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Telephone information: Tcg Omaha. Davenport, IA. . United states
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Post by Matt,

5635497935 Google express is Great when it translates Right. . . this really is your message I gotten in express mail. Google translate dozen t would overly well. . This message is meant for your Hey Matthew. . Matthew return this telephone for me we have your Societal security Amount That is now. Matthew. The moment if you personally get the message I. D. Ed Sound we did it. W. you personally demand to phone people back. Your we d all become cool. Your issue at hand. It is exceptionally time sensitive. My name is Michael beats and that offline to my department it W I don t need that W. Now that they got the message. We re not Pleasant. Now. If you got word on the call or. I don t see you personally called pushing forwards. Your the either Your simply thing I can perform it. Please phone instantaneously Or Great Fortune. as this case unfolds more goodbye. How that hell they have my SAN i have no clue but scam all that way. . My express mail does not even say who I am. .

Post by Barbra Walters,

563-549-7935 Hi I vie been getting calls out of this number ALL LL Day. . . . . . . . I m going to jail on 3 fraud Records there offering me along with Forms on Monday great luck to what happens to me if I don t phone back. Your funny matter is this man keeps on calling. My cell and my work phone. I vie even Decided Upwards pretending to be someone else to take your message and he repeated the same message. I told him he was a liar because I spoke to him earlier. He threatened for throw me in Prison again. . I told him for go F himself and he told me I could t Discuss for him that manner. Now dint get me wrong I was quite Pleasant at first but after harassing me ALL daytime it needs to stop. I understand W I don t 've anything Excellent. Also Useful info it s a hit or Skip he is maintaining to be from Tyler Conner Legal Affiliates. I go ogled it and nothing comes up. call back now or great Fortune for what unfolds . Appropriate like a legal Representative is going to say that. Knowing all that laws and regulations that are set for debt Lovers . My Buddy called back and said she was Barbra Walters. Dumb Bum put her on hold to Move her file and Installed Upwards. I vie told him multiple times I dint know what You're doing but it s not working and I don t attention. Your going for Prison BEHIND BARS. Place me there. I vie filed a police report because he will not leave me alone. I trust everyone files just one to thus something will become done. These people demand to be Found. It s a man and a women. Hit or Skip along with that info You're going to get. But if everyone shares their Storyline Afterward hopefully more people are not unaware of it.

Post by granny,

5635497935 I got a Telephone phone from this number saying that they were going to have me arrested. Tried for telephone the Amount and they wouldn't tell me your name of that attorney office that they were. That is seemed unexpected because most attorney offices aren't Frightened to tell you personally there name

Post by Guest,

563-549-7935 Calls acquired from this Amount stating that this was a law office and thee was a claim against me. The Owner was foreign and had busted English. They re fussed to Supply information and that I would be arrested.

Post by Jessica,

5635497935 Exact same matter along with this same company Simply happened for me. . Can there be any manner to actually ever Cease Folks enjoy the. .

Post by i did Not get scammed or defrauded,,

563-549-7935 I waited Around W minutes and tried to call back again and still occupied Lola. they flagged me. but they did Not scam or defraud me. ha ha MFA. . . . . . . . . . . . . I Triumph.

Post by Karen,

5635497935 I been becoming calls from the out of a Allen Peters calming that i need to telephone them back or get an Lawyer. I don t owe anything re some debt they state i owe. When i called back all I get is a occupied Transmission. i Additionally received a phone on my Occupation saying they were coming for Charge me for fraud and criminal charges.

Post by i did Not get scammed or defrauded,,

563-549-7935 I waited Around W minutes and tried to telephone back again and still busy Lola. they flagged me. but they did Not scam or defraud me. ha ha MFA. . . . . . . . . . . . . I Triumph.

Post by Guest,

5635497935 A guy along with broken English named quot David Johnson quot called my Set of business and asked for Chat to your manager. He would not provide your Individual replying the phone any information. When I got on your line he stated I believe. . . he was really challenging to recognize that there was a law fit Calling me and that he would need my full name my SS and my Lawyer info. I told him I wan t giving that info out. He mentioned that the Authorities would become by for Choose me Upwards today. I told him which was Excellent. He told me for stay on that line to Talk to his company s Lawyer. I Installed up Strike W and proceeded to block his number.

Post by granny,

563-549-7935 These people 've been calling me non Quit for about month. When I did get ah old of someone Iowas told that I was going to be arrested. They didn't supply me any information about your cash I supposing owed. Now they dint answer your phone or there's a active signal. I wish they would leave me alone.

Post by sarah garcia,

5635497935 I Merely had the same Telephone phone. . . .

Post by Guest,

563-549-7935 Called my work and cell phone repeatedly and when I blew Upwards an Inquired for credentials I was told your Cops would one for get me. I said great luck I know them all within the Region so if you cannot give me info so I could possibly contact your better company bureau and would 've my Lawyer contact them afterwards they said have a Pleasant day and hung Upward.

Post by Philip Kamrradt,

5635497935 They told me I was going to be ares ted for bank fraud Assess fraud unless I paid W dalliers for clear this debt it wan t a debt by me but they had alto of info including who I bank with. That is a fraudulent call they are Attempting to scam people they get your info online out of forms you personally Complete Outside.

Post by ejones,

563-549-7935 The company Called me stating that they were with an Lawyers office and that if I did t pay them what I owed for a debt that never happened. . . I would become arrested for three Distinct criminal Prices. Wt. . They telephone all your time and leave messages. What a scam. . .

Post by sarah garcia,

5635497935 I Simply had this same Telephone phone. . . .

Post by Jessica,

563-549-7935 I 've been receiving these same phone calls and messages so before I called back I decided I would play a game of my own. When they answered the phone I stated I was an Lawyer Signifying that Customer they had called about. . . long Narrative short towards your end of that discussion I said I Additionally work for an Identification fraud company and that they would become reported because of this scam they're trying to Move on Individuals. . . as your discussion has been record the whole time. . . Lola Lola Your Man fast responded with okay goodbye. . . . .

Post by Guest,

5635497935 This is a few sort of fraudulent scam Business. I was contacted Now stating that I was being sued. When I mentioned contacting that Indianapolis Lawyer General they Installed Upwards on me. I plan to pursue the with the Right Experts.

Post by Tina,

563-549-7935 It s a scam. . . I Only acquired that telephone also and they literally called my work Amount. . . I researched BBB and it s fraud. . . they scare you into thinking You'll be arrested in hopes you personally give them money. . . do not fall for it nor present them any info. . . . jeopardize for 've them arrested for fraud and they will leave you personally alone. . . HTTP Internet. BBB. org Cincinnati business review . . . ti oh W

Post by Guest,

5635497935 Called my Child s cell Telephone amp your house phone stating there was a law match Outside for me amp I was going for go to Prison for W times. I told them to go ahead with that law suit because they were nothing but scam business and they Put Upwards on me.

Post by Guest,

563-549-7935 got a call out of W W W stating I owed money and was going Toby e arrested when I attempted to give my Lawyer s Amount I was told to have them phone that number or I was being picked up and Chosen for jail for W days. I said come on down. . . he Installed Upward. That is another scam as I was called last year and told same matter my Lawyer looked Upwards Amount and found scam. . . with same info. .

Post by Jessica,

5635497935 Specific same thing with this same company Only happened for me. . Will there be any manner to Truly ever stop Individuals like this. .

Post by Melissa,

563-549-7935 Obtained your same phone call on 2 3 W at my work number. I was not at my desk so your foreign Girl Only got my voice mail. She left a threatening message that either I or my attorney Wanted to telephone back for W W W or else I would suffer the Outcomes as your situation unfolded on me. She did t even get my last name correct on that message. Of course I don't Strategy to telephone back.

Post by Guest,

5635497935 This really is a scam asking for cash for a bogus loan that was taken out. I Began blowing Upwards their phone since they were doing it for mine and they eventually blocked me. Would NT SEND THESE People ANY Money. . . . . . They are A SCAM. . . and they get their information from online loan sources if you have filled any data online that is where they get it

Post by Tina Verdill,

563-549-7935 A Patrick West out of Tyler and Connors law contacted both my cell and work Amounts. . . there's no such Solicitors office and I researched BBB and this can be a scam. . . they jeopardize to 've you arrested if you don t pay them for unpaid loans. . . I never had a loan and knew it was a fraud. . .

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3048151581 Complains by Guest,

could you personally Additionally Discontinue voice send.

2159642161 Complains by Guest,

Ok thanks

7189780285 Complains by Guest,

first Fiscal Property management Invoice collector

3365896613 Complains by Guest,

reddish cross non Cease Th different numbers.

2406998907 Complains by Guest,

Keeps calling my cell but never leaves a message. . . I won t be answering this one.

9709314758 Complains by Guest,

quot Rachel quot cardholder services

2163421011 Complains by Guest,

Calls several times each daytime.

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8889845246 Complains by Guest,

Quite rude. Won t say where that phone is out of.

8003649919 Complains by COLLECTOR84,

ITS NOT THAT THEY Do NT Attention WE COMPLAINER For EACH OTHER NOT For That ATTY GENERAL OF That National Commerce COMMISSION IF WE AS Your People Try and SEND Out Gripes For That Right Folks WE Could GET THESE Problems Fixed AND GET BETTER Group Bureau AND BETTER Lovers For HELP Out THEY Make GERE Cash BY SCARING You INTO PAYING A Statement That MORE You PAY Your MORE THEY Make You might have Many Lovers That are Not unwilling To HELP AND You have OTHER Which are THERE To Hurt IF EVERYONE WAS PAYING THERE BILLS THEY WOULD Become Thus Horrible BECAUSE THEY WONT 've For Become Thus Harsh To Create Some Money We 're ALL Trying To Survive AND That Market IS This Way BECAUSE THERE ARE IRRESPONSIBLE Folks In This WORLD

7045757110 Complains by Guest,

calls Regular amp hangs Upward. I try to telephone back amp my call will not go Thur.

9563322620 Complains by Guest,

no vale Vega es ta garrote. .

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4244445167 Complains by Guest,

Got the same message from Jennifer that oceanographer at sea who wanted for buy my car as a present for her Man. My Auto was Recorded on Automobile Investor as well. Definitely sounded to good for become Accurate. Really sad that there's a scam every where you personally turn

9706706316 Complains by Guest,

Called back no answer

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