also request that alteration as unauthorized Prices Merely within case that company did not reverse your charges. . . Why all of the. because this can be a Grab away I do not trust those Businesses and I do not believe they can Quit Receiving you personally unless you cancel and get a new fresh card number. . . . .

8002286713 Complains by anonymous,

Record message out of Bob Robertson Around Around how he could Rise my revenue for my company. Please call him back at your Amount to locate out

8002735152 Complains by Janette,

The agency is calling at my Occupation first of all I don t understand how they got that Amount. When I response the Telephone I m the clerk an automated message tells that is message from NCO a debt Set Bureau please phone Nick at W W W . If your phone is for me I don t understand how they 've my work number and I m not permit Edward for become receiving personal calls at my job. If they continue calling I can loose it. I need that company for delete my work Amount from their list instantaneously.

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