5168255634 / 516-825-5634

Telephone information: Verizon New York. Lynbrook, NY. Nassau. United states
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Post by I'm a Who's Who candidate,

5168255634 She called me and said that she has to have my attention for 15 minutes to interview me because someone nominated me for the Who's Who award. All she could tell me about myself is my position and who I work for and since she called me at work, that makes her a real sleuth. I was very surprised when she said that bcs everyone i work with hates me....and I knwo they wouldnt nominate me for anything...LOL

Post by Chris,

516-825-5634 They Merely called my work Telephone. Ask that Female how she got my number. She previously mentioned I filled Outside something and my Avocations where yodeling. Had my Occupation title completely erroneous. She made a few rude comment Around me signing up as a joke when I told her I had for get back to work. I ended Upward hanging up on her.

Post by J. Rayfield,

5168255634 And years later he is still there as he acknowledged within his latest vim he s left many messages for me.

Post by F Young,

516-825-5634 The phone was a cold call for my work number. I did not return your phone.

Post by Nadine,

5168255634 They called me and I got the same marketing Storyline you personally all got. When I said your price was more than I was not unwilling to spend they instantly Lost it. When I still hesitated they AGAIN dropped it . . . all the manner down to W. W for a two year Membership. I body it s a great networking opportunity for a little amount of money. I vie learned that when you personally stall enough the price will Constantly come down. . . . . . .

Post by Susan,

516-825-5634 Selling plaques

Post by YBL,

5168255634 Someone called Maria called me from the number and went on about all the Advantages . Asking for People W. Just say NO THANK You.

Post by Nick,

516-825-5634 They call each daytime. The morning at 7 W 'm they called around and around and around again and when I Decided Upward they Put Upward. So I called them and a Man replied and said there must become a problem with their phone system. There s a Issue alright. And I told these Individuals a couple of years Past not to telephone.

Post by Seriously,

5168255634 Got a call out of this number today did t answer. They left a W second express mail full of air noise.

Post by Cori,

516-825-5634 Hello I vie been called a couple of times once at House Recently and once on my cellular telephone phone Now . Don t know how they locate my name tel Telephones as I leave within France. BTW they shut your Discussions as soon as I answered the first question about my name. What are they looking for. .

Post by Toni,

5168255634 Yes I Merely gotten the same phone call along with that W Region code phone Amount. I Inquired your same Economic question and that answer did t come until W minutes After with a 1 W lifetime membership Price. I also said could not afford that and it was lowered and lowered for W for a year. When I defined I Desired to Talk to my accountant and or Lawyer I was told that they would only believe of it as a cash Exchange and not 've my absolute best interests as Much as Increasing my company was concerned. When I Additionally said I would review that documentation they send first I was told there would not be anything until I joined. I said I would return the call and it ended suddenly along with the caller saying that I had his phone Amount.

Post by Joyce A,

516-825-5634 This really is your exact message I have obtained VIM 3 times in the last 2 days. Simply difference is the caller is Jackie Curtis. Your phone comes within on W W W but call back number is that W W W. I haven't returned your calls.

Post by Uh huh,

5168255634 Yep Michael Grady called House and personal cell. Checked out their Site. 'm certainly not interested. Can be blocking these calls. Shush.

Post by sfrp,

516-825-5634 called cell and left a few seconds of air and hung up

Post by Cori,

5168255634 Hi I vie been called a couple of times once at Dwelling yesterday and once on my cellular telephone Telephone Now . Don t understand how they look for my name tel phones as I leave in France. BTW they closed that conversations as soon as I replied the first question Around my name. What exactly are they looking for. .

Post by sneaky,

516-825-5634 Good to know he Merely called. Cheers.

Post by Toni,

5168255634 Yes I Merely received the same phone telephone along with your W Region code phone Amount. I asked the same Fiscal question and the response did t come until W minutes later along with a 1 W lifetime Account fee. I also said could not Manage that and it was lowered and lowered for W for a year. When I discussed I Desired for Talk to my accountant and or attorney I was told that they would just think of it as a cash Deal and not have my very best interests as Way as expanding my business was concerned. When I also said I would review your documentation they send first I was told there would not become anything until I joined. I said I would return the phone and it ended suddenly with the caller saying that I had his phone Amount.

Post by Joyce A,

516-825-5634 This is your Specific message I 've acquired VIM 3 times within that last 2 times. Only difference is that caller is Jackie Curtis. That call comes within on W W W but phone back number is your W W W. I haven't returned that calls.

Post by Not That Foolish,

5168255634 Yup. I vie been selected as I m gifted in my profession for my outstanding Benefits to your Business. The I already know. What they don t understand is that I m not foolish Or financially gifted enough to throw away W. Gotcha.

Post by PP,

516-825-5634 p. s. I use Google express for my Dwelling office number so I Just blocked them. Now they ll hear a this Amount was disconnected message if they try to telephone again.

Post by Michelle,

5168255634 A David Peters called and left a message from the Amount about a publishing deadline on my office phone. They voice did sounded like a terrible Contacts or high quality animated but used my name multiple times in the message. I did not return that telephone.

Post by JJS,

516-825-5634 Been receiving call out of this number for several days now. A Woman left VIM that first time and Subsequently someone keeps calling and when I don't answer the Owner hangs Upward. Last 3 times get one call every day. Just don t reply.

Post by grinner,

5168255634 you have been selected to join Outside Special group. small time offer simply W. W gets you Supported after a short Q A session for support you are as great as you personally say Erik Bigwigs was the callers name direct line W W really Chronic Striving for get a credit card number around the phone immediately.

Post by J. Rayfield,

516-825-5634 And years later he is still there as he Accepted in his latest vim which he s left many messages for me.

Post by President of The Republic of Kenya,

5168255634 I got a phone from W which I did t reply Afterward a minute After I got a phone out of W W W which I also did t fuss answering it. 1 is People and 7 is Paris. I still can t tell the connection between there two calls but I Think Continental Who s Who

Post by Colleen,

516-825-5634 I kept becoming these calls overly. Subsequently I got really ticked away when my Child answered my Telephone and some Girl named Lawanda proceeded for present my Baby a Actual hard time. She was very rude. Thus I turned that tables and called the Amount back. Your girl that answered I asked her her name and then I told her that I was Marketing Cups of whoop Butt for 1 W. W and insisted she must buy this. She hung Upward. I called back and this Party went on repeatedly over your course of the next 2 times. Needless to state that calls Quit. AND IT FELT Freak Within Wonderful. . . Lola

Post by Varun Kapoor,

5168255634 A Woman called me and said she was from intercontinental hotel. . . i wonder how she got to know my name since i live within India and 've never been from India

Post by Independent Business Owner,

516-825-5634 I received a voicemail from a 701 area code number stating Kerry Stock was calling me (full name) about a personal business matter and to call her back at the corporate office at this 516 number.

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5034032710 Complains by Guest,

n a

8305499136 Complains by Guest,

They told me I won a prize. I ignored.

9543798566 Complains by Guest,

Telephone out of Amount yesterday and Now. I do not answer since I do not Understand your Amount. No message left.

8173825236 Complains by Guest,

i desire to delete the number. i dint understand how

8325515625 Complains by juliana,

Bacall fear mongering about the president Authorities. a long list of what ifs i. e. what if the president could read your E-mail what if the president could shoot you. what if the W states were no More sovereign. . . . blah blah blah

5619521651 Complains by Guest,


8327863691 Complains by tx,

gt gt gt This can be an extremely awful Individual or organization within the Houston Texas Place with evil within tensions for stealing money from good honest Individuals like you and me. . . . Lt Lt Lt Yours is the first Grievance Around this Amount. Tell people your motive You're having a case of phone rage. Nobody is going for help you personally based on bare conclusive accusations.

3239286570 Complains by Guest,

go bound off a bridge n kill yo self do people all a Party favor. .

8003393579 Complains by namsirck,

Number called my Mobile at W left no message. Instant call back yielded no info as that Amount would either not go through or would ring and go to your Amount you are calling was disconnected shifted or is no More in service .

8043921406 Complains by Guest,

like for create deal along with you

8003450207 Complains by John,

RB'S card services Previously People Bank Additionally Understood as People Bank. You probably 've an account along with among these or if not them let them understand thus they could remove you personally from the system.

8003472306 Complains by PissedOff,

Report them to the Gov You can file a Criticism by e mail E-mail W protected telephone 1 W Call FCC 1 W W W express or 1 W TELL FCC 1 W W W TY by Facsimile for 1 W W W via the electronic Gripe sort at HTTP support. FCC. gov Grievances. HTML or mail. For that FCC to procedure your Gripe you must either fill within your electronic sort fully or otherwise indicate your name and address that Residence Telephone Amount where you personally received your solicitation identification of the individual or Business whose products or services were being advertised or Offered and any Telephone Amounts included in the phone a description of that telephone any Telephone number Supplied for allow you personally for Choose Outside of future calls whether you personally or anyone else within your own House Offered that Owner state earlier permission to telephone whether you have an EBRO with that caller specifically whether you personally or anyone else within your Home made any purchases of property goods or services from your Business that called or got any question or Submitted an Program with your Business prior for receiving the call . If mailing a Grievance send it to Federal Communications Commission Buyer amp Governmental Affairs Office Client Requests and Complaints Division Th Road SW Washington DC W

8044958991 Complains by Guest,

Annoying unsolicited calls all daytime and night.

8046328371 Complains by z,

Road call Now from different Owner ID s. Same tactics same name they re searching for does not work for your Business. Losing patience with these losers.

8022226374 Complains by TRM,

Large Advertising call us now for get a Benefits card because you Seen a Site.

8002843400 Complains by lala,


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