5168645002 / 516-864-5002

Telephone information: Sprint Spectrum L.p.. Westbury, NY. Nassau. United states
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Post by Guest,

5168645002 Calls several times a daytime and night and hangs up

Post by Marta,

516-864-5002 Me stop calling me. I don t demand specialized support Idiot on phone how you understand you personally don t need it. I can Close down your own computer within half an hour. Me go ahead. Shut it down. click

Post by Guest,

5168645002 Says you might have a Issue along with your own computer and he may mend it

Post by Guest,

516-864-5002 5 calls within 5 amp 1 2 hours. 2 girls 1 man 2 hangups. Your heavy Indian Feature and use that ploy that there is a Difficulty with your own computer. I told your first woman she was a liar and a cheat and I meant to report her to your Cops. She Put up on me. Could you personally imagine. . This same scam happened to me on Could W but at that time the phone they used was W W W. I posted this on Facebook including your Telephone .

Post by Bev,

5168645002 For that previous 2 weeks I 've been receiving calls from 1 W W W. No just one responds when I state Hi. When I call your number back I get a message saying they're not available. This really is annoying. How do I get this to Cease. When I see this no on my caller ID I am not going to answer anymore. I don't understand anyone within Fresh York

Post by Not happy,

516-864-5002 It s W W pm . . . We've to work in your morning. The phone at this time of night frightened me to passing. . . They have called during the day. Once a man along with broken English left an extremely terrible message. Called people M Fin Morons. Kept saying Depressed sad U morons. This can be dreadful. . . . . I m ready to cut your phones off. . .

Post by Guest,

5168645002 Calls several times a daytime. No one there. No message.

Post by Guest,

516-864-5002 Individual along with a substantial Highlight calls and says there surely is something incorrect along with my computer. I m an IT Individual so I Inquired what computer they were referring for. That Individual Inquired me to turn on my computer. I said forget it and hung up.

Post by James C,

5168645002 I have gotten around W phone calls Now W W W out of the number W W W. They continue for hang up the Telephone when I pick Upward the receiver and provide no manner to Discontinue them.

Post by Tim R,

516-864-5002 W W W keeps calling saying they're Striving to mend my computer problem.

Post by Guest,

5168645002 keeps calling several times today already nobody ever there other reports say it's a scam trying for phish you using alleged computer repairer

Post by Walt,

516-864-5002 My land line and my cell phone rang concurrently from the number. Definitely who ever is calling knows that both Amounts Fit for the same person. Within other words that is not simply an auto Switch er working its way out of xxx W to xxx W. I did t response either call and neither left a MSG.

Post by XXXX,

5168645002 There's in response for something incorrect along with your own computer female voice . Repeated callbacks Come in Not available amp Swath W . English and Spanish

Post by Guest,

516-864-5002 Two episode of females along with not thus good fluency within English language Asian. stating quot There's within response for something erroneous with your computer quot . I attempted for get the callers to identify themselves but that Owner evaded. It was an obvious phishing scam. Reported this Amount for the Us FTC fraud line.

Post by Mark,

5168645002 W W W called me using my roommates last name and Desired for understand if I was your owner of your computer. I told her she Clearly did t understand me or she would know that wan t my last name. I told her I was going for turn her into the Experts if she did t Stop Attempting for scam me and I ended that telephone. It's a mad universe when we can t love our evening without a Bic. calling Attempting for scam.

Post by Guest,

516-864-5002 Foreigner calling Around my computer. They called at W W in the evening.

Post by Donna,

5168645002 Got a telephone from a powerful Highlighted Girl maintaining to be from your tech Section about warnings and alerts out of my computer Seeking me to turn it on. That call came in as out of Region at W PM. I told her the phone was a fake and if there's a problem for telephone back during the day or morning. I Installed Upward.

Post by Guest,

516-864-5002 Have called several times over that last month and Generally hang Upward. When I can talk for someone they state that they're from Windows technical Table quot and my computer is broadcasting a virus over that internet and desires me to turn my computer on. I told them that I would not would this and for not phone me ever again.

Post by Kimberly Skaggs,

5168645002 They repeatedly telephone back but there surely is never a Man on the other Finish or you cannot Notice them because there is such awful static. I finally had for block them on my cell Telephone.

Post by Guest,

516-864-5002 Fraud Please be conscious of your scam. . .

Post by Glinda,

5168645002 I am Thus sick of the continuous scam calls . . Not replying has not worked. I now pick Upward and instantaneously hang up.

Post by Guest,

516-864-5002 States they are Microsoft Specialized support along with heavy Indian Feature. A Girl both times yesterday and Now at PM . Told them I was not talking for them since I had no Difficulties along with my computer and that I knew it was a scam. Told them I would become calling your cop to report them and not to phone back. Could possibly try your air horn or loud scream before hanging Upward next time. Maybe I can burst an eardrum.

Post by Guest,

5168645002 . . . . . . . . money laundering scam

Post by Donna,

516-864-5002 I posted Around a telephone coming from the Amount Recently. Got a Duplicate call today from your strongly accented Girl about my computer problems. She used my full name this time. She Needed me for get within front of my computer and turn it on and she was going for help me mend my problems. I Inquired her if she was from Technology support and she said yes. I Inquired her what Firm she was Technology support for and she said Windows . I told her I don t have a computer and she told me I m a Enrolled Window s user along with my name and number. I told her she isn't legit and Put Upward on her. That Caller ID said Missouri along with your Amount W W W. I Go ogled that Amount and got gobble Sag in foreign languages.

Post by Guest,

5168645002 1 W W W Attempted for get me to Weight Rural access software from Amy. com so he could quot help quot me with that computer Difficulties that were being reported. At the Finish he called me a quot Mommy Keri quot when I called him on his SCAM Saturday 9 W

Post by Ohio,

516-864-5002 I keep getting calls in the technical dept. about my computer giving the viruses incorrect Requirements etc . I asked which computer they said that just one within front of me. I Inquired which operating system I had and he replied windows 8. Incorrect. I Inquired what kind of problems. he wants me to turn on my computer. . I Simply Began telling them I know that is a scam and I am record your conversation so I can report it. they hang up.

Post by Diane,

5168645002 Thank goodness I can block calls out of my fresh Telephone. After blocking W W W Valparaiso Within I got the same type of telephone out of W W W Brig Lair ON I got a telephone at 6 W pm Now W W from a fresh number Cellphone NV W W W but it was a hang up. I immediately blocked the number. For your own info I Submitted an official report with Microsoft W W W Windows Technology Support since these callers are Signifying themselves as Microsoft Windows agents. Microsoft is conscious of these scam calls and are working on the Difficulty. Everyone needs to file reports with Microsoft.

Post by Guest,

516-864-5002 Someone along with heavy foreign accent called after W W PM at nighttime Looking to know if something was incorrect along with that computer. After my grandmother informed them that she did t have a computer they instantaneously hung up on her.

Post by uuu,

5168645002 Please watch Outside for these frauds as they are calling from these Amounts. . . 1 W W W W They're fraud. . .

Post by shawna howard,

516-864-5002 the Amount calls and calls at late night there surely is respiration and then they hang up

Post by Guest,

5168645002 Would only state that we'd Problems on the computer. Has called all hours from late afternoon to late night

Post by Scott,

516-864-5002 They call all hours and leave no message.

Post by JBJ,

5168645002 Multiple calls from the number. I Select Upward wait 5 secs no 1 speaks I hang up. Now i recognize that Amount I Simply don t pick Upwards. Morons.

Post by Guest,

516-864-5002 Have had these calls for months. 've toyed along with your Notion of an Atmosphere Horn but I gotta remember that they 've my phone Amount and are Able of calling at any hour. Seemingly they are making money at what they can or they would t be doing it. . . Kinda annoying but what you personally gonna would Around it.

Post by Tennessee,

5168645002 Man called and previously mentioned calling about my computer Difficulty. I asked what Firm they were with and they said Windows Running system. I Inquired for their supervisor s name. They Inquired if I was in front of my computer. I said which computer is having a Trouble. They said that Windows 1. I asked what brand of computer. He said that for a few times my computer has been reporting a specialized Issue. I Inquired again for your Manager s name and he placed me on hold and Subsequently your telephone ended. I called it back but simply get a message the person is unavailable.

Post by Guest,

516-864-5002 Same as all that rest of your comments. . and Individual was horrible I told him that I had no computer and he said someone in my family does. . mad I told him that my Telephone traces these types of calls and my Partner is a Investigator.

Post by Ole,

5168645002 Multiple calls. . . . . Indian India Feature. Asked him for his name said Robert . Pretends for work for Microsoft. Scam. . . . . no way I m Making him or anyone else for that issue into my computer.

Post by Guest,

516-864-5002 Claims to become Microsoft calling Around a Difficulty with my computer. Last few calls W W W W Am W W W 1 PM W W W 3 PM W W W W PM amp 5 PM I 've told them I understand they're a scam amp to Discontinue calling since I m on the Do not Call List. They are scampers.

Post by Guest,

5168645002 These People quot Chad quot quot Max quot amp quot Tony quot all along with exceedingly heavy Indian accents have called 4 times in that last 2 days all identifying themselves as quot Microsoft Technical Support. quot They want me to turn my computer on get to a Display where I could type within Www. Amy. com thus they can quot solve your computer Issues quot . . . Uh huh. I have a Connection for sale in Brooklyn if anybody is interested.

Post by Guest,

516-864-5002 They consistently hang Upward amp if you telephone them back it says the user is unavailable amp try your own telephone After.

Post by Tammy,

5168645002 The Amount calls 3 to 4 times a day no one is on the other end getting Ill of it.

Post by Marc Jordan,

516-864-5002 Diane why waste your own time calling Microsoft. Would you seriously think they can shut down a boiler room Business within Bangalore.


5168645002 These idiots keep calling me too saying my computer is reporting Issues. They're your Trouble. Asked company name he Installed up. Moron.

Post by cccthornton,

516-864-5002 After your first time they called I knew what they were about so when they phone again I told your guy You f n moron I work for your same Business as you personally I understand all Around how we scam everyone take me away your own telephone list or I will report you for the manager. No more calls. .

Post by GRAN,

5168645002 The WAS The TH Phone Now From The NO Answer . I HANG Up AND I Telephone That Amount. Answer MACHINE Say Man IS UNAVAILABLE Telephone BACK After.

Post by New Jersey,

516-864-5002 Acquired a telephone the morning same routine my computer was being hacked. Man express. Said he could provide my name and address which you could get by Change searching Upward my Telephone number. Spoke in general provisions he was calling in the tech Section etc. I Put Upward.

Post by annoyed,

5168645002 Got two telephone yesterday these Folks are terrible can we Discontinue this looks enjoy all these post Arrived in in last few days Is there any help out there

Post by John,

516-864-5002 Acquired call from a man saying he is from the Specialized Section calling Around my computer. I laughed at him and he called me a f ING a amp and hung Upward. Scam

Post by Guest,

5168645002 They called and when I said Hi Thieu would not response. Definitely sketchy. I tried for call back and message states unavailable.

Post by Kelly H,

516-864-5002 female substantial Highlight with very small dialog. Idiots called about my computer. Said there's an Problem along with it and Desired me to turn it on. When I asked them what type of computer I had she Only said that there was an issue reported and wanted me for turn it on for correct it. I Inquired what Firm she was out of and she just kept saying it was Around my computer. I hung Upward.

Post by Guest,

5168645002 W calls thus Way today W W W . Individual hangs up when receiver is Decided up.

Post by Judy,

516-864-5002 Received a phone with Owner id Cell Phone NY thus did not response. Go ogled that number and located these Opinions. Cheers for all the postings. Can 've to Recall your previous post. Great 1. .

Post by Guest,

5168645002 Three calls Now. It s that quot there s something incorrect with your own computer quot scam.

Post by David Peters,

516-864-5002 Please don't telephone again. My computer is fine

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7742047371 Complains by Christian,

CBY or Credit Bureau of York. Its a legitimate debt collector. Unfortunately I have an active account with them for an old veterinary bill.

7866195629 Complains by Deanna,

Got a call too..on my cell phone. I didn't answer the call and they left a voice mail. It is from some online pharmacy soliciting diet drugs, they tell me I am due for a refill...I have never ordered from these people..ever...these people use different phone numbers all the time but from the same company. I have for 2 years now, requested that my number be removed from their lists....does no good...they tell you they will remove you..but they don't....they just pass your name and number to someone else in the same business. I made the mimstake 2 years ago when my number was called and they were looking for somebody else..I told them they had the wrong number and then told the person thay had called my residence by mistake....BAD mistake!! They burn up cell minutes and voicemails on my cell phone...I have submitted so many complaints to the FCC with the various numbers they have called me from.....that too, does no good. These people that call all sound like they are Asian too.

6464864386 Complains by Guest,

I Defense. Th is that. W free Walmart card.

6465828906 Complains by Guest,

No answer

2282238445 Complains by just wondering,

did not understand who is calling

2567159222 Complains by Guest,

This number is associated along with the name Charles Harris within Al he is scamming Individuals into laundering cash through a quot attention giving quot System he contacted me through care. com he says which he need you personally for take attention of his mother and then After on may send you a Assess which is fake and want you personally to deposit it via ATM only and take a Graphic of your deposit receipt. This man is a terrible Man whoever he his and I am Now talking w police and your fraud department of a bank. Please would your same.

6035739429 Complains by Guest,

my cell has been called by this number X so Much today I never have replied it

8003289006 Complains by Guest,

calling for Adrian

8003183168 Complains by Michelle,

He also informed me his name is Roger.

8003228224 Complains by Jen,

I received a express send for call Cindy Davis at W W W x W. No other info was given.

8042545840 Complains by Fed up,

They called me a half dozen times 1 day last week and your same today. Sounds enjoy a fax. . . annoying while at work.

8042014513 Complains by inolep,

me too i dint know Everyone en VA

8002879303 Complains by Snapped,

For the previous several months I have rec d Day-to-day calls out of a Buffalo NY location W W W. The message states it is a collection agency and threatens recourse if I don't return their telephone immediately at 1 W W W. It's Apparent this can be not Authentic because their calls 've been coming in for MONTHS possibly even a year. I don't return your phone because I within no way 've outstanding debt within demand of Group. It is either a scam or that pitiful losers 've been calling the incorrect Amount all the time which Sadly is my home. I feel I 'm being harassed but I want no direct dealings with them. I d like to Cease them using Choice means. Any Strategies.

8043963874 Complains by G,

hangs Upwards phone back for occupied signal

8000238969 Complains by technodude,

Got a telephone from the company. Was told they re from Possibilities and they offer random courses. Helps a lot because I have been searching for enroll for a Cisco certification. From what I understand they re from London British. and Chief location is at W Hounds ditch. They vie got motive sable Costs and people are easy to Cope with.

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