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Telephone information: Ymax Communications Corp.. Mansfield, OH. . United states
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32 complaints
Post by rose,

5672000000 called and Installed up

Post by Tombstone,

567-200-0000 Called Now 2. PM with. . name not found within your ID Never answer calls enjoy these no message

Post by Tmb,

5672000000 Just phone and when I response they hang up. I attempted calling your Amount back and your Agent said it wan t a working Amount. . . . Whatever. . maybe that means they may Cease calling. .

Post by Anne O. Nymus,

567-200-0000 Don t waste your own time trying for get a subpoena against anyone within America which was a got Upwards Amount and they Warren t within an extremely creative disposition if all they could think up was W W W. A few local Telephone systems Place Kansas in the Caller ID because that s all they can create of that impossible Amount. People who heard a quick hang Upwards when they replied congratulations. You personally were Simply added to your list of known live Amounts those answered by a human that they were Simply assembling for sell for Russian or Indian boiler rooms. Never reply when it says Unknown Lower Interest or rubbish in the Caller ID if they re legit they ll leave a message.

Post by Peggy B.,

5672000000 I 'm on your do not telephone list exactly why would I still get these calls out of these jerks that I don't response since I have Caller I. D. When they phone that second time I Select up your Telephone and Bust it down believing of getting a whistle and blowing it loud within the phone . Rec d a phone Recently and again the morning. .

Post by Susan,

567-200-0000 I 've contacted the FCC Around W W W. They said the Owner one of that Rachael at Card member Services callers is running a Understood scam and that the National Trade Commission is taking Actions if you personally want to add to that FTC s ammunition against these companies telephone that FTC s Client line at 1 W W W. Your FCC Additionally said that a Amount of state Lawyer Generals offices are taking Activity thus it might be value a Buyer s time for Assess with your Related AG office. According to that FCC Representative and my own experience if you Link to some live Man and ask to become removed from the calling list your Man will either hang Upward on you or be rude and within my case indecent .

Post by Know everything,

5672000000 Please stop these calls. I don t understand you personally and don t desire to know you

Post by pk,

567-200-0000 turn your own replying machine off they only get a Telephone ringing. . . .

Post by LuLu,

5672000000 I replied Recently but did not press 9 to talk to your Representative thus they called back Now. So I Selected to Discuss to someone as there surely is not a numeric option for Select from being called again which I consider is your law but is actually a moot point since I am on the Don't Phone enroll thus they should not 've called in the first place . The small creep that answered did 've an extremely heavy accent but I was Capable for comprehend him when he called me an Fer and Installed up on me. Reporting that little h. t to Telephone Firm.

Post by Guest,

567-200-0000 Soliciting.

Post by JSP,

5672000000 Exhausted of becoming these calls. Can there be not a manner to Discontinue them

Post by Know everything,

567-200-0000 Please Quit these calls. I don t know you and don t need for know you

Post by called,

5672000000 did not response since we never response unknown Amounts.

Post by paul wood,

567-200-0000 did t reply get a call out of this number once a week can it become Cease.

Post by Lee,

5672000000 Another for add your list of tons of Individuals harassing me many times a day. you would believe within the daytime and age we could can something for prevent these people out of preying on us.

Post by Paralyzed Alabama Victim,

567-200-0000 Replied a Telephone telephone at Residence amp a guy with a Highlight either Asian Persian or from India said Hi I m calling to attempt to help you lower your own credit card debt. . . . I interrupted him amp told him he must 've your incorrect Amount because we don t 've a credit card. Then quite rude like your Man said yes you personally would . I said do you understand are you psychic because I sure don t know you amp I haven t Offered you personally my name Though . Then he Inquired for my name amp I said No You tell me your name you might have within your computer amp I may tell you if you might have the correct Man or not. He then said You don t understand your name. Thus I said of course I know MY Name But that question is Would You personally Understand what my name is. That s when my grandma said No we don t 've any credit cards this is a scam amp you personally re Simply Striving to fish as much info as you are able to . Afterward even more rude than before the guy said you personally don t telephone me amp he Installed Upwards on us as I was about to notify the illiterate sob he is that one that called us. I Won't Tolerate Harassing Calls amp I am calling that Police Department amp have the Primary of Cops Inquire because he dozen t Tolerate SCAMS. Thus if your Telephone Amount is W W W get Prepared for a Subpoena amp If you occur for be a Supervisor CEO Board of Directors etc. you personally better LAY Off. . I 'm a Lou Gehrig s Disease Patient amp Spinal Twine Individual AND our Local Cops Section Does not Like You PREYING ON That Handicapped Disabled.

Post by Serenity,

5672000000 Called Now. . . . Sunday. . . 3 PM. . . . . . I did not response it. . . . . . they did not leave message on machine. . . . . Owner ID shows Name not Understood

Post by called,

567-200-0000 another random number called this morning W did not answer

Post by Alex,

5672000000 just got a call from the Amount telling me since i have more than W. W within debt there going for lower my int rest speed. I informed him that i do not have W. W within debt on a credit card and he Installed Upwards on me.

Post by June,

567-200-0000 I got a call W W says Freon Ohio at 1 P. m at 2 W I got Though another telephone out of W W W . nothing on ID Owner.

Post by Shellina,

5672000000 I was verbally cursed today by this customer service Representative when I pressed yes for Talk for them and request them why they are violating the National Don't Call List. I ll not hassle to Duplicate the response let s Simply say rhymes with Witch and told me what I could can with myself. . . Lola. . . I Really was Pretty amused.


567-200-0000 THEY Merely Call AND HANG UP

Post by Lyn,

5672000000 Called me about 9 W 'm. Was express record saying nothing was incorrect with my credit card but I Desired for press 9 to possibly lower attention speed. I did press 9 but I got a record saying Broken entry. I don't 've a credit card and I 'm do not telephone list. .

Post by Guest,

567-200-0000 I have contacted your FCC about W W W. They said the caller one of your quot Rachael at Card member Services quot callers is running a Understood scam and that the National Commerce Commission is taking Actions if you personally want for add for the FTC s ammunition against these Firms call your FTC s Client line at 1 W W W. That FCC Additionally said that a number of state Lawyer Generals offices are Choosing action so it could possibly be value a Client s time to Assess along with that Related AG office. Allowing for that FCC Representative and my own expertise if you Join to your live person and request for become removed from your calling list the Individual will either hang Upwards on you or be rude and in my own case indecent . I m reporting this info on several similar websites so folks dealing with the scam can take action.

Post by Tombstone,

5672000000 These DI heads are calling again first time since Mar. Discount them

Post by Beth Evans,

567-200-0000 Keep becoming these calls. Have Inquired them for Discontinue amp they don t. I am on your DP not phone list also. I Additionally hate political calls amp can t Quit them.

Post by robyn Jones,

5672000000 These Individuals just called my Residence and called me a F CK ING BI CH and threatened for bowel my entire family.

Post by Sherri Warner,

567-200-0000 Calls Afterward hangs Upwards. Daily. .

Post by bobbie collins,

5672000000 they never state anything. Simply phone and hang up

Post by Tara in VA,

567-200-0000 Caller ID read V. Did t hassle for answer.

Post by Bryan,

5672000000 Told that Man within No UN particular provisions for stop calling me ever again

Post by C. Schandall,

567-200-0000 Simply left a message on my Verizon voice mail indicating that I could perhaps reduce my credit card interest rate though an identifying account name was never mentioned. Your message instructed me for press 9 for Chat to your representative. . . . and went on to say this was a limited time offer.

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9046744990 Complains by Guest,

the number called me Striving to support a few of my personal Information i told them i would not support any Information without knowing who where he was calling out of proceeded to be rude and refused to tell me. Can NT NOT Response The NUMBER

9046806042 Complains by Guest,

Believe it is spam calls out of many financial services Business. They never leave a message.

2102222679 Complains by Guest,

Calls me every day 3 X a daytime and when you answer it just hangs up

2153490142 Complains by Guest,

he s a stalker he drink for much and he s abused. become careful along with him he a Mom lad she ta kw Upwards for him.

2313838062 Complains by Guest,

Just blocked them

8003957555 Complains by JS,

Received a telephone from the number today. It is HSBC Capital One Fraud protection line. If they telephone you they should Supply you personally along with a reference number to accessibility the info they are calling about. I had for provide them the reply for that Key question that I place Upward along with them and last 4 Numbers of SS. But they Offered me that info of that last 3 trades happening on that card and I had for verify they were correct. They called because my son who uses card was traveling out of state thus it looked questionable. I Additionally simultaneously got an email out of HSBC seeing your same thing. HTTP Web. hunt. com appearance Upward W W W. asp

8433109552 Complains by Diane Kirby,

I met a man by the name of Clinton Alexander Hogan on Match.com. Pictures are caucasion, stated to live in Swansea, Illinois. He supposedly works for Andy's charity organization and claims to have been there as a missionary helping to build a school for the Nigerian orphans in Africa. He has sent me several courting type emails and says he wants to spend the rest of his life with me. He wanted me to get a webcam so that he could see me when we were chatting online. I told him I could not do that. He offered to by me a new computer and I declined. Most recently he asked for my home address to send me a surprise package. Unfortunately I gave it to him because the online relationship was going well. On monday he told me they had finished the project and he could not get his money yet. He emailed me a picture of his alleged paycheck for $95,000.00 but state he could not get the money yet as it was not confirmed by his bank yet here in the United States. I downloaded the image and printed it out. The check is signed by Selma Ward. Now that I have done some online investigating I see that this name is associated with major scams coming out of Nigeria. On Tuesday he emailed me his confirmation intinerary for his flight back home routed through KLM flight service. He called me from the number above and we talked for a while. I mentioned to him that his voice had a strange dialect sound to it and not one belonging to an American citizen. Of coarse he hung up, got back online to talk to me and said there was a bad connection. I continued to question his integrity by text messages. Please check this out. He spoke of being sad that he could not get his money yet for the trip home. At first, ignorantly thinking I was talking to someone who I would eventually meet for a relationship, I asked if he needed me to wire some money for his return home. What I had in mind was incidentals like food, thinking the amount would only be a couple hundred dollars he text me back and stated that he needed $3000.00. Thankfully my logic and reason kicked in wiping out feelings of the heart and I stated that surely he had to have booked his flight with a credit card and therefore should be able to pay for any needs on his way home. He tried to say that it was complicated on the other end coming home from Nigeria and not being able to get his money. That did not make any sense to me.

9049647219 Complains by Guest,


3036719377 Complains by Guest,

c c a

8568343682 Complains by ed,


7182167080 Complains by Guest,

Among many calls I m becoming from unknown sources.

2395522602 Complains by Yamaha Golf Cars of Palm Springs,

Your own own spam was reported.

6512481419 Complains by Ellie,

Telephone me to pretending to become a relative

5708863325 Complains by L Willenborg,

I Simply obtained a Phone from this Quantity again. 1 Saturday I got that blunder and called them back. When I Recognized it was a possible scam I Put Upwards and they blew Upwards my phone that General Saturday until I screamed into your own own phone that I had reported them as a scam. . . .

9126950619 Complains by Guest,

called 5 times and saying non Expertise staff. even dreadful words. he is Actually mad.

2083914200 Complains by Guest,


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