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Recent reviews 559 Telephone area codes 2019-08-21T22:09:30+02:00.

2017-09-24 03:19:02
Kids playing games
2017-09-22 05:22:11
2017-08-31 00:57:47
Called the house of a sick 92 yr old man who will get his phone disconnected if these calls dont stop. 559 717 8470
2017-08-15 03:09:44
CAlled cell, left no message.
2017-08-04 18:13:36
I answered and no one spoke. After 4 or 5 seconds they hung up. So annoying!!!
2017-08-03 20:21:13
I didn't answer it. 5 second dead air message...blocking it.
2017-07-31 20:55:29
Said I owe water bill in Fresno, keep calling
2017-07-29 20:41:59
They called July 29th @ 10:04am. Kept saying HELLO HELLO, no one would answer back so I hung up
2017-07-21 15:45:00
Cheater and lairs. Don't trust him
2017-07-17 21:48:14
Left message as "Adam" from "Momentum" asking me to return his call. No idea who or what that is
2017-06-24 23:58:32
Got a call from 5593216023 all he said was hello and what an I doing. I asked who he wanted. He then hung up. Then he texted me asking if I'm selling a Bible. I said no I have a few things posted on Craigslist that I am selling but a Bible wasn't one and that your not suppose to text someone asking if they are selling something that is NOT posted. He replied with be nice. So I replied with be gone. He said no. Then 5 min later he calls again and says hello. So I hang up. Then he texts me and says "stupid" . I no longer reply after that
2017-05-12 23:54:12
They call and say they are collections when I check my credit report always. Owe nothing in collections. ASk for personal information and will not identify who they are.
2017-05-04 01:55:12
Spam caller
2017-04-27 01:00:19
Hocus bogus scam bam unwanted caller
2017-04-05 00:38:10
BBB called to give an invitation for accreditation..... sounds more like telemarketing to me....
2017-03-02 23:00:27
Scam call saying I received a payday loan in 2013 for $350.00 which I never did. The lady was very rude saying I did this on purpose with no intent on repaying the payday loan and threatened me with court. I told her I look forward to my day in court and told her she was working for a fraudulent company and they will be paying all my court costs! This was the 4th call from these scammers
2017-02-16 19:39:43
a hang up call
2017-01-28 06:17:47
constant calling after telling them it's a wrong#
2017-01-11 00:58:23
This is a scam number...Probably using a magic jack to hide real number but using an American number
2017-01-06 22:01:59
Does anyone on here no proper English or grammar?

Phone list in area 559

Phone numberRecent commentAuthorTotalTime
5597046804tyranny chaserGuest82015-12-14 04:55:41
5595158921Called my cell saying they would Promotion he Needed to charge me with 1 Money a month. Guest12015-11-04 15:38:05
5595543693JV FinancialCOCO72016-04-12 02:23:00
5594423402old guyGuest12015-11-04 15:55:33
5596655598This Man gets Trips and never pays for Prices. Guest32016-03-16 06:42:58
5593200171AssholeGuest22015-11-04 17:24:31
5595461414Another annoying telemarketing message I have learned which you are interested within making money online crap. . . . number on no phone list . Simply another 1 that will go on my cellphone crap listGuest22015-11-04 17:49:05
5592724591no one answersGuest352015-11-04 18:12:00
5595158231did not understand that store Place when pressed for data. Guest12015-11-04 18:27:05
5593314314called at PM left no voice mailGuest82015-12-14 04:54:31
5598515682career specialistGuest42015-11-04 19:15:07
5592014531This guy leaves me a message at my work Amount and says we demand you or your private representation lawyer to call me back. His name was Arum at x W he says that his firm is ready for Continue along with my file. What that heck that does mean. When called he didn't even state who or what Business he is along with. I Merely called back and the Girl answers Hello and good morning. That s it no name no company name. Afterward I asked her where did I telephone she says we've many Businesses in this building. Then she says let me look at that phone log and see who called you. Thoughts you personally I Destination t even given my name and she says I 'm transferring you personally to that ND Flooring. I Installed up Something fishy going on hereGuest272015-11-04 19:19:30
5592251100Bought a Automobile out of Paul Blanca signed contract and 2 3 weeks After they are calling Looking Auto back cause of that Problems they made. Not my fault i went there with all honesty and they handed me and my little girl that keys. . . they continue for harass me. Ugh. Guest52015-11-04 19:26:00
5596961695annoying bugs a lotGuest22015-11-04 19:57:06
5594790658Apparently it s American Airlines. Inquired how my daytime was going. I said busy and she Installed Upwards. Called to Amount and said it was disconnected. Guest142015-11-04 19:59:02
5592487340. Guest22015-11-04 15:34:00
5595542965Made several calls for my Residence Amount. Nobody on another Finish. Guest272015-11-04 15:51:33
5598034251He is a stalker. Beware. Guest12015-11-04 15:56:07
5593347849keep calling n taxing lousy words please stop this. . . . . . . Guest12015-11-04 16:05:01
5593282378Did t comprehend what the phone was forGuest182015-11-04 16:08:01
5596763529I did t answerGuest52015-11-04 16:12:06
5596507131Dint response. Waste valuable time. Guest122015-11-04 16:36:06
5596189819Block your piranhas. Guest12015-11-04 16:55:33
5593631530StopGuest82015-11-04 17:01:02
5597367837no love here. . . Guest12015-11-04 17:03:34
5597400165Jessica is Joke calling me out of the Amount I believe it s her work Lowe s. I am your Mum of her Partner s soon for become babyGuest12015-11-04 17:10:06
5593255400SchoolGuest82015-11-04 17:18:01
5597561434SpamGuest12015-11-04 17:52:34
5594920943Diff Universities even tho you personally say you personally within school or tell them for take you personally off the call listGuest152015-11-04 18:09:02
5594168341Got the same scam telephone. . . . Guest662015-11-04 18:09:00
5595008699looking for himGuest12015-11-04 18:21:33
5598380681that Owner calls every night between PM and 9 pm it's a cell within your exert ca Place a Occupation scam where they call and like they own a Petrol station and you applied they try and get private infoGuest22015-11-04 18:29:07
5598366683twit Genetics stalker rudeGuest82015-12-08 15:46:14
5597510121Yes I rec d 2 calls out of this Amount and 2 calls today no just one replied I called back and got voice mail said not availableGuest512015-11-04 18:53:06
5594759875Called and no 1 on the other Finish of that line. Just Put Upward when I answered. Guest172015-11-04 19:29:02
5597073007Said I was a junkieGuest22015-11-04 19:29:06
5595499360They never state anything. Guest32015-11-04 19:33:05
5594906999Someone s stalking me. . . . . Guest52015-12-09 00:27:51
5593347853Dint answerGuest42016-01-15 17:54:03
5594752348Work out of homeGuest42015-11-04 20:44:02
5594803122calls Regular and MI code won t let me answerGuest22015-11-04 20:48:02
5593497018spammerGuest62015-12-09 00:24:30
5597611960Telemarketer Striving to sell product. Guest22015-11-04 15:47:06
5594225039gotten unknown callFD42016-05-16 11:14:58
5595002134No message leftGuest192015-11-04 16:01:33
5598038297DON T Take. Guest12015-11-04 16:01:35
5597233653try to sell sexGuest22015-11-04 16:17:06
5593420539They called at 6 'm and hung Upward . I tried calling back amp got a record quot your own phone is important to us. . . quot And Afterward it disconnected . Guest152015-11-04 16:52:01
5592883785ignoreGuest12015-11-04 16:54:31
5593038425scummierGuest12015-11-04 17:02:31

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