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Telephone information: Pac - West Telecomm. Earlimart, CA. Tulare. United states
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Post by ColleenB,

5597510121 I got that error of filling out a kind online for insurance Rates. It s been over 2 weeks. That phone doesn't Quit ringing. One insurance man was type enough for tell me that they Offered my info for every insurance company within your State O's He said for get them to stop is for tell them you are on Medicare.

Post by Purrt,

559-751-0121 Received a call from W W W on my cell Telephone. It was a record from Rachel telling me my insurance request was approved and for phone W W W for Discuss to her. Said she was from Initial health care I 've never heard of them and completely never applied for insurance there.

Post by mimi,

5597510121 2 calls no message

Post by Guest,

559-751-0121 These jerk's called me and i told them i was going for Dice away their heads and Strike down their throats and they hung Upwards and never called again ROFL.

Post by Guest,

5597510121 They left me a voice mail saying I vie been approved for Well-being attention and I never Used to Well-being attention. Spammers. . .

Post by Mariah,

559-751-0121 Its for a few insurance Business and Seemingly they called out of W W within that morning and most of your day my fiance and I 've been ignoring it.

Post by W. A. Smith,

5597510121 What a pain. I no More answer any from state Phone calls. This one is out of California. Eventually and if they read Adam Smith businesses may fire whoever has led them for this way of doing business. Meanwhile I 'm alerting my two NY Senators for come Upwards along with a Option.

Post by Swarley,

559-751-0121 Got a phone from this number at 9 W 'm. I did t pick it Upward cause I did t Understand the number. Glad I did t after reading all your posts.

Post by Tammy,

5597510121 This called Upwards on my Owner id.

Post by Guest,

559-751-0121 Bahama oh my god Hathaway

Post by Julia,

5597510121 I m copying and pasting your last writer s Remark since it's Exactly what happened to me Acquired a call out of W W W on my Dwelling Telephone voice send. It was a recording from Rachel telling me my insurance request was approved and for telephone W W W for talk to her. Said she was out of Premier Wellness I 've never heard of them and absolutely never Used for insurance there.

Post by Joey,

559-751-0121 Please remove me out of your phone registry. If I get another call I may report this to my city officials.

Post by Guest,

5597510121 I replied the Telephone and all they said was Your own application for Wellness insurance has been Accepted it covers physician visits and prescriptions. Yet I vie never applied for their Wellness insurance Strategy and I m Frightened they're Attempting to Change my Medicare Insurance without my knowledge. Definitively it s a scam.

Post by Cathy,

559-751-0121 Calls Ceased when I told them they had that erroneous Amount.

Post by JS KIng,

5597510121 I am receiving numerous calls. They never Discuss just Stay on hold and eventually hang Upward without saying a word. That number shows upon my Owner ID

Post by Joey,

559-751-0121 I received Now your same message and when I called back a man replied and when I Needed to Chat for Rachel he would t let me. He Additionally said to telephone back later. What's this Around.

Post by Guest,

5597510121 Marketing

Post by NikonDave,

559-751-0121 Just got one of these W W W calls. Waited W seconds. or so on my biz cell until many static Sound Began Subsequently hung up.

Post by PISSED OFF AT 559-751-0121,

5597510121 THESE CALLED ME AT 7 W Am ON A SATURDAY. THEY Could GO Straight To HELL.

Post by Guest,

559-751-0121 They are calling to see you personally demand Top Wellness Coverage

Post by Guest,

5597510121 Spammers

Post by gail,

559-751-0121 Leading Wellness care calls numerous times amp I have requested that they stop

Post by Freedom,

5597510121 Insurance. They may phone and hassle you at all hours. I vie spoken to several Folks for take me away their list and they never do.

Post by Guest,

559-751-0121 Wellbeing insurance sales.

Post by frieda_c,

5597510121 I got a telephone out of W W W Now and your Owner Inquired me if I had W minutes for take a survey Around Well-being care. I told him that I had 2 small children and did not have W minutes to spend talking to him Around something I did t need. He Guaranteed me he could offer me a great rate on insurance and when I told him I all Prepared had good insurance he Put up on me.

Post by Guest,

559-751-0121 Left a voice mail saying I was approved for health insurance. Premier Well-being. I don t understand what which was about.

Post by Andrea,

5597510121 It s for many insurance. I got the same Extension W is occupied message. . . . called the W number and a few was rude for me asking if I asked for Wellness Insurance. No I did t.

Post by Sgt Friday,

559-751-0121 That is a telephone center. On Seep W W the CST called me on Account of Premier Health care. When I replied that I already purchased Well-being insurance out of a Distinct Business she Put Upwards on me. Someone urgently needs phone training.

Post by got them back,

5597510121 telephone forwarded for W. . That can get them a few attention

Post by Guest,

559-751-0121 They telephone Afterward hang Upward. Bugs that heck out of me.

Post by Guest,

5597510121 Receive a phone everyday and they state nothing

Post by carlos Cartagena,

559-751-0121 Today I acquired a phone from you personally. What's your company. E-mail email W protected

Post by Guest,

5597510121 They vie called twice Now and won t leave any information. Thus frustrating.

Post by insurance company,

559-751-0121 Get a phone W Am. Recorded message saying my Program for the Well-being insurance was approved. Never send application. SCAM. . Quit waiting the time you idiot. Phone them back the number the are saying on that message and let them know for stop. Such a lie about Program.

Post by betty,

5597510121 got same message and they don t request for any Particular Individual by name. Thus who are they calling. A Actual Firm would at least request for a Particular Individual. That is a scam for certain. We had Lately bought brand new homeowners Insurance and i suppose they sold my private info

Post by Squirrel Rescue,

559-751-0121 Replied a phone out of the Amount as standard Hello Squirrel Saving heard some garbled talking Afterward it Installed Upwards on me. Tried calling it back and it said to leave a message thus I Viewed your number Upward. I did t know anyone Protected squirrels. I d confident like to know how Considerably they're willing to pay Outside on them though as your rescue could constantly use more cash to Run with.

Post by Guest,

5597510121 Individual says their name is Rachel and your application for health insurance was Accepted and asks for you to telephone back at Distinct number W W W if you do they're trying to Only sell insurance and may attempt to get information from you to buy their products

Post by Joey,

559-751-0121 I obtained Now the same message and when I called back a guy replied and when I Needed for speak for Rachel he would t let me. He Additionally said to telephone back After. What is this Around.

Post by Guest,

5597510121 They called cellphone that is on no call registry and I replied. Heard nothing and Put Upward. Labeling it as scam in my own phone as I have done on all your election calls.

Post by betty,

559-751-0121 got same message and they don t request for any Particular person by name. Thus who are they calling. A Actual Firm would at least ask for a Unique person. This can be a scam for certain. We had recently bought fresh homeowners Insurance and i think they Offered my private info

Post by Alyson Pontinen,

5597510121 The Amount keeps calling my phone and I desire it for Quit.

Post by Guest,

559-751-0121 They call each few times offering Wellbeing insurance. I have asked your last four times to be removed out of their call list but they Simply hang Upward on you personally and phone back a few days later. When I called your Amount back I got express mail.

Post by Guest,

5597510121 I got a call that when I replied there was not alive atmosphere for a minute and Afterward they hung Upward.

Post by Guest,

559-751-0121 Never applied for Well-being care with them.

Post by Brenda,

5597510121 The number keeps calling me but when I answer I get no Result.

Post by Guest,

559-751-0121 spam

Post by ladyjade66,

5597510121 I vie been a telephone from the number for WEEKS and every time I answer there's no one on another line. . . Now I waited for W seconds for look for Outside who it was and what they want and it Simply Installed Upwards. I tried for telephone back and it says I m sorry extension W is unavailable. Please leave your own message at your tone.

Post by Guest,

559-751-0121 This is a telephone Facility. On Seep W W your CST called me on behalf of Top Well-being attention. When I replied that I already purchased Wellness insurance from a Distinct Firm she hung Upward on me. Someone desperately needs Telephone training.

Post by robert payne,

5597510121 It comes across as unknown and it is a solicitation. .

Post by Guest,

559-751-0121 Calls and hangs Upward get a life.

Post by Guest,

5597510121 Yes I rec d 2 calls out of the number and 2 calls today no 1 answered I called back and got voice send said not available

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Plan calling center

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card cash

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This asshole keeps calling

8186960061 Complains by Brittany,

I literally have acquired that same e mail verbatim. These wipes even used that same case number for everyone. Lola tiff

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No answer

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First time calling

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7048420751 Complains by Jessica,

They called me last Monday on the Th. I m just reporting these Individuals because I believe this can be a scam.

4165651896 Complains by Guest,

No name of business Simply a few credit card scam Around a 6 credit card they are fishing along with. Get Perhaps one call a month in the recorded message machine.

4168771171 Complains by DJ,

highly unstable Person doing massages. be thorough of this person

5617024359 Complains by Guest,

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4145198074 Complains by Guest,

A no no. . . unknown Individual stalker

5183802292 Complains by Disam,

Many calls no message from W W W then W W W then W W W. I 'm blocking them. These are sequential Amounts what kind of scummier is this. Is the a rototiller.

9039306555 Complains by Guest,

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