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5405977759 calls for set Upward appointment never shows and don t reply you when you try and get a hold of him.

Post by Guest,

540-597-7759 This really is your daughter

Post by Guest,

5405977759 Bus sines co Marketing product

Post by Guest,

540-597-7759 Marketing oil investment

Post by RFabiano,

5405977759 I get the each single daytime. No one ever says anything.

Post by Unknwn,

540-597-7759 Thank you personally. . . I had no Thought how to Quit these calls.

Post by Springer,

5405977759 Automated phone tell me they Desired info within an ongoing Study . I did t know Products made investigations. Did not telephone back.

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540-597-7759 Texts you asking who You're and won t tell you personally who they're.

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8132170001 Complains by RobotLaw,

You personally Go Robin. I m gonna remain with Credit Unions from now on. Regions Bank has Sent me so far from typical banks. Come on. I m working I ll get you personally the money I mean them. Moreover nobody needs for have a repossession I had one within W its even more expensive. . .

8062741470 Complains by Angel,

Someone using an Apparent made up small girl s voice. When I dint response that phone she leaves an extra long voice message that Actually talks Around much of nothing and does alto of stuttering. That few times I reply your Telephone all she keeps saying is Hi. I get called by this person at least X a week and they keep calling back.

8022311145 Complains by PT Barnum,

Scampers Product their Trousers when they locate a Mug like you. I d suggest you get away the Web and stay off for your own own Security. Or exactly why not just flush the remainder of your own money down your Bathroom before it get Taken.

8001851178 Complains by Tim,

I received calls from this number a few times over the last few days.  Don't think I know anyone in Utah, no message left.  But when I called back, it went to machine after a few rings saying "all agents are busy, please stand by..."

8003141230 Complains by lu,

I got two calls out of this Amount but I did t response. no message left.

8022773183 Complains by limiti,

I replied it and pretended I was deaf and kept saying limit. eventually they Installed Upward.

8046812569 Complains by Guest,

This number called my Verizon cell, I know a couple people in TX. no voice mail left. Strange...I was on another call. When I checked missed/received calls the number had a Plus ( + ) sign in front of it.

8132175283 Complains by Alfalfa,

This can be an extortion scam that was featured on ABC World News and Nighttime line last nighttime Phantom Debt Lovers Out of India Harass Americans Need Cash By Brian ROSS Brian's CINDY GAL LI and MATTHEW MO SK Tomsk June 7 W Hundreds of thousands of cash strapped Americans have been targeted by Violent debt collectors Running out of Offshore phone Stores suspected of links to organized crime in India law enforcement officials told ABC News. Your calls are part of a massive scam one that appears to goal fighting Americans Specially people who have gone online for Employ for payday loans. Equipped along with personal data from those pilfered Programs the threatening callers who State for become debt collectors poised for Start legal Actions have managed for pry loose millions of dollars out of their Sufferers even when the Casualties never owed money in that first Put. This can be what we call a phantom debt Group scam said Jon Libidos that chairman of the National Commerce Commission. It s a very pernicious and innovative fresh fraud. Working through phone centers within India the commission Rates that the criminals have dialed at least 2. 5 million calls persuading already cash strapped Casualties for send them more than 5 million. Some have reported receiving dozens of calls per hour. They are victims enjoy Cindy Jarvis of Fresh Orleans who went online for a fast loan when her Partner s Automobile was Strike by a motorist who did t 've insurance. Even though she paid your loan off that thus called phantom debt collectors with Indian accents began calling to say she still owed money. He more or less told me when I did t pay they were going to have someone on my doorstep to arrest me she told ABC News. And that they were going for contact my Put of company and tell them what sort of Individual I am. At she said she resisted. Afterward that calls became more frequent and started to ring on her cell Telephone and at the Market distribution Firm where she had worked for W years. I was more or less was in Stress mode because he told me there would be someone before midday at my Set of business to Charge me and take me for jail she said tearfully. So I agreed for pay him. After receiving Ratings of Criticisms investigators along with that FTC said they started Following the calls and following your Funds. They alleged the payments led them to some California Business run by an Indian American named Resolution Patel and that such scams would not become potential without American front mankind. I would state that all roads of the scam or many of your roads of this scam Head back for Mr. Patel said your FTC s Libidos. ABC News Trailed Patel for weeks in the suburbs of San Francisco for Austin Texas. Patel refused for talk. But his Attorney Mark Ellis said he believes it's Way too earlier to pass Ruling on his client. Ellis a Sacramento based attorney told ABC News that Patel was hired for a nominal Price to place up an American shell Business and had no Thought what your phone Stores in India were doing. I can tell you he was as snookered by your Folks within India as Anyone Ellis said. He s a W year previous guy who is nearing his Pension who idea all he had to can was set Upward a few corporations and everything was on your Upwards and Upwards. He s fully dismayed that he has become that lightning Stick of this total Issue. A close Pal of Patel s also defended him in a brief Meeting at his House saying Patel was not trying to defraud anyone he was just an unwitting bit player within a larger Structure. If Mr. Patel was Simply a cog within that wheel he Looks to 've been a Very Huge cog Libidos said. It's clear that Patel was integrally included with the scam. Libidos points to thousands of pages of Fiscal and phone records collected by your FTC and Registered as part of a civil case brought against him in the U. S. District Court within Sacramento last month. When FTC lawyers sought for suspend his assets and prevent his company out of continuing to Run Patel responded by invoking his rights against self incrimination. His lawyer told ABC News he has had to become careful in how he responds for your allegations in civil court because there's a Possible criminal action but that Patel maintains your allegations against him are false. Federal investigators said your phantom debt collection operation that allegedly benefit ted out of Patel s help was one of several that all trace back to that same little town within Western India called Ahmadabad. Callers use Engineering to make it Search that the calls Begin inside your U. S. Victims provided ABC News with Records of dozens of your calls and many of that thickly accented callers Search for become reading away a Program. Subpoenas 've been readied and Monday morning you personally re going for be picked up out of your own Residence 1 caller says on a victim s express send. And you might have children. Don t worry about your own children. We've a childcare department to take care of your Kids. You will be behind bars for six months said another caller. And once you personally go behind bars you will lose your job. Once You're behind that bars you personally won t get a single drop of water. William Pierce Howard a Tampa attorney who represents victims of harassment out of debt Lovers said it takes an Specially twisted Legal to use threats and coercion to pry cash out of someone who is already fighting financially These People Actually are the most visible villains within America today he said. They create a dwelling scaring Folks. Mark Moral of Florida said he Merely panicked when your caller told him he May n't be arrested at that deli where he works in a Florida retirement community. I was nervous. I did t desire for embarrass myself my family he said. He used his debit card to pay the collector W. Afterwards he says he Comprehended how Ignorant I was. It Simply happened thus Quickly he said. I got scared. Libidos said he hopes with more attention future Possible Objectives of your scam will Comprehend red flags before they turn over any cash. If callers say they're from your police Buyers should understand that law Administration officers don't Gather debt for private Events. If your caller is speaking along with a thick Indian Feature but calls themselves by a names such as Officer Henry Brown that should become a tip away. And if they re calling W times in two hours that s another red Banner. Valid debt collectors valid pay day lenders don t would those sorts of things he said. Moral said he want to see anyone included in that scam prosecuted Strongly. There s no place in society for these Individuals he said. HTTP acne's. go. com Blotter phantom debt co . . . W amp page 2

8133898388 Complains by Guest,

Calls in the least hours of your day and night. Return phone and Amount is quot unavailable quot .

9567039828 Complains by Guest,

No more

7015098594 Complains by Guest,

No answer

8007848669 Complains by Guest,

Colorado Stop line not spam

8138842079 Complains by Guest,

I obtained a telephone saying they had Only set up an office within Virginia Shore. It went on about booking a Fantastic Holiday. The call was for my cell. I registered by cell and Residence phone with the do not telephone registry within May. I think that dozen t work.

5615777485 Complains by Guest,


6034141949 Complains by Guest,

Hung Upward before I could talk. Called back got answering service Subsequently it Installed Upwards before able to leave message

8303266171 Complains by Guest,

I am not interested amp sold that Auto they need to Go warranty on. I told them to remove my name amp but receiving calls . .

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