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Telephone information: Leap Wireless Intl DBA Cricket Comm. Madera, CA. . United states
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Post by Tired of people & their scams.get a job!,

5594168341 W W W same as all your people places on this same. They called me last month I think they forgot that. And was going for Problem warrant Afterward. I think they forgot that too. Last month I left work and went to see my own Government Individuals Merely to make confident they Haydn t Taken any of my info because I knew I did t owe the Irs. They would 've been frozen my Records back in W W if that was the case. I wish they could locate these nuts and Charge them. .

Post by BruceV,

559-416-8341 Just like everyone else. It s a familiar scam along with a Distinct twist. Hopefully there are not too many Folks that get burnt by these crooks.

Post by Denise allen,

5594168341 Just got that phone overly. . I just Installed Upward. .

Post by Denise allen,

559-416-8341 Merely got the telephone overly. . I Simply hung Upward. .

Post by PeJae,

5594168341 Had two calls from the number Bob Martin being that caller. Same message People treasury for a federal criminal offense . Called that Amount back and a Daniel Ridge Indian Feature replied. He told me which he is calling in the Us Treasury Irs and claims that we've unpaid taxed for W and W. He Desired my lawyers name and Telephone number as nicely as your CPA s info that prepared my taxes. If I refused he has a war Book for my arrest that would be executed instantaneously. I told him the Government would bombard someone that owed taxes along with a lot of mail prior to Choosing drastic Activities such as what he was threatening with. He Promised that the Words were all send for the CPA and he must 've forgotten to let me know Bahama . Nonetheless he did not understand who my CPA was that acquired that notes. I told him to get your Charge warrant going that my toothbrush is packed and I am ready for go. Scam for sure

Post by lisa,

559-416-8341 Just got that same phone and same Amount we have been within TN

Post by Alen,

5594168341 3 messages Now from the same number. Really amusing. I am in Tn.

Post by Jan,

559-416-8341 Second MSG out of them Now. I called them back and got Robert not Bob Martin. I told him I had reported their scam to your FTC which I 've in fact done and Subsequently Put Upwards. We ll see they phone back.

Post by PeJae,

5594168341 Had two calls out of this Amount Charlie Martin being that Owner. Same message People treasury for a federal Legal violation . Called that Amount back and a Daniel Ridge Indian accent answered. He told me he is calling from your People Treasury Government and States that we've Outstanding taxed for W and W. He wanted my lawyers name and phone number as nicely as your CPA s data that prepared my taxes. If I refused he has a war rent for my Charge that would become executed instantaneously. I told him that the Irs would bombard someone that owed taxes with a lot of send earlier to Choosing drastic actions such as what he was threatening with. He Asserted that the Words were all send for your CPA and he must have forgotten for let me know Bahama . Nonetheless he did not understand who my CPA was that obtained the notes. I told him for get the arrest warrant going that my toothbrush is packaged and I am Prepared for go. Scam for sure

Post by Guest,

559-416-8341 Same as another complaints Steve Martin sounds like he is from India leaves a message stating that he represents that U. S. Treasury and Activity will be Chosen against a bogus Irs Difference in tax Processing. Called back and woman Additionally sounds enjoy she is out of India threatened to 've me arrested along with W minutes.

Post by AJ,

5594168341 Out of People Treasury. . many kind of BS voice send stating urgency and should t become ignored. Called twice and left voice send each time. I called told him for get me away his spam list. He hangs up on me. I called again and with a more stern voice told him for get me away his spam lists. He came back saying something cocky so I spelled SPAM to him. He Installed up on me. I 'm sorry but no one along with your name of Charlie Martin would 've a thick foreign Indian Highlight. If he calls again I will be calling the People Treasury for let known of a fraudulent act being done in their name.

Post by Denise allen,

559-416-8341 Keep receiving calls from W W W. I m going to Prison. I owe somebody. Did t pay Fees. . whatever

Post by Denise allen,

5594168341 I m within Tennessee too. I suppose we may meet everybody within jail. . Lola.

Post by Guest,

559-416-8341 Got your same call twice today we live within Tennessee same message everyone else is describing. He left a callback Amount said it was imperative. Said he was out of Treasury Section heavy Highlight knew my wife s first given name an unusual name. Told my Partner she would be arrested in W minutes after she Put Upward. Said there was a Federal warrant Outside for her Charge. He Inquired quot haven t you been notified about this quot . He was fishing for Information probably ready to ask for SAN or money.

Post by Don Trotter,

5594168341 This is a scam.

Post by Stephanie,

559-416-8341 Got a phone the morning out of the Amount amp when I called it back the man with a very heavy foreign Highlight attempted to tell me I was going to jail due to not paying my W Fees. I informed him he was incorrect amp he told me ma 'm I can 've u locked up appropriate now. I said I m Disability thus u go appropriate forward. So Subsequently he said how Substantially could u pay today. I laughed amp said W. He said let s not play with this. I will Only Problem that Guarantee. I Installed up. Had that nerve for call back a few minutes Past.

Post by Gary H,

5594168341 My Partner acquired a voice mail out of Kevin. He was with the Government and was Around for release a Guarantee for my arrest over Outstanding Fees. We Desired for telephone back instantly. She called this Amount and the man along with your Indian Highlight said Irs . My wife asked who is the and he said Kevin. He Inquired who she was and she said you tell me you personally Inquired me to call you . He Offered her my name phone number and address and proceeded to tell her he SW going to Problem a Guarantee through your local sheriff for my arrest and that we owed W in Fees and punishments from MI's Submitted W return. He said he had proof that letters had been delivered to people requesting payment and the next step was my arrest. I looked your number Upwards on the Website and appearance what I located.

Post by another potential victim,

559-416-8341 I Merely got a phone out of this Amount W W W they left a message on that express send saying that the Cops would be here to Charge me within your hour due to Outstanding taxes. SERIOUSLY what a frighten approach. I trust other People don t autumn Sufferer to these Indian scam artists.

Post by Chuck,

5594168341 Got a phone from W W W Crazy era CA along with a Simple message from a Bob Martin along with thick accent also saying I needed for call him to avoid a People Treasury federal litigation and imprisonment because this really is the second detect. I got just one that daytime before from Kirkland Washington along with Fundamentally that same message. Did t telephone either one back.

Post by Guest,

559-416-8341 Scam re Us Treasury

Post by Angie,

5594168341 Just obtained two calls this morning. Same thing. Charlie Martin about a People Treasury Federal Criminal Offense but he has altered that Amount. That one I got is out of W W W.

Post by A.B.,

559-416-8341 Same thing Merely happened to me I have contacts with that treasury who Verified this is a scam.

Post by tc,

5594168341 Have received that same telephone twice in that last 2 hours along with same message to phone quickly thus they can help me.

Post by Elaine,

559-416-8341 3 messages from the Amount within 1 day. Same content as reported out of others. Did not response yesterday amp won't response whenever I see the number.

Post by Betty,

5594168341 Several messages left on my Telephone something about an look before Magistrate Judge for a criminal violation. Very much unwanted. .

Post by Anoymous,

559-416-8341 Just gotten a telephone out of this Amount. Read all that reviews Recorded and decided to call back to tell him for quit calling my number. I get a record saying this magic jack number has not been Designated yet.

Post by Kaz,

5594168341 My Partner and I acquired the same telephone 3 times Charlie Martin. We are in SC

Post by Ron,

559-416-8341 I vie gotten a call from the number 3 times. Left messages. Heavy Indian Highlight. Threatened National prosecution. This can be bull t . Don t response.

Post by Ruth,

5594168341 Also got a phone from this NR. they left a message on my replying machine. .

Post by TJ,

559-416-8341 I m in Tennessee as well. I got 3 calls out of them yesterday. That Road 1 came even after I replied the ND and told them I had reported their scam to your National Trade Commission. I blocked their after that.

Post by cope,

5594168341 Scam

Post by Mike,

559-416-8341 I am Additionally in Knoxville and obtained 3 messages on my answering machine Now W W W

Post by Tom,

5594168341 Same message as previous People have already reported. I guess it is a scam. I did not phone back.

Post by Mike,

559-416-8341 I 'm also in Knoxville and obtained 3 messages on my replying machine Now W W W

Post by Beth,

5594168341 same as above oh Charlie Martin don t you have some writing joke telling or banjo playing for can sir. .

Post by Guest,

559-416-8341 I was notify that there was a National felony warrant for me and I Desired to telephone him back right away I live on that east shore and particular there's I criminal charge against me this really is many kind of scam he is doing.

Post by Larry Clark,

5594168341 If I got stuck along with this call I would tell the telemarketer that I was Chevy Pursuit.

Post by Ron,

559-416-8341 You personally could be on for something. Your terrorist group CA IR is purportedly quite high Technology. They're Additionally into hacking. They have Delivered Individuals to Ferguson MO for participate within the riots.

Post by Jacoby,

5594168341 I got away of that phone less than W minutes ago. Same process and procedures as everyone else. I live in Tennessee as well.

Post by JK-TN,

559-416-8341 Got two calls within a Line from Charlie Martin who Maintained to become a Us Treasury official informing me of unpaid back taxes. Desired to understand who my lawyer was thus they could send Certification to them. Did not Supply any Information and Result was someone would become at my door in W minutes to arrest me and freeze bank Records. . He was belligerent and grim. Finally Put up on him.

Post by Guest,

5594168341 Has called me 4 times today leaving that same message.

Post by ex-con,

559-416-8341 Only got a call along with basically the same message urgent Dilemma regarding that People treasury. Threatening war rents and Charge. Ceased him not alive within his Songs when I told him that years he says I did t pay Fees that I was in National detention thus get it from them.

Post by Michelle,

5594168341 Same matter happened for me where r u located

Post by Guest,

559-416-8341 I was told the Owner was David Martin in the Us Treasury. He could hardly Chat English. Scummier.

Post by Jant,

5594168341 I Merely got the Specific message. I blocked my Amount and called back. Of path it went to express send Subsequently said the mailbox could t Take any more messages. That is really unfortunate because I had a good 1 for Steve Martin. Federal criminal offense. Posh.

Post by Larry Clark,

559-416-8341 If I got stuck with the phone I would tell your telemarketer that I was Chevy Pursuit.

Post by Ron,

5594168341 You may become on to something. That terrorist group CA IR is supposedly really high tech. They are also into hacking. They have sent people to Ferguson MO for participate within the riots.

Post by Bruce,

559-416-8341 Yes I acquired one of those calls as well. Significant Indian Highlight warning of a National Legal violation and mentioning appearance before a magistrate or grand Court. Must be a scam.

Post by Jacoby,

5594168341 I got away of the Telephone less than W minutes ago. Same procedure and procedures as everyone else. I live in Tennessee as well.

Post by West,

559-416-8341 Got three phone MSG Now out of Charlie Martin same number. We are in SC guess your entire Nation is going to jail.

Post by Guest,

5594168341 DON T Understand WHO This can be AND HAS LEFT TWO MESSAGE. That is A SCAM. THESE Individuals Need To Become REPORTED.

Post by Guest,

559-416-8341 Did not response but caller quot David Martin quot along with significant Indian Highlight left a message Around quot Administration Activities executed by Us treasury quot for a quot National criminal offense quot . Called twice within an hour. As we have no such dilemmas 've for believe that it's component of that scam that's on national news Currently.

Post by Guest,

5594168341 I got your same call heave Highlight saying that same executed by Us treasury quot enforcement actions for a National criminal violation quot quot ignoring the would be a second attempt for award an appearance before a registered judge or a grand Court quot We live within Central United States and I knew that I did t 've any Difficulties so I Viewed this Upward for see where he was calling out of and also called back for see what they would say and he said quot I 'm speaking to Yolanda quot . NO. I told him to take my Amount away his calling list I 've a company for run. . .

Post by Guest,

559-416-8341 I got your same message from Steve Martin who has a significant Feature Around quot Administration Activities. . . criminal violation. quot Blocked this number.

Post by Guest,

5594168341 Got the same scam phone. . . .

Post by CB,

559-416-8341 Same as all others. I am in Tennessee.

Post by Denise allen,

5594168341 I m within Tennessee too. I figure we can satisfy everybody in jail. . Lola.

Post by Guest,

559-416-8341 He called me 3 times on Nov. W Report this for HTTP complaints. dentally. gov Grievance Grievance Assess. asp

Post by Guest,

5594168341 Said that David Martin is calling seeing Significant data Around Activities against us viewing your us treasurer and ignoring the can become Objective second something for go within front of Judge or a grand jury for a National Legal violation. and for telephone him at your Amount he called from

Post by Guest,

559-416-8341 In Tennessee got that phone out of Amount twice. Scam.

Post by Guest,

5594168341 This really is crazy. A Complete scam for scare Folks. Our message said the same thing.

Post by Guest,

559-416-8341 called me with same statements as others. I never answered. Listened to my express mail. I attempted calling back to see what it was regarding and got no response Only a message that customer was not Closed up for Magic Jack. Whatever that is. I hardly believe the U. S. Treasury would contact you personally by phone. He sounded foreign as nicely.

Post by TJ,

5594168341 I m within Tennessee as nicely. I got 3 calls from them yesterday. The Rd just one came even after I answered the ND and told them I had reported their scam for the Federal Commerce Commission. I blocked their after that.

Post by JB,

559-416-8341 Bad Bob Martin. ignored.

Post by Francis Timmons,

5594168341 That Actual same phone message as others. He has left two messages today

Post by Guest,

559-416-8341 If you call back a female having an Indian Highlight Solutions quot U S Treasury can I help you personally. quot Something tells me they Likely would t reply that manner if it was that United States Treasury.

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3377173011 Complains by Guest,

2 calls back for back but no messages left.

5204685930 Complains by Guest,

They phone Regular enjoy 4 times a day. They say you personally won the lottery and send them W and they can send the rest. They get Insane if you personally say no and tell you your life may be no good and curse you.

2487598639 Complains by Guest,

Several calls in a Line called back no Call tone

4326148004 Complains by Guest,

Lines Shops Suss er holdings Assess recovery people

3344358258 Complains by Guest,

Get fast cash now

5129399176 Complains by Guest,

no calls

5806523631 Complains by Guest,

U sexy thing

7134016248 Complains by Guest,

i response no 1 says a thing

6194890084 Complains by Guest,

States for become out of Yahoo saying lousy matters will occur for your company unless you personally contact them.

8703453174 Complains by Guest,

Have asked for become on your don't phone list and is still calling.

6196846510 Complains by Guest,

This really is Similar for my telephone out of them. That only difference is they knew my whole social. Very scaring. I am reporting to Lawyer General.

7172946738 Complains by Guest,

Discontinue calling covetous tempests. . .

8474619683 Complains by Benjamin,

I answered, said hello 3 different times, waiting patiently for a reply each time. Nothing but dead silence, not even the background noise of someone on the other end not saying anything. Seems like an auto-caller not working right.

3525851248 Complains by Guest,

I received 1 telephone and they said nothing Simply insisted on my name.

3252264931 Complains by Guest,


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