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Recent reviews 544 Telephone area codes 2019-08-24T00:13:21+02:00.

2016-04-25 17:03:48
2016-04-22 15:07:17
you personally vie been blocked
2016-04-21 20:30:13
2016-04-18 22:58:00
That is a scam your deal sounded overly great for be Accurate so we called that Amount back and that same Man answered phone center of 1. the got us Actually funny thus we go ogled your phone I read your post above. When we called Plate network they could not look for the Tennessee in their own records whatsoever as one of their sales group. DEFINITELY FRAUD.
2016-04-17 15:09:41
Name of Owner is Paul apparently he is your Central son of Likely your richest man in Singapore that owns marina Center holdings within Singapore Singapore. owns many properties within the united states under his Chinese name. is part Indonesian part Western. might still be in School for play tennis but has graduated from University of Victoria along with a Bathe People last name has shifted many times due to your nature of his People company Additionally has a component Title in MGM grand and Indochinese not response any of that persons calls
2016-04-16 19:17:32
This Amount called me W times within just one day and left 2 second voice mail s.
2016-04-16 18:06:35
Think they're Simply sch its passing within the night. Don t 've nu thin Berta 2 Would. . . . They need for get a life Individuals.
2016-04-16 15:51:04
I vie blocked this number but it calls several times a daytime each day. I vie attempted for phone it back but it tells me it's not within service.
2016-04-16 14:14:02
Dint response. . . telemarketing really annoying.
2016-04-16 12:08:32
a ping er
2016-04-16 07:15:33
who ever this can be Cease testing me
2016-04-15 20:53:20
This can be Network Options they have been calling once and twice a day each day. I even called them back told them for take me off of their list and yet today they still phone. I will certainly think twice Around ever doing company along with them. Gee.
2016-04-15 19:53:10
Don't answer
2016-04-15 08:56:39
Got a text message at 2 W Am saying Congrats. Your own number has made you Oranges Success. Go to HTTP apple. ca. BBS. biz 1 and enter code W to claim an Apple Product. Become certain for Register Now.
2016-04-15 07:10:53
HTTP Web. Georges. com Usa Agra. PP. gelid you have stocks Someplace .
2016-04-15 05:50:32
Perfect response. NEVER provide out personal info on a call you did not make. Use a number you Approved as real.
2016-04-15 04:53:20
Purportedly AW Technologies. Scam to get into your computer. They tell you personally they're part if Microsoft and your computer has been delivering lots of Malfunction messages. I told them not to call again. That Man told me he wanted to wed me 've sex with me and then kill me. I told him where for go and Put up Subsequently I called your Authorities. They called 6 or 7 times within a Line after that. Authorities took that last call and told them to never telephone back.
2016-04-15 04:14:02
U told me i was nothing so leave me alone
2016-04-15 02:28:28
How can I create them Cease.
2016-04-14 18:12:02
incorrect Amount three times before caller Leave calling

Phone list in area 544

Phone numberRecent commentAuthorTotalTime
5443695925The number called me W times within just one daytime and left 2 second voice send s. Alex72016-04-16 19:17:32
5449049861Questionable won't tell me who it'sGuest72016-04-13 12:48:29
5447542459I despise unknown numberslula92015-12-08 06:11:11
5444694474Never leaves messagesGuest52016-04-13 07:43:30
5443695924done along with thisGuest42016-04-11 01:35:21
5444694478Wow if this can be not Authentic about this Man Afterward that is what you telephone slander. Tammy72016-04-11 20:16:26
5444752187for poor you are able to not hang themGuest32015-11-05 01:34:58
5445520000TRAN NY LOVERGuest62015-12-08 18:59:09
54455439862 calls W W W at 2 W and 2 W pm. Guest52015-12-14 13:15:21
5443695921Don t understand this numberGuest62016-04-10 01:42:05
5449049862WHAT a PRICK. . . Guest62016-04-21 20:30:13
5445570000Desired to get info about my computer. Guest22015-11-06 16:25:58
5444444459Do not answerGuest62016-04-15 19:53:10
5445560000Annoying AFGuest82015-12-08 12:57:10
5444444457Did not answer.Nadine42016-04-09 02:48:36
5449049866Call every day and say nothing!!! Please make these calls Stop!!!!!!!!!!!!Carolyn Sherer32016-04-12 01:17:57
5446886672wrong personGuest42016-04-13 14:43:36
5444236802Please remove my number from your contact list.Guest12015-11-08 13:37:58
5449248541Its spamGuest42015-11-08 23:59:58
5444444463Text SpamJ62016-04-08 00:40:56
5445510000Several phone calls in the past week from this numberGuest12015-11-09 18:22:58
5444694472damaged my carGuest52016-04-13 20:05:19
5443463865unknown caller. harassment....Guest12015-11-11 02:49:58
5446248519Wont stopGuest142015-11-11 08:59:29
5445550000Another number used by US Pharmacy to interfere with your good day. This is the second call from a female representative since I had sharp words with the last male caller. This company won't leave you alone even if you never ordered anything from them. Obviously not concerned about the law. This is harassment to the fullest extent. You can't call this number back either. Now, who would do business with a company you can't write to or call back?Guest12015-11-11 17:14:58
5443695927Safe to seeGuest32016-04-14 09:42:07
5444694475 you have stocks somewhere ?treefrog32016-04-15 07:10:53
5449049864a pinger #Guest42016-04-16 12:08:32
5446886676Guarantee I'll make millions in 30 daysGuest42016-02-16 04:56:55
5445155084Holding the phoneGuest62015-11-12 04:23:58
5446886681U told me i was nothing so leav me aloneGuest62016-04-15 04:14:02
5449049856no talkGuest42015-12-16 15:21:18
5444444451Yes I get about 10 calls a day from them. Never anyone there. No messagemichelle32016-02-15 17:59:22
5442003343The unknown caller of this number constantly callsGuest12015-11-13 01:40:58
5443448986I don't want text messagesGuest82015-12-20 08:08:31
5446886674Dont answer... telemarketing very annoying.IDL32016-04-16 14:14:02
5449466126iGuest12015-11-14 15:14:29
5449049858dennisGuest62016-04-12 02:14:08
5448668080fake callerGuest62015-12-09 08:02:01
5449049857I don't blame you!  CALLED ME 3 TIMES PER WEEK. They need a kick in the [***]. lolDon72016-04-14 12:57:04
5444097844Current locationGuest52015-12-16 19:06:11
5444444456multiple calls & hang-ups. no idea who or what business this is from. no messages ever left.Guest42016-02-15 20:33:41
5444444460Wish youGuest62016-04-07 17:15:11
5446886673do not answerGuest72016-04-10 19:00:03
5442935982Keeps calling and hanging up.Guest12015-11-16 11:54:58
5444694473Yea, same text, different number. Seems like a lot of people have all gotten this and really recently tooJackie32016-04-09 02:13:03
5446886678How can I make them stop?Guest72016-04-15 02:28:28
5443639675Hang UpGuest12015-11-17 11:38:29
5444694479SpamGuest52016-04-12 23:54:25

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