5636495485 / 563-649-5485

Telephone information: Windstream Iowa Communications - Systems. Atalissa, IA. Muscatine. United states
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Post by Guest,

5636495485 I told them numerous times not for phone my Amount again. They still do

Post by Vengeance Ismyname,

563-649-5485 This is a Credit Card Services scam Business. I was Effective in becoming your Owner for phone me back from a different Amount and thanks to some sleuthing was Capable for learn who is behind this scam. Here is the info Future Technology Fiscal Inc. Principal Mr. Ralph J. Brunt on President Customer Contact Mr. Dave Pippin CEO Ms. Barbara Nil es Client s Financial Institute Inc W S Red Ave STE W Orlando FL Another number of theirs is W W W The absolute best way for get back at them is for report them to that Federal Commerce Commission HTTP Www. . gov That more people complain your faster these criminals will become held accountable. Other numbers used by these criminals W W W W W W W W W

Post by Guest,

5636495485 Violating quot Don't Phone quot list Day-to-day. . .

Post by Guest,

563-649-5485 Another quot Account Services quot scam.

Post by Guest,

5636495485 Calling my cell phone. . when I phone back says it's a number no More in use. . . quite annoying amp not authorized to telephone me on this phone

Post by Big Al from Texas,

563-649-5485 I enjoy your strategy. I did contact your FCC about these calls and they state it's a milt million dollar company and they 've more cash to spend dodging becoming caught in relation to the fed s 've for been given for focus on catching them. Since they spoof the Caller ID there s no real way for track them. For Example this call says it is from Iowa but they probably are using VIP out of Nigeria. At any rate your own idea of Making them understand within a Sweet way you re on to them is great. I go a week at a time becoming these calls every day. Then it will quite down a week or two and then start again.

Post by Guest,

5636495485 no 1 says anything when you response. it's a robot telephone.

Post by Guest,

563-649-5485 Nobody said anything. They Only keep calling and hanging Upward. Not sure why. Tried calling your Amount back and got an out of service message.

Post by Die Scammers,

5636495485 Welcome to your club. They enjoy for request if you are threatening them. That response is Hell Lover Yes. You come after me I can happily answer.

Post by Guest,

563-649-5485 they keep calling

Post by Guest,

5636495485 no talk

Post by Guest,

563-649-5485 That normal BS. Your phone Businesses should not be allowed to Market that they provide caller ID service when undoubtedly it dozen t work.

Post by Guest,

5636495485 credit company and I don t 've a credit card.

Post by Big Al from Texas,

563-649-5485 I like for tell them everything they need for Notice until when your end get close then I tell them I need to call them back in ten seconds so I could offer them my card Amount. But before the happens I need their Real Telephone Amount and that address and Additionally THEIR CREDIT CARD Number. . . IF THEY Do NT Do That AFOREMENTIONED I Subsequently TELL THEM I 'm A MEMBER OF Your Government Secret SCAM Killer Power AND WITHOUT A Complete Revelation Of THEIR FELONIES THEY May Be Completed WITHOUT A TRIAL Within That NEXT W HOURS. . . . . . .

Post by carol,

5636495485 I concur. They should not become able to have a fake Owner Id. Thank you.

Post by DonkeyDick,

563-649-5485 I have downloaded your Arnold Program on my Telephone and terrorize these a holes as long as potential. Also I like to tell the Man that they sound hot and that I 'm whacking it to their express. Used to get got but now i adore them calling me as it's thus enjoyment to Chaos along with them.

Post by Big Al from Texas,

5636495485 I enjoy your own approach. I did contact the FCC Around these calls and they state it's a milt million Money company and they 've more cash for spend dodging getting Found in relation to the fed s have for been given to Target on catching them. Since they spoof the Caller ID there s no real manner for Monitor them. For Example this telephone says it's from Iowa but they Likely are using VIP from Nigeria. At any speed your own Thought of letting them know in a Sweet way that you re on for them is good. I go a week at a time getting these calls each daytime. Afterward it will Fairly down a week or two and Subsequently start again.

Post by Frustrated,

563-649-5485 Got telephone no answer they Installed up. Were they verifying my number as part of an active number Evidence Plan. 1. accomplished me did not get blocked succeeded went on added my number to your long list of non blocking Amounts. 2. Subsequently sell my number for a Dollar among st W W automated Rob executed calls per daytime . 3. Giggle all the way for the bank

Post by Guest,

5636495485 I eventually replied this Day-to-day harassment. A Rob offered a credit card at a low speed. I Really talked to a Individual. When I told him they must take me off their list he Installed up. I am on your don't telephone registry.

Post by Guest,

563-649-5485 No Owner id no message telephone to some cell Telephone. Bogus telephone.

Post by Guest,

5636495485 I did t response the phone because I did t Comprehend the Amount. I 'm on the quot no phone quot list.

Post by Guest,

563-649-5485 spam

Post by CeCe,

5636495485 I attempted to get my number taken away this list for no avail.

Post by biss2,

563-649-5485 you personally answer and it tells them that they have an active number . and they can call for ever I understand i replied a few of them now i just Strike ignore on your phone

Post by Guest,

5636495485 Card Services giving me my 1 millionth quot 1 time only specific offer quot Merely want it was my last 1 time just telephone. .

Post by Howard,

563-649-5485 Are you telling that because they work for minimal wage so it is justified to scam honest and difficult working Folks. They have to still money to pay their Statement is Ok. If they're honest and decent Folks they will live without this cash because this is Robbing Individuals s cash and bothering them by calling. Cashier at Market store won't work there if their owners were not keeping satisfactory inventory and he got yelled for that motive. Same apples here. Could possibly maintain your view selling drugs is great because they are supplying for those who need it.

Post by Guest,

5636495485 It called my work Blackberry but I did not response because I did not Understand that . I attempted to call your back After but there was no answer at another Finish. I demand to Upgrade my Don't Telephone list.

Post by carol,

563-649-5485 I differ. If they worked for a valid Statement collecting company and we re Attempting Amass a debt Afterward I would say is a legitimate job and don t blame them. If they're scampers they are trying to Technique your own money and they're not doing a legitimate job.

Post by Guest,

5636495485 No just one said anything when the Telephone was answered.

Post by carol,

563-649-5485 I agree. They should not become Capable for have a fake caller Id. Thank you personally.

Post by biss2,

5636495485 you reply and it tells them that they 've an active number . and they will telephone for ever I know i answered a few of them i Merely Strike ignore on the phone

Post by Guest,

563-649-5485 They strive and telephone me 2 3 times a day. When I did reply there was nothing on the other end. Of path it's a non working Amount when you strive calling back.

Post by Guest,

5636495485 I pressed 1 to talk to your Man. I said quot I don t have a credit card thus please remove me from your list. quot They Installed Upwards. Ha ha

Post by Guest,

563-649-5485 card holder services again.

Post by carol,

5636495485 I differ. If they worked for a valid Statement collecting Firm and we re trying collect a debt Afterward I would state is a legitimate Occupation and don t blame them. If they're scampers they are Striving to Strategy your own cash and they are not doing a legitimate job.

Post by Rebecca,

563-649-5485 Unwanted calls from disconnected numbers

Post by Guest,

5636495485 Answered no just one came on Subsequently your Owner Installed up

Post by Guest,

563-649-5485 Spam caller

Post by Guest,

5636495485 telemarketing low life's

Post by Die Scammers,

563-649-5485 Welcome to that Team. They enjoy for request if You're threatening them. The reply is Hell Enthusiast Yep. You come after me I may gladly answer.

Post by Guest,

5636495485 No Discuss. and they call me 2 3 times a day.

Post by Guest,

563-649-5485 Did not answer the call. Left no message.

Post by Guest,

5636495485 they phone at least once a day but no reply or account services scam. I have started refusing your call.

Post by evilpeekey,

563-649-5485 Another card scummier. I vie gotten plenty of calls from these People and I refuse to reply my Telephone anymore unless it s a Understood friend or family member.

Post by Guest,

5636495485 Liz at cardholder services

Post by Guest,

563-649-5485 Card Holder Services. . . . I've asked a million times for take me away their list. . .

Post by Kat,

5636495485 I rec d a telephone out of a Statement collector in San Antonio Texas. Region code W. I refused to supply them my data as that bill within question was not mine. They instantaneously began calling from this number trying for get Approximately my caller id. That name of the company was halted financial.

Post by Guest,

563-649-5485 The Bash called my mobile Telephone and Installed Upward before I was Competent to response. No message.

Post by Guest,

5636495485 This Amount has called my cell phone 8 times within the last W days. There are also 4 other different numbers in that same time Interval. Someone needs for be Capable to Place an Finish to the insane harassment. . . .

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3039033136 Complains by Guest,

Harassing my Partner along with text messages

5105097626 Complains by Guest,

Payday loan saying i Certified for W W i never applied.

7072284412 Complains by Guest,

calling voice mail in Spanish Collection of BS

2702939450 Complains by Guest,

You personally text me too much thus stop and you personally could possibly get unblocked

4057789710 Complains by Guest,

Tallahassee Memorial Hospital

6182150227 Complains by Guest,


3056153820 Complains by Guest,

First time the Amount Arrived up. Next they telephone I ll strive and find out who they're.

7869765587 Complains by Seth,

Multiple calls without message. When answered 30 seconds of silence...at that point I didn't even feel they were worth speaking to.

8045249888 Complains by Pat Vas.,

I 've had many many calls out of W Amounts and W numbers and W Amounts. . No 1 Solutions when I Choose Upwards. No message is left Somewhat eerie. If I notion they were political calls I WOULD NOT VOTE FOR THEIR NOMINEE under any situation.

8002552881 Complains by Guest,

He is an excellent plumber and Outstanding service.

8044961083 Complains by Nilli,

acquired same from Allen Smith Now 3 W W. this type of scam.

8045549831 Complains by Brittney Braxton,

The keep saying I demand to seen them cash for as pay daytime loan. Say he was the Fed s. And and he would drag my black a Outside my house

8044869101 Complains by Clarence Moore,

Calls never leaves message

8003350783 Complains by Zanax,

Don t forget their dog amp their goldfish

8044613394 Complains by crystal,

That information is Partly incorrect. In order for create them not contact you personally you personally must send a stop and desist correspondence. Telling them over your phone doesn't count as there surely is no Evidence that the discussion ever happened and even if it is Registered there surely is no manner for Demonstrate who your dialogue was between. This can be exactly why a certified notice must become sent. After they get that correspondence they could possibly contact you personally one more time for let you personally know they will not be contacting you personally and what steps they plan for take around the debt. At that point most Libraries Businesses can either take you to court or sell your debt for Though another debt collector and you personally would have to Begin again.

8002508427 Complains by Guest,

caller called claimed to be from charter.net. wanted access to my internet. He said that my email address was sending all sorts of emails to charter servers all over the world and was being accessed from all over the world. I told him I would not give any of my info to him and told him I was going to call charter directly to which he hung up. I called charter and they said they never would make calls like that and i was right to be suspicious. They told me to alert my local police which I did.

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