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Post by Guest,

5406838650 Foreign man called a few weeks ago claiming he was with the Government and that I was under Research. Of course I knew this was a scam because he never mentioned my name and that Irs would contact you personally via People send. He said it was Significant that I telephone back. I expect people don t fall because of this. He is Clearly up to no great.

Post by Guest,

540-683-8650 now calling 3 5 times per day

Post by Alvin,

5406838650 same caller has Charge warrant

Post by RoseMarie,

540-683-8650 Mr. Hoffman called today stating there was a warrant for my arrest due for Fees owed from W for W. He said I purposefully Submitted them knowing what I was doing. He said i owed 2 W. W in back Fees. He said that call was being Registered by Homeland Security. He said I obtained Notice within the send from the Irs twice which I disputed. He said I could Favor for get arrested go to Prison for 5 years and pay a Collection of court fees which would total over W W. W or I could have resolution Now around the phone and close out the case by providing payment of 2 W. W. I told Mr. Hoffman to go forward and send the Guarantee for my Charge and I may Chat for my Attorney. He got a little irritated and repeated that whole matter again. I said I was not paying for anything over that Telephone and he can need for send me Certification on this. I said I can Simply demand to go to court and contact my Attorney. He said he can go forward and Place on my file that I Refused to can payment and he can transport my file to many other Official for my Charge. He wished me luck within Jail Please warn your own family and Particularly your elderly. This really is Joke and some Folks are falling for it.

Post by Guest,

5406838650 this really is a scam telephone and don't want any more contact or I can create a report for your IRS

Post by Guest,

540-683-8650 Left a message which he was officer Hoffman out of Government and there is an Charge Guarantee out and Additionally because of this physical address with a heavy Feature and for phone today to discuss that Charge . He never used your name etc it was an Clear scam

Post by Major,

5406838650 I got the same telephone Now and arks which he send everything in Composing with that tax year and Special irregularities in the return in question so I could present for my CPA and Lawyer. He quickly Put up. I also can report for your Irs.

Post by Guest,

540-683-8650 Called as he did all other notices and said he was from Government and I Wanted to pay W many dollars and Irs had arrest Guarantee out for me. Yes said he was out of INS for Government significant Feature when I asked for name he said Smith when I asked for Amount he Installed Upwards.

Post by Alma,

5406838650 I keep becoming called out of these people. It s a scam. .

Post by JohnMac,

540-683-8650 Called Recently a Sunday within your evening and the morning earlier for 8 W o clock. Did t answer but he left a message. Same as your others you personally owe money for that Irs etc etc. I reported it to the Us Treasury website as Proposed by your Irs Website. HTTP Web. treasury. gov dicta . HTML

Post by Jessy,

5406838650 Brief bus. . .

Post by Guest,

540-683-8650 quot Mr. Hoffman quot is either Indian or Pakistani. Asserted to become Government with Charge Guarantee. Number comes from Washington Va Government has no office in Washington Va.

Post by Sandy,

5406838650 Report them here HTTP Www. ICC. gov Standard. aspirant here HTTP Internet. treasury. gov dicta . HTML

Post by Robert,

540-683-8650 states that he works for your Government and has a Guarantee out on your Charge. Notice gt gt gt Government does not contact Folks by Phone. .

Post by J,

5406838650 This person calls himself Jack Hoffman and states he is calling from the Irs according to his message. I did not answer his call but listened for his message. It is a scam or phishing phone.

Post by linda,

540-683-8650 Still at it on August Th. Left a message telling me that there s a Guarantee out for my Charge.

Post by Guest,

5406838650 The caller is an automated phone claiming for become from INS for that Irs. Not an American Highlight. He said I Desired for pay W because of tax fraud and there was a Guarantee out for my Charge.

Post by mary,

540-683-8650 i got your Actual same thing Today. Word for word. He said an arresting officer was on his way around for take my house and Auto if i did t pay. He told me to Quit interrupting him and that arguing wan t going to help me now. I said i m not arguing I just can t understand what You're saying. He asked me if i was going to pay or not. I said certain how do i do that. He said i had for go to Walmart. And remove cash for a money order. But we'd for stay on the Telephone your whole time. I said the whole drive there. He said yes. I said Ok I ll Quit by the Cops on your way and tell them they don t have to swing by and arrest me since I m paying. he hung up.

Post by Guest,

5406838650 that is a scam this Amount has called maintaining for become Government agent telling that I owe so Considerably cash within back Irs debt please become cautious if you personally get a telephone from the Amount its a Enormous SCAM

Post by mary,

540-683-8650 Most of these calls are coming from India and Pakistan as a rot. HTTP Internet. Irs. gov AC Tax Scams Consumer Alerted Internet. treasury. gov dicta contacted. notes. com forum ta Government warns of Phone scamp acne's. go. com Us wire Narrative prosecutor . . . s scam Report that Calls for your real Irs here report your episode to the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Management at W W W. You are able to also file a Gripe with that Federal Commerce Commission at FTC. gov. Add Government Phone Scam to your comments within your Grievance. Would consider becoming a call blocking System or phone. . You are able to Google them and many are Approximately W. W or thus. If its a cell phone a few already have call blocking if not there are free Applications on the web that may work for a few. You are able to Google this. If you have a bright phone there surely is a free app called call control. IPhone appear for have Programs also. Another just one is called Mr. Amount. For traction amp direct talk HTTP play. Google. com Shop Programs details. id . . . . traction amp Hal instep extras. direct Discuss. com instep Web. you mail. com Dwelling carriers direct Speak block Amenhotep's Web. . com view Matter. PP. f W amp t W

Post by Susan,

5406838650 Gotten 2 calls out of the number yesterday and today. Did not response.

Post by Guest,

540-683-8650 He has called people twice in 1 daytime saying he is with the Irs and we 're delinquent and wants to place Upward payment directly for him.

Post by Guest,

5406838650 She said his Specialist Smith from Irs there is Guarantee for my Charge he called 3 times already.

Post by Charlene,

540-683-8650 I got the same telephone he called once Afterward again within hour. Creepy. He said he was with the Irs.

Post by Not as dumb as I look!,

5406838650 A terrified Buddy just came to me. She had acquired a call from the number purporting for be from your Government. I Go ogled your Amount located this Website and revealed her your own many greatly Useful posts. She is now Happy and relaxed. Thank you personally because of this good Website.

Post by Fno213,

540-683-8650 Total scam. Originates within either India or Pakistan. Block and ignore. Don't RETURN The Call. See HTTP Www. Government. gov AC Newsroom Government State . . . Telephone Scam Report them HTTP Internet. treasury. gov dicta . HTML m an Enrolled Agent along with your Irs Inactive . Government does not Start contacts by Telephone. Us send only. Government does not file lawsuits. Court action if any is Managed by that DJ and all Events are entitled for legal assist if it is a criminal subject. But tax disputes are for the most component civil Things. W of all Irs tax Differences are Resolved administratively. Irs has completely no power to phone on local law Administration for anything. Local law is never included within Irs tax Differences. Irs doesn't jeopardize to require local law enforcement or for arrest you for nonpayment of National taxes. Irs has no powers of arrest. If LE is Crucial People Marshals would that Occupation. Government doesn't cold call anyone and need instant payment of money. Irs doesn't request for Monetary information around the Telephone. Irs doesn't accept Green card cash Parks for payment in any case. No 1 is prosecuted for Common tax Differences. Government has completely no power around anyone s professional license. Professional licensing is Managed by state governments. Yes levies on property for Please an existing tax requirement would occur but only after a very long period of Discussion. And yes liens are placed on People but Typically after a lot of negotiation and a failure to reach a settlement. All determinations of tax obligation are Matter to appeals. All contacts by your Irs are Started by People send. .

Post by Guest,

5406838650 Called my Dwelling . Said he was out of Irs and there was an Charge warrant on my property

Post by Rafael,

540-683-8650 I just got that phone and it was a scummier. After I read all your Opinions I played along with them and called them back. I Offered a fake name and they said Okay I pulled Upward your file. and Afterward continuing to lie about some tax debt. Total scam when I started to ask questions back they Installed Upward.

Post by Guest,

5406838650 Owner Asserted to be Government Official. Irs private who Dilemma Charge or Review warrants are Researchers and Agents. As a retired Federal Agent I know this as a fact.

Post by Sandy,

540-683-8650 Report them here HTTP Www. ICC. gov default. aspirant here HTTP Web. treasury. gov dicta . HTML

Post by Guest,

5406838650 Said he was that Irs and to phone back today substantial accent

Post by IB,

540-683-8650 Call Arrived June. W. My answering machine picked it Upwards and he Began talking overly soon so I did t Notice a name. He said my physical property was under federal Analysis and that I should phone for more information and it was important that he Notice sort me today. Knew it was a scam and decided to check GOOGLE to see which one and was surprised to see all your reactions.

Post by Guest,

5406838650 Foreign Feature. Called on a Saturday afternoon saying he was along with that INS for the Irs and our address was under Research and that it was important that I call back that same day. Only called once. Government dozen t work on the weekend.

Post by Jessy,

540-683-8650 Short bus. . .

Post by Fno213,

5406838650 Complete scam. Originates in either India or Pakistan. Block and Blow off. Don't RETURN Your Call. See HTTP Internet. Irs. gov AC Newsroom Irs Summarize . . . Phone Scam Report them HTTP Internet. treasury. gov dicta . HTML m an Enrolled Agent with the Irs Inactive . Government does not Trigger Associates by Telephone. People send just. Irs does not file lawsuits. Court Activity if any is Managed by that DJ and all Events are entitled for legal assistance if it is a criminal matter. But tax disputes are for the component civil Issues. W of all Irs tax disputes are Resolved administratively. Irs has completely no power for phone on local law Administration for anything. Local law is never included in Irs tax disputes. Irs doesn't endanger for include local law enforcement or for arrest you for nonpayment of federal Fees. Government has no powers of arrest. If LE is Mandatory Us Marshals would that job. Irs doesn't Cool phone anyone and demand immediate payment of money. Government doesn't request for financial information over that Telephone. Government does not accept Green card money Areas for payment within any case. No 1 is prosecuted for ordinary tax disputes. Government has absolutely no authority over anyone s professional permit. Professional Certification is handled by state Authorities. Yes levies on property to satisfy an existing tax requirement can happen but just after a very long Span of Discussion. And yes liens are placed on People but usually after a lot of Settlement and a failure for reach a settlement. All determinations of tax obligation are Theme to allure. All Connections by your Irs are Started by People mail. .

Post by Nicki,

540-683-8650 I was too called by this same gentleman and called him back and said that I vie reported him to the Cops and that is obviously a scam and to stop calling.

Post by Paul,

5406838650 same BS. . . .

Post by Guest,

540-683-8650 He said he was an Irs Representative and there is a warrant Outside for my arrest.

Post by Guest,

5406838650 the exact same matter Only happened for me many foreign Man asserting to be representing that Government and that I was Underneath Analysis at this residence. Government don t call you. They are calling out of Washington Virginia

Post by Guest,

540-683-8650 Scam as well as potential fraud

Post by Nicki,

5406838650 I was too called by this same Guy and called him back and said that I vie reported him for that Authorities and this is obviously a scam and to Discontinue calling.

Post by Karen,

540-683-8650 If you re in that military you should report these calls to your own CO.

Post by GB1,

5406838650 I got a phone out of this number W W W this morning. A recording of a guy along with either Indian or Pakistani Highlight stating that I was Underneath investigation by your Irs and must phone back at once to discuss details of your Study. I checked your Amount via Google and did find this guy was Clearly a scummier as he had called other individuals too. He called back and Released himself as and I told him yes you are Jack Hoffman having read your preceding Lists in which he had Presumed that name. He then said he was John Parker another name used while calling another individual who posted his experience along with the guy. I told him he is a scummier. He Began yelling and Afterward threatened me with a lawsuit which I idea was a period not usually used by government agents along with police powers. He then said he will 've an arrest Guarantee within W minutes. I wished him good luck. I can see how easily these guys could intimidate elderly and vulnerable Individuals. I trust that Experts can get them before they Damage people.

Post by Monterey, CA,

540-683-8650 Got a call on W 7. that story has changed many. He now States for become an Representative with your Immigration Service and which he has a warrant for the arrest he did t state if it was for me or my Partner but perhaps that s superfluous. . We did t call back.

Post by Robert,

5406838650 Have been receiving calls from this number. Saying that I owe a lot of money to your Government. They would Charge me if I didn't pay. I've obtained three calls. It s a guy with a significant accent. W W W

Post by Fran,

540-683-8650 This number is calling threaten to become that Irs along with powerful Highlight. . Making threats

Post by Richard Brook,

5406838650 Acquired 2 calls out of a recording of a mans express saying he was from the Government we hung up immediately knowing that it was a scam.

Post by Guest,

540-683-8650 The foreign speaking guy said he was Official Port Huffman with the Government and that there was a federal Guarantee on your property and we were Underneath investigation. Additionally said it was quite important we contact him instantly. Date October 1 W within that day.

Post by Bernie,

5406838650 Jack Hoffman called me overly. I knew it was a scam Immediately. I called them back and got his express mail. I hope these Individuals get caught.

Post by Guest,

540-683-8650 Substantial Feature has called 3 times in 2 times when you return the phone out of a Distinct Telephone number he will not provide Outside data unless you are using the Telephone that received First call.

Post by John,

5406838650 I also got a call from this person and when I Inquired them to offer me that address and Amount of the office he was at he Put Upward. dint get scammed. . .

Post by Guest,

540-683-8650 Foreign accent stating calling out of Government to return phone along with Guarantee for Charge. .

Post by Guest,

5406838650 I acquired that same telephone out of an Official Hoffman. Never says who they were Attempting to get a hold of

Post by mary,

540-683-8650 i got that Actual same matter tonight. Word for word. He said an arresting Specialist was on his way over for take my house and Automobile if i did t pay. He told me to stop interrupting him and that arguing wan t going for help me now. I said i m not arguing I just can t comprehend what You're saying. He asked me if i was going for pay or not. I said sure do i can that. He said i had to go for Walmart. And withdraw cash for a cash order. But we'd to stay on that phone that whole time. I said the entire drive there. He said yes. I said Ok I ll stop by the Cops on the manner and tell them they don t have for swing by and Charge me since I m paying. he hung Upwards.

Post by hf,

5406838650 I got that same phone from this Individual I assure you that he is calling from India . It's a Waste that most scams are are coming from India.

Post by Guest,

540-683-8650 I called back that number and someone answered hello I Inquired who am I speaking for and he said Officer white your the Crime Research service along with the Irs. I told him he was packed with crap and it is a scam and I reported him. He hung up on me.

Post by Guest,

5406838650 Called three times saying they re in the Irs and there surely is a warrant out for my arrest and for phone instantaneously.

Post by Peter,

540-683-8650 The person left messages at my home identifying himself as Government Representative. when I called back He informed me that phone was being monitored by homeland security and that if I did t make payment today I would be arrested for tax evasion. he instructed me to remain on that Telephone and go to a CBS or Walmart and then instructed me for send your money via cash purchase for heather Stephens in silver springs Florida who he told me was that Irs restitution Official within charge of my file. he Additionally told me the telephone was Discreet and not for tell anyone I was on your phone along with him. this Man had a heavy Indian Highlight and identified himself as Albert Hoffman. I consider myself a sensibly intelligent person but I do owe a lot of back Fees and I actually drove to that CBS before coming to my senses.

Post by C.A.,

5406838650 Same as previous Activities. Did not Choose Upward. That is a certain scam telephone. Hope that this Man gets Found and Ceased.

Post by Guest,

540-683-8650 Left a message saying he was with that Irs and I had a Guarantee Outside for my arrest. that call was out of W W W and he left that Amount for me for telephone back.

Post by Kathy,

5406838650 Acquired a telephone a few minutes ago stating that Irs has a Guarantee Outside for Charge Nonetheless did t offer that name of your person the Guarantee was for 3 People live at your number . I have had other threatening calls within your previous few months saying your Government is suing but again did t say who they were suing. This is annoying and I fear someone may bite your lure. . . . . . . . terrifying.

Post by Bernie,

540-683-8650 Port Hoffman called me too. I knew it was a scam instantly. I called them back and got his voice mail. I expect these Individuals get caught.

Post by Guest,

5406838650 Foreigner Promised for become from Government and said there was a Guarantee Outside for my arrest because I was in Infraction of several Modifications. . . . .

Post by Guest,

540-683-8650 Foreigner calling stating we 're Underneath National investigation.

Post by Sandy,

5406838650 This guy did the same matter to me said there was Guarantee for my Charge. I m so happy I Viewed Upwards number to see this really is a scam he is that a person who should have war rent for his arrest

Post by Karen,

540-683-8650 If you personally re in the military you should report these calls for your CO.

Post by Guest,

5406838650 Absolute scam

Post by Guest,

540-683-8650 I vie gotten two calls. Horrible reception. Owner stating he s in the Irs and that my property was Underneath federal Analysis and for call immediately. He previously mentioned something Around an Charge but your record was too challenging for recognize.

Post by Guest,

5406838650 acquired phone stating he was from the Irs and there was an Charge warrant Outside and for cal instantaneously. He Needed W to stop the Guarantee Subsequently more monthly. Told me for go to your bank get cash and Subsequently go to CBS he will stay on the phone along with Directions. If for any motive that telephone was disconnected he may indication and Guarantee and great luck

Post by David Kearney,

540-683-8650 Got a call on my cell Telephone from this number saying the Irs has a Guarantee Outside for my Charge.

Post by Ann M.,

5406838650 The pond scum called me twice Now and left your same recorded message each time. If i ever response that phone he will get an air horn within his ear. I 'm reporting him to your Government tomorrow.

Post by MK,

540-683-8650 the person has called 3 times today leaving messages about how there s an Irs Charge warrant. I vie already filed a Grievance along with the FATS

Post by Kevin,

5406838650 same calls to my Girlfriends House I called him back and asked for his Banner Amount and office Place thus that I could display Upwards with my attorney he started to read a fake Marker Amount Subsequently hung up

Post by Guest,

540-683-8650 Owner with significant Indian accent claiming for become out of INS or Government. Stating my physical property was Underneath Research and to please phone back today

Post by Amanda Campbell,

5406838650 A man along with a very powerful Indian or Pakistani Feature Maintained to be from your Irs threatened me along with imprisonment if I failed to pay him around W

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8134630901 Complains by Guest,

This number call my Residence every daytime several times when i Choose Upwards no 1 speaks. it a machine

8282021045 Complains by Scam-buster,

They made the blunder of calling me. First I advocate you personally list your own phone Amount on the National Don't Telephone Enroll Web. dentally. gov and Afterward submit the simple complaint sort when they telephone. One Table measure that works is to use an answering machine but set it simply to leave your outgoing message and to not record any messages. You are able to leave a long rambling message that begins along with Please leave a message but. . . and Afterward ramble on for as long as your machine Permits. That telemarketers are lured into listening to your own message but Afterward the machine hangs Upwards without Making them leave a message. It wastes their time and Prices you nothing. They rarely create a second Energy. You are able to appearance at caller ID to see the caller is someone you understand.

8003615205 Complains by Mel,

This Amount called my house. Did not leave a message so I Callie DOT back just to get a couple beeps and Subsequently it Installed up.

9783353281 Complains by Guest,

never answer

9794879808 Complains by Guest,

Time waster DNA

8652877163 Complains by Guest,

stay away

8022210174 Complains by Carrie,

Another daytime. . . Nov 7 W got phone and answered it due for it being the Region code I live within and same matter. Someone with heavy Highlight Inquired for Mark Harmon . i said you might have your wrong Amount he said that s your Amount he Place on his resume. I said well it s not his I vie had the phone for 3 years. He apologized for Choosing my time. I had forgotten about that preceding call enjoy this till I Viewed here and saw my post out of before.

9518241590 Complains by Nina,

Acquired a Telephone telephone from the number. The caller left no express message.

6023582311 Complains by Guest,

W W W We have been getting a Telephone telephone out of this number almost each daytime to that point that we feel we 're being harass We already told them not for phone and that we 're not going for buy what they're selling.

8006696087 Complains by Guest,

Consistently calling and never speak

8003663727 Complains by T.L.D,

Even you personally blocked that Amount they switched for different numbers. . they are scampers and hackers. . The same express told me that i owed tax and if i don t pay they may arrest me. . They hacked into my Email addresses Called me and said that my computer been hacked and Needed to help me just hackers know if you have been hacked. . i confronted along with that hacker and he hung Upwards on me and i called back the Amount showed on my Display figure what. that number was disconnected. . .

8667078417 Complains by Guest,

Called about a free 7 nighttime Holiday I won for allegedly registering to win. I did not phone back as it seemed questionable and anything quot free quot is too good for become true.

8003163521 Complains by Guest,

Got a text message with mms attached. Not going to dl it until goggle's security gap in thier messaging app is fixed.

8006989638 Complains by Guest,

Scummier Asian and very tough for recognize kept saying that there was a free trip from a Laos Angel es company which was now located in my town I asked her for Duplicate that she repeated that but I Installed up

4696193720 Complains by Guest,

capital funding

7049096422 Complains by Guest,

Rich Keith Investigator for Cambridge and Stine States that info was faxed for his office with my name and Societal linked for an affidavit seeing a pending Ruling they have had this account for Around W days. His direct line is W W W. Case ID W. My credit report does not reflect any outstanding Funds. I never received any send within regards for this State. I have received these phone calls out of various Amount for about two years. A valid Collector would not l be calling about your same Problem without giving a few documentation. These People are attempting for run a scam and I refuse to become their Casualty.

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