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Telephone information: Global Crossing Local Services-ny. Garden City, NY. Nassau. United states
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Post by Guest,

5168139100 debt collectors

Post by NotGonnaHappen,

516-813-9100 Hey Lizzy. Caps lock is for .

Post by ben,

5168139100 just got 1 now 4 W pm W W W. Only called. no message. believe they 've called me before.

Post by Guest,

516-813-9100 Debt collector.

Post by Jen,

5168139100 Gotten another call from the number on my cell Telephone. Again no message was left. If this Assumed collection Bureau did t leave a message before because the name on that cell Telephone was not who they were Striving for reach they should have Chosen my number away your list. As I mentioned before this really is unprofessional conduct and not Regular of Actual Set agencies.

Post by Beth,

516-813-9100 It s a Set Bureau Allied. I have been paying away a debt with them. It s legit as legit as a Set agency could be. Experience has shown that when a Group agency did t take my number of their list when were searching for sometime else I filled up with the BBB and never heard out of them again.

Post by Denis,

5168139100 No they don t. . . . They 've called me many times. And I tell them they 've the incorrect Individual. It is not me. Finally I told them they phone me again I 'm filing harassment Prices against them. I 've keep a record of their calls after that third call.

Post by damien,

516-813-9100 These people called and Inquired for my wife Around your own company subject but would not talk for me her Partner. They proceeded for hang up on me thus I called back and Inquired who they are. . They would t tell me I got horrible along with them and they Put Upwards on me again. I called back went to voice send but did t believe it was worth it to leave a message these Folks are idiots. Humorous thing is that I Desired to locate out what they Wanted for Guide in your matter and they would t Discuss to me. That is a message for Allied Yo guy if someone on another Finish of that Telephone offers to help out with a issue don t hand up on them.

Post by Jules,

5168139100 Acquired call twice in the past two weeks. Picked Upward today and Girl asking for Juan something. Thus Bizarre.

Post by VAMP1071,

516-813-9100 Lizzy Are you serious. These Folks don t consider you when you personally tell them they have that wrong Amount or name. I have spoken to various debt Lovers Specially at my Occupation where a girl who used to work at has a lot of people coming after her. I keep telling these Individuals that they 've achieved a business and that the party they Find has not been Used along with your Business for many time and you personally understand what they state to either myself or Chap co workers who response he Telephone. . They phone people liars and tell people we re the person they're looking for and for Merely supply them their cash or they ll keep calling. They are harassing a business to that point where we don t fuss answering your phones anymore. We are a medical Institution and we've patients who phone and we could t even response he phones because every freaking call we response Looks for become Statement Lovers. On top of that I gotten not just calls at House but letters as well telling me I owe nearly W W within a student loan. I do not owe that money and I 'm not your Individual they seek but your names are quite similar aside sort her having Fitzgerald in her name your First name Central Original and last names are the same. I have told them which our Delivery Schedules and Outside socials are nothing likewise so please Quit bothering me. I am seriously concerned that they can Test for either garnish my Salaries or go after me tax returns for something which is not my debt. As a Casualty of previous identity theft I am so nervous of getting Attached by these Locations again.

Post by Guest,

5168139100 Statement Group Firm. Keeps calling and asking for someone that no longer has the number.

Post by Jen,

516-813-9100 This Amount calls my cell phone during various times of daytime once each couple weeks ago. I do not get a chance to reply before they hang up. A message is never left. If that is a collection agency that is not professional. Other Group agencies leave a voice mail stating who they're Attempting for contact and Instructions for the intended People. If that is a Group agency it sounds like a scam for me.

Post by Jules,

5168139100 Obtained call twice within your previous two weeks. Picked up today and Girl asking for Juan something. Thus Peculiar.

Post by leelo,

516-813-9100 I 've gotten 3 phone calls out of the Amount within your past 2 days. I haven't picked Upwards because I dint Comprehend that Amount. They telephone but dint leave a message.

Post by mike,

5168139100 E-mail W protected on W W W at 4 PM Edward st i rec d a phone out of W W W at my House tel upon answering i was Set on hold to music no one ever spoke.

Post by bill,

516-813-9100 gotten a telephone W W W 8 PM out of W W W they Inquired who OT was and Installed Upward.

Post by Guest,

5168139100 Allied Commercial

Post by Guest,

516-813-9100 3 calls a daytime 7 times a week Allied Account Services Inc. W Bed Honda Path Bell more NY W W creditors for several Businesses tic

Post by joe,

5168139100 obtained phone on 9 W W at W W pm

Post by christine,

516-813-9100 got a phone from these Folks they are allied services or something they are a Set dept or investigating collection for a Individual who had my Dwelling phone number before me had someone Elise's name they've been call ling me for 2 months and keep saying they ll take my name away your acct but continue for call and now instead of asking for this other person they 've Exchange my name along with this phone number and are looking for Accumulate out of me what a combine Upwards very annoying at this point.

Post by VAMP1071,

5168139100 Lizzy Are you personally serious. These people don t consider you personally when you tell them they 've your incorrect Amount or name. I have spoken to various debt collectors Notably at my Occupation where a girl who used for work at has a lot of Folks coming after her. I keep telling these Individuals that they 've achieved a company and that the party they Find has not been employed along with the company for some time and you know what they state to either myself or Guy co workers who answer he Telephone. . They call people liars and tell us we re your person they're searching for and to Simply supply them their cash or they ll keep calling. They are harassing a company to your point where we don t annoyance answering that Telephones anymore. We are a medical Institution and we have patients who call and we can t even response he phones because every freaking telephone we response seems for become bill collectors. On top of that I acquired not only calls at Dwelling but Words as well telling me I owe almost W W in a student loan. I don't owe that cash and I 'm not that Individual they seek but our names are really similar aside kind her having Fitzgerald within her name your First name Mid Original and last names are your same. I have told them which our Delivery Times and out socials are nothing alike so please Quit bothering me. I 'm seriously concerned that they can attempt to either garnish my Salaries or go after me tax Yields for something which is not my debt. As a Sufferer of previous Identification theft I am thus nervous of becoming Attached by these places again.

Post by Mike,

516-813-9100 These Folks are Allied Account Services W Bed Toyota Path Bell more NY You are able to also look them Upward on Google by their W 1 W W They are a collection Bureau.

Post by Guest,

5168139100 debt collector

Post by Misha,

516-813-9100 I keep becoming phone calls on my cell Telephone for a Tamika Rivers who Resided at my address earlier to when I purchased it over 5 YEARS Past. . . . . . . . . . . . I keep telling them that she dozen t live here Hans t in around 5 years I don t know who she is or where she is and to Discontinue calling. They never accept that and each time it oscillates into an Discussion with them saying well we know she s there etc etc. I vie called their collaborate office via the phone Paul was sort enough to post and left Gripe after Grievance. But. . . I m still receiving Telephone calls even as late as this morning. Will there be anything that can become done for Cease these short of Calling that Authorities for harassment. . .

Post by Jen,

5168139100 This Amount is Beginning for telephone more frequently still without a express send. I called back this time attained Allied Account Services and dialed 0 for that Agent. I was transferred to your gentleman who Viewed Upwards my number and Tested the Person they were Attempting for reach could not become achieved through my cell Telephone. My Amount has been removed.

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3142638589 Complains by Guest,

called out of this number W W W about current incapacity case. i go ogled the number and saw a hair salon come Upward thus i called your Amount back and it took me to a recording for incapacity reports and i telephone W W W a Amount that was given during the record. i 'm not certain why i would receive a call out of st Louis for my case within Ohio and not from my local offices.

5043556218 Complains by Guest,

I want for block the person

6179103435 Complains by Guest,

Telephone comes Upward as quot from area quot no message

7795224760 Complains by Guest,


8172370791 Complains by Guest,

leave me alone

9044072376 Complains by Guest,


2012928363 Complains by Guest,

A few calls out of a law office Striving for Accumulate a debt. Frighten tactic was used saying that they can demand to Go forwards along with the case but Desired for make contact for settle first. . .

5208295110 Complains by Guest,

They phone everyday and Power me to response questions about school even after I tell them multiple times I am not interested.

5403696934 Complains by Guest,

've been called several times Perhaps one a month for four or five months. Never answered never left message. I answered this time. A female voice said quot Around weekend quot Afterward Ceased taking. I kept saying hello no response. I left the Telephone on and read my son a book Around tractors. Still no response. I think it's not a telemarketer sounded enjoy a teenage girl.

7604292872 Complains by Guest,

this a scam . . . dint Discuss to these Pol. . . if you can look for Outside who their talking about turn them in

9059448326 Complains by Guest,

Hello I'm vino Nate's from India. . . . . My E-mail Address is Vino. Nate's gm ail. com I demand for talk you Around one Man whom you might have Seen within India. . . please supply me a few time thanks bye. .

5412140947 Complains by Holly,

So did i when i call back nothing. . . .

8002642597 Complains by Is this real,

A phone out of this Amount offering W for logging into AT amp T Fidelity is this Actual or is it a Joke. Two telephone in W minutes. An offer overly good.

8322446550 Complains by Guest,

The Owner called request who owner was Afterward Installed up

8762865273 Complains by Guest,

Your re On That Block list .

8048297218 Complains by Terelyn,

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