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2017-08-03 16:41:26
I did get missed call from +91566948989071
2016-06-09 10:46:02
I received that same phone on my House Telephone and attempted calling back to get the record stating its not a working Amount. I vie been accusing my Man.
2016-02-16 09:48:21
attempted for tell me they were contacted by my Well-being insurance Business to purchase melds and medical Units out of them. NOT
2016-02-16 06:25:49
call every daytime but no one will leave a message
2016-02-16 06:00:48
Many Man quot Collector quot I believe quite rude and direct. He had that incorrect Amount looking for someone else.
2016-02-16 02:35:31
2016-02-15 23:51:15
yes i got a phone call out of the Amount and it was about somewhat girl saying something Around her boyfriend being over and Subsequently him Making and saying your wart on her finger was a booger and she kept calling me Father for some motive and i dint understand y she thought i was her Father or if she was Merely joking but you might wanna look in to it CZ the girl didn't sound old enough to be by herself
2016-02-15 19:47:26
It s a classic Girl who pocket dials Folks or her Daughter texts me presuming I m her Pal. Ugh umber aggravating
2016-02-15 19:47:09
If you desire information on the scam and your people behind it I urge checking out the website HTTP inhospitable. com the hunt for Rachel at cardholder services That players we know which are now involved including names and cities are Ambrosia Web Design LC Frank Ambrosia Mesa Illinois American Debt Negotiators Ran David Barn ea Boa Ra Lot Florida Connected Sales Specialists Inc. William R. Page Port St Luce Florida Fort Rock Capital Direction Roy M. Cox Lacuna Nigel California Concord Financial Advertisement visors LC Lee Destine Mesa Illinois Monetary Services Options LC CEO Unknown Fresh York Fresh York PHIL International Mark Burton Deer area Beach Florida Elite Debt Alternatives CEO Unknown Orlando Florida Reddish Leaf Capital LC Leroy Molding Mesa Illinois have received more than W I 've them Recorded calls out of these criminals. I 've filed more that W Criticisms with your FTC Yet due for that fact that they hide behind spoofed Amounts I doubt that they will ever Discontinue any of them. They ask for Upwards front fees and charge your credit card without performing any services. I locate that I 'm becoming Excellent enjoyment by pressing 1 and talking for one of their reps . I have a phony name credit card number and security code that I use. The simply valid Amount that I offer them is the customer service number from a credit card that I no longer use since your card increased my rates. I try to ask that criminals as many questions as potential to keep them on that phone as long as I could. The scampers look to get upset once they eventually figure Outside that They are becoming scammed. I figure they believe their time is more Precious than mine. The guys behind the scam 've a slew of corporations many of them defunct. I searched using your name American Debt Negotiators and found your name of your Registered Representative was a guy named RAN BARN EA AC RAN DAVID BARN EA AC DAVID R BARN EA. He is Additionally listed as that president of a entire slew of other active corporations. Another Man is DANIEL T. POST. This Things is all public record. Here is an inventory of that active Florida corporations and the corporate officers that I Just copied and pasted here. RETOUCH Direction Enterprise CORPORATION Corporate Officers BARN EA RAN STATE Rd 7 BOCK RA Load FL W BR POST DANIEL T STATE Rd 7 BOCK RA Ton FL W BRIM DEBT Direction CORP Corporate Officers BARN EA RAN STATE Rd BOCK RA Load FL POST DANIEL STATE Road BOCK RA Lot FL MERTON CORP Corporate Officers BARN EA RAN HERON BAY BLVD Barrier SPRINGS FL W Us POST DANIEL HERON BAY BLVD Coral SPRINGS FL W USEFUL INTERNATIONAL INC Corporate Officers BURTON MARK SOUTH MILITARY OLDFIELD FL W PB POST SHARI'A SOUTH MILITARY OLDFIELD FL W BARNEY RAN SOUTH MILITARY OLDFIELD FL W BUMF DEBT Direction CORP Corporate Officers BARN EA RAN STATE Rd BOCK RA Ton FL POST DANIEL STATE Rd BOCK RA Ton FL AMERICAN Client ADVOCATES LAW GROUP Corporate Officers BARN EA RAN D Us W Selection BOCK RA Lot FL AMERICAN DEBT NEGOTIATORS INC Corporate Officers BARN EA RAN D STATE Road 7 BOCK RA Load FL W People POST DANIEL T STATE Road 7 BOCK RA Lot FL W Us POST Richard STATE Rd 7 BOCK RA Ton FL W Us Afterward I found a Site for American Debt Negotiators along with contact info that has your same address as MERTON CORP. listed above. Thus I decided I should Reproduce and Substance the information. Here it's American Debt Negotiator's Heron Bay Blvd. Collection Coral Springs FL Telephone W WOW 4 Ad Nor W W Fax W W W
2015-12-23 16:31:08
These Folks are UN real. . who would offer them any money after they way they Speak. That man told me to get my Partner on that Telephone. . . I said Actually jerk can you personally think he might offer you any money after talking for me enjoy that. I am reporting the number also.
2015-12-21 01:35:53
Someone told me for call them in Florida and this was their Amount just wondering if it is a fake Amount or a quot Driving house quot for private Amounts Folks don t want Understood Around. . . Thanks
2015-12-20 00:13:54
This number called my Telephone 3 times. When I replied they acted like that Editors Clearing house and yelled at me to get away their Telephone.
2015-12-19 12:15:12
collection agency
2015-12-19 04:51:34
Got a text message to my cellphone out of this number asserting Your entry last month has WON. . Go to HTTP Internet. goal. com. Th. biz . claim id W and enter Your Winning Code code number to claim your FREE W Target Present Card. I Calculated it was a scam because I Destination t Joined any Competitions recently but I was Interested. Upon following your Guidelines I was Chosen another page with Wonderful print at the bottom that lists conditions of participation which Comprise completing offers from your Silver and Gold Benefits Page. Tempting but no. Nothing s free. Buttocks hats.
2015-12-19 01:30:02
All Foreign Auto Center W N Montgomery Road San Jose CA W W HTTP Www. . com All Foreign Auto Center is an Vehicle body shop providing Vehicle Repair Collision Fix BMW Fix Color and Body within San Jose CA. Paint and Body Collision Fix Vehicle Fix BMW Repair Auto Body Shop
2015-12-18 22:54:07
Someone called amp Subsequently Installed up. . . Coward.
2015-12-18 18:22:14
We Lately received your Continue from your Web and we would like for Discuss to you. We've a Occupation opportunity at a Part close to you. We offer an special compensation package and Whole training is Supplied. Liberty National has been within company for around a W years. We just require an entrepreneurial Heart hard work and dependable transportation. Within Improvement you can Progress into management quickly. We need for discuss the opportunity along with you personally more. If You're interested in learning more please See the website at Www. enlargers. com or telephone W W W.
2015-12-18 03:22:53
some tramp called my house
2015-12-17 08:33:36
Don t know who this really is
2015-12-16 20:16:59
The number send Trash Facsimile. That fax Treatment number is 1 W W W

Phone list in area 566

Phone numberRecent commentAuthorTotalTime
5663050000Unknown caller keeps calling. No messageGuest42015-12-09 11:22:22
5663440801Got a similar phone today from W W W. Think they're one and the same INDIAN SPAMMERS that have been HARASSING people since W W W likely Related to the SEARS ROEBUCK Cost FREE Amount that we called Afterward about an online order Trouble. Routed to INDIA now our number was HIJACKED by them for Continuous SPAMMING ALL Daytime LONG Every Day. Guest102015-11-04 19:21:51
5660384617Greatly Highlighted male said that my loan had been approved by People Bank. Left your MSG on my voice send. I haven t Used on for a loanGuest12015-11-05 03:55:14
5660001123Card serviceGuest192015-11-05 20:52:14
5664953404call every day but no 1 can leave a messagemolsen62016-02-16 06:25:49
5669712207Called again and Installed Upward. Please block this caller. has for be spam. Guest42015-12-16 10:48:15
5666966273Who is thisjason82015-12-09 12:59:56
5664953405scamGuest62016-02-16 02:35:31
5662024534The number is calling me. There s no express send no nothing. I 've had W missed calls within 5 hours from them. Guest12015-11-07 10:31:14
5668650636Had wrong number but kept callingGuest22015-11-08 00:02:14
5669150068بحث عن الاسمGuest12015-11-08 01:57:14
5665741308Someone called & then hung up...Coward!Lawrence52015-12-18 22:54:07
56630200001 call they said nothingGuest22015-11-08 17:32:14
5662999457I had a fun movie with her we will meet again thanks blondy. Cheers ShannonShannon72015-12-08 18:23:43
5664540000Scam alert... male caller with foreign accent implies they are with the IRS and identifies as Officer Shawn White, and insinuates 'legal situation to unfold upon you' should you not call them back. This scam has been circulating for the last year... the IRS does not call people, they send you a letter... BEWAREGuest32015-11-09 05:31:26
5669946152I did get missed call from +91566948989071Umesh72017-08-03 16:41:26
5663010000hey typ in this number and read the commints...202-436-9932... i put the name alfred  thay gotme toALFRED42015-12-10 05:46:37
5668695195Is texting me abput a truck I'm selling in arkansasAnthony42015-12-14 20:32:57
5666560585Bellevue school district whineGuest82015-12-14 06:30:52
5661234567has called twice in 2 daysGuest42015-12-14 17:49:30
5660238491iGuest12015-11-13 21:58:51
5669622656Phone sexGuest82015-12-16 12:28:02
5663060000Dead airEric52015-12-16 04:48:26
5664530000A foreign voice asking my name. I hung up and called the number, which is supposedly a Verizon landline, back. The message said it is not a working numberGuest52015-12-08 16:32:02
5669440353Have received numerous calls from this message!  Major nuisance!Dani82015-12-14 14:55:50
5666183516Danny Peck asked for outcalls. dangerousGuest42015-12-16 15:22:36
5660738461Photographer - Chicago Marty Levin Studios IncChicago, IL 606082154 S Jefferson St(773) 599-2937Ben82015-12-09 15:49:44
5663666936Calls and just hang up everyday nothing said rude.Guest72015-12-09 16:41:53
5662092258Not answering calls or txtsGuest52015-12-16 15:25:43
5669498010I also got a missed call from this no.5669498010Rahul mishra132015-11-20 12:07:22
5669491450Got a missed call from this number. From the country code it does seem to be of India hence, this concern. Need to identify. ThanksArun42015-11-20 12:13:42
5665928296Don't know who this isGuest42015-12-17 08:33:36
5666841918I received a call from this number but didn't answer, they didn't leave a voicemail and I am unsure if I should call back.Misty32015-11-20 13:21:05
5668078881Seems to be a credit card scam from this number. They claim they can get you 6% interest on your credit card and then ask for your card number.Guest42015-12-09 22:09:55
5669492560unknowneshu102015-11-20 14:41:04
5669492800i m getting missed calls from this no repeatedly, but i never attend the call........ i dont know who this guy is ?kady32015-11-20 14:43:09
5669498880I also received a miss call from this noNitin52015-11-20 14:57:27
5669491530You call them back and your money goes!Gautham Sarang162015-11-20 15:15:00
5669497890who is owner of this number.ajay32015-11-20 15:34:17
5669448864This is the 5th time I am getting call from this unknown no - 90 is also added in this number, which I was not able to feed above. I have not recieved this number, by seeing some strange digit code, will it harm my mobile ( Android ) software, Kindly reply me back, should I report this to Police?Delhi based Travel Agent22015-11-20 15:47:03
5663440900collection agencyGuest82015-12-19 12:15:12
5663288252Northstar Location Services--claim to be debt collectors--leave the number 866-224-9825Patti42015-11-20 16:10:02
5669489846>>> I got a missed call from this number. Plz find out that number and person <<<Please forgive me for this one bit of arrant pedantry before I address your question.You didn't get a "missed call."  The call was "missed" only because you didn't answer it in time.  Saying you "got a missed call" is like saying that your favorite baseball outfielder received a dropped pop fly when he was the one who dropped it.  He dropped the pop fly.  You missed the incoming call.  Much more logical and easier to understand.Now, back to the issue at hand.The caller ID may have been spoofed, in which case the caller ID is not real, or it may be a person in Chile calling you (Chile has country code 56).  The call might also be coming from a country having telephone numbers that are longer than 10 digits long, in which case, a North American style caller ID unit would drop digits either at the beginning or at the end of the number and you would not see the full number of the caller.On the other hand, there are also special US numbers that have been assigned in the 566 "area code."  It's important to note that any of these numbers may charge you a fee when you dial it or when you answer a call from it.  I suggest that you contact your phone company for information.  See: deeper into the web site I cited above indicates that the number received with your call may be assigned to services provided by "Cingular Wireless," which I believe is a company name either used by AT&T or is a subsidiary of AT&T.  That may or may not be your phone company.  If it isn't, and your phone company doesn't know anything about 566 numbers, you might call AT&T wireless next.I imagine that services such as 566 numbers are not well known, even amongst people within the phone companies, so it might be hard to get a satisfactory answer.Deepak Mishra32015-11-20 16:10:20
5669491510i wont to know who is thereshikha22015-11-20 18:15:55
5666660637don't call me againGuest52015-12-16 13:01:11
5665398633some tramp called my houseme72015-12-18 03:22:53
5669326809The number send junk fax. The fax removal number is 1-877-633-3408Chad82015-12-16 20:16:59
5665057955where does this call belong?David22015-11-20 19:30:59
5664947227*NO messageB92015-11-20 20:11:46
5664315121Called, but I did not pick up.  Caller ID says AM Heart Assn - 2nd day in a row they calledVince12015-11-20 20:14:46

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