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Telephone information: Mcc Telephony Of Iowa. Davenport, IA. . United states
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Post by Johnathan,

5634248685 Spam texts on Christianity

Post by hwertz,

563-424-8685 Just got 6 religious texts stopping within a link for another Video which I will not name since I don t need for add ANY publicity for it. I text Edward back I 'm on that do not call list and am reporting the prohibited text spam via FCC Type G as well as for Verizon Wireless. Do this though. Create certain for file a FCC Sort G that FCC National Communications Commission commissioner a few years Past was miserable at the amount of Trash calls he was becoming and your FTC s National Trade Commission s speed within bringing the hammer down on spammers and so got fining Telephone spammers an FCC precedence. The FCC can t Great for violating that Do not Call list as Much as I know the FTC has Exclusive authority but Practically every spam call or text has plenty of Wonderful Competent FCC offenses which they do Wonderful for. Additionally W works for Verizon Wireless AT amp T Sprint and T cellular telephone all support W thus forward these no matter what Provider you've. Verizon Wireless for one is understand for suing text and phone spammers but I believe all of them may come down pretty challenging on the kind of matter.

Post by Doodle,

5634248685 I 've acquired a Complete of 6 text messages out of this Amount all telling me that God is going to Abuse me and it goes on and on so long that it takes 6 messages for get it all. That is the ND time that I have obtained these even after I replied for Cease . I have for pay for each text message I get is there anyway I can look for out who Directed} the so I can get it to Quit.

Post by Guest,

563-424-8685 Acquired multiple religious texts out of the Amount.

Post by Rick,

5634248685 Cheers for the Useful Tip. I received 6 unsolicited text messages today out of a few Christian group that I 've for pay for. So your Guidance really Arrived within Practical. I Additionally found Outside which you can block unsolicited calls and text messages for Upwards for 5 Amounts for W times for free if you are a Verizon customer. You demand to go into their Web site and investigation on Block Calls.

Post by Notit,

563-424-8685 just got this as well demand for tweet Pope Francis for get him for Discontinue this.

Post by Guest,

5634248685 Bible verses.

Post by Christine,

563-424-8685 cheers I had 6 and I Inquired who it was and they told me it was not Significant and sent me 6 more and I told Afterward quit testing me. but I did the thing you personally said Merely for be safe thanks.

Post by Guest,

5634248685 Spiritual freak

Post by Guest,

563-424-8685 Don t recognize your number don t understand that person

Post by Kristin Lucas,

5634248685 please Cease the obnoxious stuff.

Post by chris,

563-424-8685 I also got that same six texts.

Post by Monika,

5634248685 Thanks for your Verizon suggestion. I have gotten these text twice and it is silly. I responded what to your first six texts and two times After got six more calling me a robber and liar. I responded for the sender Normally Individuals enjoy u demand to appearance at their own life and Cease judging others. Quit giving haphazard texts and appearance at your own own life . I Additionally did your Verizon spam report so hopefully the stops. Whoever u are appearance at your own own life and figure things out with those Approximately you personally. Confident u have a message for others but don t hide behind arbitrary texts become Actual and distribute that word face for face.

Post by Shar,

563-424-8685 Obtained a text message from your above number. Message says please watch W Www. Video. com. Have no Notion what it is about nor I intend for use that URL for find Outside. It s a spam call for certain.

Post by Guest,

5634248685 Don t understand this number don t appreciate being text Edward and Actually don t like the message

Post by sh,

563-424-8685 Merely got the same 6 texts Around god somewhat pissed and want to understand where they got my number

Post by csheedy,

5634248685 Six unsolicited texts receive by me and many other callers last Night. I don't understand who it's and I don't present them permission to contact me. Should I answer for that text and request them for remove me from their list.

Post by  ,

563-424-8685 Received six text messages which I pay for enjoy it or not from W W W. Religious Garbage unsolicited. 'm on no telephone list.

Post by Mel,

5634248685 Simply obtained a 6 texts out of this Amount. Tex ted back asking them for remove my number. How did they get it.

Post by Guest,

563-424-8685 Block

Post by tired of it,

5634248685 I write this somewhat tongue within cheek Everyone seems for be Capable for get their control on a Rob Owner machine. Everyone s phone number land line or cellular is Good Match. These People Only dance Approximately your Do not Telephone registry. My private view is that we are in a war for your Seclusion and your peace of mind against these monsters . Do we fight them. They are becoming ubiquitous . They must 've an Achilles heel somewhere.

Post by Me Too,

563-424-8685 Forward your text to W. That W does work for all Companies. I have directly Discuss and it worked for me.

Post by Me Too,

5634248685 Edit forward it to W not W sorry. . . .

Post by mm,

563-424-8685 I got the same 6 texts. Need to understand how they got my number

Post by tired of it,

5634248685 But it doesn't give you that right to use up minutes or text of my Strategy that I PAY FOR. I pay with this for what I want for use it for. Not for become preached to

Post by Guest,

563-424-8685 faith spam

Post by tired of it,

5634248685 But it doesn't give you that right to use Upward minutes or text of my Strategy that I PAY FOR. I pay because of this for what I want for use it for. Not to become preached to

Post by ml,

563-424-8685 Merely got 6 texts Around Christ and God. Tex ted them to F off.

Post by Guest,

5634248685 Religious garbage.

Post by tired of it,

563-424-8685 But it does not supply you personally that right for use Upward minutes or text of my plan that I PAY FOR. I pay for this for what I need to use it for. Not to be preached to

Post by Notit,

5634248685 Only got the as well demand to tweet Pope Francis for get him to Quit the.

Post by Guest,

563-424-8685 Sequence message

Post by Guest,

5634248685 Nicely I see I am not your simply 1 who has gotten this message. What could I can for resolve the subject that no 1 may receive these messages. Could I turn into a Cops report.

Post by Christine,

563-424-8685 thanks I had 6 and I Inquired who it was and they told me it was not important and sent me 6 more and I told then Leave testing me. but I did that thing you said Only for be safe thanks.

Post by Guest,

5634248685 Acquired a String of texts quoting bible verses and a Video Truck about John Lennon full of profanity

Post by God,

563-424-8685 It's a anti abortion movie Around how I killed all those pregnant girls when I destroyed that world along with the Excellent flooding because your mess I created did t turn out enjoy I Desired. Cover and Real crap Ray Relaxation is Simply another one of my disciples that did t turn Outside enjoy I Needed so Perhaps I may destroy him too.

Post by Guest,

5634248685 Mindless religious text messages.

Post by Guest,

563-424-8685 This Individual keeps Assessment me things Around Christ Jesus and Hell and that I may go to Hell. It is very annoying and I do not enjoy it. I feel it would not be acceptable in my church along with all of the talk Around Hell.

Post by njg,

5634248685 Report them to your own Telephone service Company. .

Post by njg,

563-424-8685 Report them to your phone service Service. .

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8043966887 Complains by Skagen,

Rob caller or telemarketer never leaves message

5123371916 Complains by Guest,

he Set W W. W within his pocket

5123544909 Complains by Guest,

Bank collector

2766644998 Complains by Guest,


4128722885 Complains by Guest,

Every night the number calls and when i reply they hang Upwards. Then i phone that Amount back and it says the Amount has been disconnected.

2065827962 Complains by Muhammad,

Scam call regarding credit card

6784865048 Complains by Guest,

Vacation play desires for sell vacations packages

9208158463 Complains by Guest,

I received several calls with offer from a" Britney" who resented The Hilton Head resort with travel offer, when she requested a credit card number I declined. She left a sarcastic message stating w must have got disconnected because I know you would not have been rude enough to hang up on me so I will call you back every hour on the hour and since we have your address I will mail you the information. Who hires someone who blatantly leaves a message of this nature to a potential customer who they are trying to sell something to. Remove me from this list.

8593175113 Complains by Guest,

Gotten a couple of calls from the Amount and when I response nothing is said. After about W seconds the telephone is disconnected. The has happened twice now.

8765765763 Complains by Guest,

They asked for me by name and asked me to Duplicate down a number and telephone them back. I said I m on your phone exactly why do I have for phone you back and they Put Upwards.

4143328767 Complains by Guest,

Caller never responded then call went to some busy Sign.

6513335925 Complains by Guest,

Text asking to play gynecologist

8083427374 Complains by Guest,

I get a call every day at 3:00. the minute I pick up the phone they hang up. This happens 5 days a week at the same time.

8002927505 Complains by Nancy Simons,

Unwanted phone calls out of the Amount.

3612884893 Complains by Guest,


9092771644 Complains by Guest,

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