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Telephone information: Mcc Telephony Of Iowa. Davenport, IA. . United states
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Post by Guest,

5634243530 diabetic supplies

Post by neil cooper,

563-424-3530 please block the number out of calling me

Post by Bee,

5634243530 This telephone has been blocked on my phone. . UGH. ANNOYING. it says Iowa

Post by Guest,

563-424-3530 Scam. . .

Post by ticked off,

5634243530 Received phone out of the number. Comes up unavailable on caller id. Talked along with a man who told me that I 'm entitled for funds from a operation litigation. I told him for Quit calling otherwise I can bring a litigation again them. This can be not your first time I 've obtained such phone. The goes back to at least a month if not longer. Really annoying and harassing.

Post by Rich,

563-424-3530 Laughed at me when I told him I don t want his calls Trying for get my diabetes supply business but lying about it Told him I am on your don't telephone registry and I intend for report the Amount. Kept on laughing at me. Where's your don't telephone Area.

Post by Dante,

5634243530 Unfortunately your DC is not a call blocker and cannot Cease the calls. Your very best Wager is phone blocking them yourself and filing Gripes.

Post by Guest,

563-424-3530 I 'm weary of becoming these Telephone phone. I am on a no telephone list. . . . . . . Now got calls. . . . 9 W W 2 W pm 6 W pm 6 W pm Recently got calls 9 W W 5 W pm 8 W pm and many many more before the. I 'm contemplating locating out the best way to press Prices on this number. . . I do not like having my private phone Amount along with limited minutes being used by the company. . . . tried to phone back and can get no reply. . . . Strategies. . . . .

Post by Mike H.,

5634243530 Annoying telemarketing call for medical supplies. Firm name is Prescription Plus Inc. Their Principal office is located W Fair Street Plants Rd. Wellington FL. Phone W W W W W W Fax W W Owner managers Sam Fix Howard Dog lack

Post by Guest,

563-424-3530 They telephone only rings once Subsequently quits

Post by Daisy Moore,

5634243530 I got a telephone out of Angel from Wellness network asking for my Partner who is diabetic. She said she spoke to my Partner and he Offered her authorization to send him a fresh meter she Only Desired for Check with me. I asked her if she got Agreement out of him exactly why did she phone my number. She did t have a response. I Inquired her for please hold while I got him Seminars in and she hung up. LOLA. . . . A He dozen t use my phone. B He s not diabetic I 'm. C Exactly why would I supply you ANY info. This really is a scam Don't Offer THEM ANY Data. . . . .

Post by Guest,

563-424-3530 They keep calling my Amount. I 've blocked them. They called previously and at that time I told them I wan t interested amp please don t phone me again. I could t provide you a name of Owner. . . I could t recognize what they said amp I Inquired twice. So Substantially for an unlisted phone number.

Post by Guest,

5634243530 spam. . . . med supplies. . . or Identification theft

Post by Karen,

563-424-3530 I have gotten several calls from this number No Triumphs ever on your line and if you personally phone that number back your own Place on hold saying the representative can be along with you but no just one ever comes on your line

Post by Guest,

5634243530 Received phone out of this number. Comes Upward unavailable on Owner id. Spoke with a man who told me that I am entitled for funds out of a surgery suit. I told him for stop calling otherwise I will bring a suit again them. This really is not your first time I 've acquired such telephone. This goes back to at least a month if not longer. Really annoying and harassing.

Post by Cindy G,

563-424-3530 the Owner should be heavily fined. Have been listed every date called since the started within September W. When you personally response no just one talks and Subsequently you Notice a click. They call Mon Thur Fri and occasionally twice a daytime. . I 've received Documents from the Client Protection Business who work with your Office of your Atty General. My State Representative has been got aware of this Amount and may look into it

Post by Ray M,

5634243530 This Bash has called many times over last several months sometimes multiple times a day. Once i decided for response and it said something Around diabetic supplies told him no diabetics within House and he Installed up quite suddenly. Now they r calling again. I just desire them for stop calling. Defaults.

Post by Guest,

563-424-3530 Medical spam

Post by D Barker,

5634243530 Consider maybe getting a telephone blocking Product or phone. . You can Google them and many are Approximately W. W or so. Report your callers here not Simply for the DC alone HTTP Internet. . gov amp Section HTTP support. FCC. gov cruciforms kind. Amenhotep's Gripes. dentally. gov Grievance Criticism Assess. asp. panel By State DC lists HTTP Www. . com tentacled. shuttlecock Abandoned Calls Gripe kind HTTP Internet. FCC. gov CB Client Details D R. pitfall E-mail W protected To file Gripes on Foreign company s Customer. gov Report Your own Grievance mail email W protected

Post by Dante,

563-424-3530 Sadly your DC isn't a telephone blocker and cannot Discontinue the calls. The absolute best bet is phone blocking them yourself and filing Grievances.

Post by irate,

5634243530 That Firm calling is Prescription Plus Inc. . . They are a medical Provide company that purportedly specialized in Diabetic Supplies. They 've a telephone Centre for their Topical Substance Cream which Appears to be your ones calling. I contacted the company via 1 W W W and talked with Customer Service. I expressed my displeasure along with that harassing calls and that I was prepared to can whatever Essential for report them about the harassing calls. I provided them with the W W W Amount and that I wanted it for Quit instantly. Allegedly spoke with a Supervisor in that Dept and suggested this would Discontinue instantly. I Additionally advised her that there were numerous reports about that same issue and that they should investigative that repetitive calling that is Choosing Put. I was told calls would Cease and any questions to contact her again. Your issue started again this afternoon. Each time I have asked who was calling I 've been instantly Put up on. When I 've called your above number for assistance I 've been given 2 different extension Amounts for your Supervisor which have disconnected me. I 'm currently contacting all your potential avenues to file a Grievance against the organization including BBB AG offices their office location state and mine My insurance Firm Medicare as they are authorized Providers for them and any National agency which has any Authority. I 've Additionally been proposed to contact my Congressional Reps and Senators to 've them speak with your Fellow Congressional Counterparts of that state seeing that nature of the Companies Methods. As shortly as I have all your info I can post contacts here. I no longer Plan on getting these people for Only Quit contacting me but 've them brought to your forefront and investigated for their company Methods and if potential Close down. Their Medicare contract tends to Normally become what keeps Firms like the afloat. Thus it's my Main objective.

Post by annoyed,

563-424-3530 The Amount started calling me at W the morning and has been calling once each 2 hours. I have told them that I am not interested and that they're wasting my time and by annoying me along with repetitive calls will not get me for Alter my thoughts. Your last call that guy got rude by telling me that obviously I Needed for perish by not becoming their help. I demanded to Talk along with a Manager called a B Ch and hung up on. They are Attempting for supply me with diabetic supplies. I 've contacted my insurance Supplier Around the Amount which they don't have Recorded as an authorized Provider and previously mentioned that they would watch my account for attempted Prices and that they would 've someone inquire as there 've been numerous fraud groups similar for this which are active.

Post by Dan,

5634243530 No need for call the Authorities they won t be able for can anything Around it. It is a civil matter. What you can do is get your number on your Do not Call List if they keep it up you can turn them within. Which is what I 'm about for would after leaving the Result.

Post by Guest,

563-424-3530 Don t know who these people are but they called your house 3 times could t understand what the Individual was saying thus I Put up

Post by Guest,

5634243530 For several weeks they 've called multiple times a day and I have ignored them until Now. I told them for take me away their list and a couple hours After they called again. I called them back and told them to Quit calling me. I can file a report for their On-going harassment.

Post by Guest,

563-424-3530 Finally after weeks of hangups and empty express mails i replied and said Hi. Your caller seemed for be foreign along with an extremely heavy accent. She had my name and proceeded for try to get me to indication Upwards for House delivery of diabetic testing supplies. Needless to state i went Off on her. I recorded that talk and told her to get a Manager Ed was his name. I told him ti appearance at the reviews on white pages and proposed him Thea redialing is prohibited. And that when that ever called my number again i would Monitor them down and start a class Actions lawsuit along along with anyone who cared to join and sue them for spamming redialing and harassment. They hung Upward on me so i wait.

Post by Guest,

5634243530 I get calls out of the number continuously all hours day or nighttime. I am on that Don't Phone list but it dozen t Discontinue them. I 'm reporting them for your Right authorities. They should be Close down for harassment.

Post by Guest,

563-424-3530 The Amount calls my Telephone in your earlier am hours and late nighttime as well. They hang Upward if i reply or leave a empty 3 second express send if i dint answer. They call at least 4 to 6 times per day

Post by Guest,

5634243530 Obtained call from this Amount. Comes Upward unavailable on caller id. Spoke with a guy who told me that I am entitled for funds from a surgery suit. I told him for stop calling otherwise I may bring a litigation again them. This really is not the first time I 've obtained such phone. This goes back to at least a month if not More. Very annoying and harassing.

Post by James,

563-424-3530 Hi my Partner has diabetes and the healthier provider is blue Cross blue shield and we Complete Outside on line a blue Wellness Evaluation for both my Partner and myself you get money on a card to help pay for drugs. It's enjoy a super private survey of info. These idiots must Crack into the BC BS system and that's why they telephone both your mobile Amounts. We get Short tons of calls for diabetic supplies I just Blow off that call and appearance Upward Amount on Internet. notes. com. Take attention and Happy Christmas.

Post by Guest,

5634243530 SCAM. . . . They 've called me 5 times within 3 times. Owner ID shows phone but Unknown as caller. They said they were offering diabetic care for Medicare people. When I told Jack I was not eligible for Medicare he asked what other insurance I had. He had my name and knew I was diabetic and was quite difficult for comprehend. I told him I was not interested and that my Amount is on your quot Do not Phone quot list and asked to create confident my number was removed out of their list. He Afterward Installed Upward on me. I Need everyone who is exhausted of becoming these annoying scam calls to file an online report at the FCC Client Criticisms website.

Post by Guest,

563-424-3530 health group

Post by Guest,

5634243530 Would like all calling for stop or I can report to police

Post by Guest,

563-424-3530 I aired of becoming the phone on my Telephone rings a few seconds and stops. Afterward when I call now just one answers.

Post by Adriana,

5634243530 I get these calls multiple times a day and no one ever Solutions nor leaves a message.

Post by Guest,

563-424-3530 Medical spam

Post by Patty,

5634243530 I told your guy that called I am not diabetic and no one in family is either. Said he was sorry and would take me of your calling list. Would t you personally understand it called again the morning but Installed Upwards before I replied.

Post by Tom Groff,

563-424-3530 I get the phone 4 or 5 times a day who is it

Post by Rochelle,

5634243530 I get 3 or more calls a day from this number. Can there be any way to Quit this. It is very annoying.

Post by Guest,

563-424-3530 Telephone all that time for nothing when I Choose Upward they don t state anything

Post by Barbra,

5634243530 I have been getting these phone also. Your person request me Around my diabetes and how Frequently I take my blood sugar I said not interested and Quit calling me. they phone now and hang up. I have called them i get a record.

Post by Dan,

563-424-3530 No demand to phone that Authorities they won t become Competent to would anything Around it. It's a civil question. What you can would is get your Amount on your Do not Telephone List if they keep it Upward you can turn them within. That's what I am about for would after Making the response.

Post by Peggy,

5634243530 I want these calls stopped I have received calls out of the Amount 5 times in the last 2 times.

Post by Kevin,

563-424-3530 I need these calls Quit. I never Required this company for my permission for contact me Around diabetic supplies.

Post by S Hester,

5634243530 The guy calls several times a day he was told to Cease calling and we 're on the do not call register. So Much today we've received 3 calls from this place. I want them stopped. . . . . .

Post by Guest,

563-424-3530 Don't Telephone The Amount. I May REPORT You To BETTER Company BUREAU

Post by Rick Helman,

5634243530 There is never an answer when I Select up. I want these calls stopped

Post by Guest,

563-424-3530 Calls occasionally twice a daytime. Does not say anything when I answer and hangs Upward.

Post by Tammy Turbo,

5634243530 got the telephone a few times last one Now at 8 'm. . That is Well-being group Granting for that Indian man on your phone. Diabetic supplies. CID says Davenport IA.

Post by Guest,

563-424-3530 They call me multiple times a daytime out of different Amounts. I 've told them to Leave calling and they keep calling anyway.

Post by Guest,

5634243530 Calls at least 5 times a week. Have Inquired them to stop. Thus Much no calls. . . so far.

Post by Guest,

563-424-3530 The number calls me twice a day every day. I vie asked them for Discontinue. Stops for a daytime then right back at it.

Post by Carlos Ramirez,

5634243530 Recd a phone rad 2 W today. After reading the Opinions I may block them. Filing a complaint might help to some measure but they will look for another Amount for use.

Post by Lorrie Pruitt,

563-424-3530 Becoming calls from the Amount all times of daytime and night. When I request them not to telephone back they hang Upwards. before I can get it Outside.

Post by D Barker,

5634243530 Consider Perhaps getting a phone blocking Unit or Telephone. . You can Google them and many are around W. W or thus. Report your own callers here not Only for the DC alone HTTP Internet. . gov amp Screen HTTP support. FCC. gov cruciforms type. Amenhotep's Gripes. dentally. gov complaint Grievance check. asp. panel By State DC lists HTTP Www. . com tentacled. shuttlecock Abandoned Calls Complaint kind HTTP Internet. FCC. gov CB Buyer Details D R. pitfall E-mail W protected For file Gripes on Foreign Firm s Customer. gov Report Your own Grievance mail E-mail W protected

Post by priscilla,

563-424-3530 This number calls me 7 or 8 times a day quit calling

Post by Guest,

5634243530 After receiving several hangups out of the Amount I called back. A Individual replied stating that s he could t tell was providing support for Medicare and that I was eligible for an Update on my diabetes Drugs. S he had my name and Promised for 've my date of Start as nicely. The undoubtedly USN t true as I am not previous enough to be a Medicare Individual. When I described this and stated that I am not diabetic s he apologized and said she would remove all my information out of their list appropriate away. Not confident what this scam is but undoubtedly something is awry.

Post by Margaret S Brewer,

563-424-3530 I keep getting calls from this number and they consistently hang up

Post by Guest,

5634243530 The number calls me twice a day to sell me diabetic supplies. I 've Inquired for become taken off their call list. But when I speak they don t stop talking. That last time they called threatened to telephone the police. They called again. When I cal back for speak for someone I get Place on hold and no one ever Solutions. Please inquire.

Post by USNVET,

563-424-3530 These low lives do not take please die for a reply as she called W TIMES in 2 days Beginning 'm and Upward to W W PM

Post by Frank from Deeeetroit,

5634243530 The guy has called us a couple of times the week and Now is Tuesday. An Indian speaking Man he offered me diabetic Dilemma help. I told him that I do not have diabetes and I do not suffer out of erectile dis Operate and to prove it I Desired to show his mother. He got mad and Put Upwards on me.

Post by Guest,

563-424-3530 Your telephone hangs Upwards after 2 Bands. Has called several times in 3 days.

Post by Guest,

5634243530 This was ongoing since earlier September W. They call Mon Thur Fri. sometimes twice a daytime 9 W am 6 W pm. I have answered but there is no one on line and Subsequently it clicks off. Shows Upwards as quot unknown quot . 've been told for not response because once they have made contact along with a legit Telephone no you could possibly have Larger Difficulties down that road. Rec d forms out of my Bur. of Cons. Protection and have talked along with my State Representative Office and Offered them this W Amount. If traced this scummier should become heavily fined and Delivered for Siberia Perhaps they could drum up more business there. Your W operator says the number isn't within their system. 've been told this telephone originates in India.

Post by mar,

563-424-3530 Well-being group desires to Understood ALL information

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6619641000 Complains by Guest,

asking for Rosemary.

8172317414 Complains by VANESSA,

WOW SAME Actual Telephone Call Out of A NEIL TOMAS AND A Paul WILSON. I WAS AT WORK WHEN THEY CALLED With ALL MY Information. SS AND BANK Info. I GOT The Number To Phone THEM BACK. THEY Subsequently Gave ME The W. W. W . NEIL Answered AND TRANSFERRED ME DIRECTLY For Mike. WHEN I Attempted To GET MORE Information. OR THEIR Location HE BECAME Quite HOSTILE AND Hung Up. NO Need For Stress It's A SCAM. THERE WAS A NEWS REPORT About THEM AS Nicely AND We 're TOLD For REPORT IT To That FBI Key SERVICE OR That Police.

7729184993 Complains by Guest,

I Actually notion the was another scam I took the time for hear that guy who called Outside and he presented some data that really got feeling. I looked them Upwards on your net and with your Better Company Agency and was happy for Learn an Excellent Monitor record. I ended up hiring the Business and they saved me a lot more than there fees.

6167962114 Complains by Guest,

City Bistro City Flats Hotel W E Th St Th Fl Holland MI W HTTP Web. stiltedly. com Holland bistro Pub city

8002737583 Complains by Guest,

I pick Upwards and no just one Solutions so I body it s a telemarketer that dozen t understand the best way to speak.

8043966887 Complains by Skagen,

Rob caller or telemarketer never leaves message

5123371916 Complains by Guest,

he Set W W. W within his pocket

5123544909 Complains by Guest,

Bank collector

8002722585 Complains by Guest,

Same as the other Remark. Cease calling I don t have company along with you personally and I m not looking to either. Each single day at 8 Am.

8002878875 Complains by paul,

I got your Actual same text saying I won.

8002618274 Complains by Sarah,

That is a telephone out of Pickford's. com It's A SCAM. Call the Amount back and inform them you need Chosen off your list. I called my bank after they charged me W and I told them for watch and make certain it fell away. When it fell off after three days I Discontinued worrying but now i m seeing Fees for 5. W on my card from their Telephone Amount. I am reporting them as shortly as possible.

8002924453 Complains by Hugh B. McNatt,

We want for become removed out of your Facsimile list. Our fax number is W W W

8002226666 Complains by s,

Rich A Wallis Larry Mink off pornography dealer

8002667087 Complains by james smith,

Called at 8 'm but i rejected

8002927908 Complains by Mark,

Been receiving Constant Day-to-day calls out of this Firm have Inquired them to Discontinue for the previous 2 weeks hang Upward when I tell them for take my Amount away your list. Causing steady Pressure with wake Upward phone calls late night calls at dinner and overall harassment throughout that daytime. Extreme crap and needs to Cease before I drive there personally.

8002169287 Complains by Riley,

Credit card scam. Don t answer it.

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