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Recent reviews 551 Telephone area codes 2019-07-18T05:24:21+02:00.

2017-05-09 17:12:27
asked if we have kids sounds like a paedopile call to me
2017-05-01 00:21:49
Somebody from this phone number 5512265401 it's calling me harassing me and treating me for the past 4 day.
2016-07-08 19:11:23
same thing same Amount a few sort of FREE vacation. I m on do not call list AS Well LOT OF Good THAT DOES. Leave me alone. . . . . .
2016-07-08 15:22:09
It s Boston Place code. Don t understand anyone there.
2016-07-08 12:13:46
Me environs UN Mensa P} present card
2016-07-08 05:42:59
2016-07-08 00:55:04
Owner called and tried to Confirm my name. I Added up that old Arnold soundboard and pressed your yes sound. They Afterward asked for my date of Start and I pressed offensive sounds to get a reaction from your Owner. They eventually said that I owed them W dollars and Installed Upward.
2016-07-07 21:59:24
don t response don t trust
2016-07-07 12:33:14
I acquired that telephone. Definitely a Joke. Someone should stop these Folks.
2016-07-07 02:17:39
After some more research they're a debt collection agency located in Hunt Valley Md. at W Warren Rd Selection W B. Among their reps has an authoritative voice used as a frighten approach to 've a Man return your phone. Been that done that cause a company used my voice for something very similar but I Place an Finish for it once the check Removed.
2016-07-07 01:01:51
Someone maintaining for work for Dell. Seeking private information.
2016-06-17 10:00:21
Calls daily no message left.
2016-06-17 05:20:48
2016-06-16 21:23:27
Something Around education
2016-06-16 11:33:56
dint know who the Amount is keep call ind but they dint say nothing
2016-06-16 09:33:37
I continue to receive calls out of this Region code multiple numbers plus Region code W. A Buddy out of another state called one of that numbers and they said they were out of Super sweepstakes. They 've been calling me for several weeks along with several names displayed on my Owner id. I 'm hoping someone can Place a Cease to this scam calls.
2016-06-16 04:47:59
Raymond Penal
2016-06-15 18:21:38
block text and calls from this number
2016-06-15 14:49:36
SPAM . . movie Celebrities and extras
2016-06-15 11:01:40
Hang Upwards. No message left.

Phone list in area 551

Phone numberRecent commentAuthorTotalTime
5512265982SpamGuest62015-11-04 18:56:58
5512005550called me twice saying my loan was Accepted I never have applied for a loan the two calls were W minutes apart. Guest782015-11-04 18:58:00
5513334959Phone you personally within a fewGuest12015-11-04 19:08:30
5512265523Annoying threatening harassing. Won't Quit after being Inquired. Guest52015-11-04 20:18:58
5512060891Express and texts 've been blockedGuest12015-11-04 16:37:58
5512005545Called 3 times within an hour. Blocked. . Guest442015-11-04 17:04:00
5512220592Gotten call from this no one answer i called back and all i get is a bell sound. Wendy42015-12-14 17:57:21
5519074810horrible old manGuest62016-04-26 02:33:40
5512066775SeanGuest82015-12-20 11:49:57
5512005858I don t reply s I don t know. Definitely unsolicited. John Brown along with a very powerful Indian Highlight saying I was Accepted for an alarm for my House. I rent. Could Notice call Centre noise in back earth. Guest332015-11-04 15:52:58
5515194920They telephone and gang upGuest52016-04-17 08:33:56
5515749205yep said i won W Wall mart gift card. I cant stand Assessment spam. I dint text and I dint enjoy Wall mart. . . . . . . . . . . . . this spamming should become illegal. . . . Guest12015-11-04 18:23:59
5512000016don t enjoy me she is my familyGuest52015-12-14 05:07:08
5512458020No it s a real number I called it back. I don t know what they re selling but it is obviously telemarketing and they won t supply you their Business name. Guest42015-11-04 20:40:58
5512568239Spam scamGuest162015-11-04 20:14:29
5514273636block Guest12015-11-04 20:28:30
5518046103Got a phone from the from a Michael asking if if i Needed another job along with my Present full time Occupation. Said I wan t interested. Got my Information out of Monster he said. Guest22015-11-04 21:07:59
5513580100This really is that Telephone Amount for Kirby Vac . . BS job post. . . do not wast your own time. . W W WGuest62015-12-18 23:50:34
5514864504I had it happen Additionally. But he left a very long me sage within French. anita62015-12-14 19:19:42
5512005878He called me Attempting to scam meGuest602015-11-04 22:41:00
5512266984Left a message maintaining legal Activity if I did not telephone back by five pm. Your plaintiff would have an automatic judgment within their favor However they refused to state about what or whom without me divulging personal data. Guest302015-11-04 22:52:29
5514976807Trying for sell dismay systemGuest732015-11-04 22:53:59
5516971524I got a bunch of calls from the number. Why wont they leave a message. I hate telemarketer Folks. Guest62015-11-04 22:55:30
5512215586I obtained several calls from this number but your caller did not leave a voice send message. Guest42015-12-14 19:24:24
5516975031Saying they understand who I amGuest42015-12-16 12:45:13
5512265776Com project CollectionsGuest152015-11-04 23:50:58
5519983158Called me on 9 2 W left a message. no Notion what they were Attempting for say that Man did t Talk English. He appeared to Replicate that Amount thus I guess they need me to telephone back but really learn English and Afterward get back to me so i know what you want. Guest12015-11-05 00:29:59
5514970771Time wasterGuest32015-11-05 00:50:59
5512265548Unsolicited callGuest122015-11-05 00:53:58
5512330121Did t Understand that Amount did t answer and they did t leave a message. Guest462015-11-05 01:30:58
5512458240Ya Mr number for block the telephone. have a nice day. Guest122015-11-05 02:19:58
5517955766hoeGuest62015-12-14 18:09:37
5517954612TWIT Affordable HagglerGuest22015-11-05 02:27:59
5515741878Caller David Wheeler from Department of Legal Affairs Seeking phone back regarding important Problem needing action. Called at 2 P PST. Guest72015-12-16 14:19:50
5514976846They never offer Upwards they Simply always keep calling and changing their number on my Owner ID. Guest402015-11-05 03:11:59
5512213509iGuest92015-12-18 21:25:35
5512582874Registered message saying I vie been approved for your payday loan I applied for. Amazing. Except I did t Use and I don t need one. . . But cheers. Guest142015-11-05 03:40:29
5511111111Call and don t say anything. Guest732015-11-05 04:01:29
5512223175publisher s service. Success of sweepstakes. Bacall. Guest82015-12-16 13:19:19
5511640629Of fr creditGuest12015-11-05 05:07:29
5512265521your Owner Of the Telephone number Is a creelGuest62015-12-18 08:30:06
5512001769same Man Shift number 4 scamGuest12015-11-05 06:47:58
5518880364Student loan PolGuest412015-11-05 07:03:30
5512250275This number called to my cell phone. 1 W W W I don t how they located my cell Telephone number. I haven t put on any matter. I did t response. Guest292015-11-05 07:14:00
5515743199heartbreakGuest12015-11-05 08:21:30
5512216018I think he scamGuest62016-02-15 22:24:46
5514977495said he works for a law Organization and has a litigation against me for a payday loan i never had. Needed me for give info for pay W. W or the Authorities were coming to get me what a scam to get my bank info never had a payday loanGuest502015-11-05 09:08:30
5512265547SpamGuest42015-11-05 09:43:58
5518001225InsuranceGuest62015-12-13 01:07:35
5512213885you are pare Accepted. Credit amp MasterCard or credit line any credit line any credit Score. go to claimed. comGuest22015-11-05 10:19:58

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