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2017-08-28 18:58:39
Received a call from this number at my office. I called back (hiding my number) and the lady in a call center environment answered 'Internal Revenue Service' and I asked her I was returning an automated call and if they meant to reach an attorney's office. My call was suddenly disconnected! Yeah...scam.
2017-07-25 20:34:01
stop fucking calling piece of shit, say something don't just hang up.
2017-07-15 21:48:57
Never leaves a message. Keeps calling. Caller IS showed CCI.
2017-07-05 19:32:56
Telemarketer. Called and asked for someone who is never in office and as policy, does not take any calls at all. I said I could take a message and the gentleman (with a heavy accent as other reviews have mentioned) repeatedly asked to be transferred instead. I had to repeat the same thing SEVEN TIMES while he argued with me. He refused to give his name, the name of his company, whether the recipient of the call was expecting the call, reason for the call, or a callback telephone number. He was told to put the number on his do not call list.
2017-07-01 06:16:07
2017-05-01 08:54:39
He and his girls call and harass me. He they pimp.
2017-04-15 16:34:27
I've never been home or around my landline when they call, but ShopHQ comes up on my caller ID. No idea what or who this is. They have been calling at least once a day.
2017-03-28 22:18:12
I know him . He's such a good .. all the comment are bulshit
2017-03-27 05:37:21
Replied to a listing stating mailroom job, after replying to the listing I was contacted by an Erin Parker stating they had a small shipping company and stated that instead of shipping small packages and envelops from their area that they would combine all that were to be shipped in my area in one large package to my address and have me send them to the local address which would save them on cost, makes some sense right.? Well I continued even tho I knew there was a scam to come. They sent a check from a bank called Millon Bank in Newark DE, there is no such bank which I found out after depositing the check, so I as assumed they would want something from me before the check would officially clear, my bank contacting me about suspicious look of said check so I explained everything as I am now. The bank is investing this check that is associate with this phone number. Meanwhile I played dumb with the contact person at this number so they said they would attempt to send me funds in a different form so they sent a small payment via PayPal and now they want me to buy 6 $50 iTunes gift cards. Now this number is calling non stop but I just play on scamming the scammers, withdrew the money from PayPal and plan on spending it for myself. ;) names associated with this scam are, Erin Parker, [email protected], first name Mallon, [email protected], Thomas Sellars, [email protected], check info: Pacolet Millikan Enterprises INC Spartanburg SC also associate with this number 925-238-2173 address 405 72nd ave Miami FL 33122. Please be careful and I don't recommend taking the same risks as I did
2016-09-28 19:25:37
idiots tried to call me twice on my cell phone. I called back an only get a fax sound.
2016-09-01 22:52:49
They are asking if you want a free credit ccheck
2016-07-15 22:29:13
I receive calls out of the Amount they never state any matter.
2016-07-06 12:31:54
obtained numerous calls
2016-07-06 09:59:23
They phone once a daytime never leaving a message
2016-07-06 09:44:00
debt collector
2016-07-06 06:38:01
2016-07-05 21:30:24
2016-07-05 19:55:25
good bye
2016-07-05 07:19:28
just one telephone but no voice mail
2016-07-05 07:17:46
Guessed for be that Amount of your Man sending my deposit. Bands once Subsequently disconnects

Phone list in area 571

Phone numberRecent commentAuthorTotalTime
5712185977fake Individual fake Amount. Only Attempting for get your IPA address cell phone ID or any other information that's easily gotten off these Products. If you call do it from a property line or a payphone if you can look for one . ship52015-12-19 01:00:08
5713469121will try to Damage you personally and Place his control on you personally. please do not see. Guest42015-11-04 16:14:40
5717621426Unwanted phone or textGuest82015-12-16 04:48:58
5713047987telling me he is from window and there is an issue along with my computerGuest522015-11-04 16:27:40
5714410070bill collectorGuest822015-11-04 16:34:41
5714821919I get calls from this Amount they never state any thing. Bohica Fubar132016-07-15 22:29:13
5712295673BS Simply hung Upwards. Spam Telemarketer. . . . . . . . . Guest1142015-11-04 17:32:39
5717211319harassing meGuest182015-11-04 17:36:41
5712863108Me discern Que son Del Irs Que me van a segue Armando segued y Que ten go Que contestGuest192015-11-04 17:44:56
5714806732Called me. My Telephone is off hook. Dag nab phone Firms won t would anything Around the. They're making money. Mine. Guest1292015-11-04 17:55:21
5712453285They 've been calling me each W minutes or thus. D.J.92015-12-08 09:52:31
5715263522calls all dayGuest12015-11-04 18:16:58
5714410156MK XMLGuest652015-11-04 18:17:41
5714943795Don t phone me any more whoever You're. Judy42015-12-20 05:14:26
5719823641DoneGuest142015-11-04 18:25:41
5712105963He Said he was from the Irs and that I owed 4 W and I would become arrested if I did t payGuest342015-11-04 18:38:56
5714811961Offering free iPadGuest192015-11-04 18:39:41
5713545411ShelbyGuest302015-11-04 18:41:57
5713767010got 1 phone on September 9 W at 4 W pm Asian time there was no Result on the other Finish of that line I answered that Telephone and said Hi a few times with no response. Annoying they must become Ceased by all means Accessible for your United States of America and its military power I ask the president for deploy seal team 6 DECRY Delta for infiltrate your location from your earth and Military Rangers and Army Unique Forces operators to create a perimeter along with the ladder serving as secondary infiltration teams and securing that Functional Place between DECRY and Delta s forwards transferring forces and your Rangers external Protection perimeter. Nonetheless this comment is Choosing Upward more of my time compared to telephone so maybe never thoughts. Simply Quit calling me. Guest112015-11-04 18:52:57
5712101297A man with an Feature of a few kind called asserting to become along with the quot Tax Review Section of the Internal Revenue Service quot and said he needed to contact people viewing an illegal tax evasion. He went on for say our case was about for be brought before that quot Federal States Courthouse quot and that a Guarantee would be Released for the Charge. But before they go forward and can that we should contact their legal representative at W W W. He did t leave a name. Guest822015-11-04 19:00:17
5714195151Excellent sales team at BMW of Good faxGuest22015-11-04 19:15:40
5716421185Rings and hangs upGuest92015-11-04 19:43:22
5713087951what happened for DC list. Guest3452015-11-04 19:56:19
5713082455Voice mail states he is Specialist Eric fuller and his department hot line number is W. Man with thick accent continues to state that when you or your attorney Crash for respond quickly the only thing he may do is wish you personally good luck with terrible Impacts which are on the way. Telephone was to some WI phone Amount. Where are others located who are receiving these threatening calls. Guest482015-11-04 20:15:19
5713454500Asking if I pay a lot for text anonymousadi72015-12-14 19:49:53
5713357223Called me twice today. Really creepy. It was a recorded message sounded foreign and he said he was a National Researcher and that I was being investigated for fraud from the Government. NO Way is that possible. . Guest52015-11-04 20:24:40
5712610061They keep at haphazard asking for various peoples names and addressesGuest42015-11-04 15:55:40
5714994444Deb Lovers quot Nationwide Credit Facility quot . Not sure if they re affiliated along with Nationally Credit Inc based in Atlanta or Nationwide Credit Corporation most likely have similar phone s amp Established in Virginia . Phone multiple times for erroneous Individual won t leave message. Guest212015-11-04 16:01:41
5714412251They understand where i live. no clue who it's. . Guest62015-12-13 21:25:47
5712814336Called correct after that first telephone on an unlisted Amount on that don't call list pressed 2 for become removed and chewed him Outside for calling a Amount on that DC list and he behaved so Dumb what do Write call list. I had a few choice words and I feel these Firms need for become fined for their harassment. Guest2422015-11-04 16:30:19
5712880239I don t know numberGuest192015-11-04 16:36:40
5712106599Owner id is for NRA. That's a name that's been used NRA Well-being Attention in a scam Seeking for get an individual for quot process Check Funds quot using their personal bank Reports transferring the funds to the quot English quot Firm for which you may receive a payment. This really is a play on that Nigerian scams. Guest362015-11-04 16:36:56
5712863107Indian accent Registered message by having an Government threat. I m certain that Actual Irs would 've a real Man making calls. Guest392015-11-04 16:55:40
5717625680I bought a Race phone from him off of grisliest. Good phone thanks manGuest32015-11-04 16:55:41
5712421087Free I Telephone 5. Bunch of crap. Guest132015-11-04 17:02:39
5712610020Statement collectorGuest622015-11-04 17:23:56
5714067125Young punkGuest12015-11-04 17:24:57
5712258768Same text W present card w martGuest262015-11-04 17:25:39
5712369874spamGuest22015-11-04 17:54:18
5712169687 quot Victoria secret quot text Advertisement that tries for get you personally for go for wisecracked. com and enter a 4 digit numberGuest32015-11-04 18:22:39
5712811117Leave me alone. Stop calling. . . . . . . . Guest112015-11-04 18:31:40
5712923626Calls multiple times each day Upward for 3 4 times within 1 hour. Never leaves a message. Guest172015-11-04 18:32:56
5712454338Cease calling me out of Hey hoe Telephone pleaseGuest62015-12-14 13:51:04
5712122016OKGuest52015-12-14 20:38:46
5717219304SpamGuest22015-11-04 19:28:22
5714454261The number it was Directed} from is San Antonio Texas but the Amount they are asking to text back is a Virginia Place code. . . it s Clear this girl is a Casualty of sex trafficking as that area is among your top 3 Sites within your Country where girls are Required into prostitution. They even 've a display on A amp E called 8 Minutes where a pastor poses as a John Within TEXAS and tries for get that Sufferers Outside if the lifestyle. I m going for that authorities tomorrow. Guest162015-11-04 19:29:41
5714021695Seymour buttsGuest52015-12-17 20:04:33
5712425853Don't answerGuest12015-11-04 20:22:56
5713440133I received a text message on my cell from them claiming I had won a W Walmart gift card with a Site to click on. promoters. com that is rated as an unsafe Website by Web of Trust. Guest92015-11-04 20:43:40
5718829695Technique likes to play gamesGuest52015-11-04 20:46:41

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