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Telephone information: New Cingular Wireless PCS - DC. Stroudsburg, PA. Monroe. United states
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Post by Guest,

5702366306 Caller did not leave message. Hang up.

Post by MeMyselfI,

570-236-6306 It Prices cash read Taxes to investigate these to any Fantastic amount. You personally desire to pay for it. Here s a thought for everyone Only hang up or don t answer. It ll all go away within a few seconds. . . . . .

Post by Guest,

5702366306 Telephone goes into voice message but nobody will leave a message

Post by tutti fruitt,

570-236-6306 notes isn't Related along with your callers we have been not calling you either. notes is a forum for reporting who calls you and any data you personally could have Around the phone for share with other forum users. It's highly doubtful that your own callers are reading here Additionally. We could t Discontinue anyone from calling you either or remove out of an inventory. Consider Perhaps getting a telephone blocking System or phone. . You can Google them and many are Approximately W. W or thus. Report your own callers here not Merely for that DC alone HTTP Internet. . gov amp Cell HTTP support. FCC. gov cruciforms sort. Amenhotep's complaints. dentally. gov Criticism complaint Assess. asp. Screen By State DC lists HTTP Internet. . com tentacled. shuttlecock Forgotten Calls Grievance form HTTP Internet. FCC. gov CB consumer facts D R. pitfall email W protected To file Gripes on Foreign Firm s consumer. gov Report Your Grievance mail E-mail W protected

Post by Hugo,

5702366306 Truly connected to listen for the System they were pushing. They ask for insurance data within order for a doctor to Recommend you personally their brand new topical pain medication at no Price to you but being billed directly to your insurance. That company was reported to be Health Agents though I could locate nothing on it via Google. When pressed they mentioned that they were a telephone Facility in Fresh York and behaved as a Central man for Wellness Advisors which is exactly why they could not Supply your company address or telephone number all of which would be verified from the insurance Business when billed at no Price to me . Sounds enjoy a scam for defraud insurance Businesses.

Post by Guest,

570-236-6306 telemarketer scumbag

Post by Autodialer,

5702366306 Called but left no message.

Post by Guest,

570-236-6306 hang up

Post by Rosemary,

5702366306 Glad I did t response. Blocking.

Post by Mrs G,

570-236-6306 Simply got that same phone. Pressed 1 and spoke to your guy who answered and attempt to present me his Message. I said that first I need to interrogate him. Inquired who he was searching for at this Amount he hesitated and behaved enjoy he was looking for that information. I said forget that question if I press five for refuse how just is the going for get reported for my Main attention physician. He said he did t understand. I point expressionless asked him you and the Business don t even understand who I 'm or who my Principal care physician is can you personally. And he Accepted that was true. I Afterward told him for get a real job and that I am reporting this Amount for the authorities

Post by buddy boy,

5702366306 Did t answer the telephone.

Post by CJ106,

570-236-6306 I like a lot of other Remarks here 've the same matter in common. I am on the Do not Call list completely useless and I redo it Around every year or so. I get the same wireless Owner with the same pain cream offer I kept telling the guy that I could t Notice him along with all another callers within your back ground. I said that same matter when he called again that next week and once again told him to take me away of their calling list which did no good the first time. Bottom line is I am Soho tired of all these and automated calls that go on day and nighttime and if you are around W you can add another stack of phone calls so Way all automated that starts along with seniors blah blah blah. I want someone would help us the Casualties of these phone calls as Considerably as they let these vultures victim on people.

Post by Guest,

5702366306 I don t know anyone at this and I won't reply s I don t Understand. Scampers your lot of them.

Post by Guest,

570-236-6306 SPAM scummier auto phone. Striving to quot sell quot pain Product. Been calling every few times. Don t provide any info to these scampers. Hang Upwards on them.

Post by Guest,

5702366306 Was calling my home for several times.

Post by Tinman,

570-236-6306 Same as above Don t hang Upwards so I Installed Upward I would like to hang them Upward. . .

Post by MeMyselfI,

5702366306 That Don't Telephone List law is an inventory of Telephone numbers the owners do not need telemarketing calls and a law making it illegal to telephone those Amounts. For a scummier its Only 1 more law for break. That law does not Implement for politicians charities and pollsters. It does not Employ for Invoice Lovers or anyone else you have done business with recently.

Post by Guest,

570-236-6306 SPAM.

Post by Beverly,

5702366306 I received the cell phone telephone from Pennsylvania. It was that deal about topical pain medicine. It was a recorded message. I just knew it was bogus. I overly get unwanted calls all the time.

Post by Guest,

570-236-6306 Please quit calling

Post by paljr,

5702366306 Now it s harassment. . . these people called close for half a dozen 6 times and no message and no one there. I called back and no mailbox place Upwards.

Post by Guest,

570-236-6306 I 've gotten calls from the number for two for three days. . . when I return the phone. . . . mailbox USN t set Upward. . . when I 've researched the number I get a red Banner which states heavy spam use. . . thank you

Post by Maloran,

5702366306 I got this call and the simply motive i answered it's BC's i came Upwards as a cell Telephone from my House state. when they finally replied i let Outside the most blood curdling shout. i believe she will become using her pain melds for your pain within her head now.

Post by Danny Wirtschaft,

570-236-6306 Superb deconstruction of that Methods. This is your simply way a Man could completely grasp both how motive such Firms are and how to expect what Stop that next 1 might try. If you want for go even further look for a few other such expo Views as I have located on these Forums and that one guy who was Truly even recruiting individuals who Needed for Manage for take action. For my part here I abstained out of Choosing Upward when I power saw the number in that Owner ID and that Owner did t even stay on long enough for let it reach that answering machine. But I also know that that could t always be done due to the Percentage of vital calls which unfortunately Additionally masked themselves keeping Forums like this and great reporters enjoy you and your next 1 as Essential as ever.

Post by MeMyselfI,

5702366306 That political calls are legal and not covered by Dentally.

Post by MeMyselfI,

570-236-6306 Your political calls are legal and not covered by Dentally.

Post by *,

5702366306 Yep Owner id is WIRELESS Owner Overview of prompt is Food approved pain med press 1 to order press 5 to tell your insurance Firm you don t need it. Girl on your Telephone told me she is within NY but nothing more Special. I vie seen a lot of Owner ID spoofing Currently. I wonder if which is exactly why your DC list USN t working. . . or if they don t attention b c your CL ID spoofing makes Following them down a crazy goose pursuit.

Post by Marla,

570-236-6306 Merely called me too. Blocked.

Post by Jane,

5702366306 Another telephone from W W W plus dozens of other calls from telemarketers and others that I don't have any idea why they are calling my number. Beings on the Don t Not Telephone List is a joke. Just what's your Don't Phone List for. . . . . .

Post by Trash Talker,

570-236-6306 They are not Marketing anything. What they want out of you is your own credit card Amount along with all that info they need and Rob you personally or credit card issuer bank by making Prices in your credit card account. My way is for request them what they can charge for 've sex in their own back and tell them they will create better dwelling being Sex Worker. Treat them like Low Life and there is no motive to become Pleasant for them who is calling you to rob you. Offer them Trash.

Post by Guest,

5702366306 Pain Comfort scam

Post by Bonnie Wooton,

570-236-6306 Phone from W W W unwanted. . . . . . .

Post by Guest,

5702366306 SPAM.

Post by Guest,

570-236-6306 added to my phone Firm to block your and they're still calling do not Select Upwards.

Post by Corkey Cone,

5702366306 That Latest number added to my Avoid list. Amount W to be exact. Thank you gentlemen. Next number for block please.

Post by Fedup,

570-236-6306 Merely recd call. Owner ID said out of Philadelphia. Did t answer blocking it. I m so Ill of becoming these calls. WE pay your Telephone bills. NO One should become allowed to call us unless we invite them to. These Individuals demand to be prosecuted criminally.

Post by K Nuzzo,

5702366306 gt gt I don t understand why unwanted solicitors are allowed for phone us Rob Design. Lt Lt They're not allowed to do that. Yet the telescopes and telescopes do that because they are not registered with the DC. That Federal Communications Commission s Phone Client Protection Act TC Philadelphia established some brand new rules Powerful October W W. Here is a quick Outline. New Telemarketers must get Composed permission in the Actual or Possible customer BEFORE recalling or robotizing them. Your TC Missouri} Lets for statutory damages ranging out of W to 1 W per violation if your class Activity fit is Effective. Calls which are Personally dialed and do not contain a pare recorded message are exempt out of this TC Pennsylvania provision. New If a company uses recalling the Bacall must include an automated Select out Approach to become previously mentioned at the beginning of your phone. The Elect out Strategy must become available throughout that duration of that call. CONTINUING That Don't Phone list purportedly prohibits telemarketers out of calling even if your telemarketer does not use an toddler or a prerecorded message. The FCC cannot award Financial or other damages to consumers in most cases. Source HTTP Internet. FCC. gov guides recalls 've you tried Buying a phone blocker.

Post by MeMyselfI,

570-236-6306 But. . . But. . . . . I want that guv meant for shield me out of EVERYTHING. . .

Post by cate,

5702366306 Owner ID WIRELESS Caller W W W. Left a Rob message which started close the Finish along with all the stuff Around how that alert thing was paid for and that Transportation was free and I would get a W coupon for groceries no Food Shop Restaurants named and all the press just one press the press that for don't call or for tell them You're not accepting or whatever. Have not received these Bug calls for elderly alert systems in months now here the 1 pops up and from a Amount others are getting pain medicine messages for. Go figure.

Post by Ticked-off,

570-236-6306 Merely got a phone ID reads wireless Owner. I was already on W notes wed Website when the number rang. Many days these s that ads call every hour along with a new number.

Post by The Skipper,

5702366306 I did t know this number and no name revealed on caller ID so I did t reply. They did not leave a message so it could t 've been all that important.

Post by Guest,

570-236-6306 Scam medical supplies

Post by Guest,

5702366306 has been calling every daytime for the last week when I reply your Telephone they hang Upwards.

Post by Guest,

570-236-6306 Owner Inquired to Chat for someone who no More lives at Amount residence when asked caller his her name and that reason for your telephone they Installed Upward.

Post by Guest,

5702366306 Amount has appeared numerous times on my Caller ID. The Caller never leaves a Voice Message. Caller is a Hang Upwards on my Replying Machine.

Post by Delores,

570-236-6306 Please could you Quit these calls. They're calling at quite poor times. We are not interested in becoming anything out of them or donating anything to them.

Post by K Nuzzo,

5702366306 gt gt I don t comprehend exactly why unwanted solicitors are allowed for telephone us Rob style. Lt Lt They're not allowed for would that. Nonetheless that telescopes and telescopes can that because they are not Enrolled with the DC. The Federal Communications Commission s Phone Consumer Protection Act TC Philadelphia established some fresh rules effective October W W. Here is a fast Overview. Brand new Telemarketers must get Composed permission from your real or potential customer BEFORE recalling or robotizing them. That TC Philadelphia allows for statutory damages Starting out of W for 1 W per Infraction in case a Course action suit is Effective. Calls which are manually dialed and do not comprise a pare Registered message are exempt out of the TC Missouri} Supply. New In case a Business uses recalling that Bacall must include an automated Select out Strategy to be previously mentioned at the Starting of the telephone. The Prefer out Procedure must become available throughout your duration of that telephone. CONTINUING Your Do not Call list allegedly prohibits telemarketers from calling even if the telemarketer does not use an Child or a prerecorded message. That FCC cannot award Economic or other damages for Customers within most cases. Source HTTP Www. FCC. gov guides recalls Have you personally attempted purchasing a call blocker.

Post by tutti fruitt,

570-236-6306 notes is not Associated with your callers we have been not calling you either. notes is a Newsgroup for reporting who calls you and any data you personally may have about the call for share along with other Newsgroup users. It is highly doubtful that your callers are reading here Additionally. We could t stop anyone out of calling you either or remove out of an inventory. Consider Perhaps getting a phone blocking device or Telephone. . You are able to Google them and many are Approximately W. W or so. Report your own callers here not Only to your DC alone HTTP Web. . gov amp Screen HTTP support. FCC. gov cruciforms form. Amenhotep's Grievances. dentally. gov Gripe Criticism check. asp. Screen By State DC lists HTTP Www. . com tentacled. shuttlecock Abandoned Calls Complaint sort HTTP Www. FCC. gov CB consumer Details D R. pitfall E-mail W protected To file Grievances on Foreign Business s consumer. gov Report Your own Gripe mail email W protected

Post by CeeCee,

5702366306 They 've been calling once per daytime Generally during working hours but once at 7 p. m. That s it. Had for block them.

Post by CJ,

570-236-6306 Got the same call Only awhile ago. I was within a great disposition thus I Merely lay ed it on the person I was talking too. Told him I 'm thus Bad and I don t have any insurance and that my Obama care Hans t started However and I m within an excellent deal of pain and Ada Ada Ada. I do 've insurance and am not Bad by your manner. Thus I begged him to help me and get me free help. I lay Edward it on thick and heavy. . . . . . He did t understand what to state and Place me on hold and we got disconnected. I Only loved it. . . . I vie done this small Work} several times and your just one on the other end hangs Upward first.

Post by Guest,

5702366306 This number has been calling multiple times a day for as many days as your phone has been connected. Actually annoying.

Post by LK,

570-236-6306 Got a telephone from this number twice in two times. Their recording left a message on my machine. Something about pain relief Product. How would they know if anyone at the House even has pain that requires medicine. Obviously a scam. I am on the DC list.

Post by Sparkles,

5702366306 Acquired a call that said wireless caller . . . . of course your own first instinct is to answer Chiefly because there are so many Numerous cell Telephone numbers these times along with Distinct area codes I did NOT answer I Calculated if it was someone I knew they would leave a message and I would call them right back they did not leave a message Thus. . . . I am happy I did not reply I don't answer any calls that I don t Understand the Amount or a absurd name they could throw out there. I would know that charities are exempt out of DC list but I despise when its for a Authorities or fire organization searching for donations I do not would that either I can send my donation directly for those that I know can use it.

Post by Jayfo,

570-236-6306 The turned out part hilarious but pissed me off. Here is my Storyline. This was for a cream for Continual pain. Already scam my. I pressed 1 and was Place on the Telephone with a male Driver. I Inquired his name. He said his name was Michael. I asked Michael what that Telephone number was as that caller ID did not fit Upward to this Amount. Mi key paused and then told me it was his first day of work and he did not know his own Telephone Amount he was calling from. He told me he was along with Brand new Well-being Advertisement visors. I said Fantastic could I Chat to your Supervisor. He told he me was going to put me on hold. This was hilarious. He Only held the Telephone to his side and pretended I was on hold. You personally could Notice his clothing scraping on the Telephone. He Arrived back on and told me that calls were simply incoming. I asked Henry who hired him and surely he had an E-mail net page or phone Amount for the Business that Used him and he must know because it was his first day and all. He had to 've interviewed with a company. Then I heard hang Upward on her hang up on her in your background. I told him I heard him and would become reporting your number He said Excellent and Put Upwards. Never have gotten a phone since.

Post by Corkey Cone,

5702366306 Think who called again. 1 W W W. Suppose who got blocked again. 1 W W W. I Win. .

Post by do_not_call,

570-236-6306 Got that same call. If you desire calls like the to Discontinue. . . Do not rely being on a don't telephone list. . . Not an end all to these calls. Buy a phone blocker. . . it s among the absolute best Assets You'll make.

Post by Irritated,

5702366306 Got a phone this morning. I did t Comprehend thus I did t response and they did t leave a message. I got appropriate on here and tool all these responses and I m glad. I don t comprehend how these Individuals could live with themselves scamming Folks. It s horrifying. I m thus exhausted of your darn phone ringing all day with this nonsense. I complained to my phone service and they don t really care told me I could Only Shift my number. For a Payment of course. That Do not Telephone list dozen t work in these cases because they arena t legal calls.

Post by Guest,

570-236-6306 spam.

Post by So-Wisconsin,

5702366306 I let my answering machine get it because it said wireless caller along with this number and if I don t Understand the wireless Amount nicely you know. Anyway it was exactly what your post above said it was a Registered message about a pain Comfort thing.

Post by MeMyselfI,

570-236-6306 It Prices money read Taxes to inquire these to any Excellent degree. You personally desire to pay for it. Here s a thought for everyone Just hang Upwards or don t reply. It ll all go away in a few seconds. . . . . .

Post by Do NOT Call in Michigan,

5702366306 I got that same telephone and it is SPAM Bad.

Post by Sandra,

570-236-6306 Keep becoming calls from W. W. W. No name Related along with number. When I did some research I found many others reporting the Amount as spam.

Post by Annoyed,

5702366306 These scumbags just called me. That first clue it was a scam Moreover the Telephone number itself . That statement that is not a sales call . Yeah correct.

Post by G Boldin,

570-236-6306 Got a call out of the number today dd not reply.

Post by Guest,

5702366306 Your jerks ensure it is look enjoy a cell Telephone number so as not to become Found Upward by Nairobi. com. Scampers Looking to sell pain melds of things. Ugh.

Post by Ken,

570-236-6306 Your do not phone list does nothing. click click aka on off and they're gone. We do not response numbers we don't understand.

Post by MeMyselfI,

5702366306 But. . . But. . . . . I want the guv meant to protect me from EVERYTHING. . .

Post by J @ WV,

570-236-6306 Only let that fax machine response it. They seem to quit after a couple of those.

Post by Guest,

5702366306 Harassing phone calls all hours from earlier morning to late nighttime no one ever there at other Finish. Close for X and something has to become done. If this was a local number I would pay them a See and Split that phones out of your wall.

Post by Barbara,

570-236-6306 Did not leave a massage. Telephone had no name on my Owner I. D.

Post by Kat,

5702366306 They called again Now. Same automated message. But I did note that they said they're along with or in Organization with American Continual Pain Association Also Only for be Particular that phone message says Press 1 now for verify your address. Press 1 now for Prepare delivery. Press 5 to Tell your Services which you 've refused delivery.

Post by Tiredof This,

570-236-6306 Got a telephone from the number. Owner ID said Cell Phone Missouri} I did t even bother answering. No message left.

Post by Guest,

5702366306 This phone Attempting to sell pain Treatment. Striving for get insurance information

Post by Guest,

570-236-6306 pain pills sales. . .

Post by MeMyselfI,

5702366306 It costs cash read Fees to inquire these to any great measure. You desire for pay for it. Here s an idea for everyone Just hang Upwards or don t answer. It ll all go away within a few seconds. . . . . .

Post by Guest,

570-236-6306 Scam medical supplies

Post by Guest,

5702366306 On don't call list and I told that Man who answered when I pressed quot 1 quot and his response was Okay we ll try again tomorrow. The Disposition should Head for prompt fines by that Authorities but they Clearly could not care less.

Post by jimmies,

570-236-6306 These tel ate rs are tricking people Upward by Getting the caller ID as Wireless Owner and other fake descriptions. If I don t Comprehend the number I let your response machine pick it up and Display that call and Afterward block it with your help of Sites like these. If I understand it s a tel at er I shut off that replying machine and let it go for my fax machine the sometimes works for them in omitting your Amount. SHOULD Become A LAW. . .

Post by cld618,

5702366306 Unknown Owner No message

Post by Tim,

570-236-6306 Got that phone today Don t hang Upwards I instantaneously said Upward yours and Put Upwards. If anyone anyone thinks your Don't Phone Registry works they're sorely mistaken. If Authorities is your reply Subsequently your question was Ignorant.

Post by CIS,

5702366306 I Only got that call overly. I let it go for my machine. That message was as described above Around that pain medicinal rub.

Post by MeMyselfI,

570-236-6306 Quite great. SOMEONE gets it.

Post by MeMyselfI,

5702366306 The political calls are legal and not covered by Dentally.

Post by Guest,

570-236-6306 Your next time that they telephone strike a whistle in their ear.

Post by Danny Wirtschaft,

5702366306 Superb deconstruction of your Techniques. That is your simply manner a Individual could entirely grasp both how aim such Businesses are and the best way to expect what stunt that next 1 might try. If you personally desire for go even further appearance for a few other such expo sees as I have located on these Forums and your one Man who was Really even recruiting those who wanted for organize to take Activity. For my part here I abstained from Choosing Upwards when I tool this Amount within that caller ID and the Owner did t even stay on long enough for let it reach that answering machine. But I Additionally understand that that can t constantly be done due to that Ratio of Crucial calls which unfortunately also Bad themselves keeping boards like the and Amazing Journalists like you personally and your next one as Needed as ever.

Post by Guest,

570-236-6306 Rec d call on W 8 W at W W am. I don t answer the number because they continue for phone and leave no message.

Post by Beverly,

5702366306 I get calls out of this Amount and no just one says anything when I response. I overly 'm on the don't telephone list for whatever good that does.

Post by MeMyselfI,

570-236-6306 The Do not Call List law is a listing of Telephone numbers the owners do not want telemarketing calls and a law making it prohibited for telephone those Amounts. For a scummier its just 1 more law for break. Your law does not Implement to politicians charities and pollsters. It does not Implement to Invoice Lovers or anyone else you might have done business along with Lately.

Post by Guest,


Post by CeeCee,

570-236-6306 They have been calling once per daytime mostly during working hours but once at 7 p. m. That s it. Had for block them.

Post by MeMyselfI,

5702366306 Really good. SOMEONE gets it.

Post by T Lust,

570-236-6306 I got that same phone. Happy my House Telephone has a Call Block Characteristic. Added them for your list. What's your purpose of a Don't Telephone registry if it dozen t stop any unwanted calls. . .

Post by Guest,

5702366306 Telemarketing scam for a few kinda pain Treatment.

Post by Guest,

570-236-6306 I m on a quot No Call quot list and still they telephone. Despise it.

Post by christine Currie,

5702366306 I 'm thus sick of these calls.

Post by Mary,

570-236-6306 I received the same telephone a bout pain medication rub I Installed Upward and called my doctor no such thing had been ordered

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8001453219 Complains by Linda,

Calls and leaves bogus message strive and call back and Amount is said no for exist

8002512911 Complains by GD,

Same here. Not your standard BS phone. . . at least for now.

8002332410 Complains by Cherryl,

Do you seem to get spam calls as if someone has a camera trained on you, and the calls start to come like when you just drove into your carport? Or that there could be a GPS device that is keeping track of your comings and goings? Calls like these are weird!

8002502720 Complains by Nick,

It s out of KC amp L Around their power upsurge service

8002200351 Complains by Pablo,

Firm name is My Next Paycheck an online payday loan outfit.

8002767012 Complains by Guest,

Message said I won W Very best Purchase Present Card is the legit or not

8002729071 Complains by Guest,

Unwanted calls

8002467837 Complains by Jude,

More of the same don t let your Auto Funds lapse. My Automobile is Old Dependable W years previous and still trustworthy and definitely paid for.

8042143567 Complains by Tony,

I got a phone also out of this no. . . . don t understand who it's and don t attention. . . Merely a sales telephone or scam

8002805976 Complains by beou,

Difference. . calling with an automated message viewing gap card promotion

8000594744 Complains by Joiner,

I get these calls all daytime long. . . When I try calling it back its a record that says you might have accomplished a number which is no More working or if the was an error please try you telephone again. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Stop CALLING ME. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

8042144121 Complains by Jamet,

Called and said that they were my insurance Business but when I called them back the number was not in service

8182001363 Complains by chinyla,

Called again blocked again thanks for our Panasonic Telephone that blocks W numbers. Yes. And no our Telephone does not ring when a blocked phone comes in not even once.

8047858042 Complains by Brian,

Got calls out of the number both Recently evening and Now around 1 W pm. Both times there is no one on another end just Stop.

8003526043 Complains by Lewie,

I got a notice in your send with this phone Amount. It says it's from a Student Loan Section but I am suspicious of a few things specifically a lack of a company name Bank or government program and lots of disclaimer Terminology at the bottom of that notice where your name of the Firm appears to be Company . I e Business is a Better Business Office BBB Certified business within good standing that holds an A rating. And Company products and services are Recommended and mutually exclusive out of each other. And This is not Or is Company affiliated with a Authorities agency.

8024223706 Complains by Sirene19,

You've to Really listen to that message for choose that Choice to opt Outside. Listen before Simply deleting. I got the telephone at home and listened until I could Elect Outside and Getaway t received another phone. I think it s option 2 but once you personally Drive 2 there s dead Stop on that line but it still dozen t sound Put Upward . I vie gotten calls on my home and cell Telephone multiple times. Pal gets them at work.

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