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Telephone information: Allegiance Telecom. Garden City, NY. Nassau. United states
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Post by Guest,

5166932211 Argued Around giving him my E-mail he said police are coming and Put up. Absolute SCAM. . . . . .

Post by Guest,

516-693-2211 this Owner calls and says that they're in the Irs and that myself or my Lawyer needs to contact them before Activity is Chosen.

Post by Guest,

5166932211 Rob phone out of Nicker Jackson claiming to be from Government and if I did t return that phone Activity would be taken against me.

Post by Guest,

516-693-2211 States for become Government. Scam.

Post by Susan,

5166932211 HTTP Internet. Irs. gov AC Tax Scams Client Alerted notes. com forum ta Irs warns of Phone scam Report the Calls for that Actual Irs here report your episode to the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Management at W W W. You can Additionally file a Gripe with that Federal Trade Commission at FTC. gov. Add Government Phone Scam for your comments in your own Criticism. Can consider becoming a call blocking Unit or phone. . You are able to Google them and many are around W. W or thus. If its a cell phone many already have call blocking if not there are free Applications on that web that can work for many. You are able to Google the. If you've a bright Telephone there's a free app called telephone control. IPhone appear to have apps Additionally. Another 1 is called Mr. Amount.

Post by Susan,

516-693-2211 HTTP Www. Government. gov AC Tax Scams Client Alerted notes. com forum ta Government warns of telephone scam Report your Calls for that real Irs here report the incident for your Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration at W W W. You are able to Additionally file a complaint with your National Trade Commission at FTC. gov. Add Irs Telephone Scam for that Opinions within your Gripe. Would consider becoming a phone blocking Product or Telephone. . You are able to Google them and many are Approximately W. W or so. If its a cell phone some already have telephone blocking if not there are free apps on the net that will work for a few. You can Google this. If you have a clever Telephone there is a free Program called phone control. IPhone Search for have Applications Additionally. Another just one is called Mr. Number.

Post by Guest,

5166932211 said she was Government agent and I should Answer to the call or face legal action

Post by Guest,

516-693-2211 scam

Post by Trent,

5166932211 a Individual maintaining for become from the Irs using a fake created voice said I owed them cash. Whole scam W W

Post by Guest,

516-693-2211 States for be IRS

Post by oli,

5166932211 The Amount called me too. Tried calling back and it Simply rang. . I am believing scam.

Post by Guest,

516-693-2211 I got the same call. That Government would never say quot Don t disregard this message and would return the phone before we take any Actions against you. quot I m fairly confident your Original contact from the Irs would maintain your sort of a correspondence.

Post by Karyn,

5166932211 Got express message and Afterward called them back. Was told all sorts of crap Around going for court and being arrested and having my bank accounts frozen. He never got for that point were he Inquired for money because I yelled at him and hung up. He was exceedingly rude and condescending not for mention threatening.

Post by candy johnson,

516-693-2211 I got a call out of Telephone Amount W W W amp said they were that Government. He said I owed cash in Supported taxes and if I didn't pay they would 've an Official come arrest me. They're requesting that you personally load a green dot card along with . . . . he admitted he is a scummier and makes alto of money doing it. He said they're located within India and he just scams Folks for Upwards for 6 W BEWARE. . . . . . . .

Post by Guest,

5166932211 They said they are Government. I called back and they hung Upwards on me after leaving a Registered message for call them asap.

Post by CG,

516-693-2211 I Additionally got a telephone out of this Amount saying they were Specialist Vicky Jackson from your Government and for phone back before they take action against me. Going for report that Amount correct now.

Post by Guest,

5166932211 Said she was from the Irs and for phone back before they started for press charges.

Post by Guest,

516-693-2211 They left a message that they're Government. It s a scam called back told them we all know they are Not Irs and we 're all shrewd to them. Exactly why Getaway t they been shut down. . . Does anyone attention that they're doing this. . .

Post by Guest,

5166932211 She said she was a Government agent and I yell not disregard the phone and must call this number before your Government took Actions against me

Post by Cy,

516-693-2211 Scam

Post by Not amused,

5166932211 I obtained an automated message from this Amount Now that previously mentioned it was that Irs calling viewing a time sensitive matter and urgent question and to call back as soon as possible. When I did I spoke with a man with a strong Indian accent who identified himself as Lewis Miller Irs Investigative Representative and instantaneously previously mentioned a false federal ID number. He informed me the Government had attempted contacting me several times without response and that on two occasions an Representative even Arrived for my Dwelling with Certification to Function me. He Subsequently told me that because I failed for be attained that I was classified as fleeing and running out of outstanding debts from Assumed fraudulent taxes filed in the previous and the Government was suing me that there was a federal arrest warrant out for me that Us Marshals would be arriving to my home or work within an hour to arrest me and for seize my property Automobiles and bank Records. When I Inquired about exactly why I had never acquired any Certification within your mail he went through a lengthy confusing explanation and then said I May}n' have an opportunity to settle your question and not have for be arrested. He said my outstanding debt was more than W and when was Capable to pay it Now he would phone away your warrant but that when I was not willing for Abide agents would arrest me in less than hour I would be in jail for seven times until court release and that the suit was suing me for over W W in federal legal delinquent Costs. He said that since my bank Records and debit card was seized I could only pay with a prepaid tax voucher aka prepaid credit card . This can be A Total SCAM. That True Government Site warns people of these fraud phone scampers who fake they're Government agents. Your Government can NEVER need money or personal data on your Telephone and can Consistently try Calling a person through the mail first. HTTP Internet. Irs. gov AC Tax Scams Customer Alerted Www. Government. gov AC Newsroom Scam Phone Ca . . . auspicious Calls

Post by Danielle,

516-693-2211 As other callers 've reported I received a recorded message for phone viewing an Government issue. Entire SCAM. . . Don t call back. Man called me revolting names and when my Man got on your Telephone. He exploded on guy. . That caller continuing for telephone us for 4 hours later every 2 5 minutes from W different Amounts and some how was even calling my house along with my own home number. . Totally harassed people. I was Required for turn my phone off. Could t block number no way of locating out who scummier is. DON T Phone The Amount BACK. . .

Post by Guest,

5166932211 Stated she was along with IRS

Post by Guest,

516-693-2211 They have called twice today saying they were in the Irs and we must return their call instantaneously as that is a time sensitive question. As we have been on that DC list the dozen t appear for get through to these Folks as we get calls daily from various numbers. I comprehend that is a scam therefore I ignore their requests. But it is still annoying.

Post by Guest,

5166932211 Claim for be from your Irs said her name was Nicker Johnson.

Post by Guest,

516-693-2211 Owner Asserted for be in the quot Irs quot Would not reply any questions only stressed I must response his and adhere to everything he was asking of me. When I got more aggressive for Solutions that Owner hung Upwards on me.

Post by Guest,

5166932211 My sister got a telephone from a girl out of this Amount saying she was from the Irs and something was incorrect along with her Fees.

Post by Ronald Miller,

516-693-2211 Same message as above. Government Specialist Jackson said I should act before they take action against me.

Post by Guest,

5166932211 Said she is from Government don't disregard the phone if I don t Answer Activity will become taken against me. This came to me on 4 W W

Post by Guest,

516-693-2211 They 've called twice today W W W Saying they're that Irs and we must return their phone instantly. As we are on the DC list which would Search to be blocking these calls as we get them daily. This is a scam for confident. These Individuals should be fined heavily for impersonating that Government.

Post by HW,

5166932211 Gotten two calls out of the number Now It's a recorded message with an pressing message to telephone that number back Ignored both messages

Post by Guest,

516-693-2211 Why does that FCC let this continue.

Post by Beverly,

5166932211 Same Owner along with your same message. Nick Jackson Irs etc. My son had me Assess this Amount out Recently thus I knew it was a scam. Do not call that number. Only block it or Blow off it. Afterward report it.

Post by SARA,

516-693-2211 I acquired your exact same creepy voice Registered message this can be a phishing scam and that Government would never telephone you personally to Accumulate a debt before they send written discover. There's no way I 'm going for phone them back and give them any banking info.

Post by RB,

5166932211 I got the same electronic simulation call from Nick Brown and ignored it. I called the Amount for cuss them out but nobody Decided Upward. The scummier is probably sleeping in India Nigeria or wherever . . .

Post by Guest,

516-693-2211 SCAM. Was told I must telephone them Irs immediately. .

Post by SARA,

5166932211 I gotten your exact same creepy express Registered message this can be a phishing scam and that Government would never phone you to Accumulate a debt before they send Composed notice. There surely is no manner I 'm going to phone them back and offer them any banking info.

Post by Guest,

516-693-2211 Scam. Maintaining to be out of Government calling about time sensitive subject. Government Does not Call Everyone EVER. Scam.

Post by Guest,

5166932211 Wow The caller said quot This telephone is very important. You personally must phone that Government instantaneously. What a scam. .

Post by Guest,

516-693-2211 Got a telephone the morning out of this Amount it was a recording saying quot this can be that Government telephone back or else take care quot . . As a Sufferer of identity theft already with my taxes I m not whatsoever gonna phone the Amount back. . When these Folks get Found they are searching at Federal prison time and lots of it

Post by Barbasol,

5166932211 Got that Registered message mentioning Nick Johnson and W W W. Very Creepy. Glad for this particular site to know it s a scam.

Post by Guest,

516-693-2211 Scam

Post by LL,

5166932211 I got a phone twice today and last week and last month. Its quite annoying Address message. She said she is Officer Nick Jackson from Irs and her Popular line number is W W W. That express message like the. . . don t disregard the message and can return your telephone before we take Activity against you.

Post by Guest,

516-693-2211 Stated she was from the Government and we needed to phone back. I don t believe thus. Irs already took care of our Fees. CPA files Mine.

Post by LL,

5166932211 I got a phone twice Now and last week and last month. Its really annoying treat message. She said she is Specialist Nick Johnson from Irs and her Popular line number is W W W. Your voice message enjoy this. . . don t disregard the message and can return your call before we take action against you.

Post by Guest,

516-693-2211 Scam Government call. Don't call back. Irs will not conduct business within the style.

Post by Guest,

5166932211 Computerized Nuisance callers using another Amount. Same recording.

Post by AL,

516-693-2211 I have been receiving calls from the Amount Generally Recently. Initially I ignored the telephone and no messages were left. Eventually I obtained a robotic sounding pare recorded voice send message stating that I needed to call Officer Nick Johnson from your Government and failure to can so would result within action Chosen against me. I called that Amount thus that I could provide whomever replied an ear not empty but of course no 1 replied. I figured the was a scam thus I go ogled the Amount for see how many other people had Given along with this nonsense. It s almost comical that Sum of time Folks waste with these rubbish scams. Do not autumn for these scams.

Post by CR,

5166932211 We got an identical call. Reported it on DICTA. gov.

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8166985887 Complains by Guest,

Untrue message no such Business as Allen care Pharmacy in Kansas MO

3103990468 Complains by Guest,

Offered lower cc interest rate

6787247740 Complains by Guest,

cit co

8044848278 Complains by mars,

Called 2 W pm got a busy tone on the other Finish .

8052852188 Complains by Guest,

Did t answer

2253417045 Complains by Guest,

No 1 s on another line. Its quiet.

6787647926 Complains by Guest,

receive no texts or calls

8582126778 Complains by Guest,

Received telephone out of this number soliciting inspection of a few kind. I 'm Guessed to be on a no call list.

8002527508 Complains by Bob Bobabooeey,

Same here.

8002299668 Complains by Ranger,

I 've purchased cigars from Thompson Cigar before. I 've told them many times over that last few years that if I Desired to order I would. No club BS. I may never purchase from these Individuals again. They don t understand what NO means. And their Costs can be conquer online and local Shops for what I desire. I may never Purchase something out of a company that it for chicken for leave a message or block Outside the Owner id.

8002490450 Complains by Emily Smith,

Unsolicited fax

8002802816 Complains by Linda McPherson,

Fees appearing on my Credit Card Charge and W W W is only among your Telephone numbers for Think Credit. Advising Credit Card Chase to September. Th W

8002098004 Complains by Darlene,

I was charged W. W from this Telephone Amount and never purchased a matter. I need for know what the Firm is it was earlier charged from sic. Debit PPS DEBIT DIR REG. Internet REIGNITED. CO MN Link for more info in a new browser window. W. Purchase DATE W W Purchase Sum W. This can be FRAUD now they Merely altered for this numbered GOOGLE W W Dr W

8000521505 Complains by PBateman,

Yep the number attempted Often to telephone me a few months Past. Around 7 8 times a week for a month or thus. Subsequently out of blue they attempted again Now first time within 6 months. Figure they thought I May n't have Discontinued filtering incoming calls. Jeez If I could get hold of whoever sells there contact lists I d throttle them.

8002239988 Complains by Robbie,

Leave name of Daniel Kennedy and Information which he can maintain his office till 5 o Time desires you to telephone him. No Firm name or reason for call.

8002733486 Complains by Anita Wilson,

I Simply want for Check if this cell Telephone Amount Fit to your Timmy Hunter

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